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11/10/2001:Forests 'only temporary carbon absorbers'  - BBC
11/10/2001:Key climate treaty hurdle cleared  - BBC
11/10/2001:Politics Influences Federal Costs Of Flood Disasters  - Unisci
11/10/2001:Want to Save the Planet- Don't Fly  - Yahoo
11/10/2001:Global Warming Talks Start to Show Results  - Yahoo
11/10/2001:Carbon Sinks Have Limits, Experts Say  - Yahoo
11/10/2001:Pacific Recycles Last Year's Winter - SpaceDaily
11/10/2001:Environment ministers set off on UN climate treaty marathon - SpaceDaily
11/10/2001:Doubts over forests as long-term help in global warming crisis - SpaceDaily
11/10/2001:Russia holds key at UN climate talks - SpaceDaily
11/10/2001:To win fight against poverty, environmental damage must be reversed- UN report... - FirstScience
11/10/2001:Norways whale trade controls are suspect, says WWF...
11/10/2001:A Tale of 2 Engines- How Hybrid Cars Tame Emissions...
11/10/2001:FEC Staff Recommends Party Status for Green Party of the US...
11/9/2001:'Shortsighted' world lets population swell  - BBC
11/9/2001:Britain's bathing waters pass the test  - BBC
11/9/2001:Fifa warns S Korea over dog meat  - BBC
11/9/2001:U.N. Says Planetary Plundering Threatens Earth - ABC
11/9/2001:UN- We're Destroying the Earth  - Wired News
11/9/2001:Climate Change, Not Humans Killed Off North American Megafauna - SpaceDaily
11/9/2001:US emissions cut needed to meet Kyoto targets- IEA experts - SpaceDaily
11/9/2001:Environment ministers set off on UN climate treaty marathon - SpaceDaily
11/8/2001:Whaling Fleets Head for Antarctic  - Wired News
11/8/2001:Sceptics 'threaten' climate pact  - BBC
11/8/2001:Russia, Japan both take wait-and-see attitude on Kyoto Protocol - SpaceDaily
11/8/2001:Geologists Develop New Database Using GIS for Study of Evolution of Continents - Science Quest
11/8/2001:Chemical Pollution and Human Sewage Could Be Killing Corals - Science Quest
11/8/2001:Digital Earth Project Offers Global Database and Mapping Tool for Geologists, Students and Teachers - Science Quest
11/8/2001:Govt to cut emissions into sea... - FirstScience
11/8/2001:¡¤ Koreas Spending for Pollution Abatement Declines in 2000... - FirstScience
11/8/2001:The jungle that is Brussels... - FirstScience
11/8/2001:Buying Clean Air-... - FirstScience
11/7/2001:U.S. defends position on global climate - Nando Times
11/7/2001:Mosquito Adapting to Global Warming, Study Finds - Nat'l. Geo. News
11/7/2001:Penalty problem strikes climate talks - New Scientist
11/7/2001:Satellites Shed Light on a Warmer World - Science Quest
11/6/2001:Japan 'to back climate treaty'- BBC
11/6/2001:Norway Fishery Minister Promotes Tourist Seal Hunt - ABC
11/6/2001:Thousands of US homes at risk of falling into the sea- Ananova
11/6/2001:Tigers now officially extinct in Indian state- Ananova
11/6/2001:Effects Of Eating PCB-Contaminated Great Lakes Fish  - Unisci
11/6/2001:Putting Out Forest Fires May Be Harmful To Wildlife  - Unisci
11/6/2001:Of Volcanoes, The Hawaiian Island Chain, Kea And Loa  - Unisci
11/6/2001:New evidence for sea-level rise along the coasts of Maine and Nova Scotia  - Eureka Alert
11/6/2001:A fish named Wayne-Wanda?  - Eureka Alert
11/6/2001:Seawall erosion- Are some walls okay?  - Eureka Alert
11/6/2001:Geologist helps to revive 'layer cake' model of stratigraphy  - Eureka Alert
11/6/2001:USGS talks about America's coastal crisis  - Eureka Alert
11/6/2001:What drives the costs of flood disasters?  - Eureka Alert
11/6/2001:Exxon Oil Spills Cleanup Crews Share Years of Illness... - FirstScience
11/6/2001:Network of environmental journalists established for Mesoamerica and Spain... - FirstScience
11/6/2001:Government must address Kyoto threat... - FirstSciencet
11/6/2001:British rivers cleanest for centuries... - FirstScience
11/6/2001:Church calls for unity on climate change... - FirstScience
11/6/2001:Chinese troops battle cyanide spill... - FirstScience
11/6/2001:Kawaguchi to convey Japans decision on Kyoto Protocol to U.S... - FirstScience
11/6/2001:Customer Choice Would Boost Use of Green Power... - FirstScience
11/5/2001:Wind to Add Less Chill
11/5/2001:US reiterates opposition to Kyoto Protocol - SpaceDaily
11/5/2001:Wealth of New Species Discovered From the Abyssal Plains of the Atlantic Ocean - Science Quest
11/5/2001:Half a Century of Thinning Ice Leaves Greenland's Future Looking Wet  - Nature
11/5/2001:Dissent in the Maelstrom  - Scientific American
11/4/2001:Wind to Add Less Chill - ABC
11/4/2001:Endangered anteater scales found in record haul - Ananova
11/4/2001:Kyoto Climate Talks Face New Hurdle  - Yahoo
11/4/2001:U.S. is quiet in climate talks  - Yahoo
11/4/2001:PanAfrica [press release]- Prototype Carbon Fund Shows That Kyoto Protocol Works... - FirstScience
11/4/2001:Prescribed forest burn helps New Mexico wilderness... - FirstScience
11/4/2001:Loss of habitat takes toll on British butterflies... - FirstScience
11/4/2001:Gradual changes can make ecosystems vulnerable... - FirstScience
11/4/2001:Four Nations Seeking To Spoil Climate Talks... - FirstScience
11/4/2001:Japan, others clash with EU over Kyoto pact rule book draft... - FirstScience
11/4/2001:Kawaguchi to visit U.S. before Morocco climate talks... - FirstScience
11/3/2001:U.S. maintains hands-off approach as other nations negotiate mandatory measures for reducing global warming

11/3/2001:Washington is taking a low profile at the world climate talks  - CNN
11/3/2001:Domini Social Investments Targets Global Warming... - FirstScience
11/3/2001:Coalitions environment policy worst ever- Greens... - FirstScience
11/3/2001:Farmers call for compensation for environmental laws impact... - FirstScience
11/3/2001:Kyoto not a done deal yet... - FirstScience
11/3/2001:A More Instant Replay for Your TV - L. A. Times
11/2/2001Unprecedented Earthquake Data, Taken From 1999 Taiwan Quake, Now Available - Science Quest
11/2/2001Website Lets Users Fly Over Earth's Surface, Get Data  - Unisci
11/2/2001Amazing GRACE - Science Quest
11/2/2001Climate treaty’s fine print debated - MSNBC
11/2/2001Conservationists Warn of Threat to African Lions - Lycos
11/2/2001Hot Spot in Battle Over Mining - L. A. Times
11/2/2001Rats Get Reprieve as Poisoning Program Is Halted - L. A. Times
11/2/2001A Push for Green Campuses - L. A. Times
11/2/2001Talks to Finalize Climate Rulebook Open in Morocco... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Botanical garden gathers plants of tropical rain forest... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Australia gets climate change troublemaker tag... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Environmental Technology a Big Export for Sweden... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Portland Launches Home Environmentalist Program... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Kenya to Clear and Distribute 10 Percent of Its Forests... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Icon status saves koalas from cull threat... - FirstScience
11/2/2001Toxic red tide algae threatens Tampa Bay  - CNN
11/2/2001Floods forecast for Bangladesh  - Nature
11/1/2001:Green Guard goes global  - Eureka Alert
11/1/2001:View of forest insects changing from pests to partners  - Eureka Alert
11/1/2001:Gene silencing produces disease resistance in plants  - Eureka Alert
11/1/2001:EDITORIAL - Marrakesh should spur Japan to ratify the Kyoto Protocol... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:New Species Enters Debate on Arctic Oil... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Japan moves to push climate talks forward... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Actor joins Greens battle to halt woodchipping... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Democrats environment policy focuses on water, invasive species... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Ozone level blamed for shark deaths... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Disquiet over Alcoa offer RESIDENTS who could be affected by toxic emissions from Alcoas Wagerup alumina refin... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Blair backs Ilisu dam... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Forum to finalize procedures making Kyoto Protocol fully operational opens... - FirstScience
11/1/2001:Negotiating Away the Environment - L. A. Times
11/1/2001:Nations hammer out language while U.S. sits on sidelines - MSNBC
11/1/2001:US firms could exploit Kyoto loophole- environmentalists - SpaceDaily
10/31/2000:Evidence of a warmer world - USA Today
10/31/2000:UN climate talks- Sept 11 called a signal to US about unilateralism - SpaceDaily
10/31/2000:Particles Are Tiny, but Damage Can Be Great - NY Times
10/31/2000:The Bahamas Incident - NY Times
10/31/2000:Briefly Empty Skies Offer Climate Clues - NY Times
10/31/2000:Warm favourite  - Nature
10/31/2000:Simple system may curb auto emissions  - SciTech
10/30/2000:Global warming conference opens in Morocco under heavy security - ABC
10/30/2000:Key Climate Change Talks Resume in Morocco - ABC
10/30/2000:Climate roadshow rumbles on  - BBC
10/30/2000:Azeri mud volcano flares  - BBC
10/30/2000:Russia's illicit trade  - BBC
10/30/2000:Storms lower ozone levels  - Nature
10/30/2000:Desert story patched together  - Nature
10/30/2000:Studying Coastal Eddies- Restaurants and Nurseries of the Sea - Cosmiverse
10/30/2000:ORNL conducting field test of instruments to detect lead  - Eureka Alert
10/30/2000:Antarctic Seafloor Core Suggests Earth's Orbital Oscillations May Be The Key To What Controlled Ice Ages  - Eureka Alert
10/30/2000:Green group gets vocal over timber... - FirstScience
10/30/2000:Kyoto pact talks begin in Morocco... - FirstScience
10/30/2000:That sinking feeling... - FirstScience
10/30/2000:Kenyan greens criticise forest plans... - FirstScience
10/30/2000:Massive U.S. rail project awaits environmental impact results - Nando Times
10/29/2000:Germany rules out Kyoto concessions despite Russian demands - SpaceDaily
10/29/2000:Kyoto talks signal resumption of global meetings after September 11 - SpaceDaily
10/29/2000:The Science and Technology of Planetary Protection - SpaceDaily
10/29/2000:Diversity of Species Triumphs in Long-Term Grassland Experiment - SciNews
10/29/2000:New Regulations in California Will Reduce Diesel Emissions - Science Quest
10/29/2000:Bush White House Reverses Clinton Decision on Mining - Science Quest
10/29/2000:Pursuing a Mystery on Kilimanjaro - Science Quest
10/29/2000:E.P.A. Plan Is Debated in Idaho  - NY Times
10/29/2000:U.S. Wild Horses- Too Many Survivors on Too Little Land?- Nat'l. Geo. News
10/28/2000:Ready to Rumble - Discover
10/28/2000:Petrol-Plastered Penguins in Peril
10/28/2000:Twinkle, Twinkle Little What? - Discover
10/28/2000:By the Numbers- An End to the Population Explosion - Discover
10/28/2000:Reviews - Discover
10/28/2000:Sea level rise estimate halved by tide gauge study - New Scientist
10/28/2000:Tunnel blaze questions transport of combustible loads - New Scientist
10/28/2000:EPA finds toxic chemicals around WTC ruins... - FirstScience
10/28/2000:Japan holds nuclear accident drill... - FirstScience
10/28/2000:Check air pollution, dump the garbage!... - FirstScience
10/28/2000:Solon questions landfill solution... - FirstScience
10/28/2000:U.S. Participates in Climate Change Talks... - FirstScience
10/28/2000:State OKs Limits on Emissions... - FirstScience
10/28/2000:Russia beset with protests over new nuclear waste imports... - FirstScience
10/27/2000:FARM SCENE- Researchers warn farmers about tests for Roundup Ready biotech corn... - FirstScience
10/27/2000:Working together for the environment... - FirstScience
10/26/2000:Green Groups- U.S. to Ease Hard-Rock Mining Rules
  - Yahoo
10/26/2000:Bid to protect marine wildlife  - BBC
10/26/2000:Marrakesh Talks Seen Paving Way to Kyoto Approval  - Yahoo
10/25/2000:Coral Reef Atlas Created from Astronaut Photos - Cosmiverse
10/25/2001:Blame North America megafauna extinction on climate change, not human ancestors  - Eureka Alert
10/25/2000:Coral reefs to be first offshore EU conservation area...  - Eureka Alert
10/25/2001:EU Commission Proposes Ratification of Kyoto Protocol and Emissions Trading System...  - Eureka Alert
10/25/2000:New mathematical model predicts conservations success...  - Eureka Alert
10/25/2001:Nike agrees to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its operations worldwide...  - Eureka Alert
10/25/2000:Greenpeace Condems Eu Policy On Fishing Fleets...  - Eureka Alert
10/25/2001:Greenpeace to stage peaceful demonstrations at WTO meeting in Qatar...  - Eureka Alert
10/25/2000:Environmentalists, business debate what to do about  - Eureka Alertcontaminated sediment and the dam holding it back...  - Eureka Alert
10/25/2001:Waste segregation most effective, says Greenpeace...  - Eureka Alert
10/25/2000:Corals Lock El Nino History in Radiocarbon - Science Quest
10/25/2001:Slow Electrons Kill Ozone - SpaceDaily
10/24/2001:Oceans summit tackles sea stocks  - BBC
10/24/2001:Sitting duck  - BBC
10/24/2001:Satellites map Britain's 'bounce' - AlphaGalileo
10/24/2001:Global Cooperation needed on Climate Change - AlphaGalileo
10/24/2001:Conference Sets Global Agenda for Protecting Ozone Layer... - FirstScience
10/24/2001:North Korea- UN Food Agencys Biggest Operation Worldwide... - FirstScience
10/24/2001:All eyes on Europeans and Russia at climate talks next week in Morocco... - FirstScience
10/23/2001:Scientist urges Government to help avert natural disasters - Ananova
10/23/2001:Group Warns of Threatening Species - Artigen
10/22/2001:A disappearing underwater rainforest... - FirstScience
10/22/2001:UTP students design zero emissions car... - FirstScience
10/22/2001:War Effort Pushes Green Issues Aside... - FirstScience
10/22/2001:Extinction feared for Chinese alligator - Dallas News
10/22/2001:Chemistry's Last Stand - Popular Science
10/22/2001:Rainforests, Stars and Volcanoes - Popular Science
10/22/2001:Volcano Live
10/21/2001:Past climate  - BBC
10/21/2001:Trying to save Africas rain forests, conservationists turn to an old enemy _ loggers... - FirstScience
10/21/2001:No Anthrax Found in Suspect UNEP Mail.. - FirstScience
10/21/2001:Pesticides Sent as Aid to Nepal Now Toxic Waste... - FirstScience
10/21/2001:Two Florida post offices reopen after EPA crews remove traces of anthrax... - FirstScience
10/21/2001:International meeting sets agenda for protecting ozone layer, UN agency reports... - FirstScience
10/21/2001:Norton Ignored Crucial Data in ANWR Testimony... - FirstScience
10/21/2001:Friends of the Earth enter schools on landfill sites row... - FirstScience
10/21/2001:United Nations urges investments in Chernobyl zone... - FirstScience
10/21/2001:Another World Hides inside Coral Reefs... - FirstScience
10/21/2001:Amazon plays key role in debate over environment - MSNBC
10/21/2001:Potential Problems Are Found in Coal-Waste Storage Areas - NY Times
10/21/2001:Maneuvering Continues on Plan to Drill for Oil in Arctic Refuge - NY Times
10/21/2001:Have Seeds, Will Travel - NY Times
10/21/2001:California leaders criticize recycling, waste management efforts
10/20/2001:A Winter of Variables - ABC
10/20/2001:Human actions 'worsen natural disasters'  - BBC
10/20/2001:Colorful Autumn Foliage Contributes To Air Pollution  - Unisci
10/20/2001:Nasa Radar Assists In Examining Oil Field Ground Subsidence - Cosmiverse
10/20/2001:Weather Forecasters May Look Sky-high for Answers - Cosmiverse
10/20/2001:Researchers put their heads together to understand complex world of wild plants and animals  - Eureka Alert
10/20/2001:HALOE still going strong after a decade  - Eureka Alert
10/20/2001:MIT prof- Oceans at risk if policy tool not restricted  - Eureka Alert
10/20/2001:The toll of deforestation on the Amazon rainforest... - FirstScience
10/20/2001:EPA Approves Biotech Corn for Continued Use... - FirstScience
10/20/2001:EPA Says U.S. Air Quality Continues to Improve... - FirstScience
10/20/2001:TVA Green Power Program Draws Local Businesses... - FirstScience
10/20/2001:Glaring case of pollution... - FirstScience
10/20/2001:Cloud forests threatened by lowland deforestation... - FirstScience
10/19/2001:Huge Amazon Areas Lost Each Year but Forest Stands
10/19/2001:Aircraft to take birds on species-saving journey - Ananova
10/19/2001:Upper atmosphere 'may give long-range weather forecasts'- Ananova
10/19/2001:South Africa's floral riches at risk  - BBC
10/19/2001:Ozone Hole Doesn't Get Bigger  - Yahoo
10/19/2001:Earth's Orbital Oscillations May Be Key to Ice Ages - Cosmiverse
10/19/2001:Coral Reef Nutrients Found in Hidden Crevices - Cosmiverse
10/18/2001:Building a Green Future - Technology Review
10/18/2001:South Pole Ozone Hole Same Size Again in 2001  - Yahoo
10/18/2001:Slow Electrons are "killing" Ozone - SpaceDaily
10/18/2001:Scientist pours cold water on "myth" of sinking Pacific atolls - SpaceDaily
10/18/2001:Proposed Latvian dams threaten Baltic Sea's endangered salmon - SpaceDaily
10/18/2001:Geologist Finds Lost Island in Santa Barbara Channel - Science Quest
10/18/2001:Study Shows Waves in Southern California, North Pacific More Powerful Over Last 50 Years - Science Quest
10/18/2001:Emission Control- Science Quest
10/17/2001:Ozone Hole Smaller but Radiation Risk Seen Higher - ABC
10/17/2001:Icy AMORE on the volcanoes of the Northern Polar Sea - AlphaGalileo
10/17/2001:All Calm At Three Sisters Volcanic Center In Oregon  - Unisci
10/16/2001:Birds and plants do not prosper under agri-environment schemes - AlphaGalileo
10/16/2001:Birds fly in the face of green farming incentive scheme  - Yahoo
10/15/2001:Why globalization, trade and protests matter... - FirstScience
10/15/2001:Clean progress sought on pollution fight... - FirstScience
10/15/2001:Gradual change can push ecosystems into collapse... - FirstScience
10/15/2001:Responses to Fun literary strategies for environmental debate... - FirstScience
10/15/2001:The hazards of forest guard work in Indias Corbett National Park... - FirstScience
10/15/2001:UK nuclear and sewage emissions on-line... - FirstScience
10/15/2001:Nuclear research institute is Moscow’s most dangerous environmental hotspot... - FirstScience
10/15/2001:Deforested areas may face severe drought in coming decades... - FirstScience
10/15/2001:Interaction of climate change and ozone depletion multiplies risks... - FirstScience
10/15/2001:Games Twisters Play - Popular Science
10/15/2001:Fire from the Sky - Popular Science
10/15/2001:Natural News - Popular Science
10/15/2001:Shake, Rattle & Roll - Popular Science
10/15/2001:The Green Party - Popular Science
10/15/2001:Scary Anthology - Popular Science
10/14/2001:Alaska Oil Still Stuck on Hill - L. A. Times
10/14/2001:Beaches Swept Up in Debate - L. A. Times
10/14/2001:Vast reef found off coast of Dorset - Ananova
10/14/2001:Refugee influx hurts fragile ecosystem... - FirstScience
10/14/2001:U.S. Not Likely to Relent on Global Warming... - FirstScience
10/14/2001:Leader of Greenpeace Amazon Campaign Threatened with Death... - FirstScience
10/14/2001:Green group challenges plan to build coal-powered station... - FirstScience
10/14/2001:Traces of engine degreaser found in fruit grown near Utah air base - Nando Times
10/14/2001:Report calls for increased oversight of coal waste impoundments -
10/13/2001:Plan to tame Yangtze floods- BBC
10/12/2001:China builds second biggest dam- BBC
10/13/2001:Hot On The Heels Of Oil Pollution - AlphaGalileo
10/12/2001:New Solvent Systems Recyclable, True Green Chemistry  - Unisci
10/13/2001:Sprites touch cloud-tops  - Nature
10/12/2001:Planetary Waves Break Ozone Holes - Cosmiverse
10/13/2001:New U.S. Multilateralism Wont Stretch to Kyoto...
10/12/2001:Japan, Norway to trade whale meat...
10/13/2001:EPA Sets Up Water Protection Task Force...
10/12/2001:AmeriScan- October 11, 2001...
10/13/2001:Sustainable Fisheries Act Failing to Protect Fish...
10/12/2001:Governor Says Green Mountain State Should Choose Green Power...
10/13/2001:A post-Sept.11 manifesto for environmentalists...
10/12/2001:Stinky bug invades US - Ananova
10/12/2001:Tunisia: Small Dams Useful For Maintaining Aquifer Levels - AlphaGalileo
10/12/2001:Sardine Species Shift With The - AlphaGalileo
10/12/2001:Asian Stink Bug, Uninvited, Shows Up In Allentown, Pa.  - Unisci
10/12/2001:Weighing the benefits of jobs against the impact of progress  - CNN
10/12/2001:Terrorist threats to agriculture studied  - Eureka Alert
10/12/2001:Researchers report on possible biological effects of deep-sea CO2 sequestration  - Eureka Alert
10/12/2001:Sellafield attack would dwarf Chernobyl - report... - FirstScience
10/12/2001:Waste contractors blockade Cork landfill... - FirstScience
10/12/2001:Morocco, Germany sign accord on hazardous waste disposal... - FirstScience
10/11/2001:Russia's threadbare forests revealed  - BBC
10/11/2001:DROPPING A BUNDLE - Beyond 2000
10/11/2001:Little heat on the prairie  - Nature
10/11/2001:Bangladeshis to sue over arsenic poisoning  - Nature
10/11/2001:High Uncertainty Of Climate Change From Global Warming  - Unisci
10/11/2001:Invading Ants Disrupt Ecosystem  - Eureka Alert
10/11/2001:Accumulated change courts ecosystem catastrophe  - Eureka Alert
10/11/2001:Crayfish research illustrates environmental health  - Eureka Alert
10/11/2001:Concern over NYC air quality...  - CNN  
10/11/2001:Ozone Layer Recovery Compels Global Cooperation...  - CNN  
10/11/2001:Tennessee Valley Power Plants to Cut Sulfur Dioxide...  - CNN  
10/11/2001:Richard S. Lindzen The most prominent skeptic of human-induced global warming keeps his cool...  - Scientific American
10/11/2001:Labor promises to ratify Kyoto treaty... - FirstScience
10/11/2001:Vermont should choose renewables, governor says... - FirstScience
10/11/2001:Massive meerkats come from multitudinous families and other stories... - FirstScience
10/10/2001:Paving The Way To A Greener Future & Healthy Economy - AlphaGalileo
10/10/2001:Things get rocky for Bullwinkle - Boston Globe 
10/10/2001:Cheap gas vs. biodiversity  - CNN  
10/10/2001:The Upbeat Environmentalists Case... - FirstScience
10/10/2001:Govt accuses Labor of harming economy with Kyoto pledge... - FirstScience
10/10/2001:Philippines groups sign pact to curb oil pollution... - FirstScience
10/10/2001:National Renewable Energy Laboratory Recognized for R&D Efforts... - FirstScience
10/10/2001:Greens see Kyoto as good start for Labor... - FirstScience
10/10/2001:Wind carries American songbird to Ireland - Nando Times
10/10/2001:Global Warming DebateWorld Scientist
10/10/2001:Saving Our EnvironmentWorld Scientist
10/9/2001:Finns Support Forest Protection in Southern Finland, says Gallup Poll... - FirstScience
10/9/2001:NASA Radar Gives Fresh Look at Alaska's Unique Terrain - Nando Times
10/9/2001:Climate of Uncertainty  - Scientific American
10/9/2001:Heavy rains create bumper harvest of wild fruitWorld Scientist
10/9/2001:Water Sources for China Yellow River Dry Up -XinhuaWorld Scientist
10/9/2001:'Sceptical Environmentalist' heats global debateWorld Scientist
10/9/2001:Saving Our EnvironmentWorld Scientist
10/8/2001:Global warming may mean constant lawn mowing - Ananova
10/8/2001:Japan Shakes Off Richter Scale  - Yahoo
10/8/2001:Labour government criticized over environmental policy... - FirstScience
10/8/2001:Pollution from hazardous wastes may have caused the mass ailment of kids... - FirstScience
10/8/2001:Senate climate-change bill emphasizes science, technology - Industry Watch
10/8/2001:States Taking the Initiative to Fight Global Warming - L. A. Times
10/7/2001:Pacific islanders flee rising seas  - BBC
10/7/2001:Country profile- Tuvalu  - BBC
10/7/2001:Net gains for Tuvalu  - BBC
10/7/2001:High tides threaten Tuvalu  - BBC
10/7/2001:Coastal cautions- Sea panel at work - Artigen
10/7/2001:Virginia Tech student’s discoveries can help prevent water-borne diseases  - Eureka Alert
10/7/2001:GLOBAL WARMING- Rice fields get a bad report... - FirstScience
10/7/2001:Ozone causes 20 billion yen damage a year to Kanto crops... - FirstScience
10/7/2001:WWF-France opposed to the reopening of the Mont-Blanc Tunnel... - FirstScience
10/7/2001:Crews work to clean massive oil spill after man shoots trans-Alaska pipeline... - Nando Times
10/7/2001:Mandela Uses Park Creation to Plead for Peace... - FirstScience
10/7/2001:World Ban On Toxic Ship Paint Hailed As Victory For Marine Environment... - FirstScience
10/7/2001:Great Lakes are exhaling toxic chemicals, says new scientific study  - SciTech
10/7/2001:A new understanding of ocean-heat transfer  - Nature
10/6/2001:'Le Bee' Lands in Britain - ABC
10/6/2001:Stalagmites in New Mexico caves show wet-and-dry history of ancient Southwest - ABC
10/6/2001:Video training to boost fish survival  - BBC
10/6/2001:The 100-year hunt  - BBC
10/5/2001:Whaling 'safe for a century'  - BBC
10/5/2001:Greenhouse future - AlphaGalileo
10/5/2001:Hot tropics ahead  - Nature
10/5/2001:'Greatest Animal Kingdom' Takes Shape in Africa  - Yahoo
10/5/2001:Common native plant of great plains may be threatened by climate change  - Eureka Alert
10/4/2001:Eye in the sky
  - BBC

10/4/2001:Nuclear plant gets go-ahead  - BBC
10/4/2001:The road to renewal  - BBC
10/4/2001:Scientists- Great Lakes Are Cleansing Themselves  - CNN
10/4/2001:Adaptive-Decision Strategy Offsets Uncertainties In Climate Sensitivity... - FirstScience
10/4/2001:Central African countries come together for conservation... - FirstScience
10/4/2001:Greenpeace urges Manila to label GMO foods... - FirstScience
10/4/2001:Trawling threat to Scots coral reef... - FirstScience
10/4/2001:Nitric Oxide Proves a Potent Pollutant... - FirstScience
10/4/2001:Environmentalists Oppose Shift on Hudson Dredging... - FirstScience
10/4/2001:Is Yellowstone "Beast" Building to a Violent Tantrum? - Nat'l. Geo. News
10/4/2001:Iceland Lake Disappearing Into New Crack in Earth - Nat'l. Geo. News
10/4/2001:Time Running Out for Exotic Tahrs in Cape Town - Nat'l. Geo. News
10/4/2001:'Super-cyclone' threat to Great Barrier Reef raised - New Scientist
10/3/2001:Seychelles under threat  - BBC
10/3/2001:Deep subsurface research to help understand earthquakes - AlphaGalileo
10/3/2001:Monitoring African gorillas – a joint ESA/UNESCO initiative - AlphaGalileo
10/3/2001:Fish fertilize trees  - Nature
10/3/2001:Defence worsens flooding  - Nature
10/3/2001:Movement among Asian farmers to give up the plow  - Eureka Alert
10/3/2001:Volunteers wear air pollution test... - FirstScience
10/3/2001:House set to consider farm bill, as environmentalists seek to divert subsidies to conservation... - FirstScience
10/3/2001:DoTC teams to check on bus emissions... - FirstScience
10/3/2001:Investigating ecotourism! First stop- the Manu Wildlife Center... - FirstScience
10/3/2001:e-Acumen launches WeatherBook, a breakthrough weather risk management platform with industry-leading analytics... - FirstScience
10/2/2001:Scientists to Check on Antarctica Ice for Warming  - Unisci
10/2/2001Icelandic weather system helps decipher changes in the arctic ice puzzle  - Eureka Alert
10/2/2001:Ontario flooded by U.S. toxic waste- report... - FirstScience
10/2/2001New Engine Cuts Pollution... - FirstScience
10/2/2001:DDT Debate... - FirstScience
10/2/2001:Cleaning Drinking Water with Bacteria... - FirstScience
10/2/2001:Canadian provinces holding the country back from reducing emissions... - FirstScience
10/2/2001CAMEX Top Guns - Science Quest
10/2/2001:Urine Extract Slashes Diesel Fumes - El. Engr. Times
10/1/2001:Toxic molds threaten dream houses - Seattle Times
10/1/2001:Scientists Chart Iron Cycle in Ocean - Science Quest
10/1/2001:Boxes, Books And Earthquakes Share Common Friction Characteristics, Researchers At The University Of Texas At Austin Find - Science Daily
10/1/2001:Sea Of Galilee Yields Clues For Weather Forecasting - Science Daily
9/30/2001:African wildlife databases benefit animal conservation efforts  - Eureka Alert
9/30/2001:Adaptive-decision strategy offsets uncertainties in climate sensitivity  - Eureka Alert
9/30/2001:Scientists- Future Atlantic Hurricane Picture Is Highly Complex
9/30/2001:NASA Confirms North Pole Ozone Hole Trigger
9/30/2001:El Nino, La Nina Rearrange South Pole Sea Ice
9/30/2001:CSIRO Says Australian Agriculture Industry Faces Environmental Collapse - SpaceDaily
9/30/2001:Owners must test for pollution before developing land- report... - FirstScience
9/30/2001:Street Sweepers Stage Comeback - L. A. Times
9/30/2001:British Antarctic Laboratory Ablaze, Staff Safe - Lycos
9/29/2001:New Volcano Risk Map - Popular Mechanics
9/28/2001:Panel Taking Stock of Alaska's Ocean Health  - Yahoo
9/28/2001:Economic man, cleaner planet - Economist
9/28/2001:Ban on Shipping Nuclear Waste Is Lifted... - FirstScience
9/28/2001:Global Switch goes green, saves cash... - FirstScience
9/28/2001:Global warming threatens SA plants... - FirstScience
9/28/2001:Antarctic Ozone Hole Gapes Again... - FirstScience
9/28/2001:Ashcroft says terrorists tried to gain access to hazardous waste... - FirstScience
9/27/2001:Collapsing towers caused seismic shock  - BBC
9/27/2001:New takes on quakes- Researchers studying histories along faults to reduce future loss of life - Dallas News
9/27/2001:Atmosphere, not oceans, carries most heat to poles  - Eureka Alert
9/26/2001:Chessie the Manatee Sighted Again- Yahoo
9/26/2001:Vegetation Increasing At 40-70 Degrees North Latitude  - Unisci
9/26/2001:Collapsing towers caused seismic shock  - BBC
9/26/2001:'One in seven' damaged by asbestos  - BBC
9/26/2001:Hard frost key to national wealth - New Scientist

9/25/2001:Bighorn sheep return to New Mexico wilderness... - FirstScience
9/25/2001:QuikTOMS Ozone Monitoring Satellite Lost on Launch...
 - FirstScience
9/25/2001:Pollution May Travel Long Distances Say Researchers...
 - FirstScience
9/25/2001:California Energy Commission Gives $3.8 Million Boost to Green Energy...
 - FirstScience

9/15/2001:Fight for Survival - ABC
9/15/2001:Arsenic Study Adds to Pressure for EPA to Change Standards - ABC
9/15/2001:U. N. Report Says Coral Reefs Are Shrinking Fast - ABC
9/15/2001:Map Looks At Future Of The Planet's Riskiest Volcano  - Unisci
9/14/2001:Seismic Vessel Maps Greek Fault Lines 

9/14/2001:Clinton Warns on Global Warming
9/14/2001:Scottish agricultural pollution incidents increase by 30%...
9/14/2001:Clinton: Global warming will make refugee crisis worse...
9/14/2001:Newswire: Ozone Hole Is Back and Big...
9/14/2001:Greenpeace Calls For Real Solutions In Agriculture - Not Pie In The Sky Ideas... 
9/14/2001:Greenpeace Urges The European Commission To Stop Import Of Monsantos Genetically Modified Rr Soya...
9/14/2001:Together at Last: Cutting Pollution and Making Money...
9/14/2001:Cleaner Cars Are Here, if You Can Find Them
9/14/2001:Rains bring the flowers 
Human Cloning
9/13/2001:Stem Cells Flourish in America's Dairyland - ABC
9/13/2001:Human Cloning - ABC
9/13/2001:Bombay lab at forefront of world's latest medical research- embryonic stem cells - ABC
9/13/2001:US revises stem cell estimate  - BBC
9/13/2001:Report Details Biotech Plants, Animals on Horizon  - Yahoo
9/13/2001:Pharmacologically modified crops - Economist
9/13/2001:A Bigger Pill to Swallow - Economist
9/12/2001:Warming effect on UK wildlife  - BBC
9/12/2001:Deal to save coastal wetlands  - BBC
9/12/2001:Green policies 'ignore poor'  - BBC
9/12/2001:What's Killing Killer Whales? - ABC
9/12/2001:One More Active Volcano Discovered On Kamchatka - AlphaGalileo
9/12/2001:Earth's Seismic Wave Path Based On Crystals In Core  - Unisci
9/12/2001:Researchers develop monitoring system for roads, waterways  - Eureka Alert
9/12/2001:Earth's deepest secrets  - Eureka Alert
9/12/2001:Semi-arid biodiversity ... far from a dry issue... - FirstScience
9/12/2001:Amazon Day ushers in new threat to forests... - FirstScience
9/12/2001:Global Warming May Bring New Variety of Class Action...
9/12/2001:Warmer seas spell coral reef doom... - FirstScience
9/12/2001:Gloomy outlook for coral reefs - Lycos
9/12/2001:Secret to Earth's 'Big Chill' Found in Underground Water - Science Daily
9/12/2001:Antarctic plants resist ozone hole - SpaceDaily
9/12/2001:Dangerous Echoes Of Ice Ages Past - SpaceDa
9/8/2001:Answer to the perfect storm? - World Scientist
9/8/2001:TRMM Gets A Boost To Extend Its Watch - SpaceDail
9/8/2001:New technology can avert calamity in oil drillingWorld Scientist
9/8/2001:South Asia Wary About Quake Prediction - World Scientist
9/7/2001:The Whale that Goes Boing! - Discove
9/7/2001:Discover Dialogue - Discover
9/7/2001:The high-tech, high-controversy attempt to save endangered animals with clones and surrogate moms - Discover
9/7/2001:Children of the rainforest get gift of knowledge...
9/7/2001:Denver sees clearer sky in pollution fight... - FirstScience
9/7/2001:SHARED OPINION Environmentalists just don’t get it- If you’re without a car in France, you’ll never see what m...
9/7/2001:Enter the Ecosystem... - FirstScience
9/7/2001:New England, Eastern Canada Pledge Action on Climate Change... - FirstScience
9/7/2001:Sea Shepherd Officer Arrested in the Galapagos... - FirstScience
9/7/2001:Chromium Suspect in Sea Turtle Deaths on Turkish Beach... - FirstScience
9/7/2001:Brazilian Amazon- environmental awareness higher in deforested areas... - FirstScience
9/7/2001:Japanese See Whales as Majestic and Tasty - L. A. Times
9/7/2001:Mercury falling into food chain  - Nature
9/7/2001:Denver Moves From Haze to a Clean-Air Milestone - NY Times
9/6/2001:Local Climate More Important To Plants Than CO2 Level  - Unisci
9/6/2001:Astronaut Cites Environmental Damage  - Yahoo
9/6/2001:Lizards and frogs enter Eden  - BBC
9/6/2001:Astronaut warns of Earth impact  - BBC
9/6/2001:Etna's temper  - BBC
9/6/2001:Tourism's Alpine toll  - BBC
9/6/2001:Burning virtual trees to save forests- CNN
9/6/2001:The genetics behind miniature plants  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:Masking genetic mutations  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:Corn-based carbon adsorbent tested at Illinois power plant  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:Career counseling for embryonic cells  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:Like a balloon- Study supports buoyancy explanation for how volcanic rock rises through the Earth's mantle  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:Shark fin eateries sue green group for lost trade...  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:Tough stance on pollution slackers...  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:Rainforests in focus...  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:BEIJING Water, pollution, and public health in China...  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:Kawaguchi to visit U.S...  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:On Tourism, Mexico Now Thinks Green...  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Protections Sped Up for Species - ABC
9/5/2001:Endangered Species Series - ABC
9/5/2001:U.S. Reaches Accord on Endangered Species -NYT - ABC
9/5/2001:Environment and Nature News  - Yahoo
9/5/2001:Etna's rising anger  - BBC
9/5/2001:New technology treats dairy wastes, odors  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Pipelines, storage containers may spread MTBE throughout Midwest  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Unexpected Pact Benefits 29 Rare Species... - FirstScience
9/5/2001:New Environmental Plan Worth Billions to Rural Australia... - FirstScience
9/5/2001:Global Cooperation Urgent Toepfer Tells Clean Air Congress... - FirstScience
9/5/2001:Cameroon- involvement of local people in anti-poaching drives pays off... - FirstScience
9/5/2001:Ending Logjam, U.S. Reaches Accord on Endangered Species... - FirstScience
9/5/2001:NASA studies effect of more CO2... - FirstScience
9/5/2001:Freight train carrying hazardous materials derails in Kansas - Nando Times
9/5/2001:U.S. Wildlife Finds Safe Haven on Dangerous Cold War-era Weapons Sites - Nat'l. Geo. News
9/5/2001:Rain-making linked to killer flood - New Scientist
9/4/2001:Nature's Soundscapes Interrupted - ABC
9/4/2001:Giant wave devastation feared  - BBC
9/4/2001:'Weaker' El Niño is coming  - BBC
9/4/2001:Dust from Africa leads to large toxic algae blooms in Gulf of Mexico, study finds  - Eureka Alert
9/4/2001:Trees, the (Almost) Untouchables of California, Stand Tall... - FirstScience
9/4/2001:Deaths of the Little Bighorns - L. A. Times
9/4/2001:EPA eases gas standards for Citgo - Nando Times
9/4/2001:Lecture- What's Shaking with Quake Prediction? - JPL
9/4/2001:Mega-tsunami will devastate all Atlantic coasts - New Scientist
9/4/2001:How My Electric Car Saves the World  - Wired News
9/3/2001:Concern grows for hungry Africa  -BBC
9/3/2001:Shipping threat to endangered whale  - BBC
9/3/2001:Radio Waves May Be Cure for Pesky Zebra Mussel - ABC
9/3/2001:Lawsuit seeks new environmental studies before testing of missile defense system - ABC
9/3/2001:Weakened El Nino Predicted  - Yahoo
9/3/2001:Giant Waves May Endanger Atlantic  - Yahoo
9/3/2001:California landfill dubbed a historic landmark  - CNN
9/3/2001:Former Congressman warns about Russian pollution  - CNN
9/3/2001:Researchers explore wood smoke's threat to Great Lakes environment  - Eureka Alert
9/3/2001:Green Groups Sue to Block Alaska Anti-Missile Site... - FirstScience
9/3/2001:Earths Coral Reefs in Danger... - FirstScience
9/3/2001:Eco-Disaster... - FirstScience
9/3/2001:Brazil environmentalists face new battle on Amazon... - FirstScience
9/3/2001:Ozone depletion increases skin cancer risk... - FirstScience
9/3/2001:France scrambles to handle GM crop controversy... - FirstScience
9/3/2001:Submarine volcanic eruption off Oregon first to be recorded... - FirstScience
9/3/2001:California Maps Network of Open Space as Animal Lifeline...- NY Times
9/3/2001:Predator Attacks Escalate as Americans Encroach on Wildlife Habitat - Nat'l. Geo. News
9/2/2001:Earthquakes and Volcanoes  - Yahoo
9/2/2001:Green Groups Find Unity In Opposing Bush Policies... - FirstScience
9/2/2001:UN official admires efforts to control pollution... - FirstScience
9/2/2001:Activists highlight firms’ rifts on Kyoto global-warming treaty... - FirstScience
9/2/2001:EPA seeks strict limits on producers of power... - FirstScience
9/2/2001:Ozone-depleting CFC smuggled to Japan for vehicles... - FirstScience
9/2/2001:Native plantation scheme targets greenhouse gases... - FirstScience
9/2/2001:Not only Manila; also the rest of Asia is choking from pollution... - FirstScience
9/2/2001:An Island Paradise - L. A. Times
9/2/2001:Gasoline additive leak threatens California drinking water - Nando Times
9/2/2001:Bush administration may revise forest road, logging ban  - Wired News
9/1/2001:Aging With Grace: The Nun Study and the Science of Old Age  - SciTech
8/31/2001:NASA spacecraft getting a boost to extend its watch on weather and climate processes  - Eureka Alert
8/31/2001:The lands nobody wanted  - Eureka Alert
8/31/2001:Judge rules California clean air rule can stand... - FirstScience
8/31/2001:NPC to inspect water pollution... - FirstScience
8/31/2001:Air Pollution In Asia Surpassing Emission Levels in Europe and North America... - FirstScience
8/31/2001:California Desert Tortoises Await Outcome of Grazing Consultations... - FirstScience
8/31/2001:The renewable living area - Industry Watch
8/31/2001:Dying species 'endangering' earth  - BBC
8/31/2001:Warm-up in the Alps  - BBC
8/29/2001:Former Ohio environmental chief at center of latest Bush administration showdown with conservationists - ABC
8/29/2001:Clocking Ocean Circulation Over One Million Years  - Unisci
8/29/2001:Linking Science And Policymaking On Global Warming  - Unisci
8/29/2001:Tsunami warning devices could save lives  - CNN
8/29/2001:Rutgers scientists to explore ocean depths off New York-New Jersey harbor  - Eureka Alert
8/29/2001:Fishy maths... - FirstScience
8/29/2001:Fungal enemy could explain worldwide amphibian die-off...
8/29/2001:AmeriScan- August 22, 2001... - FirstScience
8/29/2001:New Greenpeace Chief Says Bush Risking Earths Future... - FirstScience
8/29/2001:Are People Eating Sharks Out of Existence? - Nat'l. Geo. News
8/29/2001:Planet faces mass extinction - World Scientist
8/29/2001:Studies Decry EPA Enforcement CutsWorld Scientist
8/28/2001:Using The Moon To Check Sensors On Weather Satellites  - Unisci
8/28/2001:Too green-  - BBC
8/28/2001:Is Earth's magnetic field failiing?  - Eureka Alert
8/28/2001:Pollution above Mediterranean very high this summer... - FirstScience
8/28/2001:Retreat on Clean Air... - FirstScience
8/28/2001:Alaska Land Transfer Puts Senator on Spot... - FirstScience
8/28/2001:Clean air worth the cost  - Globe & Mail
8/28/2001:Clean air worth the cost  - Globe & Mail
8/28/2001:The biggest, boldest underground barrel  - Globe & Mail
8/28/2001:When the boughs break  - Globe & Mail
8/28/2001:Touting a Telecommuting Trade-Off - L. A. Times
8/28/2001:L.A. Faultlines Obscured by Water, Research Shows - Lycos
8/28/2001:Water thrown on earthquake prediction  - Nature
8/28/2001:Peat feels the heat  - Nature
8/28/2001:Kyoto begins at home  - Nature
8/28/2001:Swaying comes before a fall  - Nature
8/28/2001:California Sinks, Fooling GPS and Ruining Earthquake Data -
8/27/2001:Jumbo Health Camp Opens Beside Ancient Fort - ABC
8/27/2001:Democratic senators block Bush's nominee as Environmental Protection Agency enforcer - ABC
8/27/2001:Measuring Cloud Height And Motion From Pole To Pole  - Unisci
8/27/2001:Global warming- Relax  - BBC
8/27/2001:Tiny, unmanned planes in Florida helping Colorado researchers assess storms, hurricanes  - Eureka Alert
8/27/2001:Warmer periods in Alaskan area not confined to modern times  - Eureka Alert
8/27/2001:1994-95 models of XJ12 and XJS dont meet clean air emission standards... - FirstScience
8/27/2001:EPA to Begin Powering Facilities with Renewable Energy Sources... - FirstScience
8/27/2001:Report suggests Chinas massive water transfer project is not worth the cost... - FirstScience
8/27/2001:Primacy of the Car Is Over, California Governor Declares... - FirstScience
8/27/2001:Mystery surrounds the death of Australias megafauna... - FirstScience
8/27/2001:Tiny Island Offers View Into Lives of Rare Birds... - FirstScience
8/27/2001:Liberals brace for smog-plan backlash  - Globe & Mail
8/27/2001:Canada fears Bush stalling on lawsuits  - Globe & Mail
8/27/2001:'Beast' Is Alive in Wyoming - L. A. Times
8/27/2001:Tiny Island Offers View Into Lives of Rare Birds - NY Times
8/27/2001:Tiny Planes Zoom into Hurricanes - Technology Review
8/26/2001:Scientists studying ionosphere weather - Dallas News
8/26/2001:Botanists collect, study rare Hawaiian plants  - Eureka Alert
8/26/2001:NASA satellite, University of Maryland and U.S. forest service provide rapid response to wildfires  - Eureka Alert
8/26/2001:EU questions Pacific forums stance on climate change... - FirstScience
8/26/2001:Government looks to ratify environmental plan...Scientists discover Irish coral reef...
8/26/2001:H.K. court convicts 2 Greenpeace activists over food protest...Scientists discover Irish coral reef...
8/26/2001:Japan warns Russia over fishing dispute...Scientists discover Irish coral reef...
8/26/2001:Worsening Urban Air Pollution Wont Increase Temperature Over Next 100 Years...Scientists discover Irish coral reef...
8/26/2001:New Research on Long-Term Ocean Cycles Reveals Rapid Global Warming in Near Future...Scientists discover Irish coral reef...
8/26/2001:Scientists discover Irish coral reef...Scientists discover Irish coral reef...
8/26/2001:Taking a Look at Clouds From Both Sides - L. A. Times
8/26/2001:Inside story- Arguments that don't hold water- In a provocative three- day series of essays in G2 last week, Bjorn Lomborg argued against the general consensus that man is destroying the planet- Here, three leading enviromental thinkers dispute his theories - Industry Watch
8/26/2001:Papua New Guinea forest industry "on verge of collapse" - Industry Watch
8/25/2001:Iran's Battles Severe Drought - Artigen
8/25/2001:Tourism hope after coral reef discovery... - FirstScience
8/25/2001:Sellafield emissions also reach Svalbard... - FirstScience
8/25/2001:Revolutionary Base Produces Pollution-Free Vegetables... - FirstScience
8/25/2001:Scientists see way to make nuclear waste safe... - FirstScience
8/25/2001:The Most Important Fish in the Sea - Discover
8/25/2001:Constantly Counting Creatures - L. A. Times
8/25/2001:The Prodigal Century - Science Quest
8/25/2001:Biocontrol backfire
8/25/2001:Study Suggests Cosmic Rays May Destroy Ozone  - SciTech

8/24/2001:Black Carbon Aerosol Pollution Cools, Heats, Confuses... - FirstScience
8/24/2001:EPA to Announce Air Pollution Reduction Strategy... - FirstScience
8/24/2001:EPA to Use Renewable Energy at Labs... - FirstScience
8/24/2001:Landfill Liners of Asphalt...
8/24/2001:DaimlerChrysler Makes Car Seats FromBrazilian Rain Forest CoconutFibers... - FirstScience
8/24/2001:Nature's role in making ozone comes under study - Industry Watch
8/24/2001:Editorial; It's a job for Congress - Industry Watch
8/24/2001:Conservation efforts pay off in California - Nando Times
8/24/2001:NASA study to brave storms in quest for better prediction, understanding of hurricanes  - NASA - MSFC
8/24/2001:The Submerged Subway Reef  - SciTech
8/24/2001:Cloud Forests Fading in the Mist, Their Treasures Little Known  - SciTech
8/23/2001:Study- Pollution Is Killing Many- Artigen
8/23/2001Islanders press Bush on global warming... - FirstScience
8/23/2001:Pacific Island leaders to urge US to reconsider Kyoto position... - FirstScience
8/23/2001Hope for the North Island Hectors Dolphin... - FirstScience
8/23/2001New technique will make quiet tyres to reduce noise pollution from motorways... - FirstScience
8/23/2001Air pollution is deadlier than car crashes, study says... - FirstScience
8/23/2001Why Kyoto will not stop this... - FirstScience
8/23/2001Team Scales Volcano to Drain Lake... - FirstScience
8/23/2001Fossil Fuel Cuts Would Reduce Early Deaths, Illness, Study Says... - FirstScience
8/23/2001National Geographic Today- U.S. West Fears Effects of Methane Drilling - Nat'l. Geo. News
Greenhouse curbs 'benefit health'  - BBC
8/22/2001Landfill sites linked to birth defects... - FirstScience
8/22/2001Greenpeace Attacks Bush Over Star Wars Plan, Kyoto... - FirstScience
8/22/2001Volcanic lake threatens disaster... - FirstScience
8/22/2001Reith forced to defend Kyoto stance at Pacific Island Forum... - FirstScience
8/22/2001Idlers Smog... - FirstScience
8/22/2001Birth defect link to landfill sites  - BBC
8/22/2001Study- Air pollution caused by traffic killing more people than auto accidents - Nando Times
8/22/2001Gold Miners Eager for Bush to Roll Back Clinton Rules- NY Times
8/22/2001Eco-logic- Technology Review
8/21/2001Review of pollution rules delayed...- FirstScience
8/21/2001EPA delays power plan pollution decision...- FirstScience
8/21/2001Free Willy star may not be cut out for freedom...- FirstScience
8/21/2001Gomal dam project to bring 163,086 acres under plough...- FirstScience
8/21/2001Rescued rumbleometer reveals all  - Nature
8/21/2001Pros and contrails  - Nature
8/21/2001Carbon dioxide levels 'highest for half a million years'- World Scientist
8/20/2001Seeing the Earth for Its Faults  - Scientific American
8/20/2001Triggering a Snowball  - Scientific American
8/20/2001Into the Jaguar's Den  - Scientific American
8/20/2001Flying Into The Icy Two-Thirds Of Typical Hurricane  - Unisci
8/20/2001Hurricane Hunters Flying Back Into the Eyes of Storms - Science Quest
8/20/2001Mercury at bottom of central park lake linked to coal burning in NYC  - Eureka Alert
8/20/2001How to Stop a Hurricane - ABC
8/20/2001Study- Pollution Hiding Milky Way- Artigen
8/20/2001Playing With Lightning - ABC
8/20/2001Intoxicating Toxic Cleanup - Discover
8/19/2001:EPA Delays Review of Power Plant Pollution Rules... - FirstScience
8/19/2001:Greenhouse gas trade go-ahead... - FirstScience
8/19/2001:Green light for greenhouse gas trade... - FirstScience
8/19/2001:Greenpeace rallies support ahead of missile protest trial... - FirstScience
8/19/2001:Pollution Problem At Sea Solved... - FirstScience
8/19/2001:Water pollution inquiry to be announced... - FirstScience
8/19/2001:China to tackle water shortage, pollution in comprehensive way - Industry Watch
8/19/2001:Report Predicts Thirstier World - L. A. Times
8/19/2001:California sues EPA over ethanol requirement - Nando Times
8/19/2001Clinton-era goal of high-mileage sedan by 2004 too ambitious, group says - Nando Times
8/19/2001:Fire's spread looks fractal  - Nature
8/18/2001:What Would Jesus Drive?- ABC
8/18/2001:Does Steam In My Back Yard Signal Volcanic Eruption?  - Unisci
8/18/2001:Warning over world's water supplies  - BBC
8/18/2001:Simple pump makes farmers richer  - BBC
8/18/2001:New NASA satellite sensor and field experiment shows aerosols cool the surface but warm the atmosphere  - Eureka Alert
8/17/2001:Our health depends on a healthy planet.  - SciTech
8/17/2001:Bush defends Kyoto treaty rejection - SpaceDaily
8/17/2001:EPA Delays Review of Power Plant Pollution Rules...
8/16/2001:UMass hurricane hunters flying back into the eyes of storms  - Eureka Alert
8/16/2001:Forest-owners initiate anti-wolf campaign...  - Eureka Alert
8/16/2001:Life After Death in the Deep Sea - American Scientist
8/16/2001:Whaling, whaling, over the bounding main  - Globe & Mail
8/16/2001:And you thought geology was dull
8/15/2001:Turtles as Road Kill- ABC
8/15/2001:Plausible Biological Cause For Major Climate Events  - Unisci
8/15/2001:Dolphins in danger  - BBC
8/15/2001:Crab cakes, P-bar, Kyoto, baseball and Rep. Emerson... - FirstScience
8/15/2001:Regulator rejects bid to keep GM crop sites secret... - FirstScience
8/15/2001:Company rejects decision to reveal GM crop locations... - FirstScience
8/15/2001:Australia, Argentina Sign Legally Unstable Nuclear Waste Pact... - FirstScience
8/15/2001:Environmental Resources Trust and Sterling Planet Agree to Market Renewable Energy Certificates... - FirstScience
8/15/2001:Water tainted by corpse bacteria... - FirstScience
8/15/2001:Environmentalists praise Brazils decision to protect nearly 6 million acres of Amazon forest... - FirstScience
8/15/2001:EPA Panel to Review New Diesel Sulfur Rules - Lycos
8/15/2001:NOAA Sees Weak or Moderate El Nino Late in Year - Lycos
8/14/2001:State comes clean after breaking its own asbestos law - Boston Globe
8/14/2001:New Zealand world first on Kyoto gas protocol... - FirstScience
8/14/2001:Experts say GM crop domination inevitable... - FirstScience
8/14/2001:Polish government must take new approach to prevent future floods says WWF... - FirstScience
8/14/2001:Rim Sim- An Interactive Game to Aid Disaster Preparedness... - FirstScience
8/14/2001:Bag threat to Gulf wildlife... - FirstScience
8/14/2001:Kyoto pact to be ratified... - FirstScience
8/14/2001:Pollution plaintiffs meet... - FirstScience
8/14/2001:Greenpeace protesters outside Moscow US embassy driven away by police - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:Daschle Speech Criticizes Bush Plan - Industry Watch
8/14/2001:EPA Panel to Review New Diesel Sulfur Rules- Lycos
8/14/2001:Forecasters boost prediction for number of hurricanes - Nando Times
8/14/2001:Interview- Mike Fay Is on a Trek to Preserve Forest in Gabon- Nando Times
8/13/2001:Judge curtails cruises to Glacier Bay  - CNN
8/13/2001:Restoring wetlands much more than 'just add water'  - Eureka Alert
8/13/2001:Cannibalism in the North Atlantic- Scripps researcher finds crustacean species keeps population in check by eating its young  - Eureka Alert
8/13/2001:Greenhouse carbon tax rejected...  - Eureka Alert
8/13/2001:EPA Seen Easing Coal Plant Emission Standards...  - Eureka Alert
8/13/2001:Government Kyoto Deal Betrays New Zealand Forestry...  - Eureka Alert
8/13/2001:Coral Reef Paradise Found in Remote Indonesian Islands- Nat'l. Geo. News
8/13/2001:Plane to Spy on Beetles Eating Alaska Forest- Nat'l. Geo. News
8/13/2001:Plan Would Pay U.S. Landowners to Protect Prairie Dogs- Nat'l. Geo. News
8/13/2001:EPA recommends easing coal plant emission restrictions- New Scientist
8/12/2001:Buried Irrigation Reduces Farm Runoff, Saving Trees  - Unisci
8/12/2001:Heat is back, and so are ozone alerts... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Alarm Bells Ring for West Africas Sea Turtles... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Air pollution sufferers get closure... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:EPA Seeks To Narrow Pollution Initiative... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Green Party Candidate Finds He's a Republican Pawn... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Australia signs nuclear waste treaty with Argentina... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Protest as city council is let off over waste pollution... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Officials Scramble to Find Missing Nuclear Fuel Rods... - FirstScience
8/12/2001:Save Alaskan refuge from oil exploration - Industry Watch
8/12/2001:Clean Air Trust- With EPA Ready To Weaken Smog Rules, Manufacturers Join Polluter Feeding Frenzy - Industry Watch
8/12/2001:Bay Area Smog Proposal Revives Blame Game - L. A. Times
8/12/2001:Hearst to Discuss Preserving Ranch - L. A. Times
8/12/2001:Beach closings due to pollution increase in 2000, survey finds- Nando Times
8/12/2001:Studies link urban development, hotter temperatures- Nando Times
8/12/2001:Baltimore to fight West Nile Virus with pesticides- Nando Times
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8/10/2001:UK Erosion Measurements May Help Beaches Everywhere  - Unisci
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8/10/2001:Plaintiffs applaud settlement of Nagoya pollution lawsuit... - FirstScience
8/10/2001:Water Pollution Problems Likely From Gold Mine... - FirstScience
8/10/2001:Giant Sandcastle Recalls Pollution Disaster... - FirstScience
8/10/2001:Cosmic rays linked to ozone hole... - FirstScience
8/10/2001:INCA/WWF win Icelandic hydropower battle... - FirstScience
8/10/2001:Salamanders at Issue in EPA Cleanup Plan... - FirstScience
8/9/2001:Press Invitation: The Bonn Agreement on the Kyoto Protocol - examining the outcomes
8/9/2001:U.S. governors want private lands protected  - CNN
8/9/2001:Air plants, migrating birds and your morning latte- A complex connection  - Eureka Alert
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8/9/2001:President Musharraf to inaugurate Gomal Dam project...
8/9/2001:Clean air comes, eventually, at a price...
8/9/2001:Ukrainian environmentalists protest against nuclear arms...
8/9/2001:Firms pay, state to act in Nagoya smog suit...
8/9/2001:Too much gas in Kyoto, ANU finds...:
8/8/2001:New Zealand Gets Wind of Greenhouse Gas Breakthrough  - Yahoo
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8/8/2001:EPA Chief Considers Limits on Gas Blends -Report... - FirstScience
8/8/2001:EPA mulls limiting special gas blends... - FirstScience
8/8/2001:Become involved, Green MP urges environment group members... - FirstScience
8/8/2001:Utility and NGO make cheap renewable energy available nationwide... - FirstScience
8/8/2001:California Conference Discusses Earthquake Issues - Industry Watch
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8/7/2001:Dead Sea 'to disappear by 2050'  - BBC
8/7/2001:Caltex wants Clean Air Act deferred... - FirstScience
8/7/2001:Emissions testing is ineffective and wasteful... - FirstScience
8/7/2001:US senators push for compulsory greenhouse gas reduction... - FirstScience
8/7/2001:Senate moving ahead with its agenda on global warming... - FirstScience
8/7/2001:Senate moves ahead with agenda on global warming... - FirstScience
8/6/2001:The last primeval forest in Europe... - FirstScience
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8/6/2001:Japanese data suggest El Nino activity... - FirstScience
8/6/2001:Senate moving ahead with its agenda on global warming... - FirstScience
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8/6/2001:Landmark Deal Will Protect Rainforests in Belize... - FirstScience
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8/6/2001:Could Shifting Dunes and Suffocating Pollution Endanger Beijing's 2008 Olympics?... - FirstScience
8/6/2001:Powerful Pact Formed in Senate on Global Warming... - FirstScience
8/6/2001:Tradable Credits to reduce CO2 emissions... - FirstScience
8/6/2001:McCain, Lieberman call for action on global warming - Nando Times
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8/6/2001:McCain and Lieberman Urge Emission Limit - NY Times
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8/5/2001:Clearing the air Smog- its a problem that can no longer be denied. When the sky is a dirty brown for hundreds... - FirstScience
8/5/2001:Sewage Flows Into West Virginia Rivers... - FirstScience
8/5/2001:Proposal to Change Flow of Missouri River Is Dropped... - FirstScience
8/5/2001:Worst polluters not targeted in vehicle inspection programs... - FirstScience
8/5/2001:Some Energy Execs Break With Bush over Global Warming... - FirstScience
8/5/2001:Bush Oil Victory Helped by Unlikely Ally - L. A. Times
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8/4/2001:Designer chemical offers Alzheimer's hope  - Eureka Alert
8/4/2001:NYU researchers successfully immunize mice against Alzheimer's  - Eureka Alert
8/3/2001:EPA Nears Decision on Hudson PCBs - Artigen
8/3/2001:Solar storms destroy ozone, study reconfirms  - Eureka Alert
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8/3/2001:EPA to Order GE to Clean Up Toxic Waste... - FirstScience
8/3/2001:GE decries EPA ruling on Hudson dredging... - FirstScience
8/3/2001:South Chinas Guangdong Spends Heavily on Air Pollution Control... - FirstScience
8/3/2001:Caution urged over eating coral reef fish after 20 people poisoned... - FirstScience
8/3/2001:Innogys clean energy bid gets Greenpeace approval... - FirstScience
8/3/2001:Doubts over Queenslands ability to meet Greenhouse emission targets... - FirstScience
8/3/2001:Congressman- EPA backs PCB-dredging plan for Hudson... - FirstScience
8/3/2001:Imagining Faster - ECOSYSTEM... - FirstScience
8/3/2001:Innogy, Greenpeace Team Boost British Offshore Wind Projects... - FirstScience
8/3/2001:The World Has Its Mysteries - L. A. Times
8/3/2001:Senators urge Bush to develop global warming plan - Nando Times
8/3/2001:Whale Population Devastated by Warming Oceans, Scientists Say - Nat'l. Geo. News
8/3/2001:Storm experts make cloud vanish - New Scientist
8/3/2001:Planting northern forests would increase global warming - New Scientist
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8/2/2001:Etna from space  - BBC
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7/26/2001:178 Nations Reach Climate Accord; U.S. Only Looks On - NY Times
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7/14/2001:- AlphaGalileo
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7/8/2001:Plan to Drill in Great Lakes Muddies Political Allegiances- NY Times
7/8/2001:Australia 'unconvinced' on Kyoto  - BBC
7/8/2001:Australia refuses to sign international treaty on environment - Nando Times
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significant component of ocean's carbon cycle  - Eureka Alert
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7/3/2001:Australian Crater Lakes Act As The World's Rain Gauge - Artigen
7/2/2001:Drought Fuels Loss of U.S. Western Land to Invasive Grass and Wildfires- Nat'l. Geo. News
7/2/2001:Study- Fireworks Produce Urban Smog
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6/24/2001:Shift from Forest to Crops Lowers Daytime Temperatures in the Midwest - Science Daily
6/24/2001:Current changes could make UK colder  - BBC
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6/17/2001:Acid Rain Problem Isn't Solved, Just Put On Hold
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6/16/2001:Coral Records Pacific Climate Changes Over 100 Years
6/15/2001:New Coral Record Generated by Scripps Researchers Tracks Climate Changes in Three Oceans
6/15/2001:European Union rejects Bush's environmental proposal- Nando Times
6/14/2001:Bush Offers Non-Binding Steps on Global Warming
6/13/2001:Bush Frigid on Global Warming
6/13/2001:Bush Offers Non-Binding Steps Against Global Warming
6/13/2001:Bush moves to block California ethanol request
6/12/2001:White House, Congressional leaders pledge money for global warming research, technology
6/12/2001:House panel rejects Bush plan on endangered species
6/12/2001:Limiting Sulfur Dioxide May Not Reduce Air Sulfates
6/11/2001:New study may pressure Bush on climate change
6/11/2001:Humans Linked to Animal Extinction
6/11/2001:New evidence in extinction whodunnit
6/10/2001:Climate sensitivity may be higher than many think, researchers say
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6/8/2001:Is Global Warming To Blame For Chicago's Record Cold Weather?
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6/7/2001:UN launches Earth assessment
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6/7/2001:Satellite Picture of  Ruined Tigris-Euphrates Marshland
6/7/2001:Loss Of Forest Cover Linked To Regional Climate Change
6/6/2001:.Could particles from space help predict the weather?
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6/6/2001:.Researchers study impact of El Nino, La Nina on snowfall
6/5/2001:.Fossilised Trees May Hold Key to Past Climates
6/4/2001:.China's Dust Storms Raise Fears of Impending Catastrophe
6/4/2001:.Explorer Says Arctic Ice Thinning Noticeably
6/4/2001:.Shrub census shows Alaskan Arctic losing its cool
6/3/2001:.WWF: N.Atlantic Wild Salmon on Brink of Extinction
6/2/2001:.4,000 Year Old Technology Inspires Eco-Friendly Pest Control
6/2/2001:.Vegetation key to accurate climate modeling
6/2/2001:.Tropical glaciers formed while earth was giant snowball
6/2/2001:.Snowy dirtball
6/2/2001:.Melting glaciers signal global warming
6/2/2001:.One hour of grass cutting equals 100 miles worth of auto pollution
6/1/2001:.Studies Show a Little Warming Can Bring Down Societies
6/1/2001:.Preserving Eden in the Gulf of Aden
6/1/2001:.New research shows mountain glaciers shrinking worldwide
6/1/2001:.Migrating impurities in ancient ice can skew climate research findings
5/28/2001:.World's Growing Power Needs Hamper Climate Efforts
5/26/2001:.Trees can’t compensate completely for CO2 levels, experiments indicate
5/25/2001:.Duke experiment hints that not much extra carbon dioxide will be locked up in future forests' wood or soils
5/25/2001:.Soil fertility limits forests capacity to absorb excess CO2.
5/25/2001:.Two multinationals invest millions to restore portion of Brazilian rain forest
5/23/2001:.Bears take brunt of toxic chemicals as ban looms
5/22/2001:.Fossil Leaves Confirm Ancient Greenhouse
5/20/2001:.Destruction Of Indonesian Forests Poses Global Threat
5/16/2001:.New Research Documents Extremely High Atmospheric Carbon 14 During Last Ice Age
5/16/2001:.Experts Argue Over U.N. Report on Rising Sea Level
5/16/2001:.Droughts aggravated by dust in the wind
5/16/2001:.Many in the world face drier times
5/15/2001:.U.S. rainfall influenced by Atlantic's warming trend
5/15/2001:.Ocean warming-cooling cycle affects rainfall
5/14/2001:.Bumblebees could face extinction
5/13/2001:.Climate change led to evolution
5/12/2001:.Federal Judge Blocks Clinton Forest Protection Rule
5/10/2001:White Caps Given New Importance In Climate Models
5/9/2001:Massive Methane Release Associated With End of Severe Ice Ages
5/8/2001:People have been altering the climatesince the days of the woolly mammoth
5/6/2001:Mountains spawned monsoon
5/5/2001:Report: Bush to Revise Clinton Forest Protection Measure
5/5/2001:Popular Birds Spotted Less in Gardens, Says RSPB
5/3/2001:Arctic's big melt challenged
5/3/2001:Climate Shift Linked to Rise of Himalyas, Tibetan Plateau
5/3/2001:Study: Atmosphere losing ability to clean itself
5/3/2001:Canada Ice Core to Yield Clues on Global Warming
4/30/2001:Solving the Amazon's climate riddle
4/30/2001:Floods raise scientific dilemma
4/29/2001:Greenpeace Targets U.S. Oil Firms on Climate Change
4/29/2001:Canada Ice Core to Yield Clues on Global Warming
4/292/001:Prescott pressures US on climate treaty
4/29/2001:Could Minnesota Forestry Save The Siberian Tiger?
4/26/2001:Most Important Greenhouse Gas Way Up In Last 50 Years
4/26/2001:The Engine That Drives Our Planet
4/25/2001:Ozone Depletion Drops Over N. Hemisphere
4/25/2001:Researchers prove past cooling trend caused by move from forests to agriculture
4/23/2001:EU presses on with Kyoto
4/23/2001:Kyoto: Why did the US pull out?
4/23/2001:Scientists Suggest New Index to Capture "Flavors" of El Niño
4/23/2001:Big dam in China may warm Japan
4/22/2001:Bush Turns Green
4/22/2001:A Look at Bush's Environmental Agenda
4/22/2001:Key to missing-toad mystery uncovered
4/16/2001: Restoring the Everglades
4/16/2001: Bush Proposal Targets Part Of Endangered Species Act
4/15/2001: Houston Influences Its Environment
4/14/2001: Safety in numbers: biodiversity combats global warming
4/13/2001: NASA demostrates how Earth's global heat engine drives plant growth
4/13/2001: Crunch time nears for climate treaty
4/13/2001: 4/13/2001: Ocean study points finger at mankind
4/10/2001: UN Expert: Climate Change Skeptics a Tiny Minority
4/8/2001: Warming tropical oceans changing northern climate
4/8/2001: Climate timebomb ready to explode under Bush
4/7/2001: Britain Gears Up for Offshore Wind Power
4/7/2001: Report: Draft Recommends U.S. Open Land to Drilling
4/7/2001: UN Expert: Climate Change Skeptics a Tiny Minority
4/7/2001:Carbon Dioxide Boosts Pine Seed
4/4/2001:House Lawmakers Want Bush Change on Carbon Emissions
3/31/2001: A murky trail led to emission reversal
3/31/2001: Bush Criticized for Global Warming
3/30/2001: US facing climate isolation
3/30/2001: Report: Oceans gobbling up more carbon dioxide
3/30/2001: Warming Seas are Alarming Japanese Fishermen
3/29/2001: Ancient tree rings give climate clues
3/29/2001: Tree rings challenge history
3/29/2001: Climate 'will lead to hungry century'
3/29/2001: Global warming 'can be beaten'
3/29/2001: Alternatives to oil
3/29/2001: Removing Carbon Dioxide with Chemical Pools
3/29/2001: "The Economist" Discusses Global Warming
3/29/2001: Amazon Forest May Take Some Heat off Global Warming
3/28/2001: Coral reefs return to Caribbean
3/28/2001: EPA Chief Denies Report That Bush Rejected Her Advice on Global Warming
3/25/2001: Farmers to burn grass, trees for power
3/25/2001: U.N. promotes cheap technique to clean water
3/23/2001: Great Lakes fish food source drying up
3/23/2001: Global warming fixes available now at low cost
3/23/2001: Arctic submarine uncovers evidence of giant, ancient ice sheets
3/23/2001: Project Plots Recovery From Ice Age
3/20/2001: Global Warming Could Put Palm Trees in Swiss Alps
3/20/2001: Alarming New Statistics Presented As George Bush Reneges On His Election Promises
3/20/2001: Greens slam US over greenhouse
3/20/2001: Math program cracks cause of Venus climate change
3/20/2001: ECOTOURISM : Paradise gained, or paradise lost?
3/19/2001: A Spread Of A Different Kind -- Butter Can Be Used To Measure Worldwide Air Pollution
3/16/2001: Thai farmer's coconuts fuel green hopes
3/16/2001: Past winter colder, drier than normal in US - NOAA
3/16/2001: The US President's decision not to force coal-fired power plants to reduce CO2 output is widely condemned
3/16/2001: A Blustering Giant Turns Oddly Coy
3/16/2001: EU 'Concerned' Over Bush's CO2 And Climate Stance
3/15/2001 Wildlife Preserve Shows Effect of Global Warming
3/15/2001: Greenhouse Effect Said To Be Proved
3/15/2001: Plummeting carbon dioxide levels may be why plants evolved broad leaves
3/14/2001: Wildlife Preserve Shows Effect of Global Warming
3/11/2001: An Alternative Scenario for Global Warming
3/9/2001: Bacteria 'hasten climate change'
3/9/2001: Green future?
3/9/2001: 'Heat vent' may diminish global warming
3/9/2001: Global warming 'can be beaten'
3/9/2001: Bush 'serious on climate change'
3/9/2001: Scotland's seas 'getting warmer'
3/8/2001: Global warning
3/5/2001: G8 progress on climate change
3/5/2001: Tremor Terror, Part 1: Unexpected magnitude
3/5/2001: Tremor Terror, Part 2: Man-made stress
2/28/2001: Borehole Temperatures Confirm Global Warming
2/28/2001: Africa's Lake Chad shrinks by 20 times due to irrigation demands, climate change
2/27/2001: Melting ice caps point to global climate change
2/27/2001: Predicting El Nino With The Help Of A Wind Trigger
2/25/2001:Volcano Helps Meteorologists Find Answer to Climate Change Mystery
2/22/2001: Climate 'uncertainty' stumps UN
2/19/2001: New England forests may vanish
2/19/2001: Uncertainty of rapid climate change more crucial than ice ages
2/18/2001: Uncertainty of rapid climate change more crucial than ice ages
2/17/2001: Continuing Conflict Over Fresh Water
2/16/2001: New evidence supports theory of global climate mechanism
2/15/2001: Rice crop to fight rainforest destruction
2/15/2001: Scientists discover a major cause of global warming -- ordinary soot
2/10/2001: UN warns global warming is melting Arctic soil
2/10/2001: EU proposes to meet US demands to delay climate talks
2/10/2001: US lawmaker wants Senate vote on climate treaty
2/9/2001: Cold comfort for climate's future
2/9/2001: Plants warm planet
2/8/2001: Superbugs From Hell
2/8/2001: Weird Weather
2/8/2001: Contrary Thermometers
2/8/2001: The Age of El Nino
2/8/2001: Blast From the Past
2/7/2001: Meteorite Helps to Explain Mars Water Puzzle
2/6/2001: Cold comfort for climate's future
2/5/2001: Overwhelming evidence of global warming
2/4/2001: Pacific May Repel El Ninos But Not Other Climate Woes
2/3/2001: Update - UN sees faster global warming, humanity responsible
2/2/2001: Antarctic ice discovery warms climate change debate
1/31/2001: Clouds from the Warming Pacific Are Cooling the Eastern U. S.
1/30/2001: UN - global warming may heap disasters on Africa
1/29/2001: Greens say Bush bad news for global warming fix
1/28/2001: Cloning of Extinct Animal Approved
1/25/2001: Update - UN sees faster global warming, humanity responsible
1/24/2001: Antarctic ice closer to breakup
1/23/2001: Climate model shows dual cause
1/21/2001: Validity Of Global Climate Change Study Tool Doubted
1/20/2001: Seawater 'overstates' recent climate warming
1/18/2001: Protecting the Earth
1/18/2001: More El Ninos And La Ninas May Lead To More Global Rainfall Extremes
1/17/2001: Polar ice find heats up climate debate
1/17/2001: Extinction!
1/16/2001: Grasslands' Soil Microbes Can Act As "Carbon Sinks"
1/15/2001:Liquid Water at Earth's Surface 4.3 Billion Years Ago, Scientists Discover
1/15/2001: Scientists find 4.3-Billion-Year Old Crystal
1/14/2001: A single enzyme in peat bogs is the only thing preventing a catastrophic release of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide
1/11/2001: New Observations Could Help Predict Climate Change
1/3/2001: West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Are We Afraid of the Right Thing?
1/1/2001: UT Austin scientist reports results from study of Yucatan crater linked to mass extinctions of dinosaurs
12/29/2000 UK ponders deep greenhouse cuts
12/24/2000 Exploring Earth's Interior with Virtual Reality
12/22/2000 Clues to Dinosaurs' Demise Sought
12/17/2000Climate Model Shows Dual Cause
12/12/2000 Report: More Than a Quarter of Coral Reefs Are Gone
12/10/2000 Arctic Sea Ice Has Thinned 43% in 20 Years
12/09/2000 Climate : Force of Change Not Necessarily CO2
11/27/2000Global Warming Summit Fails
11/24/2000 Global Warming: Lessons Taught By Snails and Crabs
11/24/2000 Serious Tussle Starts at UN Climate Talks
11/23/2000 First Wave Power Station Goes Into Operation in Scotland
11/22/2000 Rapid Deployment of "Green Power" May Moot Climate Talks
11/19/2000 Improved Climate Model Produces More-Dismal Predictions
11/17/2000 Massive Lava Flows Have Triggered Apocalyptic Climate Changes
11/11/2000 Detailed Breakdown on Global Warming, by Country
11/09/2000 Could Forests Boost Global Warming?
11/07/2000 Life in Punta Arenas, Chile, Under the Ozone Hole
11/05/2000Warming is Dramatic in Northern Canada. Presages Big Trouble
11/05/2000El Nino May Be Influenced by Climatic Changes
11/01 Global Warming: Is It Natural or Human Induced?
10/27 UN Yesterday: "Planet Is Apt to Get a Lot Hotter Than Previously Predicted"
10/26 Beating the Heat: Why and How We Must Combat Global Warming
10/15 Alarming Rise in CO2 Concentrations Presents Continuing Global Challenge
10/14 Helping Ocean Algae Could Beat Greenhouse Effect
10/12 More About Last Night's Ozone Hole Story
10/11 Ozone Hole Strikes Its First City
09/15 The Tropical Pacific May Be the Driver in Global Climate Change
09/14 How the Earth Shrugged Off Ancient Carbon Dioxide Buildup
09/13Global Warming: It's Real
09/01 CO2 Not So Important in Global Warming? Goddard Study Implicates Other Culprits
08/29 Greenland Ice Sheet Changes Are Normal; No Evidence Of Long-Term Climate Changes, Researchers Say
06/01 Global Warming and Kindred Climatic Disturbances
04/20 Global Warming: Warmest Three Months, Nine Months on Record
03/23 900-Year Tidal Warming Semi-Cycle May Be Adding to Greenhouse Global Warming