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  September 1, 2004

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Future Flyers: Pushing Forward for Personal Aircraft -  Ask science fiction fans about the future and no doubt they'll tell you it's full of flying cars. The Personal Air Vehicle Exploration (PAVE) program at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton Virginia, for example, is working to develop easy-to-use aircraft that may one day (2009) take you from your garage to the airport and on to your destination, saving time - and hopefully dollars - that would otherwise be spent on a public flight.
Alien Vs. Predator: What's Really Out There -  of course, for an intelligent species with technology capable of interstellar travel, predation is oh-so Stone Age. Even today, humans (who are a long way from being able to make sporting trips to other star systems) don’t rely on predation much. We farm our food, and soon we’ll manufacture it. Killing just for the fun of it, as the Predators do, is no longer considered socially acceptable in most circles. Real Predators have presumably moved beyond this.   

Space Houses On Earth - SpaceDaily Left:  A proposal for the new German Antarctic Station Neumayer-III based on the SpaceHouse architectural concept. The objective is to provide a unique 3000 m2 infrastructure with the most modern and environmentally friendly materials and processes, previously used in space. The Neumayer-III station will replace the existing Neumayer-II and should be operational by 2008. The model shows one third of the complete station which will have 12 legs.  "The initial objective was to use the same ultra-light CFRP (carbon-fibre-reinforced-plastic) composites that ESA uses onboard its spacecraft for large self-sustained structures, antennas and solar panels, to make a self-supporting lightweight shell-like structure able to withstand severe earthquakes."  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

9/1/2004: The First Engineering Of Cell Surfaces In Living Animals - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Pineal Gland Evolved To Improve Vision, According To New Theory
 - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Size Does Matter When Choosing A Mate - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Protein Targeted By Drug Developers Not Open And Shut Case - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Genetically Engineered "Marathon Mouse" Keeps On Running - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Plumbing Trees' Plumbing Reveals Their Engineering Skill - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: New 'Clock Gene' Uncovered: Genome-wide Approach Yields Results - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: When Is A Mouse Like A Test Tube? - SpaceDaily

Climate, Environment:
9/1/2004: Pollination Find Could Lead To Cordgrass Control - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Hydrogeochemical Changes Before And After A Major Earthquake - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Moist Soil 'Hot Spots' May Affect Rainfall - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Greenhouse Gases - Nothing To Blame For? - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Modeling Ocean Behavior: The Key To Understanding Our Future Climate - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Counting Foxes Before The Last Tally-ho - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Forest Burning Is A Net Contributor To Global Warming, Scientist Says - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Evidence For The Impact Of Climate Change On Deep-sea Biodiversity - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: New Climate Change Study Predicts Hotter Summers, Water Shortage In California - SpaceDaily




9/1/2004: Computer Hard Drives Perform Better, Last Longer With Novel Polyester Lubricant - SpaceDaily




9/1/2004: Heart 'Repair Kit' -- Stem Cells Regenerate Injured Muscle - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Heartless Worms Hold Clues To Cardiac Arrhythmias, Sudden Death - SpaceDaily

9/1/2004: Circulating Tumor Cells In Blood Indicate More Aggressive Breast Cancer - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Study Suggests Cell-cycle Triggers Might Be Cancer Drug Targets - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Hopkins Scientists Use Blood Proteins To Detect Ovarian Cancer - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: New Study Suggests Link Between Maternal Diet And Childhood Leukemia Risk - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Studies Find No Evidence That Simian Virus 40 Is Related To Human Cancer - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Bright Idea Could Doom Cancer And Viruses, Say Purdue Scientists - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Research Reveals Potential New Target For Prostate Cancer Drugs - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Scientists Establish Database Of Genes Associated With Cancer Drug Resistance
 - SpaceDaily

9/1/2004: Mayo Clinic Researcher Uses Supercomputer To Model A SARS Viral Enzyme - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Viruses On The Attack: Revealing Visuals Show Details Of A Common Mechanism For Infection - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Hepatitis C: Surprise Finding Could Lead To Vaccine - SpaceDaily


9/1/2004: Clever Surgery Turns An Ankle Into A 'Knee' After Removing Child's Bone Tumor - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Researchers Report New Gene Test For Isolated Cleft Lip And Palate - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: University Researchers Study Oldest And Most Common Condition Of The Joints - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Literature Review Of LASIK Shows Benefits, Challenges - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Last Of Known Genes Identified In Complex Obesity Syndrome - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Muscles Are Smarter Than You Think: Acidity Helps Prevent Muscle Fatigue - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: New Clues To Hereditary Blinding Disease Found - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Stanford Researcher's Findings May Shed Light On Common, Deadly Birth Defect - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: That Stinks: People With Rare Obesity Syndrome Can't Sense Odors
 - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: New Study Identifies Additional Genetic Mutations In SIDS Babies: Focus Is On The Autonomic Nervous System
 - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Are Physicians Over-performing Colonoscopy?
 - SpaceDaily

History, Anthropology:
9/1/2004: INEEL Develops Computer Tool To Help Save Archaeological Treasures - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Prions Act As Stepping Stones In Evolution - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Linking Climate, Water And Civilisation In The Middle East And North Africa - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: The Sixth Wave Of Extinction - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Scraps Of Prehistoric Fabric Provide A View Of Ancient Life - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Meteorites Supplied Earth Life With Phosphorus, Scientists Say - SpaceDaily

9/1/2004: Ecologists Help Keep Death Off The Roads - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Preschool Bolsters Early Childhood Immunity, Reduces Risk Of Young Adult Hodgkin’s Lymphoma - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Future Flyers: Pushing Forward for Personal Aircraft -

9/1/2004: Study Of Obscure Amazon Tribe Sheds New Light On How Language Affects Perception - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: New Research Provides The First Solid Evidence That The Study Of Music Promotes Intellectual Development - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Nerve Cells 'Guided' To Repair Spinal Damage: Technique May Lead To Treatment For Severed Spinal Cords - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Researchers Put Gingko On Trial For Treatment Of Dementia - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Physicist, Neurobiologist Team Up To Develop Technology For Neuroscience - SpaceDaily

Physics and Astronomy:
9/1/2004: NASA Mission Returns With A Piece Of The Sun - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: ASU Researchers Demonstrate New Technique That Improves The Power Of Atomic Force Micrscopy
 - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Deepest Image Of Exploded Star Uncovers Bipolar Jets
 - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Vibrations In Crystal Lattice Play Big Role In High Temperature Superconductors
 - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Periodic Dimming Of Bright Starlight Reveals Distant Planet
 - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Scientists Report First Observation Of An 'Atomic Air Force'
 - SpaceDaily

9/1/2004: A First Glance At The Gene Networks Of Human Aging - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Mouse Model Of Rare Disease Offers Clues To Aging And Cancer Development
 - SpaceDaily


9/1/2004: Cooking On A Comet...? - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Alien Vs. Predator: What's Really Out There
9/1/2004: Planet-hunters close in on Earth-like worlds ...
 - FirstScience
9/1/2004: Scientists discover a new class of extrasolar planets ...
 - FirstScience
9/1/2004: NASA Genesis Spacecraft Homeward Bound ...
 - FirstScience
9/1/2004: Letters: Russia and Europe; NASA and the Hubble ...
 - FirstScience
9/1/2004: Space Station, Satellite Get Images of Frances as NASA Prepares for Storm ...
 - FirstScience
9/1/2004: Pioneering Comet Researcher Fred L. Whipple Dead at 97
9/1/2004: The Genesis Payload: Just How Dangerous are its Contents?
9/1/2004: Expedition 9 Crew Prepares for Final Spacewalk
9/1/2004: NASA Cites Progress in Columbia Board Recommendations
9/1/2004: Life On Mars- A Definite Possibility
 - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Eos Chasma, Part Of Valles Marineris
 - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: A Room With A View: Completion Of The ISS Cupola Observation Module
 - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Many Opportunities For Difficult Traverses
 - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: South Polar Storms
 - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Enceladus: Grand Tours
 - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Fourteen Times The Earth
 - SpaceDaily

9/1/2004: Chemical Engineers Discover Filtration System To Help Biotech Industry - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Scientists Reinvent DNA As Template To Produce Organic Molecules - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Researchers Show How To Assemble Building Blocks For Nanotechnology - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: No Longer Just For Biology, RNA Can Now Be Built Into 3-D Arrays - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Space Houses On Earth - SpaceDaily
9/1/2004: Space Houses On Earth - SpaceDaily


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