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  September 20, 2004

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New Ring and Possible Moons Found at Saturn -  The Cassini spacecraft has detected two and possibly three new additions to the already full environment of Saturn, and scientists are puzzled over what they've seen. The first discovery is a wispy arc of ice and rocky material that sits between the A and F rings. The second is a tiny object skirting the outer edge of the F ring, which may be a moon but could just be a clump of rubble, scientists said this week. A third object is even more enigmatic. 
Motions In Nearby Galaxy Cluster Reveal Presence Of Hidden Superstructure -  A nearby galaxy cluster is facing an intergalactic headwind as it is pulled by an underlying superstructure of dark matter, according to new evidence from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. Astronomers think that most of the matter in the universe is concentrated in long large filaments of dark matter and that galaxy clusters are formed where these filaments intersect. A Chandra survey of the Fornax galaxy cluster revealed a vast, swept-back cloud of hot gas near the center of the cluster. This geometry indicates that the hot gas cloud, which is several hundred thousand light years in length, is moving rapidly through a larger, less dense cloud of gas. The motion of the core gas cloud, together with optical observations of a group of galaxies racing inward on a collision course with it, suggests that an unseen, large structure is collapsing and drawing everything toward a common center of gravity. 

Modeling Ocean Behavior: The Key To Understanding Our Future Climate  Left:  This is a NASA satellite image of the warm waters of the Gulf Stream running up the U.S. eastern seaboard. The Gulf Stream shows up as a winding rope of orange and yellow (indicating warm waters) against the cooler green and blue waters. Credit: MODIS Ocean Group NASA/GSFC SST product by U. Miami  Of particular interest is the ocean's Conveyor Belt or thermohaline circulation, since both temperature and salinity are at the root of its existence. People in the U.S. know it as part of the "Gulf Stream" that carries warm waters north along the U.S. eastern seaboard and across the north Atlantic Ocean. It then flows south from the European side of the Atlantic, crosses the equator, joins another ocean circulation, and eventually reaches the Pacific, a trip that lasts 1000 years! At high latitudes, cold, dry air from land lowers the average temperature of the warm waters coming from the equator.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

9/20/2004: Electrons stop spuds sprouting  - Nature
9/20/2004: Linnean naming system faces challengers
 - New Scientist
9/20/2004: Great lice debate comes to a head - New Scientist
9/20/2004: Is That Dog Barking Up the Wrong Family Tree?  - NY Times
9/20/2004: Bacteria Use 'Molecular Lasso' To Cop Copper - Science Daily
9/20/2004: New Dye Directly Reveals Activated Proteins In Living Cells - Science Daily
9/20/2004: Secrets Of A Salty Survivor - SpaceDaily
9/20/2004: Frozen Eggs Showing Promise  - Wired News
9/20/2004: One Ear is Not Like The Other, Study Finds  - Scientific American

Climate, Environment:
9/20/2004: Modeling Ocean Behavior: The Key To Understanding Our Future Climate - SpaceDaily
9/20/2004: Mauna Loa may be preparing to erupt - MSNBC
9/20/2004: Schemes devised to stop hurricanes - MSNBC
9/20/2004: Ships shape up to fight killer waves - New Scientist
9/20/2004: Deadly Hurricane Ivan looms over Cuba - New Scientist
9/20/2004: Polar bears under threat from man-made chemicals, WWF warns
9/20/2004: Study: Recycling Cost Overstated  - Wired News
9/20/2004: Russia reports typhoon-related oil spill ... - FirstScience
9/20/2004: $50 Oil: A Spreading Slick of Pain ... - Business Week
9/20/2004: Green Party seeks to join race for President ... - FirstScience
9/20/2004: Blair is failing on global warming, says Howard ... - FirstScience
9/20/2004: U.N. Agency to Study Environment in Iraq - ABC
9/20/2004: Report: Heat to Cause More Calif. Deaths - ABC
9/20/2004: Navy Ship to Become Scientific Explorer - ABC
9/20/2004: Aluminum Can Kill Salmon River Parasites-Study - ABC
9/20/2004: Blair to Press on Climate Change, Challenge Bush - ABC
9/20/2004: Iraqi Scientists to Wage War on Pollution - ABC

9/20/2004: Mouse with laser shines - Seattle Times
9/20/2004: Printer Problems - ABC
9/20/2004: Review: A Cordless and Comfortable Keyboard - ABC

9/20/2004: 'Hard-wiring' teaches college hard lesson
  - CNN
9/20/2004: First DVB-H trial balloon flies in U.S.
  - El. Engr. Times
9/20/2004: Gold rush to VoIP may not pan out
 - Seattle Times
9/20/2004: Public Fiber Tough to Swallow
  - Wired News
9/20/2004: Store Sales Could Help Boost Net Calling
  - Wired News
9/20/2004: Phone Makers Turn on Mobile TV
  - Wired News

9/20/2004: Japan opens path to Gbit MRAMs - Silicon Strategies
9/20/2004: Bell Labs, ASML to bring maskless litho to market - Silicon Strategies
9/20/2004: No clear winner in lithography sweeps - Silicon Strategies
9/20/2004: Polymer Serves Up Single Photons  - Technology Review 
9/20/2004: Ghana Gets a Fab Lab  - Wired News
9/20/2004: New Material Melts to Keep Chips Cool - ABC


9/20/2004: Internet 'overlay' could boost performance - New Scientist
9/20/2004: MyDoom spawns four small offshoots - C/Net
9/20/2004: Science & Technology Web Awards ...  - Scientific American

9/20/2004: Commentary: Why Microsoft's Longhorn Lags - ABC

9/20/2004: New Power Sources Needed For Soldier Of The Future - Science Daily
9/20/2004: Discovery Could Lead To New Strategies For Operating Fuel Cells - Science Daily

9/20/2004: GM fish produce cheap blood-clotting agent - New Scientist
9/20/2004: OutFoxed- New Research May Redefine Late-stage Cardiac Development - Science Daily
9/20/2004: Ticker Treatment - ABC
9/20/2004: Video: Sleep and Heart Disease - ABC

9/20/2004: The Search For A Kinder, Gentler Chemotherapy - Science Daily
9/20/2004: Stanford Researcher Declares 'PSA Era Is Over' In Predicting Prostate Cancer Risk - Science Daily
9/20/2004: Researchers' Discovery Is Gateway To New Stroke Treatments - Science Daily
9/20/2004: Researchers discover 'Jekyll and Hyde' cancer gene Amount of a specific protein determines whether a tumor is ... - FirstScience

9/20/2004: Missing Genes May Help Explain Why Plague Bacteria Are So Deadly - Science Daily
9/20/2004: Boy Hospitalized in Thai Bird Flu Case - ABC


9/20/2004: Serotonin Metabolites In Mollusks Suggest Pathways For Human Therapies - Science Daily
9/20/2004: Government Study Finds Nearly Half A Million Medical Device Injuries A Year - Science Daily
9/20/2004: Learning to Lose - ABC
9/20/2004: Insurance Fraud Hits More Patients - ABC
9/20/2004: WHO Discusses Disease Response Strategies - ABC
9/20/2004: Hundreds Sue Over WTC Health Effects - ABC
9/20/2004: Experts Visit Kan. to Probe Rash Mystery - ABC
9/20/2004: States Under Pressure on Newborn Tests - ABC

History, Anthropology:

9/20/2004: India software boom predicted to grow  - CNN
9/20/2004: The Lucas world, pre-'Star Wars'  - CNN
9/20/2004: Indian software industry poised for growth, competition  - El. Engr. Times
9/20/2004: North Korean blast not a nuclear test - New Scientist
9/20/2004: Let a thousand ideas flower: China is a new hotbed of research  - NY Times
9/20/2004: College's tech bet praised and panned - Seattle Times
9/20/2004: Interventional Innovation  - Technology Review 
9/20/2004: Pentagon Revives Memory Project  - Wired News
9/20/2004: Step Toward Universal Computing  - Wired News
9/20/2004: Nevada's Seamless E-Vote  - Wired News
9/20/2004: Sears Takes On Cyberspace  - Wired News
9/20/2004: U.S. Exports DMCA Down Under  - Wired News
9/20/2004: Copyright Proposal Induces Worry  - Wired News
9/20/2004: Tech Boosts the Fraudsters  - Wired News
9/20/2004: Industry Databases Help IRS Close Taxing Gap  - NY Times
9/20/2004: N Korea says blast for dam project ... - Business Week
9/20/2004: Car Thieves End Up Behind Bars... at the Zoo - ABC

9/20/2004: Dreamless woman remains healthy  - Nature
9/20/2004: The Claim: A Nightcap Will Help You Sleep  - NY Times
9/20/2004: The (Brain) Stuff Of Which Dreams Are Made - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
9/20/2004: New Ring and Possible Moons Found at Saturn -
Motions In Nearby Galaxy Cluster Reveal Presence Of Hidden Superstructure -
9/20/2004: Neutron stars steal space probe's glory
 - New Scientist
9/20/2004: R.E. Lapp, 87, Physicist in Cold-War Debate on Civil Defense, Dies
  - NY Times
9/20/2004: Have we seen an exoplanet?
 - PhysicsWeb

9/20/2004: Give away those wrinkles to Science ... - FirstScience


9/20/2004: SpaceShipOne Rocket Engine Gets an Upgrade -
9/20/2004: Noah's Cosmic Ark- Preserving DNA on the Moon
9/20/2004: Space-Based Missile Interceptors Could Pose Debris Threat -
9/20/2004: Swirls And Eddies - SpaceDaily
9/20/2004: Better Dreams - SpaceDaily
9/20/2004: In The Stars: The Milky Way's Fiery End? - SpaceDaily
9/20/2004: Xilinx And Sandia Labs Team To Drive Reconfigurable Logic Technology Into Space - SpaceDaily
9/20/2004: Headshake to the SETI Headfake ... - FirstScience

9/20/2004: Cartography on the cutting edge  - CNN
9/20/2004: Ships shape up to fight killer waves - New Scientist
9/20/2004: Nanotechnology Leads To Discovery Of Super Superconductors - Science Daily
9/20/2004: Video devices are taking it personally - Seattle Times
9/20/2004: Flowers Turn into Speakers to Deliver Good Vibrations  - Technology Review 
9/20/2004: Idaho Hot Potato: Tech Companies  - Wired News
9/20/2004: Dead Pigs Help Forensic Experts
  - Wired News
9/20/2004: Mattresses by NASA Help You Slumber
  - NY Times


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