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  July 4, 2005

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Cassini Probe Spies Lake-Like Feature on Titan -  You might have thought Saturn's moon Titan was a somewhat dead issue after the Cassini spacecraft did not find convincing evidence for methane seas that scientists had predicted would exist. But the smoggy moon is back in the news today as a new Cassini image reveals a dark feature that scientists speculate might be a lake. "I'd say this is definitely the best candidate we've seen so far for a liquid hydrocarbon lake on Titan."
UA Set To Cast First Mirror For World's Largest Telescope In July - SpaceDaily  The University of Arizona's Steward Observatory Mirror Lab is pre-firing its huge spinning furnace and inspecting tons of glass for casting a first 8.4-meter (27-foot) diameter mirror for the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT). The casting is scheduled for Saturday, July 23.  The completed GMT telescope primary mirror will consist of six 8.4-meter off-axis mirrors surrounding a seventh, on-axis central mirror. This arrangement will give the GMT four-and-one-half times the collecting area of any current optical telescope and the resolving power of a 25.6-meter (84-foot) diameter telescope, or 10 times the resolution of the Hubble Space Telescope. The GMT is slated for completion in 2016 at a site in northern Chile. "This is a new epoch for astronomy," Richard Meserve, president of the Carnegie Institution, said.        

Nanoantennas Superfocus Light - SpaceDaily   Antennas made of gold strips only nanometers wide can focus light far more precisely than any existing lens, experts told UPI's Nano World. The nanoantennas could lead to advanced optical telecommunications systems, microscopes that can image proteins, secure computer networks that can instantly detect eavesdroppers, and more efficient optical data-storage devices. Conventional lenses at best can focus to a spot roughly half as wide as the wavelength of light used to view an object. This means a microscope using visible light, which has a wavelength in the range of 400 nanometers to 800 nanometers, can focus only to roughly 200 nanometers. The nanoantennas, however, can achieve 50 times better resolution. "This could really extend the resolution limit of optical microscopy. It could make proteins visible." 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

7/4/2005: New tree frog species found, but others lost - MSNBC
7/4/2005: Role of PARP in CML cell death
  - Nature
7/4/2005: Female butterflies go for sparkle -- not size -- when choosing to mate - Science Daily
7/4/2005: Whale baby boom cheers scientists - MSNBC
7/4/2005: Project tracks pygmy elephants - MSNBC

Climate, Environment:
7/4/2005: When will next tsunami strike? - MSNBC
7/4/2005: Growth Secrets Of Alaska's Mysterious Field Of Lakes - Science Daily
7/4/2005: Research: Florida Getting Better At Protecting Homes From Hurricanes - Science Daily
7/4/2005: Insurance costly? Just wait for warming ... - FirstScience
7/4/2005: Greenpeace activists fined for forest action ...  - FirstScience
7/4/2005: Building of centre starts again after pollution scare ... - FirstScience
7/4/2005: Minister Dempsey unveils plans for DDT pilot ...
7/4/2005: Botanics turns the camera on climate change ... - FirstScience
7/4/2005: Scientists put melting mystery on ice - MSNBC
7/4/2005: Tsunami simulation - MSNBC
7/4/2005: Warming could reshape Africa - MSNBC
7/4/2005: Oceans in trouble as acid levels rise  - Nature

7/4/2005: Photo of the iTunes phone?  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Get a fearsome rep in 'Batman Begins'  - CNN
7/4/2005: Latest iTunes sings a new song  - CNN
7/4/2005: Meteos Blasts Off Puzzle Fun  - Wired News

7/4/2005: SBC offers three months free Net, TV service
  - C/Net
7/4/2005: BT picks Microsoft platform for IPTV
  - C/Net
7/4/2005: T-Mobile to use Google to sell mobile Net
  - C/Net
7/4/2005: UF, Nine Other Universities Complete Ultrahigh-speed Data Network
 - Science Daily
7/4/2005: More alarms over cell phone E911
  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Skype's challenge
  - C/Net

7/4/2005: Intel and AMD: A long history in court  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Message for AMD  - C/Net


7/4/2005: Yahoo tests 'social' search  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Google mapping enters the third dimension  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Google's tete-a-tete  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Web content by and for the masses  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Muslim holy site welcomes virtual pilgrims  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Microsoft expands low-cost Windows to Mexico  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Worm baits hook with hints of Pope plot
  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Google's world
  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Images: Control the Earth
  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Craigslist founder: Web proves 'people OK'
  - CNN
7/4/2005: Internet crashes in Pakistan, nation cut off from outside world
  - CNN
7/4/2005: Bloggers go mainstream to battle rules
  - CNN
7/4/2005: Net Pioneer Wants New Internet
  - Wired News
7/4/2005: Grokster May Haunt Podcasting
  - Wired News
7/4/2005: Wild about blogs
  - C/Net
7/4/2005: U.S. keeps control of Internet computers
  - CNN

7/4/2005: AMD takes antitrust case to the masses  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Looking at RSS in Longhorn  - C/Net

7/4/2005: Is fusion the best way forward?  - CNN
7/4/2005: Green light for nuclear fusion site - MSNBC
7/4/2005: Senate Passes Bill That Strives to Balance Oil and Alternatives  - NY Times
7/4/2005: Graphic: Two Chambers, Two Bills  - NY Times
7/4/2005: France Will Get Fusion Reactor To Seek a Future Energy Source  - NY Times
7/4/2005: Calif. farmers clean up using solar power ... - FirstScience
7/4/2005: Alcohol fuels not so green
  - Nature
7/4/2005: 'Low-carbon' power plant planned for Scotland
  - Nature




7/4/2005: Saturated Fats Combined With Genetic Trait Implicated In Development Of Type 2 Diabetes - Science Daily

7/4/2005: COX-2's role in gastrointestinal defence  - Nature
7/4/2005: Medical Marijuana? Rhode Island Says Yes  - NY Times
7/4/2005: .1 Billion Would Save 6 Million Children, Study Says - Science Daily
7/4/2005: Does Vitamin C Help Prevent Or Treat The Common Cold? - Science Daily
7/4/2005: Aging Eye More Susceptible To Serious Damage, Scientists Report - Science Daily
7/4/2005: Special Scalpel Reduces Blood Loss, Facial Nerve Trauma In Salivary Surgery - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
7/4/2005: Lost notes of Isaac Newton found - MSNBC
7/4/2005: Da Vinci sketch found under another of his works - MSNBC

7/4/2005: Bill Gates is no match for the Teflon president  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Blogs: Of cubicle sex and outsourcing  - C/Net
7/4/2005: The 21st-century organization
7/4/2005: Memo to Europe- It's the entrepreneurs, stupid
7/4/2005: Study: India 'needs stronger IT'  - CNN
7/4/2005: Bioterror report on milk concerns feds - MSNBC
7/4/2005: Bioterror paper gets online  - Nature
7/4/2005: Family Trees by Blood or Tongue?  - Nature
7/4/2005: Milk supplies at risk from terrorist toxin - New Scientist
7/4/2005: Paper Describes Potential Poisoning of Milk  - NY Times
7/4/2005: Scrushy's acquittal ends string of CEO convictions - Seattle Times
7/4/2005: Dot-com bust holds lessons for housing - Seattle Times
7/4/2005: Feds seek life for WorldCom fraud - Seattle Times
7/4/2005: Credit Chief Slams Free Reports  - Wired News
7/4/2005: The Real Lesson of Grokster  - Wired News
7/4/2005: Cruisin' For an Alien Bruisin'  - Wired News
7/4/2005: Making Art With God's Little Toys  - Wired News
7/4/2005: ID Theft: What You Need to Know  - Wired News
7/4/2005: The 125 top mysteries of science  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Artists and scientists conspire at conference
  - Nature

7/4/2005: Functional MRI Enables Noninvasive Evaluation Of Epilepsy Patients - Science Daily
7/4/2005: Mental Processing Is Continuous, Not Like A Computer - Science Daily
7/4/2005: Study Ties Risk Of Problem Gambling With Proximity To Casinos And Other Gambling Opportunities - Science Daily
7/4/2005: Study Shows How Sleep Improves Memory - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
7/4/2005: Nanoantennas Superfocus Light - SpaceDaily
UA Set To Cast First Mirror For World's Largest Telescope In July - SpaceDaily
7/4/2005: Meet physics' sharpest mind since Einstein
  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Killer asteroid: Too close for comfort
 - New Scientist


7/4/2005: Robot in scrubs  - C/Net

7/4/2005: Cassini Probe Spies Lake-Like Feature on Titan -
7/4/2005: Vint Cerf- Next stop, Mars
  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Titan may boast methane lakes after all - New Scientist
7/4/2005: US ban on Russian rides to space set to end
 - New Scientist
7/4/2005: Despite Concerns, NASA Is Planning to Go Ahead With Shuttle Launching
  - NY Times

7/4/2005: U.S. leads in nanotech investment  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Zen of technology design  - C/Net
7/4/2005: Week in review- Judging tech  - C/Net


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