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  August 18, 2004

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Universities Plan World's Largest Telescope   -  Scientists say that the proposed $400 million Giant Magellan Telescope would collect 70 times more light than NASA's successful Hubble Space Telescope and could produce images that are 10 times sharper. The new scope could be placed atop the Andes Mountains in Chile as early as 2015, permitting scientists to view the earliest formation of planets and galaxies. The telescope's light-collecting area would be twice the diameter of the largest current telescopes.
NASA Device Is All About Heart - SpaceDaily  Left:  The MicroMed DeBakey VAD functions as a "bridge to heart transplant" by pumping blood throughout the body to keep critically ill patients alive until a donor heart is available.  Patients using the DeBakey VAD will have the device installed inside of their chests and wear an external battery pack to power the pump. Credit: NASA  Congestive heart failure occurs when the left side of the heart has difficulty pumping oxygen-rich blood to the body. To help itself, the heart raises the pumping pressure in an effort to increase circulation. Patients begin to have trouble with breathing, dizziness and experience other dangerous symptoms. The team's solution came in the form of the MicroMed DeBakey VAD, a tiny 1- by -3 inch, battery-powered heart pump. The VAD is surgically implanted into the chest of the patient and powered by a battery worn outside of the body. 

Mid-Atlantic Study Yields Trove Of New Species, Insights And Questions - SpaceDaily  Exploring life in the mid-Atlantic at various depths down to 4 km (2.5 miles), 60 scientists from 13 countries on a two-month expedition have surfaced a wealth of new information and insights, stunning images and marine life specimens, several thought to be species never before known to science. Among the scientists' discoveries and interests: The unexpected diversity of animal communities in mid-water and along the bottom in a major section of the global system of mid-oceanic ridges. Thus far recorded, using an arsenal of methods and technologies: about 300 fish species, 50 squids and octopods, and an unknown number of planktonic species yet to be identified; A new deep-sea mystery in the form of burrows left by an animal at 2000 meters on a seamount north of the Azores.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
8/18/2004: Alzheimer's linked to lowbrow jobs
  - Nature

8/18/2004: Mid-Atlantic Study Yields Trove Of New Species, Insights And Questions - SpaceDaily
8/18/2004: Avian Flu Kills 1,500 Ostriches on 2 South Africa Farms
  - NY Times
8/18/2004: In Pain, Gorilla Puts In a Call to the Dentist  - NY Times
8/18/2004: In Mouse Model, Weill Cornell Researchers Use Gene Therapy To Correct Deadly Inherited Immune Disorder - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
8/18/2004: Cave explorers discover deep pit in Croatia - MSNBC
8/18/2004: Pollutants from Asia appear on East Coast - MSNBC
8/18/2004: Scientist warns of Atlantic tidal wave - MSNBC
8/18/2004: Hikers help spread sudden oak death - New Scientist
8/18/2004: Volcano! Why America's coast could be toast - New Scientist
8/18/2004: Huge Market For Forest Moss Raises Concerns - Science Daily
8/18/2004: Envisat's Rainbow Vision Detects Ground Moving At Pace Fingernails Grow - Science Daily
8/18/2004: New Hypoxic 'Dead Zone' Found Off Oregon Coast - Science Daily
8/18/2004: Deeper-Diving Human Occupied Submersible To Replace Alvin - Science Daily



8/18/2004: Indium phosphide taken to 152 GHz for military use  - El. Engr. Times
8/18/2004: Quantum dots poised for production line  - El. Engr. Times

8/18/2004: NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display Selected by Monterey Bay Aquarium to Make a Splash With 16 New 40-Inch NEC LCD4000 Displays  - El. Engr. Times

8/18/2004: New virus spread through burst of spam - MSNBC
8/18/2004: Email rush hour identified  - NY Times

8/18/2004: Microsoft prepares largest ever software upgrade - New Scientist

8/18/2004: Japan's nuclear industry under fire as steam leak kills four - New Scientist

8/18/2004: NASA Device Is All About Heart - SpaceDaily
8/18/2004: Vital Signs: Patterns: When No Chest Pain Is a Problem  - NY Times
8/18/2004: Starting Young in Treating High Blood Pressure  - NY Times

8/18/2004: Two-pronged Attack Targeting EGF Receptor Hinders Cancer Cell Growth - Science Daily
8/18/2004: More Aggressive Breast Cancer Tumors Found In African American Women - Science Daily
8/18/2004: The Hyperspectral Imaging Endoscope- A New Tool For Non-invasive In Vivo Cancer Detection - Science Daily

8/18/2004: The WHO targets Kabul epidemic  - Nature
8/18/2004: Fears grow as blood stocks pass on prions undetected  - Nature
8/18/2004: Five-in-one jab for UK babies - New Scientist
8/18/2004: Sensitivity To Seasonal Changes Affects Disease-causing Bugs' Success - Science Daily
8/18/2004: Evolvability Could Be A Driving Force In Drug Resistance - Science Daily


8/18/2004: Premature Babies Show Long-Term Effects  - NY Times
8/18/2004: Vital Signs: Outcomes: In the Hands of Young Surgeons  - NY Times
8/18/2004: Vital Signs: Safety- Hazards in the Medicine Cabinet  - NY Times
8/18/2004: The Claim: Drinking Milk Increases Mucus Production  - NY Times
8/18/2004: Reactions: Unexpected Burns in an M.R.I.  - NY Times
8/18/2004: A Doctor's Duty, When Death Is Inevitable  - NY Times
8/18/2004: When a False God Plays Tricks on the Faithful  - NY Times
8/18/2004: US Latinos Have High Rates Of Eye Disease And Visual Impairment - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
8/18/2004: Ancient Vietnamese citadel at risk - MSNBC
8/18/2004: UC Berkeley Researchers Lead Reconstruction Of Temple Of Zeus In Tribute To New Nemean Games - Science Daily

8/18/2004: Anti-Kerry book defaced at online store  - C/Net
8/18/2004: Cybersecurity research gets $7 million  - C/Net
8/18/2004: Olympic's digital security unprecedented  - CNN
8/18/2004: Holograms aid forgery detection  - Nature
8/18/2004: Blackouts: The Power Grid Is Too Sensitive for Its Own Good  - NY Times
8/18/2004: Making the Microscopic Loom Large in a Child's Life  - NY Times
8/18/2004: Why Joggers Labor and Olympians Fly  - NY Times
8/18/2004: Physicists stop forgers in their tracks - PhysicsWeb
8/18/2004: India a mixture of old ways and new technology - Seattle Times
8/18/2004: Globalization hangs out at the Taj Krishna hotel - Seattle Times
8/18/2004: The India network: The director Rajiv Kaul, 35 - Seattle Times
8/18/2004: India's growing economy - Seattle Times
8/18/2004: Fed raises key short-term interest rate by quarter-point - Seattle Times

8/18/2004: Name game increases sex appeal  - Nature
8/18/2004: The Language of Dreams  - NY Times
8/18/2004: For Psychotherapy's Claims, Skeptics Demand Proof  - NY Times
8/18/2004: Forum: Does Talk Therapy Work?  - NY Times
8/18/2004: Portions Of Brain Are Smaller In Children Born Prematurely, Researchers At Stanford And Packard Find - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
8/18/2004: Universities Plan World's Largest Telescope   -
8/18/2004: Robotic Hubble mission gets go-ahead
8/18/2004: Particle theorists win Dirac Medal
 - PhysicsWeb



8/18/2004: Engine flaw dooms space-race rocket - MSNBC
8/18/2004: Cosmic Log: Déjà vu for space spouses
8/18/2004: Japanese deploy solar sails  - Nature
8/18/2004: Double calamity for X Prize contenders - New Scientist
8/18/2004: Shelved instrument could restore Hubble's UV vision - New Scientist
8/18/2004: First space test for solar sailing - New Scientist

8/18/2004: Auto safety systems focus on driver behavior  - El. Engr. Times
8/18/2004: Smart windows block heat not light  - Nature
8/18/2004: Smart glass blocks infrared when heat is on - New Scientist
8/18/2004: Medical College Of Georgia Students Discover Medicinal Role For Pancake Mix - Science Daily


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