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  June 26, 2005

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Scientists Put Squeeze On Electron Spins - SpaceDaily  In research published in today's issue of the scientific journal Physical Review Letters, Scott Crooker and Darryl Smith describe their use of a scanning optical microscope to acquire two-dimensional images of spin-polarized electrons flowing in semiconductor crystals mounted on an optical cryostat while using a miniature "cryogenic vise" to apply gentle pressure. By squeezing the crystal in a controlled manner, and without applying magnetic fields, the researchers were able to watch the electron spins rotate (or precess) as they flow through the crystal.Electron spins in semiconductors are typically manipulated by applying a magnetic field, but we've found we can do the same thing, in a controlled fashion, using the "vise". And, the resulting degree of spatial spin coherence is remarkably more robust compared to the spin precession induced by a magnetic field."     
Animator Nick Park with claymation model of Wallace, from Wallace And Gromit 'Teleporting' over the internet  - BBC  Computer scientists in the US are developing a system which would allow people to "teleport" a solid 3D recreation of themselves over the internet. Professors Todd Mowry and Seth Goldstein of Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania think that, within a human generation, we might be able to replicate three-dimensional objects out of a mass of material made up of small synthetic "atoms". Cameras would capture the movement of an object or person and then this data would be fed to the atoms, which would then assemble themselves to make up an exact likeness of the object.    

Tardis, BBC

New model 'permits time travel'  - BBC  If you went back in time and met your teenage parents, you could not split them up and prevent your birth - even if you wanted to, a new quantum model has stated. In other words, you can pop back in time and have a look around, but you cannot do anything that will alter the present you left behind. The new model, which uses the laws of quantum mechanics, gets rid of the famous paradox surrounding time travel. The main headache stems from the idea that if you went back in time you could, theoretically, do something to change the present; and that possibility messes up the whole theory of time travel. either time travel is not possible, or something is actually acting to prevent any backward movement from changing the present. Einstein's general theory of relativity leads some physicists to suspect the latter. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/26/2005: 'Ripened eggs' used for cloning work  - Nature
6/26/2005: Implanting single IVF embryos may be best
 - New Scientist
6/26/2005: ICSI (IntraCytoplasmix Sperm Injection) kids become smarter than average - New Scientist
6/26/2005: Junk DNA keeps voles hopelessly devoted - New Scientist
6/26/2005: Special 'Sting' Operation Could Guard Grocery Goods From Buggy Pests - Science Daily
6/26/2005: Siberian Tigers Hang Tough: Results Of Latest Survey Show Tiger Numbers In Russia Stable - Science Daily
6/26/2005: Models Predict Poultry Pathogen Behavior - Science Daily
6/26/2005: Fertility Study Looks At Ovulation's Intricate Workings - Science Daily
6/26/2005: 'Accidental' whaling scrutinised  - BBC
6/26/2005: Male infertility 'is increasing'  - BBC
6/26/2005: Obese mums 'harm baby fertility'  - BBC
6/26/2005: IVF multiple births 'drain NHS'  - BBC
6/26/2005: Rocking to the Biotech Beat - Business Week

Climate, Environment:
6/26/2005: European greenhouse emissions climb again  - Nature
6/26/2005: USGS Scientists Document Widespread Increases In Streamflow And Changes In The Timing Of Snowmelt Over The Past 50 Years - Science Daily
6/26/2005: Assessing The Amazon River's Sensitivity To Deforestation - Science Daily
6/26/2005: New Map Of Daily Probability Of Earthquake Shaking In California - Science Daily

6/26/2005: Parents 'ignore game age ratings'  - BBC
6/26/2005: Girl probes 'PlayStation thumb'  - BBC
6/26/2005: Teen's Playstation study published  - BBC

6/26/2005: Verizon Wireless' Wizard
 - Business Week
6/26/2005: Dialing for dollars
  - C/Net
6/26/2005: Broadcast flag debate shifts to Capitol Hill
  - C/Net
6/26/2005: Wireless Web puts personal data at risk
  - CNN
6/26/2005: Add wallet to the many roles played by the mobile phone
  - CNN
6/26/2005: Study: Cell phones take up driver attention
  - CNN
6/26/2005: Filipinos clamor for scandalous ringtone
  - CNN
6/26/2005: BT ducks break-up with price cuts
  - BBC

6/26/2005: Microchip pioneer Jack Kilby dies at 81 - Business Week
6/26/2005: Samsung increases speed of graphics DRAM  - El. Engr. Times

6/26/2005: Acer lowers notebook price bar  - C/Net

6/26/2005: Blogs lauded in 'freedom awards'  - BBC
6/26/2005: eBay and Bob: What's happening to net freedom, wonders Bill Thompson?  - BBC
6/26/2005: New voices Iran bloggers cast critical eye on election for first time  - BBC
6/26/2005: Extra- Famous or not, artists find fans online  - C/Net
6/26/2005: Microsoft to debut Web-based Communicator  - C/Net
6/26/2005: Data trading races with Avalanche algorithms - New Scientist
6/26/2005: Beaten by Google; 'Being early is being wrong,' says the man who founded Excite
  - BBC
6/26/2005: UK websites causing problems for Firefox browser
  - BBC
6/26/2005: EBay encourages sellers to build Web sites
 - Business Week
6/26/2005: Yahoo closes chat rooms over sex content
 - Business Week

6/26/2005: 700,000 download Beethoven  - BBC
6/26/2005: Open source fits and starts  - C/Net
6/26/2005: Microsoft's Money 2006 available for preorder  - C/Net
6/26/2005: Microsoft sues German firm over spam  - C/Net
6/26/2005: Korea brings homegrown open source to schools  - C/Net
6/26/2005: DoCoMo keeps plugging the e-wallet  - C/Net
6/26/2005: Former judge defends his bid to break up Microsoft  - C/Net
6/26/2005: Stealing states blind  - C/Net
6/26/2005: Mom faces jail over daughter's downloads  - Wired News
6/26/2005: Patients May Want To Skip That Cup Of Coffee Before Undergoing PET/​CT Scans - Science Daily
6/26/2005: Software piracy 'seen as normal'  - BBC
6/26/2005: One in three music CDs 'illegal'  - BBC

6/26/2005: Time To Mine More Uranium - Experts - SpaceDaily
6/26/2005: DIY electricity: Householders can be self-sufficient - but costs need looking at  - BBC

6/26/2005: Restoring Flow To All Blocked Areas Of The Heart Improves 5-year Survival Rate, Study Says - Science Daily

6/26/2005: Nanotech delivers cancer treatment  - CNN

6/26/2005: China's chicken farmers under fire for antiviral abuse  - Nature
6/26/2005: African HIV Subtypes Identified In Minnesota Population - Science Daily
6/26/2005: 'Fog of ignorance' over superbugs  - BBC
6/26/2005: 'Bug stopped my mother walking'  - BBC

6/26/2005: Study Confirms Intensive Treatment Of Diabetic Patients Significantly Reduces Heart Disease - Science Daily

6/26/2005: Steve Case's new act: You've got Revolution  - C/Net
6/26/2005: Diabetes, Hypertension And Obesity Negatively Effect Joint Replacement Outcomes - Science Daily
6/26/2005: Hospital school Regular treatment did not mean Jessie fell behind in her studies  - BBC
6/26/2005: Women 'putting up with back pain'  - BBC
6/26/2005: Internal 'cannabis' helps pain  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
6/26/2005: American Indian carvings in danger - MSNBC

6/26/2005: Persistence pays: Bloggers' bullishness prompts media probe of Iraq war memos  - BBC
6/26/2005: No dirty laundry at this software company  - C/Net
6/26/2005: You wear that LCD well  - C/Net
6/26/2005: Ties that bind  - C/Net
6/26/2005: ID theft: Out of control?  - CNN
6/26/2005: Mission Security  - CNN
6/26/2005: Tech grads turn away from computer programming  - CNN
6/26/2005: ACLU sounds alarm over science limits - MSNBC
6/26/2005: Talking heads may replace texts - New Scientist
6/26/2005: Germany Threatens To Cut Galileo Funding: Wants More Contracts - SpaceDaily
6/26/2005: US Asks Japan For $545 Million For Missile Defense- Report - SpaceDaily
6/26/2005: China Set To Mass Produce New Generation Of Fighter Jet Trainers - SpaceDaily
6/26/2005: Patent App For World's First Infrared Battlefield Surveillance Shells - SpaceDaily
6/26/2005: Island nation: Does it take Nelson to make us appreciate the sea?  - BBC
6/26/2005: Charter help for women scientists  - BBC
6/26/2005: Whale burgers: A Japanese chain of restaurants puts a new spin on an old dish  - BBC
6/26/2005: Suit challenges Dell incentives package - Business Week

6/26/2005: Research Zeros In On Likely Genes For Bipolar Disorder And Finds Link With Thyroid Condition That Could Help Identify Those At Risk - Science Daily
6/26/2005: Early Function Of Specialized Neurons Marks 'First Light' In Retinal Maturation - Science Daily
6/26/2005: Violent Boys In Unsafe Conditions Less Prone To Depression - Science Daily
6/26/2005: Autism insight: What happens when only one twin develops the condition?  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
6/26/2005: New model 'permits time travel'   - BBC
Scientists Put Squeeze On Electron Spins - SpaceDaily
6/26/2005: University Of Oregon Experts Create Online Resource For Green Chemistry
 - Science Daily
6/26/2005: NASA's Spitzer Captures Echo Of Dead Star's Rumblings
 - Science Daily

6/26/2005: Fertility in middle age linked with anti-ageing - New Scientist


6/26/2005: First solar sail prepares for space launch
  - C/Net
6/26/2005: 'Flying eyeball' to inspect spacecraft
 - New Scientist
6/26/2005: Deep Impact Sees Heart of Target Comet
 - SpaceDaily
6/26/2005: China Mulls New Southern Space Port
 - SpaceDaily
6/26/2005: Russia To Remain On Baikonur Launching Site Until 2050
 - SpaceDaily
6/26/2005: NASA's Deep Impact Probe Gets First Look At Comet Nucleus
 - SpaceDaily
6/26/2005: NASA Demonstrates Innovative Nanosatellite Docking System
 - SpaceDaily
6/26/2005: Guinness Recognizes NASA Scramjet
 - SpaceDaily
6/26/2005: Solar sail probe 'probably lost'
  - BBC
6/26/2005: Report slams Bush space vision
  - BBC

6/26/2005: Teleporting' over the internet   - BBC 
6/26/2005: Q&A: Teleportation  - BBC
6/26/2005: Not long left for cassette tapes  - BBC
6/26/2005: Group aims to play nanotech nanny  - C/Net
6/26/2005: New Magnetic Herding Technique Proposed To Manipulate The Very Small - Science Daily
6/26/2005: Antarctic Concept Vehicle Unveiled - SpaceDaily
6/26/2005: Dude, Where's My Digital Car?
 - Business Week


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