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  August 6, 2004

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Transplant hope for stroke sufferers  - Nature  Left:  Human fetal stem-cells turned into neurons when injected into rats' brains.  Transplants of human fetal stem-cells may help repair stroke-induced brain damage. This has long been a goal of stem-cell researchers, and now a study in rats has produced the most promising result yet, by showing that grafted cells can home in on injured brain regions and form replacement nerve cells. The next step is to prove that the cells can reverse paralysis in the rodents, before moving on to primate and human trials. Steinberg's team took neural stem-cells from 16- to 20-week-old human fetuses and cultured them with growth-promoting chemicals to generate millions of cells for transplantation. Steinberg's team took neural stem-cells from 16- to 20-week-old human fetuses and cultured them with growth-promoting chemicals to generate millions of cells for transplantation. The remaining cells still looked like stem cells or had turned into astrocytes, a type of brain cell that supports neurons. Some grafted cells had migrated a millimetre or more.

Biosensors Of Diabetics and Shoplifters - ABC  Left:  Researchers at Penn State University are developing this roughly dime-sized implant that can monitor blood glucose levels in diabetics using technology simlar to that found in the tiny plastic anti-theft systems used to protect retail merchandise.  Researchers at Penn State University have been working on developing a tiny sensor that could be implanted under a patient's skin to monitor the blood's chemistry and wirelessly report back its findings. "I was thinking about how those anti-theft markers work," says Grimes. "Effectively what you have there is a passive sensor that costs about next to nothing to produce, yet can be monitored over a large area.

Miner at pithead   BBC

Carbon store 'could free UK coal'  - BBC  The UK could secure its energy supply for many decades if it could use its huge reserves of coal, scientists say. They want the government to give high priority to developing ways to store carbon dioxide underground, to allow it to exploit its abundant coal deposits. They say the other priority should be to build a new generation of nuclear power plants to meet demand for power. "There's 10 times as much coal as the oil and gas reserves we have. The Russians told me they're going to build more nuclear plants, because they can't rely on oil and gas - and it's their oil and gas we're planning to rely on!"
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Alzheimer's Disease:
8/6/2004: Lithium may fend off Alzheimer's disease  - Nature

8/6/2004: Endangered species board 'frozen ark' - MSNBC
8/6/2004: Performing killer whale attacks trainer
8/6/2004: US Democrats embrace stem-cell issues  - Nature
8/6/2004: Panel Sees No Unique Risk From Genetic Engineering  - NY Times
8/6/2004: Stem Cells Fill Gap Left By Stroke, Say Stanford Researchers - Science Daily
8/6/2004: Singapore Slings Biotech Bucks  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
8/6/2004: Carbon store 'could free UK coal'   - BBC
8/6/2004: Springtime Blooms Seen Earlier Now Than In The Past, Say Boston University Biologists - Science Daily
8/6/2004: Ocean Scientists Assess Impact Of Seismic Pulses In Effort To Protect Whales - Science Daily
8/6/2004: Plant Gene Discovery Could Enhance Plant Growth, Reduce Fertilizer Needs And Phosphate Pollution - Science Daily
8/6/2004: Satellites Are Tracing Europe's Forest Fire Scars - Science Daily
8/6/2004: NASA Plays Key Role In Largest Environmental Experiment In History - Science Daily
8/6/2004: Freak Waves Are No Tall Tale  - Wired News
8/6/2004: Christopher Horner- Senate Offers EPA Treaty Powers ... - FirstScience
8/6/2004: Baku-Ceyhan Pipeline Construction Stopped Over Environmental Issues ... - FirstScience
8/6/2004: UNEP asks divers to help track ecosystem damage ... - FirstScience
8/6/2004: Environmentalists pursue Newmont in Indonesia ... - FirstScience
8/6/2004: ONLINE EXTRA: Our readers on climate change, sex trade safety and sanctuary ... - FirstScience
8/6/2004: Fluorinated gases and climate change ... - FirstScience

8/6/2004: Finally, a music-playing jacket  - CNN
8/6/2004: Tempest in a Specialty IPod Case  - Wired News
8/6/2004: Olympic Video Game Makes Bid for Gold  - Wired News

8/6/2004: Briefly: Motorola phones to get BlackBerry flavor
  - C/Net

8/6/2004: AMD recomputes desktop chip prices  - C/Net
8/6/2004: AMD unveils processors for home market  - El. Engr. Times

8/6/2004: What will the new iMac look like?  - C/Net
8/6/2004: Space agency taps SGI, Intel for supercomputer  - C/Net
8/6/2004: U.S. plays supercomputer catch-up  - C/Net
8/6/2004: 'Thin client' computing gaining steam  - CNN
8/6/2004: Sandia Supercomputer To Be World's Fastest, Yet Smaller And Less Expensive Than Any Competitor - Science Daily

8/6/2004: Mozilla to squash security bugs  - C/Net
8/6/2004: Microsoft gives MSN TV a face-lift  - C/Net
8/6/2004: Napster seemed like a good idea... - Business Week
8/6/2004: How the Net is being trade marked  - BBC
8/6/2004: The blogger circus - Washington Post
8/6/2004: UK battles to ward off attacks  - C/Net
8/6/2004: Web worm abating, leaving systems exposed
  - CNN
8/6/2004: P2P network connects phones globally
 - New Scientist
8/6/2004: Attack on advertising provider jams high traffic websites
 - Washington Post
8/6/2004: E-mail Privacy is All the Rage
 - Technology Review 
8/6/2004: Russian Police Track Down Internet Extortion Gang That Targeted British Bookmakers
 - Technology Review 

8/6/2004: Microsoft delays Windows Server update, 64-bit OS  - C/Net
8/6/2004: Judge: RIAA can unmask file swappers  - C/Net


8/6/2004: Transplant hope for stroke sufferers  - Nature

8/6/2004: Newly designed nanoparticle quantum dots simultaneously target and image prostate tumors ... - FirstScience

8/6/2004: Genome-wide Analysis Provides Detailed Understanding Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria Epidemics - Science Daily
8/6/2004: K-State Researcher Working To Improve Alternatives To Equine Antibiotics - Science Daily

8/6/2004: Of Diabetics and Shoplifters  - ABC
8/6/2004: Wireless implant monitors blood sugar and pathogens - New Scientist
8/6/2004: K-State Researcher Links Cigarette Smoke, Vitamin A Deficiency And Emphysema - Science Daily

8/6/2004: Millions Of Osteoporosis Sufferers Go Undiagnosed, Stanford Study Finds - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:

8/6/2004: Homeland Security paces government IT deals  - C/Net
8/6/2004: The time abusers  - C/Net
8/6/2004: Former Aptix CEO indicted in plot to kill judge  - El. Engr. Times
8/6/2004: Intel CEO warns workers about late products  - El. Engr. Times
8/6/2004: Lawyers blast nuclear pact as a breach of disarmament treaty  - Nature
8/6/2004: Many investors in mutual funds to reap some of Microsoft payout - Seattle Times
8/6/2004: Instant wealth of "Googlers" could leave company poorer - Seattle Times
8/6/2004: Last-ditch effort on WTO talks - Seattle Times
8/6/2004: Group Warns DVRs Endangered  - Wired News
8/6/2004: Biometric Passport Program Hits Snag  - Wired News

8/6/2004: Researchers Find That Color Perception Is Not Innate, But Acquired After Birth - Science Daily
8/6/2004: One Taste Of Growth Protein And Nerve Cells Want More - Science Daily
8/6/2004: Study Suggests Antipsychotics Do Not Raise Risk Of Stroke In Alzheimer's Patients - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
8/6/2004: Theory links dark energy and neutrinos - New Scientist



8/6/2004: Private race to space sets start date - New Scientist
8/6/2004: Joint Electron-beam Research Aims At Mars -- And The Stars
 - Science Daily
8/6/2004: White House Rendezvous With Apollo 11 Crew -
8/6/2004: Space Science Pioneer Van Allen Questions Human Spaceflight
8/6/2004: China to launch man again next year
 - SpaceDaily
8/6/2004: Canadian Team Joins Rocket Launch Contest
 - ABC
8/6/2004: The Long Haul
 - ABC
8/6/2004: Spacecraft Is Mercury-Bound
 - ABC
8/6/2004: Canada Space Race Team Sets Oct. 2 Launch Date
 - ABC
8/6/2004: Lava Buried Juicy Evidence on Mars, Rover Finds
 - ABC
8/6/2004: Space probe blasts off to Mercury
  - BBC
8/6/2004: Space station crew on spacewalk
  - BBC
8/6/2004: 'Science' Special- How Mars rover Spirit's cameras have detected variations in Martian soil ...
 - FirstScience
8/6/2004: NASA's bioseeking robot to take a test drive ...
 - FirstScience
8/6/2004: Canadian manned space mission ready for launch, says team ...
 - FirstScience
8/6/2004: Wild Fire ignites X-Prize space race ...
 - FirstScience
8/6/2004: Spirit Climbs Higher
 - SpaceDaily
8/6/2004: Spirit's First Month Now Online
 - SpaceDaily
8/6/2004: Spirit Survives 200 Sols
 - SpaceDaily
8/6/2004: No 'L' Word Yet Looms For Mars
 - SpaceDaily

8/6/2004: High-tech bedroom a Japanese dream - L. A. Times
8/6/2004: Cat droppings yield chic coffee  - Nature
8/6/2004: New World Record Magnet For Chemical And Biomedical Research - Science Daily
8/6/2004: Hologram Makes Fast Laser Tweezer - Technology Review 


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