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  June 7, 2005

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The Center for the Study of Life in the Universe -   By Frank Drake
Director, Center for the Study of Life in the Universe & Chairman Emeritus SETI Institute Board of Trustees
  where conditions are right, will there be life? LITU scientists have been leading innovators in suggesting new scenarios, which might have led to the origin of life on Earth and elsewhere. Did it happen in Darwinís "warm little pond", or at the steaming undersea cauldrons of the ocean, spewing forth hot water, rich in suitable chemicals?
Image of bread Yeast intake linked to longevity  - BBC  Restricting the amount of yeast in the diet can increase life expectancy by 50%, research into fruit flies has shown. It is not yet clear whether the same might be true in humans. But the authors say their findings hint it might be what you eat rather than total calorie intake that influences longevity, contrary to current belief. "The dramatic impact of reducing yeast suggests that protein or fat plays a greater role in fly longevity than sugar." "Diet is an important issue we have largely ignored until recently." He stressed that too little food could also be harmful.  

Roomba vacuum inventor turns robots into reality - Seattle Times  Left:  Helen Greiner, chairman and co-founder of iRobot, stands beside its chief military robot, a track-wheeled rover called the PackBot that has disarmed roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Watching the original "Star Wars" movie as a mathematically inclined 11-year-old, Helen Greiner dreamed of someday creating a robot like the heroic R2-D2. After enduring plenty of lean years chasing that elusive vision as a co-founder of iRobot, Greiner can now boast a product that whirs and chirps much like the character she to this day calls her "personal hero."  Some 1.2 million of the disc-shaped, Roomba robotic housekeepers have been sold in 25 countries in the past 2 Ĺ years. For the 37-year-old Greiner, the success of the Roomba and of iRobot's military machines validates the transformation of robots from the stuff of fantasy to practical tools. IRobot is now the world's largest firm solely devoted to robotics, with more than 200 employees.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/7/2005:†'Corpse flower' may set world record - MSNBC
6/7/2005:†Scientists reverse sex roles in fruit flies
6/7/2005:†Tanks teach cod to fend for themselves  - Nature
6/7/2005:†Fruitflies tap in to their gay side  - Nature
6/7/2005:†Adulthood triggered by 'maturity gene' - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†Animals and us: Close encounters - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†For Fruit Flies, Gene Shift Tilts Sex Orientation  - NY Times
6/7/2005:†NanoLogix unveils DNA extraction system ... - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†T. rex Study Suggests Way to Decipher Gender ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
6/7/2005:†Dell does new eco-friendly desktops  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†Sewage stress - MSNBC
6/7/2005:†Experts are listening to Grand Canyon - MSNBC
6/7/2005:†New probe may silence climate sceptics - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†China: A land turned to dust - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†Japanese shedding ties to ease warming - Seattle Times
6/7/2005:†Pollution blights many cities in China ... - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†E Cape eco-friendly invention attracts interest in the US ... - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†EU court criticises Irish water pollution failures ... - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†Ronda Roaring: Aldo Leopold No Environmentalist ... - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†Southern Africa: Decades of Drought Predicted Due to Climate Change ... - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†Setback for PM on air travel emissions ... - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†Vanuatu's Ambrym Volcano Brings Acid Rain ... - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†Rann pushes for global warming talks at COAG ... - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†Conservationists hit out at reef oil slick penalty ... - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†U.S. and Australian Scientists Find New Underwater Volcano ... - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†San Francisco rolls out the green carpet for UN environment day - SpaceDaily
6/7/2005:†Ireland to get hotter summers, stormier winters: study - SpaceDaily
6/7/2005:†Japan to secure from Romania first Kyoto gas emission credits
 - SpaceDaily
6/7/2005:†Schwarzenegger unveils plan to combat global warming, greenhouse gas
 - SpaceDaily

6/7/2005:†Gadget makers go for gusto  - C/Net


6/7/2005:†Intel's 'Manitoba' chip for cell phones finds a buyer  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†Toshiba and Canon bet on SED flat-panel TV technology  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†Toshiba to make SED panels at Himeji plant  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†Inside the Xbox 360: the Xenon CPU  - C/Net

6/7/2005:†PC mouses scamper into new terrain  - C/Net

6/7/2005:†Porn-friendly '.xxx' domains approved  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†Thunderbird gets podcasting support  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†A tidy option for data pack rats  - NY Times
6/7/2005:†Netscape 8 may give green light to spyware  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†Study: Online shoppers naive  - CNN
6/7/2005:†X-rated internet name system approved - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†Smell before you buy - over the internet
 - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†Collector's Trove of Podcasts
  - Wired News
6/7/2005:†The Other Side of BitTorrent
  - Wired News
6/7/2005:†Spamming Outside the Box
  - Wired News
6/7/2005:†Cisco, Yahoo Take Aim at Spam
  - Wired News
6/7/2005:†Too SeXXXy for Dot-Com
  - Wired News

6/7/2005:†Record labels close Spanish song site  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†Windows 2000 users to miss out on IE 7  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†Broadcast Flag at Half Mast?  - Wired News

6/7/2005:†Plant carbs harnessed to power cars  - Nature
6/7/2005:†Biomass Adds to Ethanol Debate  - Wired News
6/7/2005:†State Leader Breaks Taboo To Suggest Australia Turn To Nuclear Power - SpaceDaily


6/7/2005:†Large study links power lines to childhood cancer - New Scientist

6/7/2005:†Can Tamiflu save us from bird flu? - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†Editorial: Send in the bird flu inspectors - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†Gram-Negative Bacteria Shoot Their Way Into Cells - SpaceDaily


6/7/2005:†Grandpa's poisons could affect you - MSNBC
6/7/2005:†Good tunes can ease surgery distress - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†This apple a day keeps the doctor further away - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†Drugs From The Deep Blue - SpaceDaily

History, Anthropology:
6/7/2005:†Fossil solidifies T. rex link to birds - MSNBC
6/7/2005:†Experts unravel DNA of extinct cave bears - MSNBC
6/7/2005:†Short-necked dinosaur surprises scientists - MSNBC
6/7/2005:†Utah fossil hunters hit dinosaur jackpot - MSNBC
6/7/2005:†Girlish frame reveals sex of tyrannosaur  - Nature
6/7/2005:†Cave bear DNA laid bare  - Nature
6/7/2005:†Bird bones offer insights to dinosaur sexing - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†From Thousand-Year-Old Sentinel to Traffickers' Booty
  - NY Times
6/7/2005:†Audio Slide Show
  - NY Times
6/7/2005:†T. Rex Fossil's Surprise: She Was Ovulating
  - NY Times
6/7/2005:†Extinct cave bears get their DNA sequenced ...
 - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†T. rex Study Suggests Way to Decipher Gender ...
 - FirstScience

6/7/2005:†What was Sun thinking?  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†Secret VC man  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†Prius problems lead to probe  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†Can executives job share?  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†'Trojan horse' scandal rocks Israel  - CNN
6/7/2005:†Pitch battle over artificial grass - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†Fashion industry covets 'iPod factor' - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†Embattled chief set to quit SEC - Seattle Times
6/7/2005:†The Washingtonienne, a Novel  - Wired News
6/7/2005:†Enviros Permitted to Access Classified Nuclear Information ... - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†EU Launches Counterclaim Against US - SpaceDaily
6/7/2005:†Challenges For New WB President - SpaceDaily
6/7/2005:†EU Launches Counterclaim Against US - SpaceDaily

6/7/2005:†How do brain-wasting diseases kill? - MSNBC
6/7/2005:†Trust in a bottle  - Nature
6/7/2005:†Trust me, Iím spraying you with hormones - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†Hormone Dose May Increase People's Trust in Strangers  - NY Times
6/7/2005:†Researchers Say Intelligence and Diseases May Be Linked in Ashkenazic Genes  - NY Times
6/7/2005:†Short On Time, Long On Feeling- Study Suggests Deadlines Intensify Emotions - SpaceDaily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/7/2005:†Fashion show combines things of beauty with rules of math  - CNN
6/7/2005:†Biggest simulation of Universeís evolution unveiled
 - New Scientist
The Center for the Study of Life in the Universe -

6/7/2005:†Yeast intake linked to longevity   - BBC

6/7/2005:†Roomba vacuum inventor turns robots into reality - Seattle Times
6/7/2005:†Roborior gadget  - CNN
6/7/2005:†We, robots, will look after you - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†Linux Powers Airborne Bots
  - Wired News

6/7/2005:†Martian methane could come from rocks  - Nature
6/7/2005:†Earth microbes may survive on Mars
 - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†NASA seeks answer to life, the universe and everything
 - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†New robotic probe planned for Jupiter
 - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†NASA Makes Plans to Launch Phoenix Mars ...
 - FirstScience
6/7/2005:†Russia to enhance cooperation with Kazakhstan on space science: Putin ...
 - SpaceDaily
6/7/2005:†Space Watch: History's Moment Of Truth
 - SpaceDaily
6/7/2005:†SpaceX And NASA Sign Agreement On Human Spaceflight Development
 - SpaceDaily
6/7/2005:†Russia to launch satellites and supplies for ISS
 - SpaceDaily
6/7/2005:†Facts on Baikonur, at 50, world's oldest space launching facility
 - SpaceDaily
6/7/2005:†SpaceX And NASA Sign Agreement On Human Spaceflight Development
 - SpaceDaily

6/7/2005:†Tune in tomorrow for digital living room?  - C/Net
6/7/2005:†Card trick holds promise for movie effects - New Scientist
6/7/2005:†The Fire Rebels  - Wired News


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