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  September 29, 2004

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 Cold Sugar In Space Provides Clue To Molecular Origin Of Life -  Left: Section of graphic illustrating processes that may produce complex molecules in cold interstellar space. Credit: Bill Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF  Astronomers using the National Science Foundation's giant Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) have discovered a frigid reservoir of simple sugar molecules in a cloud of gas and dust some 26,000 light-years away, near the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. The discovery suggests how the molecular building blocks necessary for the creation of life could first form in interstellar space. The astronomers detected the 8-atom sugar molecule glycolaldehyde in a gas-and-dust cloud called Sagittarius B2. Such clouds, often many light-years across, are the raw material from which new stars and planets are formed. The cold glycolaldehyde detections were surprisingly strong.   
Fossil Genes Reveal How Life Sheds Form And Function -  Scouring the genome of a Japanese yeast, scientists have found a trackway of fossil genes in the making, providing a rare look at how an organism, in response to the demands of its environment, has changed its inner chemistry and lost the ability to metabolize a key sugar. "Many people think evolution is always happening in a forward direction," that new features are just tacked on, says Sean B. Carroll, a professor of molecular biology at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "The other side of the coin is that we lose things. Losses as well as gains make up the story of evolution."

Water And Methane Maps Overlap On Mars: A New Clue? -  Left: This map shows the concentration of water vapour close to the soil around the equatorial region of Mars. The areas of least concentration are in purple, the highest in green.Credits: ESA/ASI/PFS team  Recent analyses of ESA's Mars Express data reveal that concentrations of water vapour and methane in the atmosphere of Mars significantly overlap. The PFS team observed that the areas of highest concentration of methane overlap with the areas where water vapour and underground water ice are also concentrated. This spatial correlation between water vapour and methane seems to point to a common underground source.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

Biosciences: - MSNBC
9/29/2004: Scientists find surprising polar life
9/29/2004: Building a better bug?
9/29/2004: Polar microbes get helping hand  - Nature
9/29/2004: By chance, or by design?  - Nature
9/29/2004: Scientists Explore Genome Of Methane-breathing Microbe - Science Daily
9/29/2004: Scientists Decipher Genetic Code Of Biothreat Pathogen - Science Daily
9/29/2004: The Book Opens On The First Tree Genome - Science Daily
9/29/2004: Seismic surveys may kill giant squid - New Scientist
9/29/2004: Stem Cell Exaggeration?- Technology Review 
9/29/2004: Pressure to reveal GM crop sites ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
9/29/2004: Hurricane Ivan highlights future risk for New Orleans  - Nature
9/29/2004: Masai, Whites and Wildlife: No Peaceable Kingdom  - NY Times
9/29/2004: Plan Would Turn Restore Wash. Estuary  - NY Times
9/29/2004: Wastewater Could Treat Itself, Power City - Science Daily
9/29/2004: Researchers Discover 'Hole' In Global Warming Predictions - Science Daily
9/29/2004: Satellites Track Glaciers Flows After Ice Dam Breaks -
9/29/2004: Alaskan Volcanoes And Glacier Focus Of NASA Science Mission - SpaceDaily
9/29/2004: Peril of the farting sheep: A solution is at hand - SpaceDaily
9/29/2004: Is noise pollution a major problem in the Gap? ... - FirstScience
9/29/2004: 70% of Business Roundtable Members Take Voluntary Action on Climate Change ... - FirstScience
9/29/2004: Vaccine Planned for Sheep, Cow Emissions ... - FirstScience
9/29/2004: WRI report says human activities, hurricanes threaten two-thirds of Caribbean coral reefs ... - FirstScience
9/29/2004: Wood declared world's most eco-friendly building material! ... - FirstScience

9/29/2004: First game arrives for AMD 64-bit chip  - C/Net
9/29/2004: Nintendo's newest product aims for adults  - C/Net
9/29/2004: Nintendo DS will be on shelves in time for Christmas season - Seattle Times
9/29/2004: Nintendo, Sony Product Announcements Come Ahead of Crucial Holiday- Technology Review 

9/29/2004: Mobile users 'want cheaper calls'
  - BBC
9/29/2004: Vodafone launches ten 3G sets
  - BBC
9/29/2004: The ABCs of VoIP
 - Business Week
9/29/2004: Wireless data gamble
  - C/Net
9/29/2004: AT&T forms Net phone alliance
  - C/Net
9/29/2004: 3G, American-style
  - Technology Review 
9/29/2004: Hello...I'm on a plane
  - C/Net
9/29/2004: Mobile phone detects bad breath
 - New Scientist
9/29/2004: Uncle Sam Wants Your Airwaves
  - Wired News
9/29/2004: Keeping Tab on Teens by Cell Phone
  - Wired News

9/29/2004: AMD, IBM extend chip development deal  - C/Net
9/29/2004: Critical Mass. for AMD's chip designs?  - C/Net

9/29/2004: Sun foresees global pool of computing power  - C/Net

9/29/2004: Spammers go east with junk offers  - BBC
9/29/2004: Iran's bloggers in censorship protest  - BBC
9/29/2004: Screen test for online video  - C/Net
9/29/2004: IM stands for instant music?  - C/Net
9/29/2004: Barbarians at the digital gate  - C/Net
9/29/2004: Controlling a chip's thirst for power  - C/Net
9/29/2004: Google making its mark worldwide
  - C/Net
9/29/2004: Are poker 'bots' raking online pots?
9/29/2004: California Scientists Wage Joint War On Internet Plagues
 - SpaceDaily
9/29/2004: Blogging the Story Alive
  - Wired News
9/29/2004: Do-it-Yourself Book Publishing Takes Off on the Web
 - USA Today

9/29/2004: The Last Raise for Gates and Ballmer? - Business Week
9/29/2004: Would you hire a hacker?  - C/Net

9/29/2004: Spinach could power better solar cells - New Scientist
9/29/2004: US Can Eliminate Oil Use In A Few Decades - SpaceDaily
9/29/2004: Fuel Cell Converts Waste to Power- Technology Review 


9/29/2004: Researchers Eliminate Leukemia In Mice, Demonstrating Potential New Approach To Cancer Drug Therapy - Science Daily
9/29/2004: New Anti-inflammatory Strategy For Cancer Therapy Identified By UCSD Researchers - Science Daily

9/29/2004: HIV Dementia Mechanism Discovered; Finding May Lead To New Therapies - Science Daily
9/29/2004: Startup to use microelectronics for artificial antibodies - Silicon Strategies

9/29/2004: Two Studies In Science Point To New Evidence In Asthma Development - Science Daily

9/29/2004: Caffeine fix: Is our increasing obsession with coffee really damaging our health?  - BBC
9/29/2004: Study warns of 'avoidable' risks of CT scans  - Nature
9/29/2004: Genetic Testing Challenges Medical Ethics  - NY Times
9/29/2004: Vanilla May Have A Future In Sickle Cell Treatment - Science Daily
9/29/2004: Stimulating The Production Of Utrophin Protects Muscular Dystrophy Mice From Muscle Wasting - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
9/29/2004: Fossil Genes Reveal How Life Sheds Form And Function -
9/29/2004: Canadians find new dino frontier

9/29/2004: Repairing IT research  - C/Net
9/29/2004: Chicago moving to 'smart' surveillance cameras  - C/Net
9/29/2004: Create the Medici effect  - C/Net
9/29/2004: Cosmic Log: Bluetopia vs. Redtopia - MSNBC
9/29/2004: Google omits controversial news stories in China - New Scientist
9/29/2004: Personality predicts politics  - Nature
9/29/2004: Digital mastery peers through cracks at early Picasso  - Nature
9/29/2004: No farewell to arms?  - Nature
9/29/2004: Study Reveals Why Eyes In Some Paintings Seem To Follow Viewers - Science Daily
9/29/2004: Fed ups rates for third time this year - Seattle Times
9/29/2004: Ex-Enron officials' criminal trial opens - Seattle Times
9/29/2004: William Shatner Holds Auditions for Sci-Fi Film -
9/29/2004: Kerry seeks balance as warrior and statesman - SpaceDaily
9/29/2004: Study finds Aussie angst on the rise - SpaceDaily
9/29/2004: Activists Find More E-Vote Flaws  - Wired News
9/29/2004: Airlines Told to Cough Up Data  - Wired News
9/29/2004: Remixing to Protest Sample Ruling  - Wired News
9/29/2004: Hack Attack Gums Up Authorize.Net  - Wired News
9/29/2004: Tracking Service Aims to Ease Product Returns  - Wired News

9/29/2004: Mobile brain help claim dismissed   - BBC
9/29/2004: UIC Unveils World's Most Powerful MRI For Decoding The Human Brain - Science Daily
9/29/2004: Anxious Mice May Parallel Men - Science Daily
9/29/2004: Biotech for the brain - Seattle Times

Physics and Astronomy:
9/29/2004: Cold Sugar In Space Provides Clue To Molecular Origin Of Life -
9/29/2004: Radioactivity speeds up
 - PhysicsWeb
9/29/2004: Explosive breakthrough
 - PhysicsWeb
9/29/2004: Herding The Rings
 - SpaceDaily
9/29/2004: Review Of Cosmic Vision 2015-2025
 - SpaceDaily
9/29/2004: Frozen Sugar at Center of Milky Way
  - Wired News
9/29/2004: Earth set for close encounter with 'unusual' asteroid ...
 - FirstScience
9/29/2004: Molecular physics: Divide and rule ...
  - Nature
9/29/2004: X-rays: Beyond the synchrotron ...
  - Nature

9/29/2004: How healthy living 'extends life'  - BBC


9/29/2004: Misbehaving liquid sent into space - New Scientist
9/29/2004: European space scientists brim with ideas for going it alone
  - Nature
9/29/2004: A picture of young Mars  - Nature
9/29/2004: Water And Methane Maps Overlap On Mars: A New Clue? - Science Daily
9/29/2004: Senate Panel Recommends Funding Boost for NASA -
9/29/2004: Body Clock Hurts Space Travel Prospects - SpaceDaily
9/29/2004: Mars: Acid drops in the martian ocean ...  - Nature
9/29/2004: Rocket Plane to Attempt Space Flight
 - ABC
9/29/2004: Mars Orbiter Photographs Rover From Space
 - ABC
9/29/2004: Virgin to Launch Commercial Space Flights
 - ABC
9/29/2004: Jeanne Costs Money, Time at Florida Spaceport
 - ABC
9/29/2004: Technical Problems Delay Russian Space Launch Again
 - ABC
9/29/2004: X-Prize craft set for space shot
  - BBC
9/29/2004: Rutan ready to realise vision
  - BBC
9/29/2004: Virgin boss heads into space
  - BBC
9/29/2004: X prize
  - Nature
9/29/2004: Mars Orbiter Spots Rover's Tracks from Space
9/29/2004: Astronaut Candidates Make NASA Rounds
9/29/2004: Rover Report Card: Prospect of Mars Life More Likely
9/29/2004: Hurricane Jeanne Puts Shuttle Workers Further Behind
9/29/2004: Making Tracks on Mars
 - SpaceDaily
9/29/2004: NASA Schedules Genesis Missions Clean-Room Media Opportunity ...
 - FirstScience

9/29/2004: Rats' brain waves could find trapped people - New Scientist
9/29/2004: Steve Walker: Flight Controller Readies Shuttle For First Flip - SpaceDaily
9/29/2004: Refreshing Drinks of Fresh Air  - Wired News
9/29/2004: Houses That Defy Hurricanes  - Wired News


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