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  June 9, 2004

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First Aid Fixes For an Out-of-Control Earth -   In  The Day After Tomorrow, a fast-action flick about a human-induced ecological disaster on a planetary scale, tornadoes twist through Los Angeles. New Delhi is inundated by a giant snowstorm. Grapefruit-sized hail bombards Tokyo. And no good sci-fi/disaster movie can refrain without crippling New York once more, this time with an ice age. climate experts and technologists have been looking into "what if" scenarios that might curb abrupt climate change.
Spitzer Dissects True Nature Of Galaxies -   Pahre said Spitzerís space-based looks at galaxies outstrips ground-based telescopes.
The Keck Observatory, sitting on a remote outpost on the summit of Hawaii's dormant Mauna Kea volcano, takes a hundred-times longer to reach the same sensitivity as the Spitzer telescope, he said. Some galaxies previously placed in the elliptical/lenticular class were found to have warm dust faintly emitting from spiral arms.

17th Century Solar Oddity Believed Linked To Global Cooling - SpaceDaily  A mysterious 17th century solar funk that some have linked to Europe's Little Ice Age and to global climate change, becomes even more of an enigma as a result of new observations by University of California, Berkeley, astronomers. For 70 years, from 1645 until 1714, early astronomers reported almost no sunspot activity. The number of sunspots - cooler areas on the sun that appear dark against the brighter surroundings - dropped a thousandfold, according to some estimates. Though activity on the sun ebbs and flows today in an 11-year cycle, it has not been that quiet since.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/9/2004:†New type of gene found in junk DNA - MSNBC
6/9/2004:†Cloned cows get sane future
  - Nature
6/9/2004:†Life goes on without 'vital' DNA - New Scientist
6/9/2004:†Researchers Find Toxins in Arctic Animals  - NY Times
6/9/2004:†Concerns Remain About UVB Damage To Amphibians - Science Daily
6/9/2004:†Stem Cells Can Convert To Liver Tissue, Help Restore Damaged Organ - Science Daily
6/9/2004:†Yale Scientists Visualize Molecular Detail Of RNA Splicing Complex - Science Daily
6/9/2004:†Genes Promoting Nerve, Other Cell Communications May Have Come From Bacteria - Science Daily
6/9/2004:†Junk DNA Yields New Kind Of Gene: Regulates Neighboring Gene Simply By Being Switched On - Science Daily
6/9/2004:†How Tough Are the Crop Cops?  - Wired News
6/9/2004:†Stem-Cell Bond to Be on Calif. Ballot - ABC

Climate, Environment:
6/9/2004:†First Aid Fixes For an Out-of-Control Earth -
6/9/2004:†17th Century Solar Oddity Believed Linked To Global Cooling - SpaceDaily
6/9/2004:†Scientists tie ancient warming to 'belch' - MSNBC
6/9/2004:†Gas may have spurred ancient global warming  - Yahoo
6/9/2004:†E.P.A. Nears Pact on Waste by Processors Of Livestock  - NY Times
6/9/2004:†17th Century Solar Oddity Believed Linked To Global Cooling Is Rare Among Nearby Stars - Science Daily
6/9/2004:†Water: Key To A Healthy Economy - SpaceDaily
6/9/2004:†Namibia: US $7.1m World Bank Grant for Community-Based Ecosystem Project ... - FirstScience
6/9/2004:†U.S. Forest Service Creates Director of Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers ... - FirstScience
6/9/2004:†Global warming and livestock ... - Economist
6/9/2004:†Pollution in N. America falls 10 percent ...  - CNN
6/9/2004:†The day our planet let rip ... - FirstScience

6/9/2004:†You, Too, Can Be a Comics Whiz  - Wired News
6/9/2004:†Review: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P100 Digital Camera - ABC

6/9/2004:†McCaw tackling wireless broadband - Seattle Times
6/9/2004:†Wireless Systems Duke It Out  - Wired News


6/9/2004:†Review: Apple EMac With SuperDrive - ABC

6/9/2004:†BT Selects Intelsat For Broadband Services - SpaceDaily
6/9/2004:†The Changing Face of E-Mail  - Wired News
6/9/2004:†Sound Bites - ABC

6/9/2004:†Microsoft Edges Into ITunes' Turf  - Wired News
6/9/2004:†Can an Apple a Day Keep Security Issues at Bay?  - Wired News

6/9/2004:†Banana Power - New Scientist
6/9/2004:†You Gotta Fight, For Your Right, To Go Solar - Salon
6/9/2004:†China can use wind power to 'leapfrog' over polluting energy: Greenpeace ... - FirstScience
6/9/2004:†World Bank Spins Renewable Energy Conference ... - FirstScience
6/9/2004:†WWF welcomes German Chancellor's statement at renewable energy conference ... - FirstScience
6/9/2004:†Powering Ahead with Renewable Energy ... - Economist


6/9/2004:†Gene therapy to treat deadly cancer - New Scientist
6/9/2004:†Drug That Cuts Off Tumor's Blood Supply Extends Lives Of Colorectal Cancer Patients - Science Daily
6/9/2004:†Report To The Nation Finds Cancer Incidence And Death Rates On The Decline - Science Daily

6/9/2004:†Baby food could trigger meningitis - New Scientist
6/9/2004:†Yo-yo Dieting May Have A Long-term Negative Effect On Immune Function - Science Daily

6/9/2004:†Website to give smoking documents an airing  - Nature

6/9/2004:†Glaxo faces drug fraud lawsuit - New Scientist
6/9/2004:†Scanning Blood Flow During Operations - SpaceDaily
6/9/2004:†Custom Glasses  - Technology Review 

History, Anthropology:
6/9/2004:†Danish student finds dinosaur footprints - MSNBC
6/9/2004:†Dinosaur Footprints Found Off Sweden  - NY Times
6/9/2004:†Deep Trouble - ABC
6/9/2004:†Slideshow - ABC

6/9/2004:†Explorersí prizes shared with the world - MSNBC
6/9/2004:†Skybursts reported over western Washington - MSNBC
6/9/2004:†Double check casts doubt on science statistics  - Nature
6/9/2004:†Polygraph testing starts at Pentagon in Chalabi inquiry  - NY Times
6/9/2004:†Upqrade glitch causes UK airport chaos  - Yahoo
6/9/2004:†Risk of radioactive "dirty bomb" growing - New Scientist
6/9/2004:†Chess Masters Are Quick On The Trigger - Science Daily
6/9/2004:†Two more avoid prison in scam at HealthSouth - Seattle Times
6/9/2004:†GM chief tells shareholders company lacking in profits - Seattle Times
6/9/2004:†Renault unveils no-frills, $6,100 Logan - Seattle Times
6/9/2004:†Is China's engine running too hot? - Silicon Strategies
6/9/2004:†A surge in 2004, then a slowdown - Silicon Strategies
6/9/2004:†Sony Technology at the Movies  - Wired News
6/9/2004:†The Ultimate Pitching Machine  - Wired News
6/9/2004:†DoD Uses Low-Tech Votes
6/9/2004:†Securing Olympic IT Systems a Herculean Task  - Wired News
6/9/2004:†Wearable Tech Helps in a Crisis  - Wired News
6/9/2004:†Facing the World With Egos Exposed  - NY Times
6/9/2004:†Cyber Getaways - ABC
6/9/2004:†Farm Census Shows Big Farms Dominating - ABC

6/9/2004:†Nerve cells free to swap careers  - Nature
6/9/2004:†Biologists Discover Nerve Activity, Not Just Genetics Controls Kinds Of Neurotransmitters Produced - Science Daily
6/9/2004:†Neurosurgeons Assessing Spinal Cord Stimulator In Treatment Of Chronic Pain - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/9/2004:†Spitzer Dissects True Nature Of Galaxies -
6/9/2004:†Hidden black holes come into view
 - PhysicsWeb
6/9/2004:†Spitzer Spies Parallelogram-Shaped Galactic Meal - Science Daily
6/9/2004:†Major Galactic Mystery Solved By University Of Colorado Astronomers - Science Daily
6/9/2004:†Jefferson Lab Completes 100th Experiment - SpaceDaily
6/9/2004:†Atom-Photon Link Demoed  - Technology Review 
6/9/2004:†New Planets Caught in the Act of Formation ... - FirstScience
6/9/2004:†Monster Lies Camouflaged Inside Nebula's Heart ...
 - FirstScience



6/9/2004:†Cosmic Log: Handicapping the space race - MSNBC
6/9/2004:†New Moon shot not so costly
 - SpaceDaily
6/9/2004:†Date set for first private spaceflight - New Scientist
6/9/2004:†Paul Allen's rocket set to launch June 21 - Seattle Times
6/9/2004:†First X Prize "Flight" June 21 - SpaceDaily
6/9/2004:†Sources Of Solar Hazards - SpaceDaily
6/9/2004:†Micro-Satellite Steers By The Stars To Return Views Of Earth - SpaceDaily
6/9/2004:†Engineers Visualize Electric Memory As It Fades - SpaceDaily
6/9/2004:†The Sources of Solar Hazards In Interplanetary Space ... - FirstScience
6/9/2004:†China to send at least 2 astronauts into outer space next fall- CAS academician ... - FirstScience
6/9/2004:†Spectators Turn Out to See Venus Transit
 - ABC
6/9/2004:†Venus Transit of Sun Delights World Stargazers
 - ABC
6/9/2004:†Planet Venus completes transit
  - BBC
6/9/2004:†Celebrating Horrocks' half hour
  - BBC
6/9/2004:†Venus transit: Your pictures of the second planet crossing the Sun
  - BBC
6/9/2004:†Venus watchers soak up the atmosphere
 - New Scientist
6/9/2004:†World Marvels at Rare Transit of Venus
  - NY Times
6/9/2004:†Telescopes Point Skyward for Venus Move
  - NY Times
6/9/2004:†Pictures of Venus Crossing the Sun Tuesday
6/9/2004:†Spectators Turn Out to See Venus Transit
6/9/2004:†Rover Update: Wintering on the Red Planet
6/9/2004:†Kazakhstan Hopes to Fulfil Space Dreams
6/9/2004:†The Mars Opportunity Rover's Exit Plan ...
 - FirstScience
6/9/2004:†the spectacle of tiny Venus passing by the sun on Tuesday morning ...
 - FirstScience
6/9/2004:†World Marvels at Rare Transit of Venus ...
 - FirstScience
6/9/2004:†Opportunity's Exit Strategy ...
 - FirstScience

6/9/2004:†NASA Researchers Customize 'Lab-on-a-chip' Technology - Science Daily
6/9/2004:†Near-Infrared Laser Transfers Data To Mid-Infrared Laser Beam - SpaceDaily
6/9/2004:†Extracting Sound From the Images of Old Audio Recordings  - CNN


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