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  September 30, 2004

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NextGen Solar Cells May Someday Power NASA's Robotic Explorers -  Left: More efficient solar cells would upgrade the power supplies used in robotic exploration, improving performance and range.  NASA recently awarded Rochester Institute of Technology and its research partners at the NASA Glenn Research Center and the Ohio Aerospace Institute, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University and the Space Vacuum Epitaxy Center at the University of Houston $6 million as part of the Human and Robotic Technology program to study nanomaterials and nanostructure for space photovoltaics. RIT will receive $1.2 million in support of its role in the project. "Plastic solar cells have been around for a long time," says Ryne Raffaelle, director of the lab at RIT. "We're trying to use nanotechnology to improve their efficiency. Quantum dots may be the key to improving the best crystalline cells available today and to making plastic solar cells better."
High Energy Mystery Lurks At The Galactic Centre - SpaceDaily   The Galactic Centre harbours a number of potential gamma-ray sources, including a supermassive black hole, remnants of supernova explosions and possibly an accumulation of exotic 'dark matter' particles, each of which should emit the radiation slightly differently. The radiation observed by the H.E.S.S. team comes from a region very near Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the centre of the galaxy. According to most theories of dark matter, it is too energetic to have been created by the annihilation of dark matter particles. The observed energy spectrum best fits theories of the source being a giant supernova explosion, which should produce a constant stream of radiation. Dr. Paula Chadwick of the University of Durham said, "We know that a giant supernova exploded in this region 10,000 years ago."

New Accurate Uranium/Lead Dating Technique For Earth's Largest Extinction -  Left:  "This is strong evidence that these eruptions caused, at least in part, the global die-off, which some scientists have ascribed to a meteor impact."  A new study by geologists at the Berkeley Geochronology Center and the University of California, Berkeley, improves upon a widely used dating technique, opening the possibility of a vastly more accurate time scale for major geologic events in Earth's history. "The beauty of this new technique is that we now can analyze samples we previously could not get an accurate date for," Mundil said. "This will have a big impact on radio-isotopic dating in general."  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
9/30/2004: Walking May Protect Elderly Men From Dementia, New Study By U. Va. Researcher Shows - Science Daily

9/30/2004: The deafening sound of the seas  - BBC
9/30/2004: Scientists find surprising polar life
  - El. Engr. Times
9/30/2004: Morphine-free poppy holds key to new painkillers - New Scientist
9/30/2004: Safer route to gene therapy found  - BBC
9/30/2004: Lessons From Snakes: The Better Part Of Valor - Science Daily
9/30/2004: Scientists Engineer Mosquitoes That Can't Cause Malaria Infection  - Wired News
9/30/2004: Gophers' Contribution To Science  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
9/30/2004: Acid Rain Pollution Up 4 Percent in 2003 - ABC
9/30/2004: Warming May Be Less Severe in Central U.S. - ABC
9/30/2004: Glaciers Surge When Ice Shelf Breaks Up - Science Daily
9/30/2004: Project Investigates Lightning's Impact On Climate Change - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: Russia in possible first step towards Kyoto ratification - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: Computer scientists develop wireless system to monitor volcanoes ...  - Wired News

9/30/2004: Thumb actionNew portable consoles battle for the hands of gamers  - BBC
9/30/2004: Sony does U-turn on digital music tracks  - BBC
9/30/2004: Africa seeks gadget lovers' cash  - BBC
9/30/2004: No pain, no game  - C/Net
9/30/2004: Reinventing the wheel  - C/Net
9/30/2004: 'Sims 2' creates new worlds of play  - CNN
9/30/2004: Sony shifts to add MP3 support  - CNN
9/30/2004: IPod Promoters Feel the Heat
  - Wired News
9/30/2004: Sims 2: Face Lift of the Original
  - Wired News

9/30/2004: Wireless data gamble
  - C/Net
9/30/2004: Verizon Wireless brings 3G to more cities
  - C/Net

9/30/2004: Intel seeks higher performance from cheap desktops  - C/Net
9/30/2004: Controlling a chip's thirst for power  - C/Net
9/30/2004: IBM, AMD extend chip-making alliance through 2008  - El. Engr. Times
9/30/2004: MRAM becomes a standard product at Freescale - Silicon Strategies

9/30/2004: The Problems With PCs - ABC
9/30/2004: Review: Apple Grows a Sleek New iMac G5 - ABC
9/30/2004: Review: A Notebook PC Built for Multimedia - ABC
9/30/2004: From the storage world, a new fashion accessory  - C/Net
9/30/2004: Big challenges for small drives  - C/Net
9/30/2004: Supercomputer center gets new No. 2  - C/Net
9/30/2004: Canada's Biggest Calculator - Science Daily

9/30/2004: A Mote of Note - ABC
9/30/2004: Microprocessing's Buzz Word - ABC
9/30/2004: Missed Connections - ABC
9/30/2004: Rumours over Google 'browser'  - BBC
9/30/2004: Briefly: Ad campaign touts multimedia cards  - C/Net
9/30/2004: Spyware bill moves to Senate  - C/Net
9/30/2004: Seven e-mail sins
  - CNN
9/30/2004: Most financial sites contain 'phishing' flaws
 - New Scientist
9/30/2004: Kazaa loses P2P crown to Edonkey
 - New Scientist
9/30/2004: Profs Patrol Cyberspace, Research Computer Hacking And Data Recovery
 - Science Daily
9/30/2004: Internet Junkies in Cold Turkey Experiment
  - Wired News

9/30/2004: Security squeeze play  - C/Net
9/30/2004: Qualcomm, Microsoft team on streaming media  - C/Net
9/30/2004: Code to exploit Windows graphics flaw now public  - C/Net
9/30/2004: Revamped eMusic taps independents  - CNN
9/30/2004: The Womb as Photo Studio  - NY Times
9/30/2004: Korean Scientists Discover Obesity Gene Controlling Fat Production ...  - Wired News

9/30/2004: Nanotechnology May Give Plastic Solar Cells A Boost -
9/30/2004: NextGen Solar Cells May Someday Power NASA's Robotic Explorers -
9/30/2004: EU Approves Bailout Of British Energy - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: Automakers Give Biodiesel a Boost  - Wired News
9/30/2004: Can Technology Find Oil Fast Enough? - MSNBC
9/30/2004: New Northeast States' Study Shows Current and Emerging Technologies Can Cut Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions i ...  - Wired News
9/30/2004: Dive the Caribbean- Not if the coral reefs crash ...  - Wired News
9/30/2004: Putin Moves Russia Toward Ratifying Kyoto Protocol ...
  - Wired News
9/30/2004: Ecuador's Largest National Park Opened for Oil Development ...
  - Wired News
9/30/2004: Flood death toll in Haiti a direct result of deforestation and poverty ...
  - Wired News
9/30/2004: The Future of Cars - Car industry rallies to meet demands for lower emissions ...
  - Wired News
9/30/2004: The Future of Cars - Driving ambitions - to reduce deaths, ease emissions and invest in infrastructure ...
  - Wired News

9/30/2004: WHO Focuses on Heart Disease and Strokes - ABC
9/30/2004: Search For New Markers For Sudden Cardiac Death To Focus On Patients At Risk For Catastrophic Disruption In Heart Rhythm - Science Daily


9/30/2004: Vaccine Could Stem Bacterial Meningitis - ABC
9/30/2004: Lack of vaccine raises fears of flu pandemic - New Scientist
9/30/2004: Uganda's AIDS success story challenged - New Scientist
9/30/2004: Space station crew to help search for AIDS vaccine - SpaceDaily

9/30/2004: Child drug use 'starting younger'  - BBC
9/30/2004: Teenagers ignore smoking advice  - BBC

9/30/2004: New Boarding School Teaches Weight Control - ABC
9/30/2004: Insurance Falls Short for Some Workers - ABC
9/30/2004: Poor Medical Treatment Kills Thousands - ABC
9/30/2004: Blood-loss test aids op recovery  - BBC
9/30/2004: Safer route to gene therapy found
9/30/2004: Choosing contraceptives: What are the difference between male and female condoms?  - BBC
9/30/2004: Acupuncture Reduces Nausea And Vomiting, Pain After Major Breast Surgery - Science Daily
9/30/2004: Circulating Mononuclear Cells In The Obese Found To Be In Proinflammatory State, Contributing To Diabetes And Heart Disease - Science Daily
9/30/2004: Study Finds Fibromyalgia Prohibits Sufferers From Breast-feeding
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
9/30/2004: New Accurate Uranium/Lead Dating Technique For Earth's Largest Extinction -
9/30/2004: Did brain injury doom Red Baron?  - El. Engr. Times

9/30/2004: Women Web Warriors - ABC
9/30/2004: Notorious Female Militants - ABC
9/30/2004: Voting Block - ABC
9/30/2004: Video: Life with Alzheimer's Disease - ABC
9/30/2004: Why we want to believe psychics  - BBC
9/30/2004: Nuclear ambitions: What can be done to stop states acquiring deadly weapons?  - BBC
9/30/2004: Software knows your every move  - C/Net
9/30/2004: Naked Wookiees and broken R2-D2s  - CNN
9/30/2004: Cosmic Log: The silly science season  - El. Engr. Times
9/30/2004: They Are Sleuths Who Weigh Prose  - NY Times
9/30/2004: Federal study puts outsourcing under scrutiny - Seattle Times
9/30/2004: Fannie Mae probe faults accounting; SEC to investigate - Seattle Times
9/30/2004: On-the-job deaths inch up nationally - Seattle Times
9/30/2004: Low-carb blamed for Twinkies' undoing - Seattle Times
9/30/2004: AMD sets up Greater China headquarters in Beijing - Silicon Strategies
9/30/2004: Infineon opens billion-dollar Chinese backend plant - Silicon Strategies
9/30/2004: House to Propose Moving U.S. Cybersecurity Effort back to White House  - Technology Review 
9/30/2004: E-Vote Fears Soar in Swing States  - Wired News
9/30/2004: A New Reason to Love Star Wars  - Wired News
9/30/2004: Broadcasters Gut Digital TV Bill  - Wired News

9/30/2004: Morphine apparently in your head  - Wired News
9/30/2004: New Way To Protect Brain From Stroke Damage - Science Daily
9/30/2004: Anger, Hostility And Depressive Symptoms Linked To High C-reactive Protein Levels - Science Daily
9/30/2004: Morphine Apparently in Your Head  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
9/30/2004: Hubble heats debate over ionised universe - New Scientist
9/30/2004: The Flow Of Interstellar Helium In The Solar System
 - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: Trying to simplify a complex universe ...
  - Wired News
9/30/2004: British scientists zero in on the birth of the universe ...
  - Wired News
9/30/2004: High Energy Mystery Lurks At The Galactic Centre - SpaceDaily

9/30/2004: Recipe for Longevity - ABC
9/30/2004: The Longevity Gene
  - Technology Review 

9/30/2004: Flexible Sensors Make Robot Skin  - Technology Review 

9/30/2004: Watery Load For Ariane 5 ECA - Science Daily
9/30/2004: NASA Selects Contractor For First Prometheus Mission To Jupiter
 - Science Daily
9/30/2004: NASA To Co-Develop Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter With Northrop Grumman
 - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: Launch Of New Russian-US Space Team To ISS Rescheduled To Oct 11
 - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: Historic Tunnel's Final Test
 - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: Coping With Contamination
 - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: France in Space # 267 ...
  - Wired News
9/30/2004: Astronaut's still not over the moon ...
  - Wired News
9/30/2004: Private Rocket Unofficially Reaches Space
 - ABC
9/30/2004: Russia Sets New Date for Launch to Space Station
 - ABC
9/30/2004: SpaceShipOne rolls to first mark
  - BBC
9/30/2004: SpaceShipOne: A giant leap for high-tech vets?
  - C/Net
9/30/2004: Space 2004
  - Nature
9/30/2004: First X prize flight completed
  - Nature
9/30/2004: First X-Prize spaceflight returns safely
 - New Scientist
9/30/2004: Tense Moments During Trailblazing Private Space Flight
9/30/2004: Russia Delays Launch of Space Station Crew
9/30/2004: SpaceShipOne Completes First Of Two X Prize Flights
 - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: Toutatis To Zoom Safely Past Earth Wednesday
 - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: Private rocketship flight to space and back 'near-perfect'
 - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: SpaceShipOne reached 337,500 feet: judging committee
 - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: SpaceShipOne Rolls Toward Victory
  - Wired News
9/30/2004: SpaceShipOne takes flight ...
 - FirstScience
9/30/2004: SA born test pilot nears space prize ...
 - FirstScience
9/30/2004: Astronaut pushes corkscrewing ship to edge of space ...
 - FirstScience
9/30/2004: Mars Drill Will Seek Knowledge and Resources ...
 - FirstScience

9/30/2004: Researchers Study Plastics From Feathers - ABC
9/30/2004: Smart helmet for motorcyclists  - CNN
9/30/2004: The device that rocks the cradle  - CNN
9/30/2004: MRAM becomes a standard product at Freescale  - El. Engr. Times
9/30/2004: Researchers study plastics from feathers - MSNBC
9/30/2004: Termites Could Hold The Key To Self-sufficient Buildings - Science Daily
9/30/2004: Space-tech At The Paralympics
 - Science Daily
9/30/2004: Microbes Eat Their Way To Better Concrete
 - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: Big Potential For China's In-Vehicle Navigation Market: ABI Research
 - SpaceDaily
9/30/2004: Scientists Find Nanowires Capable Of Detecting Individual Viruses
 - SpaceDaily


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