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  June 27, 2004

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Armadillo Scores Test Liftoff Success In Bid For X Prize -  A sky-high success has been reported by Armadillo Aerospace of Mesquite, Texas. The group scored a perfect test flight [Video] June 15 of prototype hardware as part of their X Prize project, the Black Armadillo.Armadillo is one group among over two dozen teams from seven nations trying to win the Ansari X Prize – a $10 million offering that expires on January 1, 2005.  
Weighing Ultra-Cool Stars - SpaceDaily  Using ESO's Very Large Telescope at Paranal and a suite of ground- and space-based telescopes in a four-year long study, an international team of astronomers has measured for the first time the mass of an ultra-cool star and its companion brown dwarf. The two stars form a binary system and orbit each other in about 10 years. The team obtained high-resolution near-infrared images; on the ground, they defeated the blurring effect of the terrestrial atmosphere by means of adaptive optics techniques. By precisely determining the orbit projected on the sky, the astronomers were able to measure the total mass of the stars. Additional data and comparison with stellar models then yield the mass of each of the components. 

Did Comets Flood Earth'S Oceans? - SpaceDaily  Left:  Billions of years ago comets rained down on Earth helping to add vast amounts of water to planet. Did the Earth form with water locked into its rocks, which then gradually leaked out over millions of years? Or did the occasional impacting comet provide the Earth's oceans? The Ptolemy experiment on Rosetta may just find out… The Earth needed a supply of water for its oceans, and the comets are large celestial icebergs - frozen reservoirs of water orbiting the Sun. Did the impact of a number of comets, thousands of millions of years ago, provide the Earth with its supply of water?
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/27/2004: No Skeeters, No Problem: Not So Fast  - NY Times
6/27/2004: This Derby Will Be Won by a Bird
  - NY Times

Climate, Environment:
6/27/2004: NSF'S North Pole Researchers Study Climate Change In The Arctic - Science Daily
6/27/2004: NASA Data Shows Hurricanes Help Plants Bloom In 'Ocean Deserts' - Science Daily
6/27/2004: NASA Data Shows Hurricanes Help Plants Bloom In 'Ocean Deserts'
6/27/2004: Fish Story Linked To Climate Cycle - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: Nader selects Green party activist as running mate ... - FirstScience
6/27/2004: Pollution plagues Huaihe ... - FirstScience
6/27/2004: The opposing paths of climate change ... - FirstScience
6/27/2004: Neighbours sick of Genco's toxic waste ... - FirstScience
6/27/2004: Phelps Dodge Sierrita To Pay $1.4 Million To Settle Air Pollution Violations ... - FirstScience

6/27/2004: Fans Forge Future IPods  - Wired News
6/27/2004: Army Sets Up Video-Game Studio  - Wired News

6/27/2004: Initiative Launched To Tackle Future Of Communications - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: Tone, Sweet Dial Tone  - Wired News
6/27/2004: Review: Sprint's Latest Camera Cell Phone - ABC


6/27/2004: Pressure Adds Depth to Displays  - Technology Review 
6/27/2004: PC Trouble: Roll Up Your Sleeves  - Wired News

6/27/2004: Texas company wants to bring vigilante justice to cyberspace - Seattle Times
6/27/2004: Blogs Welcome at Dems' Convention  - Wired News
6/27/2004: Australia's First Spyware Laws to Go Before Parliament  - Wired News
6/27/2004: Hits or Misses: Who Visits Your Website?  - Wired News

6/27/2004: Microsoft gets digital pep talk - Seattle Times
6/27/2004: Music Biz Pushes Shrunken CDs  - Wired News
6/27/2004: Indie Music Riding the Digital Surge  - Wired News
6/27/2004: The Library Tries to Find Its Place in a Google World  - NY Times

6/27/2004: Would More Drilling in America Make a Difference?  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Alternative Fuels Cropping Up  - Wired News


6/27/2004: A Debate on How to Treat Precancerous Breast Disease  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Gene Related To DNA Repair And Cancer Risk, Say Researchers - Science Daily

6/27/2004: Experts Study Lizards' Role in West Nile  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Docs Find SARS in Patients' Tears  - Wired News
6/27/2004: WHO Says Polio Re-Emerging in Sudan - ABC
6/27/2004: AIDS Threatens Reproductive Health Goals - ABC

6/27/2004: Antioxidants During Pregnancy May Help Prevent Birth Defects Tied To Alcohol - Science Daily
6/27/2004: Cutting Back On Cigarettes: When Less Is More - Science Daily
6/27/2004: Drug Tested At OHSU Prevents MS-like Disease In Animals - Science Daily
6/27/2004: Study: Quitting Smoking Adds Years to Life - ABC

6/27/2004: Vital Signs: Outcomes: Acupuncture and Neck Pain  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Vital Signs: Remedies: A Mute for the Roar of the Snorer  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Vital Signs: Prevention: Weapons in the War on Glaucoma  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Preserving a Delicate Balance of Potassium  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Keeping Drugs Stable Without Refrigeration - Science Daily
6/27/2004: Pulsed Dye Laser Therapy Does Not Improve Acne, Study Finds - Science Daily
6/27/2004: Doctors Must Double-Check Before Surgery - ABC
6/27/2004: Newt Gingrich Pushing 'Wired' Hospitals - ABC
6/27/2004: New York Funds Eating Disorders Centers - ABC
6/27/2004: Virginia May Issue Fitness 'Report Cards' - ABC
6/27/2004: Safety Experts Try to Stop Kid Drowning - ABC

History, Anthropology:
6/27/2004: Did Comets Flood Earth'S Oceans? - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: A Retrospective Diagnosis Says Lenin Had Syphilis  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Research: Grains Added to Ancient Diets  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Observatory: The Early Days of Hearing  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Cases: Paying Homage to the Wisdom of Voices From Medicine's Past  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Rock 'Face' Mystery Baffles Experts - Science Daily
6/27/2004: Research: Grains Added to Ancient Diets
 - ABC

6/27/2004: Fear in the Workplace: The Bullying Boss  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Forum: Share Stories About Bad Bosses  - NY Times
6/27/2004: The Consumer: New Creams Smooth Wrinkles, but They're Not Botox  - NY Times
6/27/2004: A Conversation With Kenneth Kamler: Bringing Them Back, Healthy, From the Ends of the Earth
6/27/2004: US seeks expansion of satellite pact with India - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: US, EU reach final accord in satellites row - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: 48 Nobel Prize winners back Kerry campaign - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: Indian PM calls for mutual trust with US in high tech areas - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: Heavy Betting on Election Domains  - Wired News
6/27/2004: Court: Names Must Be Revealed  - Wired News
6/27/2004: Voter Drives, Without Politics  - Wired News
6/27/2004: Pentagon Seeks U.S. Spy Powers  - Wired News
6/27/2004: 3D SiC 'Nanoflowers' - Most Beautiful Science Images of the Year ... - FirstScience
6/27/2004: No Hands on Deck - ABC
6/27/2004: I See Dead Disks - ABC
6/27/2004: Milwaukee Ranks Poorly in Quality of Life - ABC

6/27/2004: Vital Signs: Behavior: An Epileptic Child's Best Friend  - NY Times

Physics and Astronomy:
6/27/2004: Weighing Ultra-Cool Stars - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: Grasping for Light of Distant Worlds
  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Finding a Planet  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Clear Skies, Stars in View  - NY Times
6/27/2004: NIST Demonstrates 'Teleportation' Of Atomic States For Quantum Computing - Science Daily
6/27/2004: 'Blazar' Illuminates Era When Stars And Galaxies Formed - Science Daily
6/27/2004: New Thermodynamic Theory Will Help Engineers 'Go With The Flow' - Science Daily
6/27/2004: Earth Hit by Neighbor in Making of Moon -
6/27/2004: Comet Wild 2 Unlike Any Other Body In Solar System - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: Rockhard Stardust - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: Scientists Discover Two New Interstellar Molecules ... - FirstScience



6/27/2004: Armadillo Scores Test Liftoff Success In Bid For X Prize -
6/27/2004: Mars' Round, Smooth Stones Have a Counterpart in Utah
  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Comet's Dust Clouds Hit NASA Spacecraft 'Like Thunderbolt' - Science Daily
6/27/2004: Chicago Ready To Begin Four-Year Study Of Saturn's Rings - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: Space Foundation Challenges NASA To Embrace Commission Findings - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: Space Advocates Calls For NASA To Expand Centennial Challenges Project - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: NASA Device Monitors Health Of Scientists And Explorers - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: Spacecraft to Send Home Data From Mercury ... - FirstScience
6/27/2004: Link Discovered Between Earth's Ocean Currents and Jupiter's Bands ... - FirstScience
6/27/2004: NASA FUSE Satellite Celebrates 5 Years in Orbit ... - FirstScience

6/27/2004: Cones, Curves, Shells, Towers: He Made Paper Jump to Life  - NY Times
6/27/2004: Protecting Firefighters From Roof Collapses - Science Daily
6/27/2004: Natural, Man-made Mix Promises Biggest Landscape Plant Growth - Science Daily
6/27/2004: New Technology Could Change The Aerospace Industry: Professor - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: New Thermodynamic Theory Will Help Engineers Go With The Flow - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: Gold-Tipped Nanocrystals Developed By Hebrew University - SpaceDaily
6/27/2004: The World’s Tallest Building (for Now)
  - Technology Review 


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