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  August 23, 2004

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Keeping Current With Ocean Currents - SpaceDaily  Take Captain Karl Greig, for example, who skippers a large anchor-handling towing supply boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Greig needs up-to-the minute information on ocean currents and now he can get it, thanks to near real-time ocean altimetry. Greig now regularly taps into the Web site of the University of Colorado's Center for Astrodynamics Research, where the latest satellite measurements of sea surface height are used to create maps showing the location, direction and speed of currents in the Gulf of Mexico. Greig needs up-to-the minute information on ocean currents and now he can get it, thanks to near real-time ocean altimetry. Greig now regularly taps into the Web site of the University of Colorado's Center for Astrodynamics Research, where the latest satellite measurements of sea surface height are used to create maps showing the location, direction and speed of currents in the Gulf of Mexico. 
December 3 Gamma-Ray Burst Was A New Type Of Cosmic Explosion - SpaceDaily  Left: Astronomers have now seen "haloes" around an extremely powerful, distant "headlight", a gamma-ray burst which occurred for about 30 seconds on December 3, 2003. The GRB was detected by the INTEGRAL observatory and soon afterwards, an X-ray "afterglow" from the GRB was observed by XMM-Newton observatory. As the afterglow was observed through the disk of our Galaxy, sheets of dust in the Galaxy scattered the X-rays and produced the halo. Four images of the "GRB halo", obtained 25, 35, 45, and 55 thousand seconds after the GRB, are shown above. The X-ray afterglow from the GRB is at the center of each halo. The haloes seem to be expanding, but this is an optical illusion; it simply takes a bit longer for the X-rays to be scattered by the more distant dust. Credit: ESA, S. Vaughan (University of Leicester) Online reference  Astronomers have identified a new class of cosmic explosions that are more powerful than supernovae but considerably weaker than most gamma-ray bursts. The discovery strongly suggests a continuum between the two previously-known classes of explosions. 

Chandra Contributes To ESA's Integral Detection Of Closest Gamma-Ray Burst - SpaceDaily  A gamma-ray burst detected by ESA's Integral gamma-ray observatory on 3 December 2003 has been thoroughly studied for months by an armada of space and ground-based observatories. Astronomers have now concluded that this event, called GRB 031203, is the closest cosmic gamma-ray burst on record, and also the faintest. This also suggests that an entire population of sub-energetic gamma-ray bursts has so far gone unnoticed. "The idea that all GRBs spit out the same amount of gamma rays, or that they are 'standard candles' as we call them, is simply ruled out by the new data," 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

8/23/2004: Britain Grants License to Make Human Embryos for Stem Cells  - NY Times
8/23/2004: Tobacco Promising Factory For Biopharmaceuticals
 - Science Daily
8/23/2004: Britain OKs Human Cloning  - Wired News
8/23/2004: Ants Form Supercolony Spanning 60 Miles - ABC

Climate, Environment:
8/23/2004: Keeping Current With Ocean Currents - SpaceDaily
8/23/2004: Red-Footed Falcon Makes Its Western Hemisphere Debut  - NY Times
8/23/2004: Huntsville Goes Online With Interactive Maps Web Tools - SpaceDaily
8/23/2004: Global warming adds new perils for rock climbers - SpaceDaily
8/23/2004: Uganda: Lukyamuzi Blasts MPs Over DDT ... - FirstScience
8/23/2004: Candaba swamp pollution reaches alarming level ... - FirstScience
8/23/2004: Greenpeace Activists 'Attacked by Dutch Fishermen' ... - FirstScience
8/23/2004: Uganda: MPs Back Govt On DDT ... - FirstScience
8/23/2004: Also in this edition: Commentary: World Bank Undermines Efforts On Global Warming; Commentary: Make The Best O ... - FirstScience
8/23/2004: Recycled sewage plan for Sydney gets competition nod ... - FirstScience
8/23/2004: Athletes are advised to veg out to beat smog ... - FirstScience
8/23/2004: Green Party seeks special fund to tackle literacy problems ... - FirstScience
8/23/2004: Invasive Purple Weed May Meet Its Match - ABC
8/23/2004: Shell-Led Russia Venture Vows to Protect Rare Whales - ABC

8/23/2004: Review: A Sleek and Stable Digital Camera - ABC

8/23/2004: Major companies pitch broadband wireless LAN proposal
 - Silicon Strategies
8/23/2004: Text Messages for Critical Masses
  - Wired News
8/23/2004: Wireless Workshops
 - ABC

8/23/2004: Single Gold Atoms Altered  - Technology Review 


8/23/2004: Russian Hackers Pose an Increasing Threat  - Wired News
8/23/2004: Google: Playboy Story May Violate Rules - ABC

8/23/2004: An Alternative to Windows  - Technology Review 

8/23/2004: When the Power Goes Out, the Sun Still Rises  - NY Times
8/23/2004: Beryllium Risk Remains Unclear  - Wired News


8/23/2004: 3-D Irradiation Of Brain Cancer In Children Spares IQ, Memory, Other Cognitive Functions - Science Daily
8/23/2004: Leukemia Stem Cells Identified By Stanford Researchers - Science Daily
8/23/2004: Cancer Stem Cells Hint at Cure  - Wired News


8/23/2004: Children With Serious Insect-Sting Allergies Should Get Shots To Avoid Life-threatening Reactions - Science Daily
8/23/2004: Studies Find Rats Can Get Hooked on Drugs - ABC


History, Anthropology:
8/23/2004: Teenage T. Rex's Appetite Explains Its Bulk, Study Finds  - NY Times
8/23/2004: Growing Pains: T. Rex Was Teenage Giant - Science Daily

8/23/2004: PNNL Testing Reliability Of Radiation Detectors - Science Daily
8/23/2004: Toys R Us may exit toy business - Seattle Times
8/23/2004: Steadicopter Completes New Unmanned Autonomous Helicopter - SpaceDaily
8/23/2004: Biometric Technology Getting More Action in Consumer Applications  - Technology Review 
8/23/2004: High-Def Olympics Underwhelming  - Wired News
8/23/2004: Fear and Loathing: Online Hate Sites Increasing  - Wired News
8/23/2004: Cheap Way to Foil RFID Tags  - Wired News
8/23/2004: Privacy Showdown  - Wired News
8/23/2004: Online Data a Gold Mine for Terrorists  - Wired News
8/23/2004: Nuclear waste site is election land mine ... - MSNBC
8/23/2004: Putting the 'Blue' in 'Bluetooth' - ABC
8/23/2004: New Digs - ABC
8/23/2004: Drug Debacle Mars Athens Games Launch - ABC
8/23/2004: NBC's Olympics Web Site Wins with Real Time - ABC


Physics and Astronomy:
8/23/2004: Chandra Contributes To ESA's Integral Detection Of Closest Gamma-Ray Burst - SpaceDaily
8/23/2004: Detecting The Spin Of A Single Electron
 - Science Daily
8/23/2004: Knocking on Heaven's Door
 - SpaceDaily
8/23/2004: Horseflies and Meteors
 - SpaceDaily
8/23/2004: Hubble Peers Inside a Celestial Geode ...
 - FirstScience
8/23/2004: Frequently Asked Questions About Astronomy & Space ...
 - FirstScience
8/23/2004: Astronomy and Space Essentials ...
 - FirstScience



8/23/2004: India Rethinks Plan to Send Man to Moon  - NY Times
8/23/2004: China Calls For Cooperation With US, Japan In Space
 - SpaceDaily
8/23/2004: Saturn's Moon Titan- Prebiotic Laboratory - SpaceDaily
8/23/2004: ISAS Deployed Solar Sail Film In Space - SpaceDaily
8/23/2004: Join The Race To Find Billion-Year-Old Rock From Outer Space - SpaceDaily
8/23/2004: Fixing Hubble a big ticket item: $1.6 billion ... - FirstScience
8/23/2004: British scientists to pioneer space medicine ... - FirstScience
8/23/2004: China to Launch Moon Satellite and Manned Space Flight by 2007 ... - FirstScience
8/23/2004: China Considers Woman Candidates for Space Missions ... - FirstScience

8/23/2004: Near-zero-energy Buildings Blessing To Owners, Environment - Science Daily
8/23/2004: RNA Could Form Building Blocks For Nanomachines - Science Daily
8/23/2004: MB Tech Tests Portable Flat Antenna for Direct Broadcast Satellite Systems - SpaceDaily
8/23/2004: RNA Could Form Nano Building Blocks - SpaceDaily
8/23/2004: Trimble Helps Build World's Longest Transoceanic Bridge In China - SpaceDaily


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