12/28/2001:"Will Gene Therapy Change the Human Race?"  - SciTech
12/28/2001:Whale skin inspires toxic paint replacement  - SciTech
12/28/2001:Scientists find hot activity under Arctic ice cap  - Scientific American
12/28/2001:A French court has ruled that disabled children can sue doctors over not having aborted them.  - SciTech
12/27/2001:Leisure activity decreases risk of Alzheimer's disease
12/27/2001:Hormone replacement therapy may delay cognitive decline in older women  - Eureka Alert
12/27/2001:HRT 'delays mental decline'  - BBC
12/27/2001:One common factor -- context -- may underpin the normal cognitive problems of aging  - Eureka Alert
12/26/2001:Copycat Cures - Science Quest
12/26/2001:Poinsettia- The Christmas Flower - Science Quest
12/26/2001:Fish May Show How Nature Diversifies - Science Quest
12/26/2001:The Mechanism Some Viruses Use to Infect the Cells of Other Organisms Involves One of the Most Powerful Biomolecular Motors - Science Quest
12/26/2001:With Gene Map Nearly Complete, Researchers Must Learn to Use It  - NY Times
12/26/2001:Asia Could Emerge As Stem Cell Leader - L. A. Times
12/25/2001:Biowar Front Lines - ABC
12/25/2001:Why Goldfish Might Turn Blue  - Wired News
12/25/2001:Brazil moves to shield biotech industry - Seattle Times
12/25/2001:Gene trial to proceed despite fears that therapy could change child's genetic makeup - Seattle Times
12/25/2001:Fish May Show How Nature Diversifies - Science Quest
12/25/2001:Molecules Bring About Face   - Nature
12/25/2001:Exploring Virtual Proteins - Science Quest
12/25/2001:Prediction is better for cure  - Nature
10/22/2001:Brady Bunch Star Becomes Acne Spokesman - ABC
10/22/2001:Lots of Genes, Lots of Theories - Lycos
10/22/2001:Farmed Fish Are Safer - Popular Science
10/21/2001:Australians on alert for 'invincible' ant  - BBC
10/21/2001:Beckett hits back in BSE row  - BBC
10/21/2001:Mystery of bird 'V' formation solved  - BBC
10/21/2001:Finding the Genomes Master Switches...  - Scientific American
10/21/2001:Fossils Suggest Lemurs May Have Asian, Not African, Roots...  - Scientific American
10/21/2001:Lots of Genes, Lots of Theories - Lycos
10/21/2001:Hair, Hair, the Protein's Here - Lycos
10/21/2001:Ends Don'T Justify Means In Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Industry Watch
10/20/2001:Mystery of bird 'V' formation solved  - BBC
10/20/2001:Predators Turned Prey - Beyond 2000
10/20/2001:Cancer Gene Linked Also To Metabolism, Perhaps Aging  - Unisci
10/20/2001:Molecular motor packs DNA into viruses at greater than champagne pressures, researchers report  - Eureka Alert
10/20/2001:Receptor-dependent protein activation – without a receptor  - Eureka Alert
10/19/2001:Genes 'make men fight'
- Ananova

10/19/2001:Fat birds fly better - Ananova
10/19/2001:Birds choose ripe fruits because of ultraviolet light - Ananova
10/19/2001:Choosy male birds 'budget their sperm' - Ananova
10/19/2001:Purple-necked Wallaby exists say Aussie experts - Ananova
10/19/2001:Antarctic cores reveal ice history  - BBC
10/19/2001:Bio-labs face tight security  - BBC
10/19/2001:Monster returns to the deep  - BBC
10/19/2001:Tracking How Prion Diseases Adapt To New Species  - Unisci
10/19/2001:Utilizing Genetic Profiles Of Tumors To Treat Them  - Unisci
10/19/2001:Food and Formation Help Birds Fly Best - Cosmiverse
10/18/2001:Mice, Humans May Be 95% Match - Technology Review
10/18/2001:Bugs Smell Success - Technology Review
10/18/2001:A Worm's-Eye View - Technology Review
10/18/2001:Britain's First 'Designer Baby' to Be Born Soon  - Yahoo
10/18/2001:Say What- Neurons and Fat Cells Have a Dialogue in the Lab - Science Quest
10/18/2001:Using Metabolism Data in Early Development - Science Quest
10/18/2001:The Chemical Element - Science Quest
10/18/2001:Proteins in the Pot, Nine Eons Old - Science Quest
10/18/2001:Scientists Prove Through Genetic Analysis That Protein Plays a Role in Regulating Tumor Blood Supply Formation - Science Quest
10/18/2001:BRCA Gets a Sidekick
10/17/2001:Land used for GM crops will be decontaminated - Ananova
10/17/2001:New 'bio-chip' could speed drug trials- Ananova
10/16/2001:Biologist rediscovers longest-legged spider by chance - Ananova
10/16/2001:DNA 'paperweight' is sample solution - Ananova
10/16/2001:Expression Of Single Gene Can Trigger Fertilization  - Unisci
10/15/2001:The Specter of Biological Weapons  - Scientific American
10/15/2001:Cloning for Medicine  - Scientific American
10/15/2001:Magic Bullets Fly Again  - Scientific American
10/14/2001:Taking a New Look at Old Cases With DNA - L. A. Times
10/13/2001:Gene villain may have good side- BBC
10/12/2001:Scientists explore chicken genome to reduce animal testing - AlphaGalileo
10/13/2001:Chameleon has 'fire and forget' tongue - Ananova
10/12/2001:Bad gene may have its plus side - Ananova
10/13/2001:Oral flex...  - Nature
10/12/2001:Mendel's Monastery To Host Celebration Of The Birth Of Genetics - AlphaGalileo
10/12/2001:Study- Turtles take magnetic cues  - CNN
10/12/2001:Controlled nerve growth factor aids brain cell transplant  - Eureka Alert
10/12/2001:Tips from the Journals of the American Society for Microbiology- October 2001  - Eureka Alert
10/12/2001:The Science Behind Stem Cell Research... - FirstScience
10/12/2001:The Proteomics Payoff - Technology Review
10/12/2001:Fears May Speed Vaccine Studies - Technology Review
10/11/2001:'Protein helps sperm penetrate egg' - Ananova
10/11/2001:Selective deletion of leptin receptor in neurons leads to obesity
10/11/2001:Scientists Forge New Gene Mapping Process - Cosmiverse
10/11/2001:Bugs Eat Industrial Waste - Cosmiverse
Centre for Biodefence to open in Texas - Ananova
10/10/2001:Playing tag with the genome  - Nature
10/10/2001:Bugs speed green chemistry  - Nature
10/10/2001:Helper T Cells Control Activity Of Killer T Cells  - Unisci
10/10/2001:Scientists unravel immune mysteries  - BBC
10/10/2001:'Artifical boost' for immune system  - BBC
10/10/2001:EU says biotech foods may be safer than regular food - Nando Times
10/10/2001:Proteins on Demand - Technology Review 
10/9/2001:Seattle Cancer Researcher Wins Nobel Prize - ABC
10/9/2001:Cancer Cell Researchers Share Nobel Medicine Prize - ABC
10/9/2001:Will Vaccine Work? - ABC
10/9/2001:Losing Function Of Telomeres Depends On Shortest One  - Unisci
10/9/2001:New Synthetic Copies Structure, Function Of Cartilage  - Unisci  - Unisci
10/9/2001:Magic Bullets Fly Again  - Scientific American
10/9/2001:The Uncloned States of America?  - Scientific American
10/9/2001:Critters on a Chip  - Scientific American
10/8/2001:'Plantibody' technology provides harvest for sex diseases - Ananova
10/8/2001:Cambridge firm accelerates vaccine production - Boston Globe
10/8/2001:A doctor's take on bioterrorism fears- Don't panic; plan ahead - Boston Globe
10/8/2001:Terror puts Harvard anthrax research at fore - Boston Globe
10/8/2001:Saturday review- books- Pick of the week- A bug's life- Nicholas Lezard learns the story of a nasty microbe - Industry Watch
10/8/2001:E-Nose Sniffs Out Nasty Bugs - Lycos
10/8/2001:Scientists Seek Germ Warfare Vaccines - World Scientist
10/8/2001:3D Map Navigates Through Genes - Tech TV
10/7/2001:Engineered Bioweapons - ABC
10/7/2001:UCSD bioengineers fabricate joint cartilage which mimics structure and function of natural tissue  - Eureka Alert
10/7/2001:Size Matters- Shortest Telomeres Initiate Cellular HavocJohns Hopkins
10/7/2001:Harnessing biotech  - SciTech
10/7/2001:How Modern Chemicals May Be Changing Human Biology  - SciTech
10/6/2001:Cypriot Researcher Sees Human Clone in Four Months - ABC
10/6/2001:Protein Blocks Could Inhibit AIDS  - Wired News
10/6/2001:Core code cracked  - Nature
10/5/2001:Life in the hot seat  - BBC
10/5/2001:Bee wings way to UK  - BBC
10/5/2001:Scientists Make Animal Sex Selection Breakthrough - ABC
10/5/2001:Language gene found  - Nature
10/5/2001:Scientists Make Animal Sex Selection Breakthrough  - Yahoo
10/5/2001:Scientists make key finding underlying genetic stability  - Eureka Alert
10/5/2001:Researchers identify stem cell gene with unique role  - Eureka Alert
10/5/2001:Ideal for Booming Mating Calls, Certain Fish Muscles Have Evolved So Fully That They're Unfit for Much Else  - Eureka Alert
10/5/2001:Size matters- Shortest telomeres initiate cellular havoc  - Eureka Alert
10/5/2001:SurroMed and Penn State publish pioneering work in the journal Science describing Nanobarcodes™ particles  - Eureka Alert
10/4/2001:De-coding the Black Death
  - BBC
10/4/2001:Gulf War children's 'defect risk'  - BBC
10/4/2001:U.S. Steps Up Germ Defense, Speeds Smallpox Vaccine - ABC
10/4/2001:Bioterror Disease Decoded - ABC
10/4/2001:Read a Q&A on bioterrorism. - ABC
10/4/2001:Senators Seek to Boost Biological Weapon Defenses - ABC
10/4/2001:Camoflaged antibodies - ABC
10/4/2001:Bacteriophage Structure Surprisingly Like Adenovirus  - Unisci
10/4/2001:Pits stop cells  - Nature
10/4/2001:Deadly copper disease in infants targeted  - Eureka Alert
10/4/2001:Drop of 30 percent in use of animals in some chemical tests could be quickly achieved through use of cells, US says  - Eureka Alert
10/4/2001:Northwestern researcher discovers second gene for Lou Gehrig's Disease  - Eureka Alert
10/4/2001:Scientists build case for 'haplotype' map of human genome, find new gene for Crohn’s disease  - Eureka Alert
10/4/2001:Stem-cell researchers see hope for private funds...  - Boston Globe
10/4/2001:Lexicon Genetics Announces Discovery of Gene Target For the Development of Drugs to Treat Heart Disease... - FirstScience
10/4/2001:Groups Air Concerns Over Diesel-Fueled Generators - L. A. Times
10/4/2001:National Guard protecting Michigan producer of anthrax vaccine - Nando Times
10/4/2001:Snapping Shrimp Stun Prey with Flashy Bang - Nat'l. Geo. News
10/4/2001:UK Response to Foot-and-Mouth Was Appropriate, Two Studies Say - Nat'l. Geo. News
10/4/2001:Bubonic plague genome is "unusually fluid" - New Scientist
10/4/2001:Genetic Modification Taints Corn in Mexico  - NY Times
10/4/2001:Automated Analytical Platform Facilitates Identification of Proteins - Science Quest
10/4/2001:First Division Seals Embryo Fate - Science Quest
10/4/2001:Structure of Virus That Infects Bacteria Offers Insights Into Evolution, Therapies - Science Quest

10/3/2001:Endangered sheep cloned  - BBC
10/3/2001:Gene selection  - BBC
10/3/2001:Antidote hope  - BBC
10/3/2001:Probing 3D Structures Of Life-Regulating Proteins  - Unisci
10/3/2001:Gene Identified That Makes Mice Resistant To Anthrax  - Unisci
10/3/2001:Harvard attacks anthrax  - Nature
10/3/2001:First division seals embryo fate  - Nature
10/3/2001:Wellcome distraction  - Nature
10/3/2001:Antibodies down the tubes  - Nature
10/3/2001:Two become one  - Nature
10/3/2001:Gene testing goes mainstream  - CNN
10/3/2001:Structure of virus that infects bacteria offers insights into evolution, therapies  - Eureka Alert
10/3/2001:Automated analytical platform facilitates identification of proteins  - Eureka Alert
10/2/2001:Geron Grows Stem Cells Without Mice Feeder Cells - ABC
10/2/2001New Controversy Over UK 'Designer Baby' - ABC
10/2/2001:Sex selection should be legalised - AlphaGalileo
10/2/2001Single Gene Can Induce Blood Vessel Formation In Mice  - Unisci
10/2/2001:Vaccine maker lacks OK by FDA - Boston Globe 
10/2/2001:Ethicist OKs some sex selection - Dallas News
10/2/2001:Embryo gender selection supported - Dallas News
10/2/2001Researchers Build Diagram of Cell Cycle Clock - Science Quest
10/1/2001:New Lab Leads in Cancer Fight -  World Scientist
10/1/2001:Water Critical in Protein Function - Technology Review 
10/1/2001:Plants Reveal Sophisticated Machinery - Science Quest
10/1/2001:Chemistry Team Shows Critical Role of Water in Protein Function - Science Quest
10/1/2001:Cockroaches That Can Be Used as Spies - Science Quest
10/1/2001:Potential Candidate Chemical for Antidepressant Effects of Exercise Found - Science Quest
9/30/2001:Moving gene in plant results in increased production of amino acid  - Eureka Alert
9/30/2001:Researchers- Autumn color is nature's sunscreen - New Scientist
9/30/2001:Researchers build diagram of cell cycle clock - New Scientist
9/30/2001:Chromosome 21 Pan-acea-... - FirstScience
9/29/2001:Swiss Approve Limited Research on Embryo Stem Cells - ABC
9/29/2001: Book excerpt- Germs- Biological Weapons - ABC
9/29/2001:America's Worst Nightmare - ABC
9/29/2001:Researchers Do CT Scan on 'Soap Lady'  - Yahoo
9/29/2001:Simple Cells React Quickly To Membrane Voltage Change - Unisci
9/28/2001:Discovering The Achievements Of The American Cockroach  - Unisci
9/28/2001:Scientists Build Microscope Onto The Head Of A Rat  - Unisci
9/28/2001:A heightened alert for bioterrorism - Boston Globe 
9/28/2001:Researchers find glass-eating microbes at the rock bottom of the food chain  - Eureka Alert
9/28/2001:A sticky situation for ants and bees- UMass biologist looks at how these insects adhere to various surfaces  - Eureka Alert
9/28/2001:UB biophysicists discover high-speed motility in cells in response to voltage changes  - Eureka Alert
9/28/2001:Blood vessels trigger development of the pancreas  - Eureka Alert
9/28/2001:Science features Fox Chase Cancer Center findings on promotion of organ growth  - Eureka Alert
9/28/2001:Anthrax Scare Prompts Run on Dubious Drug  - NY Times
9/27/2001:At Risk- A Golden Opportunity in Biotech
- Business Week

9/27/2001:Psyched about Stem Cells - Business Week
9/27/2001:Flesh-eating Plants - Discover
9/26/2001:WHO Urges Better Defense Against Biological Attack - ABC
9/26/2001:Caterpillars Make Noise to Threaten - ABC
9/26/2001:Biodiversity Shrinks as Farm Breeds Die Out  - Yahoo
9/26/2001:University Expands Stem Cell Lawsuit- Yahoo
9/26/2001:Dolly scientists target biomedical research  - BBC
9/26/2001:Squirrels 'genetically altered' by forest  - BBC
9/26/2001:Australia edges forward on stem cells  - BBC
9/26/2001:Gene lab probes cures for children  - BBC
9/26/2001:'Grow your own knee'  - BBC
9/26/2001:'Growing a new knee'  - BBC
9/26/2001:Sex with strangers gives reproductive success - New Scientist
9/26/2001:Dining habits governed by your genes - New Scientist
9/26/2001:BSE cases in France set to overtake UK - New Scientist

9/25/2001:Q&A- The threat from bio-terrorism  - BBC
9/25/2001:America's Worst Nightmare - ABC
9/25/2001: Live Chat Transcript- Biological Terror - ABC
9/25/2001: Book excerpt- Germs- Biological Weapons - ABC
9/25/2001:Biometrics Take Wing - ABC
9/25/2001:Novel means for stopping transcription found, Hopkins scientists report
  - Eureka Alert
9/25/2001:Rutgers scientists mapping DNA links to complex diseases
  - Eureka Alert
9/25/2001:Researchers use statistical gene profiling to predict breast cancer clinical status
  - Eureka Alert

9/15/2001:Experts- More Stem Lines Needed - ABC
9/15/2001:First Pathway In Animals Found For Detoxifying Metals  - Unisci
9/15/2001:Experts Back Human Embryonic Stem-Cell Research - ABC
9/15/2001:Pa. Bioethicist Increasingly Sought  - Yahoo
9/15/2001:The Uncloned States of America-  - Scientific American
9/14/2001:Cell-cell communication in the flower is unlocked
9/14/2001:Biologists find a gene required for tolerance of heavy metals, previously known only in plants, in an animal
9/14/2001:Mothers transmit DNA through daughters only
9/14/2001:Fat-Melting Gene Found in Mice; Could Help Humans
9/14/2001:Bugs Fighting Back in Evolutionary War on Humans?
9/14/2001:New Research Fuels Debate Over Genetic Food Altering
9/14/2001:First High-Resolution Structure of a Membrane Transporter Solved -- A Weapon Against Cancer and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
9/14/2001:Space-Age Genomics -- And Beyond
9/14/2001:Protein Crystals Come of Age
9/14/2001:Access to Stem Cells Cleared
9/14/2001:High Court Bid by Biotech Firm 
9/14/2001:Biotech scientists launch their own venture
9/14/2001:Smooth as silk, but now a lot stronger 9/14/2001:Cell-cell communication in the flower is unlocked

9/14/2001:Biologists find a gene required for tolerance of heavy metals, previously known only in plants, in an animal
9/14/2001:Mothers transmit DNA through daughters only
9/14/2001:Fat-Melting Gene Found in Mice; Could Help Humans
9/14/2001:Bugs Fighting Back in Evolutionary War on Humans?
9/14/2001:New Research Fuels Debate Over Genetic Food Altering
9/14/2001:First High-Resolution Structure of a Membrane Transporter Solved -- A Weapon Against Cancer and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
9/14/2001:Space-Age Genomics -- And Beyond
9/14/2001:Protein Crystals Come of Age
9/14/2001:Access to Stem Cells Cleared
9/14/2001:High Court Bid by Biotech Firm 
9/14/2001:Biotech scientists launch their own venture
9/14/2001:Smooth as silk, but now a lot stronger 
Human Cloning
9/13/2001:Stem Cells Flourish in America's Dairyland - ABC
9/13/2001:Human Cloning - ABC
9/13/2001:Bombay lab at forefront of world's latest medical research- embryonic stem cells - ABC
9/13/2001:US revises stem cell estimate  - BBC
9/13/2001:Report Details Biotech Plants, Animals on Horizon  - Yahoo
9/13/2001:Pharmacologically modified crops - Economist
9/13/2001:A Bigger Pill to Swallow - Economist
9/12/2001:Germany Breaks New Ground in Stem Cell Treatment  - Yahoo
9/12/2001:First high-resolution structure of a membrane transporter solved at The Scripps Research Institute—a weapon against cancer and antibiotic-resistant bacteria  - Eureka Alert
9/12/2001:Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute discover a previously unknown role for antibodies  - Eureka Alert
9/12/2001:Structure of key protein involved in cancer, osteoporosis and foot-and-mouth disease finally solved  - Eureka Alert
9/12/2001:A small genetic change makes flu virus deadly  - Eureka Alert
9/12/2001:China to declare new reserve for Siberian tigers  - Eureka Alert
9/12/2001:Stem Cell Distribution Deal Told - FirstScience
9/12/2001:Report Details Biotech Plants, Animals on Horizon - Lycos
9/12/2001:Mothers Transmit DNA Through Daughters Only - Science Quest
9/12/2001:Researchers Find an Antibody That Destroys the Blood's Platelets - Science Quest
9/12/2001:University of Maryland Researchers Locate Genes That Speed Up Formation of New Species - Science Daily
9/12/2001:Stem-cell lines appear to fall short; fewer than half available, Senate told - Seattle Times
8/12/2001:Celera Launches SNP Campaign- Technology Review
8/12/2001:Alien Clones- Nobody's Laughing  - Wired News
9/8/2001:Researchers Get Images of Prions - World Scientist
9/8/2001:Animal Disease Is Reminder of Bioterrorism DangerWorld Scientist
9/8/2001:Did dust bring foot-and-mouth to our shores?World Scientist
9/8/2001:Top scientist warns Britain to be prepared for biological warfareWorld Scientist
9/8/2001:India to test genetically-modified cottonWorld Scientist
9/8/2001:Geron Morphs From Eternal Life to Stem Cells - World Scientist
9/8/2001:Stem Cell Researchers' Hands Tied  - Wired New
9/8/2001:GM Tomato Won't Spread Its DNA - Technology Review
9/8/2001:Genes That Dictate Metabolic Processes in an Ancient Life Form Being Identified - Science Quest
9/8/2001:Master switches to boost gene therapy - New Scientist
9/8/2001:Bzzzzzzz-splat! Science swats malaria with a GM mozzie - World Scientist01:Researchers Discover Gene That Identifies Stem Cells  - Yahoo
9/7/2001:Investors Divided on Stem Cells - L. A. Times
9/7/2001:Inhibitory Switch Found for Master Regulator of Inflammation - Science Quest
9/7/2001:Proteins Can Be Engineered as Widely Adaptable "Bioelectronic" Sensors - Science Quest
9/6/2001:Billionaire Withholds Stem Cell Research Money - ABC
9/6/2001:Sweden Says Stem Cells to Be Shared, Not Sold - ABC
9/6/2001:How Stem Cells Build Muscle Or Brain Or Bone Cells - ABC
9/6/2001:Scientists Develop Environment Friendly GM Tomato  - Yahoo
9/6/2001:Dolly firm sued over 'stolen ideas'  - BBC
9/6/2001:Nature's chemical weapons save lives  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:NU scientist finds answers in Antarctic icefish  - Eureka Alert
9/6/2001:Biomolecule studied for medical uses  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Genes Dictate Age of Menopause, Dutch Doctors Say - ABC
9/5/2001:Finding out how the patterns of Nature develop - AlphaGalileo
9/5/2001:Pinpointing The Gene Locus For Audiogenic Epilepsy  - Unisci
9/5/2001:Dolly firm sued over 'stolen ideas'  - BBC
9/5/2001:Fight between GMOS and the bugs they repel may not be over  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Laser technique examines movement in nucleus of living cell  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Harbor Branch scientists to study predation habits of jellyfish-like animals in Gulf Of Maine  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:New epilepsy gene identified in mice  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Discovery of a unique gene modification may provide clues to the cause of certain types of lymphoma, UCLA researchers say  - Eureka Alert
9/5/2001:Rivals join to map genes - MSNBC
9/5/2001:Blood Vessel Growth Agent Found - Technology Review
9/4/2001:Biotech Lecturer Dropped by College - Artigen
9/4/2001:Labs say some stem cell lines not ready  - CNN
9/4/2001:Sweden Lab Holds Trove of Stem Cells  - Wired News
9/3/2001:GM trees fight Dutch elm disease  - BBC
9/3/2001:Study- Biotech Corn OK for Monarchs  - Yahoo
9/3/2001:First Genetically Modified Dutch Elm Trees Grown  - Unisci
9/3/2001:Labs see enough stem cells to begin work  - CNN
9/3/2001:Stem cells might be too young - Dallas News
9/3/2001:Genes in Microgravity - Discover
9/3/2001:New bar coding system helps decode drug discovery  - Eureka Alert
9/3/2001:Computerized prescription system reduces turnaround time for medications and lowers resistance to antibiotics  - Eureka Alert
9/3/2001:Icelanders given option to remove their information from medical database - Nando Times
9/3/2001:Officials identify 64 embryonic stem cell lines eligible for use in government-funded studies - Nando Times
9/3/2001:Vital signs  - Nature
9/3/2001:Stem cell line list gets sceptical reception - New Scientist
9/3/2001:Magnificent mimic reveals multiple impressions - New Scientist
9/2/2001:Stem Cell Lines Revealed - ABC
9/2/2001:U.S. Details 64 Stem-Cell Lines Eligible for Funding - ABC
9/2/2001:Gene Tied to Cocaine Addiction Identified in Mice - ABC
9/2/2001:Mechanism For White Blood Cell Development Identified  - Unisci
9/2/2001:Biotech for Boomers - Business Week
9/2/2001:Stem Cell Product Still Eludes Research Firms  - CNN
9/2/2001:Pac-Man-Like Microstructure Interacts With Red Blood Cells - Science Quest
9/2/2001:Mixed Stem Cells Create Hurdle - Technology Review
9/1/2001:Stem cell debate forgets key factor, experts say - Dallas News
9/1/2001:For Farmers, It's a Bug-Eat-Bug World - L. A. Times
9/1/2001:Stem Cell Product Still Eludes Research Firms - L. A. Times
8/31/2001:Stem Cell Lines Could Be Contaminated - ABC
8/31/2001:Clinic to give embryos to Harvard for stem cell research - Boston Globe
8/31/2001:Scientists find gene linked to brain hemorrhage... - FirstScience
8/31/2001:Scientist Offers Free Cell Lines - L. A. Times
8/31/2001:Bush Unwavering on Stem-Cell Research Restrictions - Lycos
8/31/2001:Two Brothers Aim to Revolutionize Gene Profiling - Lycos
8/31/2001:Germany Breaks New Ground in Stem Cell Treatment - Lycos
8/31/2001:Stem cell lines could pass FDA’s bar - MSNBC
8/31/2001:Worried Scientists Are Told Ample Stem Cell Lines Exist- NY Times
8/30/2001:The Future of Organ Donation - ABC
8/30/2001:Cloned Cattle Set to Revolutionize World Food - ABC
8/30/2001:Cells Provide Hiding Places for Some Invaders - ABC
8/30/2001:Brain Stem Cells Have Daughter Cells In Certain Order  - Unisci
8/30/2001:Estimates Of Human Gene Numbers Shown To Be Too Low  - Unisci
8/30/2001:Lawmakers Get First-Hand Look At Bioterrorist Target  - Unisci
8/30/2001:Clinic to Supply Embryos to Harvard  - Yahoo
8/30/2001:Lab technique raises stem cell concerns - Dallas News
8/30/2001:What stem-cell research can achieve - Economist
8/30/2001:UC Davis' first cloned calf born, succumbs three days later  - Eureka Alert
8/30/2001:UNC scientists develop new way to calculate stability of proteins  - Eureka Alert
8/30/2001:Marine eye to future... - FirstScience
8/30/2001:WashPost- Stem cell research faces FDA hurdle - MSNBC
8/30/2001:Human gene number climbs  - Nature
8/30/2001:Genes reveal jumbo schism  - Nature
8/30/2001:Stem cells face xenotransplantation glitch - New Scientist
8/30/2001:Human gene count underestimated - New Scientist
8/30/2001:Microjaws -
8/30/2001:Behavior Pattern Influences Human Genetic Diversity -- Study - Industry Watch
8/30/2001:COLUMN- And on the ninth day Bush said ... - Industry Watch
8/29/2001:Calif. Firm Wants to Copyright Your DNA - ABC
8/29/2001:Why stop at 60- Jeffrey Kahn examines the stem cell funding decision.  - CNN
8/29/2001:Patents Seen Complicating Stem Cell Research - Lycos
8/29/2001:Brittle Star Found Covered With Optically Advanced "Eyes" - Nat'l. Geo. News
8/29/2001:Los Angeles "bouncing" due to water storage - New Scientist
8/29/2001:Eye's Photoreceptors Can Quickly Realign Towards Light, Much Like Plants - Science Daily
8/29/2001:World's Largest Genetic Library - Technology Review
8/29/2001:Engineering Miracles - Tech TV
8/28/2001:Stem Cell Proponents May Turn to Congress - ABC
8/28/2001:Australia Gets Cell Research Center  - Yahoo
8/28/2001:Biotechnology and Genetics  - Yahoo
8/28/2001:[ MORE...] - Beyond 2000
8/28/2001:New Method Permits Modeling Of Truly Large Molecules  - Unisci
8/28/2001:Government Holds Talks on Stem Cell Access  - Yahoo
8/28/2001:Artistic Allusions -- or Delusions- -- at Human Genome Sciences - Business Week
8/28/2001:Gene Therapy Is on the Mend - Business Week
8/28/2001:Human cloning ban sought by French, German officials - Dallas News
8/28/2001:Brittlestars use crystal lenses to spot approaching predators unique “visual” system is the first of its kind to be discovered in animals inhabiting the earth today  - Eureka Alert
8/28/2001:Researchers make key genome public on the Internet  - Eureka Alert
8/28/2001:French GM crop foes destroy maize at Monsanto farm... - FirstScience
8/28/2001:Unocal rigged smog rules to gain on patents- Exxon... - FirstScience
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8/27/2001:Scientists Isolate 'Tender Steak' Gene
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8/27/2001:Technology hope for turtles  - BBC
8/27/2001:What can stem cells really do? - Boston Globe
8/27/2001:A microbe that thrives where others can not survive -- and that creates gold deposits  - CNN
8/27/2001:Chip lithography harnessed to grow living brain cells - El. Engr. Times
8/27/2001:Researchers make key genome public on the Internet  - Eureka Alert
8/27/2001:New model of staph drug resistance implicates unlikely protein  - Eureka Alert
8/27/2001:Forestalling pesticide, antibiotic resistance possible, theory predicts  - Eureka Alert
8/27/2001:Enzyme increases number, size of heart muscle cells in mice  - Eureka Alert
8/27/2001:Singapore Stem Cell Firm Plans New Laboratories - Lycos
8/27/2001:New algorithms speed molecular simulations - New Scientist
8/27/2001:Researchers Discover Link Between Gene in Rare Disorder and Growth Factor - Science Quest
8/27/2001:Sizzling Startup- Cellular Genomics - Technology Review
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8/26/2001:Stem Cell Monopoly? - ABC
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8/26/2001:Chilli-eating chickens repel bacteria - New Scientist
8/26/2001:Protein protecting freezing tissues is synthesised - New Scientist
8/26/2001:Synthetic Antifreeze Could Prevent Ice Growth - Science Quest
8/26/2001:Mechanism Believed Found That Regulates Movement Within Cells - Science Quest
8/26/2001:High on the future- Already saving lives, stem-cell research may soon be in full swing - Seattle Times
8/26/2001:Sixty Stem-Cell Lines Questioned - Technology Review
8/25/2001:Scientists Muck Around in Toxic Mud - Artigen
8/25/2001:Cuttings Taken From Giant Oak - Artigen
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8/25/2001:Genes in Microgravity - Discover
8/25/2001:Medicine's Holy Grail - Globe & Mail
8/24/2001:Weekend- Y AND MIGHTY- It's the chromosome that has for years been relegated to the sidelines of science. But now this tiny cell particle is providing the answers to some very big cultural questions - and putting a match to political time bombs - Industry Watch
8/25/2001:The Limiting of Science Is Cutting Off Hope - NY Times
8/25/2001:Stem Cell Research Matures in Montreal Studies - L. A. Times
8/25/2001:Stem-cell research shows promise, but techniques intertwine with cloning - and defining - human life - Seattle Times
8/24/2001:As disease-causing genes are discovered, the rush to the patent office grows - ABC
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8/23/2001:Stem Cell Spat - ABC
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8/23/2001Mechanism believed found that regulates movement within cells  - Eureka Alert
8/23/2001Researchers at UT Southwestern discover link between gene in rare disorder and growth factor  - Eureka Alert
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8/22/2001Majority Says No to Cloning - ABC
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8/21/2001Lizards Might Choose Offspring's Sex by Sunbathing - ABC
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8/21/2001No stemming the tide  - Nature
8/21/2001New path lays DNA puzzles bare  - Nature
8/21/2001Stem Cell Issue Causes Debate Over the Exact Moment Life Begins- NY Times
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8/19/2001:Bush Won't Budge on Stem Cell Position, Health Secretary Says - L. A. Times
8/19/2001:Stem Cells- Now for the Hard Part - Lycos
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8/18/2001:Despite such concerns, officials say the president will stick by his decision.- ABC
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8/17/2001:Adult Stem Cells Hold Hope for Autoimmune Patients - Lycos
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8/17/2001:World water crisis will threaten one in three-UN... - FirstScience
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8/15/2001:Weeds 'can inherit long-lived genes'  - BBC
8/15/2001:Cloned Goat Gives Birth  - Yahoo
8/15/2001:Gene finding has implications for cloning, cancer  - CNN
8/15/2001:Stem cell research is vital to finding cures for blinding diseases  - Eureka Alert
8/15/2001:Knockout of cav-1 protein causes loss of a cellular organelle  - Eureka Alert
8/15/2001:Geron holds lead patent position in stem cell technology... - FirstScience
8/15/2001:"Histone Code" Joins Genetic Code as Critical Determinant of Chromosomal Inheritance- Study Reveals Key Properties of Silent Versus Active DNA - Science Quest
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8/14/2001:A Closer Look at the Genome's "Black Holes" - Science Quest
8/14/2001:"Histone Code" Joins Genetic Code as Critical Determinant of Chromosomal Inheritance- Study Reveals Key Properties of Silent Versus Active DNA - Science Quest
8/13/2001:Sure, I Believe in Cloning- ABC
8/13/2001:Fear, Horror and Awe in Europe Over Human Cloning- ABC
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8/13/2001:Scientists discover new source of natural fertilizer in oceans  - Eureka Alert
8/13/2001:New source of natural fertilizer discovered in oceans  - Eureka Alert
8/13/2001:Seeking answers in life's blueprint A Penn State York workshop explores gene technology this week. - Industry Watch
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8/7/2001:Researchers warn cures may not come overnight - World Scientist
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8/7/2001:Bush to Decide Stem-Cell Issue by Early September  - Yahoo
8/7/2001:Couples 'join human cloning trial'  - BBC
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8/3/2001:US warned of cloning 'brain drain'  - BBC
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8/3/2001:US heads for human cloning ban
8/3/2001:Israeli teams grows heart cells and insulin producing cells from human embryonic stem cells  - Eureka Alert
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8/2/2001:Ancient human DNA claim dismissed - New Scientist
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7/30/2001:Total protein scan approaches reality - New Scientist
7/30/2001:Researchers First to Catalogue Interactions of an Organism's Proteins - SciNews
7/30/2001:200 in Congress Endorse Stem Cell Research - New Scientist
7/30/2001:House Members Back Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Lycos
7/30/2001:Bacteria live inside bacteria in mealybug - Science News
7/29/2001:New 'mighty mice' research brings muscle growth closer to reality  - Eureka Alert
7/29/2001:Foals From Eggs Frozen And Then Thawed Are A First - Artigen
7/29/2001:Discovery will change the way researchers look at DNA transcription, scientists say  - Eureka Alert
7/28/2001:A further step towards new concepts for agriculture
7/28/2001:Cellular organelle evolved repeatedly  - Eureka Alert
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7/27/2001:How Small Can Life Be -
7/27/2001:Adding Letters to Life's Alphabet  - Wired News
7/27/2001:Scientists Are Starting to Add Letters to Life's Alphabet   - NY Times
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7/26/2001:US codecrackers target new drugs  - BBC
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7/25/2001:From 'Plantibodies' to Profits-  - Wired News
7/25/2001:Ebola May Enter Cell via Folate Gate - Science News
7/25/2001:Deaf woman receives two cochlear implants in pioneer study at NYU Medical Center   - Eureka Alert
7/25/2001:Doctors Test Chips in Eyeballs to Restore Sight - Lycos
7/25/2001:Experts Studying Proteins and Cancer - Associated Press
7/25/2001:Showing Clear Role For One Protein In Kidney Function
7/25/2001:Pheromones can banish premenstrual syndrome - New Scientist
7/25/2001:Cystic fibrosis patients show too little salt in lungs, will need long-lasting treatments - Univ. Of North Carolina
7/25/2001:Death toll from Afghan cholera rises to 113 - Nando Times
7/25/2001:Long-distance plant traffic  - Nature
7/25/2001:Farmers, USDA Deal With Plant Disease - Science Central
7/25/2001:US Showcase for Aussie Gene Damage Research - Science Central
7/24/2001:Debate Rages Over Ethics of Stem Cell Research - Artigen
7/24/2001:61 senators urge Bush to OK stem-cell funding  - CNN
7/24/2001:Panel considers risks of genetically engineered corn
7/24/2001:EPA issues rules for gene-altered crops  - CNN
7/24/2001:Plants vs. disease- 'Trench warfare at the molecular level'  - Eureka Alert
7/24/2001:U.N., G8 Leaders Gather $1 Billion for Health Fund - Lycos
7/23/2001:TIGR completes study providing insight into infectious strain of bacterium that causes otitis, pneumonia and meningitis  - Eureka Alert
7/23/2001:Report- Scientists need to study stem cells from all sources to discover their potential  - Nature
7/23/2001:Scientists Building a Better Banana  - Technology Review
7/23/2001:Study Provides Insight Into Infectious Strain of Bacterium That Causes Otitis, Pneumonia and Meningitis - Science Quest
7/23/2001:Research Shows Deadliest Form of Malaria Is Younger Than Previously Believed, Comes From Single Parasite Ancestor - Science Quest
7/22/2001:New Mutant Mouse Repositories Established for Biomedical Research Community
7/22/2001:Scientists Identify Methane-Consuming Microbes From Ocean Depths - Science Quest
7/22/2001:Marine Methane Consumed by Consortia of Bacteria - Science Quest
7/22/2001:Study favors embryo research - Dallas News
7/22/2001:Senator Blasts Stem Cell Report - Lycos
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7/21/2001:U.S. NIH, Key Senator Advocate Stem-Cell Research - Lycos
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7/20/2001:World Class Genome Center Launched In East Of England - Artigen
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7/20/2001:Poll Finds Majority Backs Stem Cell Research - Artigen
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7/19/2001:Worcester firm aims to clone human cells -Boston Globe
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7/18/2001:U.S. Stem Cell Researcher Defects to Britain - Artigen
7/18/2001:Scientists Create Genetically Engineered "Mighty Mice" to Bring Muscle Growth Closer to Reality - Science Central
7/18/2001:U.S. Stem Cell Researcher Defects to Britain - Artigen
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7/17/2001:Huge Genetic Variation Found in Humans - ABC
7/17/2001:Gene link to increased risk of coronary heart disease found by scientists  - Eureka Alert
7/16/2001:With First Comparative Look at Human and Mouse DNA, Joint Genome Institute Team Confirms Gene Estimate - Science Central
7/16/2001:Biotech 'Frankenstein Crops' May Yield Food to Poor - Lycos
7/16/2001:Imprinting Marks Clones for Death - Science Central
7/16/2001:From Flies to Humans-Ancient Gene May Be Involved in Male Infertility - Science Central
7/16/2001:Company invites public to launch messages, DNA into space - Nando Times
7/16/2001:Australian Vaccine Promises Safe Gene-Altered Food - Lycos
7/16/2001:DNA Chips Target Cancer- Science Central
7/16/2001:Politics Looms over Biotech Foods - Technology Review
7/15/2001:Blocking 'engulfment' gives dying cells new lease on life  - Eureka Alert
7/15/2001:Researchers Find Active New Role for Cell "Undertakers" in Cell Suicide
7/15/2001:Researchers discover gene that could be key in evolution of hardwoods  - Eureka Alert
7/15/2001:Gains Expected From Genetic Research - Artigen
7/14/2001:Company confirms human clone effort  - CNN
7/14/2001:Made-To-Order Stem Cells Spark Ethics Debate - Artigen
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7/13/2001:Va. Lab Harvests Human Stem Cells - Yahoo
7/13/2001:Bush Consults on Stem Cell Research  - Yahoo
7/13/2001:President Bush consults with bioethicists about stem cell research - Nando Times
7/13/2001:Babies From a Cell, Not a Sperm- - ABC
7/13/2001:Study Links Origin of Sexual Reproduction With High Mutation Rates - Nat'l. Geo. News
7/13/2001:Sexual "Arms Race" Drives Species Evolution in Desert Fruit Flies - Science Central
7/12/2001:I want your SEX - SciTech
7/12/2001:Staph bacteria are prolific gene swappers, researchers show - Eureka Alert
7/12/2001:Studies of gene mutation help fill in the history of malaria - Dallas News
7/11/2001:Identifying novel small RNAs  - Eureka Alert
7/11/2001:Telomerase Gene Anti-Therapy Stalls Tumors Growing in Culture  - Scientific American
7/11/2001:Single Gene Defects- Science Central
7/11/2001:Single Mite Female- Science Central
7/11/2001:Gene Mutation Causes Cancer Cell 'Suicide'- Lycos
7/11/2001:The Human in the Mouse Mirror- Science Central
7/11/2001:Pure Gene Pool Predicts Disease- ABC
7/11/2001:Genes Crucial In The Control Of Tuberculosis Found By Gladstone Researchers - Science Daily
7/11/2001:Biomonitoring is coming of age  - Nature
7/10/2001:Mice, Humans Have Similar Regulatory Genes -Study - Lycos
7/10/2001:Human cloning could be justified in future - expert...
7/10/2001:Male infertility- Scientists discover candidate gene for impaired spermatogenesis  - Eureka Alert
7/10/2001:Chemists shift cell shape  - Nature
7/10/2001:Bar code beads  - Nature
7/10/2001:Nicotine draws blood vessels  - Nature
7/10/2001:Biology's name game  - Nature
7/10/2001:Blue jeans become green jeans - New Scientist
7/9/2001:Dispute over number of human genes- BBC
7/9/2001:Scientists decipher tiny channel that lets potassium play its vital cellular role- Dallas News
7/9/2001:Killer research- Scientists bump off messenger RNA to study gene function- Dallas News
7/9/2001:Every dog has its DNA
7/9/2001:Germany Mulls a Leap Across Genetics Threshold- L. A. Times
7/9/2001:COLUMN ONE- Biotech Soybeans Plant Seed of Risky Revolution- L. A. Times
7/9/2001:New Genome Map Reveals Many Additional Probable Genes - Science Central
7/9/2001:Nicotine spurs vessel growth, maybe cancer - SciNews
7/9/2001:Awaiting Bush's Stem Cell Choice  - Wired News
7/8/2001:Study Raises Human Cloning Doubts  - Wired News
7/8/2001:Study examines genetics in India's caste system - Nando Times
7/8/2001:As Biotech Crops Multiply, Consumers Get Little Choice - SciTech
7/8/2001:Study- Stem Cell Cloning Flawed - Artigen
7/8/2001:Sorting the girls from the boys - sperm separation method with  - Eureka Alert
/7/2001:Israeli fertility experts call for international chromosome registry  - Eureka Alert
7/7/2001:Bacteria Could Create Self-Cleaning Clothes - Science Central
7/7/2001:Genetically modified corn found in Food Lion, Kash n' Karry tortilla chips - Nando Times
7/7/2001:Concern over baby sex 'guarantee'  - BBC
7/6/2001:UFO Cult May Sue U.S. FDA Over Human Cloning - Artigen
7/6/2001:Tiny levels of nicotine kill the tuberculosis bacterium, say researchers, but smoking is not a cure - New Scientist
7/6/2001:Study of aquatic bird genes reveals surprising relationships and evolutionary history  - Eureka Alert
7/6/2001:Drugs from sea study finds sponge health link to bacteria  - Eureka Alert
7/5/2001:Top Republicans Against U.S. Stem-Cell Funding- Lycos
7/5/2001:Quantum Dots to Barcode DNA  - Wired News
7/4/2001:Does Apoptosis Have a Role in Neurodegeneration?- - Science Central
7/4/2001:Manipulating a single gene dramatically improves regeneration in adult neurons- Finding may lead to new approaches for treating brain and spinal cord  - Eureka Alert
7/4/2001:University Of Illinois At Chicago Researchers Create Lifelike Cardiac Tissue- Science Daily
7/4/2001:DNA Chips Target Cancer - Technology Review
7/4/2001:New statistical method links multiple genes to common complex diseases  - Eureka Alert
7/4/2001:Using Lasers, Biologists Succeed in Getting Cells to Change Course - Science Central
7/4/2001:Automated Intelligence Benefits the New Biology - Science Central
7/4/2001:Scientists Push Enzyme Evolution Into High Gear; Work Could Lead To Mass Production Of Useful Plant Products- Science Daily
7/4/2001:Toxic Compound Opens Potentially Important Cell Gates- Science Daily
7/4/2001:Biologists leading a rush to decipher life-saving codes - MSNBC
7/4/2001:Battlefield Uses of Biotech  - Wired News
7/4/2001:Making a Language Out of ATCG (the DNA Nucleotides)  - Wired News
7/3/2001:Decoding the aardvark  - BBC
7/3/2001:Singapore Finds Bacteria Killer in Crab Protein- Lycos
7/3/2001:Researchers Use Computers to Redesign Protein Folding- Science Central
7/3/2001:GM crop rebels win UK court victory - New Scientist
7/3/2001:Study Uncovers Structure of Key Molecule Responsible for Clearing Drugs From Body - Science Central
7/3/2001:CSIRO Vaccinates Crop Plants Against Virus Attacks - Artigen
7/3/2001:Genes May Be Key to Birthweight-Heart Disease Link - Lycos
7/3/2001:Plant/pathogen evolutionary dynamic defies simple arms race model
7/3/2001:Decoding the aardvark  - BBC
7/3/2001:New weapons created to battle bacteria- MSNBC
7/3/2001:Drug Makers on the Apoptotic Trail - Science Central
7/2/2001:Identification of Mating Genes Provides Clues to Evolution- Science Central
7/1/2001:Scientists find firefly 'switch'  - BBC
7/1/2001:Research team unlocks secrets of the firefly flash  - Eureka Alert
7/1/2001:DNA analysis of salamanders turns up new species under almost every log, UC Berkeley zoologists find  - Eureka Alert
7/1/2001:Judge Halts Coastal Drilling- Lycos
7/1/2001:Identification of genes may tell how plants recognize pollen
7/1/2001:Microbiologists find a new source of nitrogen fixation  - Eureka Alert
7/1/2001:No Males Allowed- ABC
6/30/2001:Microbes may aid cleanup of benzene
6/30/2001:Gene Research Raises Fears of Discrimination - Yahoo
6/30/2001:Scientists Decipher "Fail-Safe" System That Limits Gene Copying in Cells
6/30/2001:Country Star Naomi Judd Says Biotech Saved Her Life - Lycos
6/29/2001:Why we should ban human cloning now:Preventing a Brave New World - SciTech
6/29/2001:Clone Ban a Life-Saving Ban, Too-  - Wired News
6/29/2001:Stem-Cell Controversy- ABC
6/29/2001:Americans support stem cell research, poll shows- Nando Times
6/29/2001:Bush Administration Backs Complete Ban on Human Cloning - Artigen
6/29/2001:University of Ga. Has 8 Cloned Cows - Artigen
6/29/2001:New technique increases survival of cloned cows  - CNN
6/29/2001:Brave New Herd- Researchers Unveil Cloned Calves - Science Central
6/28/2001:The European Science Foundation publishes policy briefing for human stem cell research - AlphaGalileo
6/28/2001:Destruction of a GM barley research trial at the John Innes Centre - AlphaGalileo
6/27/2001:DNA damage limitation link - Nature
6/27/2001:The Center of the Biotech World - Wired News
6/27/2001:Eating the Genes - Technology Review
6/27/2001:The Circuitry of Cancer Cells - Technology Review
6/27/2001:"Hairpin RNA" Beats Plant Viruses - Science Central
6/27/2001:Genetic contributions to alcohol sensitivity  - Eureka Alert
6/27/2001:Recent Origin of Malaria Resistance Genes In Humans Found
6/26/2001:Estonians bet on gene pool
6/26/2001:Scientists Call for Rapid progress on the 'Catalogue of Life'- AlphaGalileo
6/26/2001:Take a Byte Out of a Plant - Scientific American
6/26/2001:Protesters to Swarm Biotech Show - Technology Review
6/25/2001:Toward untangling photosynthesis - Nature
6/25/2001:Translating Genes into Profits? - Technology Review
6/23/2001:Motorola plans low-end phone chip for China  -
6/23/2001:Hair today, skin tomorrow - New Scientist
6/23/2001:Researchers identify protein important for beginning gene-activation process - Eureka Alert
6/23/2001:'Hairpin RNA' beats plant viruses  - Eureka Alert
6/22/2001:UCSD biologists identify 548 genes in the fruit fly likely to play a role in human genetic diseases  - Eureka Alert
6/22/2001:Presbyterians vote in favor of fetal, embryonic, and stem cell research  - Eureka Alert
6/22/2001:Ban baby cloning, says Royal Society - BBC
6/22/2001:Protein Researchers Get New Tools - Wired News
6/20/2001:Stem Cell Research
6/20/2001:At the Center of Stem-Cell Uproar - Technology Review
6/20/2001:Stronger Plants, No New Genes
6/19/2001:Scientists Push Enzyme Evolution Into High Gear; Work Could Lead to Mass Production of Useful Plant Products - Science Central
6/19/2001:NASA Goes Biotech - Technology Review
6/19/2001:Field tests of genetically altered crops may be waning, report finds
6/19/2001:Despite Fears, GM Crops Go Global
6/18/2001:Scientists sequence genome of major periodontal disease bacterium
6/17/2001:Development of Important Immune Cells Relies on More Complicated Influences Than Scientist Had Thought
'Grow-in-the-dark' algae may promise dietary supplements, glowing pigments, and more, say Science authors  - Eureka Alert

6/17/2001: “Facts needed, not just opinions”: Risk assessment research initiated to determine effects of genetically modified plants on soil ecosystems
6/17/2001:Mouse Changes Color With Supplement, Then Changes Back - Unisci
6/17/2001:Why cells are persistent
6/17/2001:New Algae Grows in Darkness - Yahoo
6/16/2001:Living Array Speeds Gene Research
6/16/2001:Genome Rivals' Genteel Soiree
6/16/2001:Genome Research Center Awarded Three Major Grants - Unisci
6/16/2001:Scientists describe variation in oceanic bacterial photopigments that convert light into biochemical energy - Eureka Alert
6/15/2001:In-home sample kit lets you store your genetic history
6/14/2001:Evolution at a Snail's Pace: It's Faster Than You Think
6/11/2001:Is Brownian Motion The Secret Of Life After All?
6/11/2001:Three views of genetics: the enthusiast, the visionary, and the sceptic
6/8/2001:Cloned Cow Dies in Tennessee
6/7/2001:Myriad Genetics Says It Finds Cholesterol Gene
6/7/2001:Alter Genes, Risk an Ecosystem?
6/6/2001:.Gene Linked to Schizophrenia
6/5/2001:.Gene chips accurately diagnose four complex childhood cancers
6/3/2001:.Amoeba Model
6/3/2001:.Crohn's Disease Genetics
6/3/2001:.Genome scientists are only human...
6/1/2001:.Silk and chips
6/1/2001:.Suing Over Stem Cells
6/1/2001:.Dopamine-Dampening Gene Linked To Prefrontal Inefficiency, Schizophrenia
5/31/2001:.Undergrad's Digital Model of Amoeba Helps Scientists Study Human Cells
5/31/2001:.Gene Slows Frontal Lobes, Boosts Schizophrenia Risk
5/29/2001:.Faulty human genes repaired
5/28/2001:.GM Meat on Sale in 10 to 15 Years, Scientists Say
5/25/2001:.South Korean Scientists Resist Cloning Ban
5/25/2001:.Penn researchers find proteins more dynamic than previously known
5/24/2001:.'Gene Giants' Criticized at World Ag Forum
5/24/2001:.GM coffee 'threatens farmers'
5/24/2001:.Go-ahead for GM insect release
5/24/2001:.The biological goldrush
5/24/2001:.The human gene harvest
5/22/2001:.GM meat '10 years away'
5/21/2001:."Silent" DNA Speaks Up for the First Time
5/21/2001:.Study Rejects Claim of Bacterial Genes in Humans
5/21/2001:.The DNA Bomb: Genomics in Warfare
5/20/2001:.Scientists produce test-tube horses
5/18/2001:.Scientists Question Accuracy of Celera Fruitfly Genome
5/17/2001:.New, improved drugs could result from first-ever transfer of DNA information from one species of streptomyces to another
5/16/2001:.Will Gene Therapy Change the Human Race?
5/14/2001:.Bio-Babies Spawn Ethics Question
5/14/2001:.Many Bacteria Take Evolutionary Shortcut, Drop Genes
5/13/2001:.GM Babies
5/13/2001:.Scientists track down the root of cloning problems
5/13/2001:.Protective Protein Caps Discovered at Ends of Human Chromosomes
5/12/2001:.Lessons from the human genome
5/12/2001:.Analysing the “metabolome”
5/11/2001:Continuing evolution? Tall men selected over shorter men
5/11/2001:Finding Disease Genes May Not Be As Difficult As Thought
5/9/2001:Stem Cell breakthrough
5/9/2001:Protein Design Comes of Age
5/6/2001:Scientists aim to develop'super' plants that will reclaim poisoned land
5/6/2001:Possible Key Step In The Origin Of Life Identified
5/6/2001:Theologians oppose human cloning but warn of dangers of a ban
5/5/2001:Genetically altered humans produced
5/5/2001:The human gene harvest
5/5/2001:Passion for science that lies in the genes
5/5/2001:Superbug genes are getting into soil and water - will humans be next?
5/5/2001:Scientists, anti-abortion activists square off over proposed cloning ban
5/3/2001:Proteins Are Vastly More Complicated Than Previously Realized
5/3/2001:Smart Polymers Use Size-Selective Switches to Turn Proteins On, Off
5/2/2001:Mineral may have left right behind
4/30/2001:The Stuff of Life
4/30/2001:Wheat Farmers See Biotech As Friend And Foe
4/28/2001:U.S. Team Gets Mouse Stem Cells to Make Insulin
4/28/2001:Researchers use cloning technology to produce embryonic stem cell lines from adult mice
4/28/2001:Mouse code is read
4/28/2001:More Leaps in Stem Cell Research
4/27/2001:As the Stem Cell Turns
4/27/2001:Liposuction may harvest stem cells
4/27/2001:Paper: Bush Admin. Cancels Stem Cell Research Meeting
4/27/2001:Proteomics Offers Clear Look At Cellular Proteins
4/26/2001:"Synthetic Life" -- Scripps Research Institute Scientists Make Bacteria Do What Nature Doesn't
4/26/2001:Key Mechanics of Cell Membrane Fusion Revealed
4/26/2001:Human Brain Genes Are Extremely Active Compared to Chimp
4/23/2001: Japanese take revolutionary snapshots
4/23/2001:HUGO meets the public
4/23/2001:Human gene therapy worth the risk
4/23/2001:Molecule That Guides Nerve Cells Also Directs Immune Cells
4/22/2001:Americans Don't Understand Cloning
4/22/2001:Japanese Sequence Genome of Virulent Bacteria
4/22/2001:Found in sequence space
4/21/2001: Genomania: Now What?
4/20/2001: Britain to ban human cloning
4/20/2001: Dried Cells Can Be Revived
4/20/2001: Making a New Mosquito
4/20/2001: Researchers Overwhelmed by Genomic Data
4/19/2001: Hope Seen in Tobacco That Heals
4/19/2001: A New Stage in Biotechnology
4/19/2001: Your Genetic Destiny for Sale
4/19/2001: Merlin tells when to grow and when to stop
4/19/2001: Penn researchers discover that stretching neurons induces growth
4/18/2001: Keeping a tight rein on cell division
4/18/2001: How the cell finds its center
4/17/2001: Let us rid society of genetic defects, says DNA pioneer
4/16/2001: One gene found to command many others to build a wing
4/16/2001: Bacteria with Batteries
4/15/2001: Genetic Bioweapons
4/14/2001: Digital mouse atlas unveiled
4/4/2001:Toronto scientists find 'scary cell executioner' gene
4/4/2001:Molecular farm
4/4/2001:Novel Proteins Give Evidence That RNA World Existed
3/31/2001: Adult Stem Cells Growing Strong
3/31/2001: The Risks on the Table
3/30/2001: Brazil Makes a Place for Itself on Genome Map
3/30/2001: New images reveal the workings of cellular protein factories
3/30/2001: First chapter of Earth's "biological record" documented from space
3/28/2001: Salvation or scourge: the genome debate
3/26/2001: Fido Forever: Pet DNA Stored for Future Cloning
3/26/2001: Scientists find great-granddaddy of enzyme family
3/24/2001: Myhrvold: Genomics Will Rule
3/23/2001: Deleting gene changes sex of mice
3/23/2001: Amoebas use "midwives" to reproduce
3/22/2001: Oral Bacteria Can Exchange Genes, Become Resistant
3/18/2001: Gene Babel
3/16/2001: A flaw in a widely used "gene chip" stops some research projects dead
3/15/2001: Building a Better Baby
3/12/2001: Biologists create a new tool for observing a "messenger" molecule in living cells
3/12/2001: Key Enzyme Responsible for Fat Development Discovered
3/12/2001: Researchers Turn Fat Cells Into Cartilage
3/12/2001: 'Ethnic divide' over gene research
3/12/2001: Hundreds want clones, scientists say
3/12/2001: Revolution in a dish
3/9/2001: Q&A: Therapeutic human cloning
3/8/2001: Genomics Revolution To Replace Genetic Modification
3/8/2001: Head-to-head: Human cloning
3/8/2001: Gene Project Nears Finish Line
3/4/2001: Reading The DNA Database
3/4/2001: Fast-track fruit
3/3/2001: Bacteria create natural nanomachines
3/3/2001: Government Gives Celera $21 Million to Map Rat Genome
3/2/2001: Human ovaries 'grown in mice
3/1/2001: Starshine is a twinkler you can listen to, track
2/27/2001: Tiny Silicon Devices Measure, Count and Sort Biomolecules
2/27/2001: Aging and Disease and electrical phenomena in DNA and RNA
2/26/2001: Genomics portends the next revolution in agriculture
2/26/2001: Life, but not as we know it
2/25/2001: Scientists Craft Mouse with Human Brain Cells
2/24/2001: Scientists Turn Skin Cell Into Heart Cell
2/24/2001:Adult Skin Cells Converted to Stem Cells, Then Beating Heart Cells
2/24/2001: Tissue transplant advance
2/24/2001: US Nobel winners urge Bush to back stem cell research
2/24/2001: Patients urge stem cell research
2/23/2001: Greenpeace backs down on genetically modified rice protests
2/23/2001: Genes-to-protein connection may have new twist
2/23/2001: Genetic code crackers to settle differences
2/22/2001: Creating artificial bugs
2/22/2001: Growing Artificial Hearts (within Ten Years)
2/22/2001: DNA of Mice Is Largely Deciphered
2/22/2001: Synthetic virus nearing reality
2/22/2001: Grow Your Own Plastic
2/22/2001: What life forms lie beneath polar ice?
2/21/2001: Spotlight on an emerging technology to watch
2/21/2001: Gene-Behavior Link Hard to Prove
2/21/2001: Bioinformatics Key to Genomics Puzzle
2/21/2001:Biotech Bootstraps Its Own Evolution
2/21/2001: Bacteria Spurs Speciation
2/20/2001: Fuel Cells: A Lot of Hot Air?
2/17/2001: Explaining The Meaning Of The Human Genome Project
2/17/2001: Clone killer: A few misplaced carbon atoms may be why clones die so often
2/16/2001: Plants as plants: gene could convert crops to plastics factories
2/16/2001: Extending Human Genome Project Findings To Telomeres
2/15/2001: Gene Therapy Still Far Off
2/15/2001: Mighty Mice to Fight Aging, Muscular Dystrophy
2/15/2001: Infection divides two wasp species
2/14/2001: Rosetta may hold key to predicting protein folding
2/14/2001: Public access to human genome
2/14/2001: Genetic map of all plants, animals is goal of genomics
2/14/2001: Human genome analysis hints at new proteins involved in gene expression
2/14/2001: Human disease gene survey yields underlying principles
2/14/2001: The future belongs to proteomics
2/14/2001: Wistar scientists add difficult-to-sequence stretches to human genome data
2/14/2001: Newsweek: Solving the next genome puzzle
2/14/2001: WSJ: Celera gene map earns kudos
2/14/2001: The dawn of the genetic revolution
2/13/2001: Reading the Book of Life
2/13/2001: The Modern Human Origins Morass
2/13/2001: Genome project opens the book on human evolution
2/13/2001: National Human Genome Research Institute Summary News
2/13/2001: Genetically Modified Rubber Trees May Produce Needed Proteins
2/13/2001: Dolly team creates designer chicks
2/13/2001: Go-ahead for GM insect release
2/13/2001: Here's Why Humans Don't Look Like Short, Stout Elves
2/12/2001: A journey through the genome: what's there
2/12/2001: How the sequence got the way it is
2/12/2001: Unfinished sympathy: what's missing?
2/12/2001: The Y chromosome: goldmine and junkyard
2/12/2001: Biology goes back to the drawing board
2/12/2001: Ideas for a new biology
2/12/2001: Watching genes at work
2/12/2001: Code at a glance
2/12/2001: Genome map heralds medical advances
2/12/2001: Scientists Find Human Genome Is Full of Surprises
2/12/2001: Genome Map Shows Unclear Patterns, Many Unknowns
2/12/2001: Nature or nurture?
2/12/2001:British scientists lead gene research
2/12/2001: Genome study: Humans have remarkably few genes
2/12/2001: Gene Roadmap Holds Directions to Addiction, Cancer
2/12/2001: Analysis Shows It's Proteins Not Genes That Count
2/10/2001: Life without genes...
2/10/2001: From Maps to Medicine: The Impact of the Genome Project
2/9/2001: New technique uses imaging technology to speed drug discovery
2/7/2001: Group Intends to Clone Human
2/7/2001: Scientists Shake Up "Family Tree" of Green Plants
2/6/2001: Researchers Show That the Human Genome Is Helpless in the Face of Chocolate
2/6/2001: Biotechnology addresses the genomic generation
2/5/2001: Plants may be just the tonic
2/4/2001: Biologists Uncover Surprises in Mammalian Evolution
2/4/2001: Why are there only two sexes?
2/3/2001: Stem Cell Research Racing Ahead
2/3/2001: Goats That Produce Spider Silk
2/2/2001: Top researchers give overview on developments in genetics
2/1/2001: The Workhorse of Genomic Medicine
2/1/2001: Genetically modified viruses to turn plants into factories
1/30/2001: New Sub-Cellular Structure Discovered
1/29/2001: Goats That Produce Spider Silk
1/29/2001: Companies map entire rice genome
1/29/2001: New Group of Microorganisms Discovered in the Open Sea
1/29/2001: Shrinking to Enormity
1/28/2001: Cloning of Extinct Animal Approved
1/28/2001: Genomics
1/27/2001: Can a new language revolutionize the human genome the way HTML did information-sharing?
1/24/2001: After the genome: Report on proteomics
1/22/2001: Embryonic stem cell research may grind to a halt
1/21/2001: How to Design a Molecule
1/17/2001: Honey, I shrunk the scientist
1/17/2001: The silence of the clones: new link between DNA replication and 'silent' chromosome architecture
1/17/2001: Maternal Genes Rule During Early Development: Possible Mechanism to Filter Deleterious Mutations
1/16/2001: Online, Self-paced Genetics Education: Section 2
1/16/2001: Decoding the genome
1/14/2001: OHSU Researchers Produce First Genetically Modified Monkey
1/14/2001: Rare gaur clone dies
1/12/2001: Genes Reveal New Clues about the First Flower
1/12/2001: Information Tools That Could Turn the Human Genome Project into Pharmaceutical Gold
1/11/2001: Good-bye to the gene?
1/11/2001: Tree oF Life?
1/4/2001: Library of Life
1/4/2001: Tree Lovers on a Crusade to Clone 'Champions'
1/4/2001: Bull Clone Is Resistant to Many Diseases, Won't Need Antibiotics
1/3/2001: Imprinted Gene Found On Human Chromosome 19; Mouse Version Involved In Nurturing Behavior
1/2/2001: Computer Generated Comparative Maps Developed At Cornell Promise To Speed Up Slow Process Of Comparing Genomes
12/30/2000 • Find out how scientists decode our DNA
12/30/2000 Computer Generates Comparative Gene Maps
12/30/2000 DNA Arrays Decipher Genome's Master Switches
12/30/2000 "Sick Kids Hospital" Researchers Discover Different Types Of Stem Cells
12/29/2000 Italians plan 'genetic park'
12/26/2000 Genetically Engineered Plants: Sold to the highest bidder?
12/25/2000 UK votes emphatically in favour of allowing stem cell research using early human embryos
12/17/2000 Caltech Plant Geneticist Says Sequencing of Arabidopsis Genome Will Have Huge Payoffs
12/15/2000 First-Ever Complete Plant Genome Sequence Is Announced
12/14/2000 Vaccine Protects Against Ebola Virus
12/02/2000 Do Mutant Women Walk Among Us?
11/29/2000IT Firms Compete to Compute the Genome
11/29/2000Making the Brain Rewire Connections After a Stroke
11/21/2000 Yale Researchers Find Golgi Apparatus More Basic Than Thought
11/17/2000Bird Brains Seek Smarter Mates
11/15/2000 Plumbing the Hearts and Minds of Animals
11/08//2000 Is the Concept of the Gene Obsolete?
11/03/2000 Genetic Complexity: We're Simpler Than We Thought
11/03/2000 Darwin Under Attack: Creationism in the Schools
10/30 Want to Help Simulate the Machinery of Life on Your Home Computer?
10/17 Mouse Genome Nears Completion
10/13 Scientists Impregnate Cow with Sperm from Endangered Species
10/12 Second Coming Project Plans to Clone Jesus
09/28 Prions May Play a Crucial and Previously Unsuspected Role in Evolution
09/19 Evolution of PhotoSynthesis Traced to Rhodopsin- and Chlorophyll-Based Bacteria
03/25:Celera Maps Entire Drosophila Genome