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  September 11, 2004

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Choices In The Quantum Universe - SpaceDaily  Left:  The Planck Satellite. The cosmic microwave background is polarized - the photons have preferred "orientations" at different parts of the sky - and that polarization contains information about gravity waves that rattled around the universe since a tiny fraction of a second after the big bang. The Planck satellite or its successors should be able to extract that information Credit: European Space Agency  Drell chaired a group of particle physicists charged with authoring the Quantum Universe report. Their 58-page analysis focuses on nine fundamental questions in response to a request by two major research funding agencies, the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. Their conclusion answering such fundamental questions requires new knowledge from particle physics. "Quantum Universe makes it clear: These new discoveries are our problem," Drell said. In response, the committee singled out nine crucial questions.
‘Mystery Cloud’ Appears Over Eastern U.S. And Canada -  From the North Fork of Long Island, Bill Bogardus and his wife were out observing when they took note of the cloud " ... about the size of the moon" in the northwest sky.  "It was a roundish, yet not all that round, object drifting towards our location very slowly, slower that most satellites because it took at least twenty minutes to move from where we first saw it to pretty much our zenith." It was, in reality, a fuel dump of the Centaur stage involved in the NRO-1 satellite launch.  

Farming For The Future - SpaceDaily  Left:  Arabidopsis plants appear purple under red and green light produced by light-emitting diodes. Scientists are studying plant growth under various light conditions. Credit: NASA/KSC   Inside closed plant growth chambers at KSC, radishes, lettuce and green onions grow "hydroponically" in nutrient-enriched fluid. Light, temperature and carbon dioxide levels are carefully controlled. Scientists are comparing how plant species grow together in "mixed cultures" versus by themselves in "monocultures." Why would this matter? First, some plants give off chemical compounds that can poison their neighbors, clearing the way for the aggressive plant to spread.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

9/11/2004: Owls use dung as bait for beetles  - Nature
9/11/2004: Insect smell gene may lead to better repellents
 - New Scientist
9/11/2004: Bionic Bird to Scare Pests  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
9/11/2004: Disaster movie highlights transatlantic divide  - Nature
9/11/2004: Crunch time for Kyoto  - Nature
9/11/2004: Analysis Fingers Causes Of Desertification - Science Daily
9/11/2004: Wide-viewing Envisat Tracks 'Son Of B-15' Iceberg's Odyssey Around Antarctica - Science Daily
9/11/2004: Sex Cells in Ponds Help Measure Pollution  - Wired News
9/11/2004: European Water Directive- Optical sensors detect minute amounts of pollutants ... - FirstScience
9/11/2004: Modest climate change could lead to substantially more and larger fires ... - FirstScience

9/11/2004: Game sales cool off  - C/Net

9/11/2004: Adelphia to sell AT&T Net phone service
  - C/Net

9/11/2004: Hybrid Nanowire Makes Transistor  - Technology Review 
9/11/2004: Intel Makes Tiny Breakthrough  - Wired News

9/11/2004: Apple puts the squeeze on new iMac  - C/Net
9/11/2004: Apple's third generation iMac computer  - CNN
9/11/2004: Apple packs everything into très thin new iMac - Seattle Times

9/11/2004: Spam volume keeps rising  - C/Net
9/11/2004: EBay pushes deeper into Asia  - CNN
9/11/2004: Old-flame web sites boost divorce rates - New Scientist

9/11/2004: Microchip industry proposes broad survey of worker health  - Nature
9/11/2004: Techies Build a Better Mouse  - Wired News


9/11/2004: Trying to get the body to grow its own bypasses  - CNN

9/11/2004: Study Finds Immune Therapy For Metastatic Breast Cancer Possible - Science Daily

9/11/2004: Thailand faces dilemma over bird flu vaccine  - Nature
9/11/2004: Probing The Surface Of White Blood Cells To Enhance Immune System Medicine - Science Daily



History, Anthropology:
9/11/2004: Mummy's face rebuilt - MSNBC
9/11/2004: Egyptian mummy 'unwrapped' by modern scanning - New Scientist

9/11/2004: Study: Half of U.S. hotel rooms have broadband  - C/Net
9/11/2004: Philadelphia mulls wireless society  - CNN
9/11/2004: Mystery Cloud’ Appears Over Eastern U.S. And Canada -
9/11/2004: Ethics review slams government panels over conflicts of interest  - Nature
9/11/2004: Paper Or Mouse-click? What's On Computers Is Easier To Find, Study Shows - Science Daily
9/11/2004: Indictment says bribes were paid to improve credit rating - Seattle Times
9/11/2004: WTO to allow retaliation for U.S. anti-dumping law - Seattle Times
9/11/2004: Former Hollinger International CEO and others took $400 million, says report - Seattle Times
9/11/2004: Ex-Enron executive pleads guilty to conspiracy - Seattle Times
9/11/2004: Final Atlas 2 Rocket Orbits Classified U.S. Satellite -
9/11/2004: Vote Swaps Revamped for 2004  - Wired News
9/11/2004: Monster Mashes Attract Masses  - Wired News 
9/11/2004: Have 25 Years of Progress Helped?  - Wired News 
9/11/2004: Site Tracks Political Zeitgeist  - Wired News
9/11/2004: Segwaying Across the Country  - Wired News
9/11/2004: Scientific Method Man  - Wired News
9/11/2004: Library System Passes its Shelf Life  - Wired News
9/11/2004: Preservationists Raid the Pantry  - Wired News

9/11/2004: Chinese dyslexics have problems of their own  - Nature
9/11/2004: Familiar faces seem more friendly  - BBC
9/11/2004: Short Term Memory's Effectiveness Influenced By Sight, Sound - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
9/11/2004: Choices In The Quantum Universe - SpaceDaily
9/11/2004: Neptune-sized planets spied around distant stars
  - Nature
9/11/2004: Two new rocky 'super Earths' found
 - New Scientist
9/11/2004: 3 Planets Are Found Close in Size to Earth, Making Scientists Think 'Life'
  - NY Times
9/11/2004: Graphic: An Up-and-Coming Neighborhood
  - NY Times
9/11/2004: Quark Study Breaks Logjam Between Theory, Experiment
 - Science Daily
9/11/2004: Scientists Discover First Of A New Class Of Extrasolar Planets
 - SpaceDaily
9/11/2004: Astronomers: More Earths Likely
  - Wired News



9/11/2004: Farming For The Future - SpaceDaily
9/11/2004: A peek at China's space secrets
9/11/2004: Legal action over rocket launch? - MSNBC
9/11/2004: Intergalactic messages 'in a bottle' are best - New Scientist
9/11/2004: Mysterious signals from 1000 light years away - New Scientist
9/11/2004: Researchers: ET Should Write, Not Call -
9/11/2004: Iapetus: Light and Dark - SpaceDaily
9/11/2004: ET, Don't Phone Home; Drop A Line Instead - SpaceDaily
9/11/2004: Genesis Team Begins Inventory Of Science Canister - Science Daily
9/11/2004: SETI@home Signal Story Sees Much More Than Meets the Eye - Silicon Strategies
9/11/2004: Elusive Mercury- See it Before Sunrise - Silicon Strategies
9/11/2004: Final Spacewalk a Success for Expedition 9 Crew - Silicon Strategies
9/11/2004: NASA Mum on Whether Launch Facility Damage Will Delay Next Shuttle Flight - Silicon Strategies
9/11/2004: NASA Securing Space Center for Hurricane Ivan - Silicon Strategies
9/11/2004: Genesis Capsule a 'Mangled Mess' - Silicon Strategies
9/11/2004: NASA Tries To Salvage Solar Dust In Latest Setback - SpaceDaily
9/11/2004: The Genesis Strain - SpaceDaily
9/11/2004: Spirit On Autopilot - SpaceDaily
9/11/2004: Opportunity's Great Lakes
 - SpaceDaily
9/11/2004: Spirit Finishes Observing Ebenezer And Moves On - SpaceDaily
9/11/2004: Solar Conjunction Period - SpaceDaily
9/11/2004: Rebuilding The Biggest Building
 - SpaceDaily
9/11/2004: Genesis data 'retrieved intact'  - BBC
9/11/2004: New Saturn ring discovered  - BBC
9/11/2004: Astronauts Briefly Fix Oxygen Generator
 - ABC
9/11/2004: Silver Lining? - ABC
9/11/2004: Capsule Crashes to Earth - ABC
9/11/2004: Video
 - ABC
9/11/2004: Genesis' Broken Capsule Holds Good Science - NASA - ABC
9/11/2004: Scientists Recover Critical Genesis Parts  - NY Times
9/11/2004: Space Capsule Expected to Yield Some Useful Data Despite Crash
  - NY Times
9/11/2004: Cassini Discovers Ring And One, Possibly Two, Objects At Saturn - Science Daily
9/11/2004: NASA Securing Space Center for Hurricane Ivan -
9/11/2004: NASA Has Hope for Genesis Samples
  - Wired News
9/11/2004: Science Safari: Exploring Mars ... - FirstScience
9/11/2004: Solar Particles Survive Crash of Genesis Return Capsule, says NASA ... - FirstScience
9/11/2004: Heavily Eroded Crater on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
9/11/2004: NASA Appoints Genesis Mishap Investigation Board Leader ... - FirstScience

9/11/2004: Self-assembly Generates More Versatile Scaffolds For Crystal Growth - Science Daily
9/11/2004: New Microfluidic Device Tackles Tough Synthesis Tasks - Science Daily
9/11/2004: Not-So-Spotty Material Breakthrough: Researchers Master Self-assembly Of Novel Nanodots - Science Daily
9/11/2004: Is Encryption Doomed?  - Technology Review 
9/11/2004: Permanent Lenses in Sight  - Wired News


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