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  September 14, 2004

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Alien microbes could survive crash-landing  - Nature  Left:  Bacteria carried on a meteorite would experience around a million times atmospheric pressure if they crashed into Earth. Bugs inside lumps of rock can survive impacts at speeds of more than 11 kilometres per second, say the researchers 1. The work also shows that bacteria could survive crashing into icy surfaces such as Jupiter's moons Europa and Ganymede. Mark Burchell and his colleagues at the University of Kent, Canterbury, have put panspermia to the test by firing lumps of porous ceramic infiltrated with bacteria into targets. During impact, the bacteria are crushed by up to a million times atmospheric pressure. The survival rate for an ice target was about ten times higher, so Burchell and colleagues think that it's not just Earth and Mars that could have swapped life. The icy moons of Jupiter, for instance, at least one of which, Europa, has a sub-surface ocean of water, could seed one another. Or a planet could re-seed itself if, as some have suggested might have happened on the early Earth
Inflatable spaceship set for test flight  - Nature  Left:  Developers hope that this inflatable pod could soon go to Mars
An inflatable lifeboat could one day ferry stranded astronauts back to Earth, if a prototype's test flights are successful next month. The re-entry vehicle weighs just 130 kilograms and is being developed to carry cargo back from the International Space Station (ISS). But its inventors believe that it could also let astronauts bail out of the space station, or deliver robots to the surface of Mars. An inflatable heat shield will protect the ship and slow it down. A second, larger inflatable emerges from the rear of the craft to act as a parachute, reducing its speed to about 35 kilometres per hour before it hits the ground. The surface is made from a tough, flexible polymer coated with a paint that can withstand temperatures of around 900 °C. The exact composition of the paint is a closely guarded secret, says Joachim Thäter, an engineer at RRSS. 

Hair-raising stem cells confirmed in mouse skin  - Nature  Adult mouse skin contains stem cells that can generate skin and hair. Although the result has been hinted at before, the latest work is the first to prove that the cells are true stem cells, with the capacity to form new tissues. It's hoped the discovery will lead to treatments for baldness and burns. The researchers took individual cells and grew them up into hundreds of thousands of identical copies, then grafted them into a wound on the back of a hairless mouse. The cells grew to form patches of fur, including skin, follicles, hair, and oil-producing glands. "The hairs are quite dense. They look just like a normal fur coat," says Fuchs. She says the work is the first to show that individual cells isolated from hair follicles can form identical copies of themselves, and produce multiple types of tissue when grafted - making them true stem cells. The team's results are published in Cell1.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

9/14/2004: George Shultz Endorses Stem Cell Issue- ABC
9/14/2004: Researchers Release Tree Genome Database

9/14/2004: Some 60 Hippos Die Mysteriously in Uganda - ABC
9/14/2004: Rise in UK Animal Experiments Angers Campaigners - ABC
9/14/2004: Report: Sport Fishing Depleting Species - ABC
9/14/2004: Europe gives GM seed green light  - BBC
9/14/2004: Modified animals continue trend  - BBC
9/14/2004: Swans in a flap about territory  - BBC
9/14/2004: Stealthy doom floats up on mink  - BBC
9/14/2004: Tracking down the 'jungle yeti'  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
9/14/2004: New Fissure Opens on Etna Volcano   ABC
9/14/2004: Europe Warned About Warming - ABC
9/14/2004: Ask BBC Weather: Your questions on hurricane season  - BBC
9/14/2004: Traders' targets: Which species are at greatest risk from international trade?  - BBC
9/14/2004: Met Office unveils supercomputer  - BBC
9/14/2004: Greener living: Architect urges Indian designs for eco-friendly cities  - BBC
9/14/2004: Stormy business: How private weather forecasters help firms come rain or shine  - BBC
9/14/2004: New batteries aid climate battle  - BBC
9/14/2004: Bracken poison in water supplies  - BBC

9/14/2004: Happy Hands - ABC
9/14/2004: Are the New Media Devices Any Good? - ABC
9/14/2004: Review: A Laser-Guided Computer Mouse - ABC
9/14/2004: Tivo, Netflix Close to Internet Movie Deal - Report - ABC
9/14/2004: Newton Nuts Show How It's Done - ABC
9/14/2004: Star Trek universe going online  - BBC
9/14/2004: Next gen games 'a challenge'  - BBC
9/14/2004: ShellShock wins 'Nam battle
  - BBC
9/14/2004: Second Sight seeing: The trials of a psychic scientist makes for an engrossing game
  - BBC
9/14/2004: Second Sight seeing: The trials of a psychic scientist makes for an engrossing game
  - BBC

9/14/2004: Demands over mobile radiation
  - BBC
9/14/2004: Libya gets new mobile phones
  - BBC


9/14/2004: Laser Printers Recalled for Shock Hazard - CPSC - ABC

9/14/2004: IM at Work - ABC
9/14/2004: Web War Won? - ABC
9/14/2004: Bug Bites - ABC
9/14/2004: New ID Theft Trick- Political 'Phishing' - ABC
9/14/2004: Spammers exploit anti-spam trap  - BBC
9/14/2004: Latino rhythmInternet radio station aims to lure Hispanics in the US  - BBC online
9/14/2004: Teen charged over Sasser virus
  - BBC
9/14/2004: Voting opens for web's villains
  - BBC
9/14/2004: Spammers given boot by net host
  - BBC

9/14/2004: Review: Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 - ABC

9/14/2004: UK 'green energy' centre created  - BBC 

9/14/2004: Lesson Learned - ABC
9/14/2004: The Clinton Presidency - ABC
9/14/2004: Your Thoughts - ABC
9/14/2004: Video - ABC
9/14/2004: Heart Disease Shouldn't Be a Surprise - ABC
9/14/2004: Clinton Recovering Well - ABC
9/14/2004: Clinton Alert, Talking, Taking Liquids
9/14/2004: Fish to help stem severe bleeding
  - BBC


9/14/2004: Common Cold Virus Causes Polio Symptoms in M - ABCice - ABC
9/14/2004: UNICEF Seeks Help With HIV Infected Kids - ABC
9/14/2004: Two Hospitalized With Malaysian Bird Flu - ABC
9/14/2004: Understanding the Risks of Meningitis - ABC
9/14/2004: EU vows to fight Aids epidemic  - BBC

9/14/2004: Autumn Allergies - ABC
9/14/2004: Allergy Quiz - ABC
9/14/2004: Video- Seasonal and Chronic Allergies - ABC
9/14/2004: Cystic fibrosis stem cells made  - BBC
9/14/2004: Smart bandage could help diabetics keep feet healthy  - BBC
9/14/2004: Lizard diabetes drug hope  - BBC
9/14/2004: Scots respond to smoking debate

9/14/2004: Hair-raising stem cells confirmed in mouse skin  - Nature
9/14/2004: Study: Older Runners Getting Faster - ABC
9/14/2004: Botox Battle - ABC
9/14/2004: At First Blush - ABC
9/14/2004: Video: What is Eczema? - ABC
9/14/2004: Hybrid Sunflower Oil Free of Trans Fats - ABC
9/14/2004: GAO: Ex-Medicare Chief Should Repay Salary - ABC
9/14/2004: Let's Do Lunch - ABC
9/14/2004: Video: The Back-to-School Physical
9/14/2004: Back-to-School Guide 2004
9/14/2004: Drug Industry Site Will Show Trials
9/14/2004: Mineral Rights
9/14/2004: Adjusting Sleep Schedules for School
9/14/2004: Why Does Back Pain Vary by Sex?
9/14/2004: Pollution harms developing lungs
  - BBC
9/14/2004: Patient sex abuse protection call
  - BBC
9/14/2004: Babies lost 'after GP's sadism'
  - BBC
9/14/2004: Call for cut-price fruit and veg
  - BBC
9/14/2004: Neale case 'must lead to reform'
  - BBC
9/14/2004: The long road: How the paedophile residential centres rehabilitate offenders
  - BBC
9/14/2004: Priced out: Is cost really a good excuse for eating an unhealthy diet?
  - BBC
9/14/2004: How many dads 'sleep on through' while their babies cry
  - BBC
9/14/2004: New sex offender hostels planned
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
9/14/2004: Viking Burial Site Found in England - ABC
9/14/2004: Tribe challenges American origins  - BBC
9/14/2004: 'Amazing' Viking cemetery found  - BBC

9/14/2004: Roger Waters Goes to War with Online Tracks - ABC
9/14/2004: Dumped Muslim Wives Dump 'Instant' Divorces - ABC
9/14/2004: Cadavers Steal the Show in L.A. - ABC
9/14/2004: City Survives Art Geek Invasion - ABC
9/14/2004: Bright Lights, Burning City - ABC
9/14/2004: State to Slam Diebold With Suit - ABC
9/14/2004: Pollen helps war crime forensics  - BBC
9/14/2004: Two decades of DNA fingerprints  - BBC
9/14/2004: Online exposure: Iraqis turn to blogs to express their fears and aspirations  - BBC
9/14/2004: Texting teens use SMS for help  - BBC
9/14/2004: Muppets top poll of Britain's favourite TV boffins  - BBC
9/14/2004: Perfect David 'a physical wreck'  - BBC
9/14/2004: Half 'would help loved ones die'  - BBC

9/14/2004: ADHD parents 'are also affected'  - BBC
9/14/2004: Stem cells 'arrest brain damage'  - BBC
9/14/2004: 'Listen to us': Ex-patients tell why mental health laws must reflect their view  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:



9/14/2004: Alien microbes could survive crash-landing  - Nature
9/14/2004: You’ve Got (Alien) Mail
9/14/2004: Systems 'Go' in Utah Helicopter Snag of NASA Probe - ABC
9/14/2004: Noah's Ark plan for Moon - ABC
9/14/2004: Space Station Oxygen Generator Analyzed - ABC
9/14/2004: Scientists Recover Critical Genesis Parts
 - ABC
9/14/2004: NASA: Spaceport Should Withstand Ivan
 - ABC
9/14/2004: Crashed capsule may still reveal solar secrets
 - New Scientist
9/14/2004: Cassini Discovers Ring And One, Possibly Two, Objects At Saturn
 - Science Daily
9/14/2004: Genesis Scientists Bouncing Back From Hard Landing
 - Science Daily
9/14/2004: Lots of Science Intact in Smashed-Up Genesis Capsule
9/14/2004: SpaceShipOne Rocket Engine Gets an Upgrade
9/14/2004: Solis Planum, Thaumasia Region
 - SpaceDaily
9/14/2004: Genesis Scientists Bouncing Back From Hard Landing
 - SpaceDaily
9/14/2004: NASA Appoints Genesis Mishap Investigation Board Leader
 - SpaceDaily
9/14/2004: Is This Speck Of Light An Exoplanet?
 - SpaceDaily
9/14/2004: Morning Planets Declare A New Dawn Sky
 - SpaceDaily
9/14/2004: Orbital Selected By NASA For $6M Lunar Exploration Study Contract
 - SpaceDaily
9/14/2004: Envisat Symposium Day 4:  Assistance From Space Natural Disasters
 - SpaceDaily

9/14/2004: Tiny Bulbs May Improve Flat-Panel LCD TVs - ABC


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