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  August 21, 2004

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Spooky Spaceflight - SpaceDaily  In brief, the idea is to apply quantum entanglement to ion propulsion. An ion drive system is a form of rocket propulsion which uses a stream of charged particles, or ions, as a rocket exhaust. Were two specimens of cesium to be entangled on earth, and  one of the specimens lofted into space, then exciting the earthbound cesium sample to produce ions would result in the space-traveling cesium sample becoming energetically excited and producing ions like its earthbound counterpart. A resulting ion stream, produced without the benefi of any form of internal engine system onboard the spacecraft, could propel the craft through space. While an entangled laser fusion drive would not accelerate a spacecraft to the speeds attainable by a telephotonic drive, or even a teleportation drive, I suspect that it is more immediately realizable from a practical engineering standpoint than either of those propulsion concepts.
Image of brain Work 'may ward off Alzheimer's'  - BBC  Left:  An estimated 700,000 Britons have dementia.  People who have mentally demanding jobs may be less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease later in life, a study suggests. The study found that most people had jobs with about the same level of mental demands when they were in their 20s. Those who did not have Alzheimer's went on to do more mentally demanding jobs. Those who went on to be diagnosed with the disease did not. "Variations in income, access to healthcare, better nutrition and other factors related to socio-economic status could be responsible in part for our findings," said Dr Smyth.

Image of robotic surgery

Robot-assisted kidney transplants  - BBC    UK surgeons plan to use a robot to carry out key-hole kidney transplants for the first time. Surgeons at London's Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital have already used the £1million da Vinci robot to carry out prostate and bladder surgery. They will now learn from experienced US surgeons how to use the robot to operate on the kidney. The robot's pencil-sized probes translate the surgeon's hand movements, allowing precision work without tremor. His hands are strapped with Velcro to joysticks that control the robotic 'fingers', which carry out the same movements. This should allow the operation to be carried out through a much smaller incision
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Alzheimer's Disease:
8/21/2004:†Work 'may ward off Alzheimer's'   - BBC

8/21/2004:†Britain to allow cloning of human embryos - MSNBC
8/21/2004:†Brazil maps coffee's genetic code
8/21/2004:†Some dolphins are born party animals - MSNBC
8/21/2004:†Treatment†turns monkeys into workaholics - MSNBC
8/21/2004:†UK gives go-ahead to therapeutic cloning  - Nature
8/21/2004:†Reefs get global warming lifeline  - Nature
8/21/2004:†Gene therapy cures monkeys of laziness  - Nature
8/21/2004:†Tyrannosaurs had teenage growth spurt  - Nature
8/21/2004:†UK scientists to clone human embryos - New Scientist
8/21/2004:†Biologists Deciphering Complex Lemur Scent Language - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†Sex Pheromone Blocked In Bug - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†Excess Levels Of Nitrogen, Phosphorus Causing Deformed Frogs - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
8/21/2004:†Stiffer rules required to stop commerce milking Antarctica  - Nature
8/21/2004:†Climate predictions gain surer footing  - Nature
8/21/2004:†Reefs get global warming lifeline  - Nature
8/21/2004:†Corals adapt to cope with global warming - New Scientist
8/21/2004:†Scientists Discover 'Moving Mountains' - Science Daily


8/21/2004:†Special wallpaper deters WLAN intruders
  - El. Engr. Times
8/21/2004:†Smart phone game sends rogue texts
 - New Scientist
8/21/2004:†Voice Over WiFi: the Great Disrupter
  - Technology Review 


8/21/2004:†VESA unveils 'plug-and-play' standard for PC displays  - El. Engr. Times


8/21/2004:†Microsoft to ship cut-rate Windows XP to Asia  - El. Engr. Times
8/21/2004:†Microsoft says image in Japan has been tainted - Seattle Times

8/21/2004:†Kerry Criticizes U.S. Plan to Send Nuclear Waste to Nevada  - NY Times
8/21/2004:†Rust and Neglect Cited at Japan Atom Plant  - NY Times
8/21/2004:†Nukes Still Take Toll on Workers  - Wired News


8/21/2004:†Alterations In Vitamin D Receptor Gene Increase Prostate, Breast Cancer Risk - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†Do Teeth Whiteners Lead To Oral Cancer? - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†Small Animal Imaging Gives Cancer Clues - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†The Telomere Crisis: A Crucial Stage In Breast Cancer - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†Cancer Stem Cells Hint at Cure  - Wired News

8/21/2004:†Vaccine against rheumatic fever shows promise - New Scientis
8/21/2004:†WHO reports hepatitis outbreak in West Darfur camps - New Scientist
8/21/2004:†Early Results Show Promise For Strep Vaccine - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†Varicella Vaccine Reduces Contagiousness Of Chickenpox - Science Daily


8/21/2004:†Robot-assisted kidney transplants   - BBC
8/21/2004:†Doped athletes flex muscles against drug company  - Nature
8/21/2004:†UCSD Study Reveals Pediatricians Overlook Kawasaki Disease In Extremes Of Pediatric Age Ranges - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†"Designer Mice" Yielding Up Secrets Of Huntington's Disease, Says Weill Cornell Neuroscientist - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†Cincinnati Children's Scientists Develop New Spine Staples - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
8/21/2004:†Scientists study how dinosaurs got so big - MSNBC
8/21/2004:†Noah's flood  - Nature
8/21/2004:†Teen T-rex had monster growth spurt - New Scientist
8/21/2004:†Einstein and Freud Go to a Bar, and Freud Says . . .  - NY Times

8/21/2004:†Hollywood or bust  - Nature
8/21/2004:†Steroids boost performance in just weeks - New Scientist
8/21/2004:†Radar-generated 3-D Map Saves Stranded Hiker: Search And Rescue Group Uses Sandia Synthetic Aperture Radar - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†High technology from India is just down the street - Seattle Times
8/21/2004:†Optimistic Fed nudges interest rates up again - Seattle Times
8/21/2004:†AIR's Latest US Peril Model Updates Incorporate Latest Scientific Advances - SpaceDaily
8/21/2004:†Updating The Code For Doomsday - SpaceDaily
8/21/2004:†Teets Discusses National Security Space Strategy - SpaceDaily
8/21/2004:†Drug Firms in United States, Europe Move Biotech Work to India  - Technology Review 

8/21/2004:†Pleasing names make faces sexier - New Scientist
8/21/2004:†Brain's Reward Circuitry Revealed In Procrastinating Primates - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
8/21/2004:†Robots get go-ahead to save Hubble - New Scientist
8/21/2004:†Dying Star Goes Out With A Ring
 - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†Physicists To Mark 20th Anniversary Of First String Theory Revolution
 - SpaceDaily

8/21/2004:†Scientists Identify Compounds That Mimic Calorie Restriction - Science Daily


8/21/2004:†Spooky Spaceflight - SpaceDaily
8/21/2004:†Cosmic Log- Armadillo's next small step
8/21/2004:†NASA Plans to Use Robot to Aid Hubble - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†Relays From Mars Show International Interplanetary Networking - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†NASA Team Successfully Deploys Two Solar Sail Systems - Science Daily
8/21/2004:†Redesigning Rockets: NASA Space Propulsion Finds a New Home -
8/21/2004:†China Rules Out Sending Female Astronaut Into Space Anytime Soon - SpaceDaily
8/21/2004:†Space Race II The Big Gamble - SpaceDaily
8/21/2004:†NASA aims for 2006 to fix Hubble - SpaceDaily

8/21/2004:†Glass breakthrough - PhysicsWeb
8/21/2004:†Twisted Fiber Filters Light


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