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  July 6, 2005

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China Tells Japan To Speed Up Destruction Of Chemical Weapons - SpaceDaily  Left:  Liu said that abandoning chemical weapons in China, which still pose a threat, "constituted a serious crime committed by the Japanese army during its aggression against China."  China urged Japan Tuesday to speed up the destruction of chemical weapons left behind by its invading army at the end of World War II. On Monday Japanese government officials confirmed that a poison gas accident in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou which injured three people last week was caused by such weapons. On Monday Japanese government officials confirmed that a poison gas accident in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou which injured three people last week was caused by such weapons.    
Green Engines To Double US Auto Share - SpaceDaily  Vehicles powered by hybrid or clean diesel engines will double their US market share by 2012 as drivers shun gas-guzzlers because of high oil prices, new research predicted Tuesday. Such environmentally friendly engines are on course for 11 percent of auto sales by 2012 from 4.8 percent this year, according to the research study by JD Power-LMC Automotive Forecasting Services. The bulk of the growth in hybrid models is seen in sports-utility vehicles SUVs and midsize cars, according to the study. Diesels will make inroads in pickup trucks, luxury cars and SUVs.    

Europe Boosted By Galileo And Fusion Project - SpaceDaily  The EU will bankroll 40 percent of the estimated $12-billion price-tag to build the reactor over 30 years. In addition to paying its EU share, France will pick up another 10 percent of the costs for hosting the plant in Cadarache, near the Mediterranean port city of Marseille.  The other five countries involved in the project - Russia, Japan, South Korea, China and the United States - will pay for the rest. Jobs are also one concrete fallout of another European dream. Dubbed Galileo, the EU project aims to build a local equivalent and rival to America's GPS.   Greenpeace noted that while the world must reduce greenhouse gasses by 2050, the nuclear reactor is unlikely to make a dent on the gasses before the second half of the century. That is, if it even succeeds in meeting high European and international expectations.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

7/6/2005:†Big-brained birds less likely to migrate - MSNBC
7/6/2005:†War of the fire ants
7/6/2005:†Bird travels tracked by fluorescent droppings - MSNBC
7/6/2005:†Bacteria lend a helping hand - MSNBC
7/6/2005:†Bizarre stand-off in battle of the sexes - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Newborn dolphins go a month without sleep - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Protein Synthesis Can Be Controlled By Light, Opening Way For New Scientific, Medical Applications - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†DNA Constraints Control Structure Of Attached Macromolecules - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Costly Breeding Programs For Endangered Species Pay Off - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Fox Chase Study Shows That Weakened T-cell Receptor Signals Change T-cell Lineage - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Genetic On-off Switches Pinpointed In Human Genome - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Researchers Pioneer New Gene Therapy Technique Using Natural Repair Process - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Wood pigeon 'most seen UK bird'  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
7/6/2005:†Green Engines To Double US Auto Share - SpaceDaily
7/6/2005:†Desert dunes set to roam - MSNBC
7/6/2005:†Oceans in trouble as acid levels rise - MSNBC
7/6/2005:†Clearing smoke may trigger global warming rise - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Marine crisis looms over acidifying oceans - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Limits Sought on Testing for Pesticides  - NY Times
7/6/2005:†Warmer Air May Cause Increased Antarctic Sea Ice Cover - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Climate at G8: What can Tony Blair get out of his ally George Bush?  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Bush rejects Kyoto-style G8 deal  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Japan monitors 'volcanic' steam  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Veteran US conservationist dies  - BBC

7/6/2005:†Alien invaders: Destroy All Humans offer plenty of laughs but dull gameplay  - BBC

7/6/2005:†University Of Pittsburgh Gets Wired For Speed With Apple Xserve G5 Cluster
 - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Phone users switch to new service
  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Wireless village: How one French hamlet has become its own internet provider
  - BBC
7/6/2005:†US holds onto key internet role
  - BBC

7/6/2005:†Nikon debuts first hyper NA immersion litho system - Silicon Strategies
7/6/2005:†Mobile phone production accelerates in Q2, says iSuppli - Silicon Strategies


7/6/2005:†Spam Can Be Good For You - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Google video swiftly hacked - Seattle Times
7/6/2005:†Net fuels Live 8 extravaganza  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Live 8 success hailed by Geldof  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Live 8: Then and now  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Access all areas Analyst Bill Thompson wants to be sure net tools stay free to use  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Swedes curb rampant downloads
  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Geldof's muse: The nurse who inspired the original Live Aid concert
  - BBC

7/6/2005:†Microsoft woos world's scientists  - BBC

7/6/2005:†Salmon Survival, Cleaner Hydropower Focus Of ORNL Research - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Fire but no smoke: Power plant to burn coal without greenhouse gases  - BBC
7/6/2005:†First hydrogen plane tested in US  - BBC

7/6/2005:†Researchers Confirm Increasing Risk For Heart Failure In Aging U.S. Population - Science Daily

7/6/2005:†Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe For Women With Menopause and Cancer Survivors - Science Daily

7/6/2005:†WHO misses HIV targets, but makes progress - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Making people immune to HIV - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Bird flu experts warn of pandemic  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Virus eradicated: How doctors rid the world of the 'speckled monster' smallpox  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Smoking 'could increase TB risk'  - BBC

7/6/2005:†Mayo Clinic Finds Kidney Disease Associated With 'Benign' Prostate Obstruction - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†The Promise Of A Tetracycline Antibiotic For Treating Osteoarthritis - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Brain Scan Study Of Smokers Reveals Signature Of Craving
7/6/2005:†UT Southwestern Lead Site For Study Of A New Multiple Sclerosis Drug - Science Daily

7/6/2005:†Lasting legacy of low birthweight - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Relatively Few US Adults Report Having A Healthy Lifestyle - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†WHO Launches Project To Minimize Risks Of Radon - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Oregon Study Confirms Health Benefits Of Cobblestone Walking For Older Adults - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Low Birth Weight Of A Baby Entails Risks For The Baby's Father - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Trio work on fiber research to reduce effects of surgery - Silicon Strategies
7/6/2005:†Anti-obesity device fakes satiety  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Men 'in denial' over weight gain  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Sickle cell disease: Why some charities are calling for an increase in screening
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
7/6/2005:†Why the pharaohs never smiled - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Aviators recreate first transatlantic flight in replica WWI bomber  - BBC

7/6/2005:†Europe Boosted By Galileo And Fusion Project - SpaceDaily
7/6/2005:†China Tells Japan To Speed Up Destruction Of Chemical Weapons - SpaceDaily  
7/6/2005:†Bioterror paper gets online - MSNBC
7/6/2005:†Africa focus: Foundations for a prosperous future - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Editorial: Cancelling Africa's debt will only go so far - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Shark Attack Worries? Driving To The Beach Is More Deadly - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Contested SEC rule approved by panel - Seattle Times
7/6/2005:†GM, Ford had more high-ranked vehicles than Toyota, Honda in new car study - Seattle Times
7/6/2005:†Chinese oilman steeped in West - Seattle Times
7/6/2005:†Asian nations feel oil-price pinch - Seattle Times
7/6/2005:†Report: India's electronics industry will grow faster than China's - Silicon Strategies
7/6/2005:†Issues explained: Find out how debt, trade, aid and poverty affect Africa  - BBC
7/6/2005:†DVD shortfall sparks slump fears  - BBC

7/6/2005:†Interview: Are the kids alright after all? - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Groundbreaking Study Helps Explain Why Preemie Brains Improve Over Time - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†A Vaccine Approach To Treating Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†'Vicious Cycle' Of Protein Formation Involved In Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Three Reasons Not To Believe In An Autism Epidemic - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Japanese man sets record for reciting pi from memory  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Go Digital podcast: Supercomputer to simulate the human brain and cutting the costs of 3D animation
  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Early dementia: 'Grieving for your husband when he is so young is awful'
  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Clue to cause of nerve diseases
  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Women feel pain more readily than men, research shows
  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
7/6/2005:†World's largest telescope begins with a spin - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Pulsarís signal generates giant space laser
 - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Did the big bang really happen?
 - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Editorial: Big bang doubts fuel cosmology boom
 - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†How do solids melt?
 - PhysicsWeb
7/6/2005:†Magnetic surprise for liquids
 - PhysicsWeb



7/6/2005:†NASA's Deep Impact Craft Observes Major Comet 'Outburst' - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†NASA's Cassini Reveals Lake-Like Feature On Titan
 - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Brain Scan Study Of Smokers Reveals Signature Of Craving
 - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Nasa probe strikes Comet Tempel 1
  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Q&A: Deep Impact comet mission
  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Animated Guide: Deep Impact
  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Moment of impact
  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Saturn rings have own atmosphere
  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Scenes of celebration in Pasadena as probe crashes into comet
  - BBC
7/6/2005:†Photos: Probe, comet send fireworks for the 4th
7/6/2005:†Spacecraft Hits Passing Comet, Just as Planned
  - NY Times
7/6/2005:†Video: NASA Probe Collides With Comet
  - NY Times

7/6/2005:†Nanowire splicing to make ultra-small circuits - New Scientist
7/6/2005:†Size Matters: Friction, Adhesion Change On Atomic Level - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†New Chem-bio Sensors Offer Simultaneous Monitoring - Science Daily
7/6/2005:†Tomorrow's world Design students show off cutting edge prototypes  - BBC


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