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  September 24, 2004

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Dense Matters: Astronomers Peek Inside Neutron Star -  The astronomers used a relationship between their star's spin rate -- 45 rps -- and its Doppler shift to determine its radius. The result, they say, is a detailed description of the state of matter where material is packed so tightly the neutrons swirl about in a frictionless superfluid. But the star is apparently not yet compressed to the point that its neutrons are smashed and their quarks -- even tinier subentities -- liberated into a so-called quark star. 
Now Boarding: Zero G Flights for the Public -  Tickets are on sale for around $3,000. A specially modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft, called G-Force One, will be used during a nationwide tour Sept. 14-24. "We kick off a two-week tour with Zero-G flights in New York City, Los Angeles, Reno, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit and Florida," Peter Diamandis, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of the company, told The parabolic flight patterns temporarily create weightlessness for several seconds on each of several passes.

Watching The Stars From Antarctica's Dome C - SpaceDaily  Left:  Dome C is 400 m higher than the South Pole and further inland from the coast. Being a "dome" - a local maximum in the elevation of the terrain - it experiences much lower peak and average wind speeds, which has a profound beneficial effect on the performance of astronomical instruments.  A small unmanned observatory high on the Antarctic plateau provides the best star-viewing site on Earth, according to research published today in Nature. "It represents arguably the most dramatic breakthrough in the potential for ground-based optical astronomy since the invention of the telescope," says University of New South Wales Associate Professor Michael Ashley, who co-authored the Nature paper.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

9/24/2004:†Disease Genes, Important Regulatory Elements Populate Vast Terrain On Human Chromosome 5 - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†European Common Frog Found To Use Novel Mating Strategy: Males Pirate And Fertilize Egg Clutches
 - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Taking the Scare Out of Biotech Crops - Technology Review 
9/24/2004:†Satellites Track Turtle Trouble  - Wired News
9/24/2004:†Fertility Clinics Vary on Embryo Disposal - ABC
9/24/2004:†Naturalists Struggle to Save Iran Cheetahs - ABC

Climate, Environment:
9/24/2004:†Research Uncovers Added Value Of Streamside Forests - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Hardy Buoys: Texas A&M Project Predicts Oil Spill Movements - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Study Reveals Arsenic Exposure In Playgrounds - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Weather Makes Lawmakers Antsy  - Wired News
9/24/2004:†Ivan May Just Be a Messenger  - Wired News
9/24/2004:†China ensures ozone layer protection goal ... - FirstScience
9/24/2004:†Eco-friendly immersion ... - FirstScience
9/24/2004:†El Nino conditions developing in Pacific ... - FirstScience
9/24/2004:†Scientists Debunk 'Global Warming' Effect on Hurricanes ... - FirstScience
9/24/2004:†Greenpeace protest at French military dock against planned US plutonium shipment ... - FirstScience
9/24/2004:†Battle of the Storms - ABC
9/24/2004:†Steering Ivan - ABC
9/24/2004:†Full Coverage - ABC
9/24/2004:†Hurricanes May Have Upset NASA's Schedule - ABC
9/24/2004:†Forecasters: More Hurricanes May Be on Way - ABC
9/24/2004:†Mussels Found Near N.Pole in Global Warming Sign - ABC
9/24/2004:†U.S. Accuses U.N. of Dragging Feet Over Locusts - ABC

9/24/2004:†An Anime for Deep Thinkers  - Wired News
9/24/2004:†Handy Camcorders Ditch Tapes for Hard Disks - ABC

9/24/2004:†Mobile Tech Marches On
 - ABC
9/24/2004:†Good-Bye Grainy Cell Pics
 - Business Week

9/24/2004:†Cell processor reaches final development stage, say reports - Silicon Strategies
9/24/2004:†U.S. Researchers Invent Antenna for Light - ABC

9/24/2004:†Supercomputers Improve Hurricane PredictionóBut Still Imperfect - Technology Review 

9/24/2004:†Instant Messaging Goes Graphical  - Wired News
9/24/2004:†Microsoft Flip-Flop May Signal Blog Clog - USA Today

9/24/2004:†Airbus is flying to Microsoft side in antitrust case - Seattle Times
9/24/2004:†IBM seeks ruling on copyright claim for Linux - Seattle Times
9/24/2004:†Spam-Busting Plan Can't Buy a Pal  - Wired News

9/24/2004:†Ant Power Packs - Technology Review 
9/24/2004:†World Renewable Energy Leaders Announce China Wind Push ... - FirstScience
9/24/2004:†China's Energy Crisis Blankets Hong Kong in Smog ... - FirstScience


9/24/2004:†Researchers Identify Distinctive Signature For Metastatic Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Fox Chase Cancer Center Researchers Identify Novel Target For Detecting Ovarian Cancer In Blood - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†"Hedgehog" Signal Distinguishes Lethal From Localized Prostate Cancers - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†A One-two Punch For Tumors: Double Drug Combo Attacks Tumor And Blood Vessel Development - Science Daily

9/24/2004:†Major EU Project Shows 'Killer Bacteria' More Common Than Expected - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Maggot Therapy Linked With Reduced Post-Operative Wound Infections - Science Daily

9/24/2004:†Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Sheds Light On Unravelling Of Nerves' Protective Myelin Sheath - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Discovery Of Fruit Fly Pancreas Points To Possible Diabetes Cures, Say Stanford Researchers - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Cancer Drug Shows Promise Against Lupus

9/24/2004:†'Mighty Mouse' Helping Find Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†British Columbia Researchers Aim To Create 'Living Glue' For Replacement Joints - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†University Of Alberta Researcher Offers Promising Treatment For Premature Ejaculation - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Food Study Finds Diets Get Healthier Over Time - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†High-Tech Hearing Bypasses Ears  - Wired News
9/24/2004:†Better Health Through Play  - Wired News
9/24/2004:†Price Comparison for Drugs on Federal Website  - NY Times
9/24/2004:†Pregnant Pause - ABC
9/24/2004:†Survey: Swedes Skip Work Due to Fatigue
 - ABC

History, Anthropology:
9/24/2004:†Cavemen Started Bling-Bling Culture - Ananova

9/24/2004:†11 Search-and-rescue Dogs Exhibit Few Effects From Exposure To Disaster Sites
9/24/2004:†U.S. seeks new pact with EU that bans aerospace subsidies - Seattle Times
9/24/2004:†Bank brings back jobs, reverses its outsourcing - Seattle Times
9/24/2004:†NASA Develops New Tool For Airline Accident Prevention - SpaceDaily
9/24/2004:†Bush, Kerry pitch their case on science, health and environment - SpaceDaily
9/24/2004:†UN says more needed to fight population growth, poverty - SpaceDaily
9/24/2004:†Governments Slow off the Mark to Combat Growing Threats of Cybercrime - Technology Review 
9/24/2004:†Finding Truth on the Internet  - Wired News
9/24/2004:†Near Miss for Electric Cars  - Wired News
9/24/2004:†Freedom Tower Will Be Green Giant  - Wired News
9/24/2004:†Software Lets Nurses Bid for Extra Shifts  - Wired News
9/24/2004:†Improved Body Armor on the Way - USA Today
9/24/2004:†Inside North Korean Science ...
9/24/2004:†Invisible Information - ABC
9/24/2004:†Army: Nerve Agent Disposal May Take Time - ABC
9/24/2004:†Biometrics Used to Secure Financial Transactions - ABC
9/24/2004:†Tech's Future - Business Week
9/24/2004:†"Technology Can Be the Multiplier" - Business Week
9/24/2004:†Brazil's Soft Spot for Software - Business Week
9/24/2004:†Cell Phone Big Boys- Back in China
 - Business Week
9/24/2004:†A Talk with a Tech Stock Bull
 - Business Week
9/24/2004:†Big Program On Campus
 - Business Week

9/24/2004:†Children Follow Same Steps To Learn Vocabulary, Regardless Of Language Spoken - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Marijuana-like Chemicals In The Brain Calm Neurons - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Study Finds Pain Decreases With Massage And Teddy Bears - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Part of Brain That Extinguishes Fears Found
9/24/2004:†Down on Uppers - ABC
9/24/2004:†Video: Is Your Child Depressed? - ABC

Physics and Astronomy:
9/24/2004:†Dense Matters: Astronomers Peek Inside Neutron Star -
Watching The Stars From Antarctica's Dome C - SpaceDaily
9/24/2004:†Australian team plans Antarctic observatory
 - SpaceDaily
9/24/2004:†Radical Antarctic telescope 'would outdo Hubble' ...
 - FirstScience
9/24/2004:†Neutron physics instrument may unlock mysteries of universe ...
 - FirstScience



9/24/2004:†Largest Window For Space Completed - Science Daily
Now Boarding: Zero G Flights for the Public -
9/24/2004:†Cleared For Landing
 - SpaceDaily
9/24/2004:†Northrop Grumman, NASA Complete Testing Of Prototype Composite Cryogenic Tank
 - SpaceDaily
9/24/2004:†China's space program seeks approval for new-generation rocket
 - SpaceDaily
9/24/2004:†Rocket launch carrying space station crew to be delayed
 - SpaceDaily
9/24/2004:†Nasa promises Mars in the next 30 yrs ...
 - FirstScience
9/24/2004:†Report: Russia may have to delay October space launch to International Space Station ...
 - FirstScience
9/24/2004:†Hurricanes May Have Upset NASA's Schedule ...
 - FirstScience
9/24/2004:†Space shuttle ...
  - CNN
9/24/2004:†Russia May Have to Delay Space Launch
 - ABC
9/24/2004:†Genesis Capsule to Be Sent to Colorado - ABC
9/24/2004:†Mars Life Looms Closer
 - SpaceDaily
9/24/2004:†What Genesis Solar Particles Can Tell Us
 - SpaceDaily

9/24/2004:†Scientists Tame 'Hip Hop' Atoms; Precision Placement May Help In Building Nanoscale Devices - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Using A Carbon Nanotube, Cornell Researchers Make An Oscillator So Small It Might Weigh A Single Atom - Science Daily
9/24/2004:†Photonic Crystal Throttles Light - Technology Review 
9/24/2004:†Nanoribbons Channel Light - Technology Review 
9/24/2004:†Machines inspired by biology ... - FirstScience


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