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  September 22, 2004

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Cat's Eye Nebula In Stunning Detail - SpaceDaily  Although the rings may be the key to explaining the final 'gasp' of the dying central star, the mystery behind the Cat's Eye Nebula's nested 'Russian doll' structure remains largely unsolved. Observations suggest that the star ejected its mass in a series of pulses at 1500-year intervals. These convulsions created dust shells that each contains as much mass as all of the planets in our Solar System combined (but still only one-percent of the Sun's mass). These concentric shells make a layered onion-skin structure around the dying star. The view from Hubble is like seeing an onion cut in half, where each layer of skin is discernible. 
Surfing The Wave - SpaceDaily  Left:  A tsunami, while not a cause of extinction, is one of the many hazards of living on Earth. Tsunamis are large waves caused by the disruption of seawater. Earthquakes on the ocean floor generate most tsunamis, but they also may result from the eruption or collapse of island or coastal volcanoes, or from giant landslides on the edge of the sea. A giant tidal wave, which could measure 100 meters from crest to trough, would hit the other Canary islands within an hour and reach the north African coast within two hours. Between seven and 10 hours later, waves tens of meters high would crash onto the Caribbean islands and the eastern seaboards of North and South America. But the Tsunami Society dismisses this as "scaremongering".

Hydrocarbons In The Deep Earth? - SpaceDaily  "These experiments point to the possibility of an inorganic source of hydrocarbons at great depth in the Earth -that is, hydrocarbons that come from simple reactions between water and rock and not just from the decomposition of living organisms." Dr. Henry Scott, of Indiana University South Bend, related the significance of the experiments to conventional hydrocarbon resources: "Although it is well-established that commercial petroleum originates from the decay of once-living organisms, these results support the possibility that the deep Earth may produce abiogenic hydrocarbons of its own."
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Alzheimer's Disease:

9/22/2004: Genetically Altered Papayas Pit Scientists Against Activists  - Wired News
9/22/2004: N.Y. Firm Offers to Freeze Women's Eggs
 - ABC
9/22/2004: U.S. Accuses Researchers of Animal Abuse - ABC
9/22/2004: Only Great White Shark at Calif. Aquarium - ABC
9/22/2004: Biotech in a bottle: Not even GM beer can sway the sceptics' persistent opposition  - BBC
9/22/2004: Human genome hits halfway mark  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
9/22/2004: Surfing The Wave - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: Blair makes 'urgent' appeal to tackle global warming - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: Australia launches fund to conserve its water - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: Polar Bears Carry a Heavy Toxic Burden ... - FirstScience
9/22/2004: Fewer Fish Are Wasted, but More Are Illegally Caught ... - FirstScience
9/22/2004: Iraqi Environment Ministry and UN to Assess Polluted Sites ... - FirstScience
9/22/2004: Commission launches consultation on future climate change policy ... - FirstScience
9/22/2004: No cold feet Blair calls on Britain to trust him over action on climate change ...  - BBC
9/22/2004: Chemical sensor could enable new ways to monitor pollutants ... - FirstScience
9/22/2004: Blair wants common G8 position on global warming ... - FirstScience
9/22/2004: Fishermen, environmentalists walk out on Sethusamudaram public hearing ... - FirstScience
9/22/2004: Beating Drought - ABC
9/22/2004: Smithsonian Unveils Ocean Science Program - ABC
9/22/2004: U.S. Signs Colorado River Protection Pact - ABC
9/22/2004: Supercomputers Aid Hurricane Forecasting - ABC
9/22/2004: Blair Warns of Climate Change's Threat - ABC
9/22/2004: Officials: Tahoe Cleaner After Engine Ban - ABC
9/22/2004: U.N. Seeks Limits on Pesticide Harming Ozone Layer - ABC
9/22/2004: Ivan's Path
 - ABC
9/22/2004: Forest guardiansA visionary idea is a breath of fresh air for the Amazon in Brazil
9/22/2004: PM gives dire warning on climate
  - BBC
9/22/2004: Tree project to target under-16s
  - BBC

9/22/2004: Aural Heaven: IPod and Analog  - Wired News
9/22/2004: Of Mice and Biometrics  - Wired News
9/22/2004: Serious fun: Online games that blur the line between news and entertainment  - BBC
9/22/2004: PM backs violent game inquiry  - BBC
9/22/2004: Psychic action enthrals gamers  - BBC

9/22/2004: Wireless Gets Up Close
  - Technology Review
9/22/2004: Satellite Service Battles Lag
  - Wired News
9/22/2004: Nokia Embraces SD Memory Cards
  - Wired News
9/22/2004: Not Just for Surfing the Web
 - ABC
9/22/2004: Review: Free Net Calls With Skype
 - ABC
9/22/2004: Blackberry shrinks phone keyboard
  - BBC


9/22/2004: Beware the Bargain - ABC

9/22/2004: Simple Search Lightens Net Load  - Technology Review
9/22/2004: Chinese Mobile Phone Carrier to Set up 3,000 Internet Cafes  - Technology Review
9/22/2004: German radio starts web pages in Klingon  - BBC
9/22/2004: Brazil is world 'hacking capital'  - BBC

9/22/2004: Linux companies agree to standardized version - Seattle Times
9/22/2004: Big Anti-Induce Campaign Planned  - Wired News
9/22/2004: Yahoo Flexes Its Music Muscle  - Wired News
9/22/2004: Linux: Should it Be Tamed?  - Wired News
9/22/2004: Image flaw exposes Windows PCs  - BBC
9/22/2004: Free musicThe wi-fi device that plays web radio stations without a PC  - BBC

9/22/2004: OPEC's power grip loses some strength - Seattle Times
9/22/2004: Hydrocarbons In The Deep Earth? - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: After wind power, Germany turns to the sun for electricity - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: Earth's mantle can generate methane ...  - Nature
9/22/2004: Nuclear treaty 'would improve detection of rogue tests' ...  - Nature
9/22/2004: Major grant drives forward cost efficient solar power ...  - FirstScience
9/22/2004: UK needs 'more nuclear stations'
  - BBC

9/22/2004: Video: Sleep and Heart Disease
9/22/2004: FDA OKs Defibrillator Without Prescription - ABC


9/22/2004: Scientists develop avian flu test  - BBC

9/22/2004: Double Trouble - ABC
9/22/2004: Video: Approaches to Treating Type 2 Diabetes - ABC
9/22/2004: Healthy Woman Quiz: Dementia - ABC
9/22/2004: Are Teen Drug Programs Working? - ABC
9/22/2004: A Tobacco Control Bill's Unlikely Demise - ABC

9/22/2004: Healthcare: Big Woes for Small Firms - ABC
9/22/2004: The Insurance Center - ABC
9/22/2004: U.K. Docs Suggest Tax Breaks for Exercise - ABC
9/22/2004: Program Encourages Kids to Run Marathons - ABC
9/22/2004: Insurance Fraud Hits More Patients - ABC
9/22/2004: Drug Dodgers - ABC
9/22/2004: Video: Getting the Most Out of Managed Care - ABC
9/22/2004: Cheek tissue to restore eyesight  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
9/22/2004: Pet mummies got VIP treatment  - BBC

9/22/2004: Lumber group urges appeal of NAFTA ruling - Seattle Times
9/22/2004: Canon, Toshiba form join venture for flat-Screen SED panels - Silicon Strategies
9/22/2004: United Defense Integrates And Fires ETC Gun From Combat Vehicle - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: DARPA Seeks Soldier Memory System - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: Next Phase Of B-2 Bomber's Radar Modernization To Begin - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: Headshake To SETI Headfake - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: Proton US ComSat Launch Delayed - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: Geeks Code for the Gold  - Wired News
9/22/2004: Job Woes Plague High Tech  - Wired News
9/22/2004: Bush vs. Kerry on Science ... - Discover
9/22/2004: Space plane becomes classified project ... - MSNBC
9/22/2004: Bomb Hunter - ABC
9/22/2004: Kodak to Close Australia Plant, Cut Jobs - ABC
9/22/2004: Do High-Tech Students Have it Made? - ABC
9/22/2004: Paternity Postponed - ABC
9/22/2004: Kids create new sign language  - BBC
9/22/2004: Bush and Kerry battle over science  - BBC
9/22/2004: Vandal daubs DNA code in street  - BBC
9/22/2004: Slowing population 'lacks funds'
  - BBC
9/22/2004: 'Cities in crisis' leaders warn
  - BBC

9/22/2004: Scientists discover how we learn to forget our fears  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
9/22/2004: Cat's Eye Nebula In Stunning Detail - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: Rival Teams Race To Snap Alien Planet
  - Wired News
9/22/2004: New telescope to map universe ...
 - FirstScience
9/22/2004: Galactic Ballet Captured by Gemini ...
 - FirstScience
9/22/2004: Seeding the Universe ...
 - Discover



9/22/2004: NASA's Desert "Rats" Test New Gear - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: Learn More About How Spacecraft Operate
 - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: Saturn's Family Portrait - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: Bush Requests NASA Storm Aid  - Wired News
9/22/2004: Space Shuttle External Tank slated to fly next spring ready for foam spray on intertank; a major step to retur ... - FirstScience
9/22/2004: Students In Southfield Experience Space In The Desert ...
 - FirstScience
9/22/2004: The Russian Federal Space Agency has not received proposals of cooperation in the design of a new manned ...
 - FirstScience
9/22/2004: Methane on Mars causes controversy - New Scientist
9/22/2004: New Mars data gives life clue
  - BBC
9/22/2004: Genesis Board Turn Over Surviving Science Package To Scientists
 - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: NASA Selects Contractor For First Prometheus Mission To Jupiter
 - SpaceDaily
9/22/2004: Space O2 Generator Fails Again
  - Wired News
9/22/2004: The European Space Agency says it has found concentrations of water vapour and the gas methane on Mars, which ...
 - FirstScience
9/22/2004: NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 20 September 2004 ...
 - FirstScience

9/22/2004: Gadget pipes tunes through flowers - Seattle Times
9/22/2004: Shrinking time: Physicists make the world's smallest atomic clock  - BBC


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