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  September 28, 2004

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Virgin Pendolino train Tea at a tilt: Life at 125mph on board the new high-speed trains  - BBC  It is possible to run trains at 125miles an hour, for at least part of the way to Manchester, cutting the fastest regular journey time from 2hr 41min, to 2hr 6min. The run was billed as a chance to show what the new trains are capable of, and to show off the tilting mechanism which allows them to take the tight turns on 19th century railways at high speeds. Within eight minutes of leaving Euston the train had reached 125mph and the tilting mechanism was engaged. The ride was smooth, by the standards of most intercity trains. The tilt is undetectable to passengers.
Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Development Linked To Ocean Temperatures And Co2 - SpaceDaily  Southern Ocean temperature data exhibits a rapid 7 degree cooling of surface waters around 14 million years ago and suggests a strengthening of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current in response to changes in the geometry of Earth's orbits. As a result, Antarctica became increasingly isolated from tropical heat and moisture sources. Records of Antarctic ice volume indicate that following this cooling ice sheets expanded rapidly to near present-day size, which suggests that changes in the Southern Ocean directly influence the size of the Antarctic ice sheet.  

Proving Shape-Shifting Robots Can Move It - SpaceDaily  Left:  A self-reconfiguring robot consists of a set of identical modules that can dynamically and autonomously reconfigure in a variety of shapes, to best fit the terrain, environment, and task. A Molecule robot (above) consists of two atoms linked by a rigid connection called a bond. Each atom has five inter-Molecule connection points and two degrees of freedom. One degree of freedom allows the atom to rotate 180 degrees relative to its bond connection, and the other degree of freedom allows the atom (thus the entire Molecule) to rotate relative 180 degrees relative to one of the inter-Molecule connectors at a right angle to the bond connection. (Photo courtesy : Dartmouth Robotics Lab)  A walking robot used for search-and-rescue operations would transform into a snake-like form to slither through small spaces in a collapsed building.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
9/28/2004: Studies: Walking May Ward Off Alzheimer's - ABC

9/28/2004: Tiny Bacteria Give Boost To Marine Life  - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Genetic Modification Of Linseed Produces Healthier Omega 3 And 6 Fatty Acids
 - Science Daily
9/28/2004: 22nd Amino Acid Synthesized And Added To Genetic Code Of E. Coli Bacteria - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Students Build Submarine To Track Octopuses - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Genes Expose Secrets Of Sex On The Side - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Researchers Develop Fast Track Way To Discover How Cells Are Regulated - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Ox's Natural Mosquito Repellant Synthesized in Lab  - Scientific American
9/28/2004: Scientists decipher genetic code of biothreat pathogen ... - FirstScience
9/28/2004: On the trail of one of NI's most elusive and rare wild mammals  - BBC
9/28/2004: Biotech Grass Breeding Raises Concerns - ABC

Climate, Environment:
9/28/2004: Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Development Linked To Ocean Temperatures And Co2 - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: Governors Worry About Offshore Drilling - ABC
9/28/2004: Indian Monsoon Seen Below Normal on El Nino Effect - ABC
9/28/2004: Improving Wine With Satellites - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Development Linked To Ocean Temperatures And Carbon Dioxide - Science Daily
9/28/2004: The Sun's Travels and Why Fall is Nigh -
9/28/2004: Netherlands to buy points under Kyoto protocol by funding Bulgarian projects - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: Australian PM promises to boost Great Barrier Reef research - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: MeterSmart Launches Remote Meter Reading Via Satellite - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: Environmental groups regret Naor's resignation ... - FirstScience
9/28/2004: Greenpeace reveals DOW's hidden collection in Paris fashion fair ... - FirstScience
9/28/2004: Climate change a greater threat than terror - Lib Dems ... - FirstScience
9/28/2004: L.A. refinery charged with 109 environmental law violations ... - FirstScience
9/28/2004: Jack must smoke out gas emissions ... - FirstScience
9/28/2004: New pollution worries ... - FirstScience
9/28/2004: EU Commission: emissions trading to start January ... - FirstScience
9/28/2004: Ice collapse speeds up glaciers  - BBC
9/28/2004: Agency to Designate Habitat for Dragonfly - ABC
9/28/2004: Warming May Be Less Severe in Central U.S.
 - ABC
9/28/2004: Southern Africa Faces Food, Water Crises - Study
 - ABC

9/28/2004: Mac Games: (Not) Big in Japan  - Wired News

9/28/2004: Multiplayer games coming to cell phones
 - Seattle Times
9/28/2004: Who Pays for Wireless Cities?
  - Technology Review 
9/28/2004: Churches Wage High-Tech War on Cell Phones
 - ABC
9/28/2004: Using the Net for Cheap Phone Calls
 - ABC
9/28/2004: Highlights of Wireless Tech Conference
 - ABC

9/28/2004: Photo Molecules Flip Current  - Technology Review 
9/28/2004: Quantum Computing's Magnetic Attraction ... - FirstScience

9/28/2004: ATI introduces Radeon X700 visual processor - Silicon Strategies
9/28/2004: Review: A Notebook PC Built for Multimedia - ABC

9/28/2004: AOL offering users second layer of security - Seattle Times
9/28/2004: Internet Ads Sell  - Wired News
9/28/2004: Free Content Still Sells  - Wired News
9/28/2004: Hackers Step up E-Commerce Attacks  - Wired News

9/28/2004: Microsoft bonuses a bit leaner, but still fat - Seattle Times
9/28/2004: Microsoft Mimics Local Radio, Serving As Wake-up Call—and Annoyance  - Technology Review 
9/28/2004: Cyber Crime - ABC

9/28/2004: Green, Leafy Spinach May Soon Power More Than Popeye’s Biceps - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Puget Sound Energy buying wind-power farm - Seattle Times
9/28/2004: Reaping From the Wild Wind  - Wired News
9/28/2004: Finally, a Hybrid for the Family  - Wired News

9/28/2004: Healing the Heart - ABC
9/28/2004: Video: What Every Woman Should Know About Heart Disease - ABC

9/28/2004: Research Suggests New Avenue For Stopping, Preventing Colon Cancer - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Long-term Eradication Of Brain Tumor In Lab Model Holds Promise For Treatment In Humans - Science Daily

9/28/2004: UN: HIV/AIDS Fuels Tuberculosis Crisis - ABC
9/28/2004: Proposal Aimed at Reducing Mad Cow Risk - ABC
9/28/2004: U.N. Official Urges TB, HIV Treatment - ABC
9/28/2004: Proposal Aimed at Reducing Mad Cow Risk - ABC


9/28/2004: More Medical Devices Needed for Babies - ABC
9/28/2004: EPA: 13 Percent of Airliner Water Unsafe - ABC
9/28/2004: Half-Ton Man Seeks Gastric Surgery - ABC
9/28/2004: Changes Eyed to Reduce Salmonella in Eggs - ABC
9/28/2004: Tea at a tilt: Life at 125mph on board the new high-speed trains  - BBC
9/28/2004: Scientists Shed Light On Mechanism Behind Beneficial Effects Of Red Wine - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Research Suggests New Avenue For Stopping, Preventing Colon Cancer - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Obese Trauma Patients More Likely To Die Of Their Injuries - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Smog May Cause Lifelong Lung Deficits
 - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Officials See More Eating Disorders in Men
 - ABC

History, Anthropology:

9/28/2004: Loophole Lets Pharmacies Bill Govt. Twice - ABC
9/28/2004: Study: Wrecks Jump 3 Days After Terrorism - ABC
9/28/2004: Fractures Mean Broken Lives In Developing World - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Coffee binds Bainbridge Island to Nicaragua island - Seattle Times
9/28/2004: Probe hints Fannie Mae manipulated accounting - Seattle Times
9/28/2004: Enron case linking fraud to Wall Street set to begin - Seattle Times
9/28/2004: E-courtrooms designed to reduce trial time - Seattle Times
9/28/2004: Hynix accused of $1.7 billion accounting fraud - Silicon Strategies
9/28/2004: 'Star Wars' Cast, Crew Demystify Trilogy -
9/28/2004: The cracks in the facade of Bush unity -
9/28/2004: A160 Hummingbird Resumes Flight Testing As Boeing UAV - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: Outfoxed Offered for Remix  - Wired News
9/28/2004: Flying cars swoop to the rescue  - BBC
9/28/2004: Healthcare: Big Woes for Small Firms - ABC

9/28/2004: Consortium Identifies Novel Potential Therapeutic Targets For Spinal Cord Repair - Science Daily
9/28/2004: New Sign Language Suggests Children Create Language's Fundamentals Through Learning - Science Daily
9/28/2004: From This Moment... - ABC
9/28/2004: Number of Kids on Antidepressants Drops - ABC

Physics and Astronomy:
9/28/2004: Scientists Gain Glimpse Of Bizarre Matter In A Neutron Star - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Robot Telescopes Comb the Skies
  - Wired News

9/28/2004: Longevity May Have Roots In Childhood - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Caloric Restriction Research: Moving From Lab Animals To Humans
 - Science Daily

9/28/2004: Proving Shape-Shifting Robots Can Move It - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: Nothing Robotic About Robo-Art  - Wired News
9/28/2004: New Robotic Shape Shifters  - Wired News

9/28/2004: Mars Express Yields Provocative Observations -
9/28/2004: Northrop Tapped to Design Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter with JPL
9/28/2004: The Balance Factor: Can You Handle Zero G?
9/28/2004: Brazil Wants To Launch Chinese Satellite Using Ukrainian RocketSpaceDev Begins Work On Dream Chaser, Signs Space Act MOU With NASA
 - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: SpaceDev Begins Work On Dream Chaser, Signs Space Act MOU With NASA
 - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: Russia to put first S.Korean into space
  - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: Drilling For Weird Life
 - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: A new clue from Mars- ...
9/28/2004: NASA, SpaceDev to Collaborate on Future Space Transportation ...
 - FirstScience
9/28/2004: Body clocks 'hinder' space travel
  - BBC
9/28/2004: Senate Panel Gives NASA Extra Money
 - ABC
9/28/2004: NASA Extends Mars Rover Mission 6 Months
 - ABC
9/28/2004: Russia Plans Space Station Launch on Oct. 11
 - ABC
9/28/2004: Virgin to Launch Commercial Space Flights
 - ABC
9/28/2004: Jeanne Damages NASA Shuttle Building
 - ABC
9/28/2004: UK's Branson to Launch Space Tourism in 2007
 - ABC
9/28/2004: Rutan ready to realise vision
  - BBC
9/28/2004: Record-breaking fourth hurricane hits Florida
 - New Scientist
9/28/2004: Space station oxygen supply safe for now
 - New Scientist
9/28/2004: Last-minute delay for X Prize rival
 - New Scientist
9/28/2004: Rover Missions Renewed As Mars Emerges From Behind Sun
 - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Genesis Mission: First Scientific Sample Salvaged
 - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Set to Soar: First X Prize Flight This Week
9/28/2004: Huge Asteroid to Fly Past Earth Wednesday
9/28/2004: Virgin Galactic to Offer Public Space Flights
9/28/2004: Hurricane Causes More Damage to Florida Launch Facility
9/28/2004: Postcards From The Grander Canyon
 - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: Atacama Rover Helps NASA Learn To Search For Life On Mars
 - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: By Toutatis! Monster Asteroid Flyby Excites Doomsters, Skygazers
 - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: X-43A Captive Carry Rehearsal Flight Set For Sept 27
 - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: Expedition 9 Prepare ISS For Its Next Residents
 - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: China Retrieves 19th Recoverable Satellite
 - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: X Prize Flight Attempt To Be Made On 29th
 - SpaceDaily
9/28/2004: How Mars Could Be Losing Its Water ...
 - FirstScience
9/28/2004: Mars probe delves deeper into 'monster chasm' ...
 - FirstScience
9/28/2004: Mars Express Provides Clues for Water Loss in the Martian Atmosphere ...
 - FirstScience
9/28/2004: Mars Orbiter Sees Rover Tracks Among Thousands of New Images ...
 - FirstScience
9/28/2004: Lockheed Martin Awarded NASA Contract to Formulate Solar Imaging Suite for GOES-R Satellite Series ...
 - FirstScience
9/28/2004: NASA Mars Picture of the Day- cPROTO Views of Spirit's Rover Tracks and Athabasca Vallis Flood Features cPROTO ...
 - FirstScience
9/28/2004: Asteroid (4179) Toutatis to Pass Closely By Earth on Wednesday, September 29, 2004 ...
 - FirstScience

9/28/2004: Researchers Say Microscope Can See Atoms - ABC
9/28/2004: ORNL Microscope Pushes Back Barrier Of 'How Small' - Science Daily
9/28/2004: Researcher makes quantum leap into new technology ... - FirstScience
9/28/2004: Smallest 'guitar string' to weigh atoms  - BBC
9/28/2004: Co. Converts Buses Into Rolling Labs - ABC


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