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  July 5, 2005

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'Apollo Program' For Hydrogen Energy Needed, Stanford Researcher Says - SpaceDaily  What if all the vehicles now on the road in the United States were suddenly powered by hydrogen fuel cells? Wind is the most promising means of generating hydrogen, said Jacobson, who with former postdoctoral fellow Cristina Archer recently published a study that mapped global winds and showed the world, especially the United States, has more than enough wind to meet all its energy needs. Jacobson envisions wind turbines generating electricity on wind farms that are linked in a network to ensure energy production even when parts of the grid have windless days. The electricity would travel through transmission lines to a filling station--similar to today's gas stations. There, it would enter an electrolyzer, passing through water and splitting it into oxygen, which would be released into the air, and hydrogen, which would get compressed and stored.     
Adsorbent Materials For Storing Hydrogen - SpaceDaily  The mentioned research team has commenced work on three families of materials: activated carbons, zeolites and stacked clays. These materials fulfil four requisites: they have mechanical resistance and are safe, apart from being light and cheap. Storage based on physiadsorbtion provides a potentially higher energy efficiency than the rest of the mentioned storage options, given that the hydrogen is retained at a low temperature and 100% of the hydrogen adsorbed can be recovered. The low boiling point of hydrogen (-253ºC) makes it necessary to employ temperatures of about -196ºC.    

NASA, Xerox To Demonstrate 'Virtual Crew Assistant' - SpaceDaily  "Clarissa is a fully voice-operated 'virtual crew assistant,' enabling astronauts to be more efficient with their hands and eyes and to give full attention to the task while they navigate through the procedure using spoken commands," said Beth Ann Hockey, project lead on the team that developed Clarissa at NASA Ames. Clarissa is 'hands-free' and responds to astronauts' voice commands, reading procedure steps out loud as they work, helping keep track of which steps have been completed, and supporting flexible, voice-activated alarms and timers.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:

7/5/2005: DNA constraints control structure of attached macromolecules ... - FirstScience
7/5/2005: Hedgehog numbers 'in nose-dive'
  - BBC
7/5/2005: Top Indian 'tiger poacher' held  - BBC
7/5/2005: Gene tests 'could miss problems'  - BBC
7/5/2005: Baby dolphins, killer whales never sleep - MSNBC

Climate, Environment:
7/5/2005: New studies highlight global warming peril ahead of G8 summit - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: Canadian prime minister to discuss Kyoto, Africa at G8 meeting - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: Emission cuts 'vital' for oceans  - BBC
7/5/2005: African sands 'set for upheaval'  - BBC
7/5/2005: New direction: Soaring oil prices will drive US action on green issues  - BBC
7/5/2005: NYC tries to make yellow cabs greener  - CNN
7/5/2005: Global warming might create lopsided planet - MSNBC
7/5/2005: Is the sea getting less salty? - MSNBC

7/5/2005: Women set to invade predominantly male world of games  - BBC
7/5/2005: Xbox 360, PS3: Late bloomers or complete failures?  - C/Net
7/5/2005: A used printer? No, it's a refurb  - NY Times
7/5/2005: Microsoft may license Xbox software  - CNN

7/5/2005: Mobile giants court the internet
  - BBC
7/5/2005: Secret life of a podcaster
  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Etch-A-Sketch coming to cell phones
  - CNN

7/5/2005: AMD takes Intel fight to Japan  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Disk storage to increase 10x by 2009- C/Net
7/5/2005: AMD's suit against Intel could get messy  - CNN


7/5/2005: Listening to Podcasts Gets Easier ... - FirstScience
7/5/2005: Fines up for rogue internet firms  - BBC
7/5/2005: Small shop specializes in spam suits  - C/Net
7/5/2005: New Weapons Forged to Fight Spam  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Microsoft's anti spam tactics caned  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Suspected file-swappers arrested in global raid  - C/Net
7/5/2005: No regs for blogs-
  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Online gambling will thrive--but at what price?
  - C/Net
7/5/2005: ID theft: Tracking the hackers
  - CNN

7/5/2005: 'Digital jockeys': How laptops and iPods are transforming the art of DJing  - BBC
7/5/2005: Price on your head: Why your personal information is worth so much to marketers  - BBC
7/5/2005: Tech & You - Business Week
7/5/2005: An uneasy partnership  - C/Net
7/5/2005: XP Starter under the gun  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Photos: XP around the world  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Microsoft opens desktop search  - C/Net

7/5/2005: 'Apollo Program' For Hydrogen Energy Needed, Stanford Researcher Says - SpaceDaily  
7/5/2005: Adsorbent Materials For Storing Hydrogen - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: ITER Deal Brings A Welcome End To Divisive Talks - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: Analysis: Brazil's Enrichment To Go On - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: British think tank opposes nuclear power as way to fight global warming - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: Controversial wind farm approved  - BBC


7/5/2005: Cancer surgery side effects cut  - BBC



7/5/2005: BMA drops euthanasia opposition  - BBC
7/5/2005: Abortion time limit cut rejected  - BBC
7/5/2005: Obese in despair about their size  - BBC
7/5/2005: Computer wizardry shows the future for junk food kids  - BBC
7/5/2005: Potato health benefits discovered  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
7/5/2005: Scientists to Begin Studying Kennewick Man ... - FirstScience
7/5/2005: Darwin’s Disciple  - Technology Review 
7/5/2005: On This Day 1954: Total eclipse of the Sun seen in three continents  - BBC

7/5/2005: US, India Sign Defense Pact - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: Analysis: Heavily Armed DMZ In Korea - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: Russian, Indian, Chinese Groups Mull Takeover Of PetroKazakhstan - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: Press-ganged: Should journalists be worried by a police raid at Indymedia?  - BBC
7/5/2005: Aliens really do exist says Hollywood star Tom Cruise  - BBC
7/5/2005: Suspects caught on cameraphone  - BBC
7/5/2005: Leaving a Vacuum at Wipro - Business Week
7/5/2005: Senators want to nix 1898 telecom tax  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Tech's next watering hole  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Ellison readies donation for Harvard  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Tata to work with Microsoft in China  - C/Net
7/5/2005: The power of 10  - C/Net


Physics and Astronomy:
7/5/2005: Pope's Stargazers Teach Tomorrow's Astronomers ... - FirstScience


7/5/2005: NASA, Xerox To Demonstrate 'Virtual Crew Assistant' - SpaceDaily

7/5/2005: Life detection instrument passes key test on road to Mars ... - FirstScience
7/5/2005: Aussie astronomers prepare for smash hit ...
 - FirstScience
7/5/2005: Statue honors astronaut ...
 - FirstScience
7/5/2005: Eta Kappa Nu Names Former Astronaut as Eminent Member; Owen Garriott Receives Highest Honor from Engineering S ...
 - FirstScience
7/5/2005: Scientists try to simulate comet nucleus ...
 - FirstScience
7/5/2005: Hibernating Spacecraft Awakens For Comet Impact Mission
 - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: NASA chief says Iran law needs changes for space work
 - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: NASA ready for July shuttle launch
 - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: Deep Impact smashes all expectations
 - New Scientist
7/5/2005: NASA probe collides with comet in brilliant blast
  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Photos: Probe, comet send fireworks for the 4th
  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Deep Impact probe hits comet
  - CNN
7/5/2005: NASA Cheers Fireworks From Comet Blast
  - NY Times
7/5/2005: For the First Time, a Spacecraft Impacts With a Comet
  - NY Times
7/5/2005: Collision Course With a Comet
  - NY Times
7/5/2005: Graphic
  - NY Times
7/5/2005: Video: NASA Probe Collides With Comet
  - NY Times
7/5/2005: Crash exposes comet's inner secrets
 - PhysicsWeb
7/5/2005: NASA Scientists Fete Bull's Eye Shot On Distant Comet
 - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: ISS Crew Prepare For First Shuttle Mission Since Dec 2002
 - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: XMM-Newton Detects Water On Tempel 1
 - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: Discovery Awaits Final Authorization For Launch
 - SpaceDaily
7/5/2005: Space mission blows crater in comet's surface ...
 - FirstScience
7/5/2005: Chinese astronauts count down to spaceflight ...
 - FirstScience

7/5/2005: CAD for the Rest of Us  - Technology Review 
7/5/2005: Smart traffic forecast offers seven-day predictions  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Intelligent Transportation Systems  - C/Net
7/5/2005: Translation trek- C/Net


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