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  September 23, 2004

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Image of a lab worker Body can 'heal dementia itself'  - BBC  Left:  The scientists used the body's natural defenses against disease.  The researchers isolated antibodies against beta peptide and injected these into patients with early Alzheimer's disease on a monthly basis for six months. Five Alzheimer's disease patients treated with the experimental therapy showed improvement in tests. At the end of the six months, levels of beta peptide in cerebrospinal fluid fell by 30%, and the level of beta peptide in the blood shot up 233%, suggesting that the treatment was working. Although brain, or cognitive function improved only slightly in four patients, it did not worsen.
Stir-fry Diet gets healthier as people age  - BBC  Newcastle University researchers looked at the diets of 200 children aged 11 and 12, then again 20 years later. They found as adults, they ate around twice the amount of fruit and vegetables and less fat and sugar as they had as children. But the study, in Appetite, found some saw barriers, such as a perceived lack of time, to healthy eating. Amelia Lake, a registered dietician and Newcastle University researcher, who led the research said the findings suggested that general healthy eating messages - such as the five a day message on fruit and vegetables - were getting through to most people. 


Pill popping: Controversy rages about the benefits of taking vitamins  - BBC  For the general population, taking large doses of Vitamin C does not to stop you catching colds - but it can relieve the symptoms and reduce the cold's duration. A King's College, London, study of vitamin E absorption showed that the oil in the vitamin E capsule permitted the vitamin E to be absorbed. But in recent years there has been some worrying evidence emerging about a possible harmful effect of Vitamin A, even at quite low doses. Research has shown that long term intakes of Vitamin A at around twice the RDA, may be linked to weaker bones and an increased risk of bone fracture.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
9/23/2004:†Body can 'heal dementia itself'   - BBC

9/23/2004:†Double syringe blood test 'hope'  - BBC
9/23/2004:†Tibetans show 'evolution in action'
  - Nature
9/23/2004:†Sugar-coated Sea Urchin Eggs Could Have Sweet Implications For Human Fertility - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
9/23/2004:†Supercomputers race to predict storms  - CNN
9/23/2004:†How computers outrace hurricanes - MSNBC
9/23/2004:†Will climate change spark fiercer storms? - MSNBC
9/23/2004:†Ecologists mount protest over lofty plans for Alpine ski runs  - Nature
9/23/2004:†Stormy onslaught continues  - Nature
9/23/2004:†A Queens Garden Gives New Meaning to 'Green'  - NY Times
9/23/2004:†Smithsonian Unveils Ocean Science Program  - NY Times
9/23/2004:†Byproduct Of Water-disinfection Process Found To Be Highly Toxic - Science Daily
9/23/2004:†Frances, Ivan Contribute To Hurricane Studies - Science Daily

9/23/2004:†'The Sims' out of control  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†The new Game Boy for $200?  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†Nose-steered mouse could save aching arms - New Scientist

9/23/2004:†Why Jobs Should Heed VoIP's Call
 - Business Week
9/23/2004:†BlackBerry: Born Again for the Mass Market
 - Business Week
9/23/2004:†College backs off Wi-Fi ban
  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†RIM takes new BlackBerry design overseas
  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†China's IP baby sitter
  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†Airbus: cell phones on planes in 2006
  - CNN
9/23/2004:†Broadband penetration rate, growth still breaking records
  - El. Engr. Times
9/23/2004:†Mars laser will beam super-fast data
 - New Scientist
9/23/2004:†Optical Fibers And A Theory Of Things That Go Bump In The Light
 - Science Daily

9/23/2004:†National Semiconductor unveils security ICs for PCs
9/23/2004:†Kodak, IBM team on digital camera sensors  - El. Engr. Times
9/23/2004:†Sony begins mass producing OLED displays  - El. Engr. Times
9/23/2004:†'Solid immersion' probed for maskless litho  - El. Engr. Times

9/23/2004:†Carnegie Mellon Engineering Researchers To Create Speech Recognition In Silicon - Science Daily

9/23/2004:†Amazon seeks share of searches  - BBC
9/23/2004:†Are Hurricanes Swamping Spammers? - Business Week
9/23/2004:†Can Amazon Go Beyond Google? - Business Week
9/23/2004:†Blog clog on the Net?  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†AOL drops Microsoft antispam technology  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†New Acrobat seen this year  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†New MyDoom offers 'how to' details
  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†EarthLink tests file-sharing program
  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†Firefox drawing fans away from Microsoft IE
  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†Mozilla burns to prove Firefox worthy
  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†Scammers use Gmail invite as phishing hook
  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†PayPal to fine for vice
  - CNN
9/23/2004:†Critical Mozilla, Thunderbird vulnerabilities found
  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†Software bug raises spectre of 'JPEG of death'
 - New Scientist
9/23/2004:†Google's Gmail inspires imaginative 'hacks'
 - New Scientist

9/23/2004:†iTunes under fire over UK pricing  - BBC
9/23/2004:†Go Digital: 10 years of net cafes, computer games with a message and the appeal of The Sims  - BBC
9/23/2004:†Yahoo! and Musicmatch- A Hot Duet - Business Week
9/23/2004:†Wired for security  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†Building a Linux network on a shoestring  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†New Microsoft patch to fix security flaw  - CNN

9/23/2004:†Toshiba taps MEMS to shrink fuel cells  - El. Engr. Times

9/23/2004:†Hibiscus 'may reduce cholesterol'  - BBC

9/23/2004:†Cannabis may combat cancer  - BBC
9/23/2004:†Decoupling The Control Of Brain Cancer Cells To Find Better Treatments - Science Daily

9/23/2004:†Aids epidemic a threat to Europe  - BBC
9/23/2004:†Clearing algae 'can curb malaria'  - BBC
9/23/2004:†Dutch bird flu infected hundreds of people - New Scientist
9/23/2004:†India is at centre of global Aids pandemic, says expert - New Scientist

9/23/2004:†Child healthcare goals unveiled  - BBC

9/23/2004:†Diet gets healthier as people age  - BBC
9/23/2004:†Pill popping: Controversy rages about the benefits of taking vitamins   - BBC   - BBC
9/23/2004:†Thumbprint access health records  - BBC
9/23/2004:†Report: Cheek tissue can fix eyes  - CNN
9/23/2004:†Stem cells stop mice going blind  - Nature
9/23/2004:†Gene technique to fight human blindness - New Scientist
9/23/2004:†Protein Is Key To Fatal Disorder And Normal Cell Function - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
9/23/2004:†Was Colorado cannibal a murderer? Maybe not - MSNBC
9/23/2004:†Egyptians treated animals†like kings - MSNBC
9/23/2004:†Peruís pipeline project turns up treasures - MSNBC
9/23/2004:†Rembrandt probably had lazy eye disorder - MSNBC
9/23/2004:†Creature comforts for mummified pets  - Nature

9/23/2004:†Police videos end live ID parades  - BBC
9/23/2004:†Outsourcing megadeals lose momentum  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†Will cyber journalists turn the tables on big media?  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†Don't mess with librarians  - C/Net
9/23/2004:†Networkers' crowding achievement - Washington Post
9/23/2004:†Head to head- Bush vs. Kerry  - Nature
9/23/2004:†Virtual girlfriend  - CNN
9/23/2004:†Expert predicts half-trillion RFID tags by 2010  - El. Engr. Times
9/23/2004:†Cosmic Log: After the post-apocalypse - MSNBC
9/23/2004:†Iraq to tackle toxic 'hot spots'  - Nature
9/23/2004:†Iran's nuclear ambitions  - Nature
9/23/2004:†Security restrictions lead foreign students to snub US universities  - Nature
9/23/2004:†US Election 2004  - Nature
9/23/2004:†Iran's nuclear ambitions  - Nature
9/23/2004:†11 search dogs unscathed by dust - New Scientist
9/23/2004:†Five fired at Los Alamos lab - MSNBC
9/23/2004:†Students Being Trained In Dealing With Cyber Threats - Science Daily

9/23/2004:†Discuss death with dying children  - BBC
9/23/2004:†FDA considers antidepressant risks for kids  - Nature
9/23/2004:†The birth of a language  - Nature
9/23/2004:†Childhood learning may determine linguistic rules - New Scientist
9/23/2004:†Molecule Awakens And Maintains Neural Connections - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
9/23/2004:†Antarctic deemed perfect for stargazing  - Nature
9/23/2004:†Microscope focuses on sub-Angstrom scales
 - PhysicsWeb
9/23/2004:†Motions In Nearby Galaxy Cluster Reveal Presence Of Hidden Superstructure
 - Science Daily


9/23/2004:†They're robots? Those beasts!  - C/Net

9/23/2004:†Starry nights clearest in Antarctica - New Scientist
9/23/2004:†Will Soyuz mishap delay liftoff?
9/23/2004:†Mars rovers given six more months
 - New Scientist
9/23/2004:†Mars Rovers' Mission Extends with New Goals, New Funding
9/23/2004:†Beyond The Final Frontier
 - SpaceDaily
9/23/2004:†Putin Promises To Help South Korea Train First Astronaut
 - SpaceDaily
9/23/2004:†What Genesis Solar Particles Can Tell Us ...
  - Nature

9/23/2004:†Amstrad launches videophone  - BBC
9/23/2004:†Double syringe blood test 'hope'  - BBC
9/23/2004:†Tomorrow's Safer Cars - Business Week
9/23/2004:†Change the Oil, Upgrade the Software - Business Week
9/23/2004:†Sprint to the Head of the Pack - Business Week
9/23/2004:†Tech Is Cooking Again in Israel - Business Week
9/23/2004:†The Signs They Are A-Changin'
 - Business Week
9/23/2004:†Double-barrelled syringe combats contamination
 - New Scientist
9/23/2004:†Nanotubes feel the force
 - PhysicsWeb


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