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  September 27, 2004

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Image of a microscope Clue to 'blocking' bowel cancer  - BBC  Scientists say they have found a way to prevent bowel cancer from growing. The removal of a cell "switch" in mice stopped growth of lesions in the bowel that can turn cancerous with time. The Vanderbilt University team hopes a drug that blocks this switch, which has been developed in France, could have the same effect in humans. The scientists told Cancer Cell journal they planned to test this drug in mice. Cancer Research UK said it was a long way from human therapy. Bowel polyps are generally harmless but can become cancerous with time, leading to full-blown bowel cancer.
Mira Behind The Molecules - SpaceDaily  Left:  Scale of Mira star core and molecular shell, relative to our own solar system. The shell resembles a molecularly rich region akin to a stellar atmosphere. Credit: NOAO  For more than 400 years, astronomers both professional and amateur have taken a special interest in observing Mira stars, a class of variable red giants famous for pulsations that last for 80-1,000 days and cause their apparent brightness to vary by a factor of ten times or more during a cycle. An international team of astronomers led by the Paris Observatory/LESIA (Meudon, France) and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (Tucson, Arizona, USA) has used interferometric techniques to observe the close environments of five Mira stars, and were surprised to find that the stars are surrounded by a nearly transparent shell of water vapor, and possibly carbon monoxide and other molecules.

Cockroach-Like Robot Leads New Effort - SpaceDaily  Left:  RHex, a robot built at the University of Michigan based on discoveries by UC Berkeley's Robert Full about how cockroaches run. RHex is the center of a new, multidisciplinary effort to understand how we walk without falling over.  They will conduct biomechanical and neurological experiments on insects and develop mathematical models to improve the robot. This multi-pronged approach will allow them to uncover the neural and muscular control and feedback loops that lead to the remarkably similar patterns of whole-body motion in animals as diverse as crabs, cockroaches, lizards, dogs and humans. By tweaking the robot, they hope to tease apart the complex neural and muscular networks in insects.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

9/27/2004: Stem-Cell Case Shows Need for Asian Donors - ABC
9/27/2004: Does whale watching pose a threat to orcas?
9/27/2004: Wind carries GM pollen record distances - New Scientist
9/27/2004: Q & A: Saving a Species  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Genes From Engineered Grass Spread for Miles, Study Finds  - NY Times
9/27/2004: For Women Worried About Fertility, Egg Bank Is a New Option  - NY Times
9/27/2004: GM grass pollen has long reach  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
9/27/2004: Group: Ivan Damaged Gulf Barrier Islands - ABC
9/27/2004: Ga. Lawmakers Favor Car Tours on Island - ABC
9/27/2004: Preserving an Old-Forest Wilderness at the Ends of the Earth  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Linking Rivers, With Happy Results  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Second Thoughts for a Designer of Software That Aids Conservation
9/27/2004: Graphic: A Picture of Preservation  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Indonesia Questions U.S. Mine Chief - ABC
9/27/2004: Tuna Fish Stocks in Mediterranean in Danger-WWF
9/27/2004: Claims for Gulf Environment Damage Exorbitant: Iraq - ABC
9/27/2004: Interpol-Style Effort Needed Against 'Wildlife Mafia' - ABC
9/27/2004: Wired Greenhouses May Help Beat Droughts - ABC

9/27/2004: Slimmer PlayStation launched  - BBC
9/27/2004: Fine Wine, Amour, and Mobile Games - Business Week
9/27/2004: Nintendo's newest product aims for adults  - C/Net
9/27/2004: 'Sims' sales suggest females game to be gamers  - C/Net
9/27/2004: Nintendo, Sony in hand-to-hand combat  - CNN

9/27/2004: The ABCs of VoIP
 - Business Week
9/27/2004: Sleek and Stripped
 - ABC
9/27/2004: Mobile Tech Marches On
 - ABC
9/27/2004: Handy Camcorders Ditch Tapes for Hard Disks
 - ABC

9/27/2004: Yale team builds chips for quantum computing  - El. Engr. Times

9/27/2004: PC security threats hit new high  - BBC
9/27/2004: Sun begins pay-as-you-go supercomputing  - C/Net
9/27/2004: Thousands of zombie PCs created daily - New Scientist
9/27/2004: Review: A Flat Display Shows 3-D Images - ABC

9/27/2004: Net security threats growing fast  - BBC  - C/Net
9/27/2004: Butler Jeeves gets 'extreme makeover'
9/27/2004: Firefox beats million-download deadline  - C/Net
9/27/2004: Users find too many phish in the Internet sea  - C/Net - L. A. Times
9/27/2004: Consumer groups seek veto of Calif. spyware bill
9/27/2004: Windows besieged by hackers  - CNN
9/27/2004: CBS memos flap puts spotlight on bloggers
  - CNN
9/27/2004: He Made the Net Work
 - Business Week

9/27/2004: Gates, Ballmer's pay hold at about $900,000  - C/Net
9/27/2004: Song costs may fall like rain  - C/Net
9/27/2004: Call to legalise music file-sharing with net taxes  - BBC
9/27/2004: Music downloaders still prefer good old CDs - New Scientist

9/27/2004: Putting new life in batteries  - C/Net
9/27/2004: We're talking real 'green' energy  - C/Net
9/27/2004: Expert Faults Court's Ruling About Waste From Reactors  - NY Times
9/27/2004: A green tank: Can hydrogen really replace petrol in our cars?  - BBC
9/27/2004: US sends plutonium to France - New Scientist

9/27/2004: High Blood Sugar Also Poses Risk to Heart  - NY Times
9/27/2004: The Doctor's World: Heart-Health Lessons From the Clinton Case  - NY Times

9/27/2004: Roche Says Drug Improves Chemotherapy - ABC
9/27/2004: 'Cure' a 4-Letter Word for Cancer Doctors - ABC
9/27/2004: Clue to 'blocking' bowel cancer   - BBC
9/27/2004: Cancer remedy claims dismissed  - BBC
9/27/2004: Vital Signs: Disparities: For Cancer Survivors, Worse Care  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Vital Signs: Regimens- Excess Protein Can Take a Toll  - NY Times

9/27/2004: AIDS Fuels Tuberculosis Crisis - ABC

9/27/2004: Diabetics 'must test blood more'  - BBC

9/27/2004: China Study: City Dwellers in Poor Health - ABC
9/27/2004: Underweight People Work to Put on Pounds - ABC
9/27/2004: Child 'overeaters' become bulimic  - BBC
9/27/2004: Q&A: Patch fears: What are the safety issues concerning the contraceptive patch?  - BBC
9/27/2004: Cases: Connecting the Symptoms, From Skin to Joints to Abdomen  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Join a Discussion on Fitness and Nutrition  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Treatment: Relieving Pain Without Pills  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Thousands warned over vCJD risk  - BBC
9/27/2004: Traffic light labelling at Co-op
  - BBC
9/27/2004: Salt firms complain
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
9/27/2004: Canyon Holds Ancient Civilization Secrets  - ABC
9/27/2004: Even in Death, These Cats Got Special Treatment  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Canyon Holds Ancient Civilization Secrets - ABC

9/27/2004: Monster Mothers? - ABC
9/27/2004: Paternity Postponed - ABC
9/27/2004: US tobacco firms set for trial  - BBC
9/27/2004: Osama, R U there?  - C/Net
9/27/2004: IBM, Boeing ally for U.S. information network  - El. Engr. Times
9/27/2004: Iran threatens to pull out of nuclear treaty  - Nature
9/27/2004: Swimming in syrup is as easy as water  - Nature
9/27/2004: India launches world's first education satellite - New Scientist
9/27/2004: Traffic deaths rise after terror attacks - New Scientist
9/27/2004: Desktop alerts: A new service delivering breaking news alerts to your desktop  - BBC
9/27/2004: Microsoft targets local radio  - CNN
9/27/2004: Microwave beam weapon reportedly to be deployed in Iraq  - El. Engr. Times

9/27/2004: Vital Signs: Case Studies: New Clues on Dreams' Origins  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Strategies Against Stress  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Is Prozac Better? Is It Even Different?  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Deaf Children's Ad Hoc Language Evolves and Instructs  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Sex in the Brain - ABC
9/27/2004: Brain Pain - ABC
9/27/2004: Video: Different Types of Headaches
 - ABC
9/27/2004: How Are Migraines Different in Children?
 - ABC
9/27/2004: Antidepressant aggression concern
  - BBC
9/27/2004: MRI machine tracks brain's metabolism
  - Nature

Physics and Astronomy:
9/27/2004: Mira Behind The Molecules - SpaceDaily
9/27/2004: A Far-Off Planet, on Film. Or Maybe Not.
  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Only in Quantum Physics: Spinning While Standing Still
  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Graphic
  - NY Times


9/27/2004: Cockroach-Like Robot Leads New Effort - SpaceDaily

9/27/2004: Spacecrafts powered by thunder - New Scientist
9/27/2004: All of a Sudden, the Neighborhood Looks a Lot Friendlier
  - NY Times
9/27/2004: A Slice of Life?
  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Gliese 436 b
  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Forum: Is There Life in Space?
  - NY Times
9/27/2004: Russia to Help Train South Korean Astronaut by 2007
 - ABC
9/27/2004: Contract award for Jupiter probe   - BBC

9/27/2004: Dust makes mesh of wireless sensors  - C/Net
9/27/2004: Miniature aerials pick up light  - Nature
9/27/2004: 'Sky Captain' and the amazing blue screen  - CNN
9/27/2004: Microscope brings atoms into focus  - CNN
9/27/2004: Device to save hospitals billions  - CNN
9/27/2004: Still burning bright after 96 years  - CNN


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