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  June 6, 2004

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Nanotech Improving Energy Options - SpaceDaily  Nanotechnology could help revolutionize the energy industry, producing advances such as solar power cells made of plastics to environmentally friendly batteries that detoxify themselves, experts told United Press International. Because nanomaterials have far more surface area for chemical reactions or storage, they can become super-catalysts. Electrical and thermal properties and strength of materials also can improve dramatically. One nanotech firm, mPhase Technologies in Norwalk, Conn., is partnering with Lucent Technologies to commercialize nanotechnology by creating intelligent batteries, with the intent of bringing the devices to the marketplace within the next 12 to 18 months.  "This can give them a very long storage life of years and years, by only activating when in use," Simon explained.
Ancient Pebbles Contain Evidence Of A Hotter World - SpaceDaily  Analysis of 3.2-billion-year-old pebbles has yielded perhaps the oldest geological evidence of Earth's ancient atmosphere and climate. The findings, published in the April 15 issue of the journal Nature, indicate that carbon dioxide levels in the early atmosphere were substantially above those that exist today and above those predicted by other models of the early Earth. The research implies that carbon dioxide, perhaps aided by another greenhouse gas such as methane, helped to keep the planet warm enough for life to form and evolve. 

Dr Raisman's research

Millions for stem cell research  - BBC  The government is to pump £16.5m into stem cell research to treat disease. A total of 57 grants have been awarded to universities across the UK looking at new treatments for conditions such as Parkinson's, diabetes and cancer. One project, by the National Institute of Medical Research in London, involves taking stem cells from the lining of the nose to repair spinal cord damage. The researchers, led by Dr Geoffrey Raisman, have already found that stem cells lining the nose have the ability to regenerate throughout life. They believe it is possible to harness this ability to graft them into damaged spinal areas to stimulate regeneration of the tissue. Trials in rats have produced promising results.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/6/2004: Millions for stem cell research   - BBC
6/6/2004: Biotech: How to steal a culture
 - Washington Post
6/6/2004: Tiny prancer - MSNBC
6/6/2004: German doctors say they create new stem-cell method  - Yahoo
6/6/2004: Plant Experts Predict Wheat Scab Outbreak - ABC
6/6/2004: Researchers Track Spread of Soybean Rust - ABC
6/6/2004: Hawks Live Among NYC's Concrete and Steel - ABC

Climate, Environment:
6/6/2004: Can the insect 'splat' test arrest a decline in bird numbers?  - BBC
6/6/2004: Oak rescue bid may ruin growers  - BBC
6/6/2004: The science of 'The Day After Tomorrow' - MSNBC
6/6/2004: Saving a Reef for the Fish, and the People  - NY Times
6/6/2004: Forum: Discuss Ecotourism  - NY Times
6/6/2004: Quake In Alaska Changed Yellowstone Geysers - Science Daily
6/6/2004: UC Engineering Researchers Find Mercury In Cicadas - Science Daily

6/6/2004: China censors online video games  - BBC
6/6/2004: Sony to exit U.S. handheld business  - C/Net

6/6/2004: California protects wireless users  - CNN  
6/6/2004: Nokia releases 'moblog' camera phone  - C/Net
6/6/2004: Phone fun means 3-D wake-up call  - El. Engr. Time

6/6/2004: AMD boosts Athlon 64 performance - Business Week
6/6/2004: Intel adds features to Pentium 4, Celeron processors - Silicon Strategies

6/6/2004: Supercomputing - Business Week
6/6/2004: Where No Computer Has Gone Before - Business Week
6/6/2004: The Tablet: Big Machine on Campus? - Business Week
6/6/2004: ATI, Nvidia take different tacks to first PCI-Express desktops  - El. Engr. Time

6/6/2004: Online newspapers tempt readers  - BBC
6/6/2004: Road to poker glory through the Internet  - CNN  
6/6/2004: Bloggers find ways to profit  - C/Net
6/6/2004: Spam turning U.K. into 'pariah nation'  - C/Net
6/6/2004: Net brings activists out in force  - BBC

6/6/2004: Microsoft's 10-year plan  - C/Net
6/6/2004: Barrett weighs in  - C/Net

6/6/2004: Nanotech Improving Energy Options - SpaceDaily

6/6/2004: Could chocolate be good for your blood?  - BBC
6/6/2004: New Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndrome Identified - Science Daily

6/6/2004: Genetically-modified virus explodes cancer cells - New Scientist
6/6/2004: Vital Signs: Screening: False Positives in Mammograms  - NY Times
6/6/2004: Researchers Identify New Target Of Protein Involved In Cancerous Cell Growth - Science Daily
6/6/2004: Nanoparticles Illuminate Brain Tumors For Days Under MRI - Science Daily
6/6/2004: Lung Cancer Inching Down Among Women - ABC

6/6/2004: Many gay men with HIV 'unaware'  - BBC
6/6/2004: Cows immune to BSE near reality - New Scientist
6/6/2004: Cases: The New H.I.V. Test Offers Quicker Results, but the Same Agony  - NY Times
6/6/2004: Figs May Inhibit Growth And Survival Of Harmful Microbes In Food - Science Daily
6/6/2004: NIAID Announces Contracts To Develop Vaccine Against H5N1 Avian Influenza - Science Daily
6/6/2004: Condom express fights chlamydia  - BBC

6/6/2004: Mineral water 'eases arthritis'  - BBC
6/6/2004: 'Singing in a cloud': A singer says he fears smoky venues will damage his health  - BBC
6/6/2004: Spinal muscular atrophy: What happens when muscles become wasted?  - BBC
6/6/2004: Vital Signs: Treatment: Unexpected Benefit for Diabetics  - NY Times
6/6/2004: Nut Cracker - ABC
6/6/2004: Video: Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions - ABC
6/6/2004: HealthyWoman Quiz: Food Allergies
 - ABC
6/6/2004: Focus on Allergies
 - ABC
6/6/2004: Study Examines Teen Summer Marijuana Use
 - ABC

6/6/2004: Tell the Doctor All Your Problems, but Keep It to Less Than a Minute  - NY Times
6/6/2004: Gene At Root Of Urban Air Pollution's Lung Effects - Science Daily
6/6/2004: Now see this: a fix for the 'old eye' - Seattle Times
6/6/2004: HZPC Holland Markets 'Low-Carb' Potatoes - ABC
6/6/2004: Breast-feeding Battle - ABC
6/6/2004: Boston Patients Wait Long Time for Doctors - ABC
6/6/2004: FDA Rejects Ill. Drug Import Pilot Program - ABC
6/6/2004: Aramark Announces Healthier Menu Options - ABC
6/6/2004: Sunbed users getting 'bad advice'  - BBC
6/6/2004: Colour blindness cell loss clue  - BBC
6/6/2004: Kids' Obesity May Be Worse Than Thought - ABC

History, Anthropology:
6/6/2004: Ancient Pebbles Contain Evidence Of A Hotter World - SpaceDaily
6/6/2004: Return of Colossus marks D-Day  - BBC
6/6/2004: Latin lovers: E-project hopes to get pupils learning about the ancient world  - BBC
6/6/2004: Michelangelo 'linked' with autism  - BBC
6/6/2004: Ancient Afghan riches will go on tour - MSNBC
6/6/2004: Dinosaur skull sheds light on Africa’s birth - MSNBC
6/6/2004: A Great Spanish Explorer, Blown Off Course From Fame
  - NY Times
6/6/2004: Scientist Returns to Survey Titanic Decay
 - ABC

6/6/2004: University to search 800 million websites in cheats purge  - BBC
6/6/2004: Disaster dead 'no health threat'  - BBC
6/6/2004: A Growing Appetite for Offshoring - Business Week
6/6/2004: Solid Signals for Wireless - Business Week
6/6/2004: Simple passwords no longer suffice  - CNN  
6/6/2004: Tips for creating and securing passwords  - CNN  
6/6/2004: A richer future for India  - C/Net
6/6/2004: Trial stirs up controversy over rock art - MSNBC
6/6/2004: Cosmic Log:  Deliciously baddest movies - MSNBC
6/6/2004: Iran working on stealth missile - MSNBC
6/6/2004: In Oregon, Choosing Death Over Suffering  - NY Times
6/6/2004: Multimedia Feature: At Life's End  - NY Times
6/6/2004: On Terms of Her Choosing, a Woman Ends Her Life  - NY Times
6/6/2004: A Drink: The Ice Is Vintage  - NY Times
6/6/2004: Postcards from the Arctic  - NY Times
6/6/2004: Abstinence: Only: Does It Work?  - NY Times
6/6/2004: How Household Junk Can Grow Into Mountains  - NY Times
6/6/2004: A Research Cliffhanger Awaits University Of Cincinnati Team Heading To Crete - Science Daily
6/6/2004: Pay soars for Wall Street executives - Seattle Times
6/6/2004: Grasso's huge pay could have fed more watchdogs - Seattle Times
6/6/2004: Enron trial about to start - Seattle Times
6/6/2004: Motorola opens wireless applications center in China - Silicon Strategies


Physics and Astronomy:
6/6/2004: Dimmest galaxy sparks hunt for dark matter - MSNBC
6/6/2004: 7-million digit prime number discovered
 - New Scientist
6/6/2004: Constant as the North Star- More Like Fickle
  - NY Times
6/6/2004: Discovering Missing Black Holes: First Science From A Virtual Observatory
 - Science Daily
6/6/2004: Groundbreaking Research To Improve Forecasts Of Sunspot Cycle
 - Science Daily



6/6/2004: China reiterates Moon mission plans - MSNBC
6/6/2004: Private spaceships caught in political fog
6/6/2004: NASA Plans For Proposed Jupiter Mission - Science Daily

6/6/2004: Coming to the Big Screen, NYPD View - Business Week
6/6/2004: Tech conference offers what's next  - CNN  
6/6/2004: Pumped-up dummy does the ironing - New Scientist
6/6/2004: Staying On The Path – One Atom At A Time - Science Daily
6/6/2004: New Painless Myography Technique Aids Neuromuscular Disease Research - Science Daily


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