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  July 3, 2005

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Study Suggests Mental Processing Is Continuous, Unlike A Computer - SpaceDaily  The theory that the mind works like a computer, in a series of distinct stages, was an important steppingstone in cognitive science, but it has outlived its usefulness, concludes a new study. Instead, the mind should be thought of more as working the way biological organisms do: as a dynamic continuum, cascading through shades of grey. In this model, perception and cognition are mathematically described as a continuous trajectory through a high-dimensional mental space; the neural activation patterns flow back and forth to produce nonlinear, self-organized, emergent properties -- like a biological organism."     
Analysis: Congress Upset Over War - SpaceDaily  Left: File photo of American forces ridding a part of Baghdad of an Improvised Explosive Device. There are between 60 and 70 insurgent attacks per week, and the number of deaths since the Iraqi government came to power seven weeks ago stands at more than 1,000. Car bombings are at around 30 per week, up from one a week in January 2004.  With the death toll in Iraq mounting and insurgency attacks and car bombs reaching their highest point in months, key senators have started criticizing what they see as the White House's failure to acknowledge the reality in Iraq. Democratic and Republican lawmakers expressed concern at Vice President Dick Cheney's remarks last Sunday that the Iraqi insurgency was in it's "last throes."    

US Not Losing In Iraq, Rumsfeld Insists - SpaceDaily  US troops are defeating the stubborn insurgency in Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld insisted Thursday, rejecting calls that the Pentagon create a timetable for scaling back the US forces there. "Any who say that we've lost this war, or that we're losing this war, are wrong. We are not," said Rumsfeld, who appeared with his top military commanders at a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Still, General John Abizaid conceded to the panel that "there's a lot of work to be done" to be done" to break the resolve of a resilient and determined insurgency. "I believe there are more foreign fighters coming into Iraq than there were six months ago,"  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

7/3/2005: DNA constraints control structure of attached macromolecules ... - FirstScience
7/3/2005: Genome study of beneficial microbe may help boost plant health ...
 - FirstScience
7/3/2005: From the Lab: Biotechnology  - Technology Review
7/3/2005: Felling plan to save native trees  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
7/3/2005: UPDATE 3-Five states sue Allegheny for Clean Air violations ... - FirstScience
7/3/2005: Allegheny believes it complied with Clean Air Act ... - FirstScience
7/3/2005: Russia signs first Kyoto project, more seen ... - ABC
7/3/2005: Chirac Backs Blair on Climate Change ... - FirstScience
7/3/2005: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Highlights Latest Environmental Partnership With Celebrity Green Power ... - FirstScience
7/3/2005: Britain's Blair to talk Africa, climate change on MTV ... - FirstScience
7/3/2005: Russia Sells First Emissions Quotas ... - FirstScience
7/3/2005: Chirac predicts tough G8 talks on climate, warns of threat to growth - SpaceDaily
7/3/2005: Storm costs 'could rise by 66%'  - BBC

7/3/2005: Why Johnny Can't Play  - Technology Review
7/3/2005: Apple brings podcasts into iTunes  - BBC

7/3/2005: Fall Mobile Phone Preview
  - Wired News
7/3/2005: Bard's home town goes wireless
  - BBC
7/3/2005: Connections, the Wireless Way
 - Business Week


7/3/2005: India closes in on $100 PC  - C/Net
7/3/2005: Photos: Low-cost computers  - C/Net

7/3/2005: Wilderness Connection - L. A. Times
7/3/2005: Decision Won't Stop Downloads, Fans Say  - Wired News
7/3/2005: Phishing pair jailed for ID fraud  - BBC
7/3/2005: Ace of Spades: American players defy the law and join online poker games  - BBC
7/3/2005: 100 million go online in China  - BBC

7/3/2005: Sun Makes Open-Source Move  - Wired News
7/3/2005: Grappling with Grokster ruling  - C/Net
7/3/2005: Complete court coverage  - C/Net

7/3/2005: France To Host Futuristic Nuclear Project ... - FirstScience
7/3/2005: The future of nuclear energy: a boost for plasma physics at EPFL ... - FirstScience
7/3/2005: Cost of nuclear 'underestimated'  - BBC

7/3/2005: Patient's pioneering heart pump  - BBC

7/3/2005: Scientists Hunt Genes Driving Lung Cancer ... - FirstScience
7/3/2005: Nuclear workers' cancer risk rise  - BBC

7/3/2005: HIV drug target 'will not be met'  - BBC

7/3/2005: Rise in asthma with UK's storms  - BBC

7/3/2005: Confidentiality fear over records  - BBC
7/3/2005: Gruesome attack: Victim now able to blink again thanks to surgeons in Britain  - BBC
7/3/2005: 'Life of pain': Is enough being done to protect UK girls from circumcision?  - BBC
7/3/2005: Singing could help a silent night  - BBC
7/3/2005: A Big Green Pill for Health Care? - Business Week

History, Anthropology:
7/3/2005: Secrets of the Dinosaurs  - Wired News
7/3/2005: Ancient DNA helps clarify the origins of two extinct New World horse species ... - FirstScience

7/3/2005: US Not Losing In Iraq, Rumsfeld Insists - SpaceDaily
7/3/2005: Analysis: Congress Upset Over War - SpaceDaily
7/3/2005: The Fading Memory of the State  - Technology Review
7/3/2005: India's Labor Problems  - Wired News
7/3/2005: Google Looks Pricey and Still Irresistible  - NY Times
7/3/2005: Geek Chic: Old Computers as Collectibles - Washington Post
7/3/2005: Japan Urges Ukraine To Probe Alleged Cruise Missile Sales To Iran, China - SpaceDaily
7/3/2005: Analysis: Brazil's Nuclear Program - SpaceDaily
7/3/2005: Putin attacks US curbs on Russian space exports - SpaceDaily
7/3/2005: Direct action: When is it justified to take matters into your own hands?  - BBC
7/3/2005: Blair's ID woes: MPs may have backed them now but ID card troubles lie ahead  - BBC
7/3/2005: "Chilled Innovation": Creative Commons chair and law prof Larry Lessig sees 10 years of fallout from the high court's ruling on file-sharing - Business Week

7/3/2005: Mental health care 'not holistic'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:


7/3/2005: Invasion of the Humanoid Robots - Business Week 

7/3/2005: Cosmic Crash Won't Destroy Comet or Earth ... -
7/3/2005: Bush Administration Presses Congress to Amend INA ...
7/3/2005: House Bill Mandates Shuttle Retirement in 2010 ...
7/3/2005: Griffin Favors Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster for Launching CEV ...
7/3/2005: NASA Fails to Fully Meet Final Return to Flight Recommendations ...
7/3/2005: Launch Delays Cost NASA Extra $4 Million for Shuttle Oversight Board ...
7/3/2005: Moon Rock to be Awarded to Apollo-Soyuz Astronaut Thomas Stafford ...
7/3/2005: Revealing Pan's Influence
 - SpaceDaily
7/3/2005: India's first unmanned spacecraft to carry three European payloads to moon
 - SpaceDaily
7/3/2005: Hubble Captures Outburst From Comet Targeted By Deep Impact
 - SpaceDaily
7/3/2005: Titan dark spot may be large lake
  - BBC

7/3/2005: Will Jetmakers Always Have Paris? - Business Week
7/3/2005: A Quantum Leap in Cryptography  - Technology Review
7/3/2005: Publishing makes shift to digital  - BBC


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