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  August 16, 2004

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Website Lets Users Scout the Red Planet from Home -  The website called Marsoweb had been designed to help scientists select possible landing sites for the Mars Exploration Rovers. By making the web pages more user friendly, NASA hopes that space enthusiasts will electronically survey the red planetís terrain for interesting geological features. The updated pages offer a number of computer tools. On a global map taken during the Viking mission, users can zoom in on certain spots that were imaged by the Mars Orbiter Camera with a resolution between two and 12 meters per pixel. Included with the visual images are topographical, geologic and thermal inertia maps. The thermal inertia, which quantifies how a material holds and conducts heat, gives researchers an estimate of the granularity of the surface. 
Early Humans Adapted Well To Different Climates - SpaceDaily  Early human ancestors seem to have taken different climates and vegetation types in stride as they evolved from apelike populations in Africa to a worldwide, highly diverse human species. New research supported in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF) demonstrates that hominins (early human species) in what is today northern Africa lived equally well in a relatively warm and dry climate 3.4 million years ago and in a much cooler climate with significantly more rainfall and forest growth slightly later. And the species studied, Australopithecus afarensis, adapted to these dramatic environmental changes without the benefit of an enlarged brain or stone tools, which aided later hominins in adapting to their environments. 

Rocking The Cradle Of Life - SpaceDaily  To find what many consider to be the earliest fossil evidence for life on Earth, one starting point might be to book a flight to the Pilbara region in Western Australia. On arrival in this gold-mining district, the searcher finds strange rock layers, many shaped like egg-cartons. Billions of years ago, these colonies may have formed as microbial reef deposits. Under closer examination, a few of these rocks reveal microscopic segmented shapes that hint at their complex and possibly biological origin. Given that many of these rock layers date back 3.45 billion years, their detailed study has attracted interest in the search for life on early earth.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

8/16/2004:†Laura Bush Defends U.S. Stem Cell Policy - ABC
8/16/2004:†Aquarium Reviews Death of Dolphin
 - ABC
8/16/2004:†Blue-Eyed, Stripeless White Tiger Is Born - ABC
8/16/2004:†The ginger monkey red heads would be nuts to miss  - BBC
8/16/2004:†Chances Slim for Beached Whale in Brazil - ABC
8/16/2004:†First Lady Bashes Kerry Stem Cell Stance - ABC

Climate, Environment:
8/16/2004: Prediction Unit Helps Forecast Wildfires  - ABC
8/16/2004: Prozac 'found in drinking water'   - BBC
8/16/2004: Stay calm everyone, there's Prozac in the drinking water  - New Scientist
8/16/2004: Scientists Seek Better Way to Measure Rain  - NY Times
8/16/2004: Endangered Turtles' Trek Along Ocean Currents Revealed By Satellite  - Science Daily
8/16/2004: NASA Extends TRMM Operations Through 2004 Hurricane Season  - Science Daily
8/16/2004:†The return of El Nino? ...  - CNN
8/16/2004:†El Nino may return in 3 months ...  - CNN
8/16/2004:†Half of Korea's Air Pollutants Come from China ... - FirstScience
8/16/2004:†Silencing the Mute Swan - ABC
8/16/2004:†Vote: Should the Bill Pass? - ABC
8/16/2004:†Millions in U.S. Face Mega-Wave from Island Collapse - ABC
8/16/2004:†Pollutants From Asia Appear on East Coast - ABC
8/16/2004:†Cave Explorers Discover Pit in Croatia - ABC
8/16/2004:†Resort Community Must Pay Pollution Fine - ABC

8/16/2004:†Diesel duel: Why Vin the film actor is being upstaged by Vin the games avatar  - BBC
8/16/2004:†'Spy kids' to target game sellers  - BBC
8/16/2004:†Multitasking Machines - ABC
8/16/2004:†Video - ABC

8/16/2004:†A Personal Operator From Verizon
  - Wired News
8/16/2004:†Bad Date: Use Your Cell Excuse
  - Wired News
8/16/2004:†City first for wi-fi connection
  - BBC


8/16/2004:†New NASA Supercomputer to Aid Theorists and Shuttle Engineers -

8/16/2004:†The Right Taps Blogs for Bucks  - Wired News
8/16/2004:†Chinese try out text msg novel  - BBC

8/16/2004:†Mac Keeps Lead on Linux  - Wired News
8/16/2004:†Key Windows update ready to go  - BBC

8/16/2004:†CHRONOLOGY: Nuclear accidents worldwide ... - FirstScience
8/16/2004:†World's worst nuclear accidents in the past 25 years ... - FirstScience
8/16/2004:†Pumped-Up Power Cell - ABC


8/16/2004:†Ammonia emissions linked to salivary gland cancer ... - FirstScience
8/16/2004:†Informed Choices - ABC
8/16/2004:†Focus on Breast Cancer - ABC

8/16/2004:†Bird Flu Outbreak Prompts Poultry Ban - ABC


8/16/2004:†Study: Diet Doesn't Cure Travel Diarrhea - ABC
8/16/2004:†Doctor Welcomes Role As Parenting Partner - ABC
8/16/2004:†Okla. to Launch Tort Reform for Doctors - ABC
8/16/2004:†Study: Breast-Feeding Not Popular in La. - ABC
8/16/2004:†Ohio Hospital to Open Breast Milk Bank - ABC
8/16/2004:†Conn. Notes Rise in ER Child Admissions - ABC
8/16/2004:†Why Are Pregnant Women Victims of Homicide? - ABC
8/16/2004:†Mystery pain 'is all in the mind'  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
8/16/2004:†Early Humans Adapted Well To Different Climates - SpaceDaily
8/16/2004:†Rocking The Cradle Of Life - SpaceDaily
8/16/2004:†Death before defeat: Why were ancient Olympians willing to risk all for victory?  - BBC

8/16/2004:†Silicon Valley's high-tech optimism vanishes with jobs - Seattle Times
8/16/2004:†Little building has magical startup karma - Seattle Times
8/16/2004:†Free speech, innovation being stifled by litigation - Seattle Times
8/16/2004:†Big names speak up for Bush in video - Seattle Times
8/16/2004:†Indonesians worry about technology brain drain - Silicon Strategies
8/16/2004:†Online Popularity Tracked  - Technology Review
8/16/2004:†Olympic Broadcasters Plan First Broad Online Video Offering  - Technology Review
8/16/2004:†Big Business Becoming Big Brother  - Wired News
8/16/2004:†The War on Cyberterror  - Wired News
8/16/2004:†The Perils of DVDriving - ABC
8/16/2004:†A Pocket Full of TV - ABC
8/16/2004:†Smart spooks: How technology could help US intelligence services fight terror  - BBC

8/16/2004:†Drug Problem? Try a Brain Dump  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
8/16/2004:†'Perfect' crystal puzzles high-Tc superconductor gurus - Silicon Strategies



8/16/2004:†Website Lets Users Scout the Red Planet from Home -
8/16/2004:†Russian Cargo Craft Docks at Space Station
 - ABC
8/16/2004:†X Prize Contenders Prepare for Drop Test -
8/16/2004:†Space Barnstorming: The Risk and Rewards For Private Rocketeers -
8/16/2004:†Simple Stargazing: Explore the Milky Way -
8/16/2004:†Foam gluing flaw killed Columbia astronauts ... - FirstScience
8/16/2004:†NASA Puts External Camera on Shuttle's Fuel Tank ... - FirstScience
8/16/2004:†Russia weighs up space station ... - FirstScience
8/16/2004:†Asteroid named 'Bharat' ... - FirstScience
8/16/2004:†Chinese astronauts preparing for space ... - FirstScience

8/16/2004:†Ximeta makes sharing hard drive easier - Seattle Times
8/16/2004:†NASA Tech Gives Breathing Room - SpaceDaily
8/16/2004:†New Method Of Improving Computer Memory, Metal Seals, And Nanodevices - SpaceDaily
8/16/2004:†The New Face of Hollywood  - Technology Review


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