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  June 8, 2005

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Ion Thrusters Propel NASA Into Future - SpaceDaily  Prometheus 1 would launch using conventional chemical rockets. But once in Earth's orbit, a nuclear electric propulsion system would propel it through space. Nuclear electric propulsion is over 10 times more efficient than chemical rockets and produces 20 times more power than the generators used on space probes such as Voyager and Cassini or solar-powered systems like Deep Space 1. "Solar power is efficient and lasting, but it cannot stop a spacecraft at targets in the outer solar system that are past Mars," Oleson said. "The only way we can do that in the outer solar system is with nuclear propulsion."   
New Telescope Begins Search For Life In Outer Space - SpaceDaily  The first telescope designed to search for alien life began operating this month from northern California. The state-of-the-art radio telescope, being operated by the SETI Institute, is still undergoing development and will be able to examine more stars in a year or two than Earth-bound scientists have been able to study in more than 45 years, the Washington Post reported Monday. "We could have a billion intelligent cultures with radio waves buzzing around them, but we haven't had the capability to detect them," said astronomer Michael M. Davis, who overseas the project.    

Physicists Control The Flip Of Electron Spin In New Study - SpaceDaily  Physicists in Europe, California and at Ohio University now have found a way to manipulate the spin of an electron with a jolt of voltage from a battery, according to research findings published in the recent issue of the journal Physical Review Letters. "Usually you have no control over this at all an electron flips its spin at some point, and you scratch your head and wonder why it happened. But in our experiment, we can choose how long this process takes." The scientists were able to manipulate how long it would take for the electron to flip its spin and emit a photon from one to 20 nanoseconds.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/8/2005:Elephants Imitate Sounds As A Form Of Social Communication - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Plant Sacrifices Cells To Fight Invaders
 - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Newly Identified Enzyme Group Converts Protein Into Cellular Traffic Signal - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Yale Scientists Identify Structure For RNA Quality Control - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Elusive Salamanders Have Role In Developing New Sampling Models - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
6/8/2005:Analysis Of The Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake Reveals Longest Fault Rupture Ever - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Global Warming Will Increase World Hunger ... - FirstScience
6/8/2005:Amazon Deforestation Is to Blame for 75% of Brazil's Air Pollution ... - FirstScience
6/8/2005:Brazil- New Focus Helps Amazonas Reduce Deforestation by 39% ... - FirstScience
6/8/2005:For Greenpeace, Brazil Is Serious About Ending Illegal Logging in the Amazon ... - FirstScience
6/8/2005:A healthy ecosystem is vital for rich and poor alike ... - FirstScience
6/8/2005:Blair looks to sell Bush on Africa, global warming ... - FirstScience
6/8/2005:San Francisco Hosts World Environment Day -- 'Green Cities- Where the Future Lives' ... - FirstScience
6/8/2005:China Reports More Cities Suffering Acid Rain, Rivers and Lakes Polluted ... - FirstScience
6/8/2005:125 Large Northern Lakes Disappear ... - FirstScience
6/8/2005:Science Safari- Sustainable Resource Use ... - FirstScience


6/8/2005:iPod and Bluetooth lead to prizes
  - BBC

6/8/2005:Physicists Control The Flip Of Electron Spin In New Study - SpaceDaily
6/8/2005:Nanotechnology Combined With Superconductivity Could Pave The Way For 'Spintronics' - Science Daily

6/8/2005:Laptops now more popular than desktops - Business Week
6/8/2005:First ThinkPad tablet set for debut  - C/Net
6/8/2005:Photos: First convertible ThinkPad  - C/Net
6/8/2005:Apple launches iPod recycling program  - C/Net
6/8/2005:Suit filed to stop iBook school deal  - C/Net

6/8/2005:Establishing Trust Online Is Critical For Online Communication Say NJIT Experts - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Waiting for Grokster  - Technology Review 
6/8/2005:Fake Bin Laden e-mail hides virus  - BBC
6/8/2005:Net porn plan labelled 'obscene'  - BBC
6/8/2005:Web curiosity How the Europeans are using search engines  - BBC
6/8/2005:U.S. Web Giants Target China - Business Week
6/8/2005:How to Harpoon a Cyber Shark
 - Business Week
6/8/2005:MSN site hacking went undetected for days
 - Business Week
6/8/2005:Tech & You
 - Business Week
6/8/2005:File-swap rat pack
  - C/Net
6/8/2005:Is the new .xxx domain a good idea?
  - C/Net
6/8/2005:Phishers going after small fry
  - C/Net
6/8/2005:Nanotech search engines under works
  - C/Net

6/8/2005:Loving Linux: Why Brazil is embracing open source software
6/8/2005:Attacking Scars That Wound - Business Week
6/8/2005:Red Hat lets go of Fedora Linux  - C/Net

6/8/2005:Solar Thermal Building Product Demonstrates Energy Savings Of 48 Per Cent - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Pilot Plant On Stream To Turn Manure Into Usable Energy - Science Daily

6/8/2005:Researchers Discover Molecule That Causes Secondary Stroke - Science Daily
6/8/2005:People With Diabetes More Sensitive To Cardiovascular Effects From Air Pollution - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Hepatotoxicity And Statins - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Preeclampsia In Pregnancy Increases Risk Of Future Cardiovascular Disease And Death - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Air Pollution Raises Risk For Dangerous Arrhythmias Among People With ICDs - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Boost for Broken Hearts? - Business Week

6/8/2005:No Strong Evidence Of An Increased Risk Of Cancer Among Personal Hair Dye Users - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Scientists Develop Technology To Detect Cancer - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Removing The Spleen May Help Fight Leukemia, Mouse Model Suggests - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Cancer Treatment May Trigger Cognitive Problems - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Pylons 'may be a leukaemia risk'  - BBC
6/8/2005:Anti-cancer drugs in chicken eggs  - BBC

6/8/2005:Drug To Block Mother-to-child HIV Transmission Induces Resistance More Often Than Previously Thought - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Virus Uses Tiny RNA To Evade The Immune System - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Fungal Contamination In Breast Implant Surgery- A Rare, Preventable Complication - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Shingles Vaccine Proves Effective - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Immune-System Cells May Promote Chronic Infections - Science Daily

6/8/2005:Despite Alternatives, Addictive Drugs Most Often Prescribed For Sleep Problems - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Genetic Variation Linked To Alcohol Dependence Found In A Russian Population - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Knee Injury Causes Decrease In Lubrication, Has Implications For Arthritis - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Relief From Pin-Pricking May Be at Hand  - Technology Review 

6/8/2005:New Evaluation Tool Reliably Predicts Recovery From Coma
6/8/2005:Scientists Use Gene Transfer Technology And Common Virus To Block Neuropathic Pain - Science Daily
6/8/2005:A Few 30 Second Sprints As Beneficial As Hour Long Jog - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Lactose Intolerance Linked To Ancestral Environment - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Enlarged Prostate Drug Allows For Less Invasive Prostate Biopsies - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Dartmouth Professor Finds Prescription Drug Advertising 'Walks A Communications Tightrope' - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Drugs From The Deep Blue - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Long-term Aspirin Use May Incur Risk - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Pain Relief (for Some)
  - Technology Review 
6/8/2005:Toxins 'pass down generations'
  - BBC
6/8/2005:Midwives win appeal over bursary
  - BBC
6/8/2005:Hospitals defend Bible move
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
6/8/2005:New Thermometer Confirms Wet Conditions On Earliest Earth - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Joint Genome Institute Sequences DNA Of Prehistoric Cave Bears - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Geologists Find First Clue To Tyrannosaurus Rex Gender In Bone Tissue - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Extinct cave bear DNA sequenced  - BBC

6/8/2005:Harmful Chemicals May Reprogram Gene Response To Estrogen - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Airbags Associated With Increased Automobile Accident Deaths, According To New UGA Study - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Mars Research Opens Doors To World's Fastest-growing Economy - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Baby, You Can Drive My Song: ESP Interface Puts Non-musicians On A Digital Road To Performance And Interpretation - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Secret Of Smallpox's Success May Lead To Bioterror Cure - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Guns and gold Tracking DR Congo's 'conflict' gold from mines to market  - BBC
6/8/2005:Why Cox Has the Valley Smiling - Business Week
6/8/2005:Digital divide revisited  - C/Net

6/8/2005:Brain Networks Change According To Cognitive Task - Science Daily
6/8/2005:The Better Educated A Woman Is, The Better She Sleeps At Night - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Making Up Your Mind: Consumers Use Prior Knowledge To Judge Purchasing Decisions - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Research Reveals Mechanism Involved With Type Of Fatal Epilepsy - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Crazed By Consumption: Consumers Cope With The Stresses Of Shopping - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Good, Bad And Indifferent: Jelly Beans Can Reveal How Consumers Evaluate An Experience - Science Daily
6/8/2005:'Cannabis' may help mentally ill
  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
6/8/2005:New Opportunities From Old Chemistry In Surface Science, Say Purdue Chemists - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Andromeda Galaxy Three Times Bigger In Diameter Than Previously Thought
 - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Icy Jupiter Moon Throws A Curve Ball At Formation Theories
 - Science Daily
6/8/2005:SDSC Systems Enable 14 Billion-Year Sky Survey With Highest Resolution To Date
 - Science Daily

6/8/2005:Curvy women may outlive their slimmer counterparts  - BBC


6/8/2005:New Telescope Begins Search For Life In Outer Space - SpaceDaily
Ion Thrusters Propel NASA Into Future - SpaceDaily
6/8/2005:NASA's Space Eyes Focus On Deep Impact Target - Science Daily
6/8/2005:NASA's Phoenix Mars Mission Gets Thumbs Up For 2007 Launch
 - Science Daily
6/8/2005:NASA Selects New Frontiers Mission Concept Study
 - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Next Mars lander gets go-ahead
  - BBC

6/8/2005:Is A Picture Really Worth A Thousand Words? It May Depend On The Camera Angle - Science Daily
6/8/2005:New Law For Resolution Allows Unprecedented Sharpness In Fluorescence Microscopy - Science Daily
6/8/2005:Voluntary biometric ID gets first taker - Business Week


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