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1/24/2002:What's the largest
growth sector in the gaming industry?  -
1/24/2002:Silicon Insights- The World in a Pocket - ABC
1/19/2002:Palm opens doors to Bluetooth software developers  -
1/19/2002:Getting gadgets online part of new Sony strategy  - CNN
1/18/2002:Not Just the Ordinary at CES - ABC
1/18/2002:Palm moves to spur Bluetooth take-up - Ananova
1/18/2002:iPod- The Designers Got This One Right - Business Week
1/18/2002:Palm dangles Bluetooth before developers - Business Week
1/16/2002:Sinclair's tiny TV is 25  - BBC
1/16/2002:Linux in the hand  - BBC
1/16/2002:CES conclusions- Moxi's moxie  - CNN
1/16/2002:TiVo unveils upgraded TV-recording device  - CNN
1/15/2002:Nasty Detours on the Road to Convergence - Business Week
1/15/2002:At the CES: Minolta's new Dimage X  - CNN
1/15/2002:CES- If it's digital, it's probably here
1/14/2002:Platforms Link Entertainment Devices in the Home - Science Quest
1/13/2002:Electronics get smarter, snazzier at CES  - CNN
1/11/2002:Gates Unveils 'Mira' Entertainment Device - ABC
1/11/2002:Videophones Help Docs, Deaf Patients Communicate - ABC
1/10/2002:Electronics Show All Small Talk  - Wired News
1/10/2002:Preview Copies Go Digital  - Wired News
1/5/2002:Kodak DX3900 Zoom - Business Week
1/8/2002:Tech gadgets for 2002 wearable and wireless  - CNN
1/7/2002:A chance to show off spiffy electronics wares
1/9/2002:First Look- Moxi Media Center - Tech TVCommunications
1/9/2002:This Video Recorder Has Some Enemies - Business Week
1/9/2002:The week ahead- Invasion of the gadget makers - Business Week
1/9/2002:Software makers expand iPod capabilities - Business Week
1/9/2002:Cyber arena  - BBC
1/9/2002:CES- The buzz this year is a set-top box  - CNN  
1/9/2002:Team demos enhanced DVD system at CES
 - El. Engr. Times
1/8/2002:Microsoft preps Windows info appliance - El. Engr. Times
1/7/2002:Appleworld conference swamped by iHype - New Scientist
1/7/2002:Group Touch  - Technology Review
1/6/2002:iWalk Looks More Like iWish  - Wired News
1/6/2002:Latest From Mac- the iHype  - Wired News
1/3/2002:Review- TDK tops list of best 10 CD-RW drives  - CNN
1/1/2002:Tiny, Wireless MEMS Sensors Could Find Terrorists Hiding in Caves or Bunkers
  - Eureka Alert
12/31/2001:PDA vs. cell - Popular Science
12/30/2001:Noteworthy 'Smart' Notepad - Tech TV
12/30/2001:King-Sized Pong Takes Over Building - Tech

12/27/2001:King Pong reaches Berlin  - BBC
12/27/2001:RW drive  - CNN
12/27/2001:Toshiba comes calling with a new PDA  - CNN
12/26/2001:Data input and the humble pen - Economist
12/26/2001:Christmas list: tricks to enhance audio, video - El. Engr. Times
12/25/2001:This year's top gadgets  - BBC
12/25/2001:Apple promises a 'revolutionary' new product  - CNN
12/24/2001:Modest Evolutions in Gadgetry for 2002  - Wired News
12/23/2001:Silicon Insights- Elements of Stylus - ABC
12/22/2001:Palm to base next-generation wireless units on TI platform - El. Engr. Times
12/21/2001:Video Game Field- Crowded, Profitable  - NY Times
12/20/2001:SONICblue Music Device Advances Its Digital Strategy - ABC
12/17/2001:MARK A. KELLNER- Bringing PowerPoint slides to Pocket PCs - Nando Times
12/13/2001:Microsoft Stinger phone to appear first in Europe  - CNN
12/13/2001:Toys, Toys, Toys, Toys, Toys  - Wired News
12/12/2001:Slow Start for Digital Photo Printing - NY Times
12/11/2001:PC-Free Netcam - Tech TV
12/10/2001:New Streaming Video for PDA's - ABC
12/8/2001:Graceful Palm Phone With Color Screen - Business Week
12/8/2001:Microsoft claims Xbox success - Ananova
12/7/2001:LCD iMacs Due at Macworld  - Wired News
12/7/2001:HDTV Pins Hope on Holidays  - Wired News
12/6/2001:Flat-panel iMacs on the way?  - C/Net
12/6/2001:Devices keep finger on wearer's pulse, place  - C/Net
12/5/2001:Panel makes recommendations to boost broadband Internet access - Nando Times
12/5/2001:It's the Software, Stupid  - Wired News
12/2/2001:Disposable Phones to Hit Stores - Technology Review
12/1/2001:Firms Prepare to Offer 3G Phones - Technology Review
11/29/2001:Hushing Cell Phones - ABC
11/29/2001:Rich Color Printing for Any Budget - Business Week
11/29/2001:An Off-the-Wall Idea for a Net Appliance - Business Week
11/25/2001:Tablet PCs Need More to Succeed - L. A. Times
11/25/2001:Fun, but Only for the Initiated - L. A. Times
11/25/2001:Life on the Trail and in the Money - L. A. Times
11/25/2001:New Program Links Pocket PCs, Macs - L. A. Times
11/22/2001:Sony adds a splash of color to Clie PDA  - CNN
11/20/2001:Little BlackBerry does its thing very, very well - Seattle Times
11/18/2001:COMDEX- Vendors, users split over promise of Tablet PCs  - CNN
11/18/2001:COMDEX- Handspring's Hawkins looks to future of handhelds  - CNN
11/18/2001:Bill Gates is upbeat and talking tablet PCs these days.  - CNN
11/17/2001:Holiday Guide To Digital Devices - ABC
11/17/2001:Handheld Computers - ABC
11/17/2001:Portable Digital Music Players - ABC
11/17/2001:Video Game Industry Readies for Biggest Week Ever - ABC
11/17/2001:Microsoft Xbox  - BBC
11/15/2001:Microsoft's Xbox Faces Uphill Battle - ABC
11/15/2001:First Looks- NEC MobilePro P300 - ABC
11/15/2001:Comdex- Compaq goes sleek  - CNN
11/15/2001:Latest Sony pet controlled via wireless lan connection  -
11/14/2001:Gadgets get fruity  - BBC
11/14/2001:What gadgets say about you  - BBC
11/13/2001:Megapixels For $99  - Popular Mechanics
11/13/2001:Wearable MP3 Player  - Popular Mechanics
11/13/2001:Small Wonders - L. A. Times
Review- HP DVD-Writer DVD 100i - ABC
The game of war - Economist
11/11/2001:Game Goal- Console in Every House  - Wired New
11/11/2001:Xbox In-Depth
11/11/2001:Future of Xbox- Broadband
11/10/2001:Want to Ditch the Mouse? - Tech TV
11/9/2001:Zenith's DTV 1080 Satellite Set-Top Receiver Offers Crisp Images- Cosmiverse
11/9/2001:Jocks Rock in Age of Empires  - Wired News
11/9/2001:Maya- Doomed on OS X  - Wired News
11/9/2001:It's Almost as Big as U.S. v. MS  - Wired News
11/9/2001:Sony Ericsson Says Demand Heavy for Color Phone - Tech TV
11/8/2001:Bugging your keyboard  - BBC
11/8/2001:Night Goggles See the Light - Tech TV
11/8/2001:Extend Laptop Battery Life - Tech TV
11/8/2001:Handheld iPod joins MP3 band a bit late, but is standout player - Seattle Times
11/7/2001:PRINTER REVIEW- Praise for Epson's Stylus C80 - Nando Times
11/7/2001:More Movie Than Game? - Tech TV
11/7/2001:Digi Pens- Anybody Need 'Em?  - Wired News
11/7/2001:Networks See Threat in Video Recorder  - Wired News
11/7/2001:Motorola Shows New, Daring Phone  - Wired News
11/7/2001:Palm offers price cuts, add-ons  - CNN
11/7/2001:Peripheral Pleasures  - CNN
11/6/2001:Mouse inventor strives for more- BBC
11/6/2001:Reading your mouse movements- BBC
11/6/2001:Squeaky mouse to tackle RSI- BBC
11/5/2001:Xbox Rocks, Gamers Agree  - Wired News
11/5/2001:Review- Ultra-Thin Sanyo Phone - Tech TV
11/5/2001:Power Tubes -
11/4/2001:Minolta Dimage 7 - Business Week
11/3/2001:Copying clash   - BBC
11/3/2001:Sweet Music From iPod - Business Week
11/3/2001:Infineon microcontroller chip chosen for U.S. DoD Smart Card Program  -
11/3/2001:Digital Audio Revolution Speeding Toward Cars - L. A. Times
11/3/2001:Reflecting: a Sign of the Times - L. A. Times
11/3/2001:Printing in Color for Less Green - L. A. Times
11/3/2001:They're Zooming Back - L. A. Times
11/2/2001War Games - Tech TV
11/2/2001Terror-Fighting PDA - Tech TV
11/2/2001Aibo custom code pulled from website - New Scientist
11/1/2001:Microsoft's Tablet PC a year away  - CNN
11/1/2001:the buzz: low-priced digital cameras - Atlanta Journal
11/1/2001:Watch as This Novel Gets Written  - Wired News
11/1/2001:Road Warrior's Dream Machine - Tech TV
10/31/2000:The IPod Has an Easter Egg  - Wired News
10/31/2000:Flood of Linux PDAs Expected From Asia  - Wired News
10/31/2000:Hand-held computers get a second life - US News
10/31/2000:Digital camera with good software bundleWorld Scientis
10/30/2000:ACP-ASIM survey finds nearly half of US members use handheld computers  - Eureka Alert
10/30/2000:DoD orders 4.3 million chip-based ID cards  - CNN
10/26/2000:Fuji unveils cell phone-compatible camera  - CNN
10/26/2000:T68 to Hit Store Shelves  - Wired News
10/25/2000:Apple unveils digital music device  - BBC
10/24/2001:Love online  - BBC
10/24/2001:Xbox to go on tour before UK launch - Ananova
10/24/2001:NEC to Unveil 1-GHz Notebook  - CNN
10/24/2001:Fujitsu unveils notebook with DVD, CD-RW drive  - CNN
10/22/2001:Programs- Computer Games to Chill the Soul - Lycos
10/22/2001:OK Mac, What's So Special Now? - Lycos
10/22/2001:Microsoft courting China for new pocket PCs - Nando Times
10/22/2001:PRODUCT REVIEW- SiPix Pocket Printer A6 out of sync with its promises - Nando Times
10/22/2001:JIM HEID- Digital photography with a Mac - Nando Times
10/21/2001:Microsoft in talks with Chinese companies to make pocket PCs - Ananova
10/19/2001:Sony Ericsson unveils tiny Bluetooth hands-free- Ananova
10/18/2001:Donna Dubinsky on PDA-phone Hybrids
Tech TV
10/18/2001:Matt Medeiros on LCDs vs. CRTs - Tech TV
10/16/2001:Smile for the Watch, Please - ABC
10/15/2001:Microsoft pockets PC 2002 launch  - CNN
10/14/2001:PRODUCT REVIEW- Sony 'prosumer' camera delivers 'numbing' image clarity - Nando Times
10/13/2001:Step Lively to Make Electricity- ABC
10/12/2001:Circuits That Bug Out Bugs - Lycos
10/12/2001:PocketMac Details Emerge  - Wired News
10/12/2001:Digital cameras go disposable  - CNN
10/11/2001:Inflatable loudspeakers could blow out roadies - New Scientist
Court revives Xerox's battle with Palm over handwriting recognition - Ananova
10/9/2001:A Petite Photo Scanner - Business Week
10/9/2001:Wristwatch gives remote control of computer- New Scientist
10/8/2001:What's Making Palm Sweat
- Business Week

10/8/2001:Houston Chronicle Computing Column - Industry Watch
10/8/2001:Personal Recordings Make Use Of Hard-Drive Technology - Industry Watch
10/8/2001:Gadgets could spot terrorists — but they’re not foolproof
10/8/2001:Virtual Mourners, Cyber Vigils  - Wired News
10/7/2001:Building a Better ID Card - ABC

10/6/2001:Compaq Recalls Faulty Adaptors - ABC
10/6/2001:Here's the Pocket PC- What's New?  - Wired News
10/6/2001:Handspring Offers, Um, Handspring  - Wired News
10/5/2001:Speedy Gonzales - AlphaGalileo
10/5/2001:Sony previews new Airboard tablet PC  - CNN
10/5/2001:The largest LCD television screen yet produced  - CNN
10/5/2001:PDA Shines Brightly, Even in Sunlight - Cosmiverse
10/5/2001:A Long-Held Hand-Held Dream Is Coming True - Cosmiverse
10/4/2001:JIM HEID- Is the pen mightier than the mouse? - Nando Times
10/2/2001:Psion unveils Netpad tablet - Ananova
0/1/2001:Palm's Tools of the Future - Science Quest
9/30/2001:Putting a New Face on Connectivity - L. A. Times
9/30/2001:Handspring's Visor Pro Bulks Up on Memory and Speed - L. A. Times
9/30/2001:Is the Pen Mightier Than the Mouse? - L. A. Times
9/30/2001:Palm's Tools of the Future - Lycos
9/27/2001:Hybrid Camera for Novices Unveiled - Business Week
9/27/2001:Time to Swap Your Palm for a PocketPC? - Business Week
9/27/2001:Canon unveils fast-shooting EOS camera  - CNN
9/26/2001:The new black  - BBC
9/14/2001:No more fumbling in the car
9/14/2001:Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, You?
CyberBoy- The Multitalented Handheld - Business Week

9/12/2001:On-Demand Movies Threaten Video Rentals
9/12/2001:Nature press release for 6 September issue - AlphaGalileo
9/12/2001:NIX Home Page Rotating Images  - Yahoo
9/12/2001:Rough-and-Tumble in Redmond - Business Week
9/12/2001:India bets on Bluetooth as catalyst for growth - El. Engr. Times
9/12/2001:Hope Eclipsed - L. A. Times
9/12/2001:Justice Department Will Not Seek to Break Up Microsoft - NY Times
9/12/2001:US, Russian diplomats to meet next week in London for missile talks
9/12/2001:Rumsfeld denounces congressional moves to cut missile defense budget - SpaceDaily
9/12/2001:US lawmakers split on defense priorities - SpaceDaily
9/12/2001:Next Generation Milsat Completes Preliminary Design Review - SpaceDaily
9/12/2001:Uncle Sam Wants His Geeks Back  - Wired News
9/8/2001:Compaq to Drop IPAQ Bomb  - Wired New
9/8/2001:Digital dynamite! - US News
9/8/2001:Palm's latest wireless device needs interface to be appealing - Seattle Times
9/6/2001:Review- Minolta tops 10 best laser printers list- CNN
9/6/2001:Palm preps next wireless device- CNN
9/6/2001:Matsushita, Sony see promise in smarter, smaller digicams  -
9/6/2001:Sony to Abandon Its eVilla Net Device - L. A. Times
9/6/2001:The Dallas Morning News Gadgets & Gizmos Column - Industry Watch
9/5/2001:Calculators That Fit the Equation - L. A. Times
9/5/2001:Sacks Packing Functional Style - L. A. Times
9/4/2001:Handspring gives away Visor phone modules - Nando Times
9/4/2001:Seattle-Based Technology Firm Tries to Take Camera Mainstream - Industry Watch
9/4/2001:Intel Introduces High-speed Wireless Networkng Products Designed for the Home and Small Office - Industry Watch
9/3/2001:Nikon's Photo Repair Station - Business Week
9/3/2001:Plasma display panels to arrive this year  - CNN
9/2/2001:Sparks Over Static  - Wired News
9/2/2001:Synchroscan Launches First Retail Wireless Auto-Dialer Accessory for Palm Powered Handhelds  - Wired News
9/2/2001:24 CD-RW Drive With USB 2.0 Interface; Lightweight, Compact Drive Records Custom CDs Anywhere, Anytime  - Wired News
8/31/2001:Houston Chronicle Computing Column - Industry Watch
8/30/2001:CacheVision unveils open video recorder platform - El. Engr. Times8/29/2001:Plenty of Cheap Inkjet Printers, but No Bargain - L. A. Times
8/29/2001:Debating Merits of Palms in Class - Lycos
8/28/2001:Novels online   - BBC
8/28/2001:KPN and NTT DoCoMo to unveil first joint product  - CNN
8/28/2001:Teledesic Set To Choose Prime Contractor for Internet-in-the-Sky - SpaceDaily
8/27/2001:Sony Unveils World's Smallest, Lightest Dye-Sublimation Digital Photo Printer; Palm-Sized Portable Printer Lets Digital Photographers Make Prints On Location - Industry Watch
8/27/2001:W.A.V.E. Link -
8/26/2001:Handhelds Growing in Popularity - Technology Review
8/26/2001:It's a Phone And a Flower  - Wired News8/25/2001:Personal Technology- Print, copy, scan, fax — and all in one device - Seattle Times
8/25/2001:New digital camera is no fuss, no muss - Seattle Times
8/24/2001:Privacy Foundation CTO warns of Web gadgets  - CNN
8/24/2001:Snap or click Weigh your photo-taking needs before deciding to go digital - Industry Watch
8/24/2001:Technology - Industry Watch
8/23/2001:IBM demos car of the future  - CNN
8/23/2001Firm May Reshape Face Of Technology - Industry Watch
8/23/2001Print-on-Demand Books Cost More - Wired News
8/22/2001Picking the Perfect Ink-Jet Printer - ABC
8/22/2001Console clear  - BBC
8/19/2001:Computer Developers Aiming to Exterminate the Mouse - L. A. Times
8/19/2001:PDAs Are Focusing on Digital Photography - L. A. Times
8/16/2001:The Bose "Wavemass" Radio - Industry Watch
8/15/2001:Paranoia for fun and profit -Salon
8/14/2001:Zoom Ships ZoomAir USB For Wireless Networking -Industry Watch
8/14/2001:PRODUCT REVIEWS- Trying again at Web appliances- Nando Times
8/14/2001:DaimlerChrysler to begin offering wireless communication in cars next year- Nando Times
8/14/2001:The Art World Starts to Pay Attention to Video Games- NY Times
8/11/2001:Edifice Complex - Technology Review
8/11/2001:They're Young, But They Can Read  - Wired News
8/11/2001:Code Red II Wends Its Way  - Wired News
8/11/2001:The eyes have it  - BBC
8/10/2001:Compaq IPAQ Pocket PC Super-Charged by 128MB Internal RAM Upgrade - Industry Watch
8/10/2001:IBM launches new PDAs - Industry Watch
8/9/2001:Nextel To Offer First Full-Size Portable Keyboard for Wireless Phones; Designed for Mobile Professionals, Collapsible Keyboard Fits into Pocket - Industry Watch
8/9/2001:Panasonic unveils new concept camcorder  - CNN
8/9/2001:What's the future of electronic glasses?  - CNN
8/9/2001:Fingerprint-sensors point to smart cards for market resurgence - El. Engr. Times
8/9/2001:No Longer Just Calendars, PocketPCs and Palms Run Games, Videos - Industry Watch
8/9/2001:Palm Gets a Leg Up vs. PocketPC  - Wired News
8/8/2001:The Dallas Morning News Gadgets & Gizmos Column - Industry Watch
8/7/2001:PRODUCT REVIEWS- Taking pictures with your PDA - Nando Times
8/6/2001:Walkie-talkies have come a long way. - Popular Science
8/4/2001:Israeli firms release technology for cell phone TV  -
8/3/2001:New iris recognition technology will enable selected passengers at London’s Heathrow Airport to look into a video camera and have their identity verified within seconds. - MSNBC
8/2/2001:Pocket Vault replaces the cards in your wallet  - CNN
7/31/2001:IBM's Smart House  - Wired News
7/31/2001:Turning the Home Into a Computer - ABC
7/20/2001:Spin-off develops 'digital paper' display for handsets  -
7/19/2001:3D positional audio system creates 'bubble' of silence
7/18/2001:A gadget is worth a thousand words  - BBC
7/16/2001:Swordfish's ‘Hackers’ and Smart Fridges - ABC
7/15/2001:Magellan Brings Three Meter Accuracy To Handheld GPS - SpaceDaily
7/14/2001:Judge Grants E-Books Status  - Wired News
7/12/2001:Sony's newest camera shoots for beginners  - CNN
7/11/2001:Smart Wheelchairs Will Ease Many Paths - NY Times
7/11/2001:Motion Sensors to Let Everyday Appliances Do More - NY Times
7/8/2001:Palm Bets on Beaming  - Wired News
7/8/2001:Soldiers advance into realm of science fiction - MSNBC
7/7/2001:Cheaper and Hand-Held, With a Retooled Engine - NY Times
7/2/2001:Roaming the World With a Translator in Your Pocket - NY Times
7/1/2001:PC Expo: Tablet-sized PCs are back -- again - CNN
7/1/2001:The Microsoft Tablet - CNN
7/1/2001:Tablet computing makes another run - CNN
7/1/2001:Compaq to develop tablet PC on Microsoft software - CNN
6/30/2001:Handhelds Lead the Charge and Change - SciTech
6/28/2001:Automobile Networks - El. Engr. Times
6/27/2001:Story Tips June 21, 2001 from ORNL
6/22/2001:CD Fungus Discovered - Technology Review
6/18/2001:Japan camera makers jostle to catch digital wave
6/8/2001:Keeping digital photos vivid requires right match
6/6/2001:.Digital Dropout Diary: Digital Cameras and Their Problems
6/2/2001:.Canon unveils 4,000-dpi film scanner
6/1/2001:.Toshiba debuts 4-megapixel digital camera
5/13/2001:.Wearing The Net on Your Wrist
5/6/2001:Listen with grandma
5/6/2001:Gadgets flop for tech firms
4/27/2001:Chip makers will add Personal Video Recorder functions to set-top chips
4/22/2001:See-Through, Flat Speakers
4/16/2001: UMAX AstraCam 1800
4/15/2001: Create-A-Shirt
4/8/2001: A small slice of design
4/5/2001: Facing reality at the world’s largest trade show
4/5/2001: Coming soon: Tie-clip gadgets, smell-based matchmaking
4/5/2001: The Electronic Car
4/5/2001: Coming soon: Smell-O-Vision?
4/5/2001: Study of Fly's Ear Could Lead to Better Hearing Aid
4/5/2001: New Sound-Discriminating Hearing Aid
4/5/2001: Miniature Motor-Generator Might Replace Batteries
4/4/2001:Odd gadgets at Comdex
3/22/2001: An in-depth look at one of the world's biggest technology fairs
3/22/2001: Some gadgets can spy on you
3/18/2001: Watching the Body
3/15/2001: A New Generation of PDA’s
2/21/2001: Gadgets and games light up Demo 2001
2/18/2001: Digital Devices Unveiled at Consumer Show
2/18/2001: Steve's First Day at the Show
2/18/2001:Day two at the Consumer Electronics Show
2/18/2001: CES - Day Three, The Saga Continues
2/1/2001: Better digital cameras
1/27/2001: Soft Radios
11/27/2000 Comdex Showcases Near-Future Technology
10/31/2000:"Prism and "Platinum": Second Generation PDA's with Color

   E-Books -

1/8/2002:Palm notes rise in e-book sales - Ananova
12/29/2001:The Hot New Medium- Paper  - Wired News
12/26/2001:2001 Was a Tough Read for E-Books  - Wired News

12/21/2001:E-Books Live On After Mighty Fall  - Wired News
12/19/2001:New PC games offered for the holidays  - CNN  
12/19/2001:Could you pass the game controller, dear? - Popular Science
12/19/2001:Game Control- Making PC Games More Real  - Popular Mechanics
12/19/2001:Battle Of The Videogames  - Popular Mechanics
12/18/2001:Signs of the Times? - ABC
12/17/2001:Online publisher MightyWords to close in January - Nando Times
11/13/2001:Will we soon spend more time with e-newspapers than the traditional version? - Seattle Times
11/13/2001:E-Books' Promise of Convenience Is More Fiction Than Fact - L. A. Times
10/25/2001:Ebookers Says on Track to Break Even
Tech TV
10/6/2001:E-Publishing Takes Double Blow
  - Wired News
Breaking Microsoft's e-Book Code
- Technology Review
7/27/2001:Electronic books face copyright battle  - BBC
8/4/2001:STMicro to ship 170,000 chip sets for U.S. digital radio by year's end  - CNN
6/30/2001:Writers Aren't Cashing Checks Yet  - Wired News
6/7/2001:E-Books Out of Print Already?
4/15/2001: The Latest Chapter On Flipping Virtual E-Book Pages
3/25/2001: E-Book Forecast: Cloudy
3/25/2001: Peanut Now in Palm's Grasp
3/18/2001: Evolution of the e-book
3/15/2001: Futuristing Reading: A Real Page Turner?
3/14/2001: The Future of E-Textbooks
2/11/2001: Adobe's Novel Approach to E-Books
1/28/2001: Learning to e-read


1/16/2002:Xbox set for Japan  - BBC

1/13/2002:VIDEO GAME REVIEW- Taking random violence to new soul-sapping degrees - Nando Times
1/13/2002:Xbox Assault Only Starting  - Wired News
1/13/2002:PlayStation 2 sales double in December  - CNN
1/5/2002:Playstation 2 gears up to go online  - BBC
1/4/2002:Video games - BBC
1/2/2002:Console Battle Heats Up - ABC
1/2/2002:Review- The all-star team of online games  - CNN  
1/2/2002:Report- Sony games top early December list  - CNN
12/29/2001:The Making of the Xbox  - Wired News
12/29/2001:The Empire Strikes Back  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Deathmatch 2001  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Smash Hits  - Wired News
12/29/2001:The Xbox  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Nextbox  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Behind the Screens  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Vision Quest  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Death Match  - Wired News
12/26/2001:Games are no laughing matter - Economist
12/26/2001:Xbox- It's All about the Games - Business Week
2/25/2001:PC review- 'Motor City Online' revs up  - CNN
12/25/2001:Online gaming to follow Xbox by six months  - CNN
12/25/2001:The Simple Games People Play  - Wired News
12/24/2001:Joystick Jackpot - ABC
12/24/2001:Year sees explosion in next generation gaming
 - Ananova
12/21/2001:Video Game Field- Crowded, Profitable  - NY Times
12/21/2001:US survey shows PC gaming is holding its own - Ananova
12/16/2001:The Game Boom - Business Week
12/15/2001:Report- Kids Still Buying Violent Games- ABC
12/13/2001:Sega cuts Dreamcast to £70 - Ananova
12/7/2001:The Quest to End Game Addiction  - Wired News
11/29/2001:Battle of Home Video Systems - ABC
11/28/2001:Sony launches console price war- BBC
11/24/2001:Picking a Video Game System - Tech TV
11/24/2001:Console Sales Strong - Tech TV
11/24/2001:Barbican to host computer games history exhibition - Ananova
11/24/2001:War games- Military training goes high-tech  - CNN
11/20/2001:GameCube's Simple Task - ABC
11/20/2001:Retailers Prepare for Video Game Battle - ABC
11/20/2001:Virtual golf games tee off- BBC
11/20/2001:Nintendo's GameCube launched in U.S.  - CNN
11/20/2001:GameCube goes beyond kid stuff - Seattle Times

Nintendo readies console counterpunch - Business Week
11/19/2001:PRODUCT REVIEW- New gaming consoles astound - Nando Times
11/19/2001:Xbox's hardware sets it apart - New Scientist
11/15/2001:From Pong to VR  - BBC
11/13/2001:Lines Blurred in War Games - L. A. Times
11/13/2001:Using Virtual Missions for Real-Life Training - L. A. Times
11/3/2001:Games set sights on the future  - BBC
10/27/2000:Review- Nintendo Gamecube - Tech TV
10/27/2000:Play All That You Can Play- ABC
0/26/2000:War Game Hits Close to Reality
Tech TV
10/22/2001:Battle Of The Videogames - Popular Mechanics
10/22/2001:Game Control- Making PC Games More Real - Popular Mechanics
10/14/2001:New Gaming Technology and the Future of Slots

10/7/2001:Video Heroines With Personality  - SciTech

10/2/2001Myst III tops games charts across Europe
 - Ananova
Hitachi tries game portal to rival Sony
  - CNN

8/2/2001:Happy 40th, computer games  - BBC
7/7/2001:Game Theory- Gee Whiz. Must I Keep Slaughtering- - NY Times
7/1/2001:PC Gamers Can Now Rent a Stream  - Wired News
6/26/2001:Zap! Bang! Zowee! And WAP - Wired News
5/19/2001:.GameCube clears path for game developers
5/17/2001:.Video game console makers go head-to-head
5/17/2001:.From diodes to DVDs: A timeline of video games
5/17/2001:.Excitement over X-Box
5/17/2001:.So Long, Pokemon; Yu-Gi-Oh Is Coming
5/17/2001:.RealArcade makes online games available
5/17/2001:.Xbox to Take on Sony's Playstation
5/17/2001:.Sony, AOL in alliance for PlayStation 2 consoles
4/5/2001: Playing a God in Eden
2/4/2001: Movies, video games seen merging
1/28/2001: Internet Game-Playing

   Wired -

AT&T, MCI boost long-distance fees - Business Week
1/2/2002:Faulty cable slows Net access in Asia - Cosmiverse
Yo Quiero Todo Bell  - Wired News
12/25/2001:Promoting the future of phones  - BBC
12/12/2001:Modem isn't up to speed for telecommuter - Seattle Times
12/12/2001:Tight Bandwidth Snarls Web Traffic in Middle East - NY Times
Hello Darling, I'm at the Bottom of the Red Sea - ABC
Intel Sees Big Role for Communication Chips - Tech TV
11/25/2001:A Tug of Wire Between Cable, Satellite - L. A. Times
11/13/2001:Gunmen seize telecommunications facilities in Philippines - Nando Times
Broadband Is Big in AOL 7 - Business Week
11/4/2001:Where Telecom Is Still Growing
- Business Week

11/2/2001Toshiba tailors MPEG-4 interface for specific baseband chips - El. Engr. Times
11/1/2001:Who ya gonna call?
  - Eureka Alert
9/26/2001:Alphamosaic unveils MPEG4 approach to low-power video processing  -

Microsoft In Discussions With Phone Companies
- Industry Watch
8/15/2001:Space age telecommunications now arriving in offices on earth - Industry Watch
8/3/2001:Are dial-up networks endangered?  - CNN


1/24/2002:Videophone Gets a Booster Shot  - Wired News
1/23/2002:Tech leaders- Feds should push broadband  - CNN
1/23/2002:Telecom's Man of the Moment  - Scientific American
1/23/2002:Supreme Court RulingAssists Internet Speedup  - Technology Review

1/22/2002:High Court Gives Win to Cable  - Wired News
1/18/2002:Will 2002 be the year of broadband?  - BBC
1/13/2002:Lessig- Who's Holding Back Broadband?  - Wired News
1/8/2002:Broadband Access-The Ethics of Sharing - ABC
1/6/2002:BellSouth meets DSL subscriber targets - El. Engr. Times
1/1/2002:Bandwidth Boom  - Wired News
12/26/2001:AT&T, Comcast execs outline new world order - Business Week
12/26/2001:Copy protection stalemate slows broadband deployment - El. Engr. Times
12/26/2001:Unzipping the server - Economist
12/26/2001:Demand Grows for Net Service at High Speed  - NY Times
12/23/2001:AT&T's broadband division to merge with Comcast - Ananova
12/22/2001:Go-ahead for DIY broadband  - BBC
12/22/2001:Set for growth  - BBC
12/13/2001:BT announces broadband pilot in Cornwall - Ananova
12/10/2001:So Much for the Broadband Revolution - L. A. Times
12/9/2001:Britain's Broadband Future Starts Here  - Wired News
12/9/2001:Gates- Broadband woes hobble Net advertising  - CNN
12/7/2001:Cable-Modem Users Can't Turn to FCC  - Wired News
12/7/2001:UK Rejects Tax Breaks for Broadband  - Wired News
12/1/2001:Moore's Law Remains on Schedule - Technology Review
12/1/2001:Growing Uniform Composition Semiconductor Crystals  - Unisci
12/2/2001:Enron- A Bandwidth Bloodbath  - Wired News
12/2/2001:AOL's Wide-Ranging Broadband Plan  - Wired News
12/2/2001:This Ping Thing Didn't Take Wing  - Wired News
11/21/2001:Does broadband work?  - BBC
11/21/2001:U.S. Aiding Broadband Despite Strong Growth - L. A. Times
11/17/2001:DSL to stay Europe's favourite broadband technology  -
Yahoo to offer DSL; names 2 board members - Business Week
11/15/2001:Sony and AOL Work on Broadband Venture - ABC
11/7/2001:Whither the Broadband Revolution?  - Wired News
10/31/2000:Telesat, Ford Sign North American Broadband Deal - SpaceDaily
10/31/2000:AOL high-speed Internet access debuts on Time Warner CableWorld Scientist
10/30/2000:Is BellSouth Just Window Shopping? - Business Week
10/27/2000:ITAA says lagging content prevents a broadband boom  - CNN
10/26/2000:A high-speed slowdown - Dallas News
10/26/2000:Broadband Future Lies Beyond PC, Says Ando - Tech TV
10/26/2000:Overseas Broadband Taking Off  - Wired Ne
10/25/2000:BT to trial "plug-and-play" broadband - Ananova
10/25/2001:Sharp teams with Soma on broadband home network - El. Engr. Times
10/18/2001:Comcast, Excite@Home Reach Web Service Deal
Tech TV
10/10/2001:Optimism runs high for residential broadband  - CNN
10/3/2001:Bankruptcy poses broadband debate
  - BBC
9/29/2001:Cost of broadband net 'must fall'  - BBC

Agilent prepares way for 10 gbit/s -
9/25/2001:Media Players Embrace Broadband
 - Wired News
Broadband: Beyond DSL and cable
  - BBC
8/31/2001:Broadband market has its own burdens and pitfalls - Industry Watch
8/28/2001:High-speed connections increase Web use - MSNBC
8/28/2001:Regulating high-speed access debated - Nando Times
8/27/2001:Beware, Baby Bells - Business Week
8/24/2001:Ethernet on the Wan--A winner? - Industry Watch
8/23/2001:Clash of the titans: Cable vs. DSL - Industry Watch
8/23/2001Sleeping with the enemy: cable vs. DSL in Europe - Industry Watch
8/22/2001Norwegian village in broadband trial  - BBC
8/20/2001Broadband Battle - ABC
8/19/2001:Cable Net subscriptions on the rise - MSNBC
8/19/2001:Broadband Net Soars - MSNBC
8/19/2001:Comcast works to buy AT&T cable TV system - Industry Watch
8/18/2001:US Startup pushes for 1 Gbit/sec. over cable-TV networks  -
8/14/2001:Shift to 40Bgits/s signals argument over processes  -
8/12/2001:Broadband: Beyond DSL and cable  - BBC
8/10/2001:Cable telephony market to hit $6.5 billion by 2005 despite deployment delays  -
8/9/2001:(T) Best Buy and AT&T Broadband Finalize Retail Agreement; Number One Electronics Retailer To Offer AT&T Broadband Services to Customers - Industry Watch
7/19/2001:10 Gbit/sec Modules- They're Coming -Science Central
7/11/2001:Broadband Britain- The Inside Truth  - Wired News
6/25/2001:Critics of broadband bill to march in Washington  - CNN
6/21/2001:Broadband bill heads for House showdown - El. Engr. Times
6/21/2001:Modem issues put cable voice-over-IP service on hold - El. Engr. Times
6/18/2001:FCC chief warns cable operators of possible intervention - El. Engr. Times
6/18/2001:Cable holds firm lead in race for high-speed Net
6/16/2001:Flickering fluorescent lights foretell glowing data distribution networks
6/9/2001:Broadband hits 9 million-home mark
6/7/2001:Broadband Walks the Last Mile
5/30/2001:.The Cable Modem Traffic Jam, and How to Relieve It
5/20/2001:.Unlimited Bandwidth
5/20/2001:.Broadband's Coming Attractions
5/18/2001:.Report: 16 million U.S. homes have high-speed web access
5/18/2001:.Broadband price hike
5/3/2001:Optical Communications: The Once and Future Ethernet
4/16/2001: Broadband struggles to win over Europe
3/22/2001: Cavitron: Designing Our High Bandwidth Future
3/19/2001: Your complete guide to broadband
3/2/2001: Juice up your high-speed Net connection
3/2/2001: What broadband revolution?
3/2/2001: Cable industry slices into broadband market
3/2/2001: Asia poised for broadband boom
3/2/2001: Warp speed Web access is finally here
3/2/2001: Virtual Villages: Technology and the Developing World
3/2/2001: Apartments begin wiring for broadband access
3/2/2001: U.S. classrooms without broadband poised to fail, report finds
2/27/2001: Bandwidth is moving to catch up with the growing demand
2/26/2001: Lasers Aim to Cut Broadband Bottleneck
1/20/2001: UK: Oftel Speeds Up Urban Broadband

       DSL -

1/24/2002:Full ADSL chip solution offered by Samsung
12/24/2001:Verizon DSL Suit Appealed  - Wired News
Sparks Over Static
  - Wired News

9/2/2001:Synchroscan Launches First Retail Wireless Auto-Dialer Accessory for Palm Powered Handhelds  - Wired News
9/2/2001:24 CD-RW Drive With USB 2.0 Interface; Lightweight, Compact Drive Records Custom CDs Anywhere, Anytime  - Wired News
8/25/2001:The revenge of the Baby Bells - US News
8/15/2001:DSL activity continues meteoric rise - World Scientist
8/9/2001:Demand for Digital Subscriber Lines Overwhelms Consumers, Businesses - Industry Watch
8/9/2001:Bell Companies Blamed for D.S.L.'s Woes  - Wired News
5/3/2001:AT&T to raise broadband cable rates
5/3/2001:High Price Just for High Speed
4/28/2001:Is DSL Headed for a Meltdown?
4/27/2001:Sitting Pretty: How Baby Bells May Conquer Their World
4/27/2001:Congress: DSL competition in jeopardy
4/27/2001:Slow DSL rollout frustrates many
4/27/2001:High-grade DSL gains momentuml
3/23/2001: A DSL offer that's too good to be true?
3/2/2001: Four reasons to be optimistic about DSL
2/24/2001: Voice Over DSL Could Be A Killer App
2/24/2001: DSL Technology Just Got Faster
1/25/2001: Small town tests TV, DSL combo via phone lines
03/18/2000:Free ADSL Service in April

       Fiber-Optic Technology -

1/22/2002:s optical networks - El. Engr. Times
1/1/2002:Sandia's MEMS ride the light...  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Plumbing the high-fiber pipeline...  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Making the electroholographic switch...  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Turn on the Light  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Beam On  - Wired News
12/25/2001:Optical Switching for Next-Generation Networks - Science Quest
11/27/2001:Fiber glut blocks high-end opticals  -
11/17/2001:Photonic crystal distributed feedback laser quality gets a fivefold boost  -
10/4/2001:Indium phosphide optical amplifier handles multiple wavelengths - El. Engr. Times

9/26/2001:Fledgling protocol targets all-optical  -
9/26/2001:Agilent prepares way for 10 gbit/s -
Holography adapted to fiber communications
8/27/2001:New hybrid vision will boost optical circuits to $2.6 billion by 2005, says report  -
8/22/2001Gigabit Ethernet rides hybrid fiber/coax- El. Engr. Times
8/12/2001:Holography adapted to fiber communications  -
8/9/2001:Holography adapted to fiber communications - El. Engr. Times
7/30/2001:Optical Gate Promises Faster Data - Technology Review
7/22/2001:Optical Communications- D-MEMS yield new flexibility for optical nets  -
7/16/2001:Study: Fiber Biz Will Rise Again - Technology Review
7/10/2001:Packet switching all done with light  -
7/3/2001:Lab, Industry to Team Up to Create Enhanced Optical Networks- Science Daily
7/3/2001:Scientists Raise Fiber-Optic Limits- Technology Review
6/30/2001:We're approaching 150 terabits/second capacity limit on a single optical fiber - Science Central
6/19/2001:Corning: Builders of Light Pipes
6/12/2001:Manufacturing hurdles threaten photonics growth
6/10/2001:Scientists Create World's Smallest Laser
6/10/2001:Ultraviolet Light to Squeeze in the Data6
/6/2001:.Silicon Lasers
6/5/2001:.Optical nets drive integrated photonics
6/4/2001:.Optical suppliers to demo 100-Gbit connections
6/4/2001:.Hyperchip switch supports petabit speeds
6/3/2001:.Elastic laser spans the spectrum
5/24/2001:.All-Electronic Switch Strives for All-Optical Speed
5/24/2001:.Fiber-optic device might ten-fold single-fiber transmission speeds
5/21/2001:.Spiral path to photonics
5/17/2001:.Four-startup collective tackles 40, 160 Gbit/s
5/16/2001:.Building a Better Backbone
5/12/2001:.Blueprint opens doors for new microphotonic devices
5/6/2001:TI employs micromirrors for small-office Ethernet
5/1/2001:Optical's Fast Track to Networks
4/24/2001:Smart Cars Net Wireless Users
4/19/2001: Optical Communications: 40-Gbit/s nets call for process shift
4/19/2001: The Next Generation of Optical Fibers
4/19/2001: Signal design in the fast lane.
4/5/2001: Fiber Crosses the 10-Trillion-Bit Barrier
3/22/2001: Holey Fibers Could Revolutionize Telecommunications
3/21/2001: Shape-shifting crystals could be good news for the optical Internet
3/11/2001: A Better Optical Switch
2/26/2001: New devices could hold key to practical integrated optics
2/20/2001: Microphotonics to Open Way for All-Optical Networks
1/8/2001:Boost to Europe's Internet backbone
1/8/2001: Optic fibre world records broken
1/7/2001: Sea mouse promises bright optical communications future
04/11/2000:Opto-Chip?--Broadband Breakthrough?

        Fiber-Optic Services -

12/31/2001:Switching to All-Optical Networks - Science Quest
11/7/2001:Optic Outage Puts Users on Notice - Technology Review
10/25/2000:Signaling, Labels Aim to Simplify Optical Nets - Science Quest
10/4/2001:Prospects weighed for 40-Gbit optical networks - El. Engr. Times

In-Stat Predicts Fiber Optic to be Bright Spot in Future of Network Cabling
  - Wired News

8/27/2001:The Future of Optical Networking - Science Quest
8/9/2001:Samsung starts sampling 0.13-micron SRAM - El. Engr. Times
8/9/2001:Holography adapted to fiber communications - El. Engr. Times
8/8/2001:In-Stat Reports the Wait for IP is Slowing Down Cable Telephony - Industry Watch
8/3/2001:NTT launches 100 Mbit/second fiber-optic service  -
7/16/2001:Optical networks hit the suburbs  - CNN
5/19/2001:.SBC says cable industry holds broadband monopoly
5/17/2001:.IBM takes a BAT to bandwidth allocation
3/16/2001: Xilinx, PMC team on 10-Gbit/s packet-over-Sonet
3/3/2001: FLAG - Fiber-optic Link Around the Globe
3/2/2001: Terabeam aims to solve 'last mile' data jam
2/20/2001: Global Fiber Deployment to Double by 2005
1/8/2001: Gigabit per second delivered to desktop
11/28/2000: Japanese Plan Fiber-Optic Cabling for the Home

   Wireless -
       Cellular Devices -

1/23/2002:Killer text message found  - BBC
1/21/2002:BlackBerry Takes to the Airport  - Wired News
1/19/2002:Motorola introduces windup cell phone charger - Nando Times
1/15/2002:Phones and handhelds get closer  - BBC
1/13/2002:PRODUCT REVIEW- Smartphones juggle data, talk - Nando Times
1/11/2002:Mobile phone giants divided over anti-theft measures - Ananova
1/11/2002:Motorola plans wind-up mobile phone charger launch - Ananova
1/11/2002:Motorola unveils hands-free car phone system - Business Week
1/9/2002:Making mobiles mugger-proof  - BBC
12/31/2001:Driven to Distraction - Popular Science
12/31/2001:Hear Me Now, Listen Never - Popular Science
12/31/2001:Name That Tune — With Your Cell Phone - ABC
12/23/2001:All you need to customise your mobile phone - Ananova
12/12/2001:Volcanoes 'could help sustain mobile phone boom' - Ananova
11/25/2001:An answer to annoying cell phone rings?  - CNN
11/21/2001:Nokia opens up its phones  - BBC
11/21/2001:Secrets of good phones  - BBC
11/9/2001:'Warning, This Is a Stolen Phone'  - Wired News
11/7/2001:Police 'Bombard' Stolen Cell Phones With SMS  - Wired News
11/6/2001:Cell Phone Aids - ABC
10/22/2001:Location-sensing technology in cell phones worries privacy - Nando Timesadvocates - Nando Times
10/16/2001:Handspring unveils PDA-phones  - CNN
10/12/2001:Nokia's New Wonder Phone  - Wired N
War images via high-tech 'videophone'  - CNN
10/4/2001:Japan demos feature-rich 3G handsets - El. Engr. Times
10/4/2001:Sprint debuts GPS mobile phone for 911  - CNN

Cell Phones Dial Multicolor, High-Speed Video
- Science Quest
8/26/2001:Sony unveils ‘networked’ handycams - MSNBC
8/22/2001Hand-Held Or Hands-Free, Cell Phones Stymie Drivers - Industry Watch
8/22/2001The Sounds of Silence - ABC
8/19/2001:IBM notebooks go wireless; Quantum, Compaq offer tape library; HP bundles business software with scanners; FileMaker upgrade crosses platforms - Industry Watch
8/18/2001:US Startup pushes for 1 Gbit/sec. over cable-TV networks  -
8/16/2001:Wireless communications and digital pencils - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:Voice calls go out over HomeRF- El. Engr. Times
8/11/2001:Disposable Cell Phones? - Technology Review
8/4/2001:Twisted loop to give mobiles multiple antennas for voice, data and GPS  -
7/31/2001:New Sound Could Revolutionize Cell Phones  - Wired News
7/25/2001:Big Plans for the Tiny Screen  - Wired News
7/17/2001:High Tech And High Touch- Wireless Technology Enables Physicians To Access Patient Updates From Anywhere, Anytime - NY Times
7/12/2001:Making Cell-Phone Conversations More Private - Beyond 2000
7/1/2001:Nokia to deliver new GPRS phone to the Americas  -
6/25/2001:Motorola plans low-end phone chip for China  -
6/13/2001:Mobile firms patent 'brain shields'
5/17/2001:.Vendors join wireless forces to fight car theft
5/13/2001:.New Homes To Be High in Fiber
5/13/2001:.Fibre or Free Space?
4/16/2001: Kyocera's New Smartphone
4/6/2001:Who Wants Smart Phones?
4/5/2001: Disposable cell phones coming soon
4/2/2001: Will Samsung’s MPEG-4 phone start a video revolution?
3/24/2001: Ballmer: Microsoft wants to be in your phone
3/24/2001: Europe's Phones Are Smarter
3/24/2001: Using your cellphone to monitor your pulse and breathing rate
3/24/2001: The revolutionary coming world of wireless PDA's
3/24/2001: Using a cellphone, plus a PIN, for secure identification you
3/24/2001: Japan's 16 Million I-mode Internet Phones
3/24/2001: Mobile devices becoming stranger than sci-fi
3/24/2001: Wireless web slowly luring WAP users
3/17/2001: The Universal Cell Phone
3/14/2001: Smart Time for Smartphones?
2/16/2001: The paper phone

      Wireless Networks -

1/24/2002:Sprint-ing Toward Elusive 3G  - Wired News
1/19/2002:Road Warriors Lead Wireless Adoption - Technology Review
1/19/2002:New Group Forms to Promote 3G Nets - Technology Review
1/17/2002:3G by Any Other Name - Economist
1/14/2002:Sprint to launch high-speed wireless data services this summer - ABC
1/4/2002:Mobile phone operators open 3G tests in Finland - Ananova
1/2/2002:Futurologist has faith in 3G - Ananova
1/2/2002:Japanese telecoms to limit mobile phone use for New Year - Ananova
1/8/2002:New Nokia promises to set new standards in international roaming - Ananova
12/31/2001:Security overhaul for wireless networks  - BBC
12/29/2001:The Missing Wireless Link  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Pocket Monster  - Wired News
12/20/2001:Unwiring the Web - Technology Review
12/20/2001:Goodbye to free phone games
  - BBC
12/20/2001:RSA announces fix for wireless net hole  - CNN
12/20/2001:Unwiring the Web - Technology Review 
12/15/2001:Can Cellphones Kick Start the IT Revival?  - Wired News
12/15/2001:Fixed Wireless Standard Approved - Technology Review
12/15/2001:Call at Night, Urge Wireless Firms- Technology Review
12/15/2001:Q&A- Wireless communication, the science  - BBC
12/15/2001:Hiding in Plain Sight - Tech TV
12/13/2001:Cellphone Free Minutes Drying Up - Technology Review 
12/11/2001:O.K., O.K., I'm Going Cellular - NY Times

12/9/2001:Ericsson to Deliver 3G Core Network To Inmarsat - SpaceDaily
12/9/2001:Ericsson, Autodesk tell SMS where you are  - CNN
12/7/2001:Home Appliance Wireless Chips - Technology Review
12/6/2001:Intel Sees Wireless Opportunities- Technology Review
11/25/2001:Nokia to set up 3G networks research in China  - CNN
11/24/2001:Study- 3 percent of N.C. drivers on cell phones at any given time  - Eureka Alert
11/23/2001:"Mesh radio" can deliver super-fast internet for all - New Scientist
11/22/2001:What's the Next Wave in Spectrum?  - Wired News
11/21/2001:Mobile Net Promises Meet Reality - Technology Review
11/20/2001:Apple's improvements to wireless networking may tempt you aboard - Seattle Times
11/20/2001:New wireless networking standard approved  - CNN
11/19/2001:VoiceStream to add e-mail service to cell phones - Nando Times
11/17/2001:Microsoft Missing from 3G Pact - Technology Review
11/16/2001:NTT DoCoMo and Nokia announce 3G action plan - Ananova
11/16/2001:Monks get mobile phone habits - Ananova
11/16/2001:Vendors, Telcos Team up for 3G - Technology Review
11/15/2001:Future looks gloomy for 3G-alternative technology Edge  -
11/13/2001:A Seamless Link With PC's Wireless Networker - L. A. Times
Automakers' Wireless Woes - ABC
11/11/2001:FCC Lifts Cap on Cellular Use - Technology Review
11/10/2001:FCC to Ease Airwave Restrictions  - Wired News
11/9/2001:Fixed wireless broadband hits speed bumps  - CNN
11/8/2001:Wireless networks wide open  - BBC
11/8/2001:A tangled web of net numbers  - BBC
11/8/2001:The Scramble for Wireless Spectrum - Business Week
11/7/2001:ANALYSIS- Uncertainty marks wireless rollout in U.S. - Nando Times
11/5/2001:Airports Press Ahead on Wireless Access  - Wired News
11/4/2001:Cingular to move to GSM technology by 2004  - CNN
11/3/2001:Inventor comes up with 'quick draw' for mobile users - Ananova
11/2/2001Visa Studies Geolocation Technology
11/2/2001Liberties Fear Over Mobile Phone Details
11/2/2001EU Law May Bring Out Dead Mobiles  - Wired News
11/2/2001Sex and the Cellphone-Deprived  - Wired News
11/2/2001Wireless Industry Pushes for Scrapping Limits Now - Tech TV
11/2/2001The Ultimate Mobile Office? - Tech TV
11/2/2001Giving Wireless a Voice - Tech TV
11/2/2001Inventor smells a fortune in fragrant mobiles - Ananova11/2/2001Visa Studies Geolocation Technology
11/2/2001Liberties Fear Over Mobile Phone Details
11/2/2001EU Law May Bring Out Dead Mobiles  - Wired News
11/2/2001Sex and the Cellphone-Deprived  - Wired News
11/2/2001Wireless Industry Pushes for Scrapping Limits Now - Tech TV
11/2/2001The Ultimate Mobile Office? - Tech TV
11/2/2001Giving Wireless a Voice - Tech TV
11/2/2001Inventor smells a fortune in fragrant mobiles - Ananova

11/1/2001:Will Fixed Wireless Ever Take Off? - Technology Review
11/1/2001:High-Speed Wireless Looms - Tech TV
11/1/2001:FCC, NextWave Close to Deal - Technology Review
10/29/2000:Wireless Hotspots Soon to Grow - Technology Review
10/27/2000:Device automatically switches off plane passengers' mobiles- ABC
10/26/2000:The Wireless Industry's Spectrum Shortage
- Business Week

10/26/2000:Net access service closing- AT&T Wireless says offering didn't meet financial targets - Dallas News
10/25/2001:FCC Leaves Independents in the Cold - L. A. Times
10/25/2000:AT&T exits fixed wireless business - El. Engr. Times
10/23/2001:Senator Criticizes FCC Decision - Technology Review
10/18/2001:Not Shopping Wireless Yet
Tech TV
10/13/2001:Value, Needs Of Cell Phones Highlighted September 11  - Unisci
10/12/2001:Nokia's GPRS network to cover whole of China
- Ananova
10/12/2001:U.S. Plans New Cellular System  - Wired News
10/10/2001:Handheld video talk for future 3G services  -
2.5G Goes Nowhere Fast - Business
10/9/2001:Trying to Attract Cell Users to 3G - NY Times
10/8/2001:FCC gives wireless carriers 3 more years to track 911 calls - Industry Watch
10/7/2001:corDECT -
10/7/2001:Some Make Call to Go All Wireless - Technology Review
10/6/2001:New communications technology helps Manhattan get back to business - Ananova
10/6/2001:They Like It Fast in Asia  - Wired News
10/5/2001:The Future of Wireless - Discover
10/5/2001:Wireless net strides mountains  - BBC
10/4/2001:NTT DoCoMo 'expects to launch 3G in Europe next year'
- Ananova

10/4/2001:'Japanese consumers desperate for 3G videophones' - Ananova
10/3/2001:'No stampede for pioneering 3G mobiles' - Ananova
10/2/2001World's first 3G phone service launched
9/27/2001:The Future of Wireless - Discover
Vodafone fails 3G test
  - BBC
9/12/2001:Vodafone Cuts 3G Speed
  - Wired News
9/8/2001:Japan to launch first high-speed mobile network - New Scientist
9/6/2001:Ultrafast wireless technology set to lift off- CNN
9/5/2001:Fixed Wireless System To Join Broadband Access Race - Study - Industry Watch
9/5/2001:Pentagon Defends Its Spectrum - Technology Review
9/5/2001:DirecTV Broadband to Sell Net Access - L. A. Times
9/5/2001:Some making call to go totally wireless - Dallas News
9/3/2001:U.K. company unveils Microsoft's Stinger-based mobile phone  -
9/3/2001:RIM conference showcases wireless development  - CNN
8/29/2001:Beaming Data Holds Promise, With Limits, for Networking- NY Times
8/29/2001:Intel and TI intensify wireless architecture battle - El. Engr. Times
8/29/2001:Europe Lagging Behind in 3G?  - Wired News
8/28/2001:Sizzling Startup- OEwaves - Technology Review
8/28/2001:Slowdown on High-Speed Express  - Wired News
8/28/2001:Free wireless broadband trials in London  - CNN
8/28/2001:Cell carriers eye wireless LANs  - CNN
8/28/2001:Pressure for wireless dead-spot data - MSNBC
8/27/2001:The Undefended Airwaves - Technology Review
8/27/2001:FCC Ponders Great Band Grab - Technology Review
8/26/2001:Wireless Networks in Big Trouble  - Wired News
8/26/2001:Test-driving offerings of the wireless world - Seattle Times
8/27/2001:3G requirements raise stakes in spectrum battle  - CNN
8/24/2001:60-GHz band- Fiber's new alternative - Industry Watch
8/23/2001New Threat to Wireless LANs? - Technology Review
8/22/2001Pentagon fights to keep its airwaves as wireless industry expands - ABC
8/19/2001:Experts warn of wireless 'net risks - Industry Watch
8/15/2001:Smart Plans Wireless Expansion In The Philippines - Industry Watch
8/15/2001:FCC Explores 3G Spectrum Options- Technology Review
8/15/2001:Voice calls go out over HomeRF  -
8/15/2001:AT&T offers another high-speed Internet service Wireless method adds rival for DSL and cable modems - Industry Watch
8/9/2001:E-Learning Needs Wireless - Technology Review
8/9/2001:Subscription-based wireless content introduced  - CNN
8/6/2001:In Rural India, a Passage to Wirelessness - NY Times
8/6/2001:Verizon to start 3G rollout this year  - CNN
8/3/2001:Verizon Wireless is joining other mobile phone carriers in asking the government for more time to install technology to pinpoint 911 callers. - MSNBC
7/28/2001:Auction winners want FCC to pay NextWave up to $5B to go away - El. Engr. Times
7/27/2001:Speeding Up the Wireless Web - ABC
7/26/2001:Low power, highly reliable, wireless, infrared local area networks demonstrated  - Eureka Alert
7/25/2001:AT&T Wireless launches 2.5G with limitations  - CNN
7/24/2001:3G talk gets cheaper  - BBC
7/23/2001:Wireless LANs Going Mainstream  - Technology Review
7/17/2001:3G Needs Cash, Spectrum - Technology Review
7/16/2001:Mobile Web vs. Reality - Technology Review
7/15/2001:Will 3G networks flop in U.S.- Unfortunately yes, says new report  -
7/11/2001:Fixed wireless ready for wide rollout- El. Engr. Tim
7/11/2001:Military Sees Its Future in Wireless - Technology Review
7/8/2001:Data Beamers - Popular Science
7/3/2001:Ad-hoc relay system to guarantee 3G network access  -
7/2/2001:Connecting Your Car to the Web  - Wired News
6/27/2001:Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association Show - Popular Mechanics
6/27/2001:Wireless LANs Go Public - Technology Review
6/27/2001:Microsoft Plays Wireless Catch-up - Technology Review
6/21/2001:IBM, National team up to accelerate Internet gateways in household systems -
6/21/2001:Microsoft: One Year to Mobile Net
6/21/2001:Wireless LANs Go Public - Technology Review
6/20/2001:Mobile Phones Adopt Internet Standard - Technology Review
6/18/2001:India Pushing Mobiles to Masses - Unwired News
6/15/2001:U.S. 3G Spectrum Price Tag Soars - Unwired News
6/15/2001:New wireless architecture would extend cell-phone coverage to where it is needed most
6/15/2001:Wider Coverage For Cell Phones Described In Helsinki
6/12/2001:High-Speed Wireless Hits Japan
6/8/2001:Keeping digital photos vivid requires right match
6/3/2001:.Wireless technology and the erosion of place
5/31/2001:.Japan plans 100-Mbit/s rates for 4G mobile phones
5/26/2001:.3G 'lemmings' face tough future
4/24/2001:Smart Cars Net Wireless Users
4/16/2001: Headaches for Sprint's wireless Net service
4/10/2001: GSM And GPRS: A Look At Europe's Future
4/10/2001: Is Wireless Just a Fairy Tale?
4/2/2001: Japan’s wireless Web network will open to outside providers
3/31/2001: 3G 'may never happen'
3/29/2001: Wireless convention showcases untethered future
3/24/2001: Runic Blip to build wireless future
3/24/2001: Industry's mobile hopes
4/2/2001: Testing the Ricochet Urban Wireless Wideband Service
3/24/2001: Tens of thousands of new towers will be needed for a third-generation cellphone system
3/24/2001: Pinpointing the location of a wireless device is trickier than it sounds
3/23/2001: 2-Mbaud 3_G wireless by 2002; 8-Mbaud 4-G wireless will follow
3/23/2001: An automotive data broadcast system
3/22/2001: Sprint PCS to begin 3G migration this year
3/17/2001: 3G wireless 'over-hyped
3/11/2001: 40-Mbit wireless rides orthogonal multiplexing
3/10/2001: The next big technological shift, many say, is the wireless revolution — which has already begun. Here’s a look at some wireless devices and what they’ll be able to do in the near future.
3/10/2001: When will the next generation of wireless reach the public?
3/10/2001: The coming wireless revolution
2/26/2001: World Wireless Wait
1/30/2001: Ultra-Wideband Could Interfere With Traditional Radio
1/29/2001: Boosting the Data Rates of Wireless Networks
1/28/2001: More bandwidth for your buck
10/24/2000:When the Wireless World Meets the Next-Generation Internet

       Bluetooth -

1/19/2002:Bluetooth Becomes Reality - Technology Review
1/17/2002:Bluetooth settling into comfortable niche  -
1/8/2002:Motorola set to unveil Bluetooth car kit - Ananova
12/18/2001:Bluetooth projected to emerge in force next year - El. Engr. Times
12/18/2001:Bluetooth- Dream technology comes down to earth  - CNN
12/15/2001:Microsoft says XP will support Bluetooth - El. Engr. Times
12/15/2001:Waiting for Godot, er, Bluetooth  - Wired News
12/14/2001:Philips says new embedded antenna technology will ease Bluetooth integration  -
12/13/2001:Bluetooth Is Here- Yawn or Yay  - Wired News
12/12/2001:Cell Carriers Push Wireless LANs - Technology Review
11/9/2001:U.K. firm plans Bluetooth network
  - CNN
UPS- Tangled Up in Bluetooth
- Technology Review
9/8/2001:Wipro Technologies Becomes the Second Company in the World to Get Its Bluetooth Profiles QualifiedWorld Scientist
9/3/2001:New Uses for Bluetooth
9/2/2001:Bluetooth Has Arrived, but Don't Unplug Just Yet  - Wired News
8/27/2001:Building Steam for Bluetooth - ABC
8/27/2001:Bluetooth a no-show as 802.11b clicks at Rawcon  -
8/26/2001:(IFX.FK) Infineon Technologies and WIDCOMM Create Turn-Key Bluetooth System Solution for PCs and PDAs - Industry Watch
8/20/2001Bluetooth 1.1 addresses earlier flaws  - CNN
8/12/2001:UPS- Tangled Up in Bluetooth- Technology Review
8/5/2001:Popular demand delays Japanese Bluetooth trial  - CNN
8/4/2001:Bluetooth connects Palm to other devices, Internet - Boston Globe
8/2/2001:Bluetooth hit by early snags, but market could reach $330 billion by 2006, says analyst  -
6/26/2001:Bluetooth deployment lags behind predictions  - CNN
6/16/2001:The Final Bluetooth Question
6/12/2001:Alcatel puts single-chip Bluetooth back on shelf
6/2/2001:.Vendors give products Bluetooth bite
6/1/2001:.Cirrus to integrate Silicon Wave's Bluetooth technology in processors
4/10/2001: High Prices Threaten Bluetooth Adoption
4/2/2001: Is Bluetooth worth the wait?

       Powerline -

12/29/2001:The Electric Kool-Aid Bandwidth Test  - Wired News
Japan- High speed Internet access via power lines agreed
- Industry Watch
8/8/2001:Ubicom Technology Enables Use of Power Lines for Data Transmission; Phonex System Provides Home Networking With No New Wires - Industry Watch
7/24/2001:Net Over Power Lines Concept Is Back - Technology Review
6/25/2001:Are Powerline Nets Finally Ready? - Technology Review
6/16/2001:Flickering fluorescent lights foretell glowing data distribution networks
4/2/2001:Companies unveil new technology that turns electric sockets into phone jacks

       Satellite -

12/30/2001:Cable-Satellite Fight Heats Up  - Wired News
11/30/2001:New TV satellite launched - Ananova
11/30/2001:WorldCom to launch satellite Internet broadband service - Nando Times
11/15/2001:War a Boon to Satellite Phone Company  - Wired News
11/11/2001:Terrorism Fears Aid Iridium Relaunch  - Wired News
11/6/2001:BT Openworld announces prices for satellite broadband - Ananova
10/31/2000:EchoStar to Buy DirecTV - Tech TV
10/30/2000:GM to sell DirecTV to EchoStar - Salon
10/18/2001:Complete Coverage- Satellite Phones Take Off
Tech TV

9/27/2001:Demand for satellite phones rises
- Dallas News
Globalstar Provides Satellite Phone Service to Contestants and Crew Of NBC Fall Program "LOST"
- Industry Watch
7/11/2001:High Speed Satellite Secrecy a Step Closer - Science Central
4/15/2001: Wireless Video on Demand
3/29/2001: Iridium satellite phone re-launch
3/15/2001: Here's why you don't own a satellite phone

Computer Technology:

10/28/2000:Smartcard controllers get Java speedups  -
Modern Geeks Show Off Ancient PCs
  - Wired News

7/29/2001:Fighter pilot research leads to computer eye-control for disabled  -
7/29/2001:New Shirt or Cloth Keyboard?-  - Wired News
5/28/2001:.Gordon Moore steps down from Intel board
5/20/2001:.IBM's Power4 chip will fight disease first
4/22/2001:Bahrain to Host New Man-Vs-Machine Chess Tussle
1/11/2001: IBM Research Projects
4/29/2001:IBM Dream: Self-Policing Networks


12/19/2001:It's Not Easy Being Virtual - Popular Science
12/19/2001:Doug Lenat's AI project quietly goes public.  - Scientific American
12/17/2001:AI software system extracts meaning from babble - El. Engr. Times
12/15/2001:New Computer System Beats Humans At Guessing GenderFrom Face and Voice Cues  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:Intel's new software targets advance 'computer-vision' capability - Silicon Strategies
11/16/2001:Software DJ promises end to empty dance floors - Ananova
11/16/2001:Computer DJ uses biofeedback to pick tracks - New Scientist
11/13/2001:Artificial Intelligence  - Popular Mechanics
11/8/2001:AI Firm Helps Computers Think - Technology Review
11/3/2001:IBM Bets on Self-Healing Servers - Technology Review
10/28/2000:Artificial Intelligence - New Scientist
10/21/2001:Using Humans as a Computer Model - NY Times
10/20/2001:Bringing computers to life  - BBC
10/17/2001:Chatty computer wins again  - BBC
10/17/2001:Real World Computing Project (RWC)  - CNN
10/17/2001:Alice, the Talking Chatbot
10/13/2001:Chatty computers sought- BBC
10/12/2001:"Intelligence" at the Real World Computing Project  - CNN
10/8/2001:Machines With a Human Touch - Economist
9/14/2001:Like Ants, Computers Learn From Bottom Up 

9/12/2001:A.I. Can't Yet Follow Film Script  - Wired News
9/4/2001:NASA's Neural-Type Computing - Beyond 2000
8/30/2001:Netherlands To Get Its First Virtual Wireless Operator - Industry Watch
8/28/2001:Brain-Inspired Computing - JPL
8/27/2001:New Tool Analyzes Facial Expressions  - Wired News
8/26/2001:Sizzling Startup- Impinj - Technology Review
8/26/2001:Israeli 'Hal' Eyes Turing Test  - Wired News
8/26/2001:Taking Baby Steps Toward True AITech TV
8/26/2001:Hal's First Steps - ABC
8/26/2001:Artificial Intelligence Seeks Natural Interfaces - Science Quest
8/18/2001:People By Apparatuses To Replace- Beyond 2000
8/15/2001:Gates shows 'smarter' software for iPaq  - CNN
8/15/2001:AI programs to battle in guessing game- New Scientist
8/15/2001:Computers Learn to Play By Rules  - Wired News
8/15/2001:Will computers write?  - BBC
8/15/2001:Artificial intelligence seeks natural interfaces- El. Engr. Times
Robots beat humans in trading battle  - BBC
8/14/2001:Robots Make More Cash Than City Traders - Science Quest
8/14/2001:Smarter gadgets acquire soccer, scheduling skills - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:Artificial intelligence conference under way in Seattle- Nando Times
8/12/2001:A.I. Can't Yet Follow Film Script  - Wired News
8/6/2001:At Your Service- ABC
8/5/2001:Origin of the Patents - Technology Review
7/23/2001:U.S. military deploys neural network technology - El. Engr. Times
7/20/2001:IBM's Eliza Is Here to Serve You  - Wired News
7/17/2001:AI software to staff computer help desks - Technology Review
7/11/2001:Computer Personality Faces Human Psychological Test- Unisci
7/10/2001Film Emphasizes Ethics of AI, Not Science - SciNews
7/9/2001:Keying in on Faces - ABC
7/5/2001:The Truth Behind A.I.  - Wired News
7/5/2001:Engineering intelligence: A visit to the real 'A.I.'  - CNN
7/5/2001:AI in the Real World- Technology Review
7/3/2001:Cycorp to release some 'common sense' software
7/3/2001:Part of the Cyc Knowledge Base to Be Opened to the Public
7/2/2001:AI Isn't Just a Movie; Machines Today Can "Think"- Nat'l. Geo. News
7/2/2001:A.I.- Lacks a Human Touch  - Wired News
7/2/2001:HAL's New Pals  - Wired News
6/30/2001:A.I.- Unraveling the Mysteries  - Wired News
6/28/2001:Robo Attorney - Beyond 2000
6/28/2001:Dueling software: Now lawyers can let their computers argue  - Eureka
6/22/2001:Do computers really think?
6/22/2001:What's Real, What's Science Fiction? - SciNews
6/20/2001:Camera's neural net has an eye for composition  - El. Engr. Times
6/13/2001:Computers play catch-up
6/1/2001:.Artificial Intelligence Software to Command Mission
6/1/2001:.Applying artificial intelligence to teach robots how to behave a little more like human explorers
5/31/2001:.Carnegie Mellon Robot Lab Makes Cars Smarter
5/15/2001:.UK firm plans man-versus-machine chess match
5/12/2001:.Reinventing the Intelligent Agent
5/12/2001:.Computer chips learn from history
5/10/2001:Computer can follow you even when you’re out of sight
5/6/2001:Artificially Intelligent Legal Aide
5/5/2001:IBM Earmarks Billions for 'Smart' Server
5/5/2001:Black and White: Playing God
5/3/2001:"Black & White's" Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence
5/2/2001:Mental Computer Control
5/2/2001:Computer scientist
5/1/2001:Computers Taught to Detect Emotions in Human Voices
5/1/2001:Kurzweil: Rooting for the Machine
4/28/2001:AI - Bergers Brainware
4/21/2001: Scientists Teach Computer to Speak
4/19/2001: First Cyborg is Looking Just a Little Down at the Eel
4/13/2001: AI is alive on the internet
4/20/2001: Making HAL Your Pal
4/20/2001: Battle for the Unseen Computer
3/22/2001: An artificial intelligence system can now sound the alarm when it sees someone in danger of drowning
3/4/2001: Researchers in Germany develop computer that can ‘feel’ emotion
3/2/2001: New AI Program that Learns Language the Way We Do
3/2/2001: Educating Hal
3/2/2001: Computer 'can talk like a baby
2/28/2001: How Artificial Vision Will Work
2/26/2001: Criminal Faces in the Crowd Still Elude Hidden ID Cameras
2/22/2001: Secret Cameras Scanned Crowd at Super Bowl for Criminals
2/22/2001: NASA Uses Muscle Signals to Land Simulated 757
2/21/2001: IBM's Emotion Mouse
2/18/2001: Thinking machines
2/28/2001: How Holographic Memory Will Work
2/17/2001: Cyberlife Research and Steve Grand
2/17/2001: AI at the University of the West of England
2/17/2001: Creating computers that know how you feel
2/16/2001: Thinking and typing
2/10/2001:Brain-Direct Control
1/31/2001: Computer Soon May Be Able To Tell Who Wrote What
1/30/2001: Human-Computer Interaction Gets a Helping Hand, Eye and Voice

   Basic Technology -

10/12/2001:Circuits That Bug Out Bugs - Lycos
10/8/2001:HOLD FOR RELEASE Monday 1201 a.m. EDT
- Industry Watch
Via readies integrated P4 graphics chip sets
  - CNN

5/14/2001:.Self-aligning micro-mirrors
4/5/2001: Advances made in transparent electronics
3/18/2001: Scientists rail at PC design
3/17/2001: Nanodot Lasers
3/17/2001: Cold chips shrink horizons
3/15/2001: Blue Lasers
3/13/2001: A new spin on magnets
3/13/2001: Superconductivity: it's in the genes
2/21/2001: Biology in Silicon
2/9/2001: LSU Physicists Make Major Thin-Film Conductivity Discovery
2/8/2001: Silicon and Cells
2/1/2001: Computing with magnets
1/11/2001: Organic crystals show siliconlike abilities and may elucidate fundamental physics
12/27/2000 Technique tethers molecules to silicon with atomic precision

       Semiconductors -

1/24/2002:Cheap silicon replacement for gallium arsenide in mobiles  -
1/22/2002:Slow ramp expected for 333-MHz DDR DRAMs - El. Engr. Times
1/22/2002:Carbon nanotubes to improve solar cells - El. Engr. Times
1/22/2002:Intel sees cheaper chips from 300mm but not until 2003  -
1/21/2002:New Book- World Will See Computers in Whole New Light - Science Quest
1/21/2002:Supercritical Carbon Dioxide  - Technology Review
1/19/2002:Flexible Transistors on a Roll  - Technology Review
1/19/2002:How Long Will the Chips Be Down? - Technology Review
1/18/2002:Chinese Chips- "Everybody Is Gung-Ho" - Business Week
1/18/2002:Tapping DNA Power for Computers - Business Week
1/17/2002:Electrically driven device creates single photons  -
1/16/2002:Samsung develops 0.11-micron low-power SRAM - El. Engr. Times
1/16/2002:Rambus feels effects of declining prices - El. Engr. Times
1/14/2002:With the silicon chip approaching the physical limits of its material, UB researchers are looking for alternative  - Eureka Alert
1/13/2002:Quantum phase first could be foundation for memories  -
1/12/2002:Chips That Zip  - Eureka Alert
1/12/2002:Can You Work On a Computer That Won't Be Built for 10 Years?  - Eureka Alert
1/11/2002:Startup aims cold-emission electron gun at CRTs  -
1/10/2002:Gallium nitride nears use in RF semiconductors - El. Engr. Times
1/9/2002:DRAM price spike could bring profits soon  -
1/9/2002:'No Shannon limit' for novel compression scheme  -
1/8/2002:Intel readies road map for billion-transistor processors - El. Engr. Times
1/8/2002:Intel finally takes wraps off DDR chipset  -
1/8/2002:IC Media rolls out mega-pixel, CMOS image sensor for digital cameras  -
1/8/2002:Inside Intel, Part 2 - ABC
1/7/2002:Chips Go 3-D  - Technology Review
1/7/2002:Supercritical Carbon Dioxide  - Technology Review
1/6/2002:5 Patents- Molecular Memory - Technology Review
1/6/2002:Quantum leap- ultra-cold matter could help next-era computing - Technology Review
1/6/2002:‘Peapods’ could grow into circuitry - MSNBC
1/5/2002:Hynix raises memory chip prices for long-term customers - Nando Times
1/5/2002:New Pentium 4s to alter competitive map - Business Week
1/2/2002:Software model needs overhaul - El. Engr. Times
1/2/2002:DDR memory prices soar pending Intel introduction
1/2/2002:Speech recognition headed for cellphones and autos  -
1/2/2002:technologies to watch - El. Engr. Times
1/1/2002:Mini-Lasers and Silicon on Sapphire Technology Lead to Speedier and Cost-Effective Interconnects Between Computer Chips  - Eureka Alert
12/30/2001:Matrix Preps 64-Mbyte Write-Once Memory - Science Quest
12/26/2001:Artificial intelligence - Economist
12/25/2001:Science's Top Ten- Nanoscale Computing Circuits Named Top Scientific Advance of 2001 - Science Quest
12/24/2001:Big Step in Tiny Computer Power - ABC
12/24/2001:Nanocircuits Top 2001's Breakthroughs  - Wired News
12/24/2001:2001's top science breakthrough was molecule-size computers - Seattle
12/22/2001:Benzocyclobutene-Based Polymers for Microelectronics - Science Quest
12/22/2001:Shortest Transistor Makes a Debut - Technology Review
12/20/2001:Nanoelectronic Road Ahead:  - Eureka Alert
12/20/2001:South Korean semiconductor firms lift chip prices - Technology Review 
12/18/2001:Fujitsu details new lower-cost chip technology  -
12/18/2001:CSR, SiGe Semi to develop reference design for Bluetooth  -
12/18/2001:Stacked cells to boost density of write-once memory  -
12/18/2001:Protocom claims first hardwired MPEG-4 codec for video at full frame rates  -
12/17/2001:Low-energy e-beam proposed for next-generation lithography - Silicon Strategies
12/17/2001:Protocom claims first hardwired MPEG-4 codec for video at full frame rates - Silicon Strategies
12/14/2001:AMD prepares for SOI processing in Dresden fab - Silicon Strategies
12/14/2001:Intel, Sun sketch multiprocessor chip plans - El. Engr. Times
12/14/2001:Stacked cells to boost density of write-once memory  -
12/13/2001:A Vertical Leap for Microchips  - Scientific American
12/12/2001:New Chip Ideas Not So Far-Fetched - NY Times
12/11/2001:Rolling Out New 'Dimension' for Chips - Tech TV
12/10/2001:Hitachi fashions multibit cell for 1-Gbit flash chip - El. Engr. Times
12/10/2001:Insulating DNA to build nanoscale circuits 'bottom up' - Silicon Strategies
12/9/2001:Electrons in a spin over quantum trap  -
12/9/2001:Researchers Discover How to Control Electron Spin Electrically - Science Quest
12/9/2001:They May Be Small But They Have a Big Charge - Science Quest
12/8/2001:Plastic Transistor—First Step to "Electronic Paper"? - Nat'l. Geo. News
12/8/2001:Will 'nothing' improve transistor? - New Scientist
12/8/2001Chips Shrink Faster Than Expected - Technology Review
12/8/2001:Kentron, STMicro, and ICS push new memory scheme to boost DDR performance - Silicon Strategies
12/8/2001:IC makers open double-gated door to transistor's future - Silicon Strategies
12/8/2001:Applied says PVD chamber extends cobalt films well below 0.13-micron node - Silicon Strategies
12/8/2001:AMD transistor moves in at 3.33THz in 'I can do better' battle with Intel - El. Engr. Times
12/8/2001:ASML pushes 248-nm lithography tools to 0.11-micron resolution  -
12/8/2001:Chip makers open double-gated door to transistor's future - El. Engr. Times
12/7/2001:Submicron zone catalyst for end of bulk CMOS  -
12/7/2001:IBM double-gate gets self-aligned using CMP  -
12/7/2001:IBM claims it has made double-gate transistor suitable for fabrication
12/7/2001:GaAs chip to meet complex demands of hard X-ray sensors  -
12/7/2001:UCSB's Awschalom and co-researchers publish breakthrough Spintronics discoveries in Nature  - Eureka Alert
12/6/2001:The Quest for the Spin Transistor - Science Quest
12/6/2001:AMD claims to beat Intel's record for world's fastest transistor - Silicon Strategies
12/6/2001:Toshiba identifies possible successor to SOI called 'silicon-on-nothing' - Silicon Strategies
12/6/2001:IBM says double-gate transistor now suitable for fabrication in future fabs - Silicon Strategies
12/6/2001:Motorola readies 0.10-micron, 'foundry-compatible' process with SOI and copper - Silicon Strategies
12/5/2001:IBM- New Transistor to Boost Chip Speed  - Wired News
12/5/2001:Big changes ahead for microprocessors  - C/Net
12/5/2001:Intel to reveal chip-packing breakthrough  - C/Net
12/5/2001:Intel transistors fight the power  - C/Net
11/29/2001:Intel picks up pace in bus and chipset race  -
11/28/2001:Intel Unveils Low-Power Transistor - Technology Review
11/28/2001:Optics could push chips beyond 10GHz  - CNN
11/28/2001:Intel sees breakthrough with new transistor  - CNN
11/28/2001:Intel does about-face on silicon-on-insulator, backs high-k dielectric - El. Engr. Times
11/27/2001:New, Speedy Transistor - ABC
11/27/2001:Electronic ink takes first step to active signs on LCD production line  -
11/27/2001:Intel boosts switching speeds beyond 1 THz  -
11/27/2001:Mixed-signal IC first for behind-the-ear speech processor  -
11/27/2001:Nallatech core library boosts Virtex family up to 12 Gflops/sec.  -
11/25/2001:Storing Quantum Data One Step Closer to Controlling Light Particles- Science Quest
11/24/2001:Chip makers road map brings EDA into the loop - El. Engr. Times
11/24/2001:Biomolecular computer gives DNA output within an hour  -
11/24/2001:Superconductor normal superconductor Josephson junction from MgB2 on sapphire  -
11/24/2001:Focused-ion beam milling fabricates magnetic nanostructures -   -
11/24/2001:Storing quantum data one step closer to controlling light particles  -
11/23/2001:New Computer Runs on DNA - ABC
11/23/2001:Water drop holds a trillion computers  - Nature
1/22/2001:Tiny Tubes Wired into Circuits - Technology Review
11/22/2001:Photon Switch on Leading Edge of More Powerful Computers - Science Quest
11/22/2001:Crystal Growth Yields More Precise Semiconductors - Science News
11/21/2001:Researchers integrate opals in silicon for potential use in optical devices  -
11/19/2001:From Science- Frontier of magnetism could bring new breeds of computers - MSNBC
11/19/2001:Computer Optics Not an Illusion  - Wired News
11/17/2001:Researchers integrate opals in silicon for potential use in optical devices  -
11/17/2001:Optical control method offers possiblity of biological memory devices  -
11/17/2001:Toshiba, SanDisk introduce 1-Gbit flash with multi-level cell technology  -
11/16/2001:Semiconductors get on our nerves  - Nature
11/16/2001:Intel finds allies for futuristic nonvolatile memory - El. Engr. Times
11/15/2001:IT's Future- Organic Nanotransistors - Technology Review
11/15/2001:Toshiba, Sandisk sample 1-Gbit multilevel cell NAND flash - El. Engr. Times
11/15/2001:Beam lithography versus self-assembly processes for nano-computing  -
Magnetic memory chips - Economist
Machines with a human touch - Economist
Nanoscale transistor circuits move into logic  -
11/11/2001:Tiny Transistor - ABC
11/11/2001:A little logic goes a long way  - Nature
11/11/2001:Nanocomputers Get Real  - Wired New
11/10/2001:ICCAD probes nanotechnology implications - El. Engr. Times
11/10/2001:Intel picks RDRAM for next-gen NPU  -
11/10/2001:Mentor's first wave of new FPGA synthesis tools targets 50 million gate designs  -
11/10/2001:AMD rolls out world's fastest 128-Mbit flash memory line
11/9/2001:Intel to demo 0.13-micron Pentium 4  - CNN  
11/9/2001:New Life for Moore's Law  - Wired News
11/8/2001:No Need for Lengthy Boot-Ups With "M-RAM" Chips - Science Quest
11/8/2001:Postal service mulls bioparticle detector for anthrax fight - El. Engr. Times
11/8/2001:Toshiba, Fujitsu report 100-nanometer process gains - El. Engr. Times
11/8/2001:IBM scientist sees nanotechnology supplanting transistors - El. Engr. Times
11/8/2001:Fujitsu Microelectronics opens FRAM research centre in France  -

11/7/2001:Intel is to demo 0.13-micron Pentium 4 processors in Vegas  - CNN
11/6/2001:SiGe transistors report sizable speed boost  -
11/4/2001:SiS said to be developing low-cost Rambus chipset  -
11/3/2001:Antimony-based heterostructure diode oscillates to 110GHz  -
11/3/2001:Holes drilled in photonic crystals bend light 60°  -
11/3/2001:Japan breaks own record for fastest HEMT - El. Engr. Times
11/1/2001:Samsung Electronics to accelerate chip production - Nando Times
11/1/2001:Speedy Delivery - Technology Review
10/29/2000:Clock Speed and Beyond  - Wired News
10/29/2000:Bell Labs Wants To Build Carbon Chips - SpaceDaily
10/28/2000:32-bitters scramble for smart card silicon  -
10/27/2000:Chip companies mobilize for speed war - Business Week
10/23/2001:MIT spinout preps commercial strained silicon  -
10/20/2001:IMEC pushes on RF CMOS for 5 to 25GHz applications  -
10/20/2001:AMD sees 0.13-micron process as 'secret weapon,' says CEO  -
10/22/2001:Optics could push chips beyond 10GHz - Lycos
10/22/2001:Silicon Sunset - Popular Mechanics
10/21/2001:Molecular Electronics Advances Two Steps Closer to Reality
10/20/2001:Two research teams use molecules in circuits  -
10/20/2001:Analysts forecast DRAM gloom until end of 2002  -
Tiny transistor breaks new limits
10/19/2001:Indigo Vision claims MPEG video breakthrough - Ananova
10/19/2001:Nanotubes for e-beam sources  -
10/19/2001:Squid sees first magnesium diboride nanostructures  -
10/19/2001:Infineon ramps 0.14-micron process to cut 256-Mbit DRAM costs 30%
10/19/2001:Bell Labs claims breakthrough in molecular-scale transistor R&D  -
10/18/2001:Team Develops Single-Transistor SOI DRAM Cell- Technology Review
10/15/2001:Forum to showcase new chips  - CNN
10/14/2001:Future Chips--Silicon or Plastic?  - Wired News
10/14/2001:Nanocircuits Built on a Single Chip - Technology Review
10/12/2001:IBM unveils power chip  - CNN
10/11/2001:Cool new film  - Nature
Intel says chip integration system will make computers 10 times faster - Nando Times
10/10/2001:Intel Develops a New Way to Produce Silicon Chips  - NY Times
10/9/2001:IBM's carbon nanotube FET hints at post-silicon circuits  -
10/9/2001:Test masks show diagonal IC interconnects feasible with existing tools, says group  -
10/7/2001:The Nanoelectronic Road Ahead - SpaceDaily
10/6/2001:First nanotube circuits get logical - PhysicsWeb
10/6/2001:Condensate control could lead to 'atom circuits' - PhysicsWeb
10/5/2001:Blue diode laser science - AlphaGalileo
10/5/2001:Researchers develop nanotube SRAM - El. Engr. Times
10/4/2001:Nanotubes line up for more gates

10/2/2001:Chartered Semi aims to close gap at 0.10-micron  -
10/1/2001:'Quantum dots' could form basis of new computers - Science Daily
9/29/2001:Pyramids Working Their Way Into Nanometer Electronics - Unisci
9/28/2001:Purdue builds quantum-computing semiconductor chip  -
9/28/2001:Hynix prepares to ramp 'low-cost' 0.15-micron process for DRAMs by year's end  -
9/28/2001:Intel claims world's first 256-Mbit flash in new family of memories  -
9/28/2001:Samsung readies 576-Mbit Rambus DRAM with 0.12-micron process  -
9/27/2001:Hitachi scheme paves way for 1.0-volt Gbit DRAMs - El. Engr. Times
9/26/2001:Increased sensitivity CCD replacement shows true colours  -
9/26/2001:Etching technique builds thin micropillars  -
9/26/2001:GOING DOTTy Quantum Dot Computers - Beyond 2000
9/26/2001:Toshiba aims new 64-Mbit pseudo-SRAMs at wireless, portable systems  -

9/14/2001:Like Ants, Computers Learn From Bottom Up 

Intel and AMD declare an I/O truce
9/6/2001:I/O standards can co-exist, Intel says
9/5/2001:Motorola produces first EUV photomasks with 'very complex IC layout'  -
9/5/2001:Samsung produces 1Gbit NAND flash samples  -
9/5/2001:Samsung steps up flash memory efforts, shrinking process ahead of DRAMs  -
9/5/2001:Secretive DRAM group pitches new standard  -
9/5/2001:Power called 'new frontier' of field-programmable logic  -
9/4/2001:Intel Shows New Tricks to Speed Computers - Business Week
9/4/2001:Mitsubishi to offer 512-Mbit DRAMs with DDR and single-data rate options  -
9/4/2001:Computer Column - Industry Watch
9/4/2001:Intel reveals new method to increase chip speed - Industry Watch
9/4/2001:USB Implementers Forum Signals Broad Development of Hi-Speed USB 2.0 At Intel Developer Forum - Industry Watch
9/3/2001:IBM molds nanotubes into logic gates  -
9/3/2001:IBM crafts logic circuit in molecule  -
9/3/2001:Sandia equips robot for bomb disposal - El. Engr. Times
9/3/2001:Researchers develop ultra-thin heat protective coatings for rockets, insulating coatings for microelectronics  - Eureka Alert
9/2/2001:Computing With Carbon Molecules - ABC
9/2/2001:Motorola and CEA form joint research venture in molecular electronics  -
9/2/2001:IBM builds smallest multi-transistor - MSNBC
9/2/2001:I.B.M. Creates a Tiny Circuit Out of Carbon - NY Times
8/31/2001:3M says materials breakthrough will double speed of IC package  -
8/30/2001:Researcher sues Nichia over blue LED patent rights - El. Engr. Times
8/30/2001:Starc consortium proposes 0.10-micron process standards - El. Engr. Times
8/29/2001:Nanochains could yield single-electron transistors  -
8/29/2001:TDK, Seiko create single-chip modem for embedded Internet connections  -
8/29/2001:Sizzling Startup- Plastic Logic - Technology Review
8/28/2001:Silicon Volley- Rivalry Makes the Chips Fly - Business Week
8/28/2001:IBM readies chip set for upcoming Itanium MPUs - El. Engr. Times
8/28/2001:Silicon LED strides ahead - PhysicsWeb
8/28/2001:Deep Space Research Discovers Boon for Chip Makers - Science Quest
8/27/2001:Die size may limit 1GHz-plus designs  -
8/27/2001:Chips keep the change  - Nature
8/27/2001:Labs Seek New Semiconductors - Technology Review
8/23/2001:Optics, electronics integration en route- El. Engr. Times
8/23/2001Lithography Unmasked - Technology Review
8/23/2001IBM Unveils Faster Transistor - Technology Review
8/23/2001Crystals could revolutionize memory - MSNBC
8/22/2001SRAM companies limber up for 0.13µm devices  -
8/20/2001Conexant claims first 0.18-micron CMOS image sensor  -
8/16/2001:X-ray technology shifts wavelengths for attempt on EUV steppers  -
8/16/2001:IBM, Infineon, Motorola, and TI in talks to license NanoPierce's radical IC-packaging technology  -
8/16/2001:MPEG-7 vote likely to trigger hunt for killer apps- El. Engr. Times
8/14/2001:JMAR claims new breakthrough laser source technology for EUV lithography  - EDTN.com8/10/2001:DRAM makers readying 333MHz DDR chips  -
8/10/2001:Samsung sets low-power SRAM roadmap with 0.08-micron process in fabs by 2003  -
8/9/2001:Samsung starts sampling 0.13-micron SRAM - El. Engr. Times
8/9/2001:Holography adapted to fiber communications - El. Engr. Times
8/6/2001:Creating faster microprocessors means carving ever-smaller electrical paths. - Popular Science
8/4/2001:Fujitsu to put improved FRAM into broadband smart cards- El. Engr. Times
8/3/2001:IMEC and Philips build 100nm CMOS devices with nitrogen  -
8/3/2001:Sun and TI reject SOI for 0.13-micron UltraSparc  -
8/2/2001:Intel Unveils 0.13-Micron Notebook Chips - Technology Review
8/2/2001:New Magnetic Semiconductor Material Spins Hope for Quantum Computing - Science Quest
8/2/2001:New magnetic semiconductor material spins hope for quantum computing  - Eureka Alert
8/2/2001:H. P., Actel back reconfigurable SoC contender - El. Engr. Times
8/2/2001:Researchers strive for computer-on-a-chip with MEMS memory - El. Engr. Times
8/2/2001:Intel to formally launch 0.13-micron Tualatin on Monday  -
8/2/2001:Chemical molecules provide memory and switching functions in nanoscale arrays  -
8/2/2001:IBM Makes Nanotube Transistors - Technology Review
7/30/2001:A Bucketful of Buckytransistors - Technology Review
7/27/2001:Optimism up for 157-nm lithography with potential 'showstopper' being erased  -
7/27/2001:Memory prices drop by 85 percent  - CNN
7/27/2001:Red emitter for organic LEDs shines brighter - El. Engr. Times
7/27/2001:Holes plug leaky circuits  - Nature
7/25/2001:ON Semi readies SiGe for 10-Gbit speeds - El. Engr. Times
7/25/2001:ST's low-cost SiGe route to faster RF circuits  -
7/25/2001:Making Computer Memories Smaller- Wired News
7/24/2001:Processor technology pace may slightly accelerate in 2001 technology roadmap  -
7/24/2001:Materials problem snags 157-nm lithography
7/22/2001:Mitsubishi licenses IBM's SOI wafer technology - El. Engr. Times
7/20/2001:IMEC launches effort to identify CMOS showstoppers after 50-nm node  -
7/20/2001:Clever Wiring Harnesses Tiny Switches- NY Times
7/20/2001:Magnetic Spin Locks Data into MRAMs - El. Engr. Times
7/19/2001:Transistors Slim Down to Test New Materials for Chip-Making Processes - Science Central
7/17/2001:AMD prepares SOI shift in PC processors with initial 0.13-micron process  -
7/14/2001:NEC turns to TSMC for 0.10-micron process development
7/14/2001:Intel details post-flash technology plan - El. Engr. Times
7/11/2001:NSF seeks reliable quantum chip-making process - El. Engr. Times
7/11/2001:Samsung speeds up move to 0.12-micron process- El. Engr. Times
7/11/2001:In a Future Generation of Tiny Chips, Silicon May Shine - NY Times
7/11/2001:X Marks the Chip - Technology Review
7/8/2001:Bent nanotubes form transistors that work at room temperature  -
6/30/2001:Mip-Map 3D Graphic Technique Speeds Up Chip Layouts  -
6/30/2001:IBM develop SiGe layer capable of driving comms chips up to 100Gbit/s  -
6/30/2001:IBM says SOI process will support digital, RF functions  -
6/29/2001:Silicon chips go flat out  - BBC
6/28/2001:IBM claims 210-GHz SiGe transistor is world's fastest, four years ahead of competition  -
6/28/2001:Byting Into the New Chips  - Wired News
6/23/2001:Ferromagnetic material makes perfect switch  -
6/23/2001:Molecular Computer Comes Closer - Technology Review
6/23/2001:Research reveals potential of single molecules to function as electronic switches- Eureka Alert
6/21/2001:Magnetic ram to hit market a year early -
6/21/2001:Researchers build single-electron memory in CMOS -
6/20/2001:Silicon Video chip corrects projected image distortion - El. Engr. Times
6/20/2001:Chip design: Humans not allowedZDNet News
6/18/2001:Toshiba shows 100-nm SoC that supports eDRAM - El. Engr. Times
6/16/2001:Spin Moves With Unexpected Ease From One Semiconductor to Another - Science Central
6/16/2001:Intel crafts transistor with 20-nm gate length
6/14/2001:Samsung shows 4-Gbit DRAM prototype
6/14/2001:New materials' odd traits to help improve computer memory
6/14/2001:Magnetic RAM To Preserve Data After Computer Shutdown
6/14/2001:Transistors at 20 Nanometers in Size to Enable Billion-Transistor Microprocessors
6/14/2001:IBM gets serious about strained silicon
6/13/2001:Intel develops 0.07-micron transistor for 10-GHz processors by 2005
6/13/2001:Intel develops 20-nm transistor for 20-GHz processors by 2007
6/13/2001:Intel unveils world's smallest transistor
6/13/2001:Intel claims world's smallest, fastest transistor
6/12/2001:NVidia Unveils NForce PC Chip Set
6/12/2001:CMOS takes clock recovery to 2.7GHz
6/11/2001:IBM develops leaner, meaner chip
6/11/2001:Single electron memory in CMOS
6/10/2001:IBM touts breakthough in faster chip speed
6/9/2001:Simplex, Toshiba prep diagonal interconnect scheme
6/6/2001:.Era ends as Gordon Moore quits Intel's board
6/5/2001:.NVidia Rolls Dice on New Chip
6/4/2001:.Cutting edge of virtual reality
6/1/2001:.Electronic Memory Goes High Rise
5/31/2001:.Tessera folds multiple dice into 1-mm package
5/31/2001:.Toshiba, Infineon detail plans for 32-Mbit FeRAM
5/30/2001:.Spintronics Turns a Corner
5/29/2001:.Q&A: Gordon Moore on Silicon
5/29/2001:.Laser may light up EUV
5/29/2001:.Tessera--with Intel--introduces 'folded' stacked-chip packages
5/27/2001:.Samsung to ship 300-MHz, 64-Mbit DDR chip
5/25/2001:.Soft Liquid Crystal Can Be Folded
5/24/2001:.Taiwan company seeking MRAM foundry partner
5/24/2001:.Split cells double storage capacity
5/24/2001:.Kopin, Rockwell push InP-based transistors to 40-Gbit data rates
5/23/2001:.Toshiba, Sony to reach 0.07=microns by 2004; teraflops chip
5/19/2001:.Sony, Toshiba collaborate on 0.10- and 0.07-micron R&D for consumer ICs
5/19/2001:.Taiwan's foundries drive toward SiGe
5/18/2001:.Upstream: Silicon Lasers
5/18/2001:.AMD's new two-bit-per-cell flash memory doubles storage densities
5/17/2001:.Motorola teams with U.S. labs to crack high-k barrier in transistor gates
5/16/2001:.Infineon demonstrates technology to produce 0.05- to 0.04-micron chips
5/9/2001:Eight Million Gate Comms Chip Pushes Design Limits
5/5/2001:IBM Earmarks Billions for 'Smart' Server
5/1/2001:Scientists Build First Buckytube Array
4/30/2001:Nanotube Devices in the Pipeline
4/30/2001:IBM nanotubes may enable molecular-scale chips
4/29/2001:Tiny Computer Components?
4/28/2001:Mega Steps Toward the Nanochip
4/28/2001:First Production of Orderly Arrays of Nanotubes
4/28/2001:IBM breakthrough could lead to smaller chips
4/25/2001:Light-Emitting Silicon Crystals for Flat Panel Displays and Lasers
4/24/2001:Laying Down the (Moore's) Law
4/24/2001:Mitsubishi unveils DRAM in thin transistor LCD
4/23/2001:Nanowire Chip: Organo-Silicon Molecular Electronics
4/23/2001:A Photonic Transistor
4/21/2001: Fujitsu to spend $813M on 0.1-micron process
4/20/2001: Researchers lay plans to build 500-GHz transistors
4/20/2001: TSMC targets 0.10-micron for production in Q3 2002, moves 300-mm to 0.13-micron
4/14/2001: Japan reports advances in single-electron devices
4/14/2001: Research consortium in Japan tackles 70nm circuits
4/14/2001: Researchers develop prototype tool for 30nm processes
4/14/2001: 'Perfect lens' may focus radiation to atomic scale
4/14/2001: Extreme Ultraviolet Heads for Implementation, But Questions Remain
4/13/2001: Superchips
4/6/2001:The end of the road for Moore's Law?
3/31/2001: Getting More from Moore's
3/29/2001: Microelectronics grows up
3/26/2001: Intel: One step closer to 10GHz
3/13/2001: Silicon Cage Clusters: Better Than Buckyballs?
3/11/2001: Shrinking Chips
3/10/2001: Toppan preps photomask for 0.05-micron process
3/10/2001: Researchers close in on single-atom switch
3/8/2001: Rivals vie over next-generation lithography
3/8/2001: IBM readies SiGe for combat in OC-768
3/2/2001: Will Silicon Cage Clusters Become The New Buckyballs?
3/1/2001: How Stereolithography (3-D Layering) Works
2/21/2001: Intel Announces Transistors as Small as DNA Molecules
2/20/2001: Three-Dimensional Semiconductor Chips
2/19/2001: IBM Touts Advanced Chip-Making Technology
2/19/2001: Intel promises 10-GHz chips with tiny transistors
2/19/2001: Intel, IBM Announce Faster Chips
2/19/2001: A map for the future: Fundamental limit defines future opportunities for silicon nanoelectronics
2/17/2001: Chip designers' Dream Team: 10GHz or bust!
2/17/2001: The future of chips, Intel style
2/17/2001: Intel and IBM reveal advanced chip-making technologies
2/17/2001: Faster, better, smaller chips
2/16/2001: Copper at heart of new microchips
2/16/2001: Possibilities Of Atom Optics Border On The Fantastic
2/15/2001: Optical Components Proposed for Viable Quantum Computer
2/11/2001: Diamond Chips
2/10/2001: Organosilicon Chips
2/9/2001: When the Chips Are Down
2/9/2001: New Transistor Could Keep Computer Evolution on Track
1/29/2001: Caltech, Agere Systems scientists develop technique to shrink memory chips
1/18/2001: Chipmakers on fast track to 10GHz
1/14/2001:UMC process enables 5-Mpixel CMOS image sensors
1/12/2001: DRAMatic Days
1/10/2001: "Quantum mirage" may enable atom-scale circuits
1/10/2001: Quantum 'mirage' may really boost nanocircuits
1/10/2001:Press Room: Quantum Mirage Images
1/10/2001: The Brick Wall Will Crumble
1/10/2001: Sub-one-tenth-micron transistors
1/10/2001: Double-gate MOSFETs
1/10/2001: Random discrete dopant fluctuation
1/9/2001: World's smallest transistor
12/23/2000: Chips ahoy: Full speed ahead in 2001
12/14/2000: New Transistor Could Keep Computer Evolution On Track
12/13/2000: CMOS Viable for at Least Three More Semiconductor Generations
11/28/2000: Phillips Demonstrates 1,000,000 Times Better Transistor Insulator
11/06/2000:Researchers Develop Monomolecular Buckyball Transistor
09/06/2000:Four-Bit-Per-Cell Flash Memory Cell May Be Introduced
05/10/2000: IBM & TI Casually Blast Through "Impenetrable" 0.2-µ Barrier on Way to 0.1µ in 2002
03/20/2000:IBM Plans 4.5 GHz Dual-Computer Chip in 2003
03/19/2000:Intel Announces Plans for 10 GHz Microchip in 2011

       Nanostructures -
3/11/2001: Rolled-up semiconductor nanotubes
3/11/2001: Researchers analyze nanostructures with transportation applications
3/9/2001: A new class of nanostructure: semiconducting 'nanobelts' offer potential for nanosensors and nanoelectronics
2/21/2001: Wiring Up Nanoelectronics
1/18/2001: Process leads to viable nanowires

Optical Computing -
7/7/2001:New wave machine  - Nature
7/3/2001:All Optical Transistors Could Change Computing  - Technology Review
5/30/2001:.New light-wave machine
4/4/2001:Trapping Light:On the Road to Optical Computers
2/13/2001: Shedding light on silicon
2/10/2001: Silicon Lasers Start to Take Shape
2/3/2001: Coaxing Silicon to Emit and Lase Light
2/3/2001: Building Silicon-Compatible On-Chip Light Emitters
1/28/2001: A step towards optical computers
12/27/2000The Creation of Optical Computers

       Quantum -

12/29/2001:Liquid Logic  - Wired News
12/26/2001:IBM performs world's most complex calculation with quantum computer  -
12/6/2001:Quantum computers spread the risk  - Nature
10/5/2001:Squid's altered state has future in quantum computing
MIT and HP team up to build quantum computer
7/3/2001:Neutral atom control in space is step towards quantum computers  -
7/2/2001:Lighting the Way to a Quantum Computer
6/23/2001:Quantum spin probe able to measure spins states at individual atoms; could have application in quantum computing  - Eureka Alert
6/20/2001:The Five Qubit Fix-It - Science Central
6/8/2001:New Era for Quantum Electronics
5/15/2001:.New Light-Based Computer Runs at Quantum Speeds
5/3/2001:Quantum Computers Could Solve Problems Whe they're Not Turned On
4/22/2001:Bell Labs team in quantum computing leap
3/25/2001: Why a Practical Quantum Computer Is Still Far-Off
3/8/2001: Quantum Physics Meets the Qubit
3/8/2001: Binary a Bit Behind Quantum Math
2/10/2001: Scientists Make Key Advance in Quest for High-Powered Quantum Computer
1/6/2001: Los Alamos Scientists Shed New Light On Quantum Computation
12/25/2000 Eavesdroppers Beware: Single Photon Emission Prepares Way For Quantum Cryptography

   Computers -
       PC's -

1/24/2002:The Armani of iMac  - BBC
1/22/2002:Researchers pursue post-PC future at HP Labs - El. Engr. Times
1/21/2002:Wi-Fi Looks Like the Winner
  - Wired News
1/19/2002:A Cover for Jobs, a Faux Pas for Time  - Wired News
1/17/2002:Come On, Steve -- Think Beyond the Mac - Business Week
1/17/2002:Memory IndustryRipe for Buyouts  - Technology Review
1/16/2002:Study- Home users warm up to wireless LAN  - CNN
1/16/2002:IMac- What's in a Design, Anyway?  - Wired News
1/14/2002:Aside From IMac, Macworld Bores  - Wired News
1/13/2002:The Round Mound of iMac Rebound  - Wired News
1/13/2002:Maine Students Hit the IBooks  - Wired News
1/13/2002:Lot to Learn About School Laptops  - Wired News
1/15/2002:Apple's Jobs- No merging Macs with TVs
1/12/2002:Apple Unveils New Crop of Products - ABC
1/10/2002:New iMac Armed for Success  - Wired News
1/10/2002:iMac Unveiled Before Its Time  - Wired News
1/10/2002:No Sleep 'til Macworld  - Wired News
1/10/2002:Apple Gives Tech Good Name  - Wired News
1/10/2002:Mac Boxes Make Nice Couches  - Wired News
1/10/2002:AMD and Intel Rev Up Chips  - Wired News
1/11/2002:New iMac- Cool or clunky? - Business Week
1/9/2002:First Look- 2.2-GHz Pentium 4 - Tech TV
1/9/2002:Jobs Unveils LCD IMacs
 - Tech TV
1/9/2002:New iMac features flat-panel display - Business Week
1/8/2002:Apple polishes dual-processor, LCD-based desktops - El. Engr. Times
1/8/2002:Intel, AMD set to unveil speedy new chips  - CNN  
1/8/2002:Apple set to confirm new-look for the iMac - Ananova
1/8/2002:Apple's New Core  - MacMinute 
1/8/2002:Startup aims cold-emission electron gun at CRTs  -
1/8/2002:Mobile Devices- Cell-phone display ICs eye colorful future  -
1/8/2002:Floating display takes pressure off car dashboards  -
1/8/2002:Apple's flat panel Mac leaks online - New Scientist
1/6/2002:What do you think will follow today's desktop metaphor? - Technology Review
1/6/2002:Apple polishes dual-processor, LCD-based desktops - El. Engr. Times:
1/5/2002:What's Up Steve's Sleeve? - Business Week
1/5/2002:Apple promises new products will best rumors - Business Week
12/29/2001:The Creative Processor  - Wired News
12/27/2001:Analysis- 20 factors that will change PCs in 2002  - CNN
12/27/2001:Analysis- 20 factors that will change PCs in 2002  - CNN
12/18/2001:Researchers say tiny fans will mean 'cooler' electronics - Ananova
12/13/2001:The Next Computer Interface - Technology Review
12/9/2001:Intel watches how consumers use technology  -
12/8/2001:Controlling Power Is Paramount to Design  -
12/8/2001:I/O device to boost PC systems - Silicon Strategies
12/6/2001:HP launches 'blade' network computers  - CNN
11/29/2001:Intel picks up pace in bus and chipset race  -
11/24/2001:Self-generating processors - El. Engr. Times
11/21/2001:Retinica looks for funding to develop 'human eye' camera
1/21/2001:DSPs tread many paths to raise performance - El. Engr. Times
11/19/2001:Intel Shows Off the PC of the Future - Technology Review 
11/18/2001:Comdex- Intel shows 'Hannacroix' concept PC  - CNN
11/18/'s Comdex news channel  - CNN
11/18/2001:Focusing on biometrics at Comdex  - CNN
11/17/2001:The Latest in 'Ultra-Light' Computers- ABC
11/15/2001:AMD places huge SOI-wafer order for 'Hammer' processor production, says Soitec  -
11/14/2001:Gates to Comdex- PCs Work Poorly  - Wired News
11/13/2001:Tiny Web Server  - Popular Mechanics
PC makers grapple with intimidated, uninterested - Dallas News
11/8/2001:Heating Up the Processor War  - Wired News
11/8/2001:New PC Power And Technology Open New Horizons - Cosmiverse
11/8/2001:Logging off
11/7/2001:First Look- Athlon XP 1900+
Tech TV
11/6/2001:3D sound goes beyond stereo- BBC
10/30/2000:Getting in Intel's Face - Business Week
10/25/2001:Rambus technology aims to boost data transfer speeds
10/23/2001:Cost questions cloud Rambus' 3.2-Gz computer bus technology - El. Engr. Times
10/20/2001:AMD unveils Hammer processor architecture as challenge to Intel's Itanium  -
10/20/2001:AMD provides a glimpse of Hammer MPU  -
10/20/2001:Intel to focus on low-power, ease-of-use in PCs at Microprocessor Forum  -
10/19/2001:Grunts to control computers  - BBC
10/18/2001:First Look- Athlon XP - Tech TV
10/18/2001:Take Control of Mac - Tech TV

10/17/2001:What will your PC be like in 2010?  - CNN
10/17/2001:The digital future  - CNN
10/15/2001:Macworld Expo- Popular Mechanics
AMD introduces "Athlon 4"  - CNN  
10/10/2001:New chips to compete against Pentium 4  - CNN  
10/10/2001:AMD ups Athlon speed  - CNN  
10/10/2001:Athlon XP packs new 'hooks' for added speed in Windows XP systems, says AMD  -
10/9/2001:Translation moves to 'synthetic CPU' to borrow processor code  -
10/9/2001:AMD aims new Athlon XP and Hammer processors at regaining momentum  -
10/9/2001:Optical DSPs promise tera-ops performance- El. Engr. Times
10/8/2001:Flickering Images Shouldn'T Be A Big Headache To Fix - Industry Watch
10/8/2001:IBM set to sail Regatta  - CNN
10/7/2001:IBM to Unleash New UNIX Server - Technology Review
10/5/2001:Xyron says 'Self-Managed Silicon' will speed any MPU, ASIC, programmable IC  -
10/5/2001:Networking Technology Comes Home
- Cosmiverse
10/5/2001:Scramble to nail down the home network continues - El. Engr. Times
10/5/2001:IBM flexes Power4 as it ships Regatta servers
- El. Engr. Times
Intel packs Itanium push with EEs by the bushel
- El. Engr. Times
9/26/2001:Intel expected to introduce 533MHz front side bus  -
9/26/2001:STMicro to introduce MEMS-based microactuator for disk drives  -

9/25/2001:India's simple computer for the poor  - BBC
9/14/2001:AMD Targets 'Megahertz Myth'

9/12/2001:ANALYSIS- The 'wow' factor is gone from personal computers
- Nando Times
9/5/2001:Intel Xeon processors already employ Hyperthreading  -
9/5/2001:Wireless PCs- Not Just for Cheats  - Wired News
9/5/2001:Intel's chip-set integration will soon gobble up USB 2.0 function  -
9/4/2001:No Shine to Apple - Business Week
9/4/2001:Keynoter tips details of upcoming processors - El. Engr. Times
9/4/2001:Future watch  - BBC
9/4/2001:INTERFACE A 'slow', yet strong, notebook revolution!, THE STAR - Industry Watch
9/3/2001:Intel rolls out Pentium 4 at 2 GHz  - CNN
9/3/2001:Intel demos 3.5-GHz Pentium 4, claims 4-GHz version is on 'horizon'  -
9/2/2001:Review- AMD, Intel processors do battle  - CNN
9/2/2001:The Dallas Morning News Ideas at Work Column  - Wired News
8/30/2001:The PC- Imperfect--and Indispensable - Business Week
8/30/2001:PC sales continue to fall - MSNBC
8/30/2001:RAM Prices Slowly Dropping - Tech TV
8/30/2001:Sizzling Startup- Cbyon - Technology Review
8/29/2001:In Technology, the Mother of All Price WarsWorld Scientist
8/29/2001:Price cut likely when Intel debuts new chip - Industry Watch
8/29/2001:Nanya rolls DDR333 memories  -
8/28/2001:Apple Harvests New Ideas - Business Week
8/27/2001:Intel putting last pieces of P4 strategy in place  -
8/27/2001:Startup Revives Dynamic Circuits for Use in MPUs - Science Quest
8/26/2001:‘Simputer’ ready for roll-out - MSNBC
8/26/2001:inside track - Industry Watch
8/25/2001:All about Apple computers
8/24/2001:2GHz Pentium 4 to preview at developer forum  - CNN
8/24/2001:Systemax ships smaller, energy-miser PC  - CNN
8/24/2001:There Are Great Deals To Be Had Out There, But Some Homework Is In Order Before Adding... A Second Computer - Industry Watch
8/23/2001:China sets target of 70 million PC owners by 2005  -
8/22/2001Boom amidst Bust- Technology Review
8/20/2001Eye Spy  - Scientific American
8/18/2001:People By Apparatuses To Replace- Beyond 2000
8/15/2001:Intel taking 2GHz Xeon to Tinseltown  - C/Net
8/15/2001:Apple at the Core of PC Revolution  - Wired News
8/15/2001:Big Blue birthday- IBM PC turns 20  - CNN
8/15/2001:Itanium turns up the heat in dense computer servers  -

8/15/2001:Intel chip not ready for the cool crowd  - C/Net
8/15/2001:Server OEMs put Intel's Itanium in hot seat- El. Engr. Times
8/14/2001:Unhappy birthday for the PC - Industry Watch
8/12/2001:IBM's PC: A Look Back- ABC
8/12/2001:Bad Times for the Box- ABC
8/12/2001:PC Timeline- ABC
8/12/2001:Thai Computer Agency Pushes Budget PCs - Industry Watch
8/10/2001:Laptops are where it's at - Industry Watch
8/9/2001:eMachines Raises The Bar With High-Value PCs For 'Back-To-School' - Industry Watch
8/9/2001:Ibm's Initiative Helped Fuel Pc Revolution - Industry Watch
8/9/2001:Personal Computers Come of Age, Prepare for Reinvention - Industry Watch
8/8/2001:Study- Multitasking is counterproductive  - CNN
8/7/2001:Intel scores PC-redesign victory - MSNBC
8/5/2001:Sun plans parallelism times two for Ultrasparc 5  -
8/3/2001:Sun Micro unveils speediest UltraSparc III chip  - CNN
8/3/2001:Intel rolls out redesigned Pentium III-M  - CNN
8/3/2001:Computers of the future: Made of glass?  - CNN
7/24/2001:Tiny, Tuned, and Unattached - Science Central
7/12/2001:Iogear users can simultaneously share a PC  - CNN
7/7/2001:State of the Art- Portable Keyboards Let You Process Words Anywhere- NY Times
7/4/2001:More Than Just PCs-ABC
7/3/2001:India to get wired with simputer - New Scientist
7/2/2001:Are tablets the future or the past- - CNN
7/2/2001:IBM fitting laptop with writing tablet - CNN
7/2/2001:Wireless access, pen input comes to tablet PCs - CNN
7/1/2001:Smaller, cheaper PCs predicted for 2001 - CNN
7/1/2001:Intel prepares to launch 1.8-GHz Pentium 4 in CPU speed battle  -
6/30/2001:Lawyers Chip Away at Transmeta  - Wired News
6/30/2001:India to Compute on the Cheap - >$200 Computer  - Wired News
6/28/2001:Intel negotiates rights to Alpha MPU architecture from Compaq  -
6/18/2001:Motorola's next PowerPC uses application units to boost performance -
6/16/2001:Hype or Hypercomputer? - Technology Review
6/15/2001:ClearSpeed revises graphics engine to process packets
6/14/2001:Analog plans a path to 1GHz DSP
6/13/2001:Software switches code on-the-fly
6/11/2001:AMD launches multiprocessor Athlon
6/11/2001:AMD rolls out 1.4-GHz Athlon
6/8/ to sell PCs online
6/1/2001:.From goggle box to chatterbox
5/29/2001:.With Merced in hand, OEMs await follow-on
5/24/2001:.Talking to Computers
5/23/2001:.Apple to phase out CRT displays, install OS X on all new Macs
5/17/2001:.A sneak peek at Microsoft's tablet PC
5/15/2001:.New Itanium-Powered Servers Coming Soon
5/14/2001:.PC Industry Shakeout Looms
5/13/2001:.Developers unveil low-cost computer for third-world nations
5/7/2001:NTT develops reconfigurable hardware architecture
4/30/2001:Computer Self Help
4/24/2001:Bill Gates Says, Take This Tablet
4/24/2001:Intel Introduces 1.7 GHz P4: How Long 'Til Pentium 5?
4/10/2001: Via And Cyrix: New Generation Of Low-Cost Computing
4/10/2001: PCs And Big Iron
4/9/2001:Pentium III to fade from desktops
498/2001:New Pentium 4 coming amid price cuts
3/31/2001: Gates unveils Tablet PC platform
3/24/2001: AMD Throws Down the Gauntlet
3/19/2001: Gates to shed more light on Microsoft's TabletPC
2/24/2001: Pentium 4 is a reinvented chip
2/20/2001: Trailing Edge: The First Personal Computer
2/18/2001:ZDNet: News: Itanium pilot program takes off
12/23/2000 Microprocessor Architectures
12/23/2000 AMD prepares chip onslaught on Intel
12/23/2000 AMD posts specs for its next-gen 64-bit line
12/23/2000 AMD swings its 64-bit 'SledgeHammer'
12/23/2000 Will consumers benefit from 64-bit chip?
12/23/2000 New AMD chip set to boost Athlon PCs
12/23/2000 Intel ships the Pentium 4
12/23/2000 P4, What's It Good For?
12/23/2000 Intel reveals Pentium 4 mission
04/26/2000:Intel's 1.5 MHz Willamette, Due this Fall, Will Run at 3 GHz On-Chip
04/14/2000:Will Digital Signal Processors Steal the Limelight from PC's?
03/17/2000:$350 400 MHz Computers

        Supercomputers -

1/14/2002:UB joins two other supercomputing centers to try out Intel's Itanium chip that may lower cost and increase versatility in high-performance computing  - Eureka Alert

12/30/2001:Sharing the Power of Supercomputers - Science Quest
12/29/2001:Gene Machine  - Wired News
12/27/2001:IBM creating supercomputer for weather prediction  - CNN
12/27/2001:Supercomputer Predicts Big Blue Skies - Cosmiverse
12/22/2001:Supercomputer solves astronomical riddle - El. Engr. Times
12/2/2001:Compaq takes supercomputer crown from IBM - New Scientist
12/1/2001:IBM Builds Cancer Supercomputer - ABC
Supercomputer project funding shifts back to the government
- El. Engr. Times
11/11/2001:IBM to Make 2nd Blue Gene Supercomputer - ABC
Advances In Several Fields Utilize LBL Supercomputer  - Unisci
10/7/2001:HP Creates Off-the-Shelf Supercomputer - Cosmiverse
10/3/2001:Terascale Computing System installed at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center  - Eureka Alert
9/14/2001:ORNL heads effort to build better supercomputer centers

Feds buy IBM supercomputer to model climate
  - CNN

8/28/2001:Developing 'Blue Gene' - ABC
8/23/2001Great (ASCII) White Hope- Artigen
8/22/2001Nuclear-testing supercomputer unveiled  - CNN
8/22/2001World's Fastest Supercomputer Unveiled - ABC
8/21/2001World's fastest computer boots up- New Scientist
8/20/2001US building mega computer  - BBC
8/17/2001:Distributed Terascale Facility To Commence With $53 Million NSF Award; High-Performance Computing System Will Come On-Line In Mid-2002- Science Daily
8/16/2001:Cray supercomputers set the pace
8/16/2001:Group announces plan to build supercomputer based on Intel's 64-bit processors  -
8/15/2001:Chicago, California Researchers, Telecom Firms to Build Supercomputer - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:Intel Itanium Architecture to Be Foundation for One of World's Most Powerful Scientific Computing Systems - Industry Watch
8/3/2001:Cosmic computer  - BBC
8/3/2001:Top 500 Supercomputer Sites (Selected Site)  - Nature
8/2/2001:Big Computer, Big Task - ABC
8/2/2001:Keele Applied Geoscience Supercomputer - AlphaGalileo
7/15/2001:The Do-It-Yourself Supercomputer  - Scientific American
7/3/2001:IBM supercomputer aims to find fuel-efficiency  - CNN
6/29/2001:Better Computing Said Key to Genetic Breakthroughs - Artigen
6/18/2001:Building a better bio-supercomputer- CNN
6/8/2001:Scots launch chess doctorate to boost supercomputing
5/23/2001:.Scientists Seek Supercomputer's Help
5/1/2001:When Supercomputers Attack
4/10/2001: Ivan Sutherland and Clockless Computing
4/6/2001: Blue Gene, a dazzlingly fast supercomputer
4/4/2001:Star Bridge's HAL 15 Supercomputer
4/2/2001: Blue Gene: Big Blue’s big bet
3/15/2001:IBM, Sony, Toshiba team on processor architecture for broadband
3/13/2001: Sony, IBM, Toshiba chips to bring supercomputers home
3/13/2001: IBM, Sony set game plan for PlayStation 3 chips
3/19/2001: Sutherland at Sun Microsystems Invents Much Faster, Asynchronous Microprocessors
3/13/2001: IBM Research: Looks to make chips smarter
2/6/2001: PlayStation 3 details emerge
2/3/2001: Writing the hardware for fast video
1/31/2001: Terascale Computing System Comes On-Line
1/27/2001:"Blue Gene", IBM's petaflop computer
12/31/2000: Supercomputer tackles DNA project: New IBM machine is the second largest in the world
09/27/2000: Six Terops Supercomputer Due in Six Months

       Wearable Computers -

12/22/2001:Visualize- Plasma Displays - Technology Review
11/5/2001:Wear Your Computing Degree  - Wired News
11/4/2001:Darpa kick starts wearable computer initiative
Wearable computer provides virtual signposts - New Scientist
Government, businesses embracing wearable computers
- Nando Times

8/5/2001:Wearables revolution 'by 2004'  -
8/5/2001:Wearable PCs Replace Notebooks - Technology Review
4/24/2001:Geek Chic
4/17/2001: U. S. Armys Land Warrior wearable computer system
4/10/2001: Computerized Clothing: Hello, This is Your Sleeve Speaking
4/10/2001: How Computerized Clothing Will Work
4/10/2001: IDC Estimates the U.S. Market for Wearable Computers Will Reach $600 Million by 2003
4/10/2001: MIT Wearable Computing Page
4/10/2001: Red Herring: There's No Computer Like No Computer
4/10/2001: Bell Puts Wearable Computer to Work
4/10/2001: Smart Business: Pret-a-Porter PCs
4/10/2001: Wearable Translators
4/5/2001: Singing clothes
3/31/2001: Clothier spins comms-friendly outerwear
3/19/2001: Underwear That Keeps Your Doctor Aware
3/14/2001: Video Clothes: 'Brand' New Idea
3/1/2001: How Computerized Clothing Will Work
12/31/2000:Clothes That Think

11/3/2001:Windows XP may spur biometrics  - CNN
New iris recognition technology will enable selected passengers at London’s Heathrow

8/3/2001:Eye scans to speed air travel  - CNN

   Cooperative Computing -

12/26/2001:Is Distributed Computing A Crime? - Business Week
11/22/2001:Famed Lab Seeks Big Grid  - Wired News
11/22/2001:Sneaky Calculations - Science News
11/13/2001:Distributed Computing Is Still a Lousy Idea
- L. A. Times
Doing science by stealth
  - BBC
9/5/2001:Internet tapped for 'parasitic computing'  - CNN
9/5/2001:Parasite corrals computer power  - Nature
8/27/2001:A Chat with the Master of P2P - Business Week:
8/27/2001:In The Cards - Industry Watch
8/21/2001Why Peer-to-Peer Tools Are the Future- Wired News
8/20/2001Reworking Online Work- Technology Review
8/19/2001:3Dlabs First to Support Dual Apple Cinema Displays on the PC; Single Oxygen GVX420 Graphics Card Drives Dual Apple Cinema Displays on PC-Based Workstations for First Time - Industry Watch
8/15/2001:NSF Awards $53M for Computing Grid - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:IBM Selected to Build World's Most Powerful Computing Grid - Industry Watch
8/4/2001:Power on tap  - BBC
8/4/2001:IBM Turns to (Server) Farming  - Wired News
8/4/2001Grid plan for high speed internet  - BBC
8/4/2001:IBM to Build a Grid - ABC
8/3/2001:Eye scans to speed air travel  - CNN
8/2/2001:Potential of Peer-to-Peer - Technology Review
7/7/2001:What's Next- Growing PC's Into Supercomputers, All in a Row- NY Times
6/19/2001:Continental Drive
6/15/2001:Sandia Releases Open-Source Supercomputer Software
4/2/2001: The Grid: Collaborative computing with personal computers
3/24/2001: Teleconferencing and the GridPhysN
3/10/2001: Projects With Power to Burn
3/8/2001: The Grid: The Next-Gen Internet?
3/5/2001: Researchers tap millions of idle home computers
2/21/2001: Napster's architecture sparks new revolution
2/9/2001: Internet Computing and the Emerging Grid
2/4/2001: Juno eyes supercomputing venture
1/29/2001: Making big computers from small
1/24/2001: Teraflops from cyberspace
1/24/2001: Using Home Computers to Attack the Protein-Folding Problem
1/9/2001: Internet Computing and the Emerging Grid
12/15/2000 Cooperative Distributed Background Computing on Home Computers


12/26/2001:Pseudo-signal lets Sharp monitor display one-billion colors - El. Engr. Times
12/22/2001:Visualize- Plasma Displays - Technology Review
12/20/2001:Seeing Three Dimensions in Real Time:  - Eureka Alert
12/10/2001:Rollable Screens - ABC
12/7/2001:Flat panel performance fever runs high - El. Engr. Times
12/6/2001:Sanyo, Kodak Launch Display Venture - ABC
Ultra-sharp displays - Economist
Flexible LCD from liquid crystals in acrylate-based polymer  -
11/5/2001:Monsters, Inc. Used Monster Tools  - Wired News
11/5/2001:Indie Filmmaker's Push for 'More'  - Wired News
11/5/2001:Stretching It Out at Siggraph  - Wired News
10/22/2001:3D PC Viewing System - Popular Mechanics
10/18/2001:Complete Coverage- LCDs Flattening CRT Monitors
Tech TV
Kopin shows off shrinking screens  - CNN
10/9/2001:'Videophone' Streams War ImagesWorld Scientist
10/8/2001:Organic EL displays make many appearances  - CNN
Cheaper DVD-style recorders with boosted blue laser

10/3/2001:Nvidia's new graphics chips bring 3D and other features to PCs  -
10/3/2001:Congress cuts U.S. Defense Department's flat panel  -
9/29/2001:3D PC Viewing System  - Popular Mechanics
9/28/2001:K-State researchers fabricate blue micro light-emitting diodes, paving the way for future miniature displays  - Eureka Alert
9/14/2001:Gadgets at work: A flat screen that fits in nicely

9/14/2001:Prices fall again for flat panel displays
Hopkins Offers Free Program To Speed Up 3-D Graphics
  - Unisci
9/8/2001:3D Sans the Glasses - Tech TV
9/3/2001:3-D TV in Space... - FirstScience
9/5/2001:Philips bends LCD rules with flexible display  -
9/5/2001:Silicon gets brighter using solar cell technology  -
9/5/2001:Intel to introduce new integrated graphics core  -
8/31/2001:First European Showing by Vestel of Large Screen Table Top TV Based On DLP Technology at IFA - Industry Watch
8/26/2001:Scads of Screen, Skimpy Price - Business Week
8/25/2001:Personal Technology- Eye-catching advances in displays - Seattle Times
8/24/2001:QuickTime Cuts Chop in Video Stream - L. A. Times
8/23/2001Intel's 3D display technology can reflect light  -
8/22/2001Intel claims new software improves 3-D images, speeds creation  -
8/22/2001What's Next- After Decades of Frustration, the Picture Tube Slims Down- NY Times
8/19/2001:New Sleek Compaq TFT5030 LCD Monitor Is First To Use Sharp's All-in-One Integrated LCD Module With Pixelworks ImageProcessor ICs - Industry Watch
8/19/2001:3Dlabs First to Support Dual Apple Cinema Displays on the PC; Single Oxygen GVX420 Graphics Card Drives Dual Apple Cinema Displays on PC-Based Workstations for First Time - Industry Watch
8/17/2001:Stretching It Out at Siggraph  - Wired News
8/10/2001:On2 Technologies to Open Source VP3.2 Video Compression - Industry Watch Technology;
8/10/2001:Full-Screen, High-Quality Video Technology Available to Software Community - Industry Watch
8/1/2001:Organic display technology gains momentum  - CNN
8/1/2001:Moore's Law- Not for computer displays  - CNN
8/1/2001:Tomorrow's displays are looking good  - CNN
8/1/2001:R.I.P., CRT!  - BBC
8/1/2001:IBM drops price, boosts quality of flat-panels  - CNN
8/1/2001:20 million pixel screen approaches visual definition of human eye  -
8/1/2001:Hitachi to halt production of PC monitor CRTs  - CNN
7/30/2001:Getting OLED Out - Technology Review
7/24/2001:Thomson rolls liquid-crystal-on-silicon HDTV - El. Engr. Times
7/20/2001:Spin-off develops 'digital paper' display for handsets  -
7/19/2001:New Standard Set For Scientific Visualizations — Data Rendered Into Art In Seconds - Science Daily
7/17/2001:New standard set for scientific visualizations — Data rendered into art in seconds  - Eureka Alert
7/11/2001:Substrates enable flexible displays, researchers say- El. Engr. Times
7/5/2001:Startup demos 3-D display prototype- El. Engr. Times
7/3/2001:Panasonic's PC display goes wireless  - CNN
6/25/2001:LCOS microdisplays still not ready for prime time  - El. Engr. Times
6/19/2001:iFire gives flat screens some EL -
6/18/2001:ThinCRT ready to see daylight -
6/16/2001:Startup to unveil spherical 3-D monitor
6/15/2001:Glasses-like displays to hit market -
6/12/2001:High-Speed Wireless Hits Japan
6/10/2001:OLED set to become talk of display show
6/5/2001:.Toshiba leans on inkjet technology for color organic displays
6/5/2001:.Samsung readies 15-inch smart panel for mass production
6/6/2001:.Neutrinos Reveal Star's Inner Secrets
6/4/2001:.New flat-screen displays
6/4/2001:.Microsoft sets sights on future displays
5/28/2001:.Nonorganic EL display rides on blue phosphor
5/28/2001:.LCDs invade new territory, new chemistries
5/25/2001:.Little Big Screen: Display Glasses
5/21/2001:.Battle intensifies over blue LEDs and violet lasers
5/16/2001:.Computer users may soon get 3-D screens
5/16/2001:.Researchers plant seeds for organic LED growth
5/3/2001:Curtains for LCD rubdown?
5/3/2001:BM scientists report significant breakthrough in computer display manufacturing
4/29/2001:Nanomaterials Could Slash LCD Costs
4/25/2001:Researchers unveil new 3D television system
4/6/2001:DDD Brings 3-D to TV
4/6/2001:Sony takes on LCD makers with thin screen OLED display
4/6/2001:Digital Dynamic Depth
3/31/2001:IBM to spring Roentgen hi-res LCD monitor
3/31/2001: Olympus readies 100-inch multiple-screen display
3/29/2001:Flat panel displays big at CeBIT
3/22/2001: Revolutionary display technology finally promises to make high-resolution, widescreen televisions more affordable.
3/17/2001: Global Race for a Better Display
3/14/2001: OLED Panel Display Promises Giant Leap in Screens
3/14/2001: Computer Display Utilizes Ink-Jet
3/14/2001: Screens Mean True 3-D For PCs
3/14/2001: Chip Battle Gets Graphic
3/14/2001: Meet the Floppy Screen
3/1/2001: Microvision's Virtual Retinal Display
2/26/2001: Pioneer, Sharp to build parts for power-saving screens
2/18/2001: Smaller is better; printable nano-displays
2/15/2001:Sony takes on LCD makers with thin screen
2/15/2001: Prototype Tips Sony's Hand on Organic EL Display
2/9/2001: Virtually Yours
2/4/2001: Big and flat: LCD monitor prices thin out
1/31/2001: Digital Imaging Breakthrough
1/26/2001: A new flat-screen technology
1/23/2001: Pocket-Size Home Theater Creates Illusion of 52-Inch Display
11/13/2000:IBM Selling 9-Megapixel, 200-dpi, "Printed-Page" Flat Displays
10/31/2000:3-D Movies On Your PC
04/18/2000:Wraparound Displays... At Last!
04/12/2000:Immersive 3-D for the Internet

   E-Paper -

10/15/2001:The Electronic Paper Chase  - Scientific American
Electronic paper now in full color - New Scientist

6/15/2001:Venture yields electronic ink -
6/9/2001:Colourful e-paper
4/29/2001:Roll the Presses
4/25/2001:E-paper moves a step nearer
4/25/2001:One-page book on horizon
4/25/2001:Are Roll-Up Speakers on Horizon?
4/18/2001: The brave new world of the paperless newspaper
4/2/2001: Digital ink meets electronic paper
3/14/2001: How Electronic Ink Will Work
3/14/2001: Eink
2/20/2001: Electronic Paper Turns the Page
1/29/2001: Electronic Paper
1/24/2001: Digital ink meets electronic paper

   Future -
3/30/2001: What will your PC be like in 2010?
3/30/2001: The Digital Future (1/00)
3/30/2001: Crafting the PC interface of the future
3/30/2001:Writing to the future
3/30/2001: What won't happen in the future of computing
3/30/2001: Intel CTO sees 'Giga PC' arriving by holiday season
3/26/2001: Computer: Wake me up at 7:30...
3/14/2001: Technology: Is That All There Is?
1/11/2001: The Triumph of the Light

   Natural Language Understanding -
3/21/2001: Have programs gotten smart enough to learn language the way we do?
3/20/2001: Computers improve in responding to spoken orders, questions.

   Paper-Based Computer Input (Anoto) -
3/20/2001: A New and Different Kind of Paper-Based Computing

   Printable, Flexible Computers -
4/2/2001: Towards the roll-up computer
3/14/2001: How Printable Computers Will Work
3/14/2001: UK-based scientists on verge of plastic microchip prototype
3/14/2001: Plastic Logic Builds On Plastic Semi Research
3/14/2001: Plastic microchips ahead
3/14/2001: Print Your Next PC
3/14/2001: MIT: Molecular Machines
3/1/2001: How Stereolithography (3-D Layering) Works
12/27/2000 Soft lithography used to fabricate transistors on curved substrates


1/14/2002:Inkjet nozzles  - Eureka Alert
Review- Lexmark tops list of best ink-jet printers
  - CNN


9/8/2001:Remarkable new program scans your handwriting - Seattle Times
8/23/2001Scanning the horizon - Industry Watch
8/2/2001:Face Scanners Turn Lens on Selves  - Wired News

   Software -

1/11/2002:Software- Few Bright Spots - Business Week
12/31/2001:A Better Word - Business Week
11/29/2001:New Road-Trip Reconaissance Software
- Business Week

11/23/2001:Software to Help Investigators Clearly Scrutinize Videos - ABC
10/28/2000:NASA Releases Software to Public Domain
  - Wired News
 10/4/2001:Microsoft to offer students discounted Office XP version - Nando Times
10/4/2001:More Zip for Your Files
10/4/2001:Feds Eye Setting Software Standards - ABC
8/29/2001:Intel Launches New Compilers for Linux - Industry Watch
8/29/2001:Software That Can Flunk You - Lycos
8/15/2001:Gates shows 'smarter' software for iPaq  - CNN
8/15/2001:Uphill battle for software companies seeking shift to subscription - Industry Watch
8/11/2001:New language could speed up the web - World Scientist
8/9/2001:New programming tool born from HTML and Java  - CNN
7/28/2001:Symantec launches integrated antivirus, filter  - CNN
7/18/2001:Coffee Machines made for Giants - New Robotic Lens Polishers - AlphaGalileo
7/15/2001:Web Group Ignites Common-Code War  - Wired News
7/8/2001:Opening Up .Net to Everyone  - Wired News
6/22/2001:Review: A first look at Microsoft Word 2002  - CNN
6/15/2001:Apps on the Fly - Technology Review
6/15/2001:Sandia Releases Open-Source Supercomputer Software
6/10/2001:The future of software may be a huge Internet-borne cloud of electronic offerings
6/2/2001:.Microsoft to unveil new Office software
5/29/2001:.New Cheese Worm Protects Linux Users Against Attackbeats crackers
4/18/2001: Microsoft set to roll out new MSN Explorer
4/9/2001:Open-source programming site expires
3/10/2001: You Can't Hide Your Lying Eyes
3/8/2001: Mac OS X Ready to Ware

  Speech Recognition -

12/26/2001:Learning the meaning - Economist
12/26/2001:Speech recognition earns its keep - Economist
11/2/2001Technology That Listens
Tech TV
10/25/2000:Bridging the language gap between people-speak, computer-hearing - Nando Times
10/25/2000:Speech interfaces are ready to listen  - CNN
10/25/2001:Speech recognition technology will hear you now  - CNN
10/25/2000:Is voice recognition dangerous for your health?  - CNN
10/25/2001:Review- MacSpeech demos voice recognition  - CNN
10/25/2000:Voice recognition software previewed  - CNN
10/25/2001:Lernout & Hauspie gets last-minute bid from SpeechWorks - El. Engr. Times - El. Engr. Times
10/24/2001:Voice-recognition tech comes to Customer Relations Management  - CNN
10/12/2001:Researchers Bring Voice Recognition to Palmtops - NY Times
Cool new film  - Nature
9/26/2001:Philips recognition technology aims to name that tune  -
Hold on, I'm just going to phone my translator
- AlphaGalileo

8/17/2001:Presidents as Pitchmen- NY Times
8/17/2001:Voice Technology Web Sites - NY Times
8/15/2001:Lernout & Hauspie may sell language technology business in parts
8/5/2001:Siebel announces voice-enabled contact management  - CNN
8/4/2001:Improving Speech Recognition - AlphaGalileo
8/2/2001:Voice Recognition Software Helping Dyslexics- NY Times
5/8/2001:From Your Lips to Your Printer
4/4/2001:Speech Companies Shift Talk To Networking
4/4/2001:Boom Predicted For Speech-Recognition Software
3/30/2001: Speech recognition heads to Web via XML
3/23/2001: Voice, or handwriting recognition, or electronic pen and paper for input
11/10/2000:Microsoft to Promote Tablet-, Voice-Controlled PC
04/22/2000:Speech Recognition Makes It into the Mainstream

   Storage -

1/23/2002:Toshiba fits 20GB onto 1.8-inch disk  - CNN
12/30/2001:Make Your PC a 'Smart' VCR - Tech TV
11/13/2001:Hard Drive Bottlenecks - Tech TV
Digital archives - Economist
11/10/2001:Hitachi ups hard-disk storage densities - El. Engr. Times
10/30/2000:DoD orders 4.3 million chip-based ID cards  - CNN
10/25/2001:DiskOnKey -
10/19/2001:Matsushita aims at 100-GB optical disk (following Fujitsu's similar announcement) - El. Engr. Times
10/19/2001:Via plans push for faster DDR memory  -
10/12/2001:Hitachi and Asahi click on 100-Gigabyte Optical Disk - El. Engr. Times
10/8/2001:Panasonic's First DVD Burner
Tech TV
10/8/2001:Recordable DVD Up In the Air - Tech TV
10/5/2001:Startup says single-chip integrates hard-disk circuitry for PDA's, cameras, etc. - El. Engr. Times
10/2/2001:Toshiba offers flash drives as hard-disk replacements
 - El. Engr. Times
Recordable DVD standards go head-to-head
- New Scientist
8/29/2001:Fujitsu smashes hard disk recording density record  - CNN
8/25/2001:DVD recorder drops to price we can afford - Seattle Times
8/22/2001Possibilities for DVD - Industry Watch
8/22/2001SRAM companies limber up for 0.13µm devices  -
8/20/2001SimpleTech, Hitachi ally on 1-Gbyte flash cards- El. Engr. Times
8/11/2001:New Disc To Replace The CD?  - Wired News
7/29/2001:New Shirt or Cloth Keyboard?-  - Wired News
7/26/2001:Review- Next-generation CD-RW drives faster - El. Engr. Times
7/18/2001:Toshiba squeezes 5GB hard disk into PC Card  - CNN
7/15/2001:Researchers Discover New Mechanism by Which HDL Protects Arteries
7/13/2001:Remember 2001?- - ABC
7/8/2001:Laser vendors hone near-circular beam - El. Engr. Times
7/3/2001:To Store Data, a Hologram 'Picture' Is Worth a Million Bits- NY Times
7/2/2001:Toshiba increases hard disk density in new models
6/26/2001:Holographic Memory and Processing - Science Central
5/30/2001:.Portable storage devices that can fit on a key chain
5/28/2001:.Iomega unveils 10-, 20-gigabyte portable drive systems
5/27/2001:.IBM to sprinkle hard drives with pixie dust (mentions further improvements)
5/23/2001:.IBM's new notebook drives emphasize quiet
5/23/2001:.IBM 'pixie dust' breaks hard drive barrier
5/23/2001:.IBM's Disk Drive Breakthrough
5/22/2001:.IBM to unveil higher-capacity hard drives
5/1/2001:Holographic Storage Nears Debut
4/18/2001: Infineon, IBM hone magnetic RAM strategy
4/6/2001: No floppy drive? Get on the Bus
4/2/2001: Coming soon: storage in the terabyte range
3/17/2001: Memories Are Made of Glass
3/13/2001: Data Storage Densities of 100 GBits/sq. inch
3/13/2001: High Density Holographic Data Storage
3/12/2001: Intel To Ease Into DDR Memory In 2002
3/8/2001: News Flash: Floppies Are Not Dead
2/28/2001: How Holographic Memory Will Work
2/28/2001: How Magnetic RAM Will Work
2/27/2001: Quadruple-Data-Rate Memory Technology
2/20/2001: Smaller Flash Memory Chips
2/14/2001: Panasonic Introducing $85, 32-megabyte Floppy Disk
2/14/2001: Data Storage Densities of 100 Gbit/sq-in
2/4/2001: Lucent venture eyes holographic storage technology
2/1/2001: Nanoclusters of 2-8 silver atoms may be basis for new optical storage technique
1/29/2001: Nanowires Hold Potential for Micro Storage
1/29/2001: Sony to take tape technology to 1 T-byte
1/28/2001: Iomega unveils 'Peerless' removable drives
1/26/2001: Toshiba develops 30-gigabyte 2.5-inch hard drive
1/25/2001: Disk Densities Double to 120 GB-to-200 GB
12/24/2000 IBM's new feat of memory
04/08/2000:600-Gigabyte Hard Drive in Two Years
03/15/2000:IBM Offering 75-GB Drive


12/30/2001:White House Open for Virtual Tours - ABC
12/20/2001:Virtual Reality Therapy  - Eureka Alert
12/1/2001:Jaron Lanier's Digital Dreamworlds - Tech TV
11/24/2001:Non-contact scanner is European Information Society Technologies Prize winner  -
The Army's $1 Billion Video Game
11/9/2001:Visualization supports Special Forces
  - CNN
11/2/2001Marines Use 'Virtual Reality' for Missile Training - Lycos
10/13/2001:Working On Quantum-Level Simulation, Tele-Immersion  - Unisci
Videophones Invaluable to Journalists - Tech TV
10/5/2001:3D computer images of terror site help recovery teams - Ananova
9/29/2001:Simply Red Fans Get Virtual Backstage Access
VR Roadway Dianoses Drivers
- Technology Review

9/4/2001:Virtual Worlds Get Real - Technology Review
9/2/2001:Labs Build Next Generation of VR - Technology Review
8/24/2001:Step into the Virtual Reality Theatre to find out what high-speed networks will do for the art of simulation.
8/6/2001:D-Box Technologies' Couch RockerShakes Up The TV Experience - Popular Mechanics
8/3/2001:Step into the Virtual Reality Theatre to find out what high-speed networks will do for the art of simulation. - MSNBC
8/3/2001:Hitachi and Xybernaut plan to get a $2,000 device with head-mounted video display into U.S. stores in time for the shopping rush. It’ll let chic geeks surf the Web on the move. - MSNBC
7/19/2001:Armed and Virtual - Technology Review
7/9/2001:Scientists, students explore virtual worlds  - Eureka Alert
7/7/2001:What's Next- Inside the Virtual Laboratory, Ideas Percolate Faster Than Rivalries- NY Times
6/19/2001:Electronic paper now in full color - New Scientist
6/10/2001:Ericsson 4G glasses to enhance real world in 2011
6/4/2001:.Cutting edge of virtual reality
5/29/2001:.Visualizing Protein Synthesis in Living Neurons
5/24/2001:."Walkthru Project" Renders Real-Time 3D Models for Engineering and Architecture
5/21/2001:.Virtual Reality Used to Train Combat Troops
5/11/2001:Here comes the holodeck: VR + AI = new training tool
5/9/2001:Synthetic Actors Guild
5/9/2001:Talking Heads
5/7/2001:Cyber Stimulation
5/6/2001:Virtual environments provide greater immersion into the world of scientific data.
5/3/2001:DoD Seeks Creative Solutions To Breast Cancer Puzzle
4/28/2001:The C6, a device for 360 degree immersion to display synthetic environments
4/27/2001:Big Blue's Big Brother Lab
4/26/2001:Augmented Reality Nears Actuality
4/25/2001:Virtual Reality TV Puts Viewer in the Stadium
4/22/2001:Machine Makes Movies Move You
Real Work in Virtual Reality
3/31/2001: How Tele-immersion Works
3/31/2001: Virtually There
3/31/2001: Virtual Reality and Networks
3/10/2001: Virtual reality all shook up
3/1/2001: Future Computer Environments at Georgia Tech
3/1/2001: DARPA's Head Mounted Displays Program
2/28/2001: Game-like graphics will move beyond virtual reality
2/28/2001:How Augmented Reality Will Work
2/28/2001: How Holographic Environments Will Work
2/18/2001:ZDNet: News: Itanium pilot program takes off
2/16/2001: Welcome, I'm your virtual receptionist
2/5/2001: Distance Learning Programs
2/5/2001: Virtual Education 101
2/5/2001: Virtual Venice
2/4/2001: In First demonstrations of 'Tele-Immersion', Participants Many Miles Apart Feel as if They're Sitting in the Same Room
1/29/2001: New Video Technique Used for Superbowl
1/28/2001: FaceMail
1/23/2001: Building the Better Digital Face
1/21/2001: The virtual reality shrink
12/22/2000: Miles Apart, People Feel They're In The Same Room
10/23/2000:The Approaching Era of Tele-Immersion
10/23/2000:The "Bold New World of Tele-Commuting"

   Tactile -

11/16/2001:Promise of touch technologies  - BBC
What's On Tap- Why, Haptics
  - Wired News
8/15/2001:under our skin- ABC
7/19/2001:Touchy-Feely Computing  - Wired News
6/10/2001:Tactile Feedback Military Vest
3/31/2001: At Your Fingertips
3/26/2001: Haptic Interfaces
3/21/2001: Tactile pads could make dashboards redundant
3/14/2001: Introducing Touchy-Feelly Tech


12/18/2001:New public-domain database could advance human computer interaction through sound  - Eureka Alert
AT&T's text reader works to make machines sound human -
Industry Watch

8/19/2001:Computer program raises possibility of voice theft- New Scientist
8/4/2001:Alarms Sound for Voice Software
8/2/2001:Speech synthesis technology links up wearable computer  -
5/24/2001:.Talk is cheap and coming to gadgets near you
3/26/2001: Look Who's Talking
3/19/2001: Sound bytes: computers talk back


1/24/2002:France takes to the web  - BBC
1/24/2002:China Tightens Web Controls  - Wired News
1/24/2002:Bay raises fees for Web auctions  - CNN
1/22/2002:Net's servers under scrutiny  - BBC
1/22/2002:Convicts turn to net  - BBC
1/22/2002:Dutch emergency services to bombard cranks with texts - Ananova
1/22/2002:'Pentagon hackers' uncovered in Italy - Ananova
1/21/2002:New and Improved Ad Accounting  - Wired News
1/21/2002:Dot-Name Frenzy- No, Dot-Calm  - Wired News
1/21/2002:Firm Touts 'Perfect Compression'  - Wired News
1/21/2002:Some IE Users Still Vulnerable  - Wired News
1/21/2002:Is Your Computer Inviting Voyeurs? - MSNBC
1/21/2002:Adobe Threatens to Abandon Asia Over Piracy  - Wired News
1/21/2002:Exploding chips could foil laptop thieves - New Scientist
1/20/2002:In Vienna, Internet Cafes with a Difference  - Technology Review
1/19/2002:'.name' Web suffix for individuals kicks off - Nando Times
1/19/2002:Government anti-hacking team formed to watch Washington area - Nando Times
1/19/2002:New Net dot-name suffix set to debut  - CNN
1/18/2002:Microsoft, Yahoo! debate search engines' popularity
 - Nando Times
1/18/2002:Shopping and clicking  - BBMiscellaneous
1/17/2002:Me, my web and I - BBC
1/16/2002:Users test Napster's upcoming service - Nando Times
1/16/2002:Woman sued for criticizing Atlanta Humane Society in Internet chat room - Nando Times
1/14/2002:Don't Call Me... - AC
1/14/2002:Waiting Game for Domains - Tech TV
1/13/2002:Hotmail Takes Up Globetrotting  - Wired News
1/13/2002:Research sheds light on UK web frustration - Ananova
1/13/2002:Michigan bill will create nation's first cybercourt - Nando Times
1/13/2002:The Internet's Invisible Hand  - NY Times
1/12/2002:E-Merging Traffic Ahead  - Eureka Alert
1/12/2002:Data "swarms" could rescue overloaded web sites - New Scientist
1/11/2002:Many U.S. Companies at Risk for Cyber Attacks - ABC
1/11/2002:Florida man gets more than 11 years in prison for Internet scam - ABC
1/11/2002:Web Site Booms as More People Go Bust - ABC
1/11/2002:SEC- Teen Made $1 Million in Internet Scheme - ABC
1/11/2002:Porn watchdog chief stands down  - BBC
1/11/2002:Trailblazing  - BBC
1/10/2002:Net Gives Paper New Dimension  - Wired News
1/10/2002:Holiday Net Sales Not So Bad  - Wired News
1/10/2002:Webvan's Wheels for Sale - Atlanta Journal
1/9/2002:Black Power on the Web - Business Week
1/9/2002:E-Brokers- Lying Low, with High Hopes - Business Week
1/9/2002:Appeals court upholds anti-spam law - Business Week
1/9/2002:Hewlett Foundation sells portion of HP shares - Business Week
1/9/2002:Group builds onto wall of Web standards - Business Week
1/9/2002:E-voting- A load of old ballots?  - BBC
1/9/2002:Online voting on the cards  - BBC
1/9/2002:Man accused of abducting girl he met on Internet  - CNN  
1/8/2002:Robin Cook says Britain will be first country to vote online - Ananova
1/8/2002:Survey shows Christmas e-shopping growth - Ananova
1/8/2002:Monks on remote island turn to Internet sales to bring in money - Ananova
1/7/2002:Writable Web  - Technology Review
1/7/2002:Adjusting browser to battle obnoxious ad gimmicks - Seattle Times
1/5/2002:Internet naming regulators tackle domain names with non-Latin characters - Nando Times
1/5/2002:Stop the Anti-Terror Hype, or Else - ABC
1/5/2002:Toshiba set to market internet fridge - Ananova
1/5/2002:Disney Sees Profit From Internet by Year-End - ABC
1/4/2002:Dig up your family tree online - BBC
1/3/2002:Click and Watch - ABC
1/3/2002:Survey- Women top Web holiday spenders  - CNN
1/3/2002:AOL glitch blocks Harvard admissions e-mails  - CNN
1/2/2002:Blue chip firms' online offerings 'inadequate' - Ananova
1/2/2002:Dig up your family tree  - BBC
1/2/2002:America Online reaches 33 million customers - Nando Times
1/2/2002:'Product of the year' award goes to free, spam-busting ePrompter - Seattle
1/1/2002:WIRED LEGENDS- Founding Father  - Wired News
1/1/2002:In Helsinki Virtual Village...  - Wired News
1/1/2002:The Far Eastern infowar machine...  - Wired News
1/1/2002:America Online reaches 33 million customers - Nando Times
1/1/2002:FCC grants broadband license to Boeing - Nando Times
12/31/2001:Review- Opera browser's new song  - CNN
12/31/2001:Dark web  - BBC
12/30/2001:Internet gift service lets you choose your own present - New Scientist
12/30/2001:Why Worm Writers Stay Free  - Wired News
12/30/2001:Stand by for more Web attacks in 2002  - CNN  
12/30/2001:Do-It-Yourself Censorship - ABC
12/29/2001:Saving the Soul of the Network  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Google's Secret Formula  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Open and Shut  - Wired News
12/29/2001:The Money Shot  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Let's Make Your Head Interactive  - Wired News
12/29/2001:The n -Dimensional Superswitch  - Wired News
12/28/2001:High School Confidential  - SciTech
12/28/2001:The joy of junk mail  - SciTech
12/27/2001:Nigeria's online struggle  - BBC
12/27/2001:Current Pick of the Web - Discover
12/26/2001:Peril of online terror ignored - Dallas News
12/26/2001:Machines that answer back - Economist
12/26/2001:When E-Mail's Not Enough  - Wired News
12/26/2001:Trying to Keep Young Internet Users From a Life of Piracy  - NY Times
12/25/2001:Internet to help homeless renew contact  - BBC
12/25/2001:Internet bidding for wife ends at £1 billion - Ananova
12/25/2001:New Web ads are more noticeable -- and disruptive  - CNN
12/24/2001:Building Tomorrow's Web - ABC
12/24/2001:Chat-rooms seen replacing Christmas dinner table gathering
 - Ananova
12/24/2001:Online shopping 'hasn't eased Christmas stress'
 - Ananova
12/23/2001:Studying The Issues Involved In Voting Via Internet  - Unisci
12/21/2001:Warning of malicious e-cards  - BBC
12/21/2001:A Catalog to Catalog All Catalogs  - Wired News
12/21/2001:Who Killed ExciteAtHome?  - Wired News
12/21/2001:UK broadband 'to triple in 2002'  - BBC
12/21/2001:Women catch up on net use  - BBC
12/21/2001:Visa's Security Blanket - Business Week
12/21/2001:New programs try to head off, sort junk e-mail - Nando Times
12/21/2001:The net gets a new .name  - BBC
12/20/2001:Survey shows steady growth in UK web access - Ananova
12/20/2001:Firm detects an email virus every 18 seconds - Ananova
12/20/2001:Excite UK to close - Ananova
12/20/2001:Consumers turn to internet to buy embarrassing items - Ananova
12/20/2001:Kid Porn Case a Cautionary Tale  - Wired News
12/20/2001:Making Hacking a Little Harder  - Wired News
12/19/2001:Visualize This: New Search Techniques - Popular Science
12/18/2001:Online Buyer Beware - ABC
12/18/2001:Internet gives a few Iraqis a small window to the world - ABC
12/18/2001:Shoppers Are Beating a Path to the Web - Business Week
12/18/2001:Microsoft's Cookie Monster - Business Week
12/18/2001:Survey- One-third car sales on Web by 2006  - CNN  
12/18/2001:Junk e-mail expected to rise in 2002  - CNN
12/17/2001:Online retailers trying to turn browsers into shoppers - Nando Times
12/17/2001:Digital history saved  - BBC
12/16/2001:Paving the way for 'uncrackable' codes
12/15/2001:Transporter sends equations in place of data - El. Engr. Times
12/15/2001:California Candidate Spams Voters  - Wired News
12/15/2001:Don't Drive, Surf to Virgin Mary  - Wired News
12/15/2001:Cerf Disses Bush's Patch Plan  - Wired News
12/14/2001:Women lead UK online growth  - BBC
12/13/2001:'Boys break into Catholic school to look at porn sites' - Ananova
12/13/2001:Despite court order, U.S. Interior site down  - CNN
12/13/2001:Google's Gaggle of Discussions  - Wired News
12/13/2001:Google expands Usenet archive to 20 years - New Scientist
12/13/2001:Fidel Won't Like This Website  - Wired News
12/13/2001:Superhighway to Hell for Excite Customers  - Wired News
12/12/2001:Israeli teens admit unleashing computer worm attack - Cosmiverse
12/12/2001:Sites Forlorn When Reborn as Porn  - Wired News
12/12/2001:Plenty of Spam for the Holidays  - Wired News
12/12/2001:Reflections of a Peru Web Pioneer  - Wired News
12/11/2001:Blair to unveil online classroom revolution - Ananova
12/11/2001:Populist Editing  - NY Times
12/11/2001:One E-Mail Message Can Change the World  - NY Times
12/11/2001:Send Free Holiday E-cards - Tech TV
12/11/2001:Free E-greetings Are Fleeting - Tech TV
12/11/2001:3D Browsing Options - Tech TV
12/11/2001:Spice up Email - Tech TV
12/11/2001:Ready for E-Libraries? - ABC
12/11/2001:Bon Voyage to Free E-greeting Cards
12/11/2001:Internet porn addicts advised to log on with a partner - Ananova
12/11/2001:Children beg for money to spend in internet cafes - Ananova
12/11/2001:Madonna to take part in live webchat - Ananova
12/11/2001:World's web population grows to 474 million
 - Ananova
12/11/2001:Guarding intellectual property on the Internet  - CNN

12/10/2001:The Internet as Classroom - Business Week
12/10/2001:Bringing the Stacks to the Students - Business Week
12/9/2001:EU Sticking to Tough Spam Law  - Wired News
12/9/2001:Chinese Is the Future Language of the Net  - Wired News
12/9/2001:Future Looks Bright for StarLight - Science Quest
12/9/2001:Girl won't sleep with boy until website gets 111,111,111 hits - Ananova
12/9/2001:Tech execs: Consumers will trust Net by 2005  - CNN
12/8/2001:Big Stink Over a Simple Link  - Wired News
12/8/2001:EU Sticking to Tough Spam Law  - Wired News
12/8/2001:E-Mail Turns 30  - Wired News
12/8/2001:UN copyright treaty for internet gets go-ahead - Ananova
12/7/2001Taking Curl for a Whirl:  - Wired News
12/6/2001:RealNetworks Launches Web Media Player RealOne - ABC
12/6/2001:Government publishes web progress report - Ananova
12/6/2001:Snail Mail, or E-Card Go?  - Wired News
12/6/2001:ExciteAtHome Users Scrambling  - Wired News
12/6/2001:An Internet promise unfulfilled  - C/Net
12/6/2001:FAQ- Answers for Excite@Home customers  - C/Net
12/5/2001:Net paedophile threat highlighted  - BBC
12/5/2001:Initiative seeks more accessible Web tools, software for disabled  - Eureka Alert
12/2/2001:Ban on Net Gambling Sought  - Wired News
12/2/2001:State Sells Birth Data to Website  - Wired News
12/1/2001:Bush Renews Ban on Internet Taxes - ABC
12/1/2001:New internet search could turn up viruses - New Scientist
12/1/2001:Find a Free ISP - Tech TV
11/27/2001:9 out of 10 children have seen internet porn - Ananova
11/27/2001:Internet user are not geeky loners - Ananova
11/27/2001:Internet shopping becomes routine - Dallas News
11/27/2001:Government acts, spammers get devious - Seattle Times
11/27/2001:9 out of 10 children have seen internet porn - Ananova
11/27/2001:Internet user are not geeky loners - Ananova
11/27/2001:Internet shopping becomes routine - Dallas News
11/27/2001:Government acts, spammers get devious - Seattle Times
11/28/2001:Pop go the adverts- BBC
11/28/2001:FTC Warns Shopping Sites to Deliver - Cosmiverse
11/28/2001:The V-Chip's Tougher Big Brother  - Wired News
11/27/2001:9 out of 10 children have seen internet porn - Ananova
11/27/2001:Internet user are not geeky loners - Ananova
11/27/2001:Internet shopping becomes routine - Dallas News
11/27/2001:Government acts, spammers get devious - Seattle Times
11/25/2001:Web Picks
11/25/2001:Talkin' to Me- Not If AOL Has Its Way - L. A. Times
11/24/2001:Antiterror law gives U.S. broad Net power  - CNN
11/23/2001:Vivendi Moves in for Killer App  - Wired News
11/23/2001:Microsoft Confirms $1B Settlement  - Wired News
11/23/2001:The Electronic Small World Project aims to find how e-mail connects people worldwide- Eureka Alert
11/23/2001:Jams- Blame the net  - BBC
11/22/2001:Online Library Expands Database  - Wired News
11/22/2001:Pope to send bishops in Oceania an Internet message instead of traveling there himself- ABC
11/21/2001:Net Shoppers' Complaints on Rise  - Wired News
11/21/2001:Man Allegedly 'Encouraged Law-Breaking on Web'  - Wired News
11/20/2001:Don't expect to find chapter, verse on Net - Seattle Times
11/20/2001:Net can be helpful neighbor for elder care - Seattle Times
11/20/2001:IE- Bigger Is Better - Tech TV
11/19/2001:Most farmers are online - survey - Ananova
11/19/2001:The Net's Next Era - Business Week
11/19/2001:LAWRENCE J. MAGID- Taming the e-mail beast - Nando Times
11/19/2001:Irish Surfers on One-Day Strike  - Wired News
11/18/2001:Senate gives final congressional approval to extend ban on Internet taxes - ABC
11/18/2001:COMDEX- Some developers will wait for Visual Studio.Net  - CNN
11/17/2001:Taking the web to the people  - BBC
11/17/2001:Army Intranet- World's Largest  - Wired News
11/17/2001:Wireless E-mail Tops Wish Lists - Technology Review
11/17/2001:Native English Speakers No Longer Web Majority - Nat'l. Geo. News
11/16/2001:AOL enraged by Brazilian rival's 'anti-American' ads - Ananova
11/16/2001:French bureaucracy takes online leap  - BBC
11/16/2001:Mercedes showcases 'drive-by' communications - Ananova
11/16/2001:The Net's Next Era - Business Week
11/16/2001:Researchers Probe Dark and Murky Net - Business Week
11/16/2001:Opera releases new Windows beta - Business Week
11/16/2001:Aria Lookin' for a New Browser?  - Wired News
11/16/2001:Argentina Peeks Into E-Mail Laws  - Wired News
11/16/2001:Windows XP -- Hit or Miss?-  - Wired News
11/16/2001:Increasing internet's "gene pool" could boost security - New Scientist
11/15/2001:European Parliament backs web snooping but not cookies - Ananova
11/15/2001:Europe tackles internet privacy  - BBC
11/15/2001:US u-turn on online privacy laws  - BBC
11/15/2001:Web gets wise to who you are  - BBC
11/15/2001:Comdex- Sony's ‘invisible’ network  - CNN
11/15/2001:Spontaneous, Unedited, Naked  - Scientific American
11/15/2001:Latest MPEG efforts- solutions or confusion- - El. Engr. Times
11/15/2001:Object-based MPEG offers flexibility - El. Engr. Times
11/15/2001:MPEG-4- A system designer's view - El. Engr. Times
11/15/2001:How MPEG-4 trade-offs affect design - El. Engr. Times
11/15/2001:MPEG-7 tackles multimedia content - El. Engr. Times

11/14/2001:Seeing the future in the web's past  - BBC
11/14/2001:Print a copy of the web  - BBC
11/14/2001:The war for your door  - BBC
11/14/2001:World Wide Worship  - BBC
11/14/2001:Home internet use up 50%, say researchers - Ananova

11/13/2001:Commission aims to improve Internet access in Appalachian region - Nando Times
11/13/2001:Where the Net's Your Playing Field - L. A. Times
11/13/2001:Silicon Spin - Tech TV
11/13/2001:Invitation To A Break-In  - Popular Mechanics
11/12/2001:Security Flaw Found - ABC
Judge in Microsoft case sets schedule for remainder of trial - ABC
A lingua franca for the Internet - Economist
11/12/2001:Video-on-demand - Economist
11/11/2001:Iranian group calls for ban on ISPs - Ananova
11/11/2001:Gov't Networks Get an 'F'  - Wired New
11/11/2001:Super Sync - Technology Review
11/10/2001:Text me a poem  - BBC
11/10/2001:North Korea opens doors to e-mail  - CNN
11/10/2001:P2P Fans Predict Rebound  - Wired News
11/10/2001:Yahoo Gets Break in Nazi Case  - Wired News
11/10/2001:Kids' Psychological Files Posted  - Wired News
11/9/2001:Brazil to open post office Internet booths - ABC
11/9/2001:Brazil- Internet Barriers to Fall  - Wired News
11/9/2001:Bin Laden Hackers Denounce Founder  - Wired News
11/9/2001:International Internet Bandwidth  - Wired News
11/9/2001:A Smarter Web - Technology Review 
11/9/2001:Battle of the Browsers - Tech TV
11/8/2001:One in Nine IIS Servers Compromised - Cosmiverse
11/8/2001:Welcome to the era of drive-by hacking  - BBC
11/8/2001:Major licensing deal for Napster  - BBC
11/8/2001:Euro Parliament to vote on cookies - Business Week
11/8/2001:Internet-based National Virtual Observatory Taking Shape - SpaceDaily
11/6/2001:Do online employment services work? - BBC
11/6/2001:Censor evaders- BBC
11/6/2001:Blair heralds internet revolution - ABC
11/6/2001:9-year-old entrepreneur plans online stick insect egg business- Ananova
11/5/2001:File Trading Instantly Is Easier  - Wired News
11/3/2001:A Social Net - ABC
11/3/2001:China-based website offers e-mail links to isolated North Korea - ABC
11/3/2001:Online paranoia  - BBC
11/3/2001:Dubai Government goes online  - BBC
11/3/2001:Fear of Flying - Business Week
11/3/2001:Google tests snapshots of Web pages - Business Week
11/3/2001:A Smarter Web - Technology Review
11/2/2001New York man pleads guilty to rape in Internet kidnap case - ABC
11/2/2001Court Considers Computer Child Porn Case - ABC
11/2/2001Asian women unite on the web  - BBC
11/2/2001Anthrax changing e-mail policies?  - CNN
11/2/2001How to Spot a Fake - Tech TV
11/2/2001Download Free Bargain-Searching Bot - Tech TV
11/2/2001Europe Goes After the Cookie  - Wired News
11/2/2001Why The Spammers Are Winning -- People Are Actually Buying  - Wired News
11/2/2001Beware the Internet Tax Man  - Wired News
11/2/2001Small Companies Mute Net Radio
10/31/2000:Wayback Goes Way Back on Web  - Wired News
10/31/2000:Dot-govs get it - Washington Post
10/31/2000:Find a Free ISP - Tech TV
10/31/2000:Agency staying out of AOL dispute - USA Today
10/31/2000:America vents online - USA Today
10/31/2000:Directing Traffic - Technology Review
10/31/2000:First Nation Brings IP To Remote Canadian Communities - SpaceDaily
10/31/2000:Veiled Messages of Terrorists May Lurk in Cyberspace - NY Times
10/30/2000:Nearly two-thirds of adult surfers suffer e-rage - Ananova
10/30/2000:Poetry service promises to raise tone of texting - Ananova
10/30/2000:Ant attack  - BBC
10/29/2000:Best of the Web - US News
10/29/2000:Micro-Satellite Will Hook Into Internet - SpaceDaily
10/29/2000:First Nation Brings IP To Remote Canadian Communities - SpaceDaily
10/29/2000:New Consortium to Offer Airlines Broadband Passenger Connectivity - SpaceDaily
10/29/2000:ChinaSat and USAT to Provide Network Services Between the US and China - SpaceDaily
10/27/2000:Lambs Get Own Web Sites as Cyber-Pets - ABC
10/27/2000:Google evaluates subscription options - Business Week
10/27/2000:Take Me Out to the … Web Site? - Tech TV
10/26/2000:Devastating attacks on the net "imminent", says report - New Scientist
10/25/2000:Giant web chess tournament announced for January - Ananova
10/25/2001:Don't open 'bin Laden computer virus' - Ananova
10/25/2000:Jilted boyfriend hacked into ex's internet bank account - Ananova
10/25/2001:China sentences computer hacker to two years - Ananova
10/25/2000:Web giants back launch of content labeling  - CNN
10/25/2001:Yahoo Makes Desktop Power Play - Cosmiverse
10/24/2001:Top Three Companies Back New Net Filter - ABC
10/24/2001:E-Taxes- Inertia May Get Us Somewhere - Business Week
10/24/2001:Yahoo adds audio, video and commerce to IMs  - CNN
10/24/2001:MonsterMail launches e-mail filtering service  - CNN
10/24/2001:AltaVista serves up outdated search results  - CNN
10/23/2001:Locate a Free ISP - Tech TV
10/23/2001:Yahoo enhances instant messages  - BBC
10/22/2001:Pop Psych at Pop Tech - Lycos
10/21/2001:More Spears  - BBC
10/21/2001:Text messaging 'boosts creativity' - Ananova
10/20/2001:Turning to the Internet for News- ABC
10/20/2001:Higher quality video streaming with Amphion's MPEG-4 technology  -
10/20/2001:Hard-wired MPEG-4 codec takes on software-based rivals- El. Engr. Times
10/19/2001:Internet tax ban to expire after Congress fails to give extension - ABC
10/19/2001:Some Things Borrowed, Some Things New - ABC
10/19/2001:US plan for secure internet 'flawed'  - BBC
10/19/2001:Internet alert  - BBC
10/18/2001:Time Traveling on the Web - Tech TV
10/18/2001:Naked Revenge on Net - Tech TV
10/18/2001:A Smarter Web- Technology Review
10/17/2001:Web attacks on the rise  - BBC
10/17/2001:BBC scoops Arabic web trophy  - BBC
10/17/2001:Free, Easy, Interactive 3D Graphics for the WWW  - CNN
10/15/2001:Java Rings - Popular Mechanics
10/15/2001:Optimize Your Connection To The Internet - Popular Mechanics
10/15/2001:Watch Your Mouth On The Internet - Popular Mechanics
10/15/2001:Optimize Your Connection To The Internet - Popular Mechanics
10/15/2001:Your Options For Broadband - Popular Mechanics
10/15/2001:Next Generation Internet- Popular Mechanics
10/14/2001:IT specialist warns of increase in email traffic as anthrax worries mount - Ananova
10/12/2001:White House wants internet of its own to counter hackers - Ananova
10/12/2001:Sharp develops 'chatting' interface  - CNN
10/12/2001:Microsoft aims to lure Java developers to .Net  - CNN
10/12/2001:Microsoft previews .NET Alerts Service  - CNN 
10/11/2001:Digital snapshot of history  - BBC
10/11/2001:H@ppy birthday to you  - BBC
10/11/2001:Internet offers lifeline  - BBC
10/11/2001:Cyberspace may be Next Target for Terrorists - Cosmiverse
Surf’s Up - ABC
10/10/2001:Indian carrier pigeons sacked over internet and email - Ananova
10/10/2001:Net venture  - BBC
10/9/2001:Superfast Internet hits speed bump At Home's woes trip up industryWorld Scientist
10/8/2001:Senators propose Net tax ban extension  - CNN
10/8/2001:Networks, resources, and small business growth- The experience in Sri Lanka - Industry Watch
10/7/2001:The Search for Intelligent Life on the Internet  - NY Times
10/6/2001:Intelligence data pulled from websites  - BBC
10/6/2001:Securing the Lines of a Wired Nation  - Wired News
10/6/2001:Argentina- Land of Free ISPs  - Wired News
10/5/2001:Turning against the web worms  - BBC
10/5/2001:US u-turn on online privacy laws  - BBC
10/5/2001:Putting a face on Web services  - CNN
10/4/2001:'Holy wars' website is shut down - Ananova
10/4/2001:Costlier Internet access?  - CNN
10/4/2001:On Junk Heap of the Net - L. A. Times
10/4/2001:U.S. Agencies Pull Sensitive Data Off Web - L. A. Times
10/4/2001:Intelligence data pulled from Web sites - Nando Times
10/4/2001:DAVE WILSON- 'Hacktivists,' caught in web of hate, deface Afghan sites - Nando Times
10/4/2001:Interactive Video Can Cut Nurses' In-Home Meetings  - Unisci
10/3/2001:US chases domain name schemer  - BBC
10/3/2001:Turning on to interaction  - BBC
10/3/2001:War views  - BBC
10/3/2001:The Trouble with a Tax-Free Internet - ABC
10/3/2001:Hackers post bin Laden support on government website - Ananova
10/3/2001:A Battle-Ready Net? - Business Week
10/3/2001:Uncle Sam Should Learn to Hack - Business Week
10/3/2001:Microsoft, CinemaNow tout video-on-demand  - CNN
10/2/2001:FTC Shuts Down Thousands of Deceptive Web Sites - ABC
10/2/2001:FBI, computer industry launch bug prevention program - ABC
10/2/2001:Building the Packet Network (Special Report) - El. Engr. Times
10/1/2001:Charting Virtual Worlds  - Wired News
9/30/2001:Conducting Virtual Meetings - L. A. Times
9/29/2001:File-munching Worm Set to Return - ABC
9/29/2001:Scientists On Four Continents Linking To Data Grid - Unisci
9/29/2001:Hackers 'branded as terrorists'  - BBC
9/27/2001:Navigator's New Course - Business Week

9/26/2001:"Nimda" computer worm deploys many weapons - New Scientist
Voter Virus Hits Internet E-Mail - ABC
9/14/2001:Crisis Tests Net's Mettle
 - ABC
9/14/2001:Bermuda discovers civil servants accessing adult Web sites, installs blocking software

9/14/2001:Rivals vie to reshape net topology
Net body grapples with people power
  - BBC
9/13/2001:European Parliament adopts 'Echelon' report  - CNN
9/12/2001:Census offers more proof of Net growth
  - CNN
9/12/2001:Senator says Internet essential for diplomacy  - CNN
9/12/2001:America Online- Well, About Half  - Wired News
9/12/2001:MS- New Twist in Error Messages  - Wired News
9/12/2001:Device Could Make For Faster Internet, Better Communications - SpaceDaily
9/8/ Gets a Makeover  - Wired New
9/8/2001:Security Danger Found in Web Postings  - Wired New
9/8/2001:Regulating Minors' Net Access Can Backfire  - Wired Ne
9/6/2001:Muslims sue AOL over chat rooms  - BBC
9/5/2001:Visitors crowd Web site as South Korea discloses names of sex offenders - ABC
9/5/2001:S Koreans jam net sex register  - BBC
9/5/2001:EBay Hammering Out TV Serie  - CNN
9/5/2001:Top Five Cross-Platform Browsers - Tech TV
9/5/2001:Intel Addresses Need for Lower Cost, Higher Performance Internet Infrastructure - Industry Watch
9/4/2001:Security At Risk? - ABC
9/4/2001:Internet Explorer 6.0 Ready for non-XP Users - Tech TV
9/4/2001:Opera Awaits Its Curtain Call - Business Week
9/4/2001:'Offensive' Trojan horse can disable systems  - CNN
9/4/2001:Total satellite secrecy approaches - New Scientist
9/4/2001:Appalachia- Where Net Trails Off  - Wired News
9/4/2001:ISPs Forced to Abet 'Orwellian Creep'  - Wired News
9/3/2001:E-mail Dos and Donts - ABC
9/3/2001:Net reaching growth limit  - CNN
9/3/2001:Microsoft releases latest Web browser  - CNN
9/2/2001:NetZero Fiscal Share Loss Widens - ABC
9/2/2001:Indian net users set to soar  - BBC
9/2/2001:Fast track for Indian internet  - BBC
9/2/2001:Country profile- India  - BBC
9/2/2001:Vietnam introduces new Internet regulations  - CNN
9/2/2001:‘Keyword’ software raises ire - MSNBC
8/30/2001:E-mail snoopers 'risk legal action'  - BBC
8/30/2001:A Nimbler Netscape - Business Week
8/30/2001:Postings on Yahoo! message board sparks lawsuit - Nando Times
8/30/2001:Programmers to encode human behaviour - New Scientist
8/30/2001:Download Outlook Security Patch - Tech TV
8/28/2001:French failing to click  - BBC
8/28/2001:Zombie PCs stalk web  - BBC
8/28/2001:Norton AntiVirus 2002 to fight e-mail worms  - CNN
8/28/2001:Germany reports higher rates of extremist Web sites - Nando Times
8/28/2001:Seeking a Standard for 'Lol' or --) - Technology Review
8/28/2001:Securing the Broadband Revolution  - Wired News
8/28/2001:Internet Users Coalesce into Online Communities - Industry Watch
8/28/2001:Governors back ban on Internet access tax but seek online sales tax system - Nando Times
8/27/2001:Motorola unveils 700 Gbit/s MXP  -
8/27/2001:Take Control of Internet Explorer - Tech TV
8/27/2001:Houston Bridges Digital Divide  - Wired News
8/27/2001:New Online Service May Change the Way America Surfs; Professional Librarians to be Available Online - Industry Watch
8/26/2001:Rating Internet Service Providers - ABC
8/26/2001:Instant Messaging Goes to Work - ABC
8/26/2001:Risky Business- - ABC
8/26/2001:Amazing New Yahoo! Messenger - Tech TV
8/26/2001:ExciteAtHome Drops on Doubts It Will Last - ABC
8/26/2001:Hotmail hole exposes e-mails  - BBC
8/26/2001:What Happened to the Net's Borderless Economy? - Business Week
8/26/2001:Software secures Internet links to remote devices  - CNN
8/26/2001:Texan library card holders could get Internet access  - CNN
8/26/2001:Poll- Students Say Web Is Great Help - Lycos

8/25/2001:INTERACTIVE- See how a home network system works - US News
8/23/2001:E-fight to the death AOL, Microsoft battle for Internet control - Industry Watch
8/23/2001:Researchers- PDAs prone to hacker attacks  - CNN
8/23/2001:Major studios to offer movies on Internet  - CNN
8/23/2001:AOL Creates Unit For Video On Demand Ex-Time Warner Cable Chief To Run It - Industry Watch
8/23/2001:The Post-Internet Digital Age Has A New Invention- Television!; TV Gets Into Pocket PC with AK.TV from Kanakaris Wireless - Industry Watch
8/23/2001:Hollywood studios enter Net venture - MSNBC
8/23/2001:The hard work of making the web pay  - BBC
8/23/2001:Taming the Web - Technology Review
8/22/2001:Afghan Women Reach Out Via Web - ABC
8/22/2001:Azeri alphabet soup  - BBC
8/22/2001:Hard drive: Returning to the UK from the US broke the magic spell - back to being bandwidth deprived - Industry Watch
8/22/2001:Infected by Bad Patents  - Wired News
8/21/2001:Forecasting Cyber Attacks Against DoD - SpaceDaily
8/21/2001:High Speed, Freed- Wired News
8/19/2001:Northern Light Offers Resources on the Most Significant New Web Technology- XML - Industry Watch
8/19/2001:MPEG-4 Standard Trying To Find Its Niche - Yankee Group - Industry Watch
8/19/2001:Growth of Online Access Rising at a Slower Pace - L. A. Times
8/19/2001:Web bug swarm grows 500 percent - MSNBC
8/19/2001:New viruses wiggle into IM chats - MSNBC
8/19/2001:If there’s one place the Net has yet to catch on, it’s the auto industry. You can get online from your Palm, from your mobile phone, even from your TV, but you still can’t connect your car to the Web. - MSNBC
8/19/2001:Censored music protection research revealed- New Scientist
8/18/2001:Qwest and Accenture to redesign, host IRS Web site- ABC
8/18/2001:Three people arrested in alleged Internet kidnapping and sex assault case- ABC
8/18/2001:Hackers make house calls  - BBC
8/18/2001:Protests over SA 'snooping' bill  - BBC
8/18/2001:Scholars rule Roman emperors Web site  - CNN
8/18/2001:Net processor era ignites a software rethink- El. Engr. Times
8/17/2001:Code Red II worst virus ever to hit China - Nando Ti
8/16/2001:Brazil regulator may allow flat tariff for Internet access - ABC
8/15/2001:The Next Net- ABC
8/15/2001:Britons drawn to online porn  - BBC
8/15/2001:Hollywood hits back at hackers  - BBC
8/15/2001:Tool lets users browse the Web anonymously  - CNN
8/15/2001:New virus spreads using Acrobat files  - CNN
8/15/2001:New worm spreads further More virulent Code Red strain continues to prey on weaknesses in Windows Web servers - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:Netscape Releases Non-Beta Version 6.1 Browser Suite - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:The Hunt for the Worm Writers - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:High-speed Internet connections more numerous, FCC says- Nando Times
8/14/2001:Code Red claims its most embarrassing victim- New Scientist
8/14/2001:Heartsoft Readies Its Internet Safari Web Browser for Microsoft's Roll-out of Windows XP - Industry Watch
8/12/2001:Former Netscapers push p-to-p plan  - CNN
8/12/2001:Mining for Meaning- Technology Review
8/11/2001:Sklyarov- A Huge Sigh of Release  - Wired News
8/11/2001:Is Copy Protection Dead On Arrival?  - Wired News
8/11/2001:Anonymous Root Access on Quarter Million Machines  - Wired News
8/10/2001:Tim Burton's Internet Complaints - ABC
8/10/2001:Sign on the line  - BBC
8/10/2001:Internet surge  - BBC
8/9/2001:Russian hacker released on bail after U.S. arrest  - CNN
8/9/2001:Old meets new- feng shui finds home on the Net  - CNN
8/8/2001:(CGEP.PA) China Telecom Selects Alcatel's Optical Multi-Service Gateways to Expand Metropolitan Network in Northwest China - Industry Watch
8/7/2001:Internap offers IP-based videoconferencing  - CNN
8/7/2001:Study- Net-based services adapted at rapid rate  - CNN
8/7/2001:Several routes to making your Web site interactive   - NY Times
8/7/2001:File-swapping sites find footing in Napster's wake - Nando Times
8/6/2001:2000 Best of the Web - Popular Science
8/6/2001:Internet Brings Dangers New and Old
8/6/2001:Lack of Advertising Forces to Shut Web Sites- NY Times
8/5/2001:'Pie'-eyed Web users find French porn instead  - CNN
8/5/2001:Experts- Net prevention easier than repair  - CNN
8/5/2001:Study- More Asian homes on to Net  - CNN
8/5/2001:IBM helps track consumer data  - CNN
8/5/2001:NetZero to Reduce Free Access  - Wired News
8/5/2001:AOL's New Instant Message- Synergy  - Wired News
8/5/2001:The Day The Workplace Goes Home  - Wired News
8/3/2001:Microsoft pushing MSN icons on PC makers  - CNN
8/3/2001:Cal-(IT)2 unveils 2nd-generation website  - Eureka Alert
8/3/2001:Software Called Capable of Copying Any Human Voice  - Wired News
8/3/2001:'Code Red' Spreads - ABC
8/3/2001:Code Red infections growing  - BBC
8/3/2001:Kmart Corp., only days after purchasing, said Monday it would no longer offer free Internet service to its consumers. - MSNBC
8/3/2001:Study- More Asian homes on to Net  - CNN
8/3/2001:Cal-(IT)2 unveils 2nd-generation website  - Eureka Alert
8/2/2001:Internet's 'very real' virus threat  - BBC
8/2/2001:The internet revolution  - BBC
8/2/2001:Semantic Web  - Scientific American
8/2/2001:Au Contraire- Networks Growing  - Wired News
8/2/2001:Casting a Wider Net in Brazil  - Wired News
8/2/2001:Attack Of Yellow Hyperlinks  - Wired News
8/2/2001:Return of the Worm - ABC
8/2/2001:Computer worm's second strike could slow internet - New Scientist
/29/2001:Battle heats up for Internet-ready car  -
7/29/2001:Europe's Spin on Web Reporting  - Wired News
7/23/2001:Wireless LANs Going Mainstream  - Technology Review
7/22/2001:Who, What, Where, Why and Web  - Wired New
7/22/2001:Who, What, Where, Why and Web  - Wired News
7/22/2001:Web reaches a 'bench' mark in UK  - CNN
7/19/2001:Cisco rallies industry for next-gen, v6 Internet
7/19/2001:Review- Web animation made easy  - CNN7
/18/2001:Levy computer search spotlights Web trails  - CNN
7/18/2001:Russian Mafia Threatens Net  - Wired News
7/16/2001:Internet 2- The Once and Future Net - Technology Review
7/14/2001:Internet 'gorgeous guy' admits hoax  - CNN
Atlantis launches for airlock delivery
7/13/2001:Internet 2- The Once and Future Net - Technology Review
7/11/2001:New Economy- Selling a Vision of the Future Beyond Folders - NY Times
7/10/2001:Chinese Weave a Tangled Website  - Wired News
7/10/2001:Enter Multimedia Messaging - Technology Review
7/9/2001:Cybermania Takes Iran by Surprise  - Wired News
7/9/2001:HDTV Could Change Online Learning  - Wired News
7/5/2001:Company aims to bring e-mail to the masses  - CNN
7/4/2001:Oracle Unveils Online Service  - Wired News
7/4/2001:Louder Call for Echelon Probe  - Wired News
7/4/2001:The Outernet Is Coming  - Wired News
7/3/2001:Netscape Denies Browser Escape - Wired News
7/2/2001:The Price of Free Net Access  - Wired News
7/2/2001:Big Blue's Big Brother Lab  - Wired News
6/30/2001:Yahoo! adds video feature to instant messaging  - CNN
6/30/2001:Net Experience Is Best Teacher  - Wired News
6/25/2001:No Harmony on Streaming Standards - Wired News
6/25/2001:Global Treaty: Threat to the Net? - Wired News
6/24/2001:21st Century Witch Hunt -- Is a "Net Authority" Keeping Databases of Net Sinners? - Wired News
6/20/2001:Watch Your Mouth On The Internet - Popular Mechanics
6/20/2001:Farewell Free Napster Downloads
6/20/2001:The New Napster? - ABC
6/19/2001:A New, Open-Source Napster Rival for MP3
6/19/2001:Net promises closer ties - BBC
6/19/2001:More lights go out on the Web
6/16/2001:Latest Microsoft launch aimed at couch potatoes
6/15/2001:ClearSpeed revises graphics engine to process packets
6/15/2001:Solution to Web-service chaos: frameworks
6/12/2001:The help desk: There's a lot about you on the Internet
6/10/2001:Freebie ISPs Unite
6/8/2001:Welcome to the gated Web
6/8/2001:Web dominated by just four big companies
6/8/2001:Net2Phone dials new high-speed service
6/8/2001:Netscape: We not just a browser
6/6/2001:.Talking heads
6/6/2001:.What Words Trigger Echelon?
6/6/2001:.Web Behind Walls
6/6/2001:.Upgrading the Internet
6/5/ to Roll Out Net Access
5/30/2001:.Cut out electricity and the Internet will run at the speed of light
5/29/2001:.Asia leads the world in Internet activity, study says
5/22/2001:.Farmers Get Wired
5/22/2001:.Voters to Test Touch Screens
5/22/2001:.Could E-Government Be Next?
5/21/2001:.Death of Web 'Inevitable'
5/19/2001:.Growing Invisibility Is Internet's Utility
5/17/2001:.Web mastermind honoured
5/12/2001:.Internet phone rates are rising
5/11/2001:Psychiatrists consider impact of Internet porn sites on adolescents
5/10/2001:New 'Homepage' virus opens porn Web sites
5/10/2001:Chinese hackers extend olive branch
5/6/2001:"Weaving the Web" and "How the Web was Born"
5/5/2001:Berners-Lee Heralds Next Internet
5/1/2001:Visualizing the Web
5/1/2001:IBM looks to develop self-healing systems
4/25/2001:System to combat e-mail viruses
4/24/2001:Mayans Out of Net's Reach
4/21/2001: Germany's Net Idea: Electricity
4/19/2001: Analysis: What happened to Net appliances?
4/17/2001: MIT puts class materials online for free
4/16/2001: Toll-Free Internet Voice Portal
4/16/2001: WebWatch
4/15/2001: MPEG-4 video format picks up key supporters
4/10/2001: Future Web
4/9/2001:New Personalized Internet Sites
3/31/2001: Cuba cautiously enters world of Internet
3/28/2001: Select Researchers Taking A Peek At Faster Internet
3/25/2001: How Pittsburgh GigaPop Handles Huge Internet Traffic
3/24/2001: Internet2 Crosses the Border into Mexico
3/22/2001: A new algorithm for providing smooth Internet-based telephony
/22/2001: Net telephony shakes up industry
3/20/2001: TV's Plan to Catch You in Its Web
3/11/2001: Step Into Your New Browser
3/10/2001: The Internet: It's Full of Holes
3/5/2001: Millions flock to the Internet
2/23/2001: BlueLight Illuminates Limits to Free ISP Service
2/23/2001: Internet Population Hits 56 Percent
2/22/2001:Awesome Power of Information Technology
2/16/2001: Report: 60 percent of U.S. on Web in January
2/12/2001: Report Predicts 1 Billion Web Users By 2005
2/2/2001: Hackers' video technology goes open source
1/18/2001: Coming: The Self-Organizing, Intelligence-Potentiating WWW
12/13/2000 Is 3-D Web Ready For Prime Time?
09/10/2000:NASA Acquires New "Dreamtime" Over-the-Internet Mission Broadcasting System
03/16/2000:Ultra-Compressed MP3 Voice-Mail Recording

   Internet Devices -

8/14/2001:Bad start for internet bench  - BBC
8/6/2001:Device transforms content from Web to wireless  - CNN
6/22/2001:Volkswagen Plans First Net-Access Car - ABC
6/4/2001:.Appliances That Know You're There
6/4/2001:.Mightier Than the Mouse?
3/24/2001: Brave new fridge
3/24/2001: Interconnected Homes On the Horizon
3/11/2001: Internet on a Chip (Networking Appliances)
2/20/2001: Wiring Up Appliances for the Internet

   Intelligent Agents -
4/5/2001: Gossip-seeking robots roam Net
4/9/2001:Is the Internet Breeding a World Wide Brain?
04/13/2000:Here Come the Shopping 'Bots

   Search -

9/3/2001:Do search engines tell the truth?  - CNN
8/27/2001:Better than Google? - Tech TV
8/26/2001:Scads of Screen, Skimpy Price - Business Week
8/23/2001:Relevant Info on Search Engines - Wired News
7/25/2001:Location is the New Rule for Net Searches - NY Times
7/12/2001:Researchers tackle search engine 'information overload'- AlphaGalileo
7/8/2001:Hot on the Scent of Information  - Wired News
7/5/2001:Video Searching  - Wired News
6/17/2001:Look and learn: New Visual Search Engine- - New Scientist
6/14/2001:New AltaVista App: Too Invasive?
6/14/2001:New materials' odd traits to help improve computer memory
6/5/2001:.Newly Available Tool Makes the Web Search a Graphic Experience
5/25/2001:.New service scours Web, wires for what you want
5/1/2001:Search Engines Ready to Learn
4/9/2001:Visualizing the Web
4/9/2001:Search Engines: The Next Generation
4/9/2001:Intelligent User Interfaces
4/9/2001:Information Retrieval Visualization Engine
3/30/2001:Search engines grapple with constant Web growth
3/26/2001: The Semantic Web
3/26/2001: Web crawlers, spiders, bots..
3/26/2001: The End of the Search Engine as We Know It?
3/17/2001: You Hum and I'll Find It


1/24/2002:Bill Gates- Trustworthy Computing  - Wired News
1/23/2002:A new wave in sampling - Economist
1/23/2002:Surrounded by Sound  - Scientific American
1/22/2002:Lindows Asks MS to Dismiss Suit  - Wired News
1/22/2002:Software security law call  - BBC
1/22/2002:Microsoft Shifts Strategy - Tech TV
1/22/2002:The Rebirth of Napster? - ABC
1/22/2002:Weakened encryption lays bare al-Qaeda files - New Scientist
1/21/2002:Adobe Threatens to Abandon Asia Over Piracy  - Wired News
1/21/2002:Exploding chips could foil laptop thieves - New Scientist
1/20/2002:Online CoursesA Virtual Reality  - Technology Review
1/19/2002:Worm Poses as Outlook Update   - NY Times
1/19/2002:Hiding Data Tough in a Digital Age  - NY Times
1/19/2002:Entrepreneur takes Microsoft to small claims court - Nando Times
1/19/2002:More e-mail users taking spammers to court - Nando Times
1/18/2002:PC as Traffic Cop - ABC
1/18/2002:Cisco- Behind the Hype - Business Week
1/18/2002:Microsoft releases new Office tools - Business Week
1/18/2002:Judge tosses Microsoft schools settlement - Business Week
1/17/2002:Chip sales rise two months in a row — SIA  -
1/17/2002:Micronas says converter IC will move progressive-scan TV into volume markets  -
1/17/2002:Philips says copy-protected CDs have no future - New Scientist
1/17/2002:TV Filter Negates Naughtiness  - Wired News
1/17/2002:Thumbs Up for Macworld  - Wired News
1/17/2002:'Trojan' Company Changes Horses  - Wired News
1/17/2002:Judge rejects proposed Microsoft settlement suit alleging overcharging - Ananova
1/17/2002:Judge rejects Microsoft deal - BBC
1/17/2002:Guilty Plea in Nuke Lab Hack - Business Week
1/17/2002:Failure to give facts may hurt Microsoft's case, experts say - Nando Times
1/17/2002:Judge Rejects MS Settlement  - Wired News
1/17/2002:Hacker Motivation-15 Minutes of Fame  - Technology Review
1/16/2002:Teenager faces jail over controversial DVD software - Ananova
1/16/2002:Legal experts query gaps in Microsoft's antitrust disclosures - Ananova
1/16/2002:India hopes to step from software to product design - El. Engr. Times
1/16/2002:Proposal looks to protect digital TV broadcasts - El. Engr. Times
1/16/2002:Electronics vendors pursue autos as new horizon - El. Engr. Times
1/16/2002:Failure to give facts may hurt Microsoft's case, experts say - Nando Times
1/16/2002:Philips says copy-protected CDs have no future - New Scientist
1/15/2002:Porn overload crashes civil service computers - Ananova
1/15/2002:MIKE BERMAN- Making life miserable for would-be cyber-intruders - Nando Times
1/14/2002:Napster's Back, Almost  - Wired News
1/14/2002:Of Geeks, Fashion and Oxymorons  - Wired News
1/14/2002:New software promises handwriting identification without the "bias" that accompanies human analysis of handwriting  - Eureka Alert
1/13/2002:Pillow Fight in the Living Room  - Wired News
1/13/2002:Online CD Sales May Suffer Static  - Wired News
1/13/2002:Ask Jeeves seeks to solve search query  - CNN
1/13/2002:Computer viruses 'cost businesses £9bn' - Ananova
1/13/2002:Luxury cars could have 15 times computing power of today's PCs by 2010  -
1/12/2002:Selling digital  - BBC
1/12/2002:What’s Next...a Silicon Shakespeare?  - Eureka Alert
1/12/2002:The Only Real Thing is the Human  - Eureka Alert
1/12/2002:Music industry rethinking CD copy protection - New Scientist
1/12/2002:Hidden danger found in Flash animation software - New Scientist
1/11/2002:Microsoft has sold 17 million copies of Windows XP - ABC
1/11/2002:More laptops on way for teachers 'to help reduce workload' - Ananova
1/11/2002:Linux takes on MS in China  - BBC
1/11/2002:How E-Mail Could Foil Fraudsters - Business Week
1/11/2002:Gates unveils new digital media products  - CNN
1/10/2002:Virus Writers Here to 'Help'  - Wired News
1/10/2002:Vaporware 2001- Empty Promises  - Wired News
1/10/2002:Vaporware 2000- Missing Inaction  - Wired News
1/10/2002:Vaporware '99- The 'Winners'  - Wired News
1/10/2002:Vaporware 1998- Windows NT Wins  - Wired News
1/10/2002:Lawmaker Questions CD-Copying Protections  - Wired News
1/10/2002:Nader Hits Microsoft Dividend Policy
1/12/2002:Viruses get flashy  - BBC
1/12/2002:HP boss comes out fighting  - BBC
1/9/2002:Adobe to unveil new GoLive, LiveMotion - Business Week
1/9/2002:Signs point to a weak IC recovery in 2002  -
1/7/2002:Worm Watchers  - Technology Review
1/7/2002:Turning Snooping Into Art  - Wired News
1/7/2002:'Cutout' Macs a Real Passion  - Wired News
1/6/2002:AOL Fixes Messenger Glitch  - Wired News
1/6/2002:What They Know Could Hurt You  - Wired News
1/6/2002:Cryptographic Abundance - Technology Review
1/6/2002:Inside Intel's Secret Labs - Tech TV
1/6/2002:Hackers now focusing on home computers - Nando Times
1/6/2002:Tips to protect home computers on the Internet - ABC
1/6/2002:Popular jargon in the computer security world - ABC
1/6/2002:Faster processors, clever hackers make home computers a riper target - ABC
1/5/2002:Bush eases restrictions on computer exports to 'Tier 3' nations - Nando Times
1/5/2002:Security hole in AOL Instant Messenger leaves computers vulnerable to remote takeover - Nando Times
1/5/2002:2001- Year of the "junkyard" virus - Business Week
1/5/2002:File-sharing programs carry Trojan horse - Business Week
1/4/2002:Anti-virus firm warns of threat from new worm - Ananova
1/4/2002:Virtual PC Is Virtually Perfect  - Wired News
1/4/2002:IBM Finds New Profit in Recycling Old Computers - L. A. Times
1/4/2002:Review- Connectix creates 'Virtual PC' for Macs  - CNN
1/4/2002:Chips are up - BBC
1/3/2002:Microsoft 'should face swift justice'  - BBC
1/2/2002:Viral Look Back - ABC
1/2/2002:New software will let parents censor DVDs at home - Ananova
1/2/2002:Data-security bill fails to pass in 2001  - CNN  
1/2/2002:Maybe the Microsoft Dweebs Do Know More Than You - Cosmiverse
1/2/2002:Out with old clutter, download the new - Seattle Times
1/2/2002:Adjusting browser to battle obnoxious ad gimmicks - Seattle Times
1/1/2002:The Far Eastern infowar machine...  - Wired News
1/1/2002:PRODUCT REVIEW- Connectix does Windows - in a Mac - Nando Times
1/1/2002:PRODUCT REVIEW- New Opera browser earns praise - Nando Times
12/31/2001:High Finance, Down and Dirty - Popular Science
12/30/2001:IT- A Language From Beyond India  - Wired News
12/30/2001:MRI can reveal clogged arteries without surgery - Seattle Times
12/30/2001:The Littlest Security Pro - Business Week
12/30/2001:It's Going to Get Nasty - ABC
12/29/2001:The New Old Age  - Wired News
12/29/2001:You're Gonna Pay for This  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Say good-bye to the Blue Screen of Death...  - Wired News
12/29/2001:Debugging Democracy  - Wired News
12/29/2001:IBM's anti-P2P player...  - Wired News
12/28/2001:Busting the Copyright Monopoly  - Wired News
12/26/2001:Don't Believe the Yahoo! Hoopla - Business Week
12/26/2001:Not Quite Picture Perfect - Business Week
12/26/2001:Tech's Best and Worst 2001 - Business Week
12/26/2001:Turn the handle and talk - Economist
12/26/2001:Magnetic storage and IBM - Economist
12/26/2001:IT- A Language From Beyond India  - Wired News
12/26/2001:Snail Mail- An Idea Whose Time Has Not Fully Passed  - NY Times
12/26/2001:Hewlett Aims to Replace the Print Shop  - NY Times
12/25/2001:Microsoft sues rival company Lindows over name  - CNN
12/25/2001:FBI urges further steps to safeguard Windows XP  - CNN
12/25/2001:News about health and medicine - Seattle Times
12/25/2001:Fast food vs. healthful habits- It's a tug of war for teenagers - Seattle Times
12/25/2001:Windows XP security bug "very serious" says Microsoft - New
12/24/2001:Citing states' requests, Microsoft asks for more time in antitrust case - ABC
12/24/2001:Latest Windows versions vulnerable to hacker attacks
 - Ananova
12/24/2001:Fix your Windows, says Microsoft
  - BBC
12/24/2001:Home work for the holiday
  - BBC
12/24/2001:Comcast's Gain- AOL's Big Loss
  - Wired News

12/23/2001:Microchip id on way - Ananova
12/23/2001:Home phones get bitten by the texting bug - New Scientist
12/23/2001:Journal Rewards Circuit Advancement  - Yahoo
12/22/2001:Microsoft closes browser holes  - BBC
12/22/2001:Even at home, networking has advantages - Seattle Times
12/21/2001:Music So Nice, You May Pay Twice  - Wired News
12/21/, R.I.P.  - Wired News
12/21/2001:A Season of Triumph for Microsoft  - NY Times
12/21/2001:Microsoft Could Still Lose - Business Week
12/21/2001:Can Gates Be Beat? - ABC
12/21/2001:High-tech tools help you find your way - Nando Times
12/20/2001:Deal to free Russian programmer  - BBC
12/20/2001:Man invents anti-mosquito computer program - Ananova
12/20/2001:Study- draws more fans  - CNN
12/20/2001:Sun looks to boost support for Java adoption  - CNN
12/19/2001:Bam! Music's Ready - Popular Science
12/19/2001:How to Become a Filmmaker ... at Home - Popular Science
12/19/2001:Cool Hardware And Software From The E3 Show  - Popular Mechanics
12/18/2001:Scientists hope diode discovery will frustrate hackers - Ananova
12/18/2001:EU plans for digital age  - BBC
12/18/2001:Microsoft hopes 'Corona' highlights digital media  - CNN  
12/18/2001:Microsoft hires ex-government lawyers as compliance officers - Nando Times
12/17/2001:FDA asks court to hold Red Cross in contempt for blood safety violations - Nando Times
12/17/2001:LAWRENCE J. MAGID- Deja vu all over again - Nando Times
12/16/2001:Justice Department defends Microsoft settlement - Ananova
12/15/2001:Internet Explorer bug could allow PC hijackings - New Scientist
12/15/2001:Boom in High-Tech Barter - Tech TV
12/15/2001:Wired Learning - Tech TV
12/15/2001:Hewlett Director Quits W.Hewlett Group - ABC
12/15/2001:Forum to weigh Microsoft's Corona as DVD encoder - El. Engr. Times
12/15/2001:Madcap Maneuvers Halt MS Hearing  - Wired News
12/15/2001:Wham, Bam, Thank You Spam  - Wired News
12/14/2001:Six held in software piracy probe - Ananova
12/14/2001:Changing face of Silicon Valley  - BBC
12/14/2001:Microsoft previews Windows Media for DVD players - El. Engr. Times
12/13/2001:More Britons 'embracing new technology' - Ananova
12/13/2001:Mediator aims to settle dispute between Microsoft and US government - Ananova
12/13/2001:Excite@Home- A Saga of Tears, Greed, and Ego - Business Week
12/13/2001:Windows XP sparks a war of words  - CNN
12/13/2001:Dub your own voice to Shrek characters - New Scientist
12/13/2001:MS Unveils New Media Software  - Wired News
12/12/2001:Feds promise millions for cybersecurity - Cosmiverse
12/12/2001:Microsoft Office Alternative - Tech TV
12/12/2001:Holiday photo cards creative with computer - Seattle Times
12/11/2001:Simputer - NY Times
12/11/2001:Software Is Free Speech - NY Times
12/11/2001:Transfer Videos to CDs - Tech TV
12/11/2001:Microsoft changes settlement of private lawsuits to address criticism - ABC
12/11/2001:Flag-waving sparks Cyber Games friction - Ananova
12/11/2001:Low-Cost Microsoft Office Alternatives - Business Week
12/10/2001:New Encryption Standard  - Eureka Alert
12/10/2001:Filmmakers Discovering Creative Aspects of Interactive TV - L. A. Times
12/10/2001:XP Video No Match for iMovie - L. A. Times
12/10/2001:Does This Really Pose a Security Threat? - L. A. Times
12/9/2001:Microsoft Research offers peek into future  - CNN
12/8/2001:Tracing technology could catch digital pirates - New Scientist
12/8/2001:Video-on-Demand to PCs Near You  - Wired News
12/8/2001:China PC Makers Fight MS Piracy  - Wired News
12/8/2001:China Braces for Media Onslaught  - Wired News
12/8/2001:Good News for Semiconductors? - Technology Review
12/8/2001:U.S. unveils advanced encryption standard  -
12/8/2001:Counter 'Goner' - ABC
12/8/2001:States consider tougher sanctions against Microsoft in antitrust case - ABC
12/8/2001:'Goner' Hasn't Gone Away - Tech TV
12/8/2001:The chips are down  - BBC
12/7/2001:Women choose biomedical engineering  - Eureka Alert
12/6/2001:Microsoft asks European regulators to accept U.S. antitrust settlement - ABC
12/6/2001:The Making of the Xbox- Science Quest
12/5/2001:Lord of the Special Effects  - Wired News
12/5/2001:Raw power  - BBC
12/2/2001:Hatch Queries MS Settlement  - Wired News
12/2/2001:Palm- Long Walk on Short Plank  - Wired News
12/2/2001:States Likely to Seek Stiffer MS Sanctions  - Wired News
12/2/2001:'Badtrans' Worm Worst Yet? - Tech TV
12/1/2001:Analysts Blast NTT DoCoMo  - Wired News
12/1/2001:The Google Attack Engine  - Wired News
Don't Let XP Phone Home - Tech TV

11/30/2001:'Abnormal hormones may cause chronic migraines' - Ananova
11/30/2001:Microsoft hopes to speed up European antitrust case - Nando Times
11/30/2001:Judge to rule next month on Microsoft class-action suit - Nando Times
11/30/2001:Preliminary hearing will consider Microsoft's proposed settlement of private lawsuits - Nando Times
11/30/2001:Anti-virus software maker warns of new worm - Nando Times
11/29/2001:Emachines agrees to buyout - Business Week
11/29/2001:Nine states still solid against accepting Microsoft antitrust settlement - ABC
11/29/2001:Apple 'baffled' by proposed $1 billion Microsoft class-action settlement - ABC
11/28/2001:FBI "Trojan horse" triggers alarms- New Scientist
11/27/2001:Seize China opportunity, IT industry urged - Ananova
11/27/2001:Andy Groves Tale of a Boyhood in Wartime - Economist
11/27/2001:Lawsuit Slows MSN Broadband Roll-Out - L. A. Times
11/25/2001:Archivists keep data from being lost in cyberspace  - CNN
11/24/2001:A Cleaner Office for OS X - Business Week
11/24/2001:Map Software Aids Holiday Road Trips - ABC
11/23/2001:Sheep urine and fine wine deposited at smell bank - Ananova
11/23/2001:FBI's "Trojan horse" program to grab passwords - New Scientist
11/23/2001:Fans get free replacement of copy-protected CD - New Scientist
11/23/2001:What Makes a "Smart" Home? - Technology Review
11/23/2001:No Thumbprint, No Rental Car  - Wired News
11/23/2001:Cybercrime Treaty Finally Ready  - Wired News
11/23/2001:Microsoft Responds to EU  - Wired News
11/23/2001:Red Hat Trumps Charity Offer by MS  - Wired News
11/23/2001:Microsoft puts CE players in line of fire - El. Engr. Times
11/23/2001:Michigan appeals court affirms murder conviction of Jack Kevorkian - Nando Times
11/22/2001:Vote Here for Vaporware
- Wired News

11/21/2001:Asia increases tech spending on security  - CNN
11/21/2001:Photoshop- It's All the Rage  - Wired News
11/21/2001:Utah Lawman Faces MS Heat  - Wired News
11/21/2001:Firms Vie to Provide Saudi Internet Veil  - Wired News
11/21/2001:Disney Official Touts 'Wireless' Magic Kingdom  - Wired News
11/22/2001:WSJ- Microsoft to Settle Private Cases- ABC
11/19/2001:Not So Fast, Mr. Gates - Business Week
11/19/2001:Microsoft- The Battle Isn't Over - Business Week
11/19/2001:New Comdex offerings emphasize mobility - Nando Times
11/19/2001:"Cyclone" blows computer bugs out of code - New Scientist
11/19/2001:All the News That's Fit for You - Technology Review 
11/19/2001:Boot Up, Log On, Turn Calm  - Wired News
11/18/2001:Justice Department decided against making Microsoft reveal Windows blueprints - ABC
11/18/2001:Sony to manufacture computers in China - Ananova
11/18/2001:US government insists Microsoft settlement is tough enough - Ananova
11/18/2001:Office X- The Best and Worst of Microsoft  - BBC
11/18/2001:Complete Comdex coverage from CNN Sci-Tech  - CNN
11/17/2001:Opera Web Browser Refreshed - ABC
11/17/2001:White House Sees Illegal Drug Use Slowing in US - ABC
11/17/2001:IC researchers integrate more than transistors - El. Engr. Times
11/16/2001:HP Says Compaq Merger Will Occur - ABC
11/16/2001:Beastly wallpaper to download  - BBC
11/16/2001:Firms focus on security at Comdex  - BBC
11/16/2001:Office X- The Best and Worst of Microsoft - Business Week
11/16/2001:The Fourth Annual Inertia Awards  - Wired News
11/15/2001:For Memory Chips, a Time to Forget - Boston Globe
11/15/2001:Sun's Defiant Face-Off - Boston Globe
11/15/2001:Comdex Fall 2001 - Tech TV
11/15/2001:Ruthless- A monopoly- Let's get over it- El. Engr. Times
11/14/2001:Gates preaches hope  - BBC
11/14/2001:Turn on to interaction  - BBC
11/14/2001:This Time, Tech Will Follow, Not Lead - Business Week
11/13/2001:HP-Compaq Merger Now Seen Unlikely - L. A. Times
11/13/2001:Comdex Fall 2001 - Tech TV
11/13/2001:Maybe spammers do better with poor English - Seattle Times
11/12/2001:Rivals queue up to take on Microsoft  - BBC
From Cubic- The I.D. Cards of Tomorrow - Business Week
White House- Prepare for Super-Hackers - ABC
List makers take control - Economist
11/12/2001:Surround sound - Economist
11/12/2001:Future of chip sales set to soar says SIA
11/12/2001:'We lead the world'  -
11/11/2001:Rivals queue up to take on Microsoft  - BBC
11/11/2001:How MS Invented Open Source  - Wired News
11/10/2001:BBCi heralds new interactive era
  - BBC
11/10/2001:Is your PC watching you?  - CNN
11/10/2001:OS X Dollars and Sense - Boston Globe
11/10/2001:Reaching Women "Offline and Online" - Business Week
11/10/2001:Staying One Step Ahead of the Worms - Business Week
11/10/2001:Jobs Likes Gates' New Office  - Wired News
11/10/2001:Privacy Advocate Shifts Gears  - Wired News
11/10/2001:Europe Reruns Through Spy Bill  - Wired News
11/10/2001:Torvalds Settles Linux Tussle  - Wired News
11/9/2001:The HP Fray- Analysts Say Fiorina's Success Tied to Merger
- Cosmiverse
11/9/2001:18 States Split Over Microsoft Decision - Cosmiverse
11/9/2001:Top tech event (Comdex) dwindles  - BBC
11/9/2001:More Turmoil with the HP-Compaq Merger - ABC
11/9/2001:MS Judge Faces Split Decisions  - Wired News
11/9/2001:Anti-U.S. Hackers May Step Up Attacks  - Wired News
11/9/2001:IBM Software to Be Put in Public Domain  - Wired News
11/8/2001:States Split on Microsoft Agreement  - Wired News
11/8/2001:PayPal Tweak May Make Users Less Chummy - Cosmiverse
11/8/2001:Windows Xp Activation Scheme May Hamper Reformatting Disk - Cosmiverse
11/8/2001:Microsoft settlement hits dead end  - BBC
11/8/2001:Drop in home internet connections  - BBC
11/8/2001:Technology Buying Guide - Business Week
11/8/2001:Updated drivers make a difference with Windows XP - Seattle Times
11/8/2001:Missing quotes in Apple code cause data wipeout - New Scientist
11/7/2001:European Commission to continue its Microsoft investigation - Nando Times
11/7/2001:Antitrust Troubles Ahead? - Tech TV
11/7/2001:Chat With Virtual Friend - Tech TV
11/7/2001:Record Streaming Audio - Tech TV
11/7/2001:Ferreting Out Virus 'DNA'  - Wired News
11/7/2001:Abortion Foes' New Net Strategy
11/7/2001:One Down, One to Go  - Wired News
11/7/2001:States Fear MS Deal Has Loopholes  - Wired News
11/7/2001:Cyberspace Czar Pushes Tighter Online Security  - Wired News
11/7/2001:Pirate Windows  - BBC
11/7/2001:The U.S.M.C. leads the way to tech-armored battle  - CNN
11/7/2001:Poking holes in Microsoft's copy protection  - CNN
11/6/2001:New threat to Microsoft deal- BBC
11/6/2001:Windows: How does it shape up?  - BBC
11/6/2001:State Balks at Microsoft Antitrust Deal - ABC
11/6/2001:Indian software companies buck trend with profits - Ananova
11/6/2001:Palm regains lead in handhelds revenue - Ananova
11/6/2001:Innovate Or Die - Asia Week
11/5/2001:Microsoft, DOJ reveal terms of landmark antitrust settlement - ABC
11/5/2001:U.S. Reaches Settlement with Microsoft - ABC
11/5/2001:California appeals court upholds DVD hacker software on Internet as free speech - ABC
11/5/2001:Making A Deal - ABC
11/5/2001:Microsoft - ABC
11/5/2001:Stealing MS Passport's Wallet  - Wired News
11/4/2001:Microsoft, DOJ reveal terms of landmark antitrust settlement - ABC
11/4/2001:U.S. Reaches Settlement with Microsoft - ABC
11/4/2001:California appeals court upholds DVD hacker software on Internet as free speech - ABC
11/4/2001:Making A Deal - ABC
11/4/2001:Microsoft - ABC
11/4/2001:Copying clash  - BBC

11/4/2001:Zapping the Tele-Pests - Business Week
11/4/2001:Ashcroft- 'Unlawful conduct' is over  - CNN
11/4/2001:Net posting of a program that bypasses DVD encryption  - CNN
11/4/2001:U. S. plans imagery network to lift fog of war - El. Engr. Times
11/3/2001:Microsoft-Chronology - ABC
11/3/2001:Case explained  - BBC
11/3/2001:Developments to Watch - Business Week
11/3/2001:Digital Audio Revolution Speeding Toward Cars - L. A. Times
11/3/2001:Who's No. 1? Depends Who Counts  - Wired News
11/3/2001:Amazon- Linux Saved Us Millions
11/3/2001:Hackers Bypass MS Copy Protection
11/3/2001:Pirated Versions of XP Pose Security Risk
11/2/ Founder Faces Felony Rap  - Wired News
11/1/2001:Napster Presses Pause - ABC
11/1/2001:Chicago leaders consider requiring ID microchip implants for dangerous dogs - Nando Times
11/1/2001:JIM HEID- Sleeping with the enemy - Nando Times
11/1/2001:TECHNOBUDDY- Protecting your computer now part of national security- Atlanta Journal
10/31/2000:Personal technology- What's that saying? Google can tell you - Seattle Times
10/31/2000:Customized services for Net news junkies - Seattle Times
10/31/2000:Cybernarks- Who's Hunting the Hackers?  - Wired News
10/31/2000:Bankrupt Dot-Coms Try to Sell User Data  - Wired News
10/31/2000:Software with some stamina - US News
10/31/2000:Crash protection - US News
10/31/2000:WEB EXCLUSIVE- Read our interview with Bill Gates - Washington Post
10/31/2000:Terrorism eclipses e-revolution as main threat to Postal ServiceWorld Scientist
10/31/2000:Software that restores and protects personal computersWorld Scientist
10/31/2000:IT 'Goodies' Get Closer Scrutiny - Technology Review
10/30/2000:Digital photos 'endanger the past'
  - BBC
10/30/2000:Yahoo's Search for Life after Ads - Business Week
10/30/2000:Microsoft- Will the EU Crack Down? - Business Week
10/30/2000:Microsoft makes digital media blitz  - CNN
10/30/2000:Technology briefs - Dallas News
10/28/2000:Earth Sounds - Discover
10/26/2000:States in Microsoft Case Hire D.C. Lawyer - Reports - ABC
10/26/2000:New Microsoft judge sold stock in firms that could be affected by her verdict - ABC
10/26/2000:States Fear Weak Microsoft Settlement - ABC
10/26/2000:Windows XP hits the streets  - BBC
10/26/2000:XP faces challenges  - BBC
10/26/2000:Windows XP  - BBC
10/26/2000:Open to new XPerience  - Nature
10/26/2000:A Chat with Richard Pethia - Business Week
10/26/2000:DoS attacks getting scarier - Business Week
10/26/2000:Windows XP has long road to top - Business Week
10/26/2000:Employee-tracking technology tested  - CNN
10/26/2000:Lucent warns on telecom market  -
10/26/2000:Safeguards Punish Consumers, Not Pirates - L. A. Times
10/26/2000:Privacy Groups Call for Microsoft Investigation - Technology Review
10/26/2000:Windows XP to Power .Net - Tech TV
10/26/2000:Windows Media Player Gaining Ground - Tech TV
10/26/2000:Corel Finally Bails on Linux  - Wired News
10/26/2000:A Linux OS to Challenge MS?  - Wired News
10/26/2000:VA Linux Scaling Back  - Wired News
10/26/2000:Xandros Buys Corel's Linux  - Wired News
10/26/2000:XP Is Hot, But Not Windows 95-Hot  - Wired News
10/26/2000:Developers Discover the Cost of .Net  - Wired News
10/25/2000:Systems That Fix Themselves - ABC
10/25/2001:'XP's new features may come at a price'
10/25/2000:Microsoft blends Windows CE and .NET platform - El. Engr. Times
10/25/2001:Paper Still Rules Paperless World - Lycos
10/25/2000:How Tech Goes Pop - Lycos
10/25/2001:Personal technology- What's that saying- Google can tell you - Seattle Times:
10/24/2001:Rutgers Gathers NSF Awards For Innovative Computing  - Unisci
10/24/2001:Security in an Open Electronic Society - Business Week
10/24/2001:Know Your IT, Know Your Customer - Business Week
10/24/2001:Growth at Google - Business Week
10/23/2001:Office Warning  - Wired News
10/23/2001:Microsoft Extends Its Tentacles - Economist
10/23/2001:Randall Stross- Where it counts most, atoms will always - US News
10/23/2001:Control Panel Secrets - Tech TV
10/23/2001:Trick PC to Speed It Up - Tech TV
10/23/2001:How to Sidestep XP's Pushy Pitches - Business Week
10/23/2001:Microsoft to reveal .Net pricing details - Business Week
10/23/2001:Time to Buy Chip Stocks? - Business Week
10/22/2001:Virtual meetings boom  - BBC
10/22/2001:More Free Web Stuff - Popular Mechanics
10/22/2001:It's Not Easy Being Virtual - Popular Science
10/22/2001:Radio Coast to Coast - Popular Science
10/22/2001:Seeing Through Windows - Popular Science
10/21/2001:Microsoft marketing hard
10/21/2001:Fool-proof Quantum Cryptography...  - Scientific American
10/21/2001:Intel Pulls Out of Consumer Electronics - L. A. Times
10/19/2001:Hackers take to the air  - BBC
10/19/2001:Cyber-Surveillance and You - Business Week
10/19/2001:A Federal Privacy Commission? - Business Week
10/19/2001:Microsoft bug reports may get personal data - Business Week
10/18/2001:Senator Backs Off Backdoors  - Wired News
10/18/2001:Can Carnivore Bite Terror? - Tech TV
10/18/2001:Control Panel Secrets - Tech TV
10/18/2001:Ditch Windows Explorer - Tech TV
10/18/2001:Oakland Airport to Begin Using Facial ID System - Tech TV
10/18/2001:Windows XP Special - Tech TV
10/18/2001:Singapore Urges ASEAN To Close Ranks Against Cyber Criminals - SpaceDaily
10/17/2001:NEC, Microsoft to Cooperate on Systems - ABC
10/17/2001:Txt commands  - BBC
10/17/2001:Gates cautiously optimistic on future of IT  - CNN
10/17/2001:The technological legacy of '2001- A Space Odyssey'  - CNN
10/17/2001:Which emerging technologies will succeed (and when you should adopt them)  - CNN
10/17/2001:Move into the smart house of the future  - CNN
10/17/2001:Sci-fi future full of viruses and villains  - CNN
10/17/2001:Alice in Wonderland - An Interactive Adventure!  - CNN
10/16/2001:Like a Saleswoman - ABC
10/16/2001:You've Got New Software - ABC
10/16/2001:PRL Article Suggests Quantum Fingerprinting Of Data  - Unisci
10/16/2001:McAffe's No-Brainer - Business Week
10/16/2001:Yahoo delivers for small biz  - CNN
10/15/2001:Free Government Stuff- Popular Mechanics
House Endorses Snoop Bill  - Wired News
10/13/2001:SirCam worm poised for October assault - Ananova
10/12/2001:Windows XP- It's a Keeper - Business Week
10/12/2001:Is Your Machine XP-Able?
- Business Week

10/12/2001:Why Apple Can't Pull the Plug on OS 9 - Business Week
10/12/2001:Hambone's Connected to WAP Phone - Lycos
10/12/2001:MS, Prosecutors Set for Talks  - Wired News
10/12/2001:Wireless Tracking Gets Momentum - Technology Review
10/11/2001:Crunch day for Napster  - BBC
10/11/2001:US names cyber-terrorism czar  - BBC
10/11/2001:Computer experts warn of combined terrorist assault and cyber-attack - ABC
10/11/2001:Microsoft May Face EU Fine, Demands -WSJ - ABC
10/11/2001:Inflatable loudspeakers could blow out roadies - New Scientist
10/11/2001:Microchips replace tombstones in green burial plan - Ananova
10/11/2001:Circuits are small worlds  - Nature
10/11/2001:Does Osama Have a Nuclear Bomb?  - Wired News
10/11/2001:The Hunt for Osama in October  - Wired News
On guard  - BBC
10/10/2001:'Sonic boom' for Northern Ireland  - BBC
10/10/2001:Pakistan's IT industry hurt and helped by attacks  - CNN
10/10/2001:IT workers get the call  - CNN
10/10/2001:U.S. to Intensify Effort Against Threat of Computer Terrorism - L. A. Times
10/10/2001:LARRY BLASKO- Keeping your computer secure - Nando Times
10/10/2001:Plush life for young entrepreneur - Nando Times
10/9/2001:Asia's Chip Wars Heat Up
- Business Week

10/9/2001:Video on demand remains a fuzzy picture Joint studio ventures are slow with technologies and timetableWorld Scientist
10/9/2001:This is war callingWorld Scientist
10/8/2001:HP Engineers- Go to Intel or Else  - Yahoo
10/8/2001:Symantec Utilities- Worth the Upgrade - Business Week
10/8/2001:Company infighting put Microsoft in jeopardy - Industry Watch
10/8/2001:Speed Up Your Startup - Tech TV
10/8/2001:Guide to Windows XP - Tech TV
10/8/2001:Check Windows System Files - Tech TV
10/8/2001:Windows on Linux - Tech TV
10/7/2001:Trouble@Home- Excite's downturn
  - CNN  
10/7/2001:Computing and the net
10/7/2001:Steven Levy gives a fascinating account of the birth of public key cryptography in Crypto
  - SciTech
10/6/2001:CD protesters take to the streets  - BBC
10/6/2001:Lessons Born of Virtual Violence  - Wired News
10/6/2001:Will It Be Cash, Check or Finger?  - Wired News

10/5/2001:Silicon sorrow  - BBC
10/5/2001:Experts Doubt Microsoft Compromise - ABC
10/5/2001:A Lost Cause - Beyond 2000
10/5/2001:W3C proposal causes controversy  - CNN
10/3/2001:Microsoft slammed for software costs
  - BBC
10/2/2001:Listeners 'detect personality traits in synthetic voices'
 - Ananova
10/2/2001The Net Will Raise Us from Recession
 - Business Week
10/2/2001:People Like Computer Speech Closest To Their Own  - Unisci
10/1/2001:Senate Considers a Computer Army for Crises  - Wired News
10/1/2001:Web hunt is easier with metasearch site - Seattle Times
9/29/2001:K.K.'s Computer Basics - Popular Mechanics
9/29/2001:Malaysia pioneers smart cards with fingerprint data - New Scientist
9/27/2001:Is Microsoft Software Too Risky? - ABC
9/27/2001:Biometric Security Prepares for Takeoff - ABC
9/27/2001:States increase pressure on Microsoft about Windows XP and monopoly - Dallas News
9/26/2001:Microsoft prices  - BBC
9/26/2001:Extra reflections on multipath link for wireless camera  -

9/25/2001:Bankrolling the Future - Technology Review
9/25/2001:The World Wide Translator - Technology Review

9/14/2001:Microsoft Once Proposed Remedies

9/14/2001:Semiconductor market set to top $300B in 2004
9/14/2001:Techno Magic Courtesy of People
9/14/2001:DAVE WILSON: Questions about computers answered
9/14/2001:MS' Lobbying and Campaign Contributions 
SES-Americom deal approval may be near
  - CNN
9/12/2001:No Microsoft Breakup
9/12/2001:Bush administration no longer interested in breaking up Microsoft - ABC
9/12/2001:Microsoft faces legal challenge from South Korean portal - ABC
9/12/2001:JAMES DERK- Your computer questions answered - Nando Times
9/12/2001:Speed Up Your Typing - Tech TV
9/12/2001:DOJ- Microsoft Stays in One Piece  - Wired News
9/12/2001:The Reaction- It Figures  - Wired News
9/12/2001:MS- Xbox Will Reign Supreme  - Wired News
9/8/2001:Young Gandhi's Crusade Is Dot-In  - Wired News
9/8/2001:Spies Be Gone - Tech TV
9/6/2001:Ham actors for Pig Brother  - BBC
9/6/2001:Navigate Audio Easily with Bose's Wave/PC - Business Week
9/6/2001:Study- Flat future for digital music- CNN
9/6/2001:Users debate Linux future as Windows alternative- CNN
9/6/2001:Semiconductor market figures 'are stabilising'  -
9/6/2001:Newsbytes Telecom Week In Review - Industry Watch
9/5/2001:Two men arrested for planning to smuggle high-tech encryption devices to China - ABC
9/5/2001:Study- Many banks with online services don't provide data-blocking electronically - ABC
9/5/2001:Michael Dertouzos, 64 - Boston Globe
9/5/2001:Scrambling for PC Sales
9/5/2001:Sklyarov Charges Worry Watchers - Technology Review
9/5/2001:Review Seeks Changes to Digital Copyright Law - Tech TV
9/5/2001:No Need to Alter DMCA -- Yet  - Wired News
9/4/2001:SA's internet youth  - BBC
9/4/2001:The web meets TV  - BBC
9/4/2001:Calls for cybercrime database  - BBC
9/4/2001:Bear, Rabbit Vie for Best Preschool Computer Game - Lycos
9/4/2001:Sony Sued by MIT over Digital TV - Technology Review
9/4/2001:Linux Might Be Too Big for Tux  - Wired News
9/4/2001:Technology heads to the shelvesWorld Scientist
9/4/2001:Amazon's New Computer Outlet - Industry Watch
9/4/ Launches Computer Store; Offers Wide Selection of New and Refurbished Computers, Peripherals and Software Plus Authoritative Sales Help - Industry Watch
9/3/2001:Digital Watermark, Digital Spy? - ABC
9/3/2001:Games we play  - BBC
9/3/2001:User group presents MS Office License Calculator  - CNN
9/3/2001:Banner ads get super-charged  - CNN
9/3/2001:Motorola in midst of brain drain  -
9/2/2001:New Microsoft judge known for seeking settlements - MSNBC
8/30/2001:Microsoft Antitrust Case Sent Back to Lower Court - ABC
8/30/2001:Not Just Any Portal in the Storm - Business Week
8/30/2001:Motorola president addresses rumored sale of chip unit - El. Engr. Times
8/30/2001:Dartmouth researcher investigates digital secrecy  - Eureka Alert
8/30/2001:Europe’s largest electronics show - MSNBC
8/30/2001:Animals on virtual parade - MSNBC
8/30/2001:Meaning behind the ‘monkey dance’ - MSNBC
8/30/2001:Internet bench gets wired and sat on - MSNBC
8/30/2001:VA Linux to Sell Proprietary Software  - Wired News
8/30/2001:AOL Losing Battle For Consumer Trust Online - Industry Watch
8/29/2001:Cyber Supermodels- Netscape
8/29/2001:Poll- E-Commerce Grows - ABC
8/29/2001:Broadband fines threat to BT  - BBC
8/29/2001:More legal trouble for  - BBC
8/29/2001:'New' Beethoven work to première  - BBC
8/29/2001:Wiretap Laws Needed - Business Week
8/29/2001:Does Dell Compute? - Business Week
8/29/2001:Hollywood vs. Blockbuster, Now on DVD - Business Week
8/29/2001:Report- Microsoft Funding Letters - Lycos
8/29/2001:Pragmatists Love Microsoft  - Wired News
8/29/2001:What The Computer Hath Wrought - Industry Watch8
8/29/2001:The Kevin Mitnick Interview  - Wired News
8/29/2001:Video On Demand Era In Europe Approaching - Study - Industry Watch
8/28/2001:Buggy Beaming - ABC
8/28/2001:New Windows, Old Java - ABC
8/28/2001:Warning over wiretaps  - BBC
8/28/2001:Los Alamos develops quantum crypto system - El. Engr. Times
8/28/2001:RSI- controversy over computer’s role - MSNBC
8/28/2001:Ford Motor Co. unvelied a new simulator, called Virtual Test Track Experiment, or VIRTTEX, which enables researchers to study driver distraction. - MSNBC
8/28/2001:British retailers scan shoppers in computer-assisted survey of body shapes - Nando Times
8/28/2001:Do PCs Make Kids Smarter? - Tech TV
8/28/2001:Call for Help - Tech TV
8/28/2001:IT Courses to Be Compulsory in China  - Wired News
8/28/2001:Computer Column - Industry Watch
8/28/2001:Sandia's Resolution Revolution - Business Week
8/28/2001:New tools to keep systems up-to-date - MSNBC
8/28/2001:Microsoft releases new Money - MSNBC
8/28/2001:Heading MS Off at the Passport  - Wired News
8/28/2001:Star Light - Industry Watch
8/27/2001:Bytes - Industry Watch
8/27/2001:Buy It At Amazon, Take It Home From Circuit City - Industry Watch
8/27/2001:Not Smart Enough - Business Week
8/26/2001:Anger over face-scanning cameras  - BBC
8/25/2001:Retired Teachers Return To Classroom Through New Illinois Web Site - Industry Watch
8/25/2001:Personal Technology- Future seems fuzzy for home theater - Seattle Times
8/25/2001:Mac OS X quite cool, but don't dig in yet - Seattle Times
8/25/2001:A handful of reasons to use a telephone headset - Seattle Times
8/25/2001:Q & A - Seattle Times
8/25/2001:Summer program matches technology skills with kids,who learn where they live - World Scientist
8/25/2001:The Digital Divide and Social Justice  - SciTech
8/25/2001:The line between work and home is blurry - US News
8/25/2001:How IBM's PC made Microsoft - US News
8/25/2001:Convenience and comfort in a home office - US News
8/23/2001The Dallas Morning News Home Office Column - Industry Watch
8/23/2001:Court Denies Microsoft Appeal - ABC
8/22/2001Creation of a fantasy  - BBC
8/22/2001Virtual Anne  - BBC
8/22/2001AOL-Time- a New Interactive Video Unit - ABC
8/22/2001Socking It To Microsoft, One Last Time - Industry Watch
8/22/2001MS Passport- Straight to the FTC - Lycos
8/22/2001License PC Users- It's a Thought  - Wired News
8/22/2001Palm Purchases Be  - Wired News
8/22/2001Synthespians No 'Final' Fantasy
8/22/2001Welcome to the Always-On World
8/21/2001IBM Technology Selected by Intel to Validate Next-Generation Processors - Industry Watch
8/21/2001No copying allowed  - BBC
8/21/2001Scientists to present controversial paper  - CNN
8/21/2001Even Ibm Underestimated Impact Of Its Pc - Industry Watch
8/21/2001Your Face-Scan Dollars at Work - Lycos
8/21/2001Quick- Get Tux Some Shades- Wired News
8/21/2001Groups Expand XP Privacy Complaint- Wired News
8/21/2001Black Mud Helps Power the New Economy- Wired News
8/20/2001Surveillance by Design  - Scientific American
8/20/2001Reminders not effective for medication compliance, study says  - Eureka Ale
8/19/2001:Northern Light Offers Resources on the Most Significant New Web Technology- XML - Industry Watch
8/19/2001:MPEG-4 Standard Trying To Find Its Niche - Yankee Group - Industry Watch
8/19/2001:Growth of Online Access Rising at a Slower Pace - L. A. Times
8/19/2001:Web bug swarm grows 500 percent - MSNBC
8/19/2001:New viruses wiggle into IM chats - MSNBC
8/19/2001:If there’s one place the Net has yet to catch on, it’s the auto industry. You can get online from your Palm, from your mobile phone, even from your TV, but you still can’t connect your car to the Web. - MSNBC
8/19/2001:Censored music protection research revealed- New Scientist
8/18/2001:Canning the Spam- ABC
8/18/2001:All Shook Up- ABC
8/16/2001:Intel CEO Sees Some Pickup in Computing - ABC
8/16/2001:Market recovery hinges on rebound in computer chip industry - ABC
8/16/2001:Cadillac backs out of car 'infotainment' system- El. Engr. Times
8/16/2001:Shanghai aims to become China's Silicon Valley- El. Engr. Times
8/16/2001:The computer and the dynamo - American Scientist
8/15/2001:More new ideas for satellite navigation systems at summer school- AlphaGalileo  - BBC
8/15/2001:DoCoMo, Coca-Cola to launch Cmode service trial  - CNN
8/15/2001:Web sites to brighten back-to-school blues  - CNN
8/15/2001:Chip market now expected to slide 25% this year  -
8/15/2001:For Titans of cyberspace, the truce is over AP Graphic AOL MICROSOFT
8/15/2001:India's PC Industry Slows Down - Industry Watch
8/15/2001:High-Tech Stars Bullish On Pc's Future - Industry Watch
8/15/2001:Future's bright for PCs, Silicon Valley experts say Panel is confident about the future despite downturn - Industry Watch
8/15/2001:Finding best deal in computers means doing homework - Industry Watch
8/15/2001:Newsbytes Telecom Week In Review - Industry Watch
8/15/2001:Working the kinks out of home offices - Industry Watch
8/15/2001:Springs summit will envision a prosperous future - Industry Watch
8/15/2001:Government fights Microsoft delay  - C/Net
8/15/2001:Feds Keep Heat on Microsoft  - Wired News
8/14/2001:Planning "intelligent buildings" - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:Teachers turn toys into tools - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:AOL, MSN rate at bottom of customer survey- Nando Times
8/12/2001:In Your Eye- Beyond 2000
8/12/2001:Dell Predicts Next 20 Years are Still Just the Beginning of Computing Power for Customers; Company Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Special Consumer Promotion - Industry Watch
8/12/2001:Clipper - Industry Watch
8/12/2001:Dave Gussow Column on Linux - Industry Watch
8/12/2001:Man-Made Disasters - Industry Watch
8/12/2001:Stats say aye to ID eye  - Nature
8/12/2001:Pro-Bush Files in Florida System  - Wired News
8/12/2001:Dot-Com Gurus Sat on Their Brains  - Wired News
8/11/2001:Microsoft Appeals to High Court  - Wired News
8/10/2001:Feds Probe Net Music for Antitrust - ABC
8/10/2001:Silicon Shipments Decline Further As Demand Nose-Dives - Industry Watch
8/10/2001:Technology Briefing - Industry Watch
8/9/2001:Microsoft Monopoly Confirmed - FirstScience
8/9/2001:How Apple Rolled Off Top Of The Heap Decision Not To Sell Software Was Costly - Industry Watch
8/9/2001:Gates plays king of hill on your PC - Industry Watch
8/9/2001:Time of Growing Pains for Information Age   - NY Times
8/9/2001:Man Vs. Machine, Part Deux - CBS
8/8/2001:CyTerra Introduces Portable RadioTrac System for Location and Emergency Tracking; GPS Technology Now Available for Hand-held Radio Systems - Industry Watch
8/8/2001:The Man Who Debunks Virus Myths - Lycos
8/4/2001:Microsoft loses appeal on bundling  - BBC
8/4/2001:In the Airport Fast Lane, With Your Eyes as a Passport- NY Times
8/4/2001:Virtual operator system could put switchboard operators out of a job  -
8/4/2001:Latest job cuts strike EEs - El. Engr. Times
8/4/2001:Mining for Meaning - Technology Review
8/4/2001:The Parasite Economy  - Wired News
8/4/2001:A Scientist's Art- Computer Fiction  - Wired News
8/4/2001:Gamers Create A 'God-Game' Frenzy  - Wired News
8/4/2001:FAA To Develop New Radio  - Wired News
8/2/2001:Hackers to the honey  - BBC
8/2/2001:Resume Glut Hits Silicon Valley  - Wired New
8/2/2001:G8 supports 'digital divide' issues but cuts funds  -
8/2/2001:Lessons e-Learned - Technology Review
8/2/2001:How Far Can FBI Spying Go?  - Wired News
8/2/2001:MS Amends Icon Concession  - Wired News
8/2/2001:NEC to Cut 4,000 Jobs  - Wired News
8/2/2001:3-G IO seen as sure thing, but vote delayed  -
8/2/2001:Intel content to let Rambus sink or swim, Barrett says - El. Engr. Times
8/2/2001:Coming Merging of Mind and Machine  - Scientific American
8/2/2001:Digital Technology, And Ultimatetv from Microsoft, Enabling Viewers to Take Control of Their Televisions - Now! - World Scientist
8/2/2001:Zelitt embarrassed over 3-D TV technology - World Scientist
7/31/2001:The Next Step in Digital Video  - Wired News
7/31/2001:Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks - Technology Review
7/28/2001:Government initiatives spur growth for biometrics  - CNN
7/28/2001:The First True Laptop Endures  - Wired News7/27/2001:G8 aims to bridge 'digital divide'  - CNN
7/25/2001:Is Gates Supremely Confident?-   - Wired News
7/25/2001:Microsoft Loads Up Its Guns - Wired News
7/25/2001:Microsoft dropping Java code from Windows XP  - CNN
7/25/2001:Microsoft Wants Rehearing on Bundling
7/25/2001:Macworld- Rumors, Myth and Truth  - Wired News
7/23/2001:The digitally-generated world of the film "Final Fantasy."  - CNN
7/22/2001:All the News That Fits  - Wired News
7/22/2001:Microsoft, Tesco put groceries on Pocket PC  - CNN
7/22/2001:AMD's Grim Outlook  - Wired New
7/22/2001:The Driving Nightmare - the Car That Talks Back - Artigen
7/19/2001:War of the Macworlds  - Wired News
7/18/2001:MS Closes a Window on Charity  - Wired News
7/17/2001:Nortel to close R&D lab in India - El. Engr. Times
7/16/2001:Computer Basics By Kim Komando- Popular Mechanics
7/16/2001:Info Glut Adds to Technology Costs- Technology Review
7/12/2001:HP moves to metered computing  - BBC
7/11/2001:Star Witness Against Microsoft Finds a Wary Vindication - NY Times
7/10/2001:Chinese Weave a Tangled Website  - Wired News
7/10/2001:Money Chip Raises Privacy Fears - Technology Review
7/9/2001:Asian Indians Remake Silicon Valley  - Wired News
7/8/2001:Microsoft sets China deal  - CNN
7/8/2001:MS Ruling Makes 'Tying' an Issue  - Wired News
7/8/2001:IBM Exec- MS Arrogant on Open Source  - Wired News
7/7/2001:PowerPoint Invades the Classroom   - NY Times
7/7/2001:Government Internet Subsidy Stretched to Its Limits - NY Times
7/7/2001:School District Buys 23,000 Laptops - NY Times
7/7/2001:Curbing Computer Cribbing - ABC
7/5/2001:Microsoft Wages War on Open Source  - Wired New
7/5/2001:Cyberwar the coming threat - BBC
7/4/2001:The DVD Rebellion - Technology Review
7/4/2001:The DVD Wars Have Begun  - Wired News
7/4/2001:PC Expo: Focus shifts away from computers  - CNN
7/2/2001:What 'Smart Dust' Could Do for You  - Wired News
6/30/2001:Lawyers Chip Away at Transmeta  - Wired News
6/29/2001:Interactive television brings privacy concerns  - CNN
6/29/2001:PC Expo: Focus shifts away from computers  - CNN
6/26/2001:Tomorrow Never Looked So Cool - Wired News
6/25/2001:Telecom Hotels Now Vacant - Technology Review
6/25/2001:Car Spy Pushes Privacy Limit - Wired News
6/25/2001:The End of the Code War? - Nando Times
6/25/2001:Bill Gates: Designing Your Future - Wired News
6/19/2001:Apple's moviemaking revolution
6/15/2001:AT&T's animation gives spam a new imageZDNet News
6/13/2001:Who needs more than a gigahertz?
6/12/2001:Silicon Island: A Cuban Fantasy?
6/12/2001:Hey, Bill, What's the Big Idea?
6/10/2001:Behold the X-10-wired home!
6/7/2001:Coming to an inbox near you: Disappearing e-mail!
5/16/2001:.IBM Takes On Microsoft
5/13/2001:.Korea puts telecommuting to work
5/7/2001:New web searching techniques
5/2/2001:Emerging Markets 2001 (Special Report)
5/2/2001:US and Chinese hackers trade blows
5/2/2001:Long-distance quantum leap
4/29/2001:Has Microsoft Changed?
4/27/2001: Behind BlueEyes
4/26/2001:Prima donna pop stars could soon be on the way out - the virtual sort are far more appealing
4/26/2001:Microsoft Developing Model-Based Encoding Studio for Home Game-Makers
4/19/2001: Smart Cars Sense Hazards
4/13/2001: Digital hormones for robots
4/10/2001: Future Web
4/6/2001: The revolution in the electronic publishing of science is just beginning
4/5/2001: Software that converts English descriptions into program code
3/24/2001: Silicon Valley's High Rollers and Political Influence
3/24/2001: Mexico's Fox Hungry for Tech Pie
3/19/2001: Mexico's Fox Outlines Internet Vision
3/19/2001: Computerized Personality Problems
3/18/2001: £20m pledged to help UK pioneer 'smart' technology
3/17/2001: Broadcasters not racing toward digital deadline
3/16/2001: MIT pioneers online lab in microelectronics
3/15/2001: HDTV Comes Home
3/15/2001: Hacking in Russia Is Serious Business
3/15/2001: Muzak Move Over! News Screens Coming to Elevators
3/14/2001: Technology: Is That All There Is?
3/11/2001: New Light (LEDs)
3/10/2001: Lab squeezes HDTV into standard TV channel
3/8/2001: Media Lab's New Guy in Europe
3/4/2001: Microsoft Is Wrong; It's That Simple
3/4/2001: Geeks declare war on Intel
3/3/2001:Can we stop net meltdown?
2/28/2001: Book Details How Microsoft Kept Going
2/28/2001: NVIDIA Introduces GeForce3: Most Advanced Processor Ever
2/27/2001: Michael Dertouzos Responds to Bill Joy
2/27/2001: Quantum Mechanics
2/26/2001: Microsoft Wises Up; May Duck Antitrust By Selling Corel
2/26/2001: Chips Make for Healthy Dogs
2/25/2001: Opera: Better, Faster, Stronger Browser?
2/23/2001: Experiences with cyberspace collaboration
2/21/2001: Cyberspace Technology
2/20/2001: Ubiquitous Computing
2/20/2001: Intelligent Highways
2/19/2001: Hewlett-Packard's e-Scanner Lets YouE-mail Photos Through Your TV
2/15/2001: On-line ads burst out of their banners
2/15/2001: Confessions of a Software Liar
2/11/2001: A contemplative dystopian view of the downside of the Information Age
2/7/2001: No Frills in the Virtual Classroom
2/6/2001: 'Fastest browser on earth' now free for Linux, Mac
2/5/2001: Distance Learning Programs
2/5/2001: Virtual Education 101
2/5/2001: Virtual Venice
2/3/2001: Amazon as software pioneer
12/31/2000: Net.Docs:Microsoft's .Net Stealth Service?
12/23/2000 Free benchmark software!
12/23/2000 Free Computer Help
12/23/2000 Year-End 2000
10/17/2000:The Once and Future Steve Jobs
05/01/2000:HDTV Receiver Prices Steadily Dropping

   Operating Systems -

1/7/2002:OS X lets you travel among three worlds - Seattle Times
12/2/2001:Apple's OS X Upgrade Fiasco  - Wired News
12/1/2001:Don't Let XP Phone Home - Tech TV
11/24/2001:Another Settlement That Suits Microsoft - Business Week
11/22/2001:WSJ- Microsoft to Settle Private Cases- ABC
11/21/2001:U. S. vs. Microsoft: A fair deal or a sellout?  -
11/2/2001MS-DOS R.I.P.  - Wired News
11/2/2001Coders claim a crack in Windows XP - New Scientist
11/2/2001Can OS Bridge Linux, Windows Gap? - Tech TV
11/2/2001Of Mixed Messages, Linux and XP  - Wired News

11/1/2001:Eager XP buyers could benefit by delaying installation- Atlanta Journal
11/1/2001:Tweak Windows Backup Tool - Tech TV
11/1/2001:Manage Windows Wallpaper - Tech TV
11/1/2001:Kill Microsoft Money Ads - Tech TV
10/31/2000:Personal Technology- XP's messaging system will be hard to resist - Seattle Time
10/31/2000:Upgrade to Apple's operating system exceeds promises - Seattle Times
10/30/2000:Rushing the Knot, New Windows XP
 - ABC
10/29/2000:Mac, Linux, Even DOS Fans Diss XP  - Wired News
10/29/2000:MSN Browser Lockout Rages On  - Wired News
10/29/2000:Tech CEOs See Demand for XP, PCs  - Wired News
10/28/2000:XP won't spur slumping PC sales, analysts say  -
10/27/2000:XP's Highs and Lows - ABC
10/27/2000:Army Adopts Smart ID Card - Tech TV
10/27/2000:ID System Would Be Boon to Tech - Tech TV
10/27/2000:XP Draws Fire From Other OS Users - Tech TV
10/27/2000:XP Shopping Fuels Privacy Debate - Tech TV
10/27/2000:An Open Door for Open Source? - Business Week
10/27/2000:Linux Update Withholds Security Details - Business Week
10/27/2000:Cranking Up the Antitrust Volume - Business Week
10/27/2000:XP's Do-It-Yourself Security - Business Week
10/27/2000:Windows XP - Business Week
10/27/2000:Linux versions get a face-lift - Business Week
10/6/2001:Apple's X-Factor - Technology Review 
10/4/2001:It's Time to Get Ready for OS X
- Business Week

9/30/2001:Speedy Mac OS X Upgrade Here Soon - Lycos
9/28/2001:Finishing Touche
s: OS/X
 - Business Week
Windows XP- Look Past the Bad Press
- Business Week

9/6/2001:XP Tips- Where Are My Files? - Business Week
8/30/2001:Will Windows XP catch on? - MSNBC
8/30/2001:CacheVision unveils open video recorder platform - El. Engr. Times
8/30/2001:Happy birthday Linux  - BBC
8/30/2001:Cover Story- XP Goes Gold
8/23/2001:Be- A long history of almost - MSNBC
8/23/2001Flaw in NNTP could paralyze Windows systems  - CNN
8/15/2001:Political Jockeying Surrounds Launch of Microsoft's XP Operating System - Industry Watch - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:Microsoft Makes Icon Requirement - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:JIM HEID- Mac OS 10.1 is more like it- Nando Times
8/14/2001:Emulator to run Mac OS on Windows computers - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:Windows XP Offered Early - Industry Watch
/27/ Readies Deep Space Explorer 4.0 for OS X... - First Science
7/22/2001:Quick Taste of X- It's Smooth- Wired News
7/17/2001:Linux Standard Base promises 'one app fits all'  - CNN
7/15/2001:Big News, or Windows Dressing?-  - Wired News
7/15/2001:Analysts wary of Microsoft licensing shift  - CNN
7/14/2001:Microsoft Relents on Licensing Agreements - Artigen
7/13/2001:Microsoft ruling may give users new options  - CNN
7/9/2001:Microsoft delays deadline for new licensing program  - CNN
7/2/2001:Microsoft drops controversial tagging Windows XP  - CNN
6/11/2001:Windows XP: Is there life after icons?
6/8/2001:Wireless OS War Rages, Quietly
6/6/2001:.May the Best Interface Win!
3/29/2001: Review: A look at the next Windows
3/24/2001: OfficeXP ready to roll
3/15/2001: Whistler' no more: Microsoft shows all-new Windows
3/11/2001: Mac OS X: Promise without polish
2/16/2001:Windows XP: 10 things to know
2/15/2001: Bill Gates to unveil Windows XP