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  September 13, 2004

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Climate: Media's Balance Tips To Bias  - BBC  Two researchers argue, in a paper published this month in the journal Global Environmental Change, that following the norms of American journalism, U.S. media have promulgated a bias in the coverage of climate change essentially by giving too much credence to climate skeptics at the expense of the scientific consensus. Maxwell T. Boykoff and his brother, Jules M. Boykoff wrote, U.S. prestige-press coverage of global warming from 1988 to 2002 has contributed to a significant divergence of popular discourse from scientific discourse ... the prestige press's adherence to balance actually leads to biased coverage. 
Ignition Threshold For Impact Fires - SpaceDaily  Left:  The Chicxulub impact site, shown in this gravity anomaly image, is 180 kilometers (112 miles) wide. A globally distributed layer of soot indicates that the Chicxulub impact was probably near the threshold size event necessary for igniting global fires across several continents. New research indicates that impacts resulting in craters at least 85 kilometers wide can produce continental-scale fires, while impact craters more than 135 kilometers wide are needed to cause global-scale fires. (Image credit: NASA/University of Arizona Space Imagery Center)  Large impacts can blast thousands of cubic kilometers of vaporized impactor and target sediments into the atmosphere and above, expanding into space and enveloping the entire planet. These high-energy, vapor-rich materials reenter the atmosphere and heat up air temperatures to the point that vegetation on the ground below can spontaneously burst into flame.

Nanotechnology Leads To Discovery Of Super Superconductors -  University of California scientists working at Los Alamos National Laboratory with a researcher from the University of Cambridge have demonstrated a simple and industrially scaleable method for improving the current densities of superconducting coated conductors in magnetic field environments. The discovery has the potential to increase the already impressive carrying capacity of superconducting wires and tapes by as much as 200 to 500 percent in certain uses, like motors and generators, where high magnetic fields diminish current densities.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

9/13/2004: Arrest after stem-cell lab blast  - CNN
9/13/2004: Humans March To A Faster Genetic 'Drummer' Than Primates, UC Riverside Research Says
 - Science Daily
9/13/2004: Veterinarians Discover First Known Case Of Canine Distemper In A Wild Tiger - Science Daily
9/13/2004: Purdue Study Finds Antioxidant Protects Metal-eating Plants - Science Daily
9/13/2004: Food watchdog to recheck GM corn ... - FirstScience
9/13/2004: Inherent Cruelty? - ABC

Climate, Environment:
9/13/2004: Climate: Media's Balance Tips To Bias   - BBC
9/13/2004: NASA Satellites Detect Glow Of Plankton In Black Waters - SpaceDaily
9/13/2004: Russian scientists break rank on global warming ... - FirstScience
9/13/2004: Environment-friendly tech for brick manufactures ... - FirstScience
9/13/2004: Cinergy to invest $2-bil to reduce power plant emissions ... - FirstScience
9/13/2004: Crystal sponge to soak up pollution ... - FirstScience
9/13/2004: Record Cold Summer- Must Be Global Warming Only ... - FirstScience
9/13/2004: Turkish birdlovers fear for delta  - BBC

9/13/2004: Letting gamers play God, and now themselves  - C/Net

9/13/2004: Grid computer moves to second stage
  - El. Engr. Times
9/13/2004: Ultrawideband Takes on Wi-Fi
  - Technology Review 

9/13/2004: Intel will demonstrate its first multi-core CPU at IDF  - El. Engr. Times
9/13/2004: IBM opens Blade Center interface spec to third parties  - El. Engr. Times

9/13/2004: Is That Jobs in Your Pocket?  - Wired News

9/13/2004: Microsoft Launches Test Version of Online Music Store  - Technology Review 

9/13/2004: Microsoft has new push for multimedia - Seattle Times
9/13/2004: Exec details the strategy of response to Apple, iTunes - Seattle Times
9/13/2004: MSN Music Store No Original  - Wired News
9/13/2004: Music rivals sound off  - C/Net

9/13/2004: Let a Thousand Reactors Bloom  - Wired News


9/13/2004: Radiation Is Questioned in Breast Cancer Surgery After Age 70  - NY Times
9/13/2004: Protein Involved In Childhood Disorder Linked To Cancer - Science Daily
9/13/2004: Anti-cancer Compound In Vegetables Found To Block Late-stage Breast-cancer Cell Growth - Science Daily
9/13/2004: Analysis Of Gene Expression In Lymphoid Cells Can Determine Lymphoma Cancer - Science Daily
9/13/2004: Chernobyl Study Reveals First Direct Evidence That Risk Of Thyroid Cancer Rises With Increasing Radiation Dose - Science Daily
9/13/2004: Scientists Estimate Probability Of Death From Breast Cancer And Other Causes Following Diagnosis - Science Daily
9/13/2004: Cream Encourages Body's Cancer-Fighting Cells
  - Wired News

9/13/2004: Cats can spread deadly bird flu - New Scientist
9/13/2004: Scientists Discover Proteins Involved In Spread Of HIV-1 Infection - Science Daily
9/13/2004: Report Says That Cats Can Spread Bird Flu - ABC
9/13/2004: Global Cooperation Key to AIDS Vaccine - ABC
9/13/2004: Calif. Horse Country Wary of West Nile - ABC


9/13/2004: Maternal blood test could predict cot death - New Scientist
9/13/2004: Permanent Lenses in Sight  - Wired News
9/13/2004: Fake obesity drugs recalled  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
9/13/2004: Ignition Threshold For Impact Fires - SpaceDaily
9/13/2004: Fish-like reptile fossil found in Arctic - MSNBC
9/13/2004: Human ancestors quickly found their feet - New Scientist
9/13/2004: Men From Early Middle Ages Were Nearly As Tall As Modern People - Science Daily
9/13/2004: Discovery of fossils of unknown giant, prehistoric lizards in Arctic ... - FirstScience
9/13/2004: South Dakota Sues to Get T. Rex - ABC

9/13/2004: Iran nuclear weapons ambition still unproven - New Scientist
9/13/2004: Enron broadband trial delayed until '05 - Seattle Times
9/13/2004: Feds Hunt Source of GOP Data  - Wired News
9/13/2004: IPod Alternatives Abound  - Wired News
9/13/2004: Florida Vote Is Calm, for Once  - Wired News
9/13/2004: In an Electronic Age, the Letter Endures  - Wired News
9/13/2004: Voting Machine Sales Are Tough  - Wired News
9/13/2004: South Korea nuclear revelation -- Greenpeace urges end to production of nuclear weapons material ... - FirstScience
9/13/2004: Outsourcers combine to take on IT services giants  - C/Net
9/13/2004: Retailer to follow RFID test with full rollout  - C/Net

9/13/2004: Rare Deficit Maps Thinking Circuitry - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
9/13/2004: Hubble Space Telescope Spies a Bright Supernova ... - FirstScience
9/13/2004: Supernova in Nearby Galaxy NGC 2403 ...
 - FirstScience
9/13/2004: Scientists to Map Known Universe
 - ABC



9/13/2004: Intergalactic messages 'in a bottle' are best - New Scientist
9/13/2004: Mysterious signals from light years away
 - New Scientist
9/13/2004: Inflatable spaceship set for test flight  - Nature
9/13/2004: Sorry, E.T., but Parcel Post May Beat Phoning Home  - NY Times
9/13/2004: Looking for a hole in one - SpaceDaily
9/13/2004: NASA Selects Firms For Exploration Studies
 - SpaceDaily
9/13/2004: Searching For Scarce Life
 - SpaceDaily
9/13/2004: NASA Says Safety Governs Shuttle's Return
 - SpaceDaily
9/13/2004: Iran Plans First Satellite Launch In April
 - SpaceDaily
9/13/2004: SETI detects intriguing signal ...
 - FirstScience

9/13/2004: Nanotechnology Leads To Discovery Of Super Superconductors -
9/13/2004: Tiny Diamonds Precious For University Of Alberta Research
 - Science Daily
9/13/2004: Not-So-Spotty Material Breakthrough - SpaceDaily
9/13/2004: Striking New Paths In Nanoanalysis And Data Storage With Infrared Light - SpaceDaily
9/13/2004: Nanocrystals Spark Efficient LEDs  - Technology Review 
9/13/2004: Finally, a Car That Talks Back  - Wired News


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