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  September 16, 2004

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Tiny Space Rocks Help Settle Astronomical Debate -  A pair of miniscule meteorite grains has helped astronomers settle a long-running debate on the origins of space dust belched out by dying stars. Chemical analysis of the grains, which formed before the solar system and our Sun, confirmed they contained two forms of a metal oxide that astronomers had only seen hints of in observations of stars reaching the end of their life cycle. 
China's Secret Cape Canaveral A Sprawling City Of 15,000 - SpaceDaily  LeftA rarely seen trilogy of billboards with slogans from China's former top leaders decorate a street at the highly-secretive Dongfeng Aerospace City at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, 01 September 2004, on the edge of the Gobi desert in Jiuquan. One of the China's most secret and isolated locations shot to world fame last October when it launched astronaut Yang Liwei into orbit. Former Chairman Mao Zedong (L) proclaims: We too need a man made satellite; Deng Xiaopeng (C) adds: If China had not developed a nuclear bomb and had not launched a satellite the China would not be able to call itself a great power; and Jiang Zemin says: Warmly love the motherland, and contribute without thought of personal gain. AFP PHOTO/Frederic J. BROWN  Jiuquan is so secret that even the people formally in charge, the leaders of Gansu province, have little control over what happens, and just as little information.

Konrad Dannenberg   AP

Terror in the sky: The V-2, Hitler's terror rocket, first struck London 60 years ago  - BBC  Left:  "The Army was looking for a replacement to heavy artillery, which had been forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles after World War I," explains Konrad Dannenberg, 92, an engineer who worked on the German Army's rocket programme.  The technology pioneered at Peenemuende would eventually realise dreams of space flight. The V-2 was the forerunner of the booster rockets that would allow humans to escape the shackles of gravity. But it was also the precursor of all modern guided missiles. As such, rocketry was not to escape the shadow of military exploitation.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

9/16/2004: 'Most wanted' wildlife list released - MSNBC
9/16/2004: Observatory: Secrets of Self-Pollination
  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Décor as Bait  - NY Times
9/16/2004: The Fungi Hunt: So Many Species, Ripe for Finding  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Team Hopeful in Its Effort to Recreate Primal Life  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Did the Cat Really Say 'I Vant to Be Alone'- Sorry, It Said Meow  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Scientists Stumped by Dead Croakers  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Molecular Motor Myosin VI Moves 'Hand Over Hand,' Researchers Say - Science Daily
9/16/2004: The Birth Of A Beak: USC Researchers Detail Process Of Beak Formation - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Single Isolated Mouse Skin Cell Can Generate Into Variety Of Epidermal Tissues - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
9/16/2004: Expedition delves into climate questions - MSNBC
9/16/2004: Study sees far deeper species extinction - MSNBC
9/16/2004: Hurricane season hints at things to come - MSNBC
9/16/2004: Dark future for white animals in Arctic - MSNBC
9/16/2004: Q & A: The Drain or the Dump?
9/16/2004: Spurred by Illness, Indonesians Lash Out at U.S. Mining Giant  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Graphic: Troubled Mines  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Record 7th Typhoon Buffets Japan; At Least 31 Are Dead  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Computer Models Expose Humans As Main Cause Of Caribou Decline - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Natural Mineral Locks Up Carbon Dioxide - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Taking Apart A Hurricane- Multi-sensor Envisat Sees Through Frances - Science Daily

9/16/2004: OpenGL galvanizes game graphics  - C/Net
9/16/2004: Women gamers making small inroads  - CNN
9/16/2004: Review: 'Golf Fore!' a swinging good time  - CNN 

9/16/2004: FCC says U.S. getting its broadband act together
  - C/Net
9/16/2004: FCC frees up spectrum for 3G
  - C/Net
9/16/2004: Review: Pinball wizards step up to Xbox
  - CNN
9/16/2004: Fee fighters challenge phone companies
  - CNN
9/16/2004: FCC finds U.S. broadband deployment is accelerating
  - El. Engr. Times

9/16/2004: Parallel computing  - C/Net

9/16/2004: EU pledges $63 million for grid computing  - C/Net
9/16/2004: Future portables go much faster all day, says Intel  - C/Net
9/16/2004: A new handshake for mini hard drives?  - C/Net
9/16/2004: High-tech feng shui  - C/Net
9/16/2004: Floppy disk nears obsolescence  - CNN

9/16/2004: Intel calls for Internet overhaul  - C/Net
9/16/2004: Opera browsing, as seen on TV  - C/Net
9/16/2004: Free voice mail helps the homeless  - CNN
9/16/2004: Net machine shop offers custom designs  - CNN
9/16/2004: The Internet at 35: Still evolving  - CNN

9/16/2004: Longhorn to put squeeze on gadgets  - C/Net
9/16/2004: Spyware interferes with Microsoft patch  - CNN


9/16/2004: Vital Signs: Cardiac Arrests: Rehabilitation and Heart Disease
9/16/2004: Treating Systolic High Blood Pressure In Older Persons Is Beneficial - Science Daily

9/16/2004: Nanoparticles target tumours - PhysicsWeb
9/16/2004: Fred Hutchinson Reseachers Uncover A Key Driver Behind The Progression Of Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Cancer Drug Targets Tumor Cells - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Small, Smac-like Molecule Encourages Death Of Cancer Cells - Science Daily

9/16/2004: Germ Study Suggests Bloodletting May Work  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Bacteria May Be The Cause Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Science Daily

9/16/2004: Nicotine Therapy More Effective For Men Than Women, Says Research - Science Daily

9/16/2004: Vital Signs: Practice: Information's Healing Power  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Vital Signs: Treatments: A New Approach to Fighting Lice  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Bone Marrow Cells Routinely Help With Wound Healing - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Treatment For Pulmonary Fibrosis May Be Achieved By Blocking Cell Death In The Lung - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Scientists View 'Dark Side' Of The Body - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Long-term Effects Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Are An Autoimmune Reaction - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Liposuction Shown To Be Safe Under Proper Conditions - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
9/16/2004: Terror in the sky: The V-2, Hitler's terror rocket, first struck London 60 years ago  - BBC
9/16/2004: Divers find traces of ancient Americans - MSNBC
9/16/2004: Famous ‘Celtic’ nations may be misnamed - MSNBC
9/16/2004: Divers Find Ancient Skeleton in Mexico  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Neanderthal Life No Tougher Than That Of 'Modern' Inuits - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Chimp-sized Hominid Walked Upright On Two Legs Six Million Years Ago - Science Daily
9/16/2004: New Species Of Human Ancestor
 - Science Daily
9/16/2004: New Fossil Discoveries Clinch Ancient Age Of Human Ancestor
 - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Rutgers' Tanzanian Fossil Reshuffles The Deck On Early Human Ancestry
 - Science Daily
9/16/2004: New Ethiopian Fossils Are From 6-million-year-old Hominid Living Just After Split From Chimpanzees
 - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Diet Diverged In Earliest Human Ancestors, Researchers Find
 - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Speech Linked With Bipedality By UMBC Professor
 - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Battle Of The Bubbles May Have Sparked Evolution
 - Science Daily

9/16/2004: Oracle wins antitrust case  - C/Net
9/16/2004: What's next for Oracle?  - C/Net
9/16/2004: Thumbs down on RFID  - C/Net
9/16/2004: California to sue Diebold over false claims  - CNN
9/16/2004: New airport device detects bomb residue  - CNN
9/16/2004: House panel OKs copyright, spyware bills  - CNN
9/16/2004: Drivers trade privacy for price breaks  - CNN
9/16/2004: Vote count at mercy of clandestine testing  - CNN
9/16/2004: Matsushita tops PDP market, rolls out new large display  - El. Engr. Times
9/16/2004: DNA fingerprinting sparks fresh worries - MSNBC
9/16/2004: Muppets win vote for screen scientists - MSNBC
9/16/2004: Cosmic Log: Mystery in a Cat's Eye - MSNBC
9/16/2004: Where the Healing Touch Starts With the Hospital Design  - NY Times
9/16/2004: A Conversation With Kathleen Tierney: A Sociologist With an Advanced Degree in Calamity  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Essay- In a Wife's Request at Her Husband's Deathbed, Ethics Are an Issue  - NY Times
9/16/2004: 11 Dust, a World of Chaos  - NY Times
9/16/2004: Identifying Tick Genes Could Halt Disease, Bioterrorism Threat - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Vulnerability Of U.S. Power Grid Identified - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Computer Scientists' Analysis Of Venezuelan Election Does Not Substantiate Fraud Claims - Science Daily

9/16/2004: Treatments For Depression Have Dental Side Effects - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
9/16/2004: Tiny Space Rocks Help Settle Astronomical Debate -
9/16/2004: Evidence for supersolid is firmed up
 - PhysicsWeb
9/16/2004: NIST unveils smallest atomic clock
 - PhysicsWeb
9/16/2004: Floating femtodroplets
 - PhysicsWeb
9/16/2004: Magic clusters double up
 - PhysicsWeb
9/16/2004: Supercool! Model Unscrambles Complex Crystallization Puzzle
 - Science Daily
9/16/2004: Probable Discovery Of A New, Supersolid, Phase Of Matter
 - Science Daily
9/16/2004: The Sun's X-file Under The Spotlight
 - Science Daily


9/16/2004: Engineer Builds Robot That Walks on Water  - NY Times

9/16/2004: China's Secret Cape Canaveral A Sprawling City Of 15,000 - SpaceDaily

9/16/2004: High-tech tune-up  - C/Net
9/16/2004: Researchers demonstrate nanoscale self-assembly  - El. Engr. Times
9/16/2004: Flat world gives HDTV hope  - El. Engr. Times
9/16/2004: Taking a close look at turbulence - PhysicsWeb
9/16/2004: Rice University Refining Production Of Pure Nanotube Fibers - Science Daily
9/16/2004: MIT Fab Labs Bring "Personal Fabrication" To People Around The World - Science Daily


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