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  June 29, 2004

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Strange Comet Unlike Anything Known -  The comet, examined in a close flyby in January by NASA's Stardust spacecraft, has towering protrusions and steep-walled craters that seem to defy gravity. More than a dozen jets of material shoot out from its insides. Dust swirls around the comet in unexpectedly dense pockets. Among the bizarre features are two depressions with flat floors and nearly vertical walls that resemble giant footprints. They aren't structured like typical impact craters. 
Adam's mechanism can be used on any boat Paddle power: Young inventor hopes to row his way to his first million  - BBC  Adam has designed and produced a simple mechanism which can be used on any rowing boat to enable the rower to see where he or she is going. It is so simple, it seems incredible that no one has thought of it before. Darren Marshall and Keith Mooney, both 12, from Abbey Grammar School in Newry have invented a device to keep teething babies happy. When the child bites down on the plastic, it starts a tune playing which should, according to Darren, take the baby's mind off the pain.

Burning fossil fuels

Fossil fuel subsidies 'must end'  - BBC  The only way to meet international poverty targets is by a massive switch to renewable energy, such as solar power, a UK think-tank says. The report says a single year's worth of World Bank spending on fossil fuel projects could be spent instead on small-scale solar installations in sub-Saharan Africa, providing electricity for 10 million people. The report says these subsidies amount conservatively to about $235bn a year. It argues that they both distort the global economy and hold back the development of renewables. "Around the world control of fossil fuels is linked to corruption and violence.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/29/2004:Experts Look to Genetics to Battle Mold  - NY Times
6/29/2004:Scientists Discover New Role For Tiny RNA In Plant Development
 - Science Daily
6/29/2004:Flies May Taste Bitter Better, First Map Of Insect "Tongue" Reveals - Science Daily - FirstScience
6/29/2004:Mutation Found in 'Muscle Man' Toddler - ABC
6/29/2004:FDA- Chromium Compound Killed Wash. Cows - ABC

Climate, Environment:
6/29/2004:Rocket fuel found in moo juice  - Wired News
6/29/2004:Colorado To Study Noctilucent Clouds - SpaceDaily
6/29/2004:Controversial author of "Skeptical Environmentalist" resigns - SpaceDaily
6/29/2004:CNMI joins coalition challenging Bush's policy on global warming ... - FirstScience
6/29/2004:Dirty Delta Pictures of surviving pollution in Nigeria's oil-rich wetlands ...  - BBC
6/29/2004:Where accidents and pollution go side by side ...  - BBC
6/29/2004:Scientists discover spectacular coral reef in Solomon Islands ... - FirstScience
6/29/2004:Dam-building threatens world rivers, says WWF report ... - FirstScience
6/29/2004:Concern Over Plans To Allow Cement Kilns To Increase Burning Of Hazardous Waste ... - FirstScience
6/29/2004:Intel cleared over pollution-sickness in New Mexico ... - FirstScience
6/29/2004:Ocean surface geometry may determine volcano activity ... - FirstScience
6/29/2004:Feds Propose Protections for Bull Trout - ABC
6/29/2004:Habitat for Species Recovery Seen Wanting - ABC
6/29/2004:Groups: Black Rhino Numbers Increasing - ABC
6/29/2004:Globe Needs System to Help Predict Climate - ABC
6/29/2004:Black rhinos 'on recovery path'  - BBC

6/29/2004:Review: A Photo Printer That Delivers Quickly - ABC

6/29/2004:SBC plans $6 billion fiber-optic network - Seattle Times
6/29/2004:A Remote Control For Your Life  - Technology Review 
6/29/2004:Multilingual Worm - ABC
6/29/2004:Norwegians take to watching TV on mobile phones  - BBC
6/29/2004:Concern over net phone fraud  - BBC
6/29/2004:Indian rail 'to offer net access'  - BBC


6/29/2004:Philips launches world's fastest DVD burner - MSNBC
6/29/2004:COLSA To Build Apple Xserve G5-Based Supercomputer - SpaceDaily
6/29/2004:Jobs Unveils Tiger for 2005
 - Google

6/29/2004:Wilco Pays Up for Spycasts  - Wired News
6/29/ Rises From the Flames  - Wired News
6/29/2004:Progress Report for Net Censors  - Wired News
6/29/2004:Google Reveals Its Caring, Sharing Side  - Wired News
6/29/2004:Sites That Block Spyware For You - ABC
6/29/2004:Hotmail counters Google e-mail  - BBC

6/29/2004:Fragments Boost 3D TV  - Technology Review 
6/29/2004:The Linux Stalker  - Wired News
6/29/2004:Tech Heavies Support Challenge to Copyright Law  - Wired News
6/29/2004:The World of Jobs - ABC
6/29/2004:Open (Source) Revolution - ABC
6/29/2004:Desert penguin: How Iraqis are pushing the use of Linux to rebuild their country  - BBC

6/29/2004:Fossil fuel subsidies 'must end'   - BBC
6/29/2004:Stars Power Move to Green Energy  - Wired News

6/29/2004:Researchers Show 'Clot-busting' At Stroke Site Is Viable Option - Science Daily
6/29/2004:Happy Women Have Healthier Hearts, Scientists Say - ABC
6/29/2004:Heart and soul: Follow a fan's heart rate as they watch England in action  - BBC

6/29/2004:New Designed Paclitaxel Analog Kills More Cancer Cells Than Natural Product - Science Daily

6/29/2004:Sinovac Biotech Starts World's First Human Testing Of Sars Vaccine - SpaceDaily
6/29/2004:Demonstrators Protest U.S. Polices on AIDS - ABC
6/29/2004:100M Doses of Flu Shots to Be Available - ABC
6/29/2004:Bush Makes Vietnam Eligible for AIDS Help - ABC
6/29/2004:Health Officials Fear New Mosquito Disease - ABC


6/29/2004:Toxic Rocket-Fuel Byproduct Found in Cows Milk -
6/29/2004:How familial risk will be categorised ... - FirstScience
6/29/2004:Healing Weeds - ABC
6/29/2004:Don't Drink the Water - ABC
6/29/2004:Video: Diarrhea When Should You Be Concerned? - ABC
6/29/2004:HealthyWoman Quiz: Travellers' Illnesses - ABC
6/29/2004:Study: Breast Milk Compound Kills Warts - ABC
6/29/2004:Sugar Substitute Splenda Targeting Baker - ABC
6/29/2004:Many Child Deaths Blamed on Environment - ABC
6/29/2004:Nebraska May Test Child Nutrition Program - ABC

History, Anthropology:

6/29/2004:Probing The World Of Alien Abduction Stories - Science Daily
6/29/2004:Efforts at transparency too obscure for words - Seattle Times
6/29/2004:China growth aids neighbors - Seattle Times
6/29/2004:Gypsies get OK to sue IBM - Seattle Times
6/29/2004:Taiwan's Patriot Missile System Completes Second Live Demo - SpaceDaily
6/29/2004:The Dirty Bomb Distraction  - Technology Review 
6/29/2004:Net-Savvy Campaign Boosts Bush  - Wired News
6/29/2004:Profiting From Political Urgency  - Wired News
6/29/2004:Kennedy: Bush flirts with nuclear disaster ... - FirstScience
6/29/2004:Can Science-Themed TV Get Americans Into the Lab? ... - FirstScience
6/29/2004:DNA left at crime scene will reveal skin colour ... - FirstScience

6/29/2004:Estrogen therapy linked to higher risk of dementia - USA Today
6/29/2004:Brain Development And Puberty May Be Key Factors In Learning Disorders - Science Daily
6/29/2004:Estrogen-Alone Hormone Therapy Could Increase Risk Of Dementia In Older Women - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/29/2004:Strange Comet Unlike Anything Known -
6/29/2004:Thomas Gold: 1920--2004
 - PhysicsWeb
6/29/2004:Link Discovered Between Earth's Ocean Currents And Jupiter's Bands - Science Daily
6/29/2004:Chandra Turns Up The Heat In The Milky Way Center - Science Daily
6/29/2004:A Cool Study, Lots of Hot Air, No Answers -
6/29/2004:Chandra finds mystery at Milky Way center ... - FirstScience
6/29/2004:New Molecules Discovered in Milky Way
 - ABC
6/29/2004:Phoebe is 'cosmic time capsule'
  - BBC



6/29/2004:The Valles Marineris Canyon - SpaceDaily
6/29/2004:The Great Mars Terraforming Debate- Part VI ...
 - FirstScience
6/29/2004:NASA Not Needed as Private Firm Puts Man into Space ... - FirstScience
6/29/2004:Space hero always wanted to reach the stars ... - FirstScience
6/29/2004:Lure of the Rings - ABC
6/29/2004:Spirit finds its pot of haematite
  - BBC
6/29/2004:Cassini At Saturn
  - Nature
6/29/2004:Mars Rover Surprises Continue; Spirit, Too, Finds Hematite
 - Science Daily
6/29/2004:Faulty Switch, Not Leak Believed to Have Led to Scrubbed Spacewalk
6/29/2004:Mars Rover Surprises Continue; Spirit, Too, Finds Hematite
 - SpaceDaily
6/29/2004:Getting Closer To Titan
 - SpaceDaily
6/29/2004:Double discovery on past Mars water ...
 - New Scientist
6/29/2004:Cassini spacecraft ready for tryst with Saturn ...
 - FirstScience

6/29/2004:Paddle power: Young inventor hopes to row his way to his first million   - BBC
6/29/2004:Wireless Nanocrystals Efficiently Radiate Visible Light - Science Daily
6/29/2004:99 Percent  - Technology Review 
6/29/2004:Genes Automate DNA Machines  - Technology Review 
6/29/2004:Cargo Ship Plugs Into New Technology at Port of L.A. - L. A. Times
6/29/2004:Elegy for the Darkroom - Salon
6/29/2004:Tiny antenna an evolutionary design ...
 - FirstScience
6/29/2004:McDonald's tries out new-fangled ordering system - with chips
  - BBC



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