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  September 26, 2004

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Canadian Ansari X Prize Team Pushes Toward First Launch -  Under the current flight profile, Feeney's team will use a large helium balloon to hoist the 8,500-pound (3,855 kilogram) spacecraft into launch position about 80,000 feet (24,384 meters) above the Canadian town of Kindersley, Saskatchewan. The spacecraft then detaches from its mother balloon and ignites a hybrid rocket engine to reach space. Team members said their group is on track for an anticipated Oct. 2 launch. 
ORNL Microscope Pushes Back Barrier Of "How Small"  - SpaceDaily  Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers, using a state-of-the-art microscope and new computerized imaging technology, have pushed back the barrier of how small we can see- to a record, atom-scale 0.6 angstrom. ORNL, a Department of Energy national laboratory, also held the previous record, at 0.7 angstrom. "Looking down on a silicon crystal, we can see atoms that are only 0.78 angstroms apart, which is the first unequivocal proof that we're getting subangstrom resolution. The same image shows that we're getting resolution in the 0.6 angstrom range," said ORNL Condensed Matter Sciences Division researcher Stephen Pennycook.

Woman shelters on Grenada during Hurricane Ivan

Natural disasters 'on the rise'  - BBC  More and more people are being caught up in a growing number of natural disasters, due in part to global warming, a UN agency said on Friday.It said 254 million people were affected by natural hazards last year - nearly three times as many as in 1990. Events including earthquakes and volcanoes, floods and droughts, storms, fires and landslides killed about 83,000 people in 2003, up from about 53,000 deaths 13 years earlier, the ISDR said. There were 337 natural disasters reported in 2003, up from 261 in 1990. Iincreasing numbers of people are becoming vulnerable to hazards," the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction said.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
9/26/2004: Therapy For Alzheimer's In Sight? - Science Daily

9/26/2004: China's GM trees get lost in bureaucracy - New Scientist
9/26/2004: Californians to Vote on Spending $3 Billion on Stem Cell Research
  - NY Times
9/26/2004: Son's illness creates key stem-cell patron - Seattle Times
9/26/2004: Quick Read on Your Genetics  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
9/26/2004: Natural disasters 'on the rise'   - BBC
9/26/2004: The battle for DR Congo's wildlife  - BBC
9/26/2004: The art of safe storm-chasing  - BBC
9/26/2004: The greening of Ground Zero  - BBC
9/26/2004: Chemical treaty to extend scope  - BBC
9/26/2004: China's changing farms damaging soil and water - New Scientist
9/26/2004: 'Ghost bugs' could help cut pesticide use - New Scientist
9/26/2004: NASA Sees Hurricane Isabel From Cradle To Grave - SpaceDaily
9/26/2004: Improving Wine With Satellites - SpaceDaily
9/26/2004: China Test-Firing New Cruise Missile Which Threatens Taiwan: Journal - SpaceDaily
9/26/2004: US donation to help reduce indoor air pollution in rural China ... - FirstScience
9/26/2004: New Jersey to Use State Clean Air Laws to Cut Global Warming Pollution ... - FirstScience
9/26/2004: Global Warming Will Spawn More Ivans ... - FirstScience
9/26/2004: Rampant development destroying spectacular Thai coral reefs ... - FirstScience
9/26/2004: 'Pollution board certificate a must for houseboats' ... - FirstScience
9/26/2004: Ganesha gets an eco-friendly goodbye ... - FirstScience
9/26/2004: Bahrain - Ahead in efforts to curb ozone depletion ... - FirstScience
9/26/2004: Ash dusts Tokyo as Japanese volcano erupts for fourth consecutive day ... - FirstScience
9/26/2004: Shrinking Treasures - ABC
9/26/2004: Video
 - ABC
9/26/2004: Wash. Scientists Study Whale Watchers
 - ABC

9/26/2004: Life's a game: Sequel to best-selling Sims game offers an eerie feeling of reality  - BBC
9/26/2004: JVC introduces Microdrive-based camcorders  - El. Engr. Times
9/26/2004: Yahoo to launch its own music player  - C/Net
9/26/2004: Fingerprint shortcut works - Seattle Times
9/26/2004: Back to School and Gaming Kids  - Wired News

9/26/2004: Mobile Banking Takes Off in Korea
 - Business Week
9/26/2004: Indonesian Cellular Firms Plan Huge Investment
 - SpaceDaily
9/26/2004: Game Talk
 - ABC

9/26/2004: Samsung claims 8-Gbit flash, 2-Gbit DRAM success  - El. Engr. Times
9/26/2004: Chipping away at Intel  - C/Net
9/26/2004: Samsung readies 667-MHz processor for 3G handhelds - Silicon Strategies
9/26/2004: Nanowire Makes Standup Transistor  - Technology Review 

9/26/2004: The petabyte player: What's in store when it comes to personal media players?  - BBC

9/26/2004: Space odysseyThe 'father of the internet' on taking the net into space  - BBC
9/26/2004: Net security threats growing fast  - BBC
9/26/2004: Dangerous Days on the World Wild Web  - C/Net
9/26/2004: Comparison shoppers get more help on Net - Seattle Times
9/26/2004: Report Recommends Hefty Rewards to Catch E-Mail Spammers  - Technology Review 
9/26/2004: A Match Made Online and Off - ABC
9/26/2004: Cyber Crime
 - ABC

9/26/2004: Arrest in Cisco source code theft  - BBC
9/26/2004: Microsoft Shares More Source Code  - Wired News
9/26/2004: Reincarnated Napster Goes Public  - Wired News

9/26/2004: Britons 'in favour of wind farms'  - BBC
9/26/2004: Turbine turbulence: The debate on wind farms generates gusts of hot air  - BBC
9/26/2004: Carbon Nanotubes for Solar Cells ...  - Scientific American

9/26/2004: Children's heart health warning  - BBC

9/26/2004: New Technique For Thyroid Cancer Therapy Eliminates Many Side Effects - Science Daily

9/26/2004: Vaccine confusion 'costing lives'  - BBC
9/26/2004: TB predicted to make a global comeback  - Yahoo
9/26/2004: TB May Be Global Threat Again  - Wired News
9/26/2004: Catching a Virus in the Act  - Wired News

9/26/2004: Kidney test may cut dialysis need  - BBC

9/26/2004: Gel may 'replace pills and jabs'  - BBC
9/26/2004: Cannabis chemical pregnancy link  - BBC
9/26/2004: A prison patient: How doctors struggle to get treatment for the ill inmates in jail  - BBC
9/26/2004: Premature babies' disability risk  - BBC
9/26/2004: Home computers aid disease fight  - BBC
9/26/2004: Premature babies' disability risk  - BBC
9/26/2004: Skin conditions: What's the difference between atopic, seborrhoeic and discoid eczema?  - BBC
9/26/2004: Folic Acid Vitamin Use By Women Reaches All-time High -- Could Low-Carb Diets Be A Reason? - Science Daily
9/26/2004: Blair backs India's quest for permanent seat on UN Security Council
 - SpaceDaily
9/26/2004: Indian PM rules out troops for Iraq
 - SpaceDaily
9/26/2004: India to launch first satellite exclusively for education
 - SpaceDaily
9/26/2004: Science for Cops ...
  - Scientific American

History, Anthropology:

9/26/2004: Slowing population 'lacks funds'  - BBC
9/26/2004: India launches learning satellite  - BBC
9/26/2004: Eminent Minds on the Emerald Isle - Business Week
9/26/2004: Real Men Don't Clean Bathrooms  - NY Times
9/26/2004: E-voting vent: You can't tell if it worked - Seattle Times
9/26/2004: Slips by Intel may turn out to be profitable - Seattle Times
9/26/2004: U.S. Lifts Export Ban on India -
9/26/2004: US Lifts Exports Controls On Equipment For Indian Nuclear Facilities - SpaceDaily
9/26/2004: The 2004 TR100  - Technology Review 
9/26/2004: Saving the Artistic Orphans  - Wired News
9/26/2004: Papers Defend Classified Turf  - Wired News
9/26/2004: Los Alamos to Remove Nukes  - Wired News
9/26/2004: Convoy for Homeland Security  - Wired News

9/26/2004: 'Water factory' to filter tensions  - BBC
9/26/2004: Scientists suggest autism involves more than genes ...  - Scientific American

Physics and Astronomy:
9/26/2004: Huygens Test Successful - Science Daily
9/26/2004: World's Most Powerful Ground-based Telescope To Be Unveiled
 - Science Daily
9/26/2004: Large Binocular Telescope To Be Dedicated In October 2004
 - SpaceDaily



9/26/2004: Body clocks 'hinder' space travel  - BBC
Canadian Ansari X Prize Team Pushes Toward First Launch -
9/26/2004: How Safe Is a Roller Coaster in the Sky?
9/26/2004: House, Senate Negotiators Working To Push Suborbital Bill
9/26/2004: DARPA, Air Force Kick-Off Falcon Phase 2 Small Launch Vehicle Effort
 - SpaceDaily
9/26/2004: Watery Load For Ariane 5 ECA
 - SpaceDaily
9/26/2004: India To Launch Indonesian Satellite
 - SpaceDaily
9/26/2004: What to Eat on the Way to Mars
  - Wired News
9/26/2004: Space travel made easy with a travelling-wave engine! ...
 - FirstScience
9/26/2004: NASA: Space Station Running Low on Oxygen
  - NY Times
9/26/2004: New Crew to Leave for Space Station on Oct. 11, NASA Says
  - NY Times
9/26/2004: Expedition 10 Crew Takes Charge of ISS
 - SpaceDaily
9/26/2004: Expedition 9 Crew Safely Reaches Earth
 - SpaceDaily

9/26/2004: Alice chatbot wins for third time  - BBC
9/26/2004: Tough new bone repair cement  - BBC
9/26/2004: McCain seeks funds to speed digital-TV shift  - C/Net
9/26/2004: Catching the nano wave  - C/Net
9/26/2004: New vision for auto repairs - Seattle Times
9/26/2004: ORNL Microscope Pushes Back Barrier Of "How Small"  - SpaceDaily
9/26/2004: Review: MyDVD Studio Software for Custom DVDs
 - ABC


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