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  June 3, 2005

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Russia Fully Opposes Militarization Of Space - Foreign Ministry - SpaceDaily   Left:  A nuclear bomb detonated high above a country- like this test (by the United States) done over the Pacific Ocean in the 1950's (Program Starfish) - could unleash an electromagnetic pulse that would shut down a nation's power grid and, along with it, communications, water supplies and even food transportation.  Russia is active in preventing the placement of weapons in outer space, official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Yakovenko restated last Friday, according to RIA Novosti. Yakovenko was commenting on statements - published in The Financial Times - made by Yermakov, the senior counselor of the Russian embassy in Washington, who allegedly said Russia would consider using force if the United States put weapons in outer space. "Today's generally recognized international norms for representatives of all the leading powers prevent the militarization of space," 
Seeing Forests In The Tree Of Life - SpaceDaily  Left:  Eukaryotes probably emerged from prokaryotic ancestry about 1.6 - 2.1 billion years ago. The evolutionary diversification of eukaryotes has involved invention of organelles, and their modification. Credit: UCLA  Then we can think about the variable histories of life that a planet might have. The first is that life never evolves. The second is that it does evolve. A third option is that life may get cut short by termination through mass extinction. Or life on a planet evolves, is exterminated, and then re-evolves. I'm not in any position to say when life on Earth moved from a RNA world to a DNA world. But the switch probably occurred because DNA is so much more efficient, due to copying fidelity.  

Modulating A Beam Of Light With Electricity - SpaceDaily  Much of our electronics could soon be replaced by photonics, in which beams of light flitting through microscopic channels on a silicon chip replace electrons in wires. Photonic chips would carry more data, use less power and work smoothly with fiber-optic communications systems. The trick is to get electronics and photonics to talk to each other. Now Cornell University researchers have taken a major step forward in bridging this communication gap by developing a silicon device that allows an electrical signal to modulate a beam of light on a micrometer scale. Other electro-optical modulators have been built on silicon, but their size is on the order of millimeters   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
6/3/2005: Fish Oil Holds Promise In Alzheimer's Fight - Science Daily

6/3/2005: Seeing Forests In The Tree Of Life - SpaceDaily
6/3/2005: Lobbyists square up over whaling

  - BBC

6/3/2005: Hunting Tasmania's extinct 'tiger'
  - BBC

6/3/2005: Fast-freeze 'boosts egg survival'  - BBC
6/3/2005: Stem-cell pioneer criticizes Bush policy  - C/Net
6/3/2005: Cosmic Log: Memorial DNA - MSNBC
6/3/2005: Coffee trial survives insects, but not vandals - New Scientist
6/3/2005: Advocates for Animals Oppose Virginia Plans to Shoot Gulls  - NY Times
6/3/2005: Hello Kitty, Hello Clone  - NY Times
6/3/2005: Graphic: When Nine Lives Just Aren't Enough  - NY Times
6/3/2005: Study: 'Homemade' Gene Expression Technology Unreliable - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Tiny Pills Of RNA Fed To Planarians Help Researchers Identify Genes Essential For Regeneration - Science Daily
6/3/2005: White Blood Cell 'Waste Disposal' System Plays Critical Regulatory Role - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Scientists Identify Genetic Pathways Essential To RNA Interference - Science Daily
6/3/2005: New Primate Discovered In Mountain Forests Of Tanzania - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
6/3/2005: Major Losses Projected For Earthquakes On Puente Hills Fault Beneath Los Angeles - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Shift Of Weather Patterns Necessitates Rethinking Of Reforestation Methods - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Underwater Robot Launched From Bermuda To Cross Gulf Stream - Science Daily
6/3/2005: COMMENT: Climate change- Let the lawyers sue for you ... - FirstScience
6/3/2005: IEA Plots Course To Zero Carbon Emissions ... - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Shanghai striving to improve local water quality ... - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Hurricane season could renew global warming debate ... - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Panel launched for climate change ... - FirstScience
6/3/2005: White pollution blights landscape ... - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Greenpeace targets HP over environmental practices ... - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Former Chernobyl Pilot Soars Above His Obstacles ... - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Poor response to recycling scheme ... - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Mexico 'Fire Volcano' in biggest blast for 15 years ... - FirstScience

6/3/2005: Gamers get heroically beastly in upcoming King Kong game  - BBC
6/3/2005: Game maker Ubisoft fights back  - BBC
6/3/2005: Slim cameras heavy on features  - NY Times
6/3/2005: Audible ball is a slam-dunk for the blind  - C/Net
6/3/2005: Violent Video Games: Not Our Kids  - Wired News
6/3/2005: Strike Looms Against Game Makers  - Wired News

6/3/2005: Telcos, cable companies face off over TV franchises
  - BBC
6/3/2005: Cell phones sales totally off the hook
  - C/Net
6/3/2005: Why 911 callers are left hanging
 - New Scientist
6/3/2005: U.S. cities weigh broadband access
 - Seattle Times
6/3/2005: Phone companies lose round in Texas TV bid
  - C/Net

6/3/2005: Modulating A Beam Of Light With Electricity - SpaceDaily
6/3/2005: Samsung starts making 4-Gbit flash on 70-nm process - Silicon Strategies

6/3/2005: Smaller notebooks offer ream of features
6/3/2005: Intel Preps Mac Mini Look-Alike  - Wired News
6/3/2005: Extra: Intel preps Mac Mini look-alike  - C/Net
6/3/2005: Japan eyes new supercomputer as early as 2010  - C/Net

6/3/2005: Kenyan youths take on net skills  - BBC
6/3/2005: BitTorrent maker sets up search  - BBC
6/3/2005: Online travel industry tries to adjust to maturity  - BBC
6/3/2005: Online banking grows, but some still wary  - C/Net
6/3/2005: A Google giveaway: its strategy - Seattle Times
6/3/2005: Iran Crushes Blog Spring  - Wired News
6/3/2005: Royal Blogger Takes on the World
  - Wired News
6/3/2005: The Pulse: Fighting spam and cyberscams
  - C/Net

6/3/2005: 64-bit upgrade is right move for Microsoft - Seattle Times
6/3/2005: Microsoft and the EU: 'The end of the game'?  - C/Net
6/3/2005: TiVo-like devices for radio raise piracy fears  - C/Net
6/3/2005: Hacker applicants rejected by Stanford  - CNN

6/3/2005: Silicon Solution Could Lead To A Truly Long-life Battery - Science Daily

6/3/2005: Optical Technique Identifies Vulnerable Plaques In Cardiac Patients - Science Daily
6/3/2005: How HDL Keeps The Heart Healthy - Science Daily

6/3/2005: Breast cancer scans 'inaccurate'  - BBC
6/3/2005: Study Finds No Link Between Cell Phone Use And Brain Tumors - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Genetically Modified Natural Killer Immune Cells Attack, Kill Leukemia Cells - Science Daily
6/3/2005: PET/CT Can Identify New Cancer Lesions At Early Stage, Allowing For Prompt Treatment - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Infancy 'determines cancer risk'  - BBC

6/3/2005: Leprosy Microbes Lead Scientists To Immune Discovery - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Genetic Defects Give The Immune System The Green Light To Attack The Pancreas - Science Daily

6/3/2005: Irregular periods' 'allergy link'  - BBC
6/3/2005: UNC Launches Study Of Liver Injury Caused By Drugs - Science Daily

6/3/2005: Llamas 'offer path to new drugs'  - BBC
6/3/2005: Scientists 'unlock ME genetics'  - BBC
6/3/2005: Enzyme disorder 'I've got King George's disease, porphyria, but I'm not mad'  - BBC
6/3/2005: Anaesthetic aid How a simple idea is improving life in the developing world  - BBC
6/3/2005: Multiple Sclerosis: 'I don't want to be catheterised to make it easier for others'  - BBC
6/3/2005: Liver disease link to apnoea  - BBC
6/3/2005: Losing a loved one: How does grief affect the body as well as the mind?  - BBC
6/3/2005: New Estimates For The Causes Of Child Deaths Worldwide - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Dental Erosion -- Consume Pickles, Lemons And Soft Drinks In Moderation
 - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Recovered King Of Beasts Returns To His Home, Thanks To Unique Operation
 - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Mapping Fat Traps for Kids
  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
6/3/2005: Smithsonian to Screen a Movie That Makes a Case Against Evolution  - NY Times

6/3/2005: Russia Fully Opposes Militarization Of Space - Foreign Ministry - SpaceDaily
6/3/2005: Women 'risking health for others'  - BBC
6/3/2005: The Microsoft millionaires come of age  - BBC
6/3/2005: Cell phones on planes worry U.S. law enforcement  - NY Times
6/3/2005: McDonald's beefs up menu for tech-savvy
6/3/2005: Concept Maps Go to School  - Wired News
6/3/2005: Israelis Nab Computer Spies  - Wired News
6/3/2005: Petroleum Joyride Almost Over?  - Wired News
6/3/2005: Just Between Us Girls  - Wired News
6/3/2005: Big Brother Tries to Muscle ISPs  - Wired News

6/3/2005: Dartmouth Medical School Researchers Identify Enzymatic Activity Of Neurological Disease Gene - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Familiar Songs Act As Strong Memory Cues, K-State Researcher Finds - Science Daily
6/3/2005: When It Comes To Information Overload, Two Heads May Not Be Better Than One - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Some Brain Cells 'Change Channels' To Fine-tune The Message - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/3/2005: Magnetic Structure On Sun Is Responsible For Powerful Solar Storms - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Astronomers find new evidence for the violent demise of sun-like stars ...
 - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Andromeda galaxy larger than thought-astronomers ...
 - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Tempel 1 in Readiness for Major Observation Campaign ...
 - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Carina Nebula dust pillars harbor embedded stars, says research team ...
 - FirstScience

6/3/2005: Yeast intake linked to longevity  - BBC

6/3/2005: Photos: Robots work in swarms and hives  - C/Net

6/3/2005: Mars: Windows on the World ... - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Blogs: Scientists design 'alien' world
  - C/Net
6/3/2005: Mars Exploration Rovers Update: Spirit Uncovers Hints of Past Explosions as Opportunity Inches Way Out of Sand ...
 - FirstScience
6/3/2005: NASA May Launch Phoenix Mars in 2007 ...
 - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Russia Marks 50th Anniversary of Space Launch ...
 - FirstScience
6/3/2005: NASA Bracing for Deep Impact ...
 - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Voyager 1 at Solar System Edge, Scientists Now Agree ...
 - FirstScience
6/3/2005: Wide Load: Hauling Discovery One Crawl at a Time
6/3/2005: First Shooting Star Seen from Mars
6/3/2005: Discovery Shuttle May Roll Back to Pad Early, NASA Says
6/3/2005: SpaceX And NASA Sign Agreement On Human Spaceflight Development
 - SpaceDaily
6/3/2005: Spirit, The Problem Child
 - SpaceDaily
6/3/2005: Canadian Arrow Receives Permission To Launch From Cape Rich
 - SpaceDaily
6/3/2005: Baikonur Marks Its 50th Birthday
 - SpaceDaily
6/3/2005: Schwarzenegger flexes environmental muscle at UN conference
 - SpaceDaily
6/3/2005: Mars Exploration Rovers Update: Spirit Uncovers Hints of Past Explosions as Opportunity Inches Way Out of Sand ...
 - SpaceDaily

6/3/2005: Fawlty connection: The infuriating but ingenious world of voice recognition  - BBC
6/3/2005: Technology To Recycle Vacuum Insulation Panels - Science Daily
6/3/2005: New Technique Produces 10-carat Diamond - Science Daily
6/3/2005: Steering Clear of Drunk Drivers  - Wired News
6/3/2005: Setting the stage for China's tech future  - C/Net


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