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7/17/2001:Pumping too much iron  - Nature
Study focuses on antioxidant capacity of honey
  - Eureka Alert
6/27/2001:Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association Show - Popular Mechanics
6/21/2001:Are Copper Bangles Good for You? Just Eat Better - Lycos
6/19/2001:Tan or Burn: How Sunscreens Work
6/18/2001:Medicine must open its window on the world
6/16/2001:Study: the Short Die Young, And Always Have Done - Yahoo
6/15/2001:Using computer doesn't increase risk of carpal tunnel syndrome
6/14/2001:Increase in antioxidants, decrease in free radicals identified as likely new mechanism of action for purple grape juice benefits
6/14/2001:À Votre Santé - "To Your Health!"
6/11/2001:The mind, the body - and how to talk yourself out of an illness
6/6/2001:.Fears over drugs in poultry
6/5/2001:.Eating A Variety Of Foods Not Good For Losing Weight
6/5/2001:.Future Food Labels Should List LDL Culprit, Trans Fat
6/5/2001:.Fat-Busting Drug Seen Effective for Weight Loss
6/4/2001:.Alabama Supreme Court denies abortion to minor
6/4/2001:.Stay Slim -- Cut the Fat Not the Sugar
5/27/2001:.The Power of the Placebo Effect
5/27/2001:.'Placebo' effect called into question
5/27/2001:.Over a third of deaths after discharge from intensive care are preventable
5/18/2001:.Breast Fed Kids May Be Leaner
5/18/2001:.Dairy Products For Kids Now Can Prevent Obesity Later
5/13/2001:.Study finds contraceptive patch safe, effective
5/13/2001:.Pediatricians Urge Fruit Juice Limits
4/30/2001:Highest Known Catalytic Rate for Superoxide Dismutation Achieved
4/23/2001: Boosting Boron Could Be Healthful
4/22/2001:Omega-3: Nourishing Your Brain
4/20/2001: The Programmable Pill
4/16/2001: Calif. Tests Easier Access to 'Morning-After Pills'
4/15/2001: Ancient Chinese healing meets the digital age
4/14/2001: Study Reveals Male Reproductive 'Biological Clock'
4/2/2001: By the Numbers: Lifestyle Blues
3/28/2001: Homeopathy Vindicated! (?)
3/28/2001:Experts Probe Link Between Emotions And Health
3/28/2001: Surgeon General Warns of Smoking Peril to U.S. Women
3/28/2001: Study: Fancy Footwear No Protection Against Injury
3/27/2001: Scientists link testosterone gene to early onset of puberty in girls
3/12/2001: Folic Acid As Important To Prospective Dads As Moms
3/11/2001: Do vitamins in pills differ from those in food?
3/9/2001: Q&A: Therapeutic human cloning
3/8/2001: High-Altitude Adaptations in Tibet and the Andes
2/23/2001: Bugs bite back
2/14/2001: New Compound Controls Weight Gain
2/14/2001: NIH launches complementary and alternative medicine feature on PubMed
2/4/2001: Food for Thought: Academic impacts of vegetarian childhoods
2/3/2001: Western mind sets itself up for surprise
2/3/2001:What new millennium may bring
2/2/2001: Questioning Talking Apes and Chimpanzee Memoirs
2/2/2001: Mind machine tests UK's psychic powers
2/2/2001: Public distrust of science: who is to blame?
2/1/2001: Satisfied men live longer, women cope either way
1/19/2001: Brave New Pharmacy
1/14/2001: The key to stem cells' remarkable feats of transformation may have been revealed by a dye
1/12/2001: Physicians Present Most Comprehensive Clinical Review of St. John's Wort
1/2/2001: Sheep Thriving In Feeding Trial Of Genetically Modified Lupins
1/1/2001: Report Says Pressurized Steaming Dramatically Increases Ginseng's Potency
12/29/2000 Molecular Fingerprint Identified For Cocaine Addiction
12/28/2000 Report On Dietary Supplements Containing Ephedra Makes Urgent Call For Safety Warnings
12/27/2000 Insulin-Like Hormone Helps Prevent Heart Muscle Death, Could Lead To Gene Therapies For Diabetes, Heart Disease
11/23/2000 Contraceptive Hormone Patch
11/23/2000 Are We Prepared to Clone Our Own Tissue and Organs?
11/21/2000 Importance of Sleep to Task Performance
11/21/2000 Children Born to Mothers Who Go Hungry During Early Pregnancy Run Greater Risk of Later Heart Attack
11/21/2000 Jury Is Still Out on Soy
11/18/2000 Heavy Meals May Trigger Heart Attacks
11/09/2000 Pain Medication Breakthrough
11/04/2000 Emotional Attitude Unrelated to Heart Disease
11/04/2000 Exercise Crucial After Heart Attack
10/16 Parents Sue Psychiatrists for Promoting Ritalin
10/15 Scientists Learn to Program Human Dreams(2nd Article)
10/15 Where Candidates Stand on Sci-Tech
10/14 Paul Ehrlich's Book on Nature vs. Nurture
10/12 Short, Sharp Bouts of Exercise Good for the Heart
09/26 Transplanted Muscle Tissue Might Repair Damaged Hearts
09/22 First Experiments in Growing New Coronary Blood Vessels
04/17 Does Vitamin C Lower Blood Pressure?
03/30 Revolutionary $6 Artificial Retina