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  June 5, 2005

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Space Exploration Set For A Renaissance - SpaceDaily   When I was growing up in New York City in the 1950s and '60s, there were only three television networks, several dozen radio stations and a handful of newspapers  For the last decade or so, however, kids have been raised in an atmosphere of wild and enthusiastic intellectual turmoil. They can choose from hundreds of cable stations, talk radio and the vast variety of the Internet to seek answers to questions about any subject from many viewpoints. Having an open-minded perspective, they know just because something has been done one way for decades it is not a reason to continue in the same manner. In fact, it might very well be a reason not to.

Soap Chemicals may damage male babies  - BBC  Chemicals found in many everyday products can harm male reproductive development, research suggests. Phthalates are used in the manufacture of plastics, lubricants and solvents, and are found in cosmetics, medical equipment, toys, paints and packaging. The University of Rochester team, New York, found exposure to the chemicals was linked to a higher risk of genital abnormalities in baby boys. Previous research on animals has suggested phthalates may damage reproductive development by disrupting hormone levels. But until now evidence of a similar effect on humans has proved inconclusive. 

Image of a sunbather

Could sitting in midday sun without sunscreen be good for you?  - BBC  Scientists believe going out in the midday sun without sunscreen for 10-15 minutes is good for you, contrary to current advice. Enough vitamin D is essential for healthy teeth and bones. Researchers have also suggested that vitamin D might protect against some cancers. It was also possible to get plenty of vitamin D from the diet, by eating vitamin D rich foods such as sardines. For someone wearing a T-shirt and shorts, a daily dose of vitamin D could be gotten by lying in the sun on May 30 for 11 minutes in Edinburgh, 9 minutes in London, 7 minutes in Madrid, and 6.5 minutes in Athens. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/5/2005: Calif. Botanists Find Rare Grass Species ... - FirstScience
6/5/2005: Japan fertility hits record low
  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
6/5/2005: Community keen for alerts on air pollution ... - FirstScience
6/5/2005: EU says aviation likely to join emissions trade ... - FirstScience
6/5/2005: Turn tide on pollution ... - FirstScience
6/5/2005: Pollution-free ship: Designers try their hand ... - MSNBC
6/5/2005: African Drought and Global Warming ... - FirstScience
6/5/2005: Mayors gather for climate change summit ... - MSNBC
6/5/2005: Antarctica conference in Sweden to focus on environment, climate change - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: Climate change: Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of law - SpaceDaily

6/5/2005: Gamers ape man and beast in Kong  - BBC
6/5/2005: Xbox 360 keeps its voice  - C/Net

6/5/2005: Church-goers get own wi-fi
  - BBC
6/5/2005: $5,000? Put It on My Cell
 - Business Week
6/5/2005: SBC slashes DSL price to $14.95 a month
 - Business Week

6/5/2005: Intel, AMD in Dual-Core Duel - MSNBC
6/5/2005: AMD edges Intel in early dual-core benchmarks  - C/Net

6/5/2005: The Best Mac Dashboard Widgets  - Wired News
6/5/2005: Extra: Supercomputer fixes software problems on its own  - C/Net
6/5/2005: Will Intel open Pandora's box with Mac Mini twin?  - C/Net
6/5/2005: New Wi-Fi chips embedded in Samsung laptops  - C/Net

6/5/2005: Silver surfers say net is 'vital'  - BBC
6/5/2005: Top artists back London Olympic bid with internet showcase  - BBC
6/5/2005: Star Wars pirates forced off net  - BBC
6/5/2005: RSS Updates Moving Beyond Pings  - Wired News
6/5/2005: Europe Home to Majority of Zombies - The Economist
6/5/2005: How Apple Will Change Podcasting  - Wired News
6/5/2005: Many Unaware Browser Choice Affects Security ...
 - FirstScience
6/5/2005: Podcasters Tune into Apple
  - Technology Review 
6/5/2005: Parliament's website under fire
  - BBC
6/5/2005: Domain system creator honoured
  - BBC
6/5/2005: Bagle virus peril in empty e-mail
  - BBC
6/5/2005: More Bagle, Mytob offshoots wriggle free
  - C/Net

6/5/2005: Click skills: Why computing is more than knowing how to use a mouse  - BBC
6/5/2005: Microsoft Faces EU Fine  - Wired News
6/5/2005: Simplifying Security  - Technology Review 
6/5/2005: Microsoft meets Brussels deadline  - BBC
6/5/2005: Longhorn photo support comes into focus  - C/Net
6/5/2005: Microsoft submits antitrust proposal to EU  - C/Net
6/5/2005: Sony BMG tests technology to limit CD burning  - C/Net

6/5/2005: Japan's Courts Gives OK To Reopen Monju Fast Breeder Reactor - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: Japan Sets Concessions To Give Breakthrough Reactor Project To EU - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: First major grass-burning power station planned for Britain this year - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: Sweden's nuclear waste headache  - BBC

6/5/2005: Artificial heart: The UK's first patient celebrates five years of unexpected life  - BBC

6/5/2005: Could sitting in midday sun without sunscreen be good for you?  - BBC
6/5/2005: Bladder Cancer Risk Increases for Residents Near Pollution Sites ... - FirstScience
6/5/2005: Cancer linked to mental problems  - BBC

6/5/2005: Sexual diseases: What's the most common STI seen at clinics in the UK?  - BBC
6/5/2005: Getting hitched India's first HIV marriage bureau is thriving  - BBC

6/5/2005: Heroin Addiction Gene Identified and Blocked  - Wired News
6/5/2005: People with diabetes more sensitive to cardiovascular effects from air pollution ... - FirstScience
6/5/2005: Text messages double young smokers' quit rates - New Scientist

6/5/2005: Chemicals may damage male babies   - BBC
6/5/2005: Health risk with G-string pants  - BBC
6/5/2005: Parents warned ill-fitting shoes can damage children  - BBC
6/5/2005: Watchdog rules against Atkins ad  - BBC
6/5/2005: Having a baby: What to expect from an antenatal appointment?  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
6/5/2005: Drawing uncovered of 'Nazi nuke'  - BBC

6/5/2005: Should Bill Gates Have Been Born? - MSNBC
6/5/2005: How to Create a Billion-Dollar Movie Franchise  - Wired News
6/5/2005: Revisiting 'Penny Books'  - Wired News
6/5/2005: Love More Powerful than Sex, Study Claims ... - FirstScience
6/5/2005: South Africa To Set Up Space Agency - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: Alstom to invest 39 million dollars in India research facility - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: IT outsourcing moves to India's heartland as employees quit big cities - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: Asia to account for more than half of global semiconductor market: Gartner - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: BT tackles rogue diallers head on  - BBC
6/5/2005: Man spiked receptionist's coffee  - BBC
6/5/2005: Google at$300 a Share? It could indeed soar that high, say some industry watchers, who see plenty of potential yet to be tapped - Business Week
6/5/2005: A Bad Case of Google Envy - Business Week
6/5/2005: Web brokers talking about merger  - C/Net
6/5/2005: Ideas about humanity’s fate are still evolving - MSNBC

6/5/2005: Troops studied for effects of war  - BBC
6/5/2005: 'New way' to treat complex grief  - BBC
6/5/2005: Documentary gets court go-ahead  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
6/5/2005: Orbiting Stars Flood Space With Gravitational Waves ... - FirstScience
6/5/2005: Stars Flood Space with Gravitational Waves Two 'white dwarves' are orbiting each other in a death grip ...
6/5/2005: Stars Born on Dusty Pedestals
6/5/2005: Andromeda Galaxy 3 Times Bigger than Thought
6/5/2005: Double Whammy: Cosmic Fireworks Explained
6/5/2005: Jefferson Lab Builds First Single Crystal Single Cell Accelerating Cavity
 - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: Double Star Mission Extension Approved
 - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: NCAR Sheds Light On Solar Storms
 - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: A century of relativity
  - C/Net
6/5/2005: Astronomers find best gravitational wave prospect
 - New Scientist
6/5/2005: Comet put on list of potential Earth impactors
 - New Scientist


6/5/2005: Learning to Crawl  - Technology Review 
6/5/2005: Linux powers airborne bots  - C/Net

6/5/2005: Space Exploration Set For A Renaissance - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: A Breathtaking Close Encounter With Mars ...
 - FirstScience
6/5/2005: Traces of Stowaway Algae Could Survive on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
6/5/2005: Its time to rethink international space law ...
 - FirstScience
6/5/2005: The thin line between success and explosion ...
 - FirstScience
6/5/2005: Sounding an alarm, cautiously ...
 - FirstScience
6/5/2005: NASA's Deep Impact Spacecraft on Target Despite Blurry Vision
6/5/2005: Most Americans Believe Alien Life is Possible, Study Shows
6/5/2005: Lost Experiments Fly Again in Successful Soyuz Launch
6/5/2005: Sevastyanov Elected Head Of Energia
 - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: Preparing For Impact
 - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: As Mars Approaches NASA Preps For Next Launch
 - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: Mars: Windows On The World
 - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: A Pioneer Reflects On ESA's Thirty Years
 - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: Russian Foton M2 Set For Launch
 - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: NASA's Chandra Finds Saturn Reflects X-Rays From Sun
 - SpaceDaily
6/5/2005: UK engineers navigate Europe's future
  - BBC
6/5/2005: Comet-crashing camera out of focus?  - C/Net



6/5/2005: Technology Transfer Leaders to Focus on Identifying and Assessing Commercial Opportunities for Science ... - FirstScience
6/5/2005: Nanotech Grows Up  - Technology Review 


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