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  June 6, 2005

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White Knight Prepares For New Mission -   The innovative carrier plane used to air launch SpaceShipOne has a new mission. At the Mojave, California inland spaceport, the White Knight mothership has been involved in fit and high-speed taxi checks with a new passenger the X-37, an unpiloted, reusable spaceplane.  The Boeing-built X-37 is geared to be a test bed for airframe, propulsion and operation technologies designed to make space transportation and operations significantly more affordable.
Burnt Coal From Dinosaur Age Sheds Light On Today's Global Warming - SpaceDaily  Left:  Nine tiny fossil leaves of conifers and extinct seed ferns from Baga Formation, Denmark, used to reconstruct the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere about 183 million years ago. The fossil leaves, which were extracted from rock by washing the rocks in acids, are more resistant than rock to acid. Photo by John Weinstein; courtesy of The Field Museum.  Oceanic anoxic events (OAE's) are extremely unusual in other ways, too. They are often associated with mass extinction among many marine organisms and coincide with periods of intense global warming. Now, a new theory holds that OAEs in particular the Toarcian OAE, which occurred about 183 million years ago during the age of dinosaurs are triggered by the burning of vast underground coalfields. These coalfields were set ablaze by the intrusion of molten rock from the Earth's crust.   

Russia To Submit UN Resolution On Weapons Ban In Outer Space - SpaceDaily  Left:  "Because we depend so heavily on space capabilities, we must be prepared when directed to confront adversaries on the high ground of space," former Air Force Secretary Peter Teets told Congress in March.  In an attempt to avert Washington's ambition of "space superiority," Russia is preparing to put forward a draft resolution to the United Nations General Assembly on measures to ensure that the outer space is free of weapons, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday. "Moscow was particularly worried about reports of US plans to deploy strategic weapons in outer space, in particular to deploy orbital missile defenses " 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/6/2005:Australia's Megafauna Coexisted With Humans - Science Daily
6/6/2005:Koreans Forge Ahead on Cloning
  - Wired News
6/6/2005:Urgent call for GMO control ... - FirstScience
6/6/2005:China To Launch First "Seed Satellite" - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Experts fear for Europe's plants  - BBC
6/6/2005:Volunteers save beached whales  - BBC
6/6/2005:Bumblebee inbreeding turns worker females into lazy males  - BBC
6/6/2005:Fertility watchdog seeks views  - BBC
6/6/2005:Biotech, Finally - Business Week

Climate, Environment:
6/6/2005:Burnt Coal From Dinosaur Age Sheds Light On Today's Global Warming - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Chinese centre to study 'creeping' environmental issues ... - FirstScience
6/6/2005:Greenpeace condemns Asia Pulp and Paper ... - FirstScience
6/6/2005:Governor Schwarzenegger to Tour Environmental Technology Exhibits at World Environment Day ... - FirstScience
6/6/2005:Report warns of aircraft emissions growth ... - FirstScience
6/6/2005:History Reveals Hurricane Threat to New York City ... - FirstScience
6/6/2005:Indian scientists to study tsunami-volcano link ... - FirstScience
6/6/2005:Volcano Found with Strange Bedmates ... - Discover
6/6/2005:Climate: The Importance Of Being Ernest - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Antarctica conference in Sweden to focus on environment, climate change - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Dell unveils two lead-reduced desktops - Business Week

6/6/2005:The Start of Computer Games  - Technology Review 
6/6/2005:Garmin Introduces The GPSMAP 3005C - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Press to play: Why we will be playing current game consoles for years to come  - BBC
6/6/2005:Apple offers $50 credit for iPod batteries - Business Week

6/6/2005:New Cell Phones From Nanotech
 - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Wireless networks on verge of makeover
 - Business Week
6/6/2005:SBC ups the ante in broadband war
  - C/Net

6/6/2005:Intel spills beans on Yonah, the next notebook chip  - C/Net 

6/6/2005:Dell to launch 'Lexus lineup' of PCs  - C/Net

6/6/2005:Internet buyers gullible, poll says - Seattle Times
6/6/2005:Swap DVDs Online for a Buck  - Wired News
6/6/2005:Slipping past the defenses  - C/Net
6/6/2005:Extra: Is that an ad or entertainment?  - C/Net
6/6/2005:Microsoft grapples with attack on MSN Korea site  - C/Net

6/6/2005:BMG Cracks Piracy Whip  - Wired News
6/6/2005:IT Confidential: From Global Warming To Hell Freezing Over ... - FirstScience
6/6/2005:In pictures: Thousands gather for Computex Taipei, Asia's biggest tech fest  - BBC
6/6/2005:Microsoft adopts web file styles  - BBC
6/6/2005:Is This Digital Music's Future? - Business Week
6/6/2005:The Pulse- Longhorn photo support comes into focus  - C/Net

6/6/2005:Ukraine to build new sarcophagus over Chernobyl nuclear power plant ... - FirstScience
6/6/2005:First Major Grass-Burning Power Station Planned For Britain This Year - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Going underground: Sweden looks to deep storage for a nuclear waste solution  - BBC

6/6/2005:Stanford Patient Is First To Test New Treatment For Peripheral Arterial Disease - Science Daily
6/6/2005:Human Kidney Protein Found That Regulates Heart Contraction And Blood Pressure - Science Daily
6/6/2005:Heart experts reassure on aspirin  - BBC

6/6/2005:Trio Of Leukemias Share A Single Mutation - Science Daily
6/6/2005:Researchers Add New Tool To Tumor-treatment Arsenal - Science Daily
6/6/2005:Pylons 'may be a leukaemia risk'  - BBC
6/6/2005:Drugs cut breast cancer deaths  - BBC

6/6/2005:Vaccine Against Childhood Pneumonia Shows Promise - Science Daily
6/6/2005:UN calls for action to halt Aids  - BBC
6/6/2005:The Biology of Aids  - BBC
6/6/2005:Vaccine reduces cases of shingles  - BBC

6/6/2005:Research Offers Hope Of New Treatments For Liver Damage - Science Daily
6/6/2005:'Virtual' Asthma Clinic Helps Patients Manage Disease Online
6/6/2005:Natural Relaxant Protects Against Asthma, May Yield New Therapy - Science Daily
6/6/2005:NHS 'leads the way' on helping smokers quit ... - FirstScience

6/6/2005:Researchers Largely At Fault For Health Risk Studies That Influence And Confuse The Public - Science Daily
6/6/2005:Ultrasound-guided Biopsies Are Safe Alternative To Endoscopic Biopsies Of The Pancreas - Science Daily
6/6/2005:New Insights Into Skin Blistering Disease Pop Up - Science Daily
6/6/2005:Lipids Get New Comprehensive Classification System - Science Daily
6/6/2005:Modern mothers 'have less sleep'  - BBC
6/6/2005:Call for junk food ad 'balance'  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
6/6/2005:WWII memorabilia is taking off - Seattle Times
6/6/2005:Experts tell Mr from Mrs dinosaur  - BBC

6/6/2005:Russia To Submit UN Resolution On Weapons Ban In Outer Space - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Undergraduate Engineers Devise Basketball System For The Blind - Science Daily
6/6/2005:More doctors consulting for Wall Street, study finds - Seattle Times
6/6/2005:Andersen ruling big blow to feds - Seattle Times
6/6/2005:Insurance giant AIG restates losses to nearly $4 billion - Seattle Times
6/6/2005:Finding Foes Faster  - Technology Review 
6/6/2005:Congressman Backs Asteroid Agency  - Wired News
6/6/2005:Toyota's Hybrid Hits a Snag  - Wired News
6/6/2005:The Race to Win the 2012 Olympics  - Wired News
6/6/2005:Biological agent shuts Indonesia's Canberra embassy ... - FirstScience
6/6/2005:Older and Wiser: Expanse of Knowledge Delays Big Ideas ... - Discover
6/6/2005:NASA head, top Republican say there will be cash for moon, Mars projects ... - FirstScience
6/6/2005:Iran Makes Ballistic Missile Breakthrough - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Getting Ready For Comet Tempel To Be "Bombed" - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Chinese Sub May Have Caught Fire In South China Sea: Japanese Media - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Vought Completes Tests on First Enhanced Wing For Next Global Hawk - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:GPS Tracks Lost Pets; GlobalPetFinder Provides Security to Pet Owners - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Read 'em and weep: The lure of online poker and the profits and problems it holds  - BBC
6/6/2005:French bloggers help the no vote on the EU constitution  - BBC
6/6/2005:Could politicians use a 'trust hormone' to win over wary voters?
  - BBC
6/6/2005:Forging an anti-terrorism search tool
  - C/Net

6/6/2005:International Adoptees Have Fewer Behavior Problems Than Domestic Adoptees - Science Daily
6/6/2005:Face Value: Hidden Smiles Influence Consumption And Judgment - Science Daily
6/6/2005:Cosmic Log: Your musical memories ... - Discover
6/6/2005:Scientists create 'trust potion'  - BBC
6/6/2005:Aircraft noise 'affects learning'  - BBC
6/6/2005:Hay fever influences exam results  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
6/6/2005:Physicists Demonstrate Quantum Mechanical Nature Of Heat Flow - Science Daily
6/6/2005:Spitzer Captures Fruits Of Massive Stars' Labors
 - Science Daily
6/6/2005:US space telescope captures birth of stars ...
 - FirstScience
6/6/2005:The Google Astronomer
6/6/2005:Carina Nebula Dust Pillars Harbor Embedded Stars
 - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Aspherical Supernova Explosion Seen As Possible Source Of Gamma Ray Burst
 - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Biggest ever cosmos simulation
  - BBC



6/6/2005:White Knight Prepares For New Mission -
6/6/2005:Funding for Moon, Mars Projects Promised ...
 - Discover
6/6/2005:To The Moon And Mars, NASA! ...
 - CBS
6/6/2005:Mars Polar Lander: Clues From the Crash Site
6/6/2005:Funding for Moon, Mars Projects Promised
6/6/2005:ESA: The First 30 Years
 - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Messenger Takes A Peek At Earth
 - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Russians launch scientific research satellite from Kazakh base
 - SpaceDaily
6/6/2005:Stuck for a Month, Mars Rover Finally Gets Back on Track  - NY Times
6/6/2005:Mars rover escapes from sand dune
 - New Scientist
6/6/2005:Martian rover rolls free of trap
  - BBC

6/6/2005:The Birth of the Synthesizer  - Wired News
6/6/2005:Atomic time lords How scientists have kept the world in time for 50 years  - BBC


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