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  June 5, 2004

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Dinosaurs Fried Within Hours of Cosmic Collision, Study Concludes -  Most dinosaurs were incinerated in a matter of hours after an asteroid impact 65 million years ago kicked up a global rain of broiling debris, according to a new study. Anything not underground or protected by water was wiped out. The research builds on previous studies that concluded the die-off was rapid. The survivors burrowed underground or were protected from the firestorm by swamps or oceans.
Nanoscale Optimizes Adhesion - SpaceDaily  Left:  The optimal shape of adhesion for two objects in contact over a prescribed surface area is defined as such that the stress distribution is uniform and equal to the theoretical adhesion strength of molecular (e.g., van der Waals) interaction at pull-off. Robust optimal adhesion is achieved when the contact size is reduced to around 100 nanometers. At this critical size scale, the adhesion strength becomes insensitive to small deviations from the optimal shape. Image: Max Planck Institute for Metals Research   The nanometer size of hairs (spatulae) on the feet of geckos and many insects may have evolved to optimize adhesion strength, according to new research conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Metals Research in Stuttgart. The scientists discovered that there exists an optimal shape of the contact surface of the tip of such hairs which gives rise to optimal adhesion to a substrate via molecular interaction forces.

Developing Tools For Reliable Gene Chip Measurements - SpaceDaily  Generating consistent, verifiable results is difficult because of a lack of standards. As a first step toward addressing reliability issues, a consortium co-led by NIST and industry is developing standards that will satisfy needs identified at a 2003 workshop. At the workshop, organized and hosted by NIST, leaders in the microarray field from industry, government and universities recommended the development of a well-characterized set of ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules whose identity and concentration are known. RNA is an important product of gene activity. Users will be able to validate the results of gene chip analyses by adding such a reference material to their samples and comparing the measured values to what would be expected for them. Such a reference material also will enable technology developers and researchers to assess the performance of their assays.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
6/5/2004: Antibody Detection In Alzheimer's May Improve Diagnosis, Treatment - Science Daily

6/5/2004: Developing Tools For Reliable Gene Chip Measurements - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: UW-Madison Scientists Find A Key To Cell Division
 - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Researchers Identify Avian Counterpart To Mammalian Antibody Receptor - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Reduced Mitochondrial Function Important Mechanism In Aging - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Pharmacogenomics Could Replace 'Trial-and-Error' With Science From The Human Genome - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
6/5/2004: Disaster Movie Makes Waves  - Nature
6/5/2004: Mysterious majesty of Mount Fuji solved - New Scientis
6/5/2004: Critics Say Clean-Air Plan May Be a Setback for Parks  - NY Times
6/5/2004: Quake in Alaska Affected Far-Off Geysers, Study Says  - NY Times
6/5/2004: Scientists Look At Moon To Shed Light On Earth's Climate - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Scientists Discover Undersea Volcano Off Antarctica - Science Daily
6/5/2004: EGNOS Improves Safety For Maritime Navigation In China - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: China To Build First Regional Climate, Ecology Surveillance Network - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: Prospect Of Sudden Climate Change - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: Protest scuffle between Greenpeace and fishers ... - FirstScience
6/5/2004: Environmental protection law prepared ... - FirstScience
6/5/2004: Chernobyl liquidators vow to fight on until their demands are met ... - FirstScience
6/5/2004: US blackout dramatically decreased pollution levels: Study ... - FirstScience
6/5/2004: Europe's Green Week Focus on Environmental Behavior Change ... - FirstScience
6/5/2004: Greenpeace Orange Roughy Protest Meets Rough Response ... - FirstScience
6/5/2004: NASA Examines the Prospect of Sudden Climate Change ... - FirstScience
6/5/2004: Drowning in an Ocean of Plastic  - Wired News

6/5/2004: E3 has gamers yearning for more  - CNN
6/5/2004: GeekMan is new must-have toy - Seattle Times
6/5/2004: China Cracks Down on Net Games  - Wired News

6/5/2004: California protects wireless users  - CNN
6/5/2004: Spam may be newest hang-up for cellular customers - Seattle Times
6/5/2004: Security-Free Wireless Networks  - Wired News
6/5/2004: U.S. Lawmaker Seeks Hearings on Cell Phone Directory - L. A. Times
6/5/2004: Senators Back Low-Power Radio  - Wired News
6/5/2004: Face It: Cell-Phone Service Sucks  - Wired News

6/5/2004: AMD launches new desktop Athlon 64s - Google
6/5/2004: AMD Targets 64-bit Desktop, Game Boxes - Google
6/5/2004: AMD's Socket 939, Athlon 64 FX-54 amd 64 3800+ - Google

6/5/2004: Going up the food chain  - C/Net
6/5/2004: nTracker may help owner recover lost, stolen laptop - Seattle Times

6/5/2004: When spam eludes software, bring in the detectives  - C/Net
6/5/2004: Japan's rising Internet star preaches gospel of blogging - Seattle Times
6/5/2004: Baseball Hits a Homer Online  - Wired News
6/5/2004: Someone's watching you- Spyware likely hitching ride on your computer - Seattle Times
6/5/2004: Anti-spyware programs sleuth in different ways - Seattle Times
6/5/2004: Worthy rivals take on quirky Safari browser - Seattle Times
6/5/2004: Timely replies display admirable e-etiquette - Seattle Times

6/5/2004: Closing windows  - C/Net
6/5/2004: Mo' Beta Testing Blues  - Wired News

6/5/2004: System converts smokestack heat to electricity - New Scientis
6/5/2004: 11 Counties Vie for Nuclear Waste Site ... - FirstScience


6/5/2004: Researchers Discover That A Protein In Grape Skins Can Kill Cancer Cells - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Shortened Chromosomes Linked To Early Stages Of Cancer Development - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Many Don't Get Full Dose of Chemo - ABC
6/5/2004: Cell Growth And Death Controlled By Single Pathway In Lymphoma Cancer Model - Science Daily

6/5/2004: Malaria Epidemic in the Highlands of New Guinea  - Nature
6/5/2004: Viruses Clear Bacterial Contamination In Chickens - Science Daily
6/5/2004: White Tea Beats Green Tea In Fighting Germs - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Study Suggests Double Punch Could More Efficiently Kill Viruses - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Mouse Study Could Aid Vaccine Designers - Science Daily

6/5/2004: Hormone Therapy May Still Offer Important Health Benefits To Postmenopausal Women - Science Daily

6/5/2004: More Than One-Third Of U.S. Adults Use Complementary And Alternative Medicine - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Loyola Decides To Test New Blood Substitute In Trauma Patients At The Scene Of Injury - Science Daily
6/5/2004: The Obesity Industry
6/5/2004: Does Suburban Life Make You Fat? - ABC

History, Anthropology:
6/5/2004: Dinosaurs Fried Within Hours of Cosmic Collision, Study Concludes -
6/5/2004: Microbes Found In Mayan Ruins May Deteriorate Stone From Inside Out - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Cook And The Transit Of Venus - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: Lemur Logic May Provide Clues to Evolution of Primate Intellect ... - Nat'l. Geo. News

6/5/2004: Tech conference offers what's next  - CNN
6/5/2004: IBM takes on life sciences  - C/Net
6/5/2004: Blackout gave cities a breath of fresh air - New Scientis
6/5/2004: HP's ink business is the closest it comes to printing money - Seattle Times
6/5/2004: Web site tells truth in ads for president - Seattle Times
6/5/2004: China Spending More Than Ever On Military - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: North Korea A "Far More Compelling Threat" Than Iraq: Kerry - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: Russia's Super Subs Sink - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: Drivers Want Code to Their Cars  - Wired News
6/5/2004: Smarter Than the CEO  - Wired News
6/5/2004: Report: FDIC Data Vulnerable  - Wired News
6/5/2004: Transhumanists Put Their Faith in Technology  - Wired News
6/5/2004: British Sex Offenders To Be Tracked After Jail  - Wired News
6/5/2004: E-Rate Programmers Admit Defrauding Schools  - NY Times
6/5/2004: Soap, Nets Aid Developing Nations' Health - ABC
6/5/2004: Solid job growth adds fuel for more economic recovery - Seattle Times
6/5/2004: Tech reviews: Preparing wills; Epson's new photo printer - Seattle Times
6/5/2004: Rising rates, oil jitters may keep investors on sidelines - Seattle Times
6/5/2004: A Galactic Wrecking Ball  - Wired News
6/5/2004: TimeLine: 70 Years Ago in Science News ... - FirstScience
6/5/2004: Father and son golfers discover the sport is in their genes ... - FirstScience

6/5/2004: Link proved between senses and memory  - Nature
6/5/2004: Researchers Identify Basis For Irreversible Damage In Multiple Sclerosis - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Brain Disease Research, Particle Physics Meet In The Middle(Ware) - Science Daily
6/5/2004: This Is Your Brain on Drugs  - Wired News
6/5/2004: Study: Mental Illnesses Are Under-Treated - ABC

Physics and Astronomy:
6/5/2004: Dusty nursery bears baby comets  - Nature
6/5/2004: Gravity Probe B Checkout Continues
 - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: Probing a Dark Force
 - ABC
6/5/2004: Origin Of Enigmatic Galactic-center Filaments Revealed
 - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Fluid 'Stripes' May Be Essential For High-temperature Superconductivity
 - Science Daily
6/5/2004: A quantum mechanical 'tune up' for better measurement ...
 - FirstScience

6/5/2004: Reduced Mitochondrial Function Important Mechanism In Aging - Science Daily


6/5/2004: Lord of the rings: UK scientists hail mission to explore Saturn and its moons  - BBC
6/5/2004: Venus makes pass at the Sun
  - Nature
6/5/2004: Final approach for NASA's Saturn probe - MSNBC
6/5/2004: Rosetta's Scientific 'First' - Observation Of Comet Linear - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Spirit Pushes Onward Toward Hills, Opportunity Retraces its Steps -
6/5/2004: Cassini Spacecraft on Final Approach to Saturn -
6/5/2004: Meteor Lights Up Sky in Washington State -
6/5/2004: Viewing Tips: Venus Crosses the Sun Tuesday -
6/5/2004: Cassini Will Unlock Saturn's Secrets - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: Mars Rovers Facing Crossroads - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: UK Scientists To Map Magnetic Fields - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: Scientists To View Venus' Atmosphere During Transit, Search For Water Vapor On Distant Planet - Science Daily
6/5/2004: Opportunity Gets Green Light To Enter Crater - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: Camera-toting Cassini spacecraft nears Saturn ...  - FirstScience
6/5/2004: China to send astronauts into outer space next year ... - FirstScience

6/5/2004: Nanoscale Optimizes Adhesion - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: Bug-laden foam destroys stink of manure - New Scientis
6/5/2004: Student-designed 'Heads-up' Device Helps The Visually Impaired Avoid Hazards, Day And Night - Science Daily
6/5/2004: NASA-Industry Alliance Initiates UAV National Airspace Access Project - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: Jet Models Will Push The Envelope For Safety's Sake - SpaceDaily
6/5/2004: Visual Gadgets of the Future  - Wired News
6/5/2004: Tiny tango: Device sorts microscopic particles with speed and precision ... - FirstScience
6/5/2004: Proteins Transform DNA into 'Molecular Velcro' ...
 - FirstScience


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