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  June 9, 2005

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Russian Sub To Launch Cosmos 1 Solar Sail Test Mission - SpaceDaily  Russia has dispatched a solar-sail spacecraft and a space parachute to waters off its northern coast to be launched June 21 from a submarine in the Barents Sea. The unmanned spacecraft with eight triangular sail blades, each 16.5 yards long, and a new inflatable deceleration device, have been dispatched to the main administrative base of Russia's Northern Fleet, Severomorsk, the Lavochkin production and science association said. Other participants in the testing of the device are the European Space Agency and the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company.         
NASA Sees Orbiting Stars Flooding Space with Gravitational Waves - SpaceDaily  A scientist using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has found evidence that two white dwarf stars are orbiting each other in a death grip, destined to merge. The data indicate gravitational waves are carrying energy away from the star system at a prodigious rate, making it a prime candidate for future missions designed to directly detect these ripples in space-time. The stars are only about 50,000 miles apart, a fifth of the distance from the Earth to the moon. As the stars swirl closer together, traveling in excess of one million mph, the production of gravitational waves increases.    

C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars

Automatic house Sound wave showers and robots in the homes of the future  - BBC  What will the homes of the future be like? "Things like blinds, shades and canopies are going to become much more important," he adds. Mr Brindley says: "A flat screen on your wall could double up as your front door intercom, your computer and be used to watch films. "In the future, if you're taking a shower, will you take it with water, or with sound waves?" Small transmitters fitted in the packaging will transmit information which can be read by fridges or cupboards and then alert the cook when products are about to go off. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/9/2005:†Scientists to breed 'test tube' sharks - MSNBC
6/9/2005:†Animals and us: Me and my pet
 - New Scientist
6/9/2005:†For Fruit Flies, Gene Shift Tilts Sex Orientation  - NY Times
6/9/2005:†How animals find things - PhysicsWeb
6/9/2005:†Stem-Cell Patient Roasts Lawmaker  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†Europe Confused About Corn  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
6/9/2005:†Tsunami seabed shows massive disruption - New Scientist
6/9/2005:†Arctic Warming Is Drying Up Lakes - L. A. Times
6/9/2005:†Scientists: Humans Warming the Ocean  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†Diesel Engine Manufacturers Will Begin Landmark Emissions Testing Program to Help Assure Cleaner Air ... - FirstScience
6/9/2005:†Make That Latte Iced: Seattle's Hot Weather Kindles Talk of Global Warming ... - FirstScience
6/9/2005:†Swaziland: Environment Law Enforcement Gets New Teeth ... - FirstScience
6/9/2005:†Volcanic smog on Pacific island reaches Philippines ... - FirstScience
6/9/2005:†China invests heavily in western part environmental protection ... - FirstScience
6/9/2005:†Graft driving Amazon deforestation-campaigners ... - FirstScience
6/9/2005:†Harsh weather cuts Greenpeace Arctic voyage short ... - FirstScience
6/9/2005:†Green group slams EU bank's renewables policy ... - FirstScience
6/9/2005:†Science Safari: Sustainable Resource Use ... - Science News
6/9/2005:†Latest: Cities lead way to a greener planet ... - New Scientist
6/9/2005:†Concrete coasts: Fight to protect Med's wildlife from advancing development  - BBC
6/9/2005:†Search for closure: Bosnia mass grave experts help identify tsunami victims  - BBC
6/9/2005:†Changing planet revealed in atlas  - BBC
6/9/2005:†Doubts over rural watchdog plans  - BBC

6/9/2005:†A video game that will make you suffer for every wrong step  - NY Times
6/9/2005:†Coders Want Fatter Paychecks, Too  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†Dinner Comes With a Side of Games  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†Video Games Beyond Shoot-em-Ups  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†Pacman comes to life virtually  - BBC
6/9/2005:†PDAs showcase architect's talents  - BBC
6/9/2005:†MP3 to go: BBC technology radio show Go Digital goes podcasting
  - BBC
6/9/2005:†Military muscle Imperial Glory has much to offer the fan of strategy games
  - BBC

6/9/2005:†Def Jam Mobile to offer hip-hop ring tones
  - CNN
6/9/2005:†Intel expects to ship 30 million cell phone processors this year
  - El. Engr. Times
6/9/2005:†Annoying Frog Cooler Than Coldplay
  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†Headline help: The quick guide to getting BBC News on your mobile phone
  - BBC

6/9/2005:†Indian IT group floats plan for memory foundry  - El. Engr. Times
6/9/2005:†Apple makes switch to Intel chips  - BBC

6/9/2005:Week in pictures: Laptop pains, gadget gains   - C/Net
6/9/2005:†China's Lenovo to supply computers, services to NBC for Winter Olympics  - C/Net
6/9/2005:†IBM's Pricey, Powerful ThinkPad  - C/Net
6/9/2005:†Itronix Intros Faster Pentium-Based Tablet PC  - C/Net
6/9/2005:†Intel and TiVo to offer TV on laptops  - El. Engr. Times
6/9/2005:†Message headache: Bill Thompson fights to move his e-mail from Windows to Mac  - BBC

6/9/2005:†Newly adopted standard means bandwidth boost for IPTV offerings  - C/Net
6/9/2005:†Group seeks spyware's defining moment  - C/Net
6/9/2005:†Not much to do in kids' online domain  - C/Net
6/9/2005:†Google tests tool to aid Web indexing  - C/Net
6/9/2005:†Google's memory stirs privacy concerns  - CNN
6/9/2005:†Tracking a PC worm's back to its source - New Scientist
6/9/2005:†Pay up or the PC gets it
 - New Scientist
6/9/2005:†MSN Snared in Korean Booby-Trap
  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†Will McCain-Feingold Control Political Bloggers?
  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†Portal Combat
  - Wired News

6/9/2005:†Cheaper version of Microsoft Windows sold - Seattle Times
6/9/2005:†Microsoft vs. Linux: Execs Talk Detente  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†EU praises Microsoft reform plans  - BBC

6/9/2005:†Equipment firms jockey for position in solar market  - El. Engr. Times

6/9/2005:†Heart campaign targets women  - BBC

6/9/2005:†Cancer diagnosis: 'I am a GP, but I missed my own tumour'  - BBC
6/9/2005:†Genes predict cancer outcome  - BBC

6/9/2005:†Gene therapy salves sensitive nerves  - Nature
6/9/2005:†Patients killed by new bug strain  - BBC
6/9/2005:†Tough hygiene rules mooted  - BBC

6/9/2005:†Heroin prescription 'cuts costs'  - BBC
6/9/2005:†Arthritis patients denied drugs  - BBC
6/9/2005:†Hope for new contraceptive  - BBC

6/9/2005:†Students design a futuristic cot to help prevent cot death  - BBC
6/9/2005:†Comfort zone 'Unconventional' clinics target men in pubs, clubs and workplaces  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
6/9/2005:†Experts Find Way to Tell Dino Gender - Nat'l. Geo. News
6/9/2005:†Archaeologists find hoard of Celtic coins - MSNBC
6/9/2005:†TimeLine: 70 Years Ago in Science News ... - Science News
6/9/2005:†Canadian scientist tries to find new salamander species in Chinese fossils ... - Science News

6/9/2005:†Sharp to launch 65-inch LCD TV  - C/Net
6/9/2005:†Photos: Largest LCD televisions  - C/Net
6/9/2005:†Jobs rise in technology, fall in telecommunications  - C/Net
6/9/2005:†CIO Jury: Does outsourcing work?  - NY Times
6/9/2005:†How badly can Larry Ellison maul storage industry?  - NY Times
6/9/2005:†Quick learners  - C/Net
6/9/2005:†Are students turning away from science? - MSNBC
6/9/2005:†See virtual worlds in the round - New Scientist
6/9/2005:†Falling mortgage rates buoy homebuyers, befuddle experts - Seattle Times
6/9/2005:†Job growth slows to crawl, yet unemployment rate dips - Seattle Times
6/9/2005:†Gadget Promos Creep Into TV Shows  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†DreamWorks Oils Its Machine  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†80 Years of The New Yorker on Disc  - NY Times
6/9/2005:†The Poker Bet That Made $10 Billon  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†NYSE IT Glitch Fixed, Sparks Frustration  - Wired News

6/9/2005:†Graphic: Intelligence and Genetics  - NY Times
6/9/2005:†Talk and listen: How can you stop your arguments becoming destructive?  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
6/9/2005:†NASA Sees Orbiting Stars Flooding Space with Gravitational Waves - SpaceDaily
6/9/2005:†New light on early stars
 - PhysicsWeb
6/9/2005:†Oxygen loses its magnetism under pressure
 - PhysicsWeb
6/9/2005:†Universe in a computer ...
 - Astronomy
6/9/2005:†Chinese physicists mark World Year of Physics ...
 - Science News


6/9/2005:†Automatic house Sound wave showers and robots in the homes of the future   - BBC

6/9/2005:†Russian Sub To Launch Cosmos 1 Solar Sail Test Mission - SpaceDaily
6/9/2005:†Cold, dry and lifeless - a new take on Mars
 - New Scientist
6/9/2005:†Mars mission rises from the ashes
 - New Scientist
6/9/2005:†007 Spacesuit Found in Storage
  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†NASA Preps New Mars Mission
  - Wired News
6/9/2005:†Space Exploration's Moment of Truth
 - SpaceDaily
6/9/2005:†Evidence for extensive, olivine-rich bedrock on Mars ...
 - Science News
6/9/2005:†Latest: Have we cracked Saturn's walnut? ...
 - New Scientist
6/9/2005:†Next US Mars lander gets go-ahead ...
  - BBC
6/9/2005:†How to Watch July 4 Comet Impact
6/9/2005:†Next Mars lander gets go-ahead
  - BBC
6/9/2005:†Shuttle Oversight Group to Say All But 3 Return to Flight Requirements Met -
6/9/2005:†A Mars Roverís Great Escape
6/9/2005:†Second Mars Express Antenna To Be Deployed June 13



6/9/2005:†High-tech home  - CNN
6/9/2005:†Sharp unveils 65-in. LCD TV to compete with plasma screens  - El. Engr. Times
6/9/2005:†The Week in Review- May 29 to June 4  - El. Engr. Times
6/9/2005:†Side-Firing LEDs allow mix of red, green, blue  - El. Engr. Times
6/9/2005:†Storm chasers upgrade high-tech radar - MSNBC
6/9/2005:†Nanowires show promise for atomic engines - New Scientist
6/9/2005:†Atomic ticker clocks up 50 years
  - BBC


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