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  August 11, 2004

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Robot Successfully Explores Gas Mains - SpaceDaily  Left:  The Explorer project's goal is to develop a teleoperated long-range untethered video-inspection of live distribution gas-mains which can traverse 2,500 ft.+ of 6-8 inch I.D. pipe with elbows, operate in a live low/medium pressure steel/cast-iron/plastic gas-main with live control & video feedback. It should navigate 'accurately', be failure-retrievable and require only one operator. Project members are developing a prototype 'crawler' system for live gas-main access with wireless video & data communication with rechargeable battery-power.  Carnegie Mellon University robotics researchers, in conjunction with the Northeast Gas Association, the National Energy Technology Laboratory, and NASA, have developed a remote-controlled, untethered, wireless prototype crawling robot, designed to inspect underground gas mains.
NASA Scientists Study Gene Functions To Treat Diseases - SpaceDaily  NASA scientists have discovered a way to identify the gene functions of all of an organism's genes simultaneously by using unique DNA sequences or 'bar codes.' Scientists at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., found that newly validated sequences of synthetic DNA tags, called molecular barcodes, can now be used to accurately characterize gene functions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, commonly known as baker's yeast. "Understanding yeast gene functions can ultimately result in treatment of human diseases, as many yeast genes have similar functions in human cells," Stolc added.

Snapshots Of Moving Molecules, Taken In A billionth Of A Second - SpaceDaily  A team of researchers including University of California, Riverside Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Ludwig Bartels has developed a technique to take extremely fast snapshots of molecular and atomic movement. The development is considered a significant advance in surface science, the study of chemical reactions taking place on the surface of solids. "Scanning probe microscopy has the capability of reaching directly down to the natural spatial scale of atoms and molecules," Bartels said. "While femtosecond laser techniques have the capability of reaching down to the time scale of atomic events. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

8/11/2004: NASA Scientists Study Gene Functions To Treat Diseases - SpaceDaily
8/11/2004: Dietary neurotoxin linked to Alzheimer's
 - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Flying dinosaur needed a bird's brain - New Scientist
8/11/2004: US firm clones pets - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Bone-devouring worms discovered  - Nature
8/11/2004: Francis Crick  - Nature
8/11/2004: White elephant spotted in Sri Lanka  - Nature
8/11/2004: Mice yield secret of maternal courage  - Nature
8/11/2004: Forests benefit Costa Rican coffee  - Nature
8/11/2004: Subconscious may bias sex of babies  - Nature
8/11/2004: Decoders target 18 new genomes  - Nature
8/11/2004: Flying dinosaur had 'bird brain'  - Nature
8/11/2004: Salmon give birth to trout  - Nature
8/11/2004: Russian bid to drill Antarctic lake gets chilly response  - Nature
8/11/2004: 'Militant' animal activists trigger British law change  - Nature
8/11/2004: Company claims  it's cloning pet cats - MSNBC
8/11/2004: Birds may feed more than just their own - MSNBC

Climate, Environment:
8/11/2004: Acid rain limits global warming - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Atlantic ridge reveals underwater wonders - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Poisonous lake kills flamingos in their thousands  - BBC
8/11/2004: Bright sparks rethink wildfire strategy  - Nature
8/11/2004: Sea snapshots will map frequency of freak waves  - Nature
8/11/2004: Reform of land use urged as floodwaters rise across Asia  - Nature
8/11/2004: Venerable deep-sea sub to be replaced  - Nature
8/11/2004: Alaska volcano stirs after 12 quiet years - MSNBC
8/11/2004: New method may help predict quakes - MSNBC
8/11/2004: Bustard birds brought back to Britain - MSNBC

8/11/2004: Handheld computer 'Trojan' discovered - New Scientist



8/11/2004: US Army orders weapons supercomputer - New Scientist

8/11/2004: Lawyer sues Yahoo for message board name calling - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Unreliable websites put patients at risk  - Nature



8/11/2004: Gene therapy in advance curbs heart damage - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Defibrillators get less shocking  - Nature


8/11/2004: Synthesis marks prion disease breakthrough - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Acne bug's nasty secrets spotted - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Trial of treatments for vCJD to launch - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Fears of vCJD timebomb revived - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Woman may be Japan's first case of West Nile Virus  - Yahoo
8/11/2004: Lab-made prions trigger mad cow symptoms  - Nature
8/11/2004: Sudanese refugees face cholera time bomb
  - Nature


8/11/2004: Acupuncture points to post-op comfort - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Why some athletes are injury-prone - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Women who believe in long life bear sons - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Death risk same with new surgeon  - BBC
8/11/2004: Could astronauts sleep their way to the stars?  - Nature
8/11/2004: Asbestos study suggests bias in experts  - Nature

History, Anthropology:
8/11/2004: Early fish hit land to be better predators - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Dinosaur eggs escape sale as smuggling claims unearthed  - Nature
8/11/2004: From DNA to consciousness — Crick's legacy  - Nature
8/11/2004: Was Atlantis actually Ireland? - MSNBC

8/11/2004: Swollen chest may indicate anthrax attack - New Scientist
8/11/2004: War games reveal hormone to combat stress - New Scientist
8/11/2004: North Korean hybrid missiles 'could threaten US' - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Athletics: What are the limits?  - Nature
8/11/2004: Joint suits aim to weed out agencies' red tape  - Nature
8/11/2004: Nobel laureates spearhead effort to put Kerry in the White House  - Nature
8/11/2004: Science secret of grand masters revealed  - Nature

8/11/2004: Animated face helps deaf with phone chat - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Social status influences brain structure  - Nature

Physics and Astronomy:
8/11/2004: Snapshots Of Moving Molecules, Taken In A billionth Of A Second - SpaceDaily
8/11/2004: NASA wish list for origins of Universe unveiled
 - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Weak gamma ray bursts may be common
 - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Mysterious cosmos
  - Nature


8/11/2004: Robot Successfully Explores Gas Mains - SpaceDaily
8/11/2004: Robot guard will smoke out villains - New Scientist

8/11/2004: Battered Moon rock reveals travel history - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Solar system may be exception not rule
 - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Odyssey of a Moon rock  - Nature
8/11/2004: Earth-like planets may be more rare than thought  - Nature
8/11/2004: The search for life on Mars  - Nature
8/11/2004: Meteor show may be 'spectacular'
8/11/2004: How Is a Martian Rover Like a Bear?
  - NY Times
8/11/2004: Japan Deploys Solar Sail Film In Space
 - Science Daily
8/11/2004: Armadillo Aerospace’s X Prize Prototype Crashes
8/11/2004: Top 10 Facts- Perseid Meteor Shower
8/11/2004: Escarpment And Landslides Of Olympus Mons
 - SpaceDaily
8/11/2004: NASA Solar Sail Propulsion Team Successfully Deploys Two Solar Sail Systems
 - SpaceDaily
8/11/2004: NASA Chief OKs Robot Hubble Mission
 - SpaceDaily
8/11/2004: Private Rocket Explodes During First Test
 - SpaceDaily
8/11/2004: Canadian private space race contender names launch date
 - SpaceDaily
8/11/2004: Expedition 9 Crew Continue To Reorganize Station
 - SpaceDaily

8/11/2004: Skin used to transmit key data - New Scientist
8/11/2004: Size matters when it comes to safety, report warns  - Nature


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