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  September 21, 2004

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High Technology Vs. Space Travel - SpaceDaily  Left:  The power of adaptive optics will render Hubble-class space telescopes obsolete. (File image of the rings of Uranus, as taken by the VLT facility)  One of the many false ideas people have about space travel is that it is leading the human race ahead boldly into the future, hand-in-hand with high technology. This is another one of those old chestnuts from the 1950s that simply isn't true anymore, but still lingers in peoples' minds and makes it difficult for them to think clearly about space. To see how wrong this idea is, just consider Israel, India, and China. All three nations have launched domestically designed earth satellites on domestically designed space boosters. During the same period, all three nations tried to produce a domestic jet fighter aircraft design and all three failed dismally. And no one is seriously proposing to use any new "rocket science" in outer space.  
Largest Window For Space Completed - SpaceDaily  LeftWith a diameter of about 2 metres and height of 1.5 metres, the European-built Cupola provides a shirtsleeve working environment for two crewmembers. The ergonomically designed interior is equipped with workstations from which astronauts will be able to control the Station's robotic arm. From inside Cupola, a dome-shaped structure fitted with seven specially developed windows, astronauts will have a panoramic view for observing and guiding operations on the outside of the International Space Station (ISS). The 1.8 tonne Cupola will now be transported to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida where it will undergo final acceptance in November 2004.

Telescope snaps distant 'planet'  - BBC  Left:  The small, red object tested the Yepun uit to its limits.  Astronomers working in Chile think they may have taken the first direct image of a planet circling another star. The star, called 2M1207, is 230 light-years away and is very much smaller and fainter than our own Sun. The pictured companion is 100 times fainter still. Benjamin Zuckerman, of the University of California, in Los Angeles, added: "If the candidate companion of 2M1207 is really a planet, this would be the first time that a gravitationally bound exoplanet has been imaged around a star or brown dwarf."  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
9/21/2004: Discovery May Halt Progression Of Alzheimer's - Science Daily

9/21/2004: New fertility treatment 'closer'  - BBC
9/21/2004: Letters: When Animals Articulate
  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Here a Skunk, There a Skunk: A New Kind of Wildlife Census  - NY Times
9/21/2004: The Right Ear Is From Mars  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Researchers Report New Gene Test For Isolated Cleft Lip And Palate - Science Daily
9/21/2004: Adaptive Changes In The Genome May Provide Insight Into The Genetics Of Complex Disease - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
9/21/2004: Blair 'shocked' by climate change  - BBC
9/21/2004: Howard's way is a delicate green  - BBC
9/21/2004: Party leaders target climate  - BBC
9/21/2004: 'Sustainable relief' is way ahead  - BBC
9/21/2004: Have Your Say: Can the world cope with the demands of rapid urbanisation?  - BBC
9/21/2004: The science of hurricanes  - BBC
9/21/2004: Arctic's toxic burden for bears  - BBC
9/21/2004: Preserving an Old-Forest Wilderness at the Ends of the Earth  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Bush Record: New Priorities in Environment  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Report: Heat to Cause More Calif. Deaths  - NY Times
9/21/2004: U.N. Agency to Study Environment in Iraq  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Blue Marlin In Gulf Have High Mercury Levels, Study Shows - Science Daily
9/21/2004: Proteins Show Promise For Mosquito Control

9/21/2004: Tempting art students into gaming  - BBC
9/21/2004: Movie muscle: How Sony's bid to buy studio MGM could affect Hollywood  - BBC

9/21/2004: The world in your palm
  - C/Net
9/21/2004: Nonpartisan FCC needed
  - C/Net
9/21/2004: Extreme Wi-Fi
  - C/Net
9/21/2004: Despite theater cell phone ban, dialing continues
  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Bringing mobiles to the masses
  - CNN
9/21/2004: Telecoms try to enter Asian markets
  - CNN
9/21/2004: File-sharing leaps from internet to cellphones
 - New Scientist

9/21/2004: AMD's "Window of Opportunity" - Business Week
9/21/2004: DRAM market growth could soon to be a memory  - El. Engr. Times
9/21/2004: Estimated 40% of IC makers will disappear, says Gartner  - El. Engr. Times
9/21/2004: TI Breakthrough in Battery Management Accurately Calculates Remaining Capacity over Life of Battery  - El. Engr. Times


9/21/2004: Webwise: Get webwise with the BBC's beginner's guide to the internet  - BBC
9/21/2004: At Last, China Targets Its Spammers - Business Week
9/21/2004: Wired for security  - C/Net
9/21/2004: Firefox browser to hit 1.0 milestone  - C/Net
9/21/2004: Domain name registrations hit record  - C/Net
9/21/2004: Worm speaks to Windows users  - C/Net
9/21/2004: McAfee's Trojan horse error gets developer's goat
  - C/Net
9/21/2004: Bloggers find clicks don't mean cash
  - C/Net
9/21/2004: Computer worm 'sniffs' out passwords
 - New Scientist

9/21/2004: Yahoo snaps up net music service  - BBC
9/21/2004: Real sells 3m tracks at a loss  - BBC
9/21/2004: Yahoo nets $101m web profits  - BBC
9/21/2004: Microsoft's spam plan rejected  - BBC
9/21/2004: Yahoo to buy Musicmatch for $160 million  - C/Net
9/21/2004: Linux standard gains big-name backers  - C/Net

9/21/2004: Micropower 'could fuel UK homes'  - BBC
9/21/2004: Petroleum From Decay? Maybe Not, Study Says  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Petroleum under pressure - PhysicsWeb

9/21/2004: Alcohol good after heart surgery  - BBC
9/21/2004: Moderate drinking can benefit heart patients - MSNBC
9/21/2004: Vital Signs: Recommendations: Averting Blood Clots in Flight  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Prolonged, Sustained Exercise Prevents Precursor To Heart Failure - Science Daily

9/21/2004: Cancer trial results 'exciting'  - BBC
9/21/2004: Red meat and alcohol bowel 'risk'  - BBC
9/21/2004: Fury at 17-week cancer test wait  - BBC
9/21/2004: Cancer institute starts nanotechnology drive  - CNN
9/21/2004: Blood Test May Be Superior To CT Scans In Predicting Survival In Some Ovarian Cancer Patients - Science Daily

9/21/2004: TB patient medicine test unveiled  - BBC
9/21/2004: Spa pools linked to Legionnaires  - BBC
9/21/2004: Disease cluster in East Yorkshire  - BBC
9/21/2004: Drive to cut global TB failing, warn experts - New Scientist
9/21/2004: Jacuzzi users risk Legionnaire's bug - New Scientist
9/21/2004: Study Of Flu Patients Reveals Virus Outsmarting Key Drug - Science Daily
9/21/2004: First Glimpse Of DNA Binding To Viral Enzyme; May Serve As New Target For Antiviral Drugs
 - Science Daily

9/21/2004: Jab linked to multiple sclerosis  - BBC

9/21/2004: A pinch of salt: How much sodium is in British food and can we avoid it?  - BBC
9/21/2004: Plan to beef up food inspections  - BBC
9/21/2004: Concern over child lead exposure  - BBC
9/21/2004: Join a Discussion on Fitness and Nutrition  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Commentary- When the Computers Crash, All That's Left Are the Patients  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Join a Discussion on Fitness and Nutrition  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Genes and Baldness  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Putting Good Bacteria to Work  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Don't Play a Numbers Game, Experts Say, Just Eat Your Vegetables
  - NY Times
9/21/2004: A Doctor Puts the Drug Industry Under a Microscope
  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Heat-controlled Drug Implants Offer Hope For Future
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
9/21/2004: Dive recovers Cromwell's sailor  - BBC
9/21/2004: Burial Site of Dinosaurs Holds Clues to Their Lives  - NY Times

9/21/2004: Perfume islesThe African islands which grow the world's most fragrant flower  - BBC
9/21/2004: Picture this: Why high-definition television is set to take off in Europe  - BBC
9/21/2004: UN to help tackle Iraq pollution  - BBC
9/21/2004: 2007 target for digital TV switch  - BBC
9/21/2004: Fears for new digital radio system  - BBC
9/21/2004: Photo journal: Living without health insurance in the world's richest country  - BBC
9/21/2004: Being a father: How one teenage dad's experience may help other young men  - BBC
9/21/2004: IBM offers RFID services for manufacturers  - C/Net
9/21/2004: Government deploys hackers for national defense  - C/Net
9/21/2004: Study: 400,000 IT jobs lost since 2001  - C/Net
9/21/2004: Bush vs. Kerry sparks spam deluge   - C/Net
9/21/2004: China and India: The race to growth  - C/Net
9/21/2004: E-vote success in Nevada may be model  - CNN
9/21/2004: Microsoft integrates fingerprint readers  - CNN
9/21/2004: Test of US missile defense system delayed again - Washington Post
9/21/2004: Darfur death rates 'six times higher' than normal - ABC
9/21/2004: A New Tribe? - Science Daily

9/21/2004: Prozac raises child suicide risk  - BBC
9/21/2004: Talking treatmentsWhat's the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?  - BBC
9/21/2004: For Stress, Try Face Time  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Speaking in Tongues and Double-Edged Swords  - NY Times
9/21/2004: When the Vision Goes, the Hallucinations Begin  - NY Times
9/21/2004: Déjà Vu- If It All Seems Familiar, There May Be a Reason  - NY Times

Physics and Astronomy:
9/21/2004: Telescope snaps distant 'planet'   - BBC
9/21/2004: Is This Speck Of Light An Exoplanet?
 - Science Daily

9/21/2004: Social & Environmental Factors Play Important Role In How People Age, Two Studies Find - Science Daily


9/21/2004: High Technology Vs. Space Travel - SpaceDaily
Largest Window For Space Completed - SpaceDaily
9/21/2004: Major Milestone For Detecting Life On Mars - Science Daily
9/21/2004: Genesis Reentry Observed By Ground, Airborne Instruments
9/21/2004: America Must Reach For Space Dominance: Teets
 - SpaceDaily
9/21/2004: Day In The Sun
 - SpaceDaily
9/21/2004: Spirit's View From Engineering Flats
 - SpaceDaily
9/21/2004: Huygens Test Successful
 - SpaceDaily

9/21/2004: Flower power turns up the volume  - BBC
9/21/2004: Tomorrow's Safer Cars - Business Week
9/21/2004: Coming to a Dashboard Near You - Business Week


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