Global Warming, Climate

November - December, 2001

12/24/2001:Italy Changes Law to Make Animal Cloning Easier - ABC
12/24/2001:Research unlocks the body clock's 'pendulum'
 - Ananova
12/24/2001:'Spring-heeled' horses have built-in dampers
 - Ananova
12/24/2001:Gene Tells Stem Cell To Differentiate Or Self-Renew
12/24/2001:One-cell organism, humans have link
 - Seattle Times
12/24/2001:Hunt is on for woodpecker long thought extinct
 - Seattle Times
12/23/2001:Fur flies over fake fur samples - Ananova
12/23/2001:Experts fear earth tremors could lead to lions' extinction - Ananova
12/23/2001:Conservationists patch it up  - Nature
12/23/2001:Impact of Belize dam in dispute - New Scientist
12/23/2001:Environment summit in S. Africa to battle poverty  - CNN
12/23/2001:Europe Invites Russia to Strengthen Green Teamwork... - FirstScience
12/23/2001:Sonar Killed Whales, Navy Admits... - FirstScience
12/23/2001:Russian nuclear waste vessel, nuclear sub collide in Arctic Kola Bay... - FirstScience - Nando Times
12/23/2001:Greenpeace blocks whalers line of fire... - FirstScience
12/22/2001:Flickering sun switched climate  - Nature
12/22/2001:2001 'warm, but no record'  - BBC
12/22/2001:Wandering Geological Hot Spots Concern Geologists - Cosmiverse
12/22/2001:Where lightning strikes more than twice- Could it be dirty air? - Boston Globe
12/21/2001:UK to rebuild Antarctic lab  - BBC
12/21/2001:Antarctic Mud Reveals Ancient Evidence of Global Climate Change - Science Quest
12/21/2001:Kitchen air pollution risk revealed - New Scientist
12/21/2001:Wandering hot spots worry geologists - New Scientist
12/21/2001:"Tourist" Bison Devastate California Island - Nat'l. Geo. News
12/21/2001:Greenpeace Demands Eu Ministers Take Action Against Pirate Fishing... - FirstScience
12/21/2001:Climate Change- The Signs Are There...  - NY Times
12/21/2001:New Suit Filed Against U.S. About Nuclear Waste Dump...  - NY Times
12/21/2001:Scientists liken shifts near Anchorage to slow-motion earthquake...  - NY Times
12/21/2001:New Details Of Earth's Internal Structure Emerge - SpaceDaily
12/21/2001:Fish head fast for oblivion  - BBC
12/21/2001:World Temperature Second Highest on Record  - Yahoo
12/21/2001:2001 to be second hottest year since records began- UN - Cosmiverse
12/20/2001:EU fisheries 'face collapse'  - BBC
12/20/2001:Cod stocks on EU agenda  - BBC
12/20/2001:Call for EU fisheries overhaul  - BBC
12/20/2001:Whalers battle protesters  - BBC
12/20/2001:Princess on Antarctic mission  - BBC
12/20/2001:Giant offshore conservation project approved - Ananova
12/20/2001:Another Antarctic Surprise  - Eureka Alert
12/20/2001:Preempting a "Creeping Disaster"  - Eureka Alert
12/20/2001:A Sooty Mess - SpaceDaily
12/20/2001:Marine reserve will shelter endangered dugongs - New Scientist
12/20/2001:Kitchen air pollution risk revealed - New Scientist
12/20/2001:To Help Land, Australians Rethink Role of Kangaroos  - NY Times
12/20/2001:Environmentalists, logging industry await Bush decision on cutting fire-damaged trees - Nando Times
12/20/2001:Scientists liken shifts near Anchorage to slow-motion earthquake - Nando Times
12/20/2001:Retailers, consumers work to cut holiday waste - Nando Times
12/20/2001:Officials begin cleanup of contaminated waste sites on Antarctica - Nando Times
12/20/2001:The hole in the ozone policy... - FirstScience
12/20/2001:Aus Greenpeace raid embarrasses security... - FirstScience
12/20/2001:Whalers battle Greenpeace protesters...
 - FirstScience
12/20/2001:New tax incentives will not boost environmental protection... - FirstScience
12/20/2001:Greenpeace activists storm nuclear reactor in Australia... - Nando Times
12/19/2001:Tiger Population Stabilizes in India's Sunderbans - ABC
12/19/2001:California aims to create 'environmental justice'  - CNN  
12/19/2001:Scientists Say Salmon Getting Smaller  - Yahoo  
12/19/2001:To S. Africa, risky DDT again a malaria miracle... - FirstScience
12/19/2001:Chilling Effect... - FirstScience
12/19/2001:Nevada air pollution found to originate in Mongolian desert - Nando Times
12/19/2001:Earth may soon undergo sudden shifts in climate, scientists say - Nando Times
12/19/2001:Scientists uncertain of natural reabsorption rate of carbon dioxide - Nando Times
12/19/2001:A Tempest Over a Teaspoon of a Bird - Nando Times
12/19/2001:Afghan Drought Inflicts Its Own Misery - Nando Times
12/19/2001:The best sites for Mother Nature's scariest faces - Popular Science
12/19/2001:Rainforests, Stars and Volcanoes - Popular Science
12/19/2001:Visiting the world-within-a-world of Biosphere 2.  - Scientific American
12/18/2001:Antarctic penguin mystery  - BBC
12/18/2001:Antarctic mud reveals ancient evidence of global climate change  - Eureka Alert
12/18/2001:Greenpeace Rejects Terrorism Label... - FirstScience
12/18/2001:Scientists recommend iron supplements for Southern Ocean to curb global warming... - FirstScience
12/18/2001:Exxon Mobil Corp. to pay $11.2 million for illegally polluting New York waters... - FirstScience
12/18/2001:Forest fragments more vulnerable to stress and other stories... - FirstScience
12/18/2001:California making environmental justice tenet of air policy... - FirstScience
12/18/2001:Greenpeace Speaks Directly To Whaling Crew... - FirstScience
12/18/2001:EPA Calls for Pause in Pesticide Tests on Humans... - FirstScience
12/18/2001:Probing the Depths of Crater Lake... - FirstScience
12/18/2001:Newborn Screening for Metabolic Diseases... - FirstScience
12/18/2001:Scientists uncertain of natural reabsorption rate of carbon dioxide - Nando Times
12/18/2001:Temperature rises hint at earthquake prediction - New Scientist
12/18/2001:Europe's big freeze  - BBC
12/18/2001:URI Volcanologists’ Analysis of 1883 Eruption of Krakatau Provides Information  - Eureka Alert
12/17/2001:Adult Amazon Trees Gain Mass, Puzzle Scientists - Nat'l. Geo. News
12/17/2001:Lady Bird Johnson Sees Fruits of Wildflower Campaign - Nat'l. Geo. News
12/17/2001:Residual Volcanic Heat May Be Melting Greenland Ice  - Scientific American
12/17/2001:The Glass House in the Desert  - Scientific American
12/17/2001:Pinpointing a Polar Bear  - Scientific American
12/17/2001:Sharper Warning On Chances Of Abrupt Climate Change  - Unisci
12/17/2001:Us Sabotages Global Peace And Unity- Greenpeace... - FirstScience
12/17/2001:Greenpeace disrupts Japan whalers...  - BBC
12/17/2001:Wwf Launches New Website And Brochure On Sustainability Assessments... - FirstScience
12/17/2001:Greenpeace protests Japan whaling... - FirstScience
12/17/2001:Russian mafia 'poaches Bering fish'  - BBC
12/16/2001:Report says mafia massacre Baring fish stocks - Ananova
12/16/2001:UNESCO names new heritage sites - Ananova
12/16/2001:Large Earthquake Off Australia  - Unisci
12/16/2001:The   budding amateurs  - Nature
12/16/2001:Blair warned on carbon cuts  - BBC
12/16/2001:Man-made hurricane hits S.C. coast Monday  - Eureka Alert
12/16/2001:Scientists work to prevent recent Ebola outbreak from decimating gorillas and chimps  - Eureka Alert
12/16/2001:Mitigating Global Warming May Impact Biosphere - SpaceDaily
12/16/2001:Now another island group sinking into the Pacific - SpaceDaily
12/15/2001:Volcanic threat to Peruvian city "ignored" - New Scientist
12/15/2001:Broken seesaw warms North  - Nature
12/15/2001:Pricey Whale Rescue - ABC
12/15/2001:Tracking Carbon in Atmosphere with Satellites
12/15/2001:Pollution in Asian Air Mass Measured on Both Sides of Pacific - Cosmiverse
12/15/2001:Research Indicates Alaska's Columbia Glacier Will Retreat 10 Miles - Science Quest
12/15/2001:Satellite Data Help Researchers Track Carbon in Northern Hemisphere Forests - Science Quest
12/15/2001:Failed right whale rescue cost at least  $250,000  - Yahoo
12/15/2001:Well-studied volcano may be clue to better modeling  - Eureka Alert
12/15/2001:The Past Says Abrupt Climate Change In Our Future  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:Scientists warn global warming could trigger abrupt climate changes - Ananova
12/14/2001:Security hold lifted on shuttle radar 3-D digital global maps - Ananova
12/14/2001:New generation of ocean exploration propelled by high-speed wireless technology  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:Lowering rates of beach erosion- estuaries may be key  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:Scientist anticipates major eruption of Peru's El Misti volcano  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:December media highlights - GSA BULLETIN  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:New view of bacteria-mineral interface to advance bioremediation  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:Fractal models of blue jets, blue starters show similarity, differences to red sprites  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:Pollution in Asian air mass likely measured on both sides of Pacific  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:Research indicates Alaska's Columbia Glacier will retreat 10 miles in next decade  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:AmeriScan- December 10, 2001... - FirstScience
12/14/2001:Dump may contain 2,000 drums of toxic waste... - FirstScience
12/14/2001:Ghanaians culinary odyssey leads to running Kyoto eatery... - FirstScience
12/14/2001:New Ozone Mini-Hole Over Europe... - FirstScience
12/14/2001:WWF urges top fishing nations to comply with new UN Fish Stocks Agreement... - FirstScience
12/14/2001:Scientists say 3 large glaciers in western Antarctica are thinning - Nando Times
12/14/2001:Fiscal, environmental concerns move Congress to consider mining law reforms - Nando Times
12/14/2001:Melting Glaciers in Antarctica Are Raising Oceans, Experts Say- NY Times- NY Times
12/14/2001:More research needed on abrupt climate changes- study - SpaceDaily
12/14/2001:Report- Russian mob threatens prime fishery  - CNN  
12/14/2001:Climate change could boost cotton yields  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:The past says abrupt climate change in our future  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:Researchers investigate mysteries of the African rift  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:NAS Report Cites Possibility of Abrupt Climate Change... - Science Quest
12/14/2001:Norway to dump coal from Arctic wilderness into EU... - Science Quest
12/14/2001:Chernobyl head sacked over misused funds...  - BBC
12/14/2001:Hazardous waste found at dumps... - Science Quest
12/14/2001:Environment Groups Sue for Grazing Along River...
 - L. A. Times
12/14/2001:Study Sheds Light on Methanes Role in Global Warming, Past and Present...  - Scientific American
12/14/2001:Livermore Scientists To Present Global Warming Mitigation Tool For Ridding The Atmosphere Of Excess Carbon... - Science Daily
12/14/2001:Expert- Drive on soot could slow global warming...  - CNN  
12/14/2001:Some cities consider banning construction of homes with wood-burning fireplaces - Nando Times
12/13/2001:Three of Antarctica's largest glaciers are rapidly thinning, scientists say
 - ABC
12/13/2001:Albatross' ill-omened appetite sparks U.S. action  - CNN
12/13/2001:Singapore will take years to fight crow swarms  - CNN
12/13/2001:Many Alaskan Glaciers Are Thinning, USGS Study Says  - Unisci
12/13/2001:Tracking DNA Motion With Picometer Accuracy- A First  - Unisci
12/13/2001:Japan warned to prepare for quakes - Ananova
12/13/2001:Satellites help track carbon stores - Ananova
12/13/2001:Shrinking Glaciers - ABC
12/13/2001:Methane Explosion Warmed the Prehistoric Earth, Possible Again - Cosmiverse 
12/12/2001:Finding those elusive fungi  - BBC
12/12/2001:Study of Cirrus Clouds May Improve Climate Change Forecasts - Cosmiverse
12/12/2001:'Restless Earth' May Give Advance Notice of Large Earthquakes - Cosmiverse
12/12/2001:Whale serenade for British Army Antarctic explorers - Ananova
12/12/2001:Mushroom map kept secret to keep collectors out - Ananova
12/12/2001:Bear-proof suit scares off grizzly - New Scientist
12/12/2001:Intel co-founder pledges more than $250 million to environmental group... - FirstScience
12/12/2001:Year of the Mountains 2002 - last hope for the Alps-... - FirstScience
12/12/2001:Deepsea Cores Offer New Clues to Earthquake Cycles - Science Quest
12/12/2001:Engineers Develop Thousand-Year Plug to Clean Up One of North America's Most Toxic Mines - Science Quest
12/12/2001:Intel co-founder pledges more than $250 million to environmental group - Nando Times
12/12/2001:Massive Crater Produced by Wind, Not Meteorite - L. A. Times
12/12/2001:Issues Collide in Plan to Dam Buffalo River - L. A. Times
12/12/2001:Red alert! "recycled'' ozone adds to health hazards in Zambia  - Eureka Alert
12/12/2001:Methane explosion warmed the prehistoric Earth, possible again  - Eureka Alert
12/12/2001:SAFARI 2000 caputres pollution and climate interactions, debuts at AGU press briefing  - Eureka Alert
12/12/2001:Droplets in salt crystals confirm historic ocean changes  - Eureka Alert
12/11/2001:Climate Change Has World Skating on Thin Ice... - FirstScience
12/11/2001:An Underwater War is Raging in the Coral Reefs of Indonesia... - FirstScience
12/11/2001:Sea turtles under siege from egg poachers, pollution, and human development...
12/11/2001:Instruments collect rare environmental data from seawater on luxury yachts - Nando Times
12/11/2001:Atmospheric Seesaw - JPL
12/11/2001:Yes, It's Been Warm. And Why?  - NY Times
12/11/2001:Warming Up to the Notion of Warming  - NY Times
12/11/2001:Sprawl Seen Hurting South's Forests  - NY Times
12/11/2001:Where Lightning Strikes - Tech TV
12/11/2001:Study shows acid rain improvement  - BBC
12/11/2001:India goes ahead with Tehri dam  - BBC
12/11/2001:Water Droplets Say That Ocean Chemistry Has Changed  - Unisci
12/10/2001:Tools to Unravel Proteins at Forefront of Biotech - ABC
12/10/2001:Pioneer vows to keep cloning - Boston Globe
12/10/2001:Super Purple Spud - Discover
12/10/2001:All in the Whale Family - Discover
12/10/2001:MATH1 signal heralds process of differentiation in intestinal lining  - Eureka Alert
12/10/2001:Study of key enzyme sheds new light on programmed cell death and may lead to new drugs for reducing the severity of stroke
12/10/2001:Cloning Advocate Fights the Clock on Capitol Hill - L. A. Times
12/9/2001:Inflatable dam to protect Venice is approved - New Scientist
12/9/2001:NASA satellite will monitor uncharted atmosphere - New Scientist
12/9/2001:First complete world map of lightning activity - New Scientist
12/9/2001:Water, Sediments in Ice-Bound Antarctic Lakes May Harbor Unique Microorganisms, Ecosystems - Science Quest
12/9/2001:Stratospheric Polar Vortex Influences Winter Cold - Science Quest
12/9/2001:The Sun's Chilly Impact On Earth - SpaceDaily
12/9/2001:European Fishing Quotas Slashed to Save Species... - FirstScience
12/9/2001:Thyroid cancer in children after the Chernobyl accident... - FirstScience
12/9/2001:Illegal hazardous waste dump found in north Dublin... - FirstScience
12/8/2001:New Details Of Earth's Internal Structure Emerge From Seismic Data - SpaceDaily
12/8/2001:First complete world map of lightning activity - New Scientist
12/8/2001:Where U.S., Kiwis Are Neighbors  - Wired News
12/8/2001:Fungal Disease Is Killing Oak Trees in Parts of U.S. - Nat'l. Geo. News
12/8/2001:Sharper Weather Eyes in the Sky - Business Week
12/8/2001:The Forest, the Trees and the Gas Below  - NY Times
12/8/2001:Rare blue mineral excites scientific world - Ananova
12/8/2001:Tigers Take Viagra - ABC
12/8/2001:Italy Approves Dam Scheme to Keep Venice Afloat - ABC
12/8/2001:China's snakes 'at risk'  - BBC
12/8/2001:Greenpeace Investigations In Amazon Leads To Historic Decision By Brazilian Government... - FirstScience
12/8/2001:Emissions Trading Market Up and Running... - FirstScience
12/8/2001:European Fishing Quotas Slashed to Save Species... - FirstScience
12/8/2001:Green Party fights to retain good-guy image... - FirstScience
12/8/2001:EPA orders General Electric to dredge PCBs from Hudson River...
12/8/2001:The Dog Days of December...
12/7/2001:Lessons in landscape  - Nature
12/7/2001:University of Rhode Island fisheries oceanographers study the effects of predator-prey interactions in the Georges Bank fish community  - Eureka Alert
12/7/2001:The curse of the carp  - Eureka Alert
12/7/2001:Water, sediments in ice-bound antarctic lakes may harbor unique microorganisms, ecosystems  - Eureka Alert
12/7/2001:Beware of leap year when predicting climate change, warns researcher  - Eureka Alert
12/7/2001:Maryland Can't Enforce Clean Air Laws  - Yahoo
12/7/2001:EPA Orders GE to Dredge Hudson River  - Yahoo
12/7/2001:The budding amateurs  - Nature
12/7/2001:Experts discuss deterioration of oceans
12/7/2001:Chestnut Tree Makes Comeback; Fungal Foe Makes Drugs  - Unisci
12/7/2001:Forecasting Antarctica Weather From A Warm Distance  - Unisci
12/7/2001:Lessons in landscape  - Nature
12/7/2001:No consultation of Northern Assembly on mox plant issue... - FirstScience
12/7/2001:Worlds Water Storage Capacity Shrinking as Dams Silt Up... - FirstScience
12/7/2001:France criticizes U.S. position on global warming treaty... - FirstScience
12/7/2001:Cameroon- WWF and loggers inaugurate partnership... - FirstScience
12/7/2001:Old mobiles could poison landfills... - FirstScience
12/7/2001:Global Commitment to Marine Environment Protection Renewed... - FirstScience
12/6/2001:Global Positioning System May Help Measure Sea Height - Science Quest
12/6/2001:Free-for-All on Seas Must Stop, Warns WWF... - FirstScience
12/6/2001:Indonesia to tighten logging laws... - FirstScience - FirstScience
12/6/2001:Tracking Seals and Sea Lions with Satellites  - Cosmiverse
12/6/2001:Silt behind dams 'worsens water shortage'  - BBC
12/6/2001:Fishermen face new quota cuts  - BBC
12/6/2001:Scrap bad dams urge Greens  - BBC
12/6/2001:Experts discuss deterioration of oceans  - CNN
12/6/2001:Deepsea cores offer new clues to earthquake cycles  - Eureka Alert
12/5/2001:Selkirk Grizzlies Are Dying Out
  - Yahoo
12/5/2001:Canadian electricity generating company to reduce smog-causing agents by 80%... - FirstScience
12/5/2001:Fishermen rebuff ministry on Kawabe dam project... - FirstScience
12/5/2001:China cuts greenhouse gas emissions... - FirstScience
12/5/2001:Renewable energy open day... - FirstScience
12/5/2001:Tanzanian Police Raid Lawyers Environmental Action Team... - FirstScience
12/5/2001:Rocknroll aint Neu!s pollution... - FirstScience
12/5/2001:Reserves raise fish stocks  - Nature
12/5/2001:Pesticide mix 'poses health risk'  - BBC
12/5/2001:"Bear-proof" suit to be put to the test - New Scientist
12/5/2001:Scrap bad dams urge Greens  - BBC
12/5/2001:UN court rejects Sellafield challenge  - BBC
12/5/2001:Scientists developing strategies for upcoming phosphorus mandates  - Eureka Alert
12/5/2001:Stratospheric polar vortex influences winter cold, researchers say  - Eureka Alert
12/5/2001:Shipboard aerosol measurements enhance climate models  - Eureka Alert
12/5/2001:Paradox of groundwater age has implications for hydrology  - Eureka Alert
12/5/2001:Floods ain't what they used to be; Study shows wing dams have made them worse  - Eureka Alert
12/5/2001:URI chemical oceanographers successfully use naturally oc  - Eureka Alertcurring radium to measure round water input to Rhode Island salt ponds
12/5/2001:December Media Mighlights- GEOLOGY and GSA TODAY  - Eureka Alert
12/5/2001:A curve ball into the snowball earth hypothesis?  - Eureka Alert
12/5/2001:Arctic Gakkel Ridge eruption reveals magma from Earth's mantle  - Eureka Alert
12/5/2001:Renewable energy open day... - FirstScience
12/5/2001:Tanzanian Police Raid Lawyers Environmental Action Team... - FirstScience
12/5/2001:China Cuts Greenhouse Gases, Contradicting U.S... - FirstScience
12/5/2001:Energy coalition set to lobby against Kyoto signing... - FirstScience
12/5/2001:ESA Provides Clues to Climate Change... - Cosmiverse
12/5/2001:Renewable energy targets to double... - FirstScience
12/5/2001:Green Party to abstain on key vote... - FirstScience
12/4/2001:Past fire regime is key to managing chaparral fires in southern California  - Eureka Alert
12/4/2001:Troubled turtles rescued from confusion... - FirstScience
12/4/2001:Atlantic tuna commission fails to cut bluefin catch... - FirstScience
12/4/2001:Pollution Agreement Unifies Troubled Waters... - FirstScience
12/4/2001:Environmentalists vs industrialists- A media war over the use of petcoke in Fuheis cement factory... - FirstScience
12/4/2001:Leaked Report Blasts Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Site... - FirstScience
12/4/2001:AmeriScan- November 30, 2001... - FirstScience
12/4/2001:GAO investigators unsold on possible nuclear waste dump in Nevada... - FirstScience
12/4/2001:Predators key to forest survival - New Scientist
12/4/2001:Inviting Birds for Dinner (But Not to Be Eaten) - NY Times
12/3/2001:Endangered Whales Found - ABC
12/3/2001:Asia's vultures face growing threat   - BBC
12/3/2001:Fishy figures  - BBC
12/3/2001:U.N. Hold Conference on Oceans  - Yahoo
12/3/2001:China combats pollution  - BBC
12/3/2001:Anti-lead campaign takes aim at city's few 'poison homes' - Business Week
12/2/2001:The great Antarctic clean-up has hit a few hefty snags - New Scientist
12/2/2001:Scientists Excited by Arctic Ocean Ridge Finds - Nat'l. Geo. News
12/2/2001:Two Right Whale Studies Brighten Grim Outlook for Species - Nat'l. Geo. News
12/2/2001:Rare butterfly gets emergency protection  - CNN
12/2/2001:Study- Protected marine areas aid catches in nearby fishing zones  - CNN
12/2/2001:Conservation group sues to protect golden trout  - CNN
12/2/2001:Earth's Core-Mantle Boundary Has Core-Rigidity Zone  - Unisci
12/2/2001:Global Warming Could Help Greenback Cutthroat Trout  - Unisci
12/2/2001:Whales and Whaling  - Yahoo
12/2/2001:Juan Gonzalez- Major Oil Spills at Ground Zero... - FirstScience
12/2/2001:EPA Used Data From Human Pesticide Tests... - Washington Post
12/2/2001:Green groups demand GM crop ban...
12/2/2001:Charles Darwin Foundation awarded major prize...
12/2/2001:EPA shuffles citizen advocate within agency after irking Bush, Clinton officials...
12/2/2001:Japan Prepares Secret Nuclear Waste Shipment; Greenpeace Warns That Transport Is Floating Chernobyl... - FirstScience
12/2/2001:Special section- Habitat fragmentation can amplify  - Eureka Alert
12/2/2001:Prescribed burning- Do we really know what we're doing?  - Eureka Alert
12/2/2001:Genetic takeover threatens crayfish  - Eureka Alert
12/2/2001:Giant pandas have plenty of genetic diversity  - Eureka Alert

12/1/2001:Scientists Find Hot Activity Under Arctic Ice Cap - ABC
12/1/2001:Pope condemns 'experimental methods' in medicine that threaten human dignity - ABC
12/1/2001:Catch figures fishy  - Nature
12/1/2001:Mothers could save the whale  - Nature
12/1/2001:Right whales teeter on the brink - New Scientist
12/1/2001:Scientist Uses Tombstones to Track Environmental Changes - Nat'l. Geo. News
12/1/2001:Predicting El Niño And La Niña Nine Months Ahead  - Unisci

11/30/2001:Mount Fuji quakes to be investigated - Ananova
11/30/2001:UCSB scientists study ancient debris flow that formed rocky topography of Santa Barbara parks  - Eureka Alert
11/30/2001:Volcanic Eruptions Masked Global Warming During Past 20 Years  - Eureka Alert
11/30/2001:Healy researchers make a series of striking discoveries about Arctic Ocean  - Eureka Alert
11/30/2001:Studying plant adaptation to arctic helps understand the 'steps of wisdom of life' - New Scientist
11/30/2001:Slash and burn - New Scientist
11/30/2001:Consumer choice drives green power market...  - Eureka Alert
11/30/2001:Minnesota Hit by Snowstorm...  - NY Times
11/30/2001:Farmers call for GST on fresh food to cover environmental damage...  - Eureka Alert
11/30/2001:More pressure on Australia to sign Kyoto treaty...  - Eureka Alert
11/30/2001:Earthquake Swarm!...  - Eureka Alert
11/30/2001:WWF launches five-point plan to save the worlds water...  - Eureka Alert
11/29/2001:EPA to Again Use Human Tests... - FirstScience
11/29/2001:New emissions rules offer drivers bigger headaches... - FirstScience
11/29/2001:Sprawl Seen Hurting South's Forests  - NY Times
11/29/2001:The Green Party... - FirstScience
11/29/2001:Study- Growth continues to cut into Southern forests... - FirstScience
11/29/2001:EPA to Resume Once-Banned Tests... - FirstScience
11/29/2001:EPA using human testing data from manufacturers in evaluating pesticide regulations, exposure levels... - FirstScience
11/29/2001:New Pollution Rules... - FirstScience
11/29/2001:$100,000 grant supports Chesapeake Bay habitat restoration... - FirstScience
11/29/2001:Clean air catalytic converters emit platinum pollutants... - FirstScience
11/29/2001:Consumer choice drives green power market... - FirstScience
11/29/2001:Farmers call for GST on fresh food to cover environmental damage... - FirstScience
11/29/2001:More pressure on Australia to sign Kyoto treaty... - FirstScience
11/29/2001:In bid to help, biologist wrestles bear stereotypes... - FirstScience
11/28/2001:DDT and Africa's war on malaria - BBC
11/28/2001:New tree found in Vietnam- BBC
11/28/2001:Carbon Sinks Slowed Greenhouse Gas Buildup In 1990s - SpaceDaily
11/28/2001:Forest Management May Mitigate Global Warming
11/28/2001:El Niño Predictions Up to Nine Months Ahead - Science Quest
11/28/2001:The Mountain - Science Quest
11/28/2001:Robots Put Ocean Weather Under Australian Spotlight - Science Quest
11/28/2001:Sensor snaps polluting vehicles passing by - New Scientist
11/28/2001:DDT and Africas war on malaria... - FirstScience
11/28/2001:Trains Full of Terror... - FirstScience
11/28/2001:WWF urges Canadians to adopt a polar bear... - FirstScience
11/28/2001:Priming to manage the Blue Crab fishery... - FirstScience
11/28/2001:UN court goes green... - FirstScience
11/28/2001:Amazon Plant Proliferates Again in African Lake, Causing Economic Peril... - FirstScience
11/28/2001:TRMM continues to provide diverse insights into climate processes on its fourth anniversary  - Eureka Alert
11/28/2001:Earth’s magnetic field really did reverse itself  - Eureka Alert
11/27/2001:Sewage limits 'harm swimmers' health'  - BBC
11/27/2001:Extended weather prediction a growing business, but meteorologists have accuracy concerns - Dallas News
11/27/2001:Folk wisdom and the weather - Economist
11/27/2001:The Sacking of Science at Interior - L. A. Times
11/27/2001:A Living Lab on the Edge of Suburbia - L. A. Times
11/26/2001:Japan asks citizens to cut greenhouse gas emissions... - FirstScience
11/26/2001:Secret Soviet atomic cities fuel nuclear nightmares... - FirstScience
11/26/2001:Canadian minister denies government split on Kyoto... - FirstScience
11/26/2001:Thanksgiving gobbling saddens U.S. turkey lovers... - FirstScience
11/26/2001:Wetland enrichment, red skies, and other stories... - FirstScience
11/26/2001:Japan Gives Russia Nuclear Waste Reprocessing Complex... - FirstScience
11/26/2001:DDT to buy majority stake in internet portal - FirstScience
11/26/2001:Green Group Urges Canadians to Adopt a Polar Bear... - FirstScience
11/26/2001:Off-road car rallies anger green groups... - FirstScience
11/25/2001:Ancient Mines Cause Modern Pollution - ABC
11/25/2001:Expedition to the Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea - Discover
11/25/2001:Works in Progress - Discover
11/25/2001:Intoxicating Toxic Cleanup - Discover
11/25/2001:A Reason to Give Thanks- The Return of the Wild Turkey - Nat'l. Geo. News
11/25/2001:Melting Glaciers Diminished Gulf Stream, Cooled Western Europe, During Last Ice Age- Science Quest
11/24/2001:Killer crocodiles pose threat to scientists
 - Ananova
11/24/2001:Scientists tackle international environmental problem – ballast water  - Eureka Alert
11/24/2001:Forest management may mitigate global warming  - Eureka Alert
11/24/2001:UK - first country in the world to certify all its state forests under the Forest Stewardship Council scheme... - FirstScience
11/24/2001:Brazil officials assess oil spill in scenic Rio bay... - FirstScience
11/24/2001:Is RP ready for GM corn-... - FirstScience
11/24/2001:Londons pollution worst in Europe... - FirstScience
11/24/2001:Kyoto Protocol appraised... - FirstScience
11/24/2001:Pan industry grouping formed to handle Kyoto... - FirstScience
11/24/2001:Green party... - FirstScience
11/24/2001:Oil firms fear Kyoto too costly... - FirstScience
11/23/2001:Britain should expect more winter flooding - Ananova
11/23/2001:Children's favourite characters face extinction - Ananova
11/23/2001:Logging fuels fire  - Nature
11/23/2001:Divers collect tons of ocean debris near Hawaii  - CNN
11/23/2001:GMO regulator gets first GM crop application AUSTRALIAS genetically modified organism watchdog today confirmed... - FirstScience
11/23/2001:New nuclear-fuel shipment reaches Poland en route to Czech Republics Temelin plant... - FirstScience
11/23/2001:Missouri hog farms forced to clean air and water... - FirstScience
11/23/2001:Wealthy Indian poachers slapped with hefty fine... - FirstScience
11/23/2001:Vietnam plans to resume rogue elephant roundup... - FirstScience
11/23/2001:Greenpeace seeks int’l aid against thermoselect... - FirstScience
11/23/2001:Clark toxic waste issue- Dismaying, disgracing... - FirstScience
11/23/2001:WWF project is bringing hope to coastal people in Cameroon... - FirstScience
11/23/2001:Warm weather keeps ski slopes bare... - FirstScience
11/23/2001:Lab workers acquitted of fraud in landmark environmental testing case - Nando Times
11/23/2001:Summit tackles UK waste mountain  - BBC
11/23/2001:Preserving the last wilderness  - BBC
11/23/2001:Getting in the recycle lane  - BBC
11/22/2001:As the Sun Waxes and Wanes, So Does Climate- Science Quest
11/22/2001:1,024 Supercomputer Makes More Accurate Climate Assessments - SpaceDaily
11/22/2001:French-US oceanography satellite to be launched December 7 - SpaceDaily
11/22/2001:Preserving the last wilderness  - BBC
11/22/2001:Autumn trees leave it late  - BBC
11/22/2001:Sediments Sink River's Flow into Sea - Science News
11/22/2001:Scientists to Describe Unexpected Discoveries of Arctic Research Cruise - Science News
11/22/2001:Plan Calls for Using Oceans to Soak Up CO2; Critics Cite Perils- NY Times
11/22/2001:Probing the Fault Zone - ABC
11/22/2001:Afghan Bombing to Affect Birds Migrating to India - ABC
11/22/2001:Australia Fifth Highest Land Clearer - Report - ABC
11/22/2001:Spacecraft to explore atmospheric frontier set for December launch  - Eureka Alert
11/22/2001:Massacre of protected birds in Hungary...  - Eureka Alert
11/22/2001:Environmentalists Talk Turkey...  - Eureka Alert
11/22/2001:Task force wants strict NYC environmental rules...  - Eureka Alert
11/22/2001:Pollution Agreement Unifies Troubled Waters...  - Eureka Alert
11/22/2001:White meat or dark-...  - Eureka Alert
11/22/2001:Tigers, bears to vanish from Cambodian menus...  - Eureka Alert
11/22/2001:Antarctic sea floor contaminated by human waste near bases...  - Eureka Alert
11/22/2001:Probe- Nuclear dump law firm worked with both energy department and lobbyists...  - Eureka Alert
11/22/2001:Mediterranean states commit to stop sea pollution...  - Eureka Alert
11/21/2001:Coal may be cause of poisoned Balkan groundwater - New Scientist
11/21/2001:Melting glaciers diminished Gulf Stream, cooled Western Europe, during last Ice Age  - Eureka Alert
11/21/2001:Ocean circulation shut down by melting glaciers after last ice age  - Eureka Alert
11/21/2001:Mediterranean states commit to stop sea pollution... - FirstScience
11/21/2001:Climate Change Threatens Billions in Tropics with Starvation... - FirstScience
11/21/2001:A Salty Recipe for Ozone Destruction... - FirstScience
11/21/2001:Prove allegations, MMDA chief dares Greenpeace... - FirstScience
11/21/2001:Scientists fightfor forests of the sea - MSNBC
11/21/2001:Something Missing in Fragile Cloud Forest- The Clouds  - NY Times
11/21/2001:Plan Calls for Using Oceans to Soak Up CO2; Critics Cite Perils  - NY Times
11/20/2001:Researchers to create rain - indoors
11/20/2001:Fragile Coral Reefs Are Dying  - Yahoo
11/20/2001:Global warming more common than thought, deep-sea drilling off Japan now demonstrates - Univ. Of North Carolina
11/20/2001:Green issues sidelined by Sept. 11... - FirstScience
11/20/2001:Bush Team Is Reversing Environmental Policies... - FirstScience
11/20/2001:No signs yet of a shift in US approach to climate change... - FirstScience
11/20/2001:Nuclear Waste Being Buried... - FirstScience
11/20/2001:Environmental groups sue to block relaxed mining regulations... - FirstScience
11/20/2001:2 new landfills for Metro garbage... - FirstScience
11/20/2001:Prove allegations, MMDA chief dares Greenpeace... - FirstScience
11/20/2001:Environmental groups sue to block relaxed mining regulations - Nando Times
11/20/2001:Tallying cost of arsenic rules- Small water systems may face big bill - Seattle Times
11/20/2001:Classic Tabular Iceberg Sheds From West Antarctic Glacier - SpaceDaily
11/19/2001:Pollution restricts shellfish operation... - FirstScience
11/19/2001:Job growth tipped for environmental technologies... - FirstScience
11/19/2001:Ministry urges companies to report greenhouse gas emissions... - FirstScience
11/19/2001:Stink raised over planned cuts to sewerage, dam projects... - FirstScience
11/19/2001:Research, not tax, best weapon against emissions... - FirstScience
11/19/2001:Malaysia uncovers toxic waste dump... - FirstScience
11/19/2001:Solar cycle may cause cycle of cooling, warming on earth, study says - Nando Times
11/19/2001:Pine Island Glacier Creates a Splash - JPL
11/19/2001:Venice Facing Pollution Crisis  - NY Times
11/19/2001:Pollutant limits 'should be cut'  - BBC
11/19/2001:Official Says New, Deadly Pig Disease Could Spread  - Yahoo
11/19/2001:NASA Records Birth of Antarctic Iceberg - Cosmiverse
11/19/2001:Panda habitats outside existing reserves are essential to pandas long term survival... - FirstScience
11/19/2001:Pollution restricts shellfish operation... - FirstScience
11/19/2001:Job growth tipped for environmental technologies... - FirstScience
11/19/2001:Ministry urges companies to report greenhouse gas emissions... - FirstScience
11/19/2001:Stink raised over planned cuts to sewerage, dam projects... - FirstScience
11/19/2001:Research, not tax, best weapon against emissions... - FirstScience
11/19/2001:Malaysia uncovers toxic waste dump... - FirstScience
11/19/2001:Solar cycle may cause cycle of cooling, warming on earth, study says - Nando Times
11/19/2001:Pine Island Glacier Creates a Splash - JPL
11/19/2001:Venice Facing Pollution Crisis  - NY Times
11/18/2001:Oceans Temps, Solar Cycles Linked  - Yahoo
11/18/2001:Sea mammal beachings rise  - BBC
11/18/2001:Nasa records birth of antarctic iceberg - Cosmiverse
11/18/2001:University of Cincinnati researchers track climate changes in Arctic thaw lakes  - Eureka Alert
11/18/2001:Scientists adopt new tools to gain better view of San Andreas Fault  - Eureka Alert
11/18/2001:Market to start to trade emissions with U.S. firms, 2 cities... - FirstScience
11/18/2001:Ministry to set up office to boost anti-global warming drive... - FirstScience
11/18/2001:Eco site fuels anti-Esso protest... - FirstScience
11/18/2001:Chicago, Mexico City Attack Global Warming, Join Carbon Trading Exchange... - FirstScience
11/18/2001:Environmentalists Concerned About State Plan for Borrowing... - FirstScience
11/18/2001:Residents to flee sinking Pacific nation by 2002- US environmentalist - SpaceDaily
11/18/2001:Tuvalus people not fleeing atoll just yet - SpaceDaily
11/17/2001:Winter Re-Run - ABC
11/17/2001:Praying For Snow - ABC
11/17/2001:Global Warming Not Only Danger to Corals... - FirstScience
11/17/2001:Greenpeace says Tuvalu asylum seeker plan ridiculous... - FirstScience
11/17/2001:Senate Multi-Emissions Proposal Would Undermine Economic and Energy Security... - FirstScience
11/17/2001:Thirsty China to divert the mighty Yangtze... - FirstScience
11/17/2001:City armed for winter weather... - FirstScience
11/17/2001:Keidanren support on Kyoto Protocol sought... - FirstScience
11/17/2001:Green groups lose Sellafield fight... - BBC
11/17/2001:Green light for UK nuclear reprocessing...  - BBC
11/16/2001:Moroccan compromise  - BBC
11/16/2001:Wildlife will wander in warmer world  - BBC
11/16/2001:Kyoto Pact to Prompt Big Changes  - Yahoo
11/16/2001:Europe's Gigantic Environment Satellite  - Wired News
11/16/2001:Scientists stress urgent need to address environmental issues... - FirstScience
11/16/2001:World Cant Rely on Ecosystems for Uptake of Greenhouse Gas...
11/16/2001:Greenpeace says Tuvalu asylum seeker plan ridiculous...
11/15/2001:Scientists puzzled by sleeping grizzlies - Ananova
11/15/2001:Environment & Nature  - Yahoo
11/15/2001:Brazil bounty  - BBC
11/15/2001:38 Million Animals a Year Stolen From Brazil - Cosmiverse
11/15/2001:Weather Forecasters Look Ahead, Far Ahead - NY Times
11/15/2001:Researchers report significant rise over the past 250 years - MSNBC
11/15/2001:Blow to Turkish dam project... - FirstScience
11/15/2001:Japan states plan to ratify Kyoto Protocol... - FirstScience
11/15/2001:Balfour abandons Turkish dam project...  - BBC
11/15/2001:Security high for nuclear convoy...  - CNN
11/15/2001:Summary U.N. global warming report... - FirstScience
11/15/2001:Greenpeace Calls For Urgent Action By World Governments To Protect Ancient Forests... - FirstScience
11/15/2001:Japan to work toward 2002 conclusion of Kyoto Protocol... - FirstScience
11/15/2001:Bangladesh flood and drought forecasting could bring farmers, cholera victims relief  - Eureka Alert
11/15/2001:Dartmouth researcher uses cosmic rays to calculate erosion rates  - Eureka Alert
11/14/2001:Scientists puzzled by sleeping grizzlies - Ananova
11/14/2001:Of The Moon, Earth-Squeezing Tides, And Volcanoes  - Unisci
11/14/2001:Many of World's Lakes Face Death, Expert Warns  - Yahoo
11/14/2001:No buses idling improves school's air  - Yahoo
11/14/2001:Japan poised to ratify Kyoto Protocol in 2002 - SpaceDaily
11/14/2001:German minister calls for ratification of Kyoto protocol - SpaceDaily
11/14/2001:FSC Certified Timber- knocking on the doors of construction companies... - FirstScience
11/14/2001:NZ to finalise Kyoto legislation... - FirstScience
11/14/2001:Hundreds protest, stage blockade ahead of disputed German nuclear waste shipment... - FirstScience
11/14/2001:The global warming treaty concluded early yesterday in Morocco by 160 countries marked an important victory fo... - FirstScience
11/14/2001:Kyoto talks a success... - FirstScience
11/14/2001:Environment a Non-Issue at World Trade Talks... - FirstScience
11/14/2001:Govt to hold meeting on Kyoto Protocol policy Mon... - FirstScience
11/13/2001:U.S. Reports Sharp Rise in Emissions  - Yahoo
11/13/2001:Kyoto Pact to Prompt Big Changes  - Yahoo
11/13/2001:UAF scientists share results of arctic research on global warming  - Eureka Alert
11/13/2001:Small bone could solve bluefin mystery  - Eureka Alert
11/13/2001:Geological myth busting- Extraterrestrials really don't impact volcanoes?  - Eureka Alert
11/13/2001:Virginia Tech study may help develop more effective clean up of gasoline spills  - Eureka Alert
11/13/2001:Ecosystems slowed 1990s greenhouse gas buildup  - Eureka Alert
11/13/2001:Kyoto Protocol - At What Cost?... - FirstScience
11/13/2001:Govts Gung Ho Approach on Kyoto Carries Huge Risks... - FirstScience
11/13/2001:Thousands protest shipment of nuclear waste to disputed north German dump...
11/13/2001:UNEP Study Predicts Drop in Crop Yields Due to Climate Change...
11/13/2001:Historic deal saves Kyoto, but America stays outside...
11/13/2001:NZ should meet emissions target...
11/13/2001:Deals Break Impasse on Global Warming Treaty...- NY Times
11/13/2001:Pacific Recycles Last Year's Winter - JPL
11/13/2001:Invader Ants Hurting Ecosystems, Economies - Nat'l. Geo. News
11/13/2001:A New Strategy for Saving Streams- Rip Them Up- NY Times
11/12/2001:Carbon Dioxide Emissions Up 3.1 Percent in 2000 - ABC
11/12/2001:Haggling Over Fine Print of Climate Change Treaty - ABC
11/12/2001:EPA Said to Admit Pollution Rule Unlikely in 2001 - ABC
11/12/2001:Key Points in the Kyoto Agreement  - Yahoo
11/12/2001:U.S. Reports Sharp Rise in Emissions  - Yahoo
11/12/2001:165 Countries Approve Kyoto Rules  - Yahoo
11/12/2001:Last Minute Deal Secures Global Warming Agreement  - Yahoo
11/12/2001:Wildlife experts fear Harry Potter will spark owl pet craze - Ananova
11/12/2001:Growing Global Population Tramples the Planet - Economist
11/12/2001:Nations Move Forward on Climate Treaty Without U.S - Economist
11/11/2001:Norwegian officials confirm plans for new wolf hunt - Ananova
11/11/2001:Train kills herd of reindeer - Ananova
11/11/2001:Ducklings born in November after warmest October - Ananova
11/11/2001:Spice rack provides solution to asbestos risk - Ananova
11/11/2001:Land-Based Ecosystems Won't Head Off Global Warming  - Unisci
11/11/2001:Climate Talks in Morocco Stalled  - Yahoo
11/11/2001:Haggling Over Fine Print of Climate Change Treaty  - Yahoo
11/11/2001:Kyoto's "Gang of Four" take hard line right to the end - SpaceDaily
11/11/2001:Small, Mountain Rivers Play Big Role in Ocean Sediment
11/10/2001:Forests 'only temporary carbon absorbers'  - BBC
11/10/2001:Key climate treaty hurdle cleared  - BBC
11/10/2001:Politics Influences Federal Costs Of Flood Disasters  - Unisci
11/10/2001:Want to Save the Planet- Don't Fly  - Yahoo
11/10/2001:Global Warming Talks Start to Show Results  - Yahoo
11/10/2001:Carbon Sinks Have Limits, Experts Say  - Yahoo
11/10/2001:Pacific Recycles Last Year's Winter - SpaceDaily
11/10/2001:Environment ministers set off on UN climate treaty marathon - SpaceDaily
11/10/2001:Doubts over forests as long-term help in global warming crisis - SpaceDaily
11/10/2001:Russia holds key at UN climate talks - SpaceDaily
11/10/2001:To win fight against poverty, environmental damage must be reversed- UN report... - FirstScience
11/10/2001:Norways whale trade controls are suspect, says WWF...
11/10/2001:A Tale of 2 Engines- How Hybrid Cars Tame Emissions...
11/10/2001:FEC Staff Recommends Party Status for Green Party of the US...
11/9/2001:'Shortsighted' world lets population swell  - BBC
11/9/2001:Britain's bathing waters pass the test  - BBC
11/9/2001:Fifa warns S Korea over dog meat  - BBC
11/9/2001:U.N. Says Planetary Plundering Threatens Earth - ABC
11/9/2001:UN- We're Destroying the Earth  - Wired News
11/9/2001:Climate Change, Not Humans Killed Off North American Megafauna - SpaceDaily
11/9/2001:US emissions cut needed to meet Kyoto targets- IEA experts - SpaceDaily
11/9/2001:Environment ministers set off on UN climate treaty marathon - SpaceDaily
11/8/2001:Whaling Fleets Head for Antarctic  - Wired News
11/8/2001:Sceptics 'threaten' climate pact  - BBC
11/8/2001:Russia, Japan both take wait-and-see attitude on Kyoto Protocol - SpaceDaily
11/8/2001:Geologists Develop New Database Using GIS for Study of Evolution of Continents - Science Quest
11/8/2001:Chemical Pollution and Human Sewage Could Be Killing Corals - Science Quest
11/8/2001:Digital Earth Project Offers Global Database and Mapping Tool for Geologists, Students and Teachers - Science Quest
11/8/2001:Govt to cut emissions into sea... - FirstScience
11/8/2001:¡¤ Koreas Spending for Pollution Abatement Declines in 2000... - FirstScience
11/8/2001:The jungle that is Brussels... - FirstScience
11/8/2001:Buying Clean Air-... - FirstScience
11/7/2001:U.S. defends position on global climate - Nando Times
11/7/2001:Mosquito Adapting to Global Warming, Study Finds - Nat'l. Geo. News
11/7/2001:Penalty problem strikes climate talks - New Scientist
11/7/2001:Satellites Shed Light on a Warmer World - Science Quest
11/6/2001:Japan 'to back climate treaty'- BBC
11/6/2001:Norway Fishery Minister Promotes Tourist Seal Hunt - ABC
11/6/2001:Thousands of US homes at risk of falling into the sea- Ananova
11/6/2001:Tigers now officially extinct in Indian state- Ananova
11/6/2001:Effects Of Eating PCB-Contaminated Great Lakes Fish  - Unisci
11/6/2001:Putting Out Forest Fires May Be Harmful To Wildlife  - Unisci
11/6/2001:Of Volcanoes, The Hawaiian Island Chain, Kea And Loa  - Unisci
11/6/2001:New evidence for sea-level rise along the coasts of Maine and Nova Scotia  - Eureka Alert
11/6/2001:A fish named Wayne-Wanda?  - Eureka Alert
11/6/2001:Seawall erosion- Are some walls okay?  - Eureka Alert
11/6/2001:Geologist helps to revive 'layer cake' model of stratigraphy  - Eureka Alert
11/6/2001:USGS talks about America's coastal crisis  - Eureka Alert
11/6/2001:What drives the costs of flood disasters?  - Eureka Alert
11/6/2001:Exxon Oil Spills Cleanup Crews Share Years of Illness... - FirstScience
11/6/2001:Network of environmental journalists established for Mesoamerica and Spain... - FirstScience
11/6/2001:Government must address Kyoto threat... - FirstSciencet
11/6/2001:British rivers cleanest for centuries... - FirstScience
11/6/2001:Church calls for unity on climate change... - FirstScience
11/6/2001:Chinese troops battle cyanide spill... - FirstScience
11/6/2001:Kawaguchi to convey Japans decision on Kyoto Protocol to U.S... - FirstScience
11/6/2001:Customer Choice Would Boost Use of Green Power... - FirstScience
11/5/2001:Wind to Add Less Chill - ABC
11/5/2001:US reiterates opposition to Kyoto Protocol - SpaceDaily
11/5/2001:Wealth of New Species Discovered From the Abyssal Plains of the Atlantic Ocean - Science Quest
11/5/2001:Half a Century of Thinning Ice Leaves Greenland's Future Looking Wet  - Nature
11/5/2001:Dissent in the Maelstrom  - Scientific American
11/4/2001:Wind to Add Less Chill - ABC
11/4/2001:Endangered anteater scales found in record haul - Ananova
11/4/2001:Kyoto Climate Talks Face New Hurdle  - Yahoo
11/4/2001:U.S. is quiet in climate talks  - Yahoo
11/4/2001:PanAfrica [press release]- Prototype Carbon Fund Shows That Kyoto Protocol Works... - FirstScience
11/4/2001:Prescribed forest burn helps New Mexico wilderness... - FirstScience
11/4/2001:Loss of habitat takes toll on British butterflies... - FirstScience
11/4/2001:Gradual changes can make ecosystems vulnerable... - FirstScience
11/4/2001:Four Nations Seeking To Spoil Climate Talks... - FirstScience
11/4/2001:Japan, others clash with EU over Kyoto pact rule book draft... - FirstScience
11/4/2001:Kawaguchi to visit U.S. before Morocco climate talks... - FirstScience
11/3/2001:U.S. maintains hands-off approach as other nations negotiate mandatory measures for reducing global warming - ABC
11/3/2001:Washington is taking a low profile at the world climate talks  - CNN
11/3/2001:Domini Social Investments Targets Global Warming... - FirstScience
11/3/2001:Coalitions environment policy worst ever- Greens... - FirstScience
11/3/2001:Farmers call for compensation for environmental laws impact... - FirstScience
11/3/2001:Kyoto not a done deal yet... - FirstScience
11/3/2001:A More Instant Replay for Your TV - L. A. Times
11/2/2001Unprecedented Earthquake Data, Taken From 1999 Taiwan Quake, Now Available - Science Quest
11/2/2001Website Lets Users Fly Over Earth's Surface, Get Data  - Unisci
11/2/2001Amazing GRACE - Science Quest
11/2/2001Climate treaty’s fine print debated - MSNBC
11/2/2001Conservationists Warn of Threat to African Lions - Lycos
11/2/2001Hot Spot in Battle Over Mining - L. A. Times
11/2/2001Rats Get Reprieve as Poisoning Program Is Halted - L. A. Times
11/2/2001A Push for Green Campuses - L. A. Times
11/2/2001Talks to Finalize Climate Rulebook Open in Morocco... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Botanical garden gathers plants of tropical rain forest... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Australia gets climate change troublemaker tag... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Environmental Technology a Big Export for Sweden... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Portland Launches Home Environmentalist Program... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Kenya to Clear and Distribute 10 Percent of Its Forests... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Icon status saves koalas from cull threat... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Toxic red tide algae threatens Tampa Bay  - CNN
11/2/2001Floods forecast for Bangladesh  - Nature
11/1/2001:Green Guard goes global  - Eureka Alert
11/1/2001:View of forest insects changing from pests to partners  - Eureka Alert
11/1/2001:Gene silencing produces disease resistance in plants  - Eureka Alert
11/1/2001:EDITORIAL - Marrakesh should spur Japan to ratify the Kyoto Protocol... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:New Species Enters Debate on Arctic Oil... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Japan moves to push climate talks forward... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Actor joins Greens battle to halt woodchipping... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Democrats environment policy focuses on water, invasive species... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Ozone level blamed for shark deaths... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Disquiet over Alcoa offer RESIDENTS who could be affected by toxic emissions from Alcoas Wagerup alumina refin... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Blair backs Ilisu dam... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Forum to finalize procedures making Kyoto Protocol fully operational opens... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Negotiating Away the Environment - L. A. Times
11/1/2001:Nations hammer out language while U.S. sits on sidelines - MSNBC
11/1/2001:US firms could exploit Kyoto loophole- environmentalists - SpaceDaily

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