1/26/2002:Electricity Goes to Market  - Technology Review
1/26/2002:North Korea Allows Visit by Nuclear Inspectors... - FirstScience
1/25/2002:Agency Opts Not to Alter Fuel Rules- Environmentalists Assail NHTSAs Decision... - Washington Post
1/25/2002:Give green fuels a chance, say environmentalists... - FirstScience
1/24/2002:General Motors rolls fuel cell vehicle project - El. Engr. Times
1/24/2002:EPA postpones new smog rules on coal-burning power plants... - FirstScience
1/24/2002:UCR Intensifies Fuel Cell Research for Next Generation of Cars  - Eureka Alert
1/23/2002:Bacterial batteries clean up  - Nature
1/23/2002:Microbes Turn Mud into Electricity  - Eureka Alert
1/23/2002:Computer Control Makes For Better Hybrid Electric Vehicles  - Eureka Alert
1/23/2002:Bush, unions find common ground on Arctic drilling issue - Nando Times
1/22/2002:Shell explores alternative energy  - BBC
1/22/2002:Wind 'could provide tenth of world electricity'  - BBC
1/22/2002:Pakistan looks to wind power  - BBC
1/22/2002:Pakistan opens Chinese-aided nuclear plant  - BBC
1/22/2002:Pakistan seeks Central Asia gas  - BBC
1/21/2002:Well quality- secret of the good oil  - Eureka Alert
1/20/2002:Ireland to Build World's Largest Wind Farm - Nat'l. Geo. News
1/20/2002:S.African, US Firms Reach Deal For Pebble Bed Modular Reactor - SpaceDaily
1/20/2002:Opinion- Bush'sSupport for FuelCells Is Well Placed  - Technology Review
1/20/2002:Justice Department to continue with Clinton-era lawsuits against power companies - Nando Times
1/20/2002:Fuji Heavy focuses on producing eco-friendly hybrid vehicles - Nando Times
1/19/2002:A push-pull over pollution... - Nando Times
1/19/2002:Nanotube life-line for rechargeable batteries  -
1/18/2002:Wind power on the up - Ananova
1/17/2002:Freeing Gases For Cheap Fuel Cells With Orbiting Laser Cannons -
1/15/2002:Energy secretary selects Nevada's Yucca Mountain as nation's nuclear waste dump - Nando Times
1/14/2002:US Government Fuel Cell Project to Take Decades - Tech TV
1/14/2002:Carbon nanotubes could double battery capacity - Science Quest
1/14/2002:California Heats Up over Natural Steam  - Scientific American
1/13/2002:Feds Accelerate Fuel-Cell Cars  - Wired News
1/13/2002:Administration turning gas-efficiency attentions toward fuel cell program - Nando Times
1/12/2002:Fuel Cell Focus - ABC
1/10/2002:GM Veers Towards Fuel Cells Cars  - Wired News
1/10/2002:Physics Research Suggests It Might Be Possible to Lengthen Battery Life  - Univ. Of North Carolina
1/8/2002:Feds sued over alternative-fuel vehicles  - CNN
1/7/2002:Making Energy, Making Money  - Wired News
1/7/2002:Energy Futures  - Technology Review
1/7/2002:Fuel Cell Safety  - Technology Review
1/7/2002:Hitting the Natural-Gas Jackpot  - Technology Review
1/7/2002:Wave Power  - Technology Review
1/7/2002:Tokyo reportedly trying out wind power - Nando Times
1/6/2002:electricity generator  - Wired News
1/6/2002:Getting Over Oil - Technology Review
1/6/2002:Leading Edge- Energy Futures - Technology Review
1/6/2002:Visualize- Wave Power - Technology Review
1/6/2002:Fuel Cells vs. the Grid - Technology Review
1/6/2002:Building a Better Fuel Cell - Technology Review
1/6/2002:Oceans of Power
 - Technology Review
1/6/2002:Wind Power Picks Up
 - Technology Review
1/6/2002:Electric Power Generation in the US
 - Technology Review
1/6/2002:Plunkett's Energy Industry Almanac 2002-2003
 - Technology Review
1/6/2002:Heeger's Nobel lecture
 - Technology Review
1/6/2002:National Renewable Energy Laboratory
 - Technology Review
Solar on the Cheap - Technology Review
1/5/2002:Coal Cleaner - ABC
1/4/2002:Hitting the Natural-Gas Jackpot
  - Technology Review
1/4/2002:The Next Nuclear Plant
  - Technology Review
1/4/2002:Basic Drives - Science Quest
pine DoE pushes devt of renewable energy... - FirstScience
1/2/2002:Fuels clean up  - Nature
1/2/2002:Tennessee wind power company offers eco-friendly energy alternative - Nando Times

1/1/2002:Fuel Cells vs. the Grid
  - Technology Review
1/1/2002:The Greatest Shoe on Earth  - Wired News
1/1/2002:Attack of the energy vampires...  - Wired News
1/1/2002:Power Players  - Wired News
1/1/2002:UN Environment Agency Leads Renewable Energy Research Project... - FirstScience
1/1/2002:Scientist- Moon Power Could Solve Energy Crunch  - Yahoo
12/31/2001:Surf 'N Hemp- Feel the Power  - Wired News
12/30/2001:The Promise and Challenge of Solid-State Lighting - Science Quest
12/30/2001:Japan bets on fuel cells for tech-toy power  - CNN
12/29/2001:The Energy Web  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Micropower Goes Macro  - Wired News
12/27/2001:Smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles may gain popularity in next decade  - Eureka Alert
12/27/2001:Iceland launches energy revolution  - BBC
12/26/2001:Oil exploitation - Economist
12/22/2001:Norway demands UK nuclear rethink  - BBC
12/22/2001:Photosynthesis in a Beaker - Technology Review
12/21/2001:Electric Cars Try to Turn Corner
  - Wired News
12/20/2001:Liquid chicken manure may be fuel of the future - Ananova
12/19/2001:Germany passes law to do away with nuclear power... - FirstScience
12/19/2001:Tiny Engines - Popular Science
12/19/2001:The Minicars Are Coming! - Popular Science
12/19/2001:SA Perspectives- Is the time right for nuclear power?  - Scientific American
12/18/2001:Nuclear Waste-Heat to Warm Finnish Vineyard  - Yahoo
12/18/2001:Scientists Awarded Patent for Coal-Purifying Bacteria  - Eureka Alert
12/17/2001:Secret British Report Calls For Nuclear Power Phase Out - SpaceDaily
12/17/2001:Kicking the Petroleum Habit  - Wired News
12/17/2001:California Heats Up over Natural Steam  - Scientific American
12/17/2001:Green Power- Yes Please!... - FirstScience
12/17/2001:Process Finds Use for Landfill Gas... - FirstScience
12/16/2001:Plans unveiled for massive wind farm - Ananova
12/16/2001:Scientist- Moon Power Could Solve Energy Crunch  - Yahoo
12/15/2001:Giant wind farm for island  - BBC
12/15/2001:Norway defends Arctic coal plan  - BBC
12/14/2001:Renewable Energy on Rise, TXU Reports 800% Increase During 2001... - FirstScience
12/14/2001:Scientists awarded patent for coal-purifying bacteria  - Eureka Alert
12/13/2001:Chrysler Offers Fuel Cell Van with Soapy Twist - ABC
12/11/2001:Green energy boost for Scotland  - BBC
12/11/2001:Wind farm opposition 'blows over'  - BBC
12/11/2001:Making waves to generate cash  - BBC
12/11/2001:How it works- Wave power station  - BBC
12/11/2001:Councils fail recycling test  - BBC
12/11/2001:Green energy plea rejected
  - BBC
12/12/2001:Scotland can lead UK in wind and tide power - New Scientist
12/12/2001:Harnessing Atom Power Safely - Tech TV
12/12/2001:Nukes now! - Salon
12/12/2001:Table Talk - Salon
12/11/2001:Tomorrows Stop Esso Protests Should Begin the Massive Campaign to Switch to Renewable Energy... - FirstScience
12/11/2001:Green energy boost for Scotland  - BBC
12/11/2001:Wind farm opposition 'blows over'  - BBC
12/11/2001:Making waves to generate cash  - BBC
12/11/2001:How it works- Wave power station  - BBC
12/11/2001:Councils fail recycling test  - BBC
12/11/2001:Green energy plea rejected  - BBC
12/9/2001:Physicists must lead on energy - PhysicsWeb
12/9/2001:Solar cell edges towards endless energy - PhysicsWeb
12/9/2001:Water + Sun + New Photocatalyst = Power - Science Quest
12/8/2001:Water power  - Nature
12/8/2001:Cheap and efficient electricity without activity  -
12/8/2001:Little Sense in Setting Fuel-Efficiency Targets... - FirstScience
12/8/2001:Britain Looks to Help Small-Scale Renewable Energy Production... - FirstScience
12/8/2001:World Solar Challenge... - FirstScience
12/7/2001:Japan begins dismantling its oldest nuclear reactor - New Scientist
12/7/2001:Cooking Oil, Chicken to Power Supermarket Trucks  - Yahoo
12/6/2001:Report- Japan Developing Satellite That Would Beam Back Solar Power -
12/6/2001:Norton- E for Effort on Renewable Energy... - FirstScience
12/5/2001:New Batteries Hold Promise - Tech TV
12/5/2001:Boeing develops electric engines - Ananova
12/4/2001:Laying the groundwork for a sustainable energy future... - FirstScience
12/3/2001:A Stirling Idea- ABC
12/2/2001:Norton Leads Renewable Energy Gathering... - NY Times
12/2/2001:North American power needs bring environmental challenges...
12/2/2001:Apple's OS X Upgrade Fiasco  - Wired News
11/29/2001:Energy Conservation- An Idea Whose Time Has Come Again - Business Week
11/29/2001:Methane digester turns cow manure into electricity - Nando Times
11/29/2001:A Practical Way to Make Power From Wasted Heat - NY Times
11/28/2001:Wind Power Picks Up - Technology Review
11/28/2001:The Little Engine That Could Be  - Wired News
11/28/2001:ThermoChemistry on a chip  - Eureka Alert
11/27/2001:Oily waters - Salon
11/27/2001:The United States of oil - Salon
11/26/2001:European Parliament backs coal and nuclear power...
11/25/2001:Flexible Power
11/25/2001:Americans rethink buying SUVs as dependence on foreign oil more scrutinized
 - Nando Times
11/23/2001:INEEL uses ethanol to reduce petroleum consumption, cut exhaust emissions- Eureka Alert
11/23/2001:Energy Conservation- An Idea Whose Time Has Come Again - Business Week
11/22/2001:Civilian Nuclear Industries Under Seige Of New Concerns - SpaceDaily
11/22/2001:GPS Satellite Signals Help Drivers Save Fuel and Reduce Emissions - SpaceDaily
11/21/2001:They're Off! - ABC
11/20/2001:Crack 'causes deadly heart condition'- BBC
11/20/2001:Civilian Nuclear Industries Under Seige Of New Concerns - SpaceDaily
11/19/2001:Mad Dog prepares to sun itself  - BBC
11/17/2001:Have We Got The Energy?
 - Beyond 2000
11/17/2001:Sellafield saved - for now  - BBC
11/16/2001:No dam, but plenty of energy  - BBC
11/16/2001:Fuel Cell Pilot Project Pact - Technology Review
11/14/2001:Oz Bundling New Energy, Broadband  - Wired News
11/14/2001:Electric Cars May Lose Push in Northeast - NY Times
11/13/2001:New San Francisco solar power to double US total... - FirstScience
11/13/2001:Wanted- Large scale solar projects... - FirstScience
11/13/2001:EPA Spotlights Energy-Efficient Products - L. A. Times
11/13/2001:San Francisco Votes to Produce Its Own Solar and Wind Power- NY Times
11/12/2001:Paper batteries - Economist
11/11/2001:Waste on Energy or Spend Wisely?  - Wired New
11/10/2001:Nuclear plant faces legal challenge  - BBC
11/8/2001:Solar Cells Printed Like Wallpaper - Science Quest
11/8/2001:Solar power surge - Science Quest
11/7/2001:Foggy San Francisco may see the light  - CNN
11/6/2001:San Francisco votes next week on solar and wind power  - CNN
11/6/2001:Sunset for the oil business?

11/5/2001:Hybrid Cars Go Head-to-Head - Tech TV
11/4/2001:Lovin' Hydrogen - Discover

11/3/2001:Case explained  - BBC
11/3/2001:Developments to Watch - Business Week
11/3/2001:Digital Audio Revolution Speeding Toward Cars - L. A. Times
11/3/2001:Who's No. 1? Depends Who Counts  - Wired News
11/3/2001:Amazon- Linux Saved Us Millions
11/3/2001:Hackers Bypass MS Copy Protection
11/3/2001:Pirated Versions of XP Pose Security Risk
11/2/2001Engineers debate issues on sustainability - AlphaGalileo
11/2/2001Still Seeking a Fusion Solution  - Wired News
11/2/2001Turning Carbon Directly Into Electricity  - Eureka Alert
11/2/2001Massive rail project awaits federal OK  - CNN
11/1/2001:Automaker to provide fuel cell units as backup power for cellular towers - ABC
11/1/2001:A Fuel Cell in Your Phone - Technology Review
10/31/2000:Fuel-cell-powered cars  - SciTech
10/31/2000:Soybean oil may soon fuel jet planes  - SciTech
10/30/2000:Report- Japan Developing Satellite That Would Beam Back Solar Power -
10/29/2000:Nuclear Power Gets a Second Look
10/28/2000:Thin film technology for solar energy roof tiles  -
10/27/2000:ANALYSIS- Uncertain future in Middle East spurs interest in alternative fuels- Nando Times
10/26/2000:Rockies Seen as Key to U.S. Natural Gas Growth  - Yahoo
10/26/2000:Bright Future for Solar Power Satellites  - Yahoo
10/24/2001:Drive electric  - BBC
10/24/2001:Nuclear warning  - BBC
10/24/2001:UK government boosts solar energy pathfinder by a third  -
- Popular Science
10/20/2001:Space technology hits the road - Industry Watch
10/18/2001:Ultrahybrid - Technology Review
10/18/2001:Tecstar and JX Crystals Reach 33.4% Cell Efficiency - SpaceDaily
10/15/2001:Wind turbines key to stable green power... - FirstScience
10/13/2001:Ford, EPA in Deal for New Hybrid Engine Design- ABC
10/11/2001:Steam-powered engine may power cars - Ananova
Vehicles hit 20-year low in fuel economy... - FirstScience
10/9/2001:Stable power supply thanks to wind turbines - AlphaGalileo
10/9/2001:Bugs offer power tips  - Nature
10/9/2001:Newsweek- The quest for cold fusion - MSNBC
10/8/2001:Solar energy competing with homes for former Leona Quarry - Industry Watch
10/8/2001Engine for change - Industry Watch
10/6/2001:Energy Independence Now  - Wired News
10/5/2001:Solar powered racing car goes down under - AlphaGalileo
10/5/2001:Z-Beamlet image shows Z evenly compresses pellet  - Eureka Alert
10/4/2001:Efficient Fusion Power Becoming a Reality...
- FirstScience

10/2/2001:Fusion power 'within reach'  - BBC
9/28/2001:Hope for New Fuel Cells - ABC
9/27/2001:'Engineering wonder' can't keep Brazil out of dark  - CNN
9/25/2001:Fuel cells to replace batteries in mobile devices within five years  -
9/15/2001:Plasma-channel Drilling System Gets Se Go-ahead - AlphaGalileo
9/14/2001:A nuclear warning

9/13/2001:Solar Challenge rally benefits from space technology - AlphaGalileo
9/13/2001:Much More Bang For The Buck Possible From Fuel Cells  - Unisci
9/12/2001:First high-resolution structure of a membrane transporter solved at The Scripps Research Institute—a weapon against cancer and antibiotic-resistant bacteria  - Eureka Alert
9/12/2001:Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute discover a previously unknown role for antibodies  - Eureka Alert
9/12/2001:Structure of key protein involved in cancer, osteoporosis and foot-and-mouth disease finally solved  - Eureka Alert
9/12/2001:A small genetic change makes flu virus deadly  - Eureka Alert
9/12/2001:China to declare new reserve for Siberian tigers  - Eureka Alert
9/12/2001:Stem Cell Distribution Deal Told - FirstScience
9/12/2001:Mothers Transmit DNA Through Daughters Only - Science Quest
9/12/2001:Researchers Find an Antibody That Destroys the Blood's Platelets - Science Quest
9/12/2001:University of Maryland Researchers Locate Genes That Speed Up Formation of New Species - Science Daily
9/12/2001:Stem-cell lines appear to fall short; fewer than half available, Senate told - Seattle Times
9/4/2001:Nature's Soundscapes Interrupted - ABC
9/4/2001:Giant wave devastation feared  - BBC
9/4/2001:'Weaker' El Niño is coming  - BBC
9/4/2001:Dust from Africa leads to large toxic algae blooms in Gulf of Mexico, study finds  - Eureka Alert
9/4/2001:Trees, the (Almost) Untouchables of California, Stand Tall... - FirstScience
9/4/2001:EPA eases gas standards for Citgo - Nando Times
9/4/2001:Lecture- What's Shaking with Quake Prediction? - JPL
9/4/2001:Mega-tsunami will devastate all Atlantic coasts - New Scientist
9/4/2001:How My Electric Car Saves the World  - Wired News
9/3/2001:Self-Assembling Organic Thin Films And Solar Power  - Unisci
9/3/2001:Detectable hydrogen crucial to development of fuel-cell powered mobile devices  -
9/3/2001:Fuel cell materials studied for many kinds of environments  - Eureka Alert
9/3/2001:INEEL develops safe, efficient process for making cleaner-burning fuels  - Eureka Alert
9/3/2001:Penn State researchers investigate alternative diesel fuel  - Eureka Alert
9/2/2001:Penn State researchers investigate alternative diesel fuel  - Eureka Alert
9/2/2001:Energy in the 21st century- government policy and alternative sources  - Eureka Alert
9/1/2001:Executives who stood to benefit enjoyed accessWorld Scientist
8/31/2001:Glendale Approves Incentives For Solar - Industry Watch
8/30/2001:Solar Energy: Electricity Out Of A Helicopter Turbine - AlphaGalileo
8/30/2001:Power plant on a chip- It's no small matter to Lehigh scientists  - Eureka Alert
8/30/2001:Sweden’s Renewable Energy Teams With Swiss World Wind... - FirstScience
8/29/2001:Moving One Step Closer To Holy Grail Of Fusion Power  - Unisci
8/29/2001:Photosynthesis Redirected To Produce Hydrogen As Fuel  - Unisci
8/29/2001:Ford develops hydrogen-powered engine... - FirstScience
8/29/2001:Making A Cleaner, Cheaper Fuel Cell - Science Daily
8/29/2001:Safety commission issues scooter warning
8/28/2001:Japanese-British team sketch new path to dream of nuclear fusion - SpaceDaily
8/28/2001:Japan Builds Tiny Nuclear Reactor - Technology Review
8/28/2001:Australia to harness Antarctic winds to reduce fossil fuel use
8/27/2001:Sun and wind oust diesel - AlphaGalileo
8/27/2001:Wind power 'will not be competitive until 2005' - Industry Watch
8/26/2001:Oceans of Power
8/26/2001:Forget Fossil Fuels. Even Iceland's Aboard The Hydrogen Express
8/25/2001:The Energy Forecast - Business Week
8/24/2001:Hemp-Powered Car Rolls Its Own Fuel
8/23/2001:Solar Power, Batteries Included - Technology Review
8/22/2001Microturbine Power Plant - Industry Watch
8/21/2001Review of pollution rules delayed...- FirstScience
8/21/2001EPA delays power plan pollution decision...- FirstScience
8/21/2001Free Willy star may not be cut out for freedom...- FirstScience
8/21/2001Gomal dam project to bring 163,086 acres under plough...- FirstScience
8/21/2001Rescued rumbleometer reveals all  - Nature
8/21/2001Pros and contrails  - Nature
8/20/2001:Hybrid Cars  - Scientific American
8/20/2001:Study- Deregulated utilities must change marketing tactics  - Eureka Alert
8/18/2001:New method lights a path for solar cells - Science News
8/17/2001:Wasted Light is Wasted Energy -
8/15/2001:Control technique cuts electricity bills for commercial buildings  - Eureka Alert
8/15/2001:New Energy Stressed in China's Strategy for Next Five Years,
8/15/2001:Solar power surge  - Nature
8/14/2001:"Self-assembling" solar cells developed- New Scientist
8/13/2001:Solar power increasingly popular among homeowners, builders- Nando Times
8/12/2001:Buried Irrigation Reduces Farm Runoff, Saving Trees  - Unisci
8/12/2001:Heat is back, and so are ozone alerts... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Alarm Bells Ring for West Africas Sea Turtles... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Air pollution sufferers get closure... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:EPA Seeks To Narrow Pollution Initiative... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Green Party Candidate Finds He's a Republican Pawn... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Australia signs nuclear waste treaty with Argentina... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Protest as city council is let off over waste pollution... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Officials Scramble to Find Missing Nuclear Fuel Rods... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Beach closings due to pollution increase in 2000, survey finds- Nando Times
8/12/2001:Studies link urban development, hotter temperatures- Nando Times
8/12/2001:Baltimore to fight West Nile Virus with pesticides- Nando Times
8/12/2001:ANALYSIS- Dispute may force Bush's hand on 'environmental justice'- Nando Times
8/12/2001:Another Consequence of Landscape Fragmentation- Inbred Plants Use Nitrogen Less Efficiently - Science Quest
8/11/2001:Solar Power On The Rise... - FirstScience
8/11/2001:Mechanical Technology, DuPont form fuel cell partnership --DuPont buys minority stake8/11/2001:Formula Sun: The Solar-Electric Race - Discover
8/11/2001:Let the sun give you chills - Discover
8/10/2001:UK Erosion Measurements May Help Beaches Everywhere  - Unisci
8/10/2001:Scientists wary of climate change... - FirstScience
8/10/2001:Plaintiffs applaud settlement of Nagoya pollution lawsuit... - FirstScience
8/10/2001:Water Pollution Problems Likely From Gold Mine... - FirstScience
8/10/2001:Giant Sandcastle Recalls Pollution Disaster... - FirstScience
8/10/2001:Cosmic rays linked to ozone hole... - FirstScience
8/10/2001:INCA/WWF win Icelandic hydropower battle... - FirstScience
8/6/2001:Rigs-to-Reefs - Popular Science
8/6/2001:Ramgen's Ramjet - Popular Science
8/5/2001:Solid-state polymer ups battery performance  -
8/5/2001:U.S. House rejects stricter SUV mileage standards... - FirstScience
8/4/2001:Ice and oil- The risks  - BBC
8/4/2001:Compressed Air Energy Storage A Viable Alternative  - Unisci
8/3/2001:Bush pushes energy bill; measure includes Arctic drilling - Nando Times
8/3/2001:UF Research: Undercharged A/c systems a common, costly problem
8/3/2001:Energy Executives Urge Some Gas-Emission Limits on Bush  - NY Times
8/2/2001:Girding Up For the Power Grid  - Wired News
8/2/2001:Increased Fuel Economy Sought - Artigen
8/2/2001:Increased fuel economy may result in more traffic deaths - Nando Times
8/2/2001:Blackouts Burnish a Maker of Solar Gear - NY Times
8/2/2001:Radioactive Waste Site- A Shift in Strategy... - FirstScience
8/1/2001:Fuel From Sawdust  - AlphaGalileo
7/31/2001:Scientists discover formula for long-life rechargeable batteries  - Eureka Alert
7/31/2001:Printable battery rolls off the presses - New Scientist
7/30/2001:Costs of electricity generated from fossil fuels should be far higher, says new research... - First Science
7/30/2001:MIT harvests walking power with its 'energy scavenger' -
7/29/2001:Race Like the Wind on Sun's Power  - Wired News
7/28/2001:U. of Michigan wins solar car race  - CNN
7/28/2001:N.Y. Looks for Quick Electricity Fixes   - NY Times
7/26/2001:Rethinking Power - Technology Review
7/25/2001:Power Harvests - Science News
7/25/2001:Hydroelectric Power Stations Cause Ecological Catastrophe - AlphaGalileo
7/24/2001:New research reveals the real costs of electricity in Europe - AlphaGalileo
7/23/2001:Texaco, ECD to make batteries for low emission vehicles - Nando Times
7/23/2001:A hydrogen-powered car engine - Economist
7/21/2001:Burning it up- Students revving up for solar-car race - Dallas News
7/21/2001:Panel OKs Arctic Drilling - L. A. Times
7/21/2001:House takes up energy plan proposals  - Wired News
7/18/2001:Vice president, Cabinet members to pitch Bush's energy plan - Nando Times
7/18/2001:Rising fuel costs- UCLA engineers turn to Nature to solve human problem  - Eureka Alert
7/17/2001:High Power Prices Lit Fire Under Conservation - L. A. Times
7/11/2001:Nuclear and solar fans square up over energy as the government reconsiders nuclear  -
7/10/2001:BP to create one of the world’s largest solar cell factories... - Headline Spot
7/10/2001:Sunny Isles Seizing the Power  - Wired News
7/7/2001:Flying bugs get the chop  - BBC
7/5/2001:Bush administration to propose offering new oil leases in Gulf of Mexico- Nando Times
7/5/2001:Europe discusses wind power- ABC
7/4/2001:For Efficiency, Light-Emitting Diodes May Turn to Carbon- NY Times
7/4/2001:Catching Waves (Wave Power)- ABC
7/2/2001:Power-crunched Californians see the solar light
7/2/2001:The Measure of Power  - Wired News
7/2/2001:Bush urges more research into energy efficiency- Nando Times
7/1/2001:Climate treaty gulf yawns wide  - BBC
6/27/2001:Energy Seekers Eye Water Again - Wired News
6/27/2001:Bush's Energy Plan: A Fossil? - Wired News
6/27/2001:Getting to Core of Power Crunch - Wired News
6/26/2001:Riding Into, and With, the Sunset - Wired News
6/23/2001:Chicago moving to embrace 'green' technology - Nando Times
6/23/2001:Inventor aims to harnass mechanical energy of motion - Wired News
6/23/2001:New Steam Technology May Be Key To Cleaner Energy - Popular Mechanics
6/23/2001:Fuel-Efficient Cars Via Supercomputer - ABC
6/23/2001:Georgia's green future
6/23/2001:Energy Crunch To Make U.S. Summer More Hazy - Nat'l. Geo. News
6/23/2001:Future army could run on alternative fuels, photosynthesis
6/23/2001:Energy crisis accelerated, not helped, by increased oil production  - Eureka Alert
6/21/2001:Cryogenic Superconducting Power Lines - Science Central
6/21/2001:'Electricity in a Box' - Popular Science
6/20/2001:A Smarter Power Grid - Technology Review
6/20/2001:Improving the Performance of the Power Grid - Technology Review
6/20/2001:The Energy Web - Science Central
6/20/2001:GM Partners With Quantum Technologies -- Environmental Coverup or True Progress? - Wired News
6/20/2001:Water Heating: Tankless Takes Off- Popular Science
6/20/2001:Harnessing sea power: energy wave of the future?  - CNN
6/18/2001:Fuel Cell Phones
6/17/2001:'Green' energy sources taking a hit under President Bush - Nando Times
6/15/2001:Geothermal Power: If It's So Good, Why Isn't it More Popular?
6/15/2001:Energy Seekers Eye Water Again
6/15/2001:Fossil fuel debate
6/7/2001:Chicago: Greenest City In America?
6/5/2001:.Shift in Senate control slows Bush's energy proposals
6/4/2001:.The fuel cell’s bumpy ride
5/31/2001:.U.S. denies new energy plan fuels global warming
5/31/2001:.Saving energy incrementally
5/31/2001:.Fueling Debate
5/30/2001:.Iowa State University Energy Experts on Energy Production
5/29/2001:.EFDA-JET: a year of success for European fusion
5/28/2001:.Despite Britain’s weather, the sun always shines on photovoltaics
5/27/2001:.Vegetable oil-based fuel debuts in California
5/25/2001:.New U. of Colorado research may reduce renewable fuel costs
5/25/2001:.Sacramento firm, lab scientists seek to test rocket technology to produce pollution-free electricity
5/25/2001:.Great American Green Transportation Festival puts spotlight on alternative-fuel vehicles
5/23/2001:.The Rocky Rollout of Cheney's Energy Plan
5/23/2001:.It's a Gusher! ... of Energy-Plan Catchphrases
5/21/2001:.Which way ahead for hydrogen cars?
5/21/2001:.Toyota set to test zero-emission car
5/20/2001:.Gas mileage hits 20-year low
5/20/2001:.Bush energy plan: An oilman's vision
5/20/2001:.Burn, baby, burn
5/20/2001:.Mining the energy bank below
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5/20/2001:.Empty promises
5/20/2001:.High-octane help for the not so needy
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5/20/2001:.Pay more, light less
5/19/2001:.So, We've Got an Energy Plan. How Much of it Will Fly?
5/19/2001:.It's lighter than you think
5/19/2001:.Power up the power plants
5/19/2001:.The light bulb trade-off
5/19/2001:.Fading lights
5/19/2001:.Conserve and save
5/19/2001:.Full speed ahead
5/19/2001:.The power hungry get powered down:
5/18/2001:.Beam It Down, Scotty! (Solar Power)
5/18/2001:.Harnessing direct solar energy – a progress report
5/16/2001:.OIL AS A FINITE RESOURCE: When Is Global Production Likely to Peak?
5/14/2001:.Storing Energy with Compressed Air
5/14/2001:.Power on the up in fuel cells
5/14/2001:.Solar Photochemical: Another Kind of Solar Power
5/12/2001:.Dreams of Hydrogen
5/8/2001:Bush's Energy Plan: A Fossil?
5/8/2001:Energy Plan a Breath of Bad Air
5/7/2001:Bush to Leave Clinton Forest Ban in Place
5/7/2001:There's no secret to this energy plan
5/7/2001:Danes to inaugurate largest windmill park
5/7/2001:Cool colours
5/3/2001:The Energy-Technology Boom
5/1/2001:Still Crazy Over Electric Cars
4/29/2001:Coal Derived Fuel for Jet Engines?
4/27/2001:Interactive Energy Map
4/27/2001:The Alternative Power List
4/27/2001:Corporations Seek Green Power
4/26/2001:Solar Cells Suck It Up
4/25/2001:MTI bets on fuel cells for cell phones
4/25/2001:Graduate Student Patents Process for Saving Diesel Engine Fuel
4/23/2001:Power cells get warm
4/23/2001:Some Like It Medium Hot
4/23/2001:Oceans of Electricity
4/22/2001:BMW's hybrid vehicle: motorcycle or car? Or both?
4/19/2001:Building a Better Fuel Cell  - Technology Review
4/15/2001: Next-Generation Fuel Cells
4/15/2001: Rivers feel heat as U.S. energy demand rises
4/15/2001: Oceans of Electricity: Wave Power
4/14/2001: Small fuel processor powers light-weight soldiers’ system
4/9/2001:Researchers Create World's Smallest Rotary Internal Combustion Engine
4/9/2001:A Photovoltaic Primer
3/30/2001: How Bright is Solar Power's Future?
3/23/2001: Personal power: solar utility in a backpack
3/23/2001:Industry's Photovoltaic Power Roadmap through 2030
3/23/2001: The National Center for Photovoltaics' Roadmap Through 2020 (PDF, 3,524 KB)
3/23/2001: World's Most Efficient Monolithic Solar Cell
3/23/2001: Solar-powered home's owner saw the light
3/21/2001: A thin, flexible polymer fuel cell
3/21/2001: Could hydrogen be the fuel of the future?
3/11/2001: Renewable energy potential creates buzz
3/10/2001: Future of vehicle transportation could be 'RUF'
3/9/2001: Mystery invention reportedly a hydrogen-powered scooter
3/9/2001: Battery-powered bikes pitched as consumer products
3/5/2001: Interest in solar panels surges
3/3/2001: USGS Study Shows Colorado Plateau Coal Plentiful
3/3/2001 :Would-Be Wood
2/27/2001: The secrets of NiMH and other batteries
2/27/2001: How California Set the Stage for Its Energy Crisis
2/24/2001: Getting Off the Grid: Alternative Household Power Sources
2/24/2001: Electricity And Refrigeration From Power Of The Sun
2/24/2001: Britain Testing Elephant Grass As a Renewable Fuel
2/24/2001: Farmers using crops to heat homes
2/24/2001: 'Action should be taken now' to harness solar energy
2/23/2001: Simple Sandpile Model Helps Solve Problems of Fusion Power
2/18/2001: Wind Turbines Power Alaskan Village
2/17/2001: Stagnant ponds become fuel pumps
2/12/2001: More solar power from plastic
2/11/2001: Fuel cell research grows as power needs expand
2/7/2001: Eternal Youth and Free Power - The Future Beckons
2/6/2001: Solar power goes organic
2/5/2001: Fuel Cells May Redistribute Power
2/3/2001: Geologist Seeks Ways To Squeeze More Oil From Mature Fields
2/1/2001:Spectrolab Sets Record With Solar Cell
2/1/2001:'Everlasting' light bulb on the way
1/31/2001: Harnessing direct solar energy - a progress report
1/23/2001: The Z Machine (Thermonuclear Fusion)
1/3/2001: Fusion in a pop can?
1/2/2001: Neighbourhood Energy To Slash Greenhouse Gases
12/26/2000 Biomass energy taps the past to fuel the future
12/19/2000 Solar Power Seeks a Place in the Sun
12/06/2000 Will We Be Generating Our Own Power Within 10 Years?
12/01/2000National (Thermonuclear) Ignition Facility (NIF) Imagesand Story
11/08/2000 Scientists Inch Another Step Forward Toward Fusion
10/30 Iceland moves to Become First Fossil-Fuel-Free, Hydrogen-Powered Economy
10/29 Solid State UV Microcavity Laser Expected to Revolutionize Lighting
10/25 Magnesium Batteries: Better? Lighter? Cheaper?
10/21 Free Book: Renewable Power Pathways (Nat'l. Acad, of Sciences)
05/07 Pencil-Eraser-Sized Fuel Cell
04/24 Sandia Develops 10 Kw., Low-Cost, Solar-Powered Pump
04/19 Fuel-Cell-Powered Autos
04/15 We're Running Out of Oil! World Oil Production to Decline Steeply After 2010