November - December, 2001

1/1/2002:(You)2  - Wired News
1/1/2002:Icebergs, sea ice jeopardize penguins' attempts to breed, scientists say - Nando Times
1/1/2002:Bioengineering opponents outraged by spread of modified corn in Mexico - Nando Times
12/31/2001:Sperm cycle early  - Nature
12/31/2001:Perch affects birds' pitch  - Nature
12/31/2001:The Mechanics of Tissue Engineering - Science Quest
12/31/2001:Bioinformatics- Time to Morph - Science Quest
12/31/2001:Molecular Structure of Cancer-Related Proteins Identified - Science Quest
12/31/2001:Animals That Look Alike But Aren't - Popular Science
12/31/2001:New Report Calls DC Traffic And Pollution Estimates Flawed... - FirstScience
12/31/2001:Environmental Groups Applaud New Harkin Farm Bill... - FirstScience
12/31/2001:New Web Site Tracks Texas Pollution Information... - FirstScience
12/31/2001:Newswire- Petroleum Refiners to Slash Air Emissions in Five States... - FirstScience
12/31/2001:2000s Wildfires Spark Preventive Approach... - Washington Post
12/31/2001:A Biotech Boom with a Difference - Business Week
12/31/2001:Chart- Another Bubble? - Business Week
12/31/2001:Feathers clue to warbler's travels  - BBC
12/31/2001:Cloning May Be a Question of When, Not If   - ABC
12/30/2001:Method Quickly Surveys Yeast Genome by Gene Function, Not Sequence
12/30/2001:Chromosome Veers Off Genome Map - Science Quest
12/30/2001:A Seeded Carpet for Fly-By Visitors  - NY Times
12/30/2001:S'pore Religious Groups Mixed on Stem Cell Use - ABC
12/29/2001:The Protein Hunters  - Wired News
12/29/2001:I Love My Glow Bunny  - Wired News
12/28/2001:A skeptical look at "The Skeptical Environmentalist"  - SciTech
12/28/2001:Ten things environmental educators should know about The Skeptical Environmentalist  - SciTech
12/28/2001:Cheap water filtration system could help Bangladesh  - SciTech
12/28/2001:The Map That Changed the World  - SciTech
12/28/2001:The Man Who Set the Clock Back  - SciTech
12/28/2001:The Beguiling Magic and Mystery  - SciTech
12/28/2001:Trade Secrets: The Inside Story  - SciTech
12/28/2001:Free drugs from your faucet - Salon
12/28/2001:The ape of things to come  - SciTech
12/27/2001:Congress passes bill to clean up, redevelop toxic waste sites... - FirstScience
12/27/2001:Montana governor backs Superfund listing for asbestos-tainted town... - FirstScience
12/27/2001:Beat the clock- Plants and animals adapt to winter... - FirstScience
12/27/2001:A Warning on Climate Change- Pollutions Effects Could Be Sudden, NAS Report Says... - FirstScience
12/27/2001:Environmental Group Sues for Records Of Energy Task Force... - FirstScience
12/27/2001:Air Pollution Harmful to Babies, Fetuses, Studies Say... - FirstScience
12/27/2001:Pacific urges global warming action... - FirstScience
12/27/2001:Russian eco-warrior jailed for treason... - MSNBC
12/27/2001:Scientists teach endangered wallabies how to be afraid - Ananova
12/27/2001:It's squeak and mutter for mice and men - Ananova
12/27/2001:U.S. Food Safety Confronted by 'Bioterror' Threat  - Yahoo
12/27/2001:Environment - Discover
12/27/2001:Geology - Discover
12/26/2001:Countries and their water wars...
12/26/2001:Fonterra plays gooseberry on govts Kyoto stance... - FirstScience
12/26/2001:A Mittenless Autumn, for Better and Worse... - NY Times
12/26/2001:Brazil Sees Promise in Jungle Plants, but Tribes See Peril... - NY Times
12/26/2001:Christmas dinners boost stomachs - and global warming - New Scientist
12/26/2001:TerraFly (Database) - Science Quest
12/26/2001:Underwater Treasure- Divers Map the Caves of Wakulla Springs - Science Quest
12/26/2001:White Christmases Increasingly a Dream in U.S. - Nat'l. Geo. News
12/25/2001:Antarctica's big draw  - BBC
12/25/2001:British birds stage patchy recovery  - BBC
12/25/2001:EPA says it won't regulate dioxin in landfills  - CNN
12/25/2001:Indonesia warned on resource exploitation  - CNN
12/25/2001:Flickering Sun Switched Climate - Science Quest
12/25/2001:Weird Geminids - Science Quest
12/25/2001:With a little help from biologists, ferrets make a comeback in Arizona - Nando Times
12/27/2001:18th Century Reverend Enlightens Evolutionary Biologists... - Science Daily
12/27/2001:Scientists say GM Christmas trees could light themselves up - Ananova
12/27/2001:Rain-shy dormice risk starvation  - BBC
12/27/2001:'Natural genetic engineer' laid bare  - BBC
12/27/2001:Biology - Discover
12/27/2001:Botany - Discover
12/27/2001:Genetics - Discover
12/27/2001:Mistletoe can bea kiss of death ... - MSNBC
12/27/2001:GAO says research community needs to prevent financial conflicts of interest - Nando Times
12/26/2001:Copycat Cures - Science Quest
12/26/2001:Poinsettia- The Christmas Flower - Science Quest
12/26/2001:Fish May Show How Nature Diversifies - Science Quest
12/26/2001:The Mechanism Some Viruses Use to Infect the Cells of Other Organisms Involves One of the Most Powerful Biomolecular Motors - Science Quest
12/26/2001:With Gene Map Nearly Complete, Researchers Must Learn to Use It  - NY Times
12/26/2001:Asia Could Emerge As Stem Cell Leader - L. A. Times
12/25/2001:Biowar Front Lines - ABC
12/25/2001:Why Goldfish Might Turn Blue  - Wired News
12/25/2001:Brazil moves to shield biotech industry - Seattle Times
12/25/2001:Gene trial to proceed despite fears that therapy could change child's genetic makeup - Seattle Times
12/25/2001:Fish May Show How Nature Diversifies - Science Quest
12/25/2001:Molecules Bring About Face   - Nature
12/25/2001:Exploring Virtual Proteins - Science Quest
12/25/2001:Prediction is better for cure  - Nature
12/24/2001:Italy Changes Law to Make Animal Cloning Easier - ABC
12/24/2001:Research unlocks the body clock's 'pendulum'
 - Ananova
12/24/2001:'Spring-heeled' horses have built-in dampers
 - Ananova
12/24/2001:Gene Tells Stem Cell To Differentiate Or Self-Renew
12/24/2001:One-cell organism, humans have link
 - Seattle Times
12/24/2001:Hunt is on for woodpecker long thought extinct
 - Seattle Times
12/23/2001:Rare Australian plant found in bush - Ananova
12/23/2001:Genetic experiment leads to two-beaked chicken - Ananova
12/23/2001:Molecules bring about face  - Nature
12/23/2001:Channel touches a nerve  - Nature
12/23/2001:Starting To Learn How The Body Handles Inflammation  - Unisci
12/23/2001:Large Squid Baffles, Amuses Scientists  - Yahoo
12/23/2001:Key Animal Genes Were Available Before Animals Were  - Unisci
12/23/2001:Human Stem Cell Research  - Yahoo
12/23/2001:Russian Duma Votes for 5-Year Embryo Cloning Ban - ABC
12/23/2001:China Putting Forth Great Effort in Genetic Engineering of Plants... - FirstScience
12/22/2001:Controversy Over Cloning Reignites in Congress - NY Times
12/22/2001:In Tiny Cells, Glimpses of Body's Master Plan - NY Times
12/22/2001:An Embryonic Journey - NY Times
12/22/2001:Timeline- Stem Cell Research - NY Times
12/22/2001:Graphic- The Body's Master Builders - NY Times
12/22/2001:Adult Stem Cells; Repairing the Body - NY Times
12/22/2001:Stem Cell Lines - NY Times
12/22/2001:Microbe Genes Help Scientists Reconstruct Animal Origins - Cosmiverse
12/22/2001:Using Chemistry to Target Treatments - Science Quest
12/22/2001:DNA Chip for Rapid Screening - Technology Review
12/21/2001:Racehorse relations  - Nature
12/21/2001:Waves make bug break point  - Nature
12/21/2001:Opinion- How Do You Miss a Whole Elephant Species? - Nat'l. Geo. News
12/21/2001:New Function of Cancer Gene Discovered By Introgen and Collaborators At M. D. Anderson Cancer Center...  - NY Times
12/21/2001:Defining the Undefinable- The Living Cell...  - NY Times
12/21/2001:In Tiny Cells, Glimpses of Bodys Master Plan...  - NY Times
12/21/2001:Chickpea natural defence harvested  - BBC
12/20/2001:Geneticists Study Jewish Genes for Disease Clues
 - ABC
12/20/2001:Understanding DNA Damage: - Eureka Alert
12/20/2001:Randomness at Work in Cells  - Eureka Alert
12/20/2001:Mouse Genome Could Be 95% Human Genome Lookalike - Technology Review
12/19/2001:Mother of all land plants identified - Seattle Times
12/19/2001:Becoming a bird, step 1- go climb a tree.  - Scientific American
12/19/2001:Darwin, His Daughter, and Human Evolution  - Scientific American
12/18/2001:Scientist says he will find country where he can clone humans for infertile couples - ABC
12/18/2001:Magnetic tag lets scientists track stem cells in living rat  - Eureka Alert
12/18/2001:Tracking Stem Cells Implanted Into A Living Animal  - Unisci
12/18/2001:UNC botanist spearheads ongoing effort to curtail movement of pest plant species  - Eureka Alert
12/18/2001:Brookhaven Lab Explores Anti-Terrorism Initiatives
12/18/2001:Coffee In The Afternoon A Memory Boost For Elders  - Unisci
12/17/2001:Vaccines breed viciousness  - Nature
12/17/2001:Naturalists Share Their Findings Online - NY Times
12/17/2001:U.S. losing patience with EU over biotech food - Nando Times
12/17/2001:Scientists Engineer Mouse with Embryonic Stem Cell - Technology Review
12/17/2001:Dead Meat On The Ground Seems To Be Safe From Bats  - Unisci
12/17/2001:Some Crows Constantly Look For Chance To Steal Food  - Unisci
12/16/2001:Britain to Allow Genetic Baby Screening - ABC
12/16/2001:'Miracle' stem cell find - Ananova
12/16/2001:Human cloning 'may be impossible' - Ananova
12/16/2001:Couple's fresh hope after 'designer' baby ruling - Ananova
12/16/2001:'Superdogs' terrorising Australian outback - Ananova
12/16/2001:Filtering Light Waves To Make Plant Growth Uniform  - Unisci
12/16/2001:The   regeneration gap  - Nature
12/16/2001:Go-ahead for 'designer' babies  - BBC
12/16/2001:A very early checkup - Boston Globe
12/16/2001:Aquaporins - the perfect water filters of the cell  - Eureka Alert

12/15/2001:Cells' generators star in action movie  - Nature
12/15/2001:Dishonest Birds - ABC
12/15/2001:Leading Biophysicist Slain - ABC
12/15/2001:Insight Gained from Weed Genome - Technology Review
12/15/2001:Holes Barred by Protein Purse-String - Science Quest
12/15/2001:Plastics May Replace Chemicals as Plant Growth Regulators - Science Quest
12/15/2001:Hunt for Killer Ebola Virus Turns to Dead Apes  - Yahoo
12/15/2001:Glomerular fibrosis now all the RAGE  - Eureka Alert
12/15/2001:Whales get the bends  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:"Shrinking the Cat" - Salon
12/14/2001:Jefferson scientists show how collagen gene mutation leads to osteoarthritis  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:Researchers identify gene required for marking DNA as having come from the mother  - Eureka Alert
12/14/2001:Some Ducks Let Young Be Raised by Relatives - Nat'l. Geo. News
12/14/2001:Agrobacterium genome sequence is complete  - Eureka Alert
12/13/2001:Muscle is plastic fantastic
  - Nature
12/13/2001:Monkey spinal injuries 'repaired' using stem cells - Ananova
12/13/2001:New stem cell test for babies - Ananova
12/13/2001:Bug Battles - ABC
12/13/2001:In Cloning, Failure Exceeds Success  - NY Times
12/12/2001:Life after foot-and-mouth  - BBC
12/12/2001:The growing pains of a selectively bred chicken - New Scientist
12/12/2001:Mice Created from Germ-Line Tech - Technology Review
12/12/2001:Big Thinkers - Tech TV
12/12/2001:Breakthroughs in Life Science Technologies- Technologies for Tomorrow - Science Quest
12/12/2001:Researchers identify potential for prenatal gene therapy  - Eureka Alert
12/11/2001:Vet develops 'cheaper and more efficient' cloning technique - Ananova
12/11/2001:Attaching Good Genes to Bad Viruses... - FirstScience
12/11/2001:Modified Tobacco Plant Removes TNT From Soil - Nat'l. Geo. News
12/11/2001:Attaching Good Genes to Bad Viruses - NY Times
12/11/2001:A pox on pro-lifers - Salon
12/11/2001:$2B Biotech Buyout Is Largest Ever - Technology Review
12/11/2001:French Firm Clones the World's First Rat Embryo - ABC
12/11/2001:Comparing Bacterial Strains In Minutes, Not Hours  - Unisci
12/11/2001:A little larceny comes naturally to northwestern crows - Eureka Alert
12/10/2001:Tools to Unravel Proteins at Forefront of Biotech - ABC
12/10/2001:Pioneer vows to keep cloning - Boston Globe
12/10/2001:Super Purple Spud - Discover
12/10/2001:All in the Whale Family - Discover
12/10/2001:MATH1 signal heralds process of differentiation in intestinal lining  - Eureka Alert
12/10/2001:Study of key enzyme sheds new light on programmed cell death and may lead to new drugs for reducing the severity of stroke
12/10/2001:Cloning Advocate Fights the Clock on Capitol Hill - L. A. Times
12/9/2001:Frankenbugs in the Wings  - Wired News
12/9/2001:GM Foods Safe, Supporters Say  - Wired News
12/9/2001:Protein May Play Role in Sex Chromosome Inactivation - Science Quest
12/9/2001:Searching Buried Ice Lakes In Search Of Life - SpaceDaily
12/9/2001:Plasticity-Driven Gene Expression Seen In Rat Retina  - Unisci
12/9/2001:Gene Found That Triggers Stem Cell Differentiation  - Unisci
12/9/2001:Gay surprise for ape researchers - Ananova
12/8/2001:DNA pioneer's papers are bought for Britain
- New Scientist
12/8/2001:Permit Stem Cells, Senate Urged - Technology Review
12/8/2001:Singapore scientist to use genetically modified mice to test drugs - Ananova
12/8/2001:GM foods safe say supporters  - BBC
12/8/2001:India allows sale of GM cotton  - BBC
12/8/2001:RSPCA demands monkey import ban  - BBC
12/7/2001:Irish Betting on Biotech  - Wired News
12/7/2001:Storm in a test tube - Economist
12/6/2001:Sweden Research Body Calls for Human Embryo Cloning - ABC
12/6/2001:Stem Cell Research in Orbit - Technology Review
12/6/2001:New Application of Imaging Technique Can Change How Scientists Look at Proteins - Science Quest
12/6/2001:Receptor Plays Key Role In Stem Cells' Pluripotency  - Unisci
12/6/2001:U.S. Expert Reassures Congress on Cloning  - Yahoo
12/5/2001:Monkey Eggs Become Embryos in Experiment  - Yahoo
12/5/2001:Human brain cells grown from embryonic stem cells - Ananova
12/5/2001:Two Cheers for Human Cloning  - NY Times
12/5/2001:Norah Vincent - Salon
12/5/2001:The littlest lizard  - Nature
12/5/2001:Good vibrations  - Nature
12/5/2001:Exercising your genes  - Nature
12/5/2001:Embryo clone leads to fall-out  - BBC
12/5/2001:World's smallest lizard discovered in the Caribbean  - Eureka Alert
12/5/2001:Scientist finds best way to measure soil fertility is – in a Mason jar  - Eureka Alert
12/5/2001:Molecule that restricts mouse cells' potency could yield embryonic stem cells without the sacrifice of embryos  - Eureka Alert
12/4/2001:White House sees latest news on cloning as demonstrating need for federal ban - Dallas News
12/4/2001:More information on cloning research - Dallas News
12/4/2001:Lobster sniffing- how lobsters' hairy noses capture smells from the sea  - Eureka Alert
12/4/2001:Britain Adds to Cloning Restrictions - L. A. Times
12/4/2001:New abortion cases focus on state funding
12/4/2001:News Analysis- Debate Over Cloning Is Certain. Science Is Not. - NY Times
12/4/2001:With Biotechnology, a Potential to Harm - NY Times
12/3/2001:On the Nose of a Mosquito - ABC
12/3/2001:Scientists Turn Stem Cells Into Brain Cells - ABC
12/3/2001:Breakthrough for stem cell research  - BBC
12/3/2001:Senate Poised to Vote on Cloning Ban After Weekend- ABC
12/3/2001:Cloning laws in Japan to allow human-animal mix - Ananova
12/3/2001:Human cloning ban 'to become law'  - BBC
12/3/2001:Toward a Sensible Stem-Cell Policy - Business Week
12/2/2001:Scientists raise spectre of gene-modified athletes - New Scientist
12/2/2001:Brit Law Bans Human Cloning  - Wired News
12/2/2001:Human-Cloning Firm Received Federal Aid  - Wired News
12/2/2001:EU Nixes Ban on Human Cloning - Technology Review
12/2/2001:NIAID Establishes Functional Genomic Research Center  - Unisci
12/2/2001:President Bush authorizes commission on bioethics - Nando Times
12/2/2001:Packard, Stanford researchers uncover gene family critical to asthma development  - Eureka Alert
12/2/2001:UCSD researchers identify protein with dual role in regulation of cellular processes  - Eureka Alert
12/2/2001:New application of imaging technique can change how scientists look at proteins  - Eureka Alert
12/2/2001:Keck grant l  - Eureka Alertaunches Gulf Coast Consortia  - Eureka Alert
12/2/2001:Illuminating how plants adapt to light  - Eureka Alert

12/1/2001:Mavericks claim creation of many cloned human embryos - New Scientist
12/1/2001:Scrutinizing Human Research - Technology Review
12/1/2001:Are Cloned Livestock Safe? - Technology Review
12/1/2001:The Regeneration Gap - Science Quest
12/1/2001:Gene Delivery--Without Viruses - Science Quest
12/1/2001:Let The Chips Fall ...To Affymetrix - Science Quest
12/1/2001:Wondering Why Poison-Eating Kingsnakes Becoming Rare  - Unisci

11/30/2001:Lords back human cloning ban - Ananova
11/30/2001:Human clone not miracle cure  - Nature
11/30/2001:Mavericks claim creation of many cloned human embryos - New Scientist
11/30/2001:Scientists Fear Cloning Backlash - Technology Review
11/30/2001:Setback Prompts UK Stem Cell Firm to Turn to Mice - ABC
11/30/2001:New computer program detects overlooked gene segments- Previous estimates of human gene number too low  - Eureka Alert
11/30/2001:Post-transcriptional regulation of COX2 in tumor cells  - Eureka Alert
11/30/2001:Transgenic DNA discovered in native Mexican corn, according to a new study by UC Berkeley researchers  - Eureka Alert
11/30/2001:Scientists say tighter security at labs may slow some research - Nando Times
11/29/2001:World Chorus of Critics Over Human Embryo Cloning - ABC
11/29/2001:Cloning Opponents Seeks Vote in Senate - ABC
11/29/2001:First reported cloning of human embryos draws criticism from some political leaders - ABC
11/29/2001:Vatican Slams U.S. Human Embryo Cloning - ABC
11/29/2001:Bush Says Human Cloning 'Morally Wrong' - ABC
11/29/2001:Senator Vows to Force Vote on Human Cloning Ban - ABC
11/29/2001:Stem Cell Studies' Bizarre Start - L. A. Times
11/29/2001:Human Embryos Cloned by U.S. Company, But Don't Survive - Nat'l. Geo. News
11/29/2001:Scientists Ponder Limits on Access to Germ Research - NY Times
11/29/2001:Cloning vs. Cloning - ABC
11/29/2001:Weigh In - ABC
11/29/2001:Video - ABC
11/29/2001:Scientists optimistic about potential for therapeutic cloning - ABC
11/29/2001:Fault Lines on 'Therapeutic Cloning' in Senate - ABC
11/29/2001:Senate Puts Off Cloning Ban for Wider Debate - ABC
11/29/2001:Senate Rebuffs Effort to Vote on Cloning Ban - ABC
11/29/2001:Clone Firm Invites White House, Congress for Talks - ABC
11/29/2001:EU Parliament to Debate Stem Cell Research Rules - ABC
11/28/2001:Voles set for London return- BBC
11/28/2001:Controversy over human embryo clone- BBC
11/28/2001:Scientists use 'virgin birth' technique- BBC
11/28/2001:Report Of Early-Stage Human Clone Changes Face Of Biotechnology - SpaceDaily
11/28/2001:Experts Rip Cloning 'Story'  - Wired News
11/28/2001:Any New Proteomics Techniques Out There? - Science Quest
11/28/2001:Researchers Isolate Phosphate Transporter Gene - Science Quest
11/28/2001:DNA repair could reduce sunburn  - Nature
11/28/2001:Cloning opponents fear loopholes in new UK law - New Scientist
11/28/2001:First cloned human embryos created - New Scientist
11/28/2001:Doctor- Cloning not safe for reproduction, despite breakthrough... - FirstScience
11/28/2001:Gene Function Within The Context Of Systems Biology... - FirstScience
11/28/2001:Computer scientists push to publish code powering genetic research... - FirstScience
11/28/2001:Chromosome 22 Provides Human Genome Preview... - FirstScience
11/28/2001:Antarctic plants repair themselves  - Eureka Alert
11/28/2001:Assaulting the mosquito’s sense of smell  - Eureka Alert
11/28/2001:Scientists Say Cloning Bodes Progress  - Yahoo
11/28/2001:Rival Scientists Question Human Clone Announcement  - Yahoo
11/28/2001:Dolly Creator Says U.S. Cloning Not a Breakthrough  - Yahoo
11/28/2001:Cloned Embryo No Ethical Dilemma, Says Australia Expert  - Yahoo
11/28/2001:China Could Be Asia's Biotech Star -Research Group  - Yahoo
11/28/2001:Gene Function Within The Context Of Systems Biology
11/27/2001:Human embryo clone created  - BBC
11/27/2001:What the scientists have done  - BBC
11/27/2001:How US politicians are reacting  - BBC
11/27/2001:Q&A- Stem cells  - BBC
11/27/2001:Embryo cloning still to prove itself  - BBC
11/27/2001:New tree found in Vietnam  - BBC
11/27/2001:Striped rabbit revealed in Laos forest  - BBC
11/27/2001:Dolly scientist plays down US clone  - BBC
11/27/2001:Embryo cloning still to prove itself  - BBC
11/27/2001:Secrets in the soil- New genetic technique lets researchers unearth myriad microbes that could yield new drugs - Dallas News
11/27/2001:Computer scientists push to publish code powering genetic research - Economist
11/27/2001:Scientists determine the structure of human Monoamine Oxidase B (MAO B)  - Eureka Alert
11/27/2001:Foundation teams with Oklahoma researchers on legume genetics - Nando Times
11/26/2001:Flower Chemicals Both Attract Friends and Deter Foes  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:Single Gene Helps Determine Queen Number in Fire Ants  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How do seedless fruits arise and how are they propagated?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:Did any dinosaurs have poisonous saliva, as in Jurassic Park?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:Does the appendix serve a purpose in any animal?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How do one-celled organisms survive dormancy?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:Why do dogs get blue, not red, eyes in flash photographs?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How can sea mammals drink saltwater?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:Why do fingers wrinkle in the bath?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:Why does hair turn gray?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How is bug blood different from our own?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:What is the difference between hair and fur?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How can Philodendron plants live with only halogen lighting?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How closely related are humans to apes and other animals- How do scientists measure that- Are humans related to plants at all?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:Is there any evolutionary advantage to gigantism- Did sauropods continue to grow throughout their lives, like some reptiles and fish do?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How do squid and octopuses change color?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:Is our tendency to experience fear and anxiety genetic?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:What is homeostasis?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How does caffeine effect the body-
11/26/2001:How do large trees, such as redwoods, get water from their roots t  - Scientific Americano the leaves?
11/26/2001:How do bats echolocate and how are they adapted to this activity?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How are traits passed on through DNA?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How do jellyfish reproduce?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:Is the human race evolving or devolving?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:What's the difference between the 13-year and 17-year cicada?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:Why are we geting taller as a species?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How do white blood cells recognize invaders?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How do whales and dolphins sleep without drowning?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How is it possible for insects and spiders to walk on water or walls?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:Why do some fish normally live in freshwater and others in saltwater?  - Scientific American How can some fish can adapt to both?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How do frogs survive winter- Why don't they freeze to death?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:What do we know about the evolution of sleep--when it arose and why?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:Do scientists understand why there are so many more right-handers than left-handers?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:What are the potential medical benefits of animal cloning?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:Are humans still evolving?  - Scientific American
11/26/2001:How close are we to being able to clone a dinosaur?  - Scientific American
11/25/2001:First Human Clone a No-Show Despite Predictions - ABC
11/25/2001:Look-alike clones
11/24/2001:Scientist can make plants scream - Ananova
11/24/2001:Honeybee killer strikes back  - BBC
11/24/2001:Danes take on insect house  - BBC
11/24/2001:Research offers insight into sperm behavior in microgravity - Cosmiverse
11/24/2001:In groundbreaking research, Yale and Salk Institute scientists reveal the structure of a key component that makes cells move  - Eureka Alert
11/24/2001:Genetic diagnosis 'will have few social consequences'  - Eureka Alert
11/24/2001:Material bones up  - Naturet
11/24/2001:Cloned cows in the pink  - Nature
11/24/2001:BSE's epidemic proportions  - Nature
11/24/2001:Nrc Takes Technology To The Biotechnology And Pharmaceutical Markets...
11/24/2001:Lessons in mothering- Scientists watch as first-time dolphin mom's own mom assists - Seattle Times
11/23/2001:Study into how chimps develop traditions - Ananova
11/23/2001:Don't Eat My Worm - ABC
11/23/2001:Thieves not thick  - Nature
11/23/2001:Wet Wires May Help Find Toxins - Technology Review
11/23/2001:At Least 160 Genes Involved In Daily Living Cycles  - Unisci
11/23/2001:Same Plant Chemical Says 'Come Hither' And 'Bug Off'  - Unisci:
11/22/2001:Evidence-Based Analyses Demonstrate Benefits of New Proton Pump Inhibitor - Science Quest
11/22/2001:New Antibiotic Found in Fish Cells - Science Quest
11/22/2001:Snake study tests cobras' hearing - Ananova
11/22/2001:Gene discovery on spina bifida  - BBC
11/22/2001:GM Beans Boost Soil Conservation - Technology Review
11/22/2001:HIV "Rides" Into Cells on Membrane Rafts - Science Quest
11/22/2001:Scientists Find Gene for Low-Frequency Hearing Loss - Science Quest
11/22/2001:Corn Used to Produce Polypropylene Glycol - Science News
11/22/2001:Flower Chemicals Invite Some, Warn Off Others - Science News
11/22/2001:The Nuclear Family  - Scientific American
11/21/2001:Bugs enjoy hamster sex  - Nature
11/21/2001:Big Pigs -- New Drug in Feed Boosts U.S. Hog Size - ABC
11/21/2001:Government to send cloning ban to Parliament next week - Ananova
11/21/2001:Government to appeal against cloning ruling - Milburn - Ananova
11/21/2001:Woman caught smuggling birds' eggs inside clothes - Ananova
11/21/2001:Housefly Protein Can Preserve Cut Fruits, Vegetables  - Unisci
11/21/2001:Biotech boom  - BBC
11/21/2001:Fertility treatments being used to preserve rare animals - Economist
11/21/2001:Adelaide scientists make HIV a safe aid in gene therapy  - Eureka Alert
11/21/2001:New U. of Colorado electron microscopes provide cell images never seen before  - Eureka Alert
11/21/2001:Flower chemicals attract some insects but deter others with toxic warning  - Eureka Alert
11/21/2001:HIV 'rides' into cells on membrane rafts, NIAID scientists determine  - Eureka Alert
11/21/2001:Gene discovery offers insight into spina bifida  - Eureka Alert
11/21/2001:The African Elephant Is Slowly Slipping Away - L. A. Times
11/21/2001:Gene Variant May Slim Body Fat - Technology Review
11/20/2001:UK Medical Experts Caution on Stem-Cell Storage - ABC
11/20/2001:Baby conceived from sperm cleared of HIV reported to be a first - Ananova
11/20/2001:Warning over 'commercial harvesting' of babies' cord cells - Ananova
11/20/2001:Life and Times of a Soviet Super Bug Designer  - Yahoo
11/20/2001:Move to block human cloning  - BBC
11/20/2001:Biotech boom  - BBC
11/20/2001:What protects us from radiation- Some answers are found in more than 100 yeast genes  - Eureka Alert
11/20/2001:Arthritis, mental functioning and well-being- why people differ as they age  - Eureka Alert
11/20/2001:'Gene Gun' Blazes Away in Biotech Fight on Famine - Lycos
11/19/2001:Government to appeal against cloning ruling - Milburn
- Ananova

11/19/2001:Smell rules fire ants  - Nature
11/19/2001:Fire Ant Protein May Help Scientists Use Fire Ants' Biology Against Them - Science Quest
11/18/2001:Doctor to exploit cloning loophole  - BBC
11/18/2001:Fire ant protein may help scientists use fire ants' biology against themselves  - Eureka Alert
11/18/2001:Researchers discover 'thermostat' that regulates bone density  - Eureka Alert
11/18/2001:Seat of cellular bus system for protein passengers found by Dartmouth Medical School researchers  - Eureka Alert
11/18/2001:New analysis promises to speed application of human genome draft  - Eureka Alert
11/17/2001:Gene Mutation Identified in Infertile Men - ABC
11/17/2001:'Cloning doctor' heading for Britain - Ananova
11/17/2001:Computer dating service helps orangutans find perfect mate - Ananova
11/17/2001:Fishy smell 'attractive' say scientists - Ananova
11/17/2001:Pro-life campaigners win human cloning ruling - Ananova
11/17/2001:Protein Needed For Methylation During Development  - Unisci
11/17/2001:After The Human Genome- Characterizing The Proteome  - Unisci
11/17/2001:Court backs cloning challenge  - BBC
11/17/2001:New Chip Speeds Genome Effort - Technology Review
11/17/2001:UK court ruling means cloning not illegal - New Scientist
11/16/2001:Man accused of smuggling birds from Cuba  - Yahoo
11/16/2001:My, you smell diverse!  - Nature
11/16/2001:Warm balls wrap she-males  - Nature
11/16/2001:Blood gene saps malaria  - Nature
11/16/2001:Gene may fend off prions  - Nature
11/16/2001:'Missing gene increases CJD risk'  - BBC
11/16/2001:'Skeletons' in the Closet - Cosmiverse
11/16/2001:Double mutant gene eliminates malaria risk - New Scientist
11/16/2001:IBM to Build Bio Research Network - Technology Review
11/16/2001:Scientists Reveal Role for Nitric Oxide During Brain Development - Science Quest
11/16/2001:Improved "Gene Chip" Analysis Promises to Speed Application of Human Genome Draft - Science Quest
11/16/2001:Potential of Tailoring Drugs to Genetic Makeup Confirmed -- But Challenges Remain - Science Quest
11/16/2001:Arsenic and Old Telomerase- Researchers Unravel Effects of Arsenic on Human Cells - Science Quest
11/16/2001:EU says environment must be in new trade talks... - FirstScience
11/16/2001:Polls find Americans not panicking over anthrax... - FirstScience
11/16/2001:World conservation union shapes dam mitigation strategy... - FirstScience
11/15/2001:Activists Welcome WTO Accord on Drug Patents - ABC
11/15/2001:Merck Drug Cuts Heart Attacks, Antioxidants Fail - ABC
11/15/2001:Cot death gene find - Ananova
11/15/2001:Enzyme That May Control Genetic Diversity Identified  - Unisci
11/15/2001:Bioterror Fears Could Delay Stem Cell Research - Cosmiverse
11/15/2001:Biochips- The San Francisco Treat - Technology Review
11/15/2001:Vessels of Death or Life  - Scientific American
11/15/2001:Five Yeast Genomes Sequenced for Gene-by-Gene Comparison - Science Ques
11/15/2001:Crucial Genetic Diversity Enzyme Long Sought by Biologists Discovered - Science Ques
11/15/2001:Brain Researchers Discover Bright Side of Ill-Famed Molecule - Science Ques
11/15/2001:Discovery of Dynamic Sub-Cellular Processes Could Lead to Medical Applications - Science Ques
11/15/2001:Researchers Have Early Evidence of Bone Marrow Stem Cells Able to Become Brain Cells - Science Quest
11/15/2001:Poorer nations win over cheap drugs - New Scientist
11/15/2001:"Magic ingredient" for neural stem cells revealed - New Scientist
11/15/2001:Challenges of genetic knowledge.
11/15/2001:Researchers say gene discoveries could translate to health benefits, but consent should be updated  - Eureka Alert
11/15/2001:"Skeletons" in the closet  - Eureka Alert
11/14/2001:Studying Seals' Extreme Environment Without Freezing  - Unisci
11/14/2001:Iceland's Genes Frozen in Time  - Wired News
11/14/2001:Discovery of dynamic sub-cellular processes could lead to medical applications  - Eureka Alert
11/13/2001:World's Worst Diseases Face New Foe Biotechnology  - Yahoo
11/13/2001:University of Pittsburgh researchers define precursors to cells that control the immune response  - Eureka Alert
11/13/2001:Crucial genetic diversity enzyme long sought by biologists discovered by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute  - Eureka Alert
11/13/2001:deCODE genetics scientists utilizing deCODEs proprietary datamining products discovered 350 genes in key drug... - FirstScience
11/13/2001:Stem Cell Studies Vie for Federal Backing - L. A. Times
11/13/2001:Identifying DNA Genes  - Popular Mechanics
11/12/2001:Geron Urges Stem Cell Suit Dismissal  - Yahoo
11/12/2001:Drugs ex machina - Economist
11/12/2001:Gene sequencing - Economist
11/12/2001:The new organ-grinders - Economist
11/11/2001:Building Better Drugs Electronically - ABC
11/11/2001:Hunger Fighters See Biotech Hope for Poor Nations - ABC
11/11/2001:First Japanese study using embryonic stem cells is approved - Ananova
11/11/2001:Humans Descended From Cells Without Nuclei Or Walls  - Unisci
11/11/2001:Gene Discovery a Defect Detector  - Wired News
11/11/2001:Scientist Says Oxygen Is Toxic to Stem Cells - Science Quest
11/11/2001:Parasitic Worms "Read" the Body's Immune Condition and Reproduce Accordingly - Science Quest
11/10/2001:New List of Stem Cell Lines - ABC
11/10/2001:NIH Releases Stem Cell Colonies List  - Yahoo
11/10/2001:Designer Genes Reconsidered - Technology Review
11/10/2001:Vaccines Give Biotech a Booster - Technology Review
11/9/2001:Designer Genes Reconsidered - Technology Review
11/9/2001:The Three Domains of Life - SpaceDaily
11/9/2001:The Invasion of the Deep-Sea Microbes - SpaceDaily
11/8/2001:Biotech's Dark Side- Supergerms - Technology Review
11/8/2001:Scientists Find Clues in the Development of Light-Sensitive Eye Cells - Science Quest
11/8/2001:High-Throughput Screening in Review - Science Quest
11/7/2001:Researchers Quick to Use Yeast - Lycos
11/7/2001:Deep-sea bugs produce super sunscreen - New Scientist
11/7/2001:Deep Sea Diving for DNA - Technology Review
11/7/2001:Electron Microscopy Aids IVF - Technology Review
11/7/2001:Scientists on the Trail of Killer Bacteria  - Wired News
11/7/2001:Got Cloned Milk?  - Wired News
11/5/2001:Australia and New Zealand Ban Cloned Racehorses - ABC
11/5/2001:Don't Feed the Sharks, At Least in Florida - ABC
11/5/2001:Senate Sidesteps Cloning, Stem Cell Debates - ABC
11/5/2001:Project to Name All Life-Forms  - Wired News
11/5/2001:HIV Gene Causes Formation of Nuclear Herniations Halting Cell Division - Science Quest
11/5/2001:Mutant Weeds Are Created to Find How Plants Work - Science Quest
11/4/2001:Australia and New Zealand Ban Cloned Racehorses - ABC
11/4/2001:Don't Feed the Sharks, At Least in Florida - ABC
11/4/2001:Senate Sidesteps Cloning, Stem Cell Debates - ABC
11/4/2001:Bacteria 'to make wood products'
11/4/2001:Canaries change their tune  - Yahoo
11/4/2001:Human Genome Sciences Wins OK to Test Lupus Drug  - Yahoo
11/4/2001:Absence Of PTEN Gene May Explain Brain Tumor Origin  - Unisci
11/4/2001:Specific Genes Key To Angiogenesis For Some Tumors  - Unisci
11/4/2001:Unravelling anthrax - Discover
11/4/2001:Scientists Succeed at First-Ever Attempt to Sequence DNA at Sea; Pioneering technologies allow real-time seque... - FirstScience
11/3/2001:Beetle's water hope  - BBC
11/3/2001:Study reveals 'magnetic charms' of migratory birds - Ananova
11/3/2001:Scientists hold 'rave concert' for drugged mice - Ananova
11/3/2001:Abortion foes in Britain challenge embryonic cloning rule - Dallas News
11/3/2001:Cell biology:...  - Nature
11/3/2001:New Cell Lines Will Be Needed - Technology Review
11/2/2001Beery diet for lugworms may boost fish farming - New Scientist
11/2/2001Quest for Better Apples Bears Fruit for U.S. Botanists - Nat'l. Geo. News
11/2/2001Foxo1 and the insulin resistance of cultured kidney cells  - Eureka Alert
11/1/2001:New Zealand Govt. Bans Release of GMOs, Allows Field Trials - ABC
11/1/2001:Switching on the fruitfly genome - AlphaGalileo
11/1/2001:Ants work together 'like penny farthing' - Ananova
11/1/2001:University builds biotech research hub  - CNN
11/1/2001:'Molecular pharming' takes root  - CNN
11/1/2001:Germs in meat stir debate on livestock drugs  - CNN
11/1/2001:Learning How The Attraction Called Chemotaxis Works  - Unisci
11/1/2001:DNA Inversion Could Be One Mechanism For Disease  - Unisci
11/1/2001:When is an ant like a bicycle?  - Nature
11/1/2001:Switching on the fly genome  - Eureka Alert
11/1/2001:‘The Chimpanzees I Love’- Book excerpt- MSNBC

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