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  August 12, 2004

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Dispute Over Life In Antarctic Lake - SpaceDaily  Left:  'It'd be bigger news if Lake Vostok were found to be sterile'  Controversy has erupted over Lake Vostok, one of Earth's last unexplored frontiers, which lies deep under the Antarctic ice. Last week a team of Russian and French scientists claimed the lake is sterile. But American scientists insist that it is a potential source of undiscovered life forms, and are worried that Russian plans to drill right through the ice will contaminate it. At the heart of the dispute is a small but diverse group of microbes found in the single core that has been drilled from the ice above the lake. The Russians and French say these are contaminants from the drilling and testing of samples in the labs.  
World's Smallest Autonomous Submarine - SpaceDaily  Left:  The Serafina is 40 centimetres long, with five propellers and a plastic hull crammed with rechargeable batteries and circuitry. The craft is able to travel at a relatively fast underwater speed of one metre per second equivalent to fast walking pace but can also hover, tilt and right itself if overturned.  Most importantly, the team have managed to refine the design so Serafina can be produced relatively cheaply - starting at around A$1,000 per basic unit. This raises the potential for large numbers of Serafinas to be deployed, travelling together in swarm formation, like a school of fish. "Small and versatile submersibles, such as Serafina, are an important leap towards making underwater exploration affordable and effective.

NASA Selects Proposals To Study Global Carbon Cycling - SpaceDaily  NASA, in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Department of Energy, recently awarded 59 research grants to study changes in the distribution and cycling of carbon among land, ocean, and atmospheric reservoirs, with emphasis on North America. These new research activities are funded as part of the U.S. Climate Change Science Program (CCSP). The global carbon cycle affects Earth's climate. Of special interest are factors that control changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane concentrations. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

8/12/2004:Dispute Over Life In Antarctic Lake - SpaceDaily
8/12/2004:Deep sea search finds species surprises
8/12/2004:Dino-bird had the brains for flight - MSNBC
8/12/2004:Gene-decoders target cats, other critters - MSNBC
8/12/2004:Salmon modified for trout production - MSNBC
8/12/2004:DNA pioneer dies - PhysicsWeb
8/12/2004:Judge Rules in Favor of Environmental Groups on Biotech Crops - Technology Review 
8/12/2004:Putting GPS To Work, Researchers Shed Light On Road-following By Pigeons - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Hunt For A New Plant Hormone Points To Carotenoids - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Research Answers Key Question In Biochemistry- How Proteins Fold Into 3-D Structures - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Insecticide Resistance: A Constraint On Evolutionary Change - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Casanova Or Caveman: Scientists Isolate Nerve Cells That Choreograph Male Fly's Courtship Behavior - Science Daily
8/12/2004:When Male Fish Hum Females Swim In, Thanks To Hormones, Adaptable Hearing - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Researchers Look Into Components Of RNA Silencing Machinery - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Researchers Review Evolutionary History Of Modern Algae - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Study Reveals Surprising 'Remodeling' Property Of Gene Regulation Process - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
8/12/2004:NASA Selects Proposals To Study Global Carbon Cycling - SpaceDaily
8/12/2004:Brazil's Amazonas Satellite Reaches Space -
8/12/2004:DNA Tests Point To Extinction Of Arctic Bird Populations - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Forest Fire Sensor Inspired By Nature; Bonn Zoologists 'Copy' A Beetle's Monitoring Device - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Spring Through Fall, Cities Are Greener Longer Than Neighboring Rural Regions - Science Daily



8/12/2004:Process Prints Silicon on Plastic - Technology Review 
8/12/2004:3D Designs Advance Light Chips - Technology Review 

8/12/2004:Rethinking the Computer - Technology Review 


8/12/2004:Women needed for bed-rest study - PhysicsWeb
8/12/2004:Sellout or Savior? - Technology Review 
8/12/2004:Fingerprinting Your Files - Technology Review 
8/12/2004:Biggest Ever Windows Upgrade Gives Security Boost - Technology Review 


8/12/2004:New tools for blocked arteries - PhysicsWeb

8/12/2004:Study Reveals Gene Linked To Breast Cancer Can Suppress Tumors - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Newly Designed Nanoparticle Quantum Dots Simultaneously Target And Image Prostate Tumors In Mice - Science Daily

8/12/2004:Researchers Identify Better Hepatitis C Treatment For People With HIV - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Prion Finding Offers Insight Into Spontaneous Protein Diseases - Science Daily

8/12/2004:Misfiring Proteins Tied To Inflammation And Sick Feeling Of Type 2 Diabetics - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Drug To Fight Virus In Transplant Patients Moves Forward In Trials - Science Daily

8/12/2004:2.8 Percent Of The US Population Suffers From Excessive Sweating
8/12/2004:Condom Use Decreases Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Recurrence - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Yale Researcher Finds Pattern In Maintaining Weight Loss - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
8/12/2004:Japanese hiker finds dinosaur fossils - MSNBC
8/12/2004:Ancient Brewery Discovered On Mountaintop In Peru - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Researchers Unearth Ancient Continental Rift Activity - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Study Finds Anti-HIV Protein Evolved Millions Of Years Before The Emergence Of AIDS - Science Daily

8/12/2004:Cosmic Log: Forecast for space tourists - MSNBC
8/12/2004:Your guide to the Perseid meteor shower - MSNBC
8/12/2004:Watching Channel Zero - Technology Review 

8/12/2004:Scientists Build On Case Connecting Inflammatory Disease And Depression - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Scientists Finger Surprise Culprit In Spinal Cord Injury - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
8/12/2004:Viewer's Guide: Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Aug. 11-12 -
8/12/2004:Weak Version of Most Powerful Explosions Found
8/12/2004:Sun Spikes: Solar Quakes Fuel Hot Tendrils
8/12/2004:Explore the Many Colors of Stars
8/12/2004:Natural Sunblock: Sun Dims in Strange Ways
8/12/2004:Table-top synchrotron defies convention
 - PhysicsWeb
8/12/2004:Dramatic differences found in matter and antimatter
 - PhysicsWeb
8/12/2004:Faint gamma-ray bursts on the horizon
 - PhysicsWeb
8/12/2004:New Theory Links Neutrino's Slight Mass To Accelerating Universe Expansion
 - Science Daily
8/12/2004:Chandra Sheds New Light On McNeil's Nebula
 - Science Daily


8/12/2004:World's Smallest Autonomous Submarine - SpaceDaily

8/12/2004:Cassini Hears Puzzling Lightning at Saturn -
8/12/2004:NASA Issues Call For Moon, Mars And Beyond Technologies
8/12/2004:Suit Claims Bad Bolts Doomed Columbia -
8/12/2004:Nuclear Lab Shutdown Puts Pluto Mission In Jeopardy -
8/12/2004:Shuttle Backups Likely for First Two Launches -
8/12/2004:Lunar rock sheds new light on the Moon - PhysicsWeb
8/12/2004:Eyes on the Space Prize - Technology Review 
8/12/2004: China Begins Manned Space Flight Countdown
 - ABC
8/12/2004: Japanese Lunar Probe Facing Delays
 - ABC
8/12/2004: Progress Cargo Ship Launched From Russia
 - ABC
8/12/2004:Iran Test Fires New Ballistic Missile
 - ABC
8/12/2004: Future looks bleak for powerless Hubble device
  - Nature
8/12/2004: Security scare puts Pluto launch at risk
  - Nature
8/12/2004: NASA's Genesis Spacecraft Adjusts Course
  - NY Times
8/12/2004:Japanese Lunar Probe Facing Delays
8/12/2004: Canadian Robot Top Choice for Hubble Servicing Mission
8/12/2004: Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Overnight
8/12/2004: Water On Mars Not Easy To Find, Says Texas A&M Researcher
 - SpaceDaily

8/12/2004:Liquid separation goes electric - PhysicsWeb
8/12/2004:UK study calls for extra safety measures for nanotechnology - PhysicsWeb
8/12/2004:Chemistry Yields DNA Fossils - Technology Review 
8/12/2004:Nanosys Withdraws Initial Public Offering - Technology Review 
8/12/2004:ASU Researchers Demonstrate New Nanotech Effect - Moving Water Molecules By Light - Science Daily


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