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  September 18, 2004

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New Ring and Possible Moons Found at Saturn -  The Cassini spacecraft has detected two and possibly three new additions to the already full environment of Saturn, and scientists are puzzled over what they've seen. The first discovery is a wispy arc of ice and rocky material that sits between the A and F rings. The second is a tiny object skirting the outer edge of the F ring, which may be a moon but could just be a clump of rubble, scientists said this week. A third object is even more enigmatic. 

Grace Weighs In On Earth's Changing Climate - SpaceDaily  For the first time, scientists have demonstrated that precise measurements of Earth's changing gravity field can effectively monitor changes in the planet's climate and weather. Understanding how Earth's mass varies over time is an important component necessary to study changes in global sea level, polar ice mass, deep ocean currents, and depletion and recharge of continental aquifers. "Measurements of surface water in large, inaccessible river basins have been difficult to acquire, while underground aquifers and deep ocean currents have been nearly impossible to measure," said Dr. Byron Tapley, Grace principal investigator at the University of Texas Center for Space Research in Austin, Texas.    

Ice core reveals gentle start to last ice age  - Nature  Left:  The 3085 metre-long cylinder of ice records how our Earth has warmed and cooled over the last 123,000 years.  The last ice age began with gradual cooling rather than a dramatic climate crash, according to initial studies of the oldest Greenland ice core ever extracted. The core arms climate modellers with robust data to predict our own future. The 3-kilometre-long cylinder of ice records, in year-by-year detail, how Earth has warmed and cooled over the past 123,000 years. It also provides a unique snapshot of conditions about 115,000 years ago, when Earth slid into the most recent ice age. The international team of scientists on the North Greenland Ice Core Project (NGRIP) drilled the ice core between 2000 and 2003.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

9/18/2004:Cracking the Cellular Code  - Technology Review 
9/18/2004:Waging war on the super rats
  - BBC
9/18/2004:Doctor helps out at orang-utan birth  - BBC
9/18/2004:Frances Destroys Sea Turtle Nests - ABC

Climate, Environment:
9/18/2004:Ice core reveals gentle start to last ice age  - Nature
9/18/2004:The Slippery Slope of Voluntary Environmentalism  - Technology Review 
9/18/2004:Mild El Nino Developing in Pacific - ABC
9/18/2004:Frances Coverage - ABC
9/18/2004:Brazil Scrambles to Save Its Disappearing Savanna
9/18/2004:Barrage of Hurricanes May Just Be Florida Normality - ABC
9/18/2004:As Others Flee, Meteorologists Chase Storm - ABC

9/18/2004:DVD, phone home  - C/Net
9/18/2004:Review: Canon CanoScan LiDO 35 Flatbed Scanner - ABC
9/18/2004:That's Entertainment on the Run - ABC
9/18/2004:Review: IRiver's PMP-120 Portable Media Center - ABC
9/18/2004:Happy Hands - ABC
9/18/2004:Are the New Media Devices Any Good? - ABC
9/18/2004:Review: Horror comes home in 'Silent Hill 4'
  - CNN

9/18/2004:Startup Aims for Easy Transfers of Web Snippets to Cell Phones
  - Technology Review 
9/18/2004:Is That a Hard Drive in Your Pocket?
  - Technology Review 
9/18/2004:Wireless, But Not Free?
 - ABC

9/18/2004:Nano Memory Scheme Handles Defects  - Technology Review 
9/18/2004:Nanotube transistor has power  - Technology Review 
9/18/2004:Suddenly, It's AMD Inside - Business Week
9/18/2004:AMD's Favorite Superhero: Flash - Business Week
9/18/2004:Beating the Heat - ABC
9/18/2004:Quantum chip circuitry demonstrated  - El. Engr. Times
9/18/2004:TI Unveils Highest Performance Digital Amplifier PWM Processor, Offering Home Theater Receivers the Lowest Noise Floor and Highest Dynamic Range
  - El. Engr. Times
9/18/2004:New Advanced Compression Encoder -- Delivering Superior Video Compression, High Video Quality and Bandwidth Efficiency
  - El. Engr. Times

9/18/2004:"Lord of the Rings" Special Effects Computer Turns to Supercomputing  - Technology Review 

9/18/2004:Creator of Sasser Worm Charged with Computer Sabotage  - Technology Review 
9/18/2004:Online liabilityWhy you should be careful about what you say on the net  - BBC
9/18/2004:Intel sees big changes to the net  - BBC
9/18/2004:Voting opens for web's villains  - BBC
9/18/2004:McAfee's Trojan horse error gets developer's goat  - C/Net
9/18/2004:Much ado about Bard's texts online  - C/Net
9/18/2004:Junk on the decline
  - C/Net
9/18/2004:Anti-Terror Web Warrior
 - ABC
9/18/2004:Blacklist 'BlackMal'
 - ABC
9/18/2004:U.S. Judge Rejects Law to Block Child Porn on Web
 - ABC
9/18/2004:Intel wants to equip future Internet
  - CNN
9/18/2004:Job advert hidden in Net virus
  - CNN

9/18/2004:The Long and Short of Longhorn - ABC

9/18/2004:Drivers Wage High-Tech Fight on Fuel Prices - ABC
9/18/2004:Clinton Spurs Men to Get Hearts Checked - ABC

9/18/2004:Heart op death rate 'improving'  - BBC
9/18/2004:MDs to Share Replacement Heart Expertise - ABC
9/18/2004:FDA Panel Urges More Studies of Stroke Med - ABC
9/18/2004:Lesson Learned - ABC
9/18/2004:The Clinton Presidency - ABC
9/18/2004:Your Thoughts - ABC
 - ABC

9/18/2004:Hypnosis 'reduces cancer pain'  - BBC

9/18/2004:Diabetes websites too complicated  - BBC
9/18/2004:Salmonella outbreak investigated  - BBC
9/18/2004:MMR vaccine safe, research says  - BBC
9/18/2004:Panel Urges Sharing of Data on Germs - ABC

9/18/2004:Cannabis study encouraging for MS
9/18/2004:Time at the bar: Is time running out for smoking in public in the UK?  - BBC
9/18/2004:Not Snuffed Out - ABC

9/18/2004:Doctor helps out at orang-utan birth  - BBC
9/18/2004:11Helping the 3,000 youngsters who lost a parent in the attacks  - BBC
9/18/2004:'Botched ops' doc reinvestigated  - BBC
9/18/2004:You asked the BBC: What does Healthy Britain survey show?  - BBC
9/18/2004:Morning sickness: Tips to help alleviate your daily nausea while you're pregnant  - BBC
9/18/2004:Nightclub lasers 'may harm sight'  - BBC
9/18/2004:Genes, Biology Important in Obesity Fight - ABC
9/18/2004:Flaring Up - ABC
9/18/2004:Video: Dealing With Flare-Ups of Psoriasis
 - ABC
9/18/2004:Healthy Woman Quiz: Psoriasis
 - ABC
9/18/2004:Few Apply for Medicare Drug Coverage
 - ABC
9/18/2004:Candid Camera
 - ABC
9/18/2004:Video: Laparoscopic Surgery for Intestinal Disease
 - ABC
9/18/2004:Laparoscopic Surgery for Prostate Cancer
 - ABC

History, Anthropology:
9/18/2004:Ice core reveals gentle start to last ice age  - Nature
9/18/2004:Early versions of Shakespeare's plays go online  - BBC
9/18/2004:Divers Find Ancient Skeleton in Mexico - ABC
9/18/2004:Extinction May Have Trickle-Down Effect - ABC
9/18/2004:Bones reveal secrets of Cromwell sailor - MSNBC
9/18/2004:Italy shipwrecks - MSNBC

9/18/2004:World Wide Wonderland: Explore some of the highlights of  - BBC
9/18/2004:Blogging the US: Inside BBC News Online's US election road trip  - BBC
9/18/2004:Oracle clear to go for PeopleSoft  - BBC
9/18/2004:Love at first sight does exist after all, scientists believe  - BBC
9/18/2004:Oracle Busts the Trustbusters' Case - Business Week
9/18/2004:Orchestrating Tech's "Loony Tunes" - Business Week
9/18/2004:Bloggers drive hoax probe into Bush memos - Business Week
9/18/2004:Motorola to build research center in China  - C/Net
9/18/2004:Firms announce video antipiracy technology  - C/Net
9/18/2004:Despite Win, More Hurdles for Oracle - ABC
9/18/2004:Bitter Pill - ABC
9/18/2004:Video: Treating ADHD During the School Year - ABC
9/18/2004:Are Teen Drug Programs Working? - ABC
9/18/2004:Singles look right and left for mate  - CNN
9/18/2004:Plants are the silent witnesses to crime  - CNN
9/18/2004:Microsoft integrates fingerprint readers  - CNN
9/18/2004:Technology awards focus on antiterror research  - El. Engr. Times
9/18/2004:Cosmic Log: Tracking the Net campaign - MSNBC
9/18/2004:Pig corpses reveal forensic secrets - MSNBC

9/18/2004:'Dream centre' of the brain found  - BBC
9/18/2004:Lost Dreams May Show Stuff Dreams Are Made Of - ABC
9/18/2004:A Dangerous Pill? - ABC

Physics and Astronomy:


9/18/2004:Engineer builds robot that walks on water - MSNBC

9/18/2004:New Ring and Possible Moons Found at Saturn -
9/18/2004:Going From Air Force To NASA Blue For Astronaut Wings
 - SpaceDaily
9/18/2004:Scientists Seal Space Radiation Project With NASA - SpaceDaily
9/18/2004:High Technology Vs. Space Travel - SpaceDaily
9/18/2004:NASA Faces Budget Debate - SpaceDaily
9/18/2004:The Other Martian Meteorite
 - SpaceDaily
9/18/2004:NASA Facilities Bracing For Ivan
 - SpaceDaily
9/18/2004:Spectrometers Scan It Clean And Dirty
 - SpaceDaily
9/18/2004:Newfound Comet Set for Winter Display
9/18/2004:Return to Flight on Track Despite Setbacks
9/18/2004:How Genesis Crash Impacts Mars Sample Return
9/18/2004:NASA Facilities Weather Ivan
 - SpaceDaily
9/18/2004:Genesis Team Hopeful About Samples
 - SpaceDaily
9/18/2004:Four Countries Create Space Corporation
 - SpaceDaily
9/18/2004:Genesis Recovery is Going Well ...
 - FirstScience
9/18/2004:Station Oxygen Generator Working Again ...
 - FirstScience
9/18/2004:Military astronaut trainees excited, ready ...
 - FirstScience

9/18/2004:Alumina Glass Made in Bulk  - Technology Review 
9/18/2004:Dome Home - ABC
9/18/2004:Technology emerges to embed tags in glass  - El. Engr. Times


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