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  June 4, 2004

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Survival of the Smallest: Mini-Microbes Redefine Extreme Living -  The microscopic critters are all less than 1 micron wide and some are less than 0.2 microns. Most bacteria, which also are too small to see without a microscope, are between 1 and 10 microns. The tiny creatures are smaller than most commonly known bacteria and have endured at least 120,000 years in subzero temperatures, crushing pressure, low oxygen levels and almost no nutrients. 
Image of aspirin Aspirin cuts breast cancer risk  - BBC  The researchers found a dose effect. Women who had taken aspirin at least once per week for six months or longer were 20% less likely to develop certain breast tumours. But those who used seven or more tablets a week reduced their risk by 28%. The reduced risk was only seen among those with a type of breast cancer that is thought to be linked to oestrogen, however. Almost two-thirds of tumours from pre-menopausal women and three-quarters of tumours from post-menopausal women contain detectable oestrogen receptors.

Venus, as pictured by the Galileo spacecraft, Nasa

Venus clouds 'might harbour life'  - BBC   Microbes could survive and reproduce, experts say, floating in the thick, cloudy atmosphere, protected by a sunscreen of sulphur compounds. Scientists have even submitted a proposal for a Nasa space mission to sample the clouds and attempt to return any presumed Venusians to Earth. "We would send a probe to Venus that would drop probably a collector tethered to a balloon-like floating spacecraft, it would collect samples of the cloud droplets and then blast off from the Venusian atmosphere for return eventually to Earth. Current theories suggest that Venus and the Earth may have started out alike. There might have been a lot of water on Venus and there might have been a lot of carbon dioxide on Earth," Professor Ingersoll explained.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/4/2004: Izzy the Turtle Has 29 1/2 Inch Shell - ABC
6/4/2004: Blood Treatment's Promise Mired in Bureaucracy
  - NY Times
6/4/2004: Chart: The Gift of Stem Cells  - NY Times
6/4/2004: Cicada Chorus to Hit Full Pitch in June - ABC

Climate, Environment:
6/4/2004: A Feel-Good Disaster Movie  - Wired News
6/4/2004: Arctic Getting Warmer Faster  - Wired News
6/4/2004: Earth Shines Its Bright Light  - Wired News
6/4/2004: Endangered Species Act Salmon Listings Up ... - FirstScience
6/4/2004: Greenpeace: EU needs facts not science fiction ... - FirstScience
6/4/2004: Above clouds, in the depths, chipping away at unknowns of climate change ... - FirstScience
6/4/2004: Climate changes enhance the Earth's glow ... - FirstScience
6/4/2004: Ecology for a Crowded Planet ... - FirstScience
6/4/2004: Study: Alaska Earthquake Affected Geysers - ABC
6/4/2004: Beluga Whales Not Recovering As Expected - ABC
6/4/2004: Group Uses Film to Oppose Global Warming  - NY Times
6/4/2004: After Years of Dimming, Earth's Reflection Brightens -
6/4/2004: Better Hurricane Forecasts Are Sought - ABC
6/4/2004: Gardens protect UK birds  - BBC

6/4/2004: Online Gaming's Wrinkled Future  - Wired News
6/4/2004: Meeting your online gaming pals  - BBC
6/4/2004: 'Manhunt' raises video violence bar  - CNN

6/4/2004: News Analysis:  Untangling Internet Telephony  - Technology Review 
6/4/2004: Wireless web gets a set of wheels  - BBC
6/4/2004: Bells loosen their grip  - C/Net
6/4/2004: Wireless wonders allow transfer of movies between computers, TV - Seattle Times
6/4/2004: Sound ideasHow mobile phone games could soon be worth listening to  - BBC

6/4/2004: Quantum computers are a quantum leap closer ... - FirstScience


6/4/2004: 'Buffalo Spammer' Sent to Slammer  - Wired News
6/4/2004: Tightening the Reins on Gmail  - Wired News
6/4/2004: Out-Googling the Top Search Engine - Business Week
6/4/2004: No profit for Microsoft in 'bonded seller' e-mail - Seattle Times
6/4/2004: If e-mail looks suspicious, it's smart not to open it - Seattle Times
6/4/2004: Calling Mr X:onfessions of an undercover internet investigator  - BBC
6/4/2004: Undercover agents fight net piracy  - BBC
6/4/2004: Instant messaging grows up  - BBC
6/4/2004: E-mail controls loom in Zimbabwe  - BBC

6/4/2004: Slow Going for Linux in Iraq  - Wired News
6/4/2004: Sun to upgrade Linux desktop software  - C/Net
6/4/2004: Something Wiki this way comes - Business Week

6/4/2004: Renewable Energy in the EU ... - FirstScience
6/4/2004: Sky-high prices spark renewable energy  - CNN
6/4/2004: A Different Era for the Alternative Energy Business  - NY Times

6/4/2004: Dual approach slashes heart risk  - BBC

6/4/2004: Aspirin cuts breast cancer risk   - BBC
6/4/2004: Can Aspirin Prevent Breast Cancer? - Business Week
6/4/2004: How to fine tune cancer prognosis
6/4/2004: Male cancers: Are you checking yourself properly for the tell-tale signs?  - BBC

6/4/2004: Avian Flu Found in Texas; Birds Destroyed - ABC
6/4/2004: Mad Cow-Resistant Bovine Developed - ABC
6/4/2004: Scientists claim BSE-immune cow  - BBC
6/4/2004: West Nile virus strategy drawn up  - BBC

6/4/2004: U.N.: Smoking Kills People Seconds Apart - ABC
6/4/2004: Self-heal bandage helps diabetics  - BBC

6/4/2004: 'Concierge physicians' medical model growing ... - Seattle Times
6/4/2004: Pool Safety - ABC
6/4/2004: Poll: Many in U.S. Underestimate Weight - ABC
6/4/2004: Poll: Many in U.S. in Denial About Weight - ABC
6/4/2004: Groups: Medicare Drug Card Enrollment Low - ABC
6/4/2004: Weight Gain in Pregnancy Deemed Precursor
6/4/2004: New Study Praises Weight Watchers Program - ABC
6/4/2004: An E-mail A Day Keeps Doctor Away? - ABC
6/4/2004: Video - ABC
6/4/2004: Baker Turns Diet Sage to Counter Atkins - ABC
6/4/2004: C-sections 'could be cut by 25%'  - BBC
6/4/2004: Pill surge linked to holidays  - BBC
6/4/2004: Soya foods 'cut womb cancer risk'
  - BBC
6/4/2004: Breakfast clubs: One of 10 practical suggestions for combatting obesity
  - BBC
6/4/2004: Suburban Bulge
 - ABC
6/4/2004: Poll: America's Obesity Crisis
 - ABC
6/4/2004: Details
 - ABC
6/4/2004: Your Thoughts
 - ABC
6/4/2004: More on Obesity
 - ABC
6/4/2004: Small Steps Are Urged for Weight Loss
 - ABC
6/4/2004: Block on Sunblock
 - ABC - ABC
6/4/2004: Losing a Few Pounds May Help the Obese
 - ABC
6/4/2004: Food Variety May Increase Consumption
 - ABC
Concern over airline medical care   - BBC
'I lost my leg to DVT'   - BBC

History, Anthropology:
6/4/2004: Archaeologists Dig Up World War II Plane - ABC
6/4/2004: Dinosaur Skull Provides Geological Clues - ABC

6/4/2004: Boosting Biometrics  - Technology Review 
6/4/2004: Navy Floats High-Tech Arsenal  - Wired News
6/4/2004: Europe Braces for Patent Rules  - Wired News
6/4/2004: GAO: Fed Data Mining Extensive  - Wired News
6/4/2004: A richer future for India  - C/Net
6/4/2004: Microsoft builds in India - Seattle Times
6/4/2004: A "Free Lunch" for the Economy - Business Week
6/4/2004: Fast Growth- Pain Now, Gain Later - Business Week
6/4/2004: Bush's Homeland Insecurity at the Polls - Business Week
6/4/2004: The Health-Care Catastrophe That Won't Happen - Business Week
6/4/2004: Teaching Microsoft to Make Nice? - Business Week
6/4/2004: A Mellower Microsoft in Court? - Business Week
6/4/2004: Wanted: Psychologist to ease pressure of working at SEC - Seattle Times
6/4/2004: Former Qwest exec pleads guilty to fraud - Seattle Times
6/4/2004: FCC tries to break wholesale-rate stalemate - Seattle Times
6/4/2004: US domination worries EU, Caribbean Latin leaders - SpaceDaily
6/4/2004: EU and Latin American leaders call for greater world cooperation - SpaceDaily


Physics and Astronomy:
6/4/2004: Senator presses Bush to save Hubble telescope ... - FirstScience
6/4/2004: Discovering Missing Black Holes ...
 - FirstScience
6/4/2004: Astronomers See Evidence for Youngest Planet -
6/4/2004: Space telescope glimpses births of stars: NASA
 - SpaceDaily



6/4/2004: Venus clouds 'might harbour life'   - BBC
6/4/2004: Mars Express Captures Arsia Mons in 3-D ...
 - FirstScience
6/4/2004: Excited-state spectroscopy on a nearly closed quantum dot via charge detection ... - FirstScience
6/4/2004: Private Rocket Will Try and Reach Space
 - ABC
6/4/2004: Mars rover sets eyes on long-sought hills
 - New Scientist
6/4/2004: Spirit Pushes Onward Toward Hills, Opportunity Retraces its Steps
6/4/2004: Rovers Examining Hills And Crater In Bonus-Time Mission
6/4/2004: Mars Rovers on 'Brand New Mission'
  - CNN

6/4/2004: Buckyballs Gain Smaller Kin  - Technology Review 
6/4/2004: A Sharper Nose for Danger - Business Week
6/4/2004: 'Smart bullet' reports back wirelessly - New Scientist
6/4/2004: Gizmos of the future glimpsed at meeting - Seattle Times
6/4/2004: Chemist's technique enables creation of novel carbon nanoparticles ... - FirstScience
6/4/2004: France 'completes' tallest bridge  - BBC


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