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  September 25, 2004

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Antarctic Living: A Space House for an Icy Land -  German scientists are adapting a habitat designed by the European Space Agency (ESA) to replace, in 2007, the shifting, disappearing and aging Neumayer II Research Station. ESA's original designs for a SpaceHouse-based Neumayer III call for a tough outer shell of extremely lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), used in spacecraft solar arrays and antennas, as opposed to the traditional steel or aluminum. 
Glimpse at Swollen Stars Hint at Earth's Demise -  Mira stars have nearly exhausted the hydrogen that powers their thermonuclear furnaces. Each is swelled to a diameter that is larger than the orbit of our home planet. The aging stars pulsate, expanding and contracting every year or so. When our Sun begins to pulsate, the surface temperature on Earth will periodically climb to 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit (3,000C), said Guy Perrin, a Paris Observatory researcher who led the new study. "But this is in a few billion years from now."

Researchers Make An Oscillator So Small It Might Weigh A Single Atom - SpaceDaily  Left:  Scanning electron microscope photo of a single carbon nanotube suspended over a silicon trench, and a schematic drawing of the device as seen in cross-section. Below, a diagram of the circuit. Copyright Cornell University  Using a carbon nanotube, Cornell University researchers have produced a tiny electromechanical oscillator that might be capable of weighing a single atom. The device, perhaps the smallest of its kind ever produced, can be tuned across a wide range of radio frequencies, and one day might replace bulky power-hungry elements in electronic circuits.Experimenting with various sizes and lengths of tubes, the researchers have made oscillators that tune over a range from 3 to 200 megaHertz (millions of cycles per second). Such a tunable oscillator could be used as a detector in a radio-frequency device such as a cellular phone, which must constantly change its operating frequency to avoid conflicts with other phones.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

9/25/2004:Fishmeal catch 'hits UK seabirds'  - BBC
9/25/2004:Thousands of elephants still killed for ivory
 - New Scientist
9/25/2004:Joslin Researchers Clarify Mechanisms For Beta-cell Formation - Science Daily
9/25/2004:South Dakota Tech Grad Student Finds Rare Whale - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
9/25/2004:'Cities in crisis' leaders warn  - BBC
9/25/2004:Minor Earthquake Felt in Kentucky  - NY Times
9/25/2004:Europe's MSG Weather Satellite Serves Scientists As Well As Forecasters - Science Daily
9/25/2004:Hurricanes and floods take growing number of victims, disasters on rise- UN - SpaceDaily
9/25/2004:Locals angry about plan to haul Osaka toxic waste to Shinagawa ... - FirstScience
9/25/2004:'Only political will can help stop depletion of ozone layer' ... - FirstScience
9/25/2004:Ordinary Negligence Involving Toxic Chemicals Not Pollution ... - FirstScience
9/25/2004:Pollution cell draws Supreme Court's ire ... - FirstScience
9/25/2004:Secret Deal Greases Skids For Drilling In Alaska Refuge ... - FirstScience
9/25/2004:Landfill site for waste to be set up near Zirakpur ... - FirstScience
9/25/2004:It's an eco-friendly Ganesh Chathurthi this time in Karnataka ... - FirstScience

9/25/2004:Blackberry shrinks keyboard  - BBC
9/25/2004:Sony to sell smaller PlayStation 2  - C/Net
9/25/2004:A special purpose  - C/Net
9/25/2004:What's that smell?  - C/Net
9/25/2004:Nintendo's got game  - C/Net
9/25/2004:Review: 'Pikmin' returns in deeper sequel  - CNN
9/25/2004:Redesigned PS2 Coming This Fall?
  - Wired News
9/25/2004:Sims 2 Makes Emotional Debut
  - Wired News

9/25/2004:Broadband starts to rival dial-up
  - BBC
9/25/2004:Mobiles in aircraft edge closer
  - BBC
9/25/2004:Mobiles track down wi-fi hotspots
  - BBC
9/25/2004:Cingular handset talks to users
  - C/Net

9/25/2004:IBM protects passwords with PC chip  - C/Net
9/25/2004:Chartered pushing 65 nm ahead  - El. Engr. Times

9/25/2004:Defend yourself: Why we need to take responsibility for protecting our PCs  - BBC
9/25/2004:Via gives away disc-scrubbing software  - C/Net
9/25/2004:A computer with the iPod's bloodlines  - NY Times
9/25/2004:IBM announces Grid computing project at EPA  - El. Engr. Times
9/25/2004:ATI develops memory technology that cuts PC costs  - El. Engr. Times
9/25/2004:Automatic Icons Organize Files  - Technology Review
9/25/2004:An Emulation Sensation  - Technology Review
9/25/2004:Software Sting Leads to Arrests
  - Wired News

9/25/2004:Firefox on the hunt  - C/Net
9/25/2004:Look alert--WebEx is watching  - C/Net
9/25/2004:Google's flub, flop and bomb - USA Today
9/25/2004:Federal bounty may nab spammers  - CNN
9/25/2004:Report Recommends Hefty Rewards to Catch E-Mail Spammers  - Technology Review
9/25/2004:Spam-Busting Plan Can't Buy a Pal  - Wired News

9/25/2004:Microsoft: Can we check your software license?  - C/Net
9/25/2004:Microsoft to take direct shots at Linux rivals  - C/Net
9/25/2004:With new OS, Microsoft seeks couch potatoes' eyes  - C/Net
9/25/2004:Airbus says bid to join EU case doesn't mean it backs Microsoft - Seattle Times
9/25/2004:Attack of the Radio Clones  - Wired News
9/25/2004:U.K. ITunes Prices Questioned  - Wired News

9/25/2004:Asia switches slowly to green power  - CNN

9/25/2004:Blood cells an asthma drug target  - BBC
9/25/2004:Study Finds High Incidence Of Unnecessary Anti-stroke Surgeries - Science Daily

9/25/2004:Red Meat And Alcohol Bowel Risk - Science Daily
9/25/2004:Early Success for New Cancer Vaccine - ABC

9/25/2004:Infection rising despite vaccine  - BBC
9/25/2004:'Clear' bacteria link to Crohn's  - BBC
9/25/2004:'Flesh-eating' bacteria are on the rise  - Nature
9/25/2004:U.S. and EU plane talks go nowhere - Seattle Times
9/25/2004:Sweden, Tanzania Plan HIV Vaccine  - Wired News

9/25/2004:Kidney test may cut dialysis need  - BBC
9/25/2004:Mayo Clinic Researchers Define Link Between Eosinophils And Asthma - Science Daily
9/25/2004:Scientists hunt for eczema gene ... - FirstScience

9/25/2004:Government 'gets tough' on sugar  - BBC
9/25/2004:Post mortem drug tests 'flawed'  - BBC
9/25/2004:Fat Nation: Are you harbouring unhealthy foods in your fridge?  - BBC
9/25/2004:Tough bone repair cement created  - BBC
9/25/2004:US Soft Drink Consumption Grew 135% Since 1977, Boosting Obesity - Science Daily
9/25/2004:Tibetan Children Are Five Times More Likely To Survive Infancy If Moms Have Oxygen-Promoting Genes - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:

9/25/2004:Blogger who described her life as a call girl signs off  - BBC
9/25/2004:Women in science get centre boost  - BBC
9/25/2004:Stepping out: New right to roam - will landowners welcome the walkers?  - BBC
9/25/2004:Wanted: Women called back to science, engineering and tech  - BBC
9/25/2004:Osama, R U there?  - C/Net
9/25/2004:Lucas: Piracy forced early release of Star Wars DVD  - C/Net
9/25/2004:Internal rate of return: A cautionary tale  - C/Net
9/25/2004:'Sky captain' digitized to death - USA Today
9/25/2004:JVC introduces Microdrive-based camcorders  - El. Engr. Times
9/25/2004:Outsourcing to India shifts to R&D  - El. Engr. Times
9/25/2004:Cadence opens Prague university design lab  - El. Engr. Times
9/25/2004:US report to say no WMD found in Iraq - New Scientist
9/25/2004:3rd Interceptor Placed In Alaska - SpaceDaily
9/25/2004:Sex Drive With Gina Lynn  - Wired News
9/25/2004:Tech Groups Want Induce Hearings  - Wired News
9/25/2004:Twist a Pen, Open a Lock  - Wired News

9/25/2004:Deaf children reveal how language is born - MSNBC
9/25/2004:Childhood learning may determine linguistic rules - New Scientist
9/25/2004:Humans Not Irrational, Just Wary - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
9/25/2004:Glimpse at Swollen Stars Hint at Earth's Demise -
9/25/2004:Radioactivity gets fast-forward
  - Nature
9/25/2004:Pulsating red giants hide inside deceptive shells
 - New Scientist
9/25/2004:Neutron Physics Instrument May Unlock Mysteries Of Universe
 - Science Daily
9/25/2004:Earth's Best View Of The Stars Antarctica's Dome C
 - Science Daily
9/25/2004:Early Universe Might Not Have Been So Violent ...
 - FirstScience
9/25/2004:Radical Antarctic telescope 'would outdo Hubble' ...
 - FirstScience
9/25/2004:Intelligent telescopes survey the violent skies ...
 - FirstScience
9/25/2004:Wallpaper: Saturn's Translucent Rings ...
 - FirstScience


9/25/2004:Code created for shape-shifting robots - New Scientist
9/25/2004:Cockroach-like robot helps unlock animal movement mysteries - New Scientist
9/25/2004:Proving That Shape-Shifting Robots Can Get A Move On - Science Daily

9/25/2004:A Traveling-wave Engine To Power Deep Space Travel - Science Daily
9/25/2004:Strings Of Shadowy Rings Drape Saturn
 - Science Daily
9/25/2004:Sounding Off To Deep Space
 - SpaceDaily
9/25/2004:Four Countries Create Space Corporation
 - SpaceDaily
9/25/2004:Strung Out In The Shadows Of Saturn's Rings
 - SpaceDaily
9/25/2004:Farewell to Gravity
  - Wired News
9/25/2004:Freak Rock to Buzz Earth
  - Wired News
9/25/2004:SETI@Home: A man's sport? ...
 - FirstScience
9/25/2004:Samples From Genesis Craft Sent to Calif.
 - ABC
9/25/2004:Space Station Crew Plans New Missions
 - ABC
9/25/2004:What Genesis Solar Particles Can Tell Us
 - Science Daily

9/25/2004:Antarctic Living: A Space House for an Icy Land -
9/25/2004:Researchers Make An Oscillator So Small It Might Weigh A Single Atom - SpaceDaily 
9/25/2004:Light-wave antenna invented - MSNBC
9/25/2004:Laboratory Grows World Record Length Carbon Nanotube - Science Daily
9/25/2004:Body Scans for the Dead - Popular Science
9/25/2004:Casino Buyouts Mean Rethinking Technologies  - Wired News


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