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10/22/2001:Finger lengths may point to heart attack risks- Ananova
10/21/2001:Imams asked to preach heart health
  - BBC
10/20/2001:Vitamin E and aspirin delay heart disease in mice even with high cholesterol levels
  - Eureka Alert
10/19/2001:Marathons Seen Setting The Stage For Heart Attacks
  - Unisci
10/19/2001:Cardiac Arrest Reports Lower During New Moon - Cosmiverse
10/18/2001:Painless Heart Attack Can Be Most Deadly - Doctors
  - Yahoo
10/17/2001:Exercise Cuts Breast Cancer Risk By 40%- Canada Study
  - Unisci
10/17/2001:Angiogenesis-Regulating Protein Controls Tumor Growth  - Unisci
Study- Antidepressants Lower Heart Attack Risk - ABC
10/16/2001:Cancer risk becomes clearer  - BBC :
10/13/2001:Hi-tech pacemaker phones doctors with patient's condition
- Ananova
- AlphaGalileo
10/12/2001:Brief blindness less serious stroke symptom  - CNN
10/11/2001:Herbal Oils May Enhance Insulin Sensitivity And Lower Blood Pressure In Diabetic Rats
  - Eureka Alert
Research points the way for new drugs against heart disease and cancer - AlphaGalileo
10/10/2001:Pine cone source for stroke drug  - BBC
10/10/2001:Survival rate similar in 2 types of bypasses - Dallas News
10/9/2001:Plant-derived chemicals prevent brain cell death, suggesting potential new stroke drugs
  - Eureka Alert
10/9/2001:Hypothermia for revived cardiac arrest patients appears safe
10/9/2001:A few minutes of risk assessment could mean more of life  - Eureka Alert
10/9/2001:Off-pump bypass takes off as alternative to traditional operations for selected patients  - Eureka Alert
Retinal Photos Pinpoint High Stroke Risk  - Wired News
10/7/2001:Targeted Lifestyle Changes Could Turn the Tide Against Diabetes and Heart Diseases - Otago University Study
 - Science Daily
10/6/2001:Hormone Level Predicts Death Risk From Heart Disease
  - Unisci
10/5/2001:Blood tests may use tiny bar codes
  - CNN
10/5/2001:First oral drug proven effective in treating primary pulmonary hypertension  - Eureka Alert
10/5/2001:Stenting for strokes safe for outpatients, allows quick release, recovery  - Eureka Alert
10/5/2001:More people are hospitalized for stroke, but fewer strokes are fatal  - Eureka Alert
Cardiac hormone level indicates increased risk of death, progression of heart failure, researchers report  - Eureka Alert
10/3/2001:Drug 'reverses heart decline'
  - BBC
10/3/2001:Lack Of A Gene Cuts Blood Vessel Damage In Mice 70%  - Unisci
10/3/2001:NYU Medical Center's Cardiothoracic surgeons announce major advance in heart valve repair  - Eureka Alert
10/2/2001:Major reduction in cardiovascular disease seen in mice lacking CD44 gene
  - Eureka Alert
10/2/2001Counseling can help lower blood pressure  - Eureka Alert
10/2/2001:ACE-inhibitor reverses heart enlargement, cuts cardiovascular risk  - Eureka Alert
10/2/2001Making new veins  - Eureka Alert
10/1/2001:Male chromosome marker tied to high blood pressure
 - Seattle Times
10/1/2001:The "Y" May Be Why More Men Have High Blood Pressure - Science Quest
10/1/2001:Irradiated Balloons May Help Prevent Plaque Re-Growth In Blocked Arteries - Science Daily
9/30/2001:Researchers uncover alarming number of undiagnosed hypertension, diabetes in heart study
  - Eureka Alert
9/30/2001:'Heart-sense' game passes early test- Players prove more likely to seek prompt help for heart attack symptoms  - Eureka Alert
9/30/2001:Americans leading healthier lives, reducing risk of death from heart disease, UCSF study finds  - Eureka Alert
9/30/2001:New study shows targeted lifestyle changes could turn the tide aganst diabetes and heart disease  - Eureka Alert
9/28/2001:Heart Attack-Related Protein Tied to Gum Disease
9/28/2001:Chair of ACC's Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases Committee available to discuss new AHA Guidelines  - Eureka Alert
9/28/2001:Heart jacket offers potential innovative treatment for heart failure  - Eureka Alert
9/27/2001:Future Tech
- Discover
9/26/2001:Squeeze out the miles
  - BBC
9/25/2001:Depression and hypertension linked, but not directly
  - Eureka Alert
9/25/2001:Boston Scientific Says Drug Prevents Clogged Stents - ABC
9/25/2001:Tai Chi Boosts Circulation System of Elderly Men - ABC
9/25/2001:Heart Assn. Revises GuidelinesWorld Scientist
9/25/2001:Guidelines to reduce heart attacks in cardiovascular patients updated  - Eureka Alert
9/15/2001:Increase in abnormal heart rhythms in shift workers
- AlphaGalileo
9/15/2001:Experts Urge Quicker Heart Attack Treatment  - Yahoo
9/14/2001:Both genetics and diet influence cholesterol levels
Men's diets risk their hearts  - BBC
9/13/2001:Study- Cutting Cholesterol for the Old Could Be Bad  - Yahoo
9/13/2001:Light drinking may reduce stroke risk  - CNN
9/12/2001:Experimental drug decreases age-related blood vessel stiffening  - Eureka Alert
9/12/2001:Stent Clot Rate Higher than Thought- Duke
9/12/2001:New Anti-Clotting Agent Shows Promise - Duke9/8/2001:Heart Transplant Pioneer Barnard DiesWorld Scientist
9/8/2001:Western Experts Battle Heart DiseaseWorld Scientist
9/6/2001:Obesity May Not Be Bad for Heart Failure Patients - ABC
9/6/2001:Groups- Statin benefits outweigh risks- CNN
9/6/2001:Mayo Clinic study- Echocardiogram spots risk of valve narrowing, stroke  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Psychological trauma of heart attack may undermine treatment  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Patients Nervous After Drug Recall - Lycos
9/5/2001:Snacking on low-fat food 'bad for heart' - World Scientist
9/4/2001:FDA Approves Pacemaker for Heart Failure - ABC
9/4/2001:Dental X-Rays May Reveal Stroke Risk in Women - ABC
9/3/2001:Survey- 1million teens use sports drugs  - CNN
9/3/2001:Study- Heart devices pose infection risk  - CNN
9/3/2001:Implanted defibrillators- How well do they work?  - Eureka Alert
9/3/2001:Twin study evaluates role of environmental stress in cardiovascular disease  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Patients Nervous After Drug Recall - Lycos
9/5/2001:Snacking on low-fat food 'bad for heart' - World Scientist
9/2/2001:Life After Heart Attack Can Be NormalWorld Scientist
8/30/2001:Physical Exam Findings Tip Off Future Heart Failure  - Unisci
More Than 1,100 May Be Affected by Baycol -Paper - ABC
8/29/2001:Abstention from filtered coffee may reduce heart disease risk factors  - Eureka Alert
Folic acid tested on heart patients  - BBC
8/28/2001:Weekend heart risk for young men  - BBC
8/28/2001:Folic acid, Vitamin B12 show potential as heart disease treatments  - Eureka Alert
Are Statins Safe- - ABC
Group Wants Tougher Warning on Statins - ABC
8/26/2001:Broken hearts repaired  - BBC
8/26/2001:Mechanical heart pump can reverse heart failure  - Eureka Alert
8/26/2001:Genetic trait may denote increased risk for early sudden cardiac death  - Eureka Alert
8/26/2001:Blood Clotting Genetic Trait Tied to Cardiac DeathL. A. Times
8/26/2001:Liquorice lifts blood pressure - Nature
British Doctors Trumpet New Heart Treatment - ABC
8/22/2001New Heart Treatment - ABC
8/22/2001Drug Plus Aspirin Prevents Heart Attacks, Deaths - ABC
8/22/2001Top Pressure - ABC
8/22/2001High Fatty Acid Levels May Mean Sudden Death For Middle-Aged Men- Science Daily
8/22/2001Flu cures could cause stroke - World Scientist
8/21/2001Fatal thrombotic disease in designer mice lacking vascular thrombomodulin  - Eureka Alert
8/21/2001Lemons could prevent economy class syndrome - Ananova
8/20/2001Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy May Help Predict Effectiveness Of Cholesterol Medication
- Science Daily
8/20/2001Yale researchers discover a genetic cause of high blood pressure
  - Eureka Alert
8/19/2001:FDA approves new drug for congestive heart failure patients
- Nando Times
Telomere Shortening May Be Linked To Atherosclerosis  - Unisci
8/18/2001:Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy may help predict effectiveness of cholesterol medication  - Eureka Alert
The 2nd Artificial Heart: Patients Are Ready, but Not Surgeons - SciNews
8/14/2001: Analysts- Bayer Move Unlikely to Stop Cholesterol Drugs' Popularity
8/14/2001:Baycol News Prompts EU Review of Cholesterol Drugs- ABC
8/14/2001:Genetics Linked to Early-Onset Heart Disease- Lycos
8/14/2001:Researchers Identify High Blood Pressure Genes- Lycos
8/14/2001:Researchers Discover New Route to High Blood Pressure - Science Quest
8/9/2001:Clot-Buster Drugs, Angioplasty Aid Recovery -Study - Lycos
8/8/2001:Platelets Can Produce Proteins In Response To Signal  - Yahoo
8/5/2001:Avoiding heat stroke Globe & Mai
8/4/2001:COOL AIDsafe after stroke, may deter side effect of clot-busters  - Eureka Alert
8/4/2001:Keep your cool under fire to minimize stroke risk  - Eureka Alert
8/4/2001:Study- Cutting Cholesterol for the Old Could Be Bad - Lycos
8/4/2001:Study- Hypothermia as Aid to Stroke Patients Safe - Lycos
8/3/2001:Estrogen, soy boost recovery in hearts after surgery, studies show  - Eureka Alert
8/3/2001:Diabetes significantly increases womens long-term risk for dying after a heart attack  - Eureka Alert
8/3/2001:Mayo Clinic study links excess weight with early heart attack  - Eureka Alert
8/3/2001:Relative's sudden death is a poor predictor of risk from genetic heart disorder  - Eureka Alert
8/2/2001:Rockefeller Heart Disease Study Begins- Researchers Test A Fatty Acid Found In Fish On At-Risk Population - Science Daily
8/2/2001:Nicotine stimulates new blood vessel formation; also promotes tumor growth and atherosclerosis - Science Daily
8/2/2001:New test taken to heart - World Scientist
7/27/2001:Catechins in black tea may reduce risk of heart disease  - Eureka Alert
7/24/2001:Patients resistant to blood pressure treatment do take their drugs  - Eureka Alert
7/20/2001:Trans Fat Harder on Arteries Than Saturated Fat - Science Centra
7/19/2001:How Heart Surgery Went Down  - Wired News
7/18/2001:Stroke Risk May Grow After BypassAssoc. Press
7/18/2001:Stroke Risk May Grow After BypassAssoc. Press
7/17/2001:Gene link to increased risk of coronary heart disease found by scientists  - Eureka Alert
7/15/2001:New anti-clotting pill shows early promise - Nando Times
7/15/2001:Lymphocytes in early atherogenesis  - Eureka Alert
7/15/20017/15/2001:Researchers Discover New Mechanism by Which HDL Protects Arteries:New anti-clotting pill shows early promise - Nando Times
7/15/2001:Study- quality of neighborhood tied to coronary heart disease  - Eureka Alert

7/9/2001:The Telltale Heart (Test) Cheney takes out an 'insurance policy' on his ticker- World Scientist
7/9/2001:Death Rate of Heart Disease Drops
- Popular Mechanics
7/7/2001:New Thrombosis Drugs Take on Rat Poison, Pig Gut
- Lycos
7/4/2001:University Of Illinois At Chicago Researchers Create Lifelike Cardiac Tissue
- Science Daily
7/4/2001:New Method Of Predicting Stroke In Heart Patients-
Science Daily
7/2/2001:UT Southwestern researchers discover protein essential to development of heart  - Eureka Alert
7/1/2001:China Seen Headed for Coronary Problems- Lycos
7/1/2001:New tool allows early prediction of patients stroke outcome  - Eureka Alert
7/1/2001:Cardiovascular system holds a key to circadian clockCardiovascular system holds a key to circadian clock  - Eureka Alert  - Eureka Alert
7/1/2001:Cheney's Heart Implant Is Like Tiny Emergency Room- Lycos
7/1/2001:USC Study Suggests Low Levels Of Dietary Nutrient Lutein, Found In Leafy Greens, Linked To Thickening In Neck Arteries- Science Daily
6/30/2001:Why Veggie Diet May Reduce Heart Disease, Cancer - Yahoo
6/30/2001:Protein Test, Drug May Cut Heart Attack Risk - Yahoo
6/28/2001:Diabetes Drug May Cut Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease- Unisci
6/28/2001:Rush cardiologists give heart disease the cold shoulder  - Eureka Alert
6/28/2001:Urine test predicts heart problems in postmenopausal women  - Eureka Alert
6/24/2001:Stroke tests go ahead despite US warning - Guardian Unlimited
6/23/2001:Walnut consumption may reduce heart disease risk by beneficially redistributing cholesterol  - Eureka Alert
6/23/2001:Dietary approaches to stop hypertension diet reduces cholesterol and long-term cardiovascular risk  - Eureka Alert
6/23/2001:Studies Split on Effectiveness of Heart Drug
6/22/2001:Space-Age Alloy Mends Blood Vessels And Bones Lycos
6/22/2001:Singapore Scientists Find Way to Fix Broken Hearts - Lycos
6/21/2001:A new vision of lutein: heart disease prevention  - Eureka Alert
6/21/2001:Pressure test predicts need for angioplasty  - Eureka Alert
6/20/2001:Blood pressure drugs, diuretics found to cut stroke risk dramatically - Nando Times
6/15/2001:Reexamining irons role in heart disease - Eureka Alert
6/15/2001:Sleep apnea linked to Alzheimer's, heart gene - Nando Times
6/14/2001:Tiny air pollutants linked to heart attack
6/14/2001:The heart has no need for weed, especially for middle-aged people
6/9/2001:"Good" cholesterol reduces stroke risk
6/7/2001:Study Examines Daily Vitamins to Prevent Strokes
6/2/2001:.Researchers Develop Mice Resistant to Atherosclerosis
6/1/2001:.Exercise and Heparin May Grow New Blood Vessels, Improve Hearts in Children With Blocked Arteries
6/1/2001:.Stem cells help regenerate tissue damaged from heart attack
5/31/2001:.Doctors perform the first heart bypass that does not require surgery
5/30/2001:.Heart Health to Benefit From GM Oils
5/27/2001:.Researchers to test skeletal muscle as replacement for damaged human heart muscle in humans
5/27/2001:.One year after surgery, robotic heart grafts are still a success
5/24/2001:.How much HDL in relation to LDL is necessary to provide protection?
5/18/2001:.New cholesterol guidelines expected to lead to a tripling of Americans taking cholesterol-lowering drugs
5/13/2001:.Protective effects of alcohol marginal and only in over 55s
5/10/2001:Eating Nuts Seems To Protect Against Heart Disease
5/7/2001:Small Holes in the Heart May Be to Blame for Many Migraines
4/19/2001: Moderate drinking linked to decreased risk of heart failure
4/16/2001: New suspect, apo B, may factor in genetic cause of high cholesterol
4/8/2001: Researchers close in on stroke 'candidate gene'
Intravenous cell transplant holds promise for stroke recovery
Computer program predicts chances of brain-cell death from stroke
4/6/2001:Beta-blocker slows wall thickening of neck artery in healthy people
4/2/2001: Stem Cells May Revolutionize Heart-Attack Therapy
3/31/2001:Duke Researchers Reverse Damage of Heart Failure with Gene Therapy
3/30/2001:Does a lifetime of fighting off infections trigger heart disease?
3/27/2001:Scan, Stress Test Equally Good For Checking Arteries
3/27/2001:Individuals genes may dictate better heart failure treatment
3/27/2001:UCSF Evaluates New Device to Treat Heart Failure
3/26/2001:Duke Researchers Reverse Damage of Heart Failure with Gene Therapy
3/25/2001:Popular Alternative Medical Therapy Useless -Study
3/25/2001:Lower Cholesterol Reading Can Mask Heart Attack Risk
3/25/2001:Breast Cancer Drug Could Help Men's Hearts
3/25/2001:Coronary Bypass Surgery Without the Needlework
3/23/2001: Depression doubles heart attack risk in hypertensive patients
3/23/2001: Emotional well-being may lower risk of stroke
3/23/2001: Emory researcher: study shows need to identify those at high-risk for cardiovascular disease to benefit from lipid-lowering therapy
3/23/2001:Drug Marks Big Advance in Heart Attack Treatment
3/17/2001:Babies breastfed more than four months may be at higher risk for arteriosclerosis
3/16/2001: Researchers find protein that inhibits cardiac hypertrophy, heart failure
3/10/2001:Duke Researchers Reverse Damage of Heart Failure with Gene Therapy
3/9/2001: Stem cells repair stroke damage
3/10/2001:Angioplasty Scars Arteries
3/4/2001: Healthy Diet, Less Salt Dramatically Reduces Blood Pressure
3/4/2001: Fatty plaque more likely to cause a heart attack than calcified plaque
3/3/2001: Targeted Clot-Busting Stops Stroke Damage
3/4/2001: 2 Gene-Based Drugs Tested on Humans
3/3/2001: Study Shows Reduction Of Inflammation Helps Heal Heart
3/3/2001: Fatty Fish Cuts Risk Of Death From Heart Attack In Elderly
3/2/2001:The Discovery of Two Exercise-Loving Genes Helps Explain Why Regular Workouts Ward Off Disease
3/1/2001:Infections may hasten artery hardening
2/23/2001:Two studies find supplementation and moderation are keys to lowering homocysteine
2/22/2001:New Way Found To Prevent Stroke Damage
2/22/2001:Homocysteine May Trigger Strokes
2/21/2001:Cell transplants offer hope of brain repair following stroke
2/18/2001:Fighting the 'new cholesterol': homocysteine
2/17/2001:Heart Disease Remains Leading Cause of U.S. Deaths
2/8/2001: Pravastatin reduces risk of diabetes, stroke
2/8/2001: Researchers Identify New Treatment for Stroke
2/8/2001: Grape Seed Extract And Chromium Show Promising Results For Improving Cardiovascular Health
2/4/2001: Family factor is foremost in foretelling heart disease risk
2/2/2001: Coffee beats tea on heart disease
1/30/2001:Heart protective benefits of red wine remain uncertain
1/29/2001:Artificial Heart Pump Revolutionizes Heart Treatment
1/27/2001:Non-invasive 'Natural Bypass' for Angina Pain
1/18/2001:Eating More Fish And n3 Fatty Acids Associated With Reduced Risk Of Stroke For Women
1/9/2001: Spider calms the quaking heart
1/6/2001: Reducing Sodium Leads to Substantial Drop in Blood Pressure, Finds NHLBI Study


10/22/2001:Cancer Fight Dips Into Microchips
- Lycos
10/20/2001:Study Recharges Debate on the Value of Mammograms
10/20/2001:Tiny Camera Could Boost Breast Cancer Treatment - ABC
10/20/2001:Pre-Surgery Radiation Helps Rectal Cancer Patients - ABC
10/20/2001:Tamoxifen May Raise Risk for Some Tumors  - Yahoo
10/19/2001:New concerns over breast screening
  - BBC
10/18/2001:Study- Animal Protein Linked with Stomach Cancer
  - Yahoo
Protein Controls Tumor's Blood Supply - ABC
10/16/2001:British genetic scientists to lead cancer study - Ananova
10/16/2001:Research boosts hopes for anti-cancer drugs - Ananova
10/16/2001:Scientists Advance Against Drug Resistant Tumors  - Yahoo
10/16/2001:Breast cancer link to nightshifts  - BBC
10/12/2001:Cervical Cancer Unchecked in Poor Countries -WHO
10/12/2001:New family of 10 cancer related genes discovered by NCI, University of Texas and M.D. Anderson researchers; licensed by Introgen  - Eureka Alert
10/12/2001:Researchers reveal new clues about spread of colon cancer  - Eureka Alert
10/12/2001:New chemotherapy regimen produces long-term, disease-free survival in patients with uncommon, aggressive types of lymphoma, leukemia  - Eureka Alert
Obesity, Inactivity May Up Pancreatic Cancer Risk - ABC
10/11/2001:Study finds older patients benefit as much from chemotherapy after surgery for colon cancer as younger patients  - Eureka Alert
10/11/2001:Why and what can flies teach us about cancer?  - Eureka Alert
New Class of Drugs Kills Colon Cancer Cells - ABC
10/10/2001:Myriad Says It Finds Cancer Drug Target - ABC
10/10/2001:Tuning Breast Cancer Chemo Dose To Limit Side Effects  - Unisci
10/10/2001:Carrageenan May Cause Lesions In GI Tract, Or Cancer  - Unisci
10/10/2001:Immune system blamed for cancer  - BBC
10/10/2001:Scan promises early cancer detection  - BBC
10/10/2001:Cell Pathways Boosts Dosage in Leukemia Drug Test - Lycos
10/7/2001:Prostate Cancer Screening Urged for Younger Men
 - ABC
10/7/2001:Power lines do not contribute to brain cancer  - SciTech
10/6/2001:Vitamin gene 'may fight breast cancer'
  - BBC
10/5/2001:October 03--Breast cancer breakthrough leads to better knowledge of risk
  - Eureka Alert
Cardiac hormone level indicates increased risk of death, progression of heart failure, researchers report  - Eureka Alert
10/3/2001:New molecule can destroy cancer cells
  - CNN
10/3/2001:UT Southwestern doctors use radiofrequency ablation to destroy kidney tumors without surgery  - Eureka Alert
10/2/2001:The Future of Breast Cancer Detection
 - ABC
10/2/2001Seeing with digital eyes- Doctors are slowly adopting computer-aided mammography technology - Dallas News
10/2/2001:'Drive-through' mastectomies becoming more common  - Eureka Alert
10/2/2001Genetic changes leading to colon cancer noted in normal tissue  - Eureka Alert
10/2/2001:Loss of new cell growth gene linked to certain human cancers  - Eureka Alert
10/1/2001:Researchers Raise Hopes of Preserving Fertility for Women With Cancer
 - Science Quest
10/1/2001:Gene That Prevents Tumor Growth Also Carries Messages From Circadian Clock - Science Daily
10/1/2001:Duke Researchers Target Breast Cancer Using Genomic Technology - Duke
9/30/2001:Two genes are better than one- Combination approach selectively kills pancreatic cancer cells
  - Eureka Alert
9/30/2001:Columbia Presbyterian researchers show prostate cancer drug significantly arrests tumor growth with minimal side effects  - Eureka Alert
9/30/2001:Study- No Link Between Fat Intake, Colon Cancer - Lycos
9/29/2001:New Drugs Will Target Cancer Cell Immortality
9/29/2001:Increased Risk Of Skin Cancer For Psoriasis Patients - Unisci
9/28/2001:Physical activity over a lifetime could reduce risk of breast cancer
  - Eureka Alert
9/27/2001:Seven in 10 UK Women Survive Breast Cancer-Experts
9/26/2001:Tree chemicals could fight cancer
  - BBC
9/15/2001:No increased risk of brain cancer from electromagnetic fields
- AlphaGalileo
9/14/2001:Drug That Sends Radiation to Tumors Up for Review

9/13/2001:Sam Show-Prostate Health - ABC
9/13/2001: The Right Fat for a Healthy Prostate- ABC
9/12/2001:Cancer 'highway' scanned by doctors  - BBC
9/12/2001:Sunshine lowers prostate cancer risk  - BBC
9/12/2001:Americans Not Heeding Dangers of Sunburn - ABC
9/12/2001:Chinese Herb May Have Cancer-Fighting Properties - ABC
9/12/2001:Night vision camera to spot "invisible" cancers - New Scientist
9/12/2001:Advances in brain tumor research and treatment are bringing new hope to thousands of patients. - Duke
9/12/2001:Ten Genes Linked to the Deadliest Forms of Cancer - Duke
9/6/2001:Microscopic Cantilever Aids Assay For Prostate Cancer  - Unisci
9/6/2001:Sibs of Kids with Cancer Face No Increased Risk - ABC
9/6/2001:New cancer type identified - Boston Globe
9/6/2001:Researchers shrink brain tumors in rats- CNN
9/6/2001:Aggressive tumor cells leave a trail in their environment that affects the spread of cancer - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:PET proves best for revealing spread of cervical cancer  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Antisoma Collaborates on New Cancer Drug - ABC
9/5/2001:Scientists find that common virus can kill cancer tumors in mice - ABC
9/5/2001:Pre-Surgery Radiation Cuts Rectal Cancer Recurrence - ABC
9/5/2001:Drug destroys stubborn tumours  - BBC
9/5/2001:Rutgers researchers find black tea 'bullet' that targets colorectal cancer  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Immune Response Abandons Pivotal AIDS Drug Trial - Lycos
9/5/2001:Infection kills cancer  - Nature
9/4/2001:Digital Detection - ABC
9/4/2001:DNA Methylation May Explain Some Types Of Lymphoma  - Unisci
9/4/2001:DNA vaccination places tumors in double jeopardy  - Eureka Alert
9/4/2001:An excess of healthy cells holds leukemia in check  - Eureka Alert
9/4/2001:Discovery of Unique Gene Modification May Provide Clues to Cause of Certain Types of Lymphoma - Science Quest
9/3/2001:Dual Approach May Thwart Pancreatic Cancer- Study  - BBC
9/3/2001:Bowel cancer drug tested  - BBC
9/3/2001:Discovery could prevent killer fevers  - BBC
9/3/2001:Corvas presents 3-D molecular structure of matriptase, first structural insight into new class of protease cancer targets  - Eureka Alert
9/3/2001:Discovery of Unique Gene Modification May Provide Clues to Cause of Certain Types of Lymphoma - Science Quest
9/5/2001:Antisoma Collaborates on New Cancer DrugABC
9/5/2001:Scientists find that common virus can kill cancer tumors in mice -ABC
9/5/2001:Pre-Surgery Radiation Cuts Rectal Cancer RecurrenceABC
9/5/2001:Drug destroys stubborn tumours  - BBC
9/5/2001:Rutgers researchers find black tea 'bullet' that targets colorectal cancer  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Immune Response Abandons Pivotal AIDS Drug Trial - Lycos
9/5/2001:Infection kills cancer  - Nature
9/2/2001:Surviving Prostate Cancer - ABC
A Potentially Deadly Wait - ABC
8/30/2001:Blood Protein Cuts Chemotherapy-Related Infections  - Unisci
8/30/2001:Genetics Alters Cancer Treatment - Technology Reviewfectious
8/30/2001:Know the Warning Signs of Arthritis - ABC
8/30/2001:Nicotine drink drops  - BBC
8/30/2001:UCSD researchers discover new role for immune-response enzyme  - Eureka Alert
Cancer patients 'choose chemo'  - BBC
8/29/2001:Less-invasive tests miss colon cancer signs, study says Globe & Mail
8/29/2001:Popular Test Misses 76 Pct of Colon Tumors-US Study - Lycos
Spotting Cancer With a Space Probe - ABC
8/27/2001:Novartis Sees Big Potential for Zometa Drug - ABC
8/27/2001:Deadly daylight- Skin cancer is nation's fastest-growing form of cancer; it's a threat even in gray Northwest - Seattle Times
8/26/2001:Immune system blamed for cancer  - BBC
Big Tobacco's No. 1 Lie Is That 'Everyone Knows' - Science Quest
OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM COULD CAUSE CANCER New hope of drugs breakthroughWorld Scientist
Natural Antibody Holds Promise as HIV Treatment - ABC
8/22/2001Antibody Stops The Entire Process Of Prion Disease  - Unisci
8/22/2001Congo's polio war  - BBC
8/22/2001Using satellites to control spread of malaria - Industry Watch
8/22/2001Prion and on  - Nature
8/22/2001Electronic Nose Sniffs Out TB - Science Quest
8/22/2001Late flu vaccine will force triageWorld Scientist
How Precancerous Moles Progress To Deadly Melanomas  - Unisci
8/22/2001New Chemo Agent Works Against Resistant Solid Tumors  - Unisci
8/22/2001Drinking hot tea may protect against skin cancer
8/22/2001Genetic Mutation May Be Key to Onset of Deadly Skin Cancer - Science Quest
8/22/2001Targeted Attack on Leukemia - Science Quest
8/22/2001Study Questions Value Of Diet Restrictions Prior To Colon Cancer Screening Test- Science Daily
8/21/2001Anti-Cancer Mushroom Toxin Gets FDA Fast-Track Status  - Unisci
8/20/2001Healing Cancer
  - Scientific American
8/20/2001Cancer in the Crosshairs
  - Scientific American
8/20/2001Genetic mutation may be key to onset of deadly skin cancer
  - Eureka Alert
Children's cancer hope  - BBC
Robotic prostate surgery launched  - BBC
8/15/2001:Science- The bug we can't stomach Half of us carry a microbe that can lead to gastritis and cancer - and it's been with us for millennia. Michael Gross asks- isn't it about time we found a cure? - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:No Sun Protection- ABC
8/14/2001:Couple's foundation seeks to help pediactic cancer families- ABC
8/14/2001:Study detailing safety and efficacy of exisulind in treating recurrent prostate cancer  - Eureka Alert
8/14/2001:Cell-Surface Molecule May Hold Key to Preventing Breast Cancer - Science Quest
8/12/2001:Study Of Virulizin For Pancreatic Cancer Expanded  - Unisci
8/12/2001:Music, Movie Cut Unpleasant Symptoms Of Blood Donors  - Unisci
8/12/2001:Get the testGlobe & Mail
8/12/2001:SignalGene to announce cancer 'breakthrough'Globe & Mail
8/12/2001:8/12/2001:Researchers Seek to "Inactivate" Cancer Cells - Science Quest
8/10/2001:Hebrew University researchers seek to 'inactivate' cancer cells  - Eureka Alert
8/6/2001:A Pill For Cancer - Popular Mechanics
8/3/208/4/2001:Celebrex under study for lung cancer prevention  - Eureka Alert
8/4/2001:NASA project will take ovarian tumor cells into space for first time  - Eureka Alert
8/4/2001:Sound waves could replace breast biopsies - New Scientist01:Brain tumors and mouse models- New insight into the development of gliomas  - Eureka Alert
8/3/2001:Breast biopsies to become a thing of the past  - Eureka Alert
8/3/2001:Cancer diagnostic method could reduce biopsies  - Eureka Alert
8/2/2001:Top German Radiation Expert Warns on Cellphones - Artigen
8/2/2001:Selenium, vitamin E may prevent cancerGlobe & Mail
8/2/2001:Marimastat produces comparable survival rates to chemotherapy in some advanced pancreatic cancer patients  - Eureka Alert
8/2/2001:Japanese Find Gene Link in Breast and Bowel Cancer - Lycos
8/1/2001:Glee for Gleevec - SciTech
7/31/2001:New drug for blood-borne cancer moves into multi-center testing  - Eureka Alert
7/29/2001:The Hutch is part of prostate-cancer study - Seattle Times
7/25/2001:Infinitely Sticky Antibodies Could Deliver Cancer Treatment - Science Central
7/23/2001:Volunteers Sought For UCLA Lymphoma Vaccine Study - Artigen
7/23/2001:Drug Destroys Only Oxygen-Starved Cells Within Tumors - Artigen
7/23/2001:Experimental lymphoma vaccine tested at UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center  - Eureka Alert
7/22/2001:Drug Destroys Only Oxygen-Starved Cells Within Tumors  - Unisci
7/22/2001:New vaccine approach to fight cancers and infection - AlphaGalileo
7/20/2001:Two Genes Hold Cancer Prevention Clues - Scientists - Lycos
7/20/2001:Fresh Evidence Backs Broccoli As Cancer Fighter - Lycos
7/19/2001:New Biology Leads To Better Treatments For Cancer - Artigen
7/19/2001:T-cells and tumors  - Nature
7/19/2001:New lead for tailored cancer - Nature
7/19/2001:Control of cell growth  - Nature
7/18/2001:Research detects mechanism that appears to enable deadly brain tumors to progress, develop blood supplies to fuel their growth, and invade neighboring healthy tissues  - Eureka Alert
7/18/2001:Scientists disable cancer's defences  - BBC
7/17/2001:Measles vaccine shrinks tumours  - Nature
7/17/2001:Cancer Updates  - Nature
7/16/2001:Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant: Effective New Leukemia Treatment For AdultsScience Daily
7/16/2001:DNA Chips Target Cancer- Science Central
7/15/2001:NYU researchers have transformed a virus into a better cancer killer  - Eureka Alert
MetaPhore Pharmaceuticals completes Phase I clinical trial first enzyme mimetic tested in humans, Phase II cancer co-therapy trial planned  - Eureka Alert
7/13/7/15/2001:New Pilot Study Suggests Flaxseed And Low-Fat Diet Can Be Protective Against Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
2001:More wrinkles, less cancer
  - Nature
7/11/2001:Scientists Show Bacterial Toxin Slows Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Tumor Growth
- Science Central
7/11/2001:Toxin Slows Colorectal Cancer Growth - Study
- Lycos
7/11/2001:Gene Mutation Causes Cancer Cell 'Suicide'
- Lycos
7/11/2001:Single cigarette has damaging effect on heart, study finds
- Nando Times
7/11/2001:More Sexual Partners May Increase Risk Of Prostate Cancer
- Science Daily
- Science Daily
7/11/2001:Seeing UV Images Of Their Skin, Students Quit Tanning
- Unisci
7/8/2001:Cannabinoids may prevent chemotherapy related sickness
  - Eureka Alert
7/5/2001:Stressing risks is best way to motivate women to get screened for breast cancer
  - Eureka Alert
7/4/2001:DNA Chips Target Cancer
- Technology Review
7/4/2001:Targeting metastatic disease with gene therapy
- Eureka Alert
7/4/2001:University Of Iowa Study Investigates Embryonic-Like Ability Of Aggressive Melanoma Cells
- Science Daily
7/4/2001:"Fast Track" Prostate Cancer Surgery Gets Patients Home Faster But Just As Satisfied
-- Science Daily
7/4/2001:Homing In On Better Bone Marrow Transplants
- Science Daily
7/4/2001:Experimental Leukemia Drug Completes Early Testing
- Science Daily
7/3/2001:Citrus Product May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer
- SciNews
7/3/2001:How Cell Phones Can Cause Cancer
  - Wired News
7/3/2001:Scientists Launch Prostate Gene Therapy Trial
- Lycos
7/2/2001:Should your child have a tanning doll?
7/2/2001:Tan or Burn  -
Scientific American
7/2/2001:Sunbathing: the true picture
6/30/2001:Red blood cells turned into cancer killers - SciTech
6/30/2001:Scientists Find New Drug Target for Breast Cancer - Yahoo
6/29/2001:Scientists Urge Global Cancer War, Target Tobacco - Artigen
6/28/2001:New evidence debunks benefits of breast self-examination  - Eureka Alert
6/26/2001:Study links red meat to colon cancer - Nando Times
6/26/2001:Breast Cancer: Knocking Out a Killer - Scientific American
6/25/2001:High Fiber Diet Can Cut Cancer Risk by 40 Percent-Study - Lycos
6/24/2001:Melanoma Study Underscores Need For Early Detection - Unisci
6/24/2001:Leukemia Can Thwart New Drug with 2-Pronged Attack - Nando Times
6/22/2001:Scientists Find No Coffee Link to Colon Cancer - Artigen
6/22/2001:Researchers Explore the Role of Cell Suicide in the Development and Treatment of Cancer - Science Central
6/22/2001:Chemo, Radiation Trick Cancer Cells To Self-Destruct - Artigen
6/22/2001:Novel therapy shows promise to prevent recurrance of head and neck cancer  - Eureka Alert
6/22/2001:'Silly Little Virus' May Cure Brain Cancer -Study - Lycos
6/22/2001:Measles vaccine shrinks tumoursNature
6/21/2001:Older Women Are More Likely to Get Breast Cancer If They Have High Bone Density - Science Central
6/16/2001:Is military jet fuel behind 14 children's leukemia cases? - New Scientist
6/15/2001:Gene May Protect Women Against Breast Cancer - Reuters
6/15/2001:Rare Metal 'Gad' Helps Surgeons Scan for Tumors  - Yahoo
6/15/2001:Growth Factor Gene And Breast Cancer In Older Women - Unisci
6/15/2001:Recommendations on the prevention of breast cancer with tamoxifen and raloxifene
6/13/2001:Pot May Shrink Tumors -- US Government Knew In '74?
6/12/2001:Despite Progress, War on Cancer in U.S. Is Not Won
6/11/2001:Latest Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Method Tops Others
6/6/2001:.Soy chemical shows promise against prostate cancer
6/5/2001:.Soy Extract Reduces Prostate Cancer Growth In Mice, Cell Culture
6/3/2001:.Eat Fatty Fish to Cut Prostate Cancer Risk
6/2/2001:.Attacking the root of cancer
5/31/2001:.Virtual colonoscopy as effective at colon cancer screening as standard invasive colonoscopy,
5/30/2001:.Cancer protein chops cell anchors
5/28/2001:.Novel, Even Unlikely Drugs May Curb Childhood Leukemia
5/26/2001:.Diet a suspect in 'extraordinary' thyroid cancer rise
5/24/2001:.Drinking Plus Low Folate Linked to Breast Cancer
5/24/2001:.Science Closing in on Tests for 'Stealth' Cancers
5/23/2001:.Genetically engineered poliovirus fights brain tumors
5/22/2001:.Researchers Use Polio Virus to Kill Brain Tumors
5/19/2001:.Cancer: Is a cure within reach?
5/17/2001:.Jefferson scientists hope new test will help identify patients with breast cancer carrying hereditary breast cancer genes
5/17/2001:.Cancer vaccine may help patients with melanoma spread to the lungs
5/16/2001:.Taxol two
5/15/2001:.Cancer drug 'incredibly exciting' to doctors
5/15/2001:.Researchers Say Cancer Vaccines Hold Promise
5/15/2001:.Drawing A Bead On Leading Cancer Killer, Lung Cancer
5/10/2001:Measles Virus Involved in Hodgkin's Lymphoma
5/10/2001:Chernobyl children show DNA changes
5/5/2001:Fighting cancer from the cabbage patch
5/3/2001:DoD Seeks Creative Solutions To Breast Cancer Puzzle
5/2/2001:Boosting Immune System May Help Fight Pediatric AML
5/2/2001:Ultrasonic Microprobe May Rapidly Detect, Identify Cancer
4/27/2001:Genetic test may help forecast oral cancer
4/20/2001: Cancer Virus in Sheep May Provide Clues to Human Lung Cancer
4/19/2001: Research improves treatment of bladder cancer
4/9/2001:New Medicines in Development for Cancer (Special Report)
4/7/2001: Once-A-Day Pill Still Promising Against Adult Leukemia
4/7/2001: Discovery Could Lead To A Prostate Cancer Vaccine
4/6/2001:New technology may help treat, diagnose cancer
Tumor Tracker 
4/5/2001: Can a weekly cancer pill ward off cancer?
4/5/2001:UC Berkeley group finds first prostate cancer antigen, providing hope for an eventual vaccine against the tumor
4/4/2001:Scientists Find New Tumor Suppressor Gene Involved In Breast, Prostate And Other Cancers
3/31/2001:Scientists identify new vaccine targets for cancer-causing strains of human papilloma virus
3/30/2001: Breast cancer risk lower than women think; statistics by age, ethnicity give more realistic picture
3/28/2001:Dendritic Cell Vaccine Helps Fight Children's Cancer
3/27/2001:Lab Tests Show Ultraviolet Light Triggers Melanoma
3/27/2001:Expert Predicts Revolution in Cancer Care
3/27/2001:Natural substances in fruits and vegetables may be potential treatment for prostate cancer
3/27/2001:Inherited variants of three genes affect breast cancer treatment response and outcome
3/25/2001:Media hype: power lines and cancer
3/22/2001:University Of North Carolina To Test Virus Treatment For Recurrent Head And Neck Cancer
3/19/2001:Universal Cancer Vaccine
3/19/2001:UCSF studies illuminate possible new landscape for targeting cancer
3/18/2001:Breast Cancer Detection Technique Uses Fluorescent Molecules To Track and Illuminate Malignant Cells
3/17/2001:Study of WWII troop movements supports the idea that leukemia is caused by an infectious agent
3/17/2001:Green tea and its disputed role in the prevention of stomach cancer
3/16/2001:Can simply swallowing a gene actually treat and prevent cancer?
3/16/2001: A topical lotion with DNA-repair enzymes cuts down skin carcinomas
3/12/2001:Watchdog confirms pylon cancer link
3/11/2001:Curing cancer with clover
3/10/2001:Study Clarifies Progestins' Effects of Ovarian Cells; Supports Use to Reduce Risk of Ovarian Cancer
3/9/2001:Study suggests extended aspirin use lowers risk of ovarian cancer
3/8/2001: Cancer may be linked to magnetic field
3/5/2001:Scientists link contracting leukaemia with electricity pylons
3/3/2001:Epstein-Barr Virus Linked To Invasive Breast Cancer And Lymphoma; University Of Michigan Scientists Find Virus Releases Molecular Brake On Roaming Cancer Cells
3/1/2001: Health project maps cancer hot spots
3/1/2001:Breast cancer 'suicide gene' hope
2/28/2001:Gene therapy 'prevents cancer'
2/28/2001:Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Found Safe In Early Study
2/24/2001:Disconnect Between Skin Cells Implicated In Common Skin Cancer
2/23/2001:Anti-cancer pill to lull tumours into deep sleep
2/22/2001:Scorpion venom against glial (brain) cancer
2/19/2001:Herpes Virus Could Help Treat Melanoma: Lancet Letter
2/18/2001:New approach to slow cancer
2/11/2001:Killing Leukemia Cells By Their Own Sword
2/7/2001: For the first time, scientists uncover how breast cancer metastasizes
2/2/2001:Smokers' cancer risk 'cut by coffee
1/31/2001:USC Study Finds Use Of Permanent Hair Dyes Tied To Increased Risk Of Bladder Cancer
1/24/2001:Penn Researchers Unlock A Mystery Related To Acute Undifferentiated Leukemia
1/23/2001:Patients Undergoing Stem-Cell Transplantation Live Longer Than Those Undergoing Marrow Transplantation
1/21/2001:Cells 'seek and destroy' cancer
1/20/2001:"Smart Probe" for Breast Cancer Detects Malignant Tumors Instantly
1/19/2001:Genetic Mutation Identified That Results In Aggressive, Drug Resistant, Cancers
1/19/2001:"Trojan Horse" Vaccines Could Prevent HIV Infections
1/18/2001:UK tests cervical cancer vaccine
1/16/2001:New Clue for Diagnosis and Treatment of Malignant Melanoma
12/30/2000Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Found Safe In Early Study
12/24/2000Immunotherapy Slows Disease Progression And Lowers PSA Levels In Some Men With Prostate Cancer, UCSF Study Finds
12/04/2000Gene Clue to Vaccine Against Childhood Leukemia
11/24/2000Colorectal Cancer Screening Should Start at 50
11/22/2000Medical Experts Divided on Hazards of Cellphones
11/12/2000 New Cancer Drug Is Effective Against Multi-Drug-Resistant Strains
11/06/2000 Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Damage Murine Ovarian Follicles
10/16 Electromagnetic Fields (e. g., Powerlines) Shown to Affect Human Cells
08/31 First Universal Cancer Vaccine?
08/30 Dual Drug Regimen May Ward Off Colon Cancer
3/29/2001:One Enzyme Controls Childhood Leukemia Vulnerability
3/29/2001:New Vaccine Targets Cancer-Causing Strains Of Human Papilloma Virus

Infectious Diseases

10/20/2001:Hormonal changes during physiological development can alter immune response to viruses and infections
  - Eureka Alert
10/18/2001:Study- Drug-Resistant Pneumonia Cases Increasing
  - Yahoo
10/18/2001:Study Endorses Older, Cheaper Antibiotics  - Yahoo
10/18/2001:HIV Infects Subset of T Cells Leading to Depletion- Science Quest
10/17/2001:Care Cautioned on Flu Shots
10/17/2001:Drugs and 'Superbugs'
10/17/2001:Celebrity Fertility Doctor Sentenced to 7 Years - ABC
10/17/2001:AIDS Is South Africa's Biggest Killer, Says Report  - Yahoo
10/17/2001:Healthy urged to wait on flu vaccine  - CNN
Flu and Fear - ABC
10/16/2001:Scientists make headway against legionnaire's disease - Ananova
10/16/2001:AIDS Is South Africa's Biggest Killer, Says Report  - Yahoo
10/15/2001:Beyond Chicken Soup
  - Scientific American
Many Physicians Need Help Diagnosing Anthrax, Expert Says... - FirstScience
10/14/2001:Austrian Researchers Test Flu Vaccine Against HIV  - Yahoo
10/13/2001:Treatment hope
10/12/2001:Metals Control Infections - AlphaGalileo
10/13/2001:Afghanistan Bombing Could Cause AIDS Explosion  - Yahoo
10/12/2001:Is It Flu or Anthrax- Don't Panic, Experts Say  - Yahoo
10/12/2001:New variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease- The epidemic that never was
Doctors Race to Study Anthrax, Other Bio-Agents - ABC
10/11/2001:Will Vaccine Work? - ABC
10/11/2001:Transcript- Expert on Biological Terror - ABC
10/11/2001:USA funds new ulcer treatment research at Dundee - AlphaGalileo
10/11/2001:Starfish may provide superbug treatment - Ananova
10/11/2001:NIAID's First AIDS Vaccine Goes Into Clinical Trial  - Unisci
10/11/2001:Oregano Oil May Protect Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria, Georgetown Researcher Finds
  - Eureka Alert
Hawaii confirms 35 cases of dengue fever  - CNN
10/10/2001:First AIDS Vaccine Made at NIAID's Vaccine Research Center Enters Clinical Trial  - Eureka Alert
10/10/2001:Anthrax, an Old but Elusive Enemy - Lycos
10/10/2001:Cipro Sales Rise as Anthrax Fear Persists - Lycos
10/9/2001:Search for secrets of killer flu
  - BBC
10/8/2001:Researchers hope for Aids vaccine within 10 years
- Ananova
10/8/2001:Hawaii- 26 confirmed Dengue fever cases  - CNN
10/8/2001:Single bacteria strain caused infections in 3 states  - CNN
10/7/2001:Flu shot distribution delays ahead
  - CNN  
10/7/2001:Single bacteria strain caused infections in 3 states
10/6/2001:Meningitis Fears
10/6/2001:Asia warned of Aids epidemic  - BBC
10/6/2001:Misconceptions about hepatitis -  World Scientist
10/6/2001:Looking At How HIV Spreads Rather Than How It Grows  - Unisci
10/5/2001:Ebola style virus hits Pakistan
  - BBC
10/5/2001:Potentially Killer Disease Hits South Pakistan - ABC
10/5/2001:UK Firm Speeds Up Work on U.S. Smallpox Jab - ABC
10/5/2001:Myriad genetics and University of Utah publish pioneering HIV research in the scientific journal Cell  - Eureka Alert
10/5/2001:Georgetown Research Uncovers New Mechanism For Suppressing HIV  - Eureka Alert
10/4/2001:Garlic 'prevents common cold'
  - BBC
10/4/2001:Blood infection kills thousands  - BBC
10/4/2001:Pfizer Antifungal Gets Boost Ahead of Review - ABC
10/4/2001:FDA Staff Say Pfizer Antifungal Important New Drug - ABC
10/4/2001:Georgetown research uncovers new mechanism for suppressing HIV  - Eureka Alert
10/4/2001:Study- Urinary Bacteria Found to Be Widespread - Lycos
10/4/2001:Japan bans cattle feed made of recycled cow parts to combat mad cow disease - Nando Times
10/3/2001:Big push against sleeping sickness
  - BBC
10/2/2001:Panel Urges Caution on Vaccines with Mercury

10/2/2001Anthrax immunity gene found in mice  - Eureka Alert
10/2/2001:IIT develops technology that may help doctors identify blood pathogens faster  - Eureka Alert
10/1/2001:CDC urges prioritizing of flu shots
 -  World Scientist
10/1/2001:The Struggle for an AIDS Vaccine  - Wired News
10/1/2001:Whooping cough re-emerges, striking teenagers, young adults - Seattle Times
10/1/2001:How viruses bind to human cells - Science Daily
9/30/2001:Johnson Gets FDA OK on Hepatitis C Test
 - Lycos
9/30/2001:West Nile Alert Extended to Most of Florida - Lycos
9/30/2001:Yellow Fever Deathtoll in Ivory Coast Reaches 20 - Lycos
9/28/2001:First genetic test hits market to show which AIDS drugs will fail in each patient
9/28/2001:Drug-Resistant HIV - ABC
9/26/2001:HIV Could Play A Role In Making Hepatitis C An Sexually Transmitted Disease
  - Unisci
9/26/2001:Preventing Spread Of Disease Caused By Bioterrorism  - Unisci
9/26/2001:Fear of Anthrax Attack Boosts Sales of Antibiotics- Yahoo
9/25/2001:Can viral infections cause ALS? AIDS virus causes treatable form of ALS
  - Eureka Alert
9/14/2001:Fourth Human Mad Cow Case Likely in France

9/14/2001:Study: nitric oxide-releasing materials might reduce medical implant infections
9/14/2001:Nigeria beginning ambitious AIDS program
9/14/2001:Instant Results From New Test for Lyme Disease 
9/13/2001: Could AIDS Vaccines Also Help Infected Patients? - ABC
9/13/2001:What to Do If You've Got HIV - ABC
9/13/2001:Research suggests AIDS vaccines might help people already infected - ABC
9/13/2001:Pentagon barring thousands from donating blood as precaution against mad cow disease - ABC
9/13/2001:International 'vaccine debate needed'  - BBC
9/13/2001:Pig, human viruses triggered 1918 flu  - CNN
9/12/2001:Increase in vCJD cases not a 'blip'  - BBC
9/12/2001:Aids vaccine 'in sight'  - BBC
9/12/2001:Main Cause Of Asthma Is The Environment, Study Says  - Unisci
9/12/2001:ANU scientists find genetic trigger for the 1918 Spanish Flu  - Eureka Alert
9/8/2001:Viruses Sounded Out  - Nature
9/8/2001:Scientists plan to wipe out malaria with GM mosquitoes - New Scientist
9/4/2001:Single Copy of Mutation Tied to Reduced HIV Risk - ABC
9/3/2001:Attraction is the key to stomach ulcer bug infection - AlphaGalileo
9/3/2001:Prion pair pictured  - Nature

9/2/2001:Mosquito fish are hot sellers amid West Nile virus - Nando Times
9/2/2001:Scientists buoyed by series of tests for AIDS vaccine - Seattle Times
8/31/2001:Mosquitoes harbor more than West Nile  - CNN
8/31/2001:CDC warns about ''rabbit fever''  - CNN
8/31/2001:Suspected West Nile cases found in Toronto, Ottawa Globe & Mail
8/30/2001:Third World Respiratory Infections Could Be Cut Sharply  - Unisci
8/30/2001:Genetic mutation influences spread of AIDS; African population lacks mutation  - Eureka Alert
8/30/2001:More dead birds in Washington, D.C. have virus - Nando Times
8/30/2001:Boost for "last-resort" antibiotic - New Scientist
8/29/2001:China comes clean on Aids  - BBC
8/29/2001:Fears of 'second wave' of HIV  - BBC
8/29/2001:Substantial resistance to HIV infection tied to genetic mutation  - Eureka Alert
Flu vaccine deliveries late again - Boston Globe
Nobel Committee Member Criticizes Pope Over AIDS - ABC
West Nile virus has potential to spread across nation Globe & Mail
West Nile expert- Not a time to panic  - CNN
Hub caps could squash STDs- Nature
Mold Infestation Threatens Homes - Artigen
Biotechnology- Cangene begins developing antibody-based technologyWorld Scientist
The Tofu Mobile - Lycos
Researchers develop thinner electronic display - MSNBC
Group Urges Ban on Surgical Use of Brain Tissue - ABC
Scientists See Progress in Fight Against 'Mad Cow' - ABC
Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute find a way to block prions that cause mad cow disease  - Eureka Alert
Long Delay in HIV Tests May Be Fueling AIDS in U.S. - Lycos
Many Americans Learn HIV Status Late -Studies - Lycos
Drugs May Work Against Mad Cow's Human Equivalent- ABC
CDC- Battle Against AIDS Has Stalled- ABC
Alabama launches program to increase awareness of HIV among blacks, citing public health 'crisis'- ABC
Cures from Kew  - BBC
Officials- New Yorker has West Nile virus  - CNN
UCSF study finds two old drugs may help fight prion diseases  - Eureka Alert
China admits Aids crisis  - BBC
Pathogens, Host-Cell Invasion and DiseaseAmerican Scientist
Rare Antibody Can Inactivate Many Strains Of HIV  - Unisci
Structure solved by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute marks important milestone in effort to develop HIV vaccine  - Eureka Alert
Henan villagers say Beijing not doing enough about AIDS Globe & Mail
Netherlands to Vaccinate 5,000 Kids - Lycos
Tracking unexplained illness and death could help identify emerging infectious diseases  - Eureka Alert
FDA approves Abbott's BiaxinŽ XL (clarithromycin extended-release tablet)for community-acquired pneumonia  - Eureka Alert
TB Infrastructure Used Against Poor Countries' AIDS  - Unisci
Florida woman sickened by West Nile virus - Nando Times
Feeding the FluDiscover
Antimosquito Work Is Urged in Southeast- NY Times
Skeeter Beaters - SciTech
China Warns of 'Dangerous' AIDS Epidemic - Lycos
Busting the Gut BustersScience News
Scientists find drastic underestimations of malaria morbidity, mortality, and economic burden  - Eureka Alert
Simple handwashing reduces rates of respiratory illness  - Eureka Alert
Officials Confirm West Nile Virus in Ohio  - Eureka Alert
Fears of deliberate spread of foot and mouth disease - New Scientist
Ferocious Tiger Mosquito Invades the United States - Nat'l. Geo. News
Chairman of germ warfare talks worried about progress after U.S. walks - Nando Times
Nigeria to treat 15,000 AIDS victims - Nando Times
Baesiosis, the other tick-borne disease - Boston Globe
Book announcement: The World of Microbes - new textbook for key stage 2AlphaGalileo
Tiger mosquitos invade the U. S.ABC
Quicker, Better Drugs To Tackle DiseasesAlphaGalileo
West Nile has New England on alert, South on edge - Boston Globe
Russians scoff as AIDS spreadsSeattle Times
Chinese Herbs Clear the Air  - Wired News
Smart Drugs May Be New Weapon Vs Bacteria -ExpertsLycos
New antibiotic design could fight drug-resistant bacteria - Industry Watch
Florida fears massive outbreak of West Nile virus - New Scientist
FDA considers nasal spray to prevent fluNando Times
Poking holes in pathogens- scientists at The Scripps research institute build a new class of nanotube 'smart drugs'  - Eureka Alert
Synthetic Peptide May Succeed Where Antibiotics Have Met with Resistance  - Scientific American
Anthrax vaccine for troops  - BBC
Antibodies raise hopes of prion disease cure - New Scientist
Infinitely Sticky Antibodies Could Deliver Cancer Treatment - Science Central
Immune cells change for the worse  - Nature
Hendra Virus Has a Growing Family Tree
First vaccine to protect against vaginal transmission of HIV-like virus  - Eureka Alert
Pinpointing Source Of Resistance In Spread Of Malaria
Could the Black Death re-emerge? - AlphaGalileo
Urgent need for new campaigns to combat soaring rates of sexually transmitted infections  - Eureka Alert
Chemists round on malaria  - Nature
The Next PhageTechnology Review
Living in a Time of Plague -the Population Biology of Emerging and Re-emerging Pathogens - AlphaGalileo
7/17/2001:Researchers find how TB bacterium evades detection by immune system  - Eureka Alert
7/17/2001:Researchers discover how immune system rids nervous system of mosquito-borne viruses  - Eureka Alert
7/17/2001:Researchers Discover Possible Achilles Heel in Infection by Lethal Ebola and Marburg Viruses - Science Central
7/17/2001:Therapy hinders AIDS virus from evolving drug resistance, Hopkins researchers find  - Eureka Alert
7/16/2001:Number of AIDS cases soaring in Eastern Europe, experts say- Nando Times
7/14/2001:No Sex for Two Years, Moi Urges Kenyan People - Artigen
Can you catch a bad back? - AlphaGalileo
7/12/2001:Nomads May Eradicate Worm Disease
7/11/2001:Emerging Infectious Diseases: A Real Public Health Crisis? - SciTech
Antacids pro bacteria  - Nature
Hepatitis vaccines due this month- World Scientist
A link between schizophrenia and polio-  - Nature
Polio's last stand  - Nature
WHO vaccinates 16 million  - Nature
Fatal fungi thrive on fat  - Nature
U. S. Unprepared for Large-Scale Bioterrorist Attack - SciNews
Johns Hopkins Working Group On Civilian Biodefense Warns Tularemia -- Rabbit Fever -- Could Be Bioweapon Threat- Science Daily
New weapons created to battle bacteria- MSNBC
Cranberry juice reduces urinary tract infections in women  - Eureka Alert
Women Log on for Morning-After PillABC
WHO Director Pledges Polio Eradication by 2005Artigen
A human virus makes poultry porkyNature
Childhood viruses pose lifelong burden
AMA Urges Phasing Out AntibioticYahoo
Leading Malaria Vaccine Groups Join ForcesLycos
Health officials expect another flu vaccine delay
Virus found to carry antibiotic against E. coliEureka Alert
Can a 'Universal' HIV-1 vaccine be developed? describes current research strategies  - Eureka Alert
Study Tracks Malaria's Genetic Impact on PeopleLycos
Researchers trace disease-fighting gene mutationNando Times
Shower gel and mustard may boost antibiotic resistance in bacteriaNature
Tiny Viruses Point Way Toward New Antibiotic DrugsArtigen
Plague suspected in Colorado deathNando Times
Important pathogens and cures belong to little-known group of fungi  - Eureka Alert
Older Women Are More Likely to Get Breast Cancer If They Have High Bone DensityScience Central
Rogue on the loose: Prions and Cancer?New Scientist
Prion traces traced - Nature
Antibiotic Prevents Lyme Disease if Given Quickly -Reuters
Antibiotics Don't Help Much In Chronic Lyme DiseaseUnisci
Study Details How AIDS Virus Kills Immune CellsReuters
Selenium deficiency causes flu virus to mutate into more dangerous forms
Thai AIDS Cure Claim Draws Crowds, Skepticism
Fears over drugs in poultry
Anti-malaria herb
Study Notes Risk of AIDS Resurgence
Superbugs everywhere
Scientists Find Novel Way to Subvert Anthrax Germ
NIAID Plan Will Take On The World's Leading Killers
New diseases threaten humans and wildlife
Chickens succumbing to virus formerly avoided by vaccination
Scientists Find Novel Way to Subvert Anthrax Germ
Spleen Cells Eradicate Helicobacter Pylori Infection
Tuberculosis Outbreak Hits Britain
Antimicrobe Marinade
Rekindled measles is waiting in the wings
Flu Virus Could Be Developing Resistance To New Drug
Scientists Move Toward Creating Better Antibiotics
Compound Inhibits HIV Replication In Cell Cultures
Natural cures for the common cold?
Drug shows promise against common cold
A virus found in pet birds could trigger another lethal flu pandemic
Will It Be a World of Herbivores?
A new gene test can identify a dangerous bacterium endemic in US hospitals and now threatening Europe
Ready for some lockjaw?
Prion proteins' adaptability may account for spread of mad cow disease
Aids vaccine shows promise
Superbug genetic trigger identified
Superbugs 'thrive in sweat'
Gene warfare against superbugs
Yoghurt bacteria 'fights' superbugs
Penn Researchers Identify New Cost-Effective Antibiotic Treatment Which Shortens Patient Stays
New Blood Test Would Detect Early-Stage Lyme Disease
Nabi StaphVAX elicits antibodies with in vitro activity against antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains
Malaria vaccine goes on trial
Debugging Hospitals
German scientists offer flu hope
Widely used anti-bacterial inhibits parasites that cause malaria and toxoplasmosis
Scientists Uncover Break-and-Entry Strategy of Disease-Causing Bacteria
Another war on smallpox?
Researchers grab colds by the throat
Study sheds new light on Lyme disease; findings to shape vaccine development
Drug cuts colds short
Cold 'cure' comes one step closer
Antibiotics: A fading wonder
Window of superbug vulnerability opens
Staph Resists "Drug of Last Resort"
Fighting Bacterial Infections with Bacteria
A deadly bacteria's genome is sequenced, revealing "shocking" surprises
Mouse Virus "Command Post"
Synthetic Protein Thwarts HIV Attachment
An engineered mouse virus leaves us one step away from the ultimate bioweapon
Deadly virus fuels bio-terror fears
Vaccine Protects Against Ebola Virus
First Recombinant Fungal Vaccine Protects Against Blastomycosis
West Nile Virus Spreads Farther South
The West Nile Virus Is Spreading - Beware!

3/12/2001:Second bacterium confirmed as cause of tooth decay, shows different pattern of virulence than S. mutans
2/23/2001:Gum disease can cause other infections

Non-Infectious Diseases

10/20/2001:Health and science briefs - Dallas News
10/19/2001:Seasonal variation in Crohn's risk
  - BBC
Sex-Ed Should Target Elementary School Kids- Study
10/8/2001:New drug for Crohn's disease
  - CNN
9/15/2001:No increased risk of brain cancer from electromagnetic fields
- AlphaGalileo
9/13/2001:Oklahoma company gets FDA approval on implant for hearing impaired - ABC
9/3/2001:Glaucoma can sneak up, but early detection and new treatments can save your eyesight - Seattle Times
8/27/2001:Drug Problems Found in One Fifth of UK Schools - ABC
8/26/2001:Is it Your Thyroid? - ABC
8/26/2001:ER Doctors Under Siege - ABC
8/26/2001:Crohn's- An Autoimmune or Bacterial-Related Disease?Science Quest
8/25/2001:Delaying diabetes - US News
8/25/2001:A 'Dark Remedy' Now Is Generating Light - Science Quest
Thalidomide Strikes Back - Science Quest
News about health and medicine - Seattle Times
Study Backs Exercise Supplements - World Scientist
Biotech for Boomers - Business Week
Chemical-free sweetness - US News
8/20/2001More research into chronic asthma could be life-savingWorld Scientist
8/19/2001:Putting the Squeeze on GermsL. A. Times
8/19/2001:Hormones Up Bone Density in Frail Elderly Women - Lycos
8/4/2001:Prozac Goes Public Today - Technology Revie
8/4/2001:Company launches generic Prozac
7/28/2001:New psoriasis drug raises hopes for autoimmune disease sufferers - Nando Times
7/18/2001:Gambling on Immune Tolerance - Science Central
6/29/2001:New Research Programme to Give Improved Speech Comprehension for Cochlear Ear Implant Patients - AlphaGalileo
6/18/2001:Protein Found That Activates Sickle Cells' Stickiness - Unisci
6/7/2001:Surgery No Better For Gastroesophageal Reflux Than Prescription Antacids
6/3/2001:.Crohn's Disease Genetics
5/27/2001:.Mucolytic drugs may benefit patients with severe pulmonary disease
5/23/2001:.Brain disease slowed: Fetal cells help Huntington's patients
5/22/2001:.Study shows infliximab can maintain long-term remissions in Crohns disease
5/6/2001:Active Children can Avoid Osteoporosis in Later Life


10/19/2001:Is addiction all in your head?
- Discover
10/19/2001:Effects of cannabis may be reversible
- Ananova
Casual Drug Use Does Not Affect Employment - ABC
10/6/2001:Alcohol 'worse problem than drugs'
  - BBC
10/6/2001:Number of New Teen Smokers Falls -  World Scientist
10/4/2001:Nicotine therapy for young smokers
  - BBC
10/2/2001:Drug use "sensitizes" the brain
  - Eureka Alert
10/1/2001:Drug use "sensitizes" the brain, making recovering addicts vulnerable to relapse
9/14/2001:British Firm Tests World's First Nicotine Vaccine
9/12/2001:Legal 'high' leaves some users low
  - CNN
9/12/2001:Women Gamblers Start Later, Get Treatment Sooner - Lycos
9/5/2001:Ecstasy agony  - BBC
9/4/2001:Parents Worry About College Drinking - Lycos
9/3/2001:Smoking by Pregnant Women Declining, Experts Say - ABC
9/3/2001:Measuring brain activity in people eating chocolate offers new clues about how the body becomes addicted  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Ecstasy agony  - BBC
8/29/2001:Panel wants tests for diabetes at age 30  - CNN
Call for drug user addiction plan  - BBC
Just trying to quit boosts health  - BBC
Dying for drink  - BBC
8/26/2001:The path to quitting smoking is paved with health benefits  - Eureka Alert
New DEA chief aims to enforce medical marijuana ban - ABC
8/26/2001:Mood States Identified as Smoking Triggers - ABC
8/20/2001Alcohol Addiction
  - Scientific American
8/20/2001Rewards coupled with naltrexone effective in treating heroin and other opioid addictions
  - Eureka Alert
8/20/2001Early age of first drink likely symptom, not cause, of alcoholism
  - Eureka Alert
8/20/2001Age at first drink- What does it really mean?
  - Eureka Alert
8/20/2001Alcohol, women and pregnancy
  - Eureka Alert
Ecstasy component may help researchers measure brain damage from the drug  - Eureka Alert
8/15/2001:Study points to eventual adult impairments for teens who abuse nicotine
  - Eureka Alert
8/7/2001:Arm patch monitors alcohol tolerance - SciTech
8/3/2001:Alcohol-related problems among high-risk college-age drinkers significantly reduced by brief intervention program  - Eureka Alert8/3/2001:Alcohol-related problems among high-risk college-age drinkers significantly reduced by brief intervention program  - Eureka Alert
8/3/2001:Cocaine-related deaths, drug-related emergency visits drastically increasing, UT Southwestern researchers report  - Eureka Alert
7/26/2001Arm patch monitors alcohol tolerance - New Scientist
7/18/2001:New study tightens the link between smoking and early menopause  - Eureka Alert
7/18/2001:Untangling the matrix of risk factors for alcoholism  - Eureka Alert
7/18/2001:When alcohol and nicotine interact  - Eureka Alert
7/18/2001:Pregnancy, drugs & alcohol, emotional instability- what nightmares are made of  - Eureka Alert
7/15/2001:Researchers find that after stopping cocaine use,  - Eureka Alert
7/15/2001:Study- Prenatal Cocaine Linked to Brain Damage - Artigen
7/15/2001:The Science of Addiction
4/22/2001:The War on Addiction
4/21/2001:A neurogenetic approach to alcoholism

3/31/2001:Enzyme involved in cocaine addiction identified by scientists at Yale and Rockefeller Universities
3/16/2001:Proposed Addiction Treatment Blocks Environment-Triggered Craving
3/16/2001:Researchers Identify An Enzyme That Regulates The Action Of Chronic Cocaine
3/29/2001:Hormone the trigger for fat metabolism; scientists closer to tests in humans

Allergies, asthma, and General Auto-immune Studies

10/20/2001:Conflicting Data on Asthma-Obesity Link- Studies - ABC
10/19/2001:Feds Launch Campaign to Cut Juvenile Asthma
10/18/2001:Lifesaving labels- Living with food allergies means reading ingredient lists with extreme care
- Seattle Times
10/2/2001Psychological factors implicated in development of asthma
  - Eureka Alert
9/27/2001:NHLBI supported study finds inhaled steroids accelerate bone loss in women with asthma -- treatment still recommended for persistent asthma
- Eureka Alert
Social stress may trigger problems in immune system  - Eureka Alert
8/29/2001:Immune cell suspected of halting proper immune system function  - Eureka Alert
Many Inner-City Asthma Patients Have Mood Disorders  - Unisci
Rash Decision - AlphaGalileo
8/21/200118 % Of Kids Will Have Food Allergy Attack In School  - Unisci
A ticket to the airways- scientists develop new way to study asthma
8/14/2001:Cooking Gases Can Trigger Asthma Symptoms
- Lycos
8/14/2001:Insulin Resistance Ups Risk of Early Heart Disease- Lycos
8/8/2001:Study shows simple steps can reduce dust mite allergens in bedrooms  - Eureka Alert
8/8/2001:New Drug May Reduce Use of Corticosteroids for Asthma - Science Quest
8/7/2001:Asthma in children up despite drop in death rate
8/4/2001:U of Minnesota researchers identify gene for myotonic muscular dystrophy Type 2  - Eureka Alert
8/3/2001:Autoimmune disease risk for teachers revealed - New Scientist
8/3/2001:Harnessing the autoimmune response  - Eureka Alert

7/25/2001:NIH establishes national family registry for scleroderma  - Eureka Alert
7/23/2001:Diet High In Polyunsaturated Fat Doubles Asthma Risk - Artigen
7/23/2001:Polyunsaturated fats implicated in rise in asthma in pre-school children  - Eureka Alert
7/23/2001:Margarine linked to dramatic asthma rise - New Scientist
7/18/2001:Children lead the way when it comes to asthma management  - Eureka Alert
7/8/2001:Family Stress a Factor in Asthma - Science Central
6/30/2001:a Brave New World of Cats Without Tears - SciTech
6/30/2001:Tremor Research - Beyond 2000
6/9/2001:Kids With Pets Have Fewer Allergies
5/29/2001:.Thunderstorm Airflows Blamed For Asthma Epidemics
5/27/2001:.An apple each day may keep asthma away
3/27/2001:Snippet Of Synthetic DNA Enhances Allergy Vaccine
3/23/2001:Human trials of new vaccine technique prove promising for allergy sufferers
3/4/2001: Isolated Barbados Population Helps Researchers Zero In On Asthma and Allergic Disease Genes
3/4/2001:Mouse Allergy Contributes To Inner-City Asthma Crisis
2/27/2001:The number of people with asthma is jumping exponentially
2/27/2001:USF research shows promise for asthma vaccine
2/27/2001:Icelanders' DNA Offers Promise
2/20/2001:Autoimmune diseases my be triggered by the "foreign" cells mother's pick up from their unborn babies
2/3/2001:Tiny pollutants pose big health risks
2/2/2001:Coffee 'fights allergies'
1/27/2001:Immune-system find important but overblown, scientists say
1/15/2001:Is ozone responsible for the asthma epidemic in children?
11/24/2000Like Iceland's, Tiny Tonga's Clean Genes May Provide Disease Clues
3/22/2001:Kids' Exposure To Cats Can Decrease Risk Of Asthma


9/6/2001:Arthritis Foundation ups awareness effort- CNN
8/28/2001:Anti-Arthritis Drugmakers Hit After Study - ABC
8/28/2001:JAMA Study Urges Caution With Popular COX-2 Inhibitors  - Unisci
8/15/2001:Folate Lowers Toxicity of Arthritis Drug
- Lycos
7/23/2001:Public-private partnership launches osteoarthritis initiative  - Eureka Alert
7/20/2001:NIH, Drug Firms Join Forces in Arthritis Study - Lycos
7/12/2001:Joints may exact stiff penalties- Years of abuse can add up to chronic pain
6/18/2001:Holistic Approach To Treatment Of Arthritis Called For - Unisci
6/18/2001:Obesity and high physical activity are risk factors for surgery-demanding osteoarthritis- AlphaGalileo
5/24/2001:.Researchers Trace Roots of Rheumatoid Arthritis
5/18/2001:.Gene therapy for arthritis
5/17/2001:.Arthritis drugs Vioxx, Celebrex compared
5/8/2001:This Juice (Glucosamine) Gets Joints Jumping
3/22/2001:Tai Chi May Ease Arthritis Pain in Elderly
2/3/2001: Green Tea for Arthritis
12/12/2000Scientists to Test 'Natural' Arthritis Drugs Condroitin, Glucosamine
12/07/2000New Drug Blocks Rheumatoid Arthritis Early On, with Few Side Effects
10/29 Scientists Find Evidence of a Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Birth Defects
2/11/2001:Veterinary Researchers Seek Secret To Reversing Birth Defects

Brain Disorders
3/9/2001: Brain diseases breakthrough
3/9/2001: Umbilical cords to repair brain damage
2/23/2001:Baboon key to human stress

Cystic Fibrosis
3/16/2001:UT Southwestern, Korean Researchers Link Bicarbonate Transport To Cystic Fibrosis


10/20/2001:Bigger betas are better – Protein found to provide pancreatic cells with protection against diabetes  - Eureka Alert
10/2/2001:Diabetes control falling short among African Americans
  - Eureka Alert
9/28/2001:Scientists discover gene believed to cause diabetes...
 - FirstScience
9/27/2001:Giving new hope to diabetics
- Dallas News
9/14/2001:Early jump on diabetes now being advised
Diabetes-aspirin mystery solved- CNN
9/4/2001:Enzyme mimetic compound could reduce complications of diabetes  - Eureka Alert
9/3/2001:Diabetes rates skyrocket among 30-somethings - Nando Times
9/2/2001:Researchers Getting Closer to Insulin Pill - ABC
9/2/2001:Polymer could allow oral delivery of insulin to diabetics  - Eureka Ale
8/29/2001:Panel wants tests for diabetes at age 30  - CNN
8/4/2001:Research Points to Stem-Cell Therapy for Diabetes  - Yahoo
8/3/2001:Mouse model of type 2 diabetes  - Eureka Alert
7/12/2001:Aspirin May Save the Sight of Diabetics - SciTech
7/7/2001:Israeli Researchers Deliver Insulin Via Pill- Lycos
7/5/2001:New Test Can Detect Down's Syndrome in Embryos  - Nature
7/3/2001:USC study shows easing pancreas cells workload can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in those at risk  - Eureka Alert
6/30/2001:Glucose stabilization and the progression of diabetes  - Eureka Alert
6/17/2001:Transplant pig islet cells keep diabetic baboon off insulin  - Eureka Alert
6/17/2001:Researchers Find Potential Mechanism Linking Obesity to Type 2 Diabetes - Science Central
5/27/2001:.Over a third of deaths after discharge from intensive care are preventable
5/22/2001:.Study: Inhaled Insulin Working Safely After 2 Years
5/9/2001:Study Finds Small Changes in Lifestyle Fight Diabetes
5/5/2001:Now Hear This: Key Hearing Cells in Mice Are Grown in Lab
3/27/2001:Ear cells 'could restore hearing'
2/16/2001:It's a mumble out there

Huntington's Chorea

10/18/2001:Study of Defective Gene That Causes Huntington's Disease Sheds New Light on Disease- Science Quest
No new treatment, but a useful lead, from Huntingtons study  - Eureka Alert
8/18/2001:Trial drugs for Huntingtons Disease inconclusive in slowing disease  - Eureka Alert
6/17/2001:Huntington's disease: Italian discovery may suggest a new approach for developing therapies  - Eureka Alert
3/23/2001: Hopkins scientists discover how Huntington's kills cells: block death in cultures
3/27/2001:Why Brain Cells Die in Huntingtons Chorea Is Revealed, and Reversed in Lab

2/4/2001:Novel Route to Lupus-Like Disease in Mice
12/28/2000Debilitating Lupus Disease May Have Simple Cause, New UCSF Research Shows

Macular Degeneration
10/13/2001:Vitamins, zinc slow macular degeneration  - CNN
10/4/2001:Spinach protein implant could restore sight - New Scientist
2/22/2001:PEDF, protein that inhibits blood vessel growth in the eye, is licensed as possible gene therapy candidate to prevent blindness

Mental Illness
2/27/2001:Diagnosing schizophrenia
12/17/2000Pet Theory: Do Cats Cause Schizophrenia?
11/11/2000 Icelandic Researchers Find a "Susceptibility Gene" for Schizophrenia
11/06/2000New Genes Implicated in Neuordegenerative Diseases
3/29/2001:Aerobic exercise can work faster than drugs to lift depression

Multiple Sclerosis

7/26/2001:Transplant first for multiple sclerosis - New Scientist
7/10/2001:The idea that multiple sclerosis is triggered by two separate viruses receives a boost - New Scientist
7/3/2001:Doctors test memory drug for multiple sclerosis patients - Eureka Alert
6/28/2001:Chiropractic correction of upper neck injury may help reverse multiple sclerosis  - Eureka Alert
6/3/2001:.Double whammy could cause MS
5/24/2001:.Study Links Epstein-Barr Virus to Risk of MS
5/13/2001:.Double-drug therapy may benefit some multiple sclerosis patients
1/29/2001:Experimental Therapy May Lead to Better Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
12/24/2000Mayo Clinic Researchers Identify Ways to Delay Lou Gehrigs Disease

Muscular Dustrophy
8/4/2001:U of Minnesota researchers identify gene for myotonic muscular dystrophy Type 2  - Eureka Alert
3/22/2001:Treatment In Mice Proves Effective Against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

7/30/2001:FDA Panel Backs Lilly Osteoporosis Drug for Women - Lycos
5/31/2001:.Hope for osteoporosis: fertilisers for regrowing bones go on display
3/18/2001:New, safer, preventive treatment for osteoporosis

Parkinson's Disease:

10/18/2001:First Gene Located for Late-Onset Parkinson's - Science Quest
10/11/2001:Mayo Clinic Researchers Find Estrogen May Provide Protection from Parkinson's Disease
  - Eureka Alert
10/7/2001:Parkinson's Disease
  - CNN
10/2/2001Small electrodes help treat Parkinson's
 - Dallas News
Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Proteins Create a Destructive Team - Science Daily
9/30/2001:Antidepressants May Impede Parkinson's Disease
 - Lycos
Mayo clinic researchers find estrogen may provide protection from Parkinson’s disease  - Eureka Alert
Botox aids Parkinson's sufferers  - BBC
8/20/2001Beating Parkinson's- Technology Review
8/8/2001:Parkinson's Skin Patch Seems Equal To Oral Medication
  - Unisci
8/5/2001:Skin patch for Parkinsons disease proves effective in large study  - Eureka Alert
7/16/2001:Parkinson's-Like Neurological Disorder Discovered in Grandfathers of Children With "Fragile X" Syndrome - Science Central
7/1/2001:Jefferson neuroscientists show drug may protect against brain cell damage in Parkinson's  - Eureka Alert
6/14/2001:Experts Unveil New Parkinson's Treatment Strategy
5/31/2001:.Drinking coffee really can protect against Parkinson's disease, suggests new research
5/29/2001:.Stem Cell Researchers Take on Parkinson's
5/16/2001:.Drug May Stop Parkinson's Progression
5/15/2001:.Drug May Stop Progression of Parkinson's Disease
5/7/2001:Scientists Identify Mechanism for Caffeine's Potential Protective Effect Against Parkinson's Disease
3/28/2001:Parkinson's trial: catastrophe or cure?
3/27/2001:Testicle cells to treat Parkinson's disease
3/9/2001: Stem cell hope for Parkinson's
2/10/2001:Parkinson's drug breakthrough
2/2/2001: Coffee 'protects against Parkinson's'
2/1/2001: Researchers Suspect Link Between Welding and Parkinsons Disease
1/6/2001: Combination of Two Widely Used Pesticides Linked to Parkinson's Disease
10/27 Gene Therapy Shown to Reverse Parkinson's Disease


10/22/2001:Popular Sports Hurt Many Kids - Lycos
10/22/2001:Nicotine surprise - Popular Science
10/22/2001:A Breath of Life - Popular Science
10/21/2001:Why women eat better  - BBC
10/21/2001:Young cannabis users 'could be ruining their sex lives' - Ananova
10/20/2001:Marijuana Prescription Law OK'd  - Yahoo
10/20/2001:Gender differences in respiratory response to exercise and hypoxia  - Eureka Alert
10/20/2001:Differences in response to amphetamines found between males and females pre-puberty  - Eureka Alert
10/20/2001:Men and women drinking equal amounts of alcohol have unequal risks for liver damage  - Eureka Alert
10/20/2001:Researchers find a key to immunological development  - Eureka Alert
10/20/2001:Father's play the key role in transmitting  - Eureka Alert
10/19/2001:California lets pharmacists dispense morning-after pills without prescription - ABC
10/19/2001:Tiny camera can be swallowed - Ananova
10/19/2001:Electron microscope provides infertility breakthrough - Ananova
10/19/2001:New surgery to help overcome child deafness- Ananova
10/18/2001:EPA Asks Adults to Take Smoke-Free Pledge Near Kids  - Yahoo
10/18/2001:Fitness for the forgotten- older Americans with chronic - Seattle Timesconditions
10/17/2001:Estrogen May Protect Against Toxic Shock From Seafood  - Unisci
10/17/2001:Vitamins, zinc may prevent common eye disease - Boston Globe
10/17/2001:More Americans are dying from diseases of old age - Boston Globe
10/17/2001:Smarter 'drug delivery' means implanting tiny chips in patients - Boston Globe
10/17/2001:EPA- Keep kids away from secondhand smoke  - CNN
10/16/2001:Fat Worsens Heartburn Without Raising Acid Level - ABC
10/16/2001:Unusual Suspects - ABC
10/16/2001:Ancient Chinese gets 21st century treatment - Ananova
10/16/2001:Scientists get to the root of baldness - Ananova
10/16/2001:Fleischmann's margarine recalled in five states  - CNN
10/16/2001:Study- Oxygenated water doesn't help  - CNN
10/14/2001:Medical science and man's humanity to manWorld Scientist
10/14/2001:China's First "Chip" Fully Put into ProductionWorld Scientist
10/13/2001:Cerebral palsy lives 'transformed'- BBC
10/12/2001:The Biochemist October 2001 issue; THEME: Picture perfect! Visuals in science - AlphaGalileo
10/13/2001:Journal Series Examines Generic v. Brand-Name Drugs  - Unisci
10/12/2001:Cost, policies prevent millions of Americans from having health insurance - ABC
10/12/2001:Media Misrepresents WHO Position On Cell Phone Use  - Unisci
10/12/2001:Amniotic fluid could heal newborn babies - New Scientist
10/11/2001:Caffeine limits for pregnant women  - BBC
10/11/2001:A primer on high-protein diets - ABC
10/11/2001:Detection, Vaccine Firms See Benefit - ABC
10/11/2001:All You Need to Know About In Vitro Fertilization - ABC
10/11/2001:Body big and beautiful  - Nature
10/11/2001:Ion Channel Research May Yield New Contraceptives  - Eureka Alert
10/11/2001:Medicare reform unlikely to save government much money  - Eureka Alert
10/10/2001:New data shows rapid and sustained weight loss with Xenical  - Eureka Alert
10/10/2001:Researchers eye fish oil as healthy food additive -  World Scientist
10/9/2001:Exercise Program Has Mixed Results  - Yahoo
10/9/2001:High-protein diets not proven effective and may pose health risks  - Eureka Alert
10/9/2001:Food poisoning monitor gives almost instant results - New Scientist
10/9/2001:New Technologies for the Next Medical Battle - NY Times
10/8/2001:Viagra shown to aid breathing process - Boston Globe
10/7/2001:Benefit From Pot-Like Drug? - ABC
10/7/2001:A Little Fat May Be Key to Long-Term Weight Loss - ABC
10/7/2001:FDA Issues Second Warning About Gel Candies - ABC
10/7/2001:Almost 400,000 Electric Blankets Recalled - ABC
10/7/2001:Head Firmly on Shoulders - ABC
10/7/2001:The Headache That Won't Go Away - ABC
10/7/2001:Pregnancy Through Prayer?- ABC
10/7/2001:Why exercise cheers you up  - SciTech
10/7/2001:How Computers Affect Your Child's Health  - SciTech
10/6/2001:Fat find surprises cancer researchers - Ananova
10/6/2001:'Intelligent catheter' could tackle bladder problems - Ananova
10/6/2001:Scientists say quick sex causes headaches - Ananova
10/6/2001:Study Uses Digital Cameras, Impulses to Help the Blind `See' - Cosmiverse
10/5/2001:Mental problems 'hit one in four'  - BBC
10/5/2001:Rapid food poisoning analysis  - BBC
10/5/2001:Popcorn plant workers develop rare lung disease; artificial butter flavoring is blamed - ABC
10/5/2001:Kava, Valerian May Fight Stress-Related Insomnia - ABC
10/5/2001:Scientists Turn Bad Fat to Better Fat in Mice - ABC
10/5/2001:Tested inside and out - AlphaGalileo
10/5/2001:'Intelligent Cather - Scientists are working on an “intelligent catheter” to improve life for people who suffer from bladder problems. - AlphaGalileo
10/5/2001:Shaking bones in zero-g strengthens them - Beyond 2000 - Beyond 2000
10/5/2001:Innovate your heart out  - CNN
10/5/2001:Prevent the genomics divide before it happens, say University Of Toronto researchers  - Eureka Alert
10/5/2001:Say two prayers and call me in the morning  - Eureka Alert
10/5/2001:Increase In Antioxidants, Decrease In Free Radicals Identified As Likely New Mechanism Of Action For Purple Grape Juice Benefits, Georgetown Research Finds  - Eureka Alert
10/4/2001:BBC's Daniel Sandford  - BBC
10/4/2001:Scotland gets food 'czar'  - BBC
10/4/2001:Novel Therapy Throws Aplastic Anemia Into Remission  - Unisci
10/4/2001:FDA okays new form of birth control  - CNN
10/4/2001:Iron-deficient children at risk for higher blood lead levels, finds researchers at UC Berkeley  - Eureka Alert
10/4/2001:Prozac Decline Casts Shadow on Other Blockbusters - Lycos
10/4/2001:FDA approves Nuvaring contraceptive - Nando Times
10/4/2001:PCR Detects Oxidative Stress- Technology Review
10/3/2001:Cherie's alternative  - BBC
10/3/2001:High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet Cuts Number Of Kids' Seizures  - Unisci
10/3/2001:Obesity found to be new, growing health threat among Indian women  - Eureka Alert
10/2/2001:Calling On Deuterium To Measure Total Water In Body  - Unisci
10/2/2001Interactive video visits offer cost effective way for nurses to aid patients at home
  - Eureka Alert
10/2/2001:Moving From Target to Screen
 - Science Quest
10/2/2001Exorcising Extrapolation
 - Science Quest
10/2/2001:Looking Into the Shadow World
 - Science Quest
10/1/2001:Drinking tea 'could help fight cataracts' -  World Scientist
10/1/2001:Synthetic Liver Offers Hope - Technology Review 
10/1/2001:Detox therapies- 'Very little' science behind methods to cleanse inner body, but idea appeals to many - Seattle Times
10/1/2001:Texas Researchers Promise More Accurate PET Scans - Science Daily
10/1/2001:"Say Hello to Tomorrow" (Review)  - SciTech
9/30/2001:Leptin may hold key to better weight loss  - Eureka Alert
9/30/2001:Nicotine Patches May Help Tourette's - L. A. Times
9/30/2001:Iron Imbalance in Brain May Cause Migraine - Lycos
9/30/2001:Obese People May Set Unrealistic Weight Loss Goals - Lycos
9/29/2001:'Runner's High' May Be Reaction To Phenylethylamine - Unisci
9/29/2001:Cannabis helps MS bladder control  - BBC
9/29/2001:Weekly swimming linked to lung damage - New Scientist
9/28/2001:Viagra Could Help Men Reach New Heights - ABC
9/28/2001:New study relates caffeine to anxiety, hypersensitivity to pain and decreased neuronal protection - AlphaGalileo
9/28/2001:Computer reminders can increase delivery of preventive care to hospitalized patients  - Eureka Alert
9/28/2001:Body May Rust Inside If Vitamin C Over Maximum Dose  - Unisci
9/28/2001:Midnight's Children  - NY Times
9/27/2001:Why exercise cheers you up  - BBC
9/27/2001:Scots 'unhealthiest in UK'  - BBC
9/27/2001:Drug tackles Prozac libido loss  - BBC
9/27/2001:Vetting medical-journal papers - Economist
9/26/2001:Snorers silenced with harmless shot - New Scientist
9/26/2001:Hacker re-writes Yahoo! news stories - New Scientist
9/25/2001:How Your Diet Affects Your Sleep - ABC
9/25/2001:Rx for drug dilemmas- Tailor the copayment to the patient  - Eureka Alert
9/25/2001:Texas researchers promise more accurate PET scans  - Eureka Alert
9/25/2001:Honey shines in athletic research, has scientific community abuzz  - Eureka Alert
9/15/2001:Concerns over commercial control of medical research - AlphaGalileo
9/15/2001:Low sperm count linked to organic solvents - AlphaGalileo
9/15/2001:Medical Journal Editors Issue Revised Requirements  - Unisci
9/15/2001:Embryonic Tissue Safe, Feasible In Spinal Cord Injury  - Unisci
9/15/2001:Consumer Advocates Welcome Medical Journals' Move  - Yahoo
9/15/2001:All in the Mind: the Placebo Effect  - Scientific American
9/14/2001:UC researchers have discovered novel cell adhesion mechanism that may lead to improved treatment for sickle cell disease
9/14/2001:Poor diets may worsen health risks in spouses of smokers
9/14/2001:News about health and medicine
9/14/2001:Smart Glass Could Revolutionize Drug Delivery
9/14/2001:Scientists, Companies Clash Over Research 
9/14/2001:Cellphone Health Risk Needs More Research - WHO
Germany Says Viagra Link in 616 Deaths Worldwide - ABC
9/13/2001:'Healing' a Cavity - ABC
9/13/2001:Model Goes Plus-Size - ABC
9/13/2001:MS patients sign for cannabis trials  - BBC
9/12/2001:On-Demand Movies Threaten Video Rentals - ABC
9/12/2001:Nature press release for 6 September issue - AlphaGalileo
9/12/2001:NIX Home Page Rotating Images  - Yahoo
9/12/2001:Rough-and-Tumble in Redmond - Business Week
9/12/2001:India bets on Bluetooth as catalyst for growth - El. Engr. Times
9/12/2001:Hope Eclipsed - L. A. Times
9/12/2001:Justice Department Will Not Seek to Break Up Microsoft- NY Times
9/12/2001:US, Russian diplomats to meet next week in London for missile talks
9/12/2001:Rumsfeld denounces congressional moves to cut missile defense budget - SpaceDaily
9/12/2001:US lawmakers split on defense priorities - SpaceDaily
9/12/2001:Next Generation Milsat Completes Preliminary Design Review - SpaceDaily
9/12/2001:Uncle Sam Wants His Geeks Back  - Wired News
9/8/2001:Australian myopia epidemic may be on the way- scientistWorld Scientist
9/8/ - US News
9/8/2001:UCLA research suggests humor promotes healing - Seattle Times
9/8/2001:Exposing eyes alone to UV light can trigger a "tan" - New Scientist
9/8/2001:Simple trick opens way to frozen liver banks - New Scientist
9/6/2001:British Vets Report Gulf War Health Problems  - Yahoo
9/6/2001:Go Ahead, Eat Out — But Don’t Overeat - ABC
9/6/2001:The Positive ‘Weigh’ to Lose Weight - ABC
9/6/2001:Report- Medicaid Shortchanging Nursing Homes - ABC
9/6/2001:'Morning-After' Pill Is New Chilean Battleground - ABC
9/6/2001:Risk of lung damage from ultrasound greater than once thought  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:Study shows antioxidants play vital role in protecting skin  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:Stanford researchers study causes of narcolepsy - Industry Watch
9/4/2001:Keeping Your Digital Health Records Secure - ABC
9/5/2001:Medicare Chief Warns of More Managed Care Pullouts - ABC
9/5/2001:Brazilian Beehive Glue Could Protect Against Cavities  - Unisci
9/5/2001:Age Of Reaching Menopause 85% Genetically Determined  - Unisci
9/5/2001:Seizure treatment en route to hospital safe and effective, study shows  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Dentists abuzz over cavity-prevention potential of honeybee product  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Illicit abortion drug causes birth defects
9/5/2001:Meditation training lessens symptoms of chronic illnesses  - Eureka Alert
9/4/2001:All the Wrong Moves - ABC
9/4/2001:Genes May Dictate Effectiveness of Low-Fat Diets - ABC
9/4/2001:Plastic Tube Helps Paralyzed Rats Regain Function - ABC
9/4/2001:Consumers should consider eight basic categories when evaluating nursing homes, say UCSF researchers  - Eureka Alert
9/4/2001:Dentists abuzz over cavity-prevention potential of honeybee product  - Eureka Alert
9/4/2001:Let us keep the hope alive, THE INDEPENDENT - Industry Watch
9/3/2001:'Imprinted' gels hold promise for future medical devices  - Eureka Alert
9/3/2001:New Device Helps Prevent Cause of Snoring  - BBC
9/3/2001:Animals in Bedroom May Spread Chagas Disease  - BBC
9/3/2001:Banishing fillings  - BBC
9/3/2001:Survey- 1million teens use sports drugs  - CNN
9/3/2001:Substitution of generic drugs may cause problems for Epilepsy patients  - Eureka Alert
9/3/2001:Too much soy could lead to kidney stones  - Eureka Alert
9/3/2001:Chemical found in herbal medicine might complicate pregnancy  - Eureka Alert
9/3/2001:Britain may send patients abroad to get health care - Nando Times
9/3/2001:Russian men living lush, but short, lives - Seattle Times
9/2/2001:A 'Dangerous' Study
9/2/2001:You Won't Remember This
9/2/2001:Cavities Might Someday Heal Themselves
9/2/2001:Refugee Children in U.S. at Risk for Lead Poisoning
  - Yahoo
9/2/2001:Wildfire Mercury Emissions Measured As Fires Burn
  - Unisci
9/2/2001:Something to Sink Your Teeth Into...
- Beyond 2000
9/2/2001:Staying well-fed a challenge for elderly
  - CNN
9/2/2001:Material could lead to self-healing cavities
  - Eureka Alert
9/2/2001:Food fighters- Get cancer-fighting nutrients at the table, not the drugstore
- Seattle Times
Medicare Chief Warns of More Managed Care Pullouts - ABC
9/5/2001:Brazilian Beehive Glue Could Protect Against Cavities
  - Unisci
9/5/2001:Age Of Reaching Menopause 85% Genetically Determined
  - Unisci
9/5/2001:Seizure treatment en route to hospital safe and effective, study shows
  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Dentists abuzz over cavity-prevention potential of honeybee product
  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Illicit abortion drug causes birth defects
9/5/2001:Meditation training lessens symptoms of chronic illnesses
  - Eureka Alert
Fizzy drinks 'damage bones'  - BBC
8/31/2001:An acquired taste
- Boston Globe
8/31/2001:Lead Shuts Portland School Drinking Fountains
- Lycos
8/31/2001:Sandwiches for dinner-
8/31/2001:Enterprising doctors let rich patients avoid health care hassles
- Nando Times
8/30/2001:Study Finds Deadly Sprouts
8/30/2001:Men's Health- Fix It With Food 
Looking In Without Breaking Skin - ABC
8/29/2001:Study- Intrauterine Contraceptives Are Safe
  - Yahoo
8/29/2001:Short Course Now Revealing The Secrets Of The Dead
  - Unisci
8/29/2001:Misconceptions about weight problems
  - CNN
8/29/2001:Obesity drugs alone won't do it
  - CNN
8/29/2001:Lisa Drayer- Diet, nutrition and weight management
  - CNN
8/29/2001:JAMA editors duped by made-up essay
  - CNN
8/29/2001:Social class and weight history predict adult obesity
  - Eureka Alert
8/29/2001:Regular consumption of caffeinated carbonated beverages may result in bone loss
  - Eureka Alert
8/29/2001:UF researchers- Few adults are reaching recommended intensity during physical activity
  - Eureka Alert
8/29/2001:Johns Hopkins lead exposure study condemned 
- New Scientist
BBC Health  - BBC
Taking Care of the Caregiver - ABC
8/28/2001:Second Opinions, Via Your Computer
8/28/2001:The Heart of an Ethical Dilemma
- Business Week
8/28/2001:ORNL, IBM pooling talents to examine diseases
  - Eureka Alert
8/28/2001:New study shows oral contraceptive may be effective in treating severe form of premenstrual syndrome
  - Eureka Alert
8/28/2001:Motor scooters sending more people to ER
8/28/2001:Super-sizing of America
8/28/2001:Healthy Adam and Healthy Eve Front Page
8/28/2001:Matrimony a mixed bag for wives health
8/28/2001:Nutrition Notes Front Page
8/28/2001:What should you get from a vitamin?
8/28/2001:Research examines use of caffeine, ephedrine among soldiers, athletes
- Nando Times
8/28/2001:You may feel better with more fiber
- Seattle Times
8/28/2001:Adelaide researchers to test ginko effect
World Scientist
Alternative Medicine Goes Mainstream in US - ABC
8/27/2001:Fluoride in Table Salt Cuts Tooth Decay in Jamaica
8/27/2001:Alternative Medicine Here To Stay, Harvard Study Says
  - Unisci
8/27/2001:Father's have biological clocks, too  -
Globe & Mail
8/27/2001:Pedal to the Metal
8/26/2001:Use of copper in food preparation may reduce food poisoning risk
8/26/2001:Snoring ruins sex lives
  - BBC
8/26/2001:Herbal 'heartburn' treatment
  - BBC
8/26/2001:VA study reveals new, realistic estimates for surgery survival in older Americans
  - Eureka Alert
8/26/2001:Drug costs soar for seniors
Nando Times
8/26/2001:Phytoestrogen Therapy for Menopausal Symptoms?
Science Quest
Self-Administered Test Aims to Measure Bone Loss - Lycos
Moderate Drinkers Feel Better About Health--Study - ABC
8/22/2001It Must Be the Weather
8/22/2001Fat Chance for Schools?
8/22/2001Shades of Grain
8/22/2001U.N. Says Polio Plans on Track Despite Wars
8/22/2001Eating For a Healthy Heart
8/22/2001Seeking A Better Way To Assess Pain In The Elderly
  - Unisci
8/22/2001Eating disorders emerge as problem among US males
8/22/2001Drink Those Antioxidants
Science News
8/22/2001Turnip plant 'improves sex drive'
- World Scientist
8/20/2001UCLA's First-Of-Its-Kind Study Of Urologic Diseases
  - Unisci
8/18/2001:High Fatty Acid Levels May Lead to Sudden Death
8/18/2001:Losing Your Religion
8/18/2001:Do you think prayer can heal?
8/18/2001:Scientists study healing and prayer
8/18/2001:Surgery on the Cheap
8/17/2001:Stacking Dishes Wet May Promote Bacterial Growth
8/17/2001:Moderate Lifelong Exercise OK for the Knees
8/17/2001:Placenta May Predict Risk of Low Birth Weight
8/17/2001:The Eye's Photoreceptors Can Quickly Realign Towards Light, Much Like Plants
- SciNews
8/16/2001:Old Wives' Tales
8/16/2001:Trouble With Vitamin Supplements?
8/16/2001:Legal Buzz
8/16/2001:Suicide Is Not Pretty
8/16/2001:HMOs Limiting Use of Migraine Drugs
  - Yahoo
Most women 'want plastic surgery'  - BBC
Pain test for cannabis  - BBC
8/14/2001:MEN'S HEALTH
8/14/2001:ON CALL
8/14/2001:Ecstacy Crosses the Nation
8/14/2001:Electronic Scripts Could Cut Illicit Use Of Drugs
  - Unisci
8/14/2001:Calif. Court Sets Rule in 'Right to Die' Cases -
Industry Watch
8/14/2001:Study Suggests Placebo Effect Is Real -
Industry Watch
8/14/2001:Placebo produces surprise biological effect
- New Scientist
8/14/2001:A Chip That Mimics a Retina but Strains for Light
- NY Times
8/14/2001:How Mermaid's Curse May Be Medical Boon
- Science Quest
8/12/2001:Employees fight genetic discrimination
- Nando Times
8/12/2001:Washington company recalls organic energy bars
- Nando Times
8/12/2001:Companies to develop new gum that cleans teeth
- Nando Times
8/11/2001:Sexual Politics of Pollen
- SciTech
8/10/2001:Dodgy diet advice
  - BBC
8/9/2001:Early Puberty in Girls Tied to Being Overweight
  - Yahoo
8/9/2001:Black Mothers Less Likely to Breast-Feed - Study
  - Yahoo
8/9/2001:Prescription For Danger
8/9/2001:Study Warns Against Creatine Use for Youngsters
- Lycos
8/9/2001:More Than Just a Nuisance, a Virtuoso of Disease
- NY Times
8/9/2001:Physicians group comes out against assisted suicide
- Nando Times
8/8/2001:Leading medical journals fight for scientific independence
- New Scientist
8/8/2001:Never Catch Fish In Turbid Water
- AlphaGalileo
8/8/2001:MEN'S HEALTH
8/8/2001:Happy Hour and Your Liver- Bad Combination
8/8/2001:Viagra and More
8/8/2001:Tea, Chocolate May Be Heart-Healthy Snacks
8/8/2001:Women Lose It, To0: (Hair)
8/8/2001:Men Get It, Too (Osteoporosis)
8/8/2001:Across the countryside- How ecology predicts the movement of parasites and disease
  - Eureka Alert
8/3/2001:Do-It-Yourself Clinical Trials
- Technology Review
8/3/2001:Few drawbacks to following low-fat, high-fiber diet
  - Eureka Alert
8/3/2001:Stress of neighborhood noise, pollution can undermine health
  - Eureka Alert
8/2/2001:Burger King issues recall for toys
- Nando Times
8/2/2001:Clinical trial of "artificial liver" uses albumin dialysis
  - Eureka Alert
8/2/2001:'Bionic ear' implanted by Penn surgeons to give hearing to the deaf- FDA-approved device provides the world's fastest hearing technology
  - Eureka Alert
8/2/2001:Genetically modified tobacco plants yield nicotine-free cigarettes...
- FirstScience
8/2/2001:Use of Ecstasy is increasing, senators told
- Nando Times
8/2/2001:Canadian Cannabis Decision May Spark New Thinking
- Artigen
8/2/2001:FDA approves fatty acid supplements for baby formula
- Nando Times
8/2/2001:Food fight
- Boston Globe
8/2/2001:Nutritional supplement reported to improve women's sexual function
- Science Daily
8/1/2001:Many workers not warned of beryllium's hazards, newspaper reports
- Nando Times
8/1/2001:News about health and medicine
- Seattle Times
7/31/2001:Clothed in Health
- Technology Review
7/31/2001:Folic Acid Could Raise Odds of Having Twins-Study
- Lycos
7/30/2001:New pills postpone periods
- New Scientist
7/30/2001:A pill for reversible suppression of periods - a new option
  - Eureka Alert
7/30/2001:New Drugs May Enable Women to Stop Menstruation by Popping a Pill
  - Scientific American
7/30/2001:No More Periods, Period-
- Lycos
Science Quest
7/29/2001:Study- Medical-error deaths exaggerated
- Seattle Times
7/29/2001:Video toothbrush
  - BBC
7/29/2001:New evidence of effects of environmental factors on male fertility
  - Eureka Alert
7/28/2001:Southern African "Viagra" -- Powerful and Dangerous
- SciTech
7/28/2001:Scientists Put Traditional Chinese Cures to the Test
- Nat'l. Geo. News
7/27/2001:T-shirt fills vitamin gap
7/26/2001:NIH Establishes National Family Registry for Scleroderma
- New Scientist
7/25/2001:SAGE Pronouncements on Long Life
- Science Central
7/24/2001:A Better Way to Kill Germs in Food
- Technology Review
7/24/2001:New treatment guidelines recommend bisphosphonates as first-line therapy for prevention and treatment of glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis
  - Eureka Alert
7/23/2001:Public-private partnership launches osteoarthritis initiative
  - Eureka Alert
7/22/2001:Need To Know Basis: Medical ID
- Beyond 2000
7/22/2001:Death of the fittest
- AlphaGalileo
7/22/2001:Medicine from the briny deep
- Boston Globe
7/19/2001:Pesticide Linked to Premature Births
- Science Central
7/18/2001:Exercise Chemical May Cause Migraines
Assoc. Press
7/18/2001:Yahoo to add information on clinical trials, new therapies...
7/17/2001:Chinese health care charts new course, thanks to Rochester nurse  - Eureka Alert
7/15/2001:Study gives first glimpse of human brain's natural painkiller system in action  - Eureka Alert
7/15/2001:Researchers Find New Piece of Puzzle in Treating Pain and Inflammation
7/15/2001:House OKs buying drugs from abroad by mail, Net
7/13/2001:New recommendations proposed for safe use of herbal medications by patients having surgery  - Eureka Alert
7/13/2001:Products users rely on friends and family rather than physicians for advice  - Eureka Alert
7/13/2001:Meditation May Cut Stress, Improving Mental And Physical Health - Science Daily
7/12/2001:WHO rates France's health system No. 1
7/11/2001:Global food safety rules needed, head of U.N. health agency says- Nando Times
7/10/2001:Crowning Baby Teeth with Metal Preserves Them - Artigen
7/9/2001:C.D.C. Injects TV Dramas With Health Messages   - NY Times
7/9/2001:Side effects rule out cannabis for pain and nausea - New Scientist
7/9/2001:FDA Moves Against Comfrey Dietary Supplements - Lycos
7/9/2001:Scientists Stub Out Cannabis As Wonderdrug - Lycos
7/9/2001:Medical Digest- Dietary supplement had vitamin D overdose
7/7/2001:A technique to end childhood fillings? - SciTech
7/7/2001:Hypersensitivity to pain a long-term side-effect of drug abuse - Beyond 2000
7/5/2001:Is Environment Triggering Male Reproductive Problems?- Unisci
7/5/2001:New Techniques May Offer Hope for Infertile Women  - Nature
7/5/2001:DIY sperm test kit developed  - BBC
7/5/2001:'His-And-Hers' Home Fertility Test Coming Soon- Lycos
7/5/2001:Government lifeline for lab test firm  - BBC
7/5/2001:New Test Can Detect Down's Syndrome in Embryos - Nature
7/5/2001:Faith healer in Nigeria offers AIDS 'cure' to the desperate- Nando Times
7/3/2001:Space Medicine Gets Smart - Technology Review
7/3/2001:Glucose fuel system could lead to cheaper drugs and supplements - MSNBC
7/3/2001:No Gulf War Syndrome Found in British Veterans- Lycos
7/1/2001:Toxic chemicals sneaking into food
7/1/2001:Salicylic Acid May Protect Vegetarians From Disease- Science Central
7/1/2001:Implant makes sight good as new- New Scientist
6/30/2001:China, U.S. Doctors Talk on Traditional Medicines - Yahoo
6/27/2001:DNA damage limitation linkNature
6/26/2001:Fears over drugs in poultry - BBC
6/24/2001:Study Links Supplements And Positive Steroid Tests - Lycos
6/24/2001:Zinc Touted As Cure for the Common Cold - Lycos
6/24/2001:New Therapies Said to Boost Psoriasis Treatment - Lycos
6/23/2001:High homocysteine levels are strongly associated with all-causes of mortality among elderly  - Eureka Alert
6/23/2001:Calcium Absorption Similar From Supplements - Science Central
6/23/2001:Surgeons can now use hair to make skin grafts
6/23/2001:Premature babies show poor school performance  - Eureka Alert
6/23/2001:Military foods could enhance soldiers' performance by 2025
6/23/2001:Selenium Research Points to Curative Powers
6/23/2001:Doctors: Muscle Drug May Help Headache Sufferers
6/22/2001:Scientists Find No Coffee Link to Colon Cancer - Artigen
6/19/2001:Robots Enable Remote Control 'Telesurgery'
6/19/2001:Pioneering Hip Replacement Surgery Sends Patients Home The Day After The Operation
6/17/2001:Hopkins researchers combat sickle cell anemia in mice with 'mini-transplant'  - Eureka Alert
6/17/2001:Sticky moments for earwax
6/16/2001:Obesity found worse for health than smoking
6/15/2001:UCSF begins clinical trials of bionic ear for profoundly deaf adults
6/12/2001:Cure on Your Pocket PDA
6/10/2001:Tomboy linked to mother's testosterone level
6/3/2001:.Husbands More Likely to Divorce Ill Spouses
5/28/2001:.The Magna Carta of alternative medicine may be in need of a rewrite
5/27/2001:.Penn study finds signs folic acid and Vitamin B12 may lessen some ill effects of SMA
5/7/2001:Phytopharm Looks for Cures in Herbs And Spices
5/3/2001:Antidepressant and stress management cut headache pain by half
5/3/2001:Healthy Lung Function Dependent On Several Vitamins
4/22/2001:Prescription Drugs At Bargain Prices
4/6/2001:Consuming More Protein, Less Carbohydrates May Be Healthier
Adaptive Optics
4/16/2001:System Will Let Surgeons Work From 3D Image Of Retina


8/12/2001:Herb Used to Treat Migraine Headaches Could Be Used to Develop Anti-Inflammatory Drugs - Science Quest

8/1/2001:Brain images reveal mechanics of natural painkilling systems - Seattle Times
7/20/2001:Study Severs Link Between Painkiller, Kidney Disease - Lycos
7/4/2001:Aspirin Targets Key Cell That Triggers Organ Rejection And Other Immune Responses, Report University Of Pittsburgh Researchers- Science Daily
6/20/2001:Doctors aware of Tylenol-related liver risk - but is the public getting the message?  - Eureka Alert
3/16/2001:A Paradox Helps Explain How Aspirin Works

1/4/2001:On the Trail of Autism, We're Getting Warmer

Basic Disease Research
4/2/2001: Custom Drugs May Be On the Horizon
3/12/2001:Treatment For Diseases That Form Plaques Now Possible
2/28/2001:Researchers Design New Way To Squelch Errant Enzymes
12/2/2001:Atomic Structure Identified for Gene-Regulating Molecule: Broad Implications for Cancers, Autoimmunity, Developmental Disorders


8/6/2001:Improved Eye Surgery - Popular Mechanics
8/6/2001:Dental laser can replace deep drilling - SciTech
8/3/2001:Buckyballs Make Fantastic Voyage  - Wired News
8/3/2001:Government approves camera-in-a-capsule - Nando Times
8/3/2001:Chips implanted to restore vision- Seattle Times

7/25/2001:New Standard Set for Scientific Visualizations - SciNews
7/24/2001:UA Optical Scientists To Develop Eyeglasses with Built-in Autofocus - Univ. of Arizona
7/24/2001:Dental laser can replace deep drilling - New Scientist
6/19/2001:'Microbots' hunt down disease - New Scientist
3/23/2001:Two magnets are cheaper than one: Stanford engineers construct an inexpensive MRI scanner
2/7/2001: Pill Bottles 'Talk' to Elderly

Herb: Dangerous
3/1/2001: Chinese herb raises regulatory alarm

Organ Regeneration
7/17/2001:Hair today, skin tomorrow - New Scientist
6/16/2001:Israel Makes Progress in Healing Injured Spines - Reuters
6/1/2001:.Natural Immune Response Reduces Nerve Damage; May Lead to Improved Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury
4/25/2001:Doctors hope pig-cell injection will repair quadriplegic's spine
3/17/2001:The Human Body Shop
3/9/2001:Q&A: Therapeutic human cloning
2/28/2001:New Lab-Made Stem Cells May Be Key To Transplants
2/14/2001: Researcher Sees Chances of Lung Regrowth
1/28/2001:Liver Regeneration

3/22/2001:People with inherited diseases are preparing a global challenge to pro-lifers over the future of medical research

5/7/2001:In the Arms of a Robot God: Robotic Surgery