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  June 25, 2005

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Setting SETI's Sights: Latest Planet Discovery Suggests New Targets -  SETI scientists are taking notice of the latest discovery of a "Super-Earth" beyond the solar system as they fine-tune their list of stars to target in their search for extraterrestrial intelligence. With the recent announcement of a planet seven to eight times the Earth’s mass circling an M dwarf star, the chances for habitable worlds seem greater than ever. "It's at least a tentative indication that small planets might be commonplace.    
Super Predators And Mass Extinctions - SpaceDaily  Mass extinctions seem to occur on Earth roughly every 26 million years, leading some scientists to propose that they may be caused by rare collisions with comets or asteroids. A researcher in Poland thinks it may be possible that extraordinary predators are at fault instead. Adam Lipowski (Adam Mickiewicz University) constructed a numerical model of many species competing for both food and living space. The model also included a term that controls mutation rates, allowing new species to develop over time. The model shows that, much of time, the system is populated with "medium efficiency" predators whose numbers fluctuate only slightly as the prey population waxes and wanes. Inevitably, their stable community is disrupted when mutations lead to a super predator that quickly decimates the prey population, which in turn leads to its own demise.   

Holographic Movies Show Promise For Medical, Military Applications - SpaceDaily  Dr. Garner's Web site contains technical details and sample holographic movies. Holographic patterns, when fed into the digital light processing micro-mirror chip, cause the tiny mirrors to change in a way that, when laser light is reflected off them, projects a 3-D moving image that appears suspended in air, in a special material called agarose gel, or on a stack of liquid crystal plates similar to computer screens.    "I predict that by the year 2020, that being the year of 'perfect vision,' we will have Holo TV in our homes," said Dr. Michael Huebschman, a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Garner's lab and one of the developers of the technology.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/25/2005: Pelicans return to N.D.'s Chase Lake - MSNBC
6/25/2005: Scientists tackle stench from hogs
6/25/2005: The next generation  - Nature
6/25/2005: Further steps towards artificial eggs and sperm - New Scientist
6/25/2005: Italy's tough fertility law to stay
6/25/2005: How to improve semen quality- - New Scientist
6/25/2005: They Find Light in the Darkness  - NY Times
6/25/2005: RNA Comes Out of the Shadow of Its Famous Cousin  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Graphic: Keeping Genes in Line  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Plain, Simple, Primitive? Not the Jellyfish  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Graphic  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Slide Show  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Human Embryo Cloned From Immature Eggs  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Wildlife Crowds Around Arctic Telescope  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Mass. Trees Attacked by Two Moth Species  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Key vote lost by pro-whaling bloc  - BBC
6/25/2005: Genes help older women conceive  - BBC
6/25/2005: Donor eggs from sisters are safer  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
6/25/2005: Lenovo to offer recycling rebates in Canada  - C/Net
6/25/2005: What causes Earth’s seasons? - MSNBC
6/25/2005: Vital Signs: Environment: Linking High Ozone to Increased Death Rates
6/25/2005: Environment- Linking High Ozone to Increased Death Rates  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Alaska Natives Push for More Toxin Studies  - NY Times
6/25/2005: USGS Creates Framework For National Volcano Early Warning System - Science Daily
6/25/2005: EU carbon emissions continue rise  - BBC

6/25/2005: Blogs: Nvidia gears up for block gaming party  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Duke's free iPod program has mixed results
6/25/2005: Sony spotlights films for Europe PSP launch  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Putting Warcraft on trial  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Pro camera, amateur price  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Even the top PC games can find themselves in the bargain bin  - CNN
6/25/2005: Grand Theft Auto Meets Robocop
  - Wired News
6/25/2005: Microsoft aims for 10m Xbox 360s
  - BBC
6/25/2005: Serious fun UK game makers face up to the challenges ahead
  - BBC

6/25/2005: Wireless maneuvers
  - C/Net
6/25/2005: The new shape of television
  - C/Net
6/25/2005: WiMAX trials slated for Georgia, South Korea
  - El. Engr. Times
6/25/2005: Cell Phones Face the Music
  - Wired News
6/25/2005: Beyond Wi-Fi: A slew of new technologies promise amazing speeds. The competition among them, however, will be fierce
 - Business Week
6/25/2005: Nearly Everything Gets Unplugged
 - Business Week
6/25/2005: Here Comes WiMAX World
 - Business Week

6/25/2005: Bye-bye single-chip Power Mac  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Japanese researchers craft novel diamond semiconductor  - El. Engr. Times

6/25/2005: NEC to make a run at PC industry  - C/Net

6/25/2005: Podcast tool taps iTunes  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Google vs. Yahoo: :Clash of cultures  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Don't bet on Web gambling crackdown, experts say  - C/Net
6/25/2005: L.A. Times shuts reader-editorial Web site  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Banks want you online-- and so do criminals  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Online TV news show debuts  - El. Engr. Times
6/25/2005: Porn Stores Turn Into Clip Joints
  - Wired News
6/25/2005: Weblog watch: The bloggers who face tougher opponents than mere critics
  - BBC
6/25/2005: E-mails to help beatify late Pope
  - BBC
6/25/2005: PayPal: One Tough Nut for Google
 - Business Week

6/25/2005: Microsoft seeks testers for antivirus service  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Canada proposes tightening copyright law  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Chinese Blogger Slams Microsoft  - Wired News
6/25/2005: Japan cardholders 'hit' by theft  - BBC
6/25/2005: Vietnam's PM inks Microsoft deals  - BBC
6/25/2005: The Trials of Microsoft - Business Week

6/25/2005: Sweden unveils the first train powered by decomposed waste  - BBC

6/25/2005: Vital Signs: Exceptions: When Fish May Not Be Good for Your Heart  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Long-haul Flights, Length Of Time Under Anesthesia Increase Risk Of Developing Blood Clots - Science Daily

6/25/2005: MRI Can Help Predict Breast Cancer Recurrence - Science Daily
6/25/2005: Silenced Gene Suggests Greater Risk, Possible Marker For African-Americans With Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
6/25/2005: Does Zinc Fight Prostate Cancer? - Science Daily
6/25/2005: Study Shows Importance Of Exposure Age For Hanford Nuclear Workers' Cancer Risk - Science Daily
6/25/2005: Fine Tuning Drug Levels In Neuroblastoma Patients Is Effective, St. Jude Researchers Show - Science Daily

6/25/2005: Chimp virus 'may help Aids fight'  - BBC


6/25/2005: Vital Signs: Nutrition: A Calcium Clue to Easing Premenstrual Distress  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Vital Signs: Treatment: Homeless, but Far From Voiceless  - NY Times
6/25/2005: The Claim: Mosquitoes Attack Some People More Than Others  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Patching the Body With Fabric From Protein  - NY Times
6/25/2005: With New Lease on Life, Don't Miss the Fine Print  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Cases: In the Operating Room, Matters of Heart and Spirit  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Q & A: Fats in Hiding  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Sometimes It's Better Just to Do Less Harm  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Bananas, Maybe. Peas and Kale? Dream On.
  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Thalassemia- Genetic Blood Disorder Expected To Double In Next Few Decades
 - Science Daily
6/25/2005: Milestone for child transplants
  - BBC
6/25/2005: Children's grief: How services help those who have lost a parent
  - BBC
6/25/2005: Why regular sex really is the best way to get pregnant
  - BBC
6/25/2005: Kidney patient reveals travel woe
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
6/25/2005: Super Predators And Mass Extinctions - SpaceDaily
6/25/2005: Making the most of "feet on the street"  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Buried treasure - MSNBC
6/25/2005: Archaeologists Discover an Ancient Egyptian Glass Factory  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Opting Out in the Debate on Evolution  - NY Times

6/25/2005: China's premier says Lenovo-IBM deal must succeed  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Comp sci grads turn away from tech  - CNN
6/25/2005: Censored Japan A-bomb stories published  - CNN
6/25/2005: Millions of credit cards plundered by hackers - New Scientist
6/25/2005: Letters  - NY Times
6/25/2005: What's in That Face? A Candidate's Future  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Research Shows Women's Weight Gain Brings Loss Of Income, Job Prestige - Science Daily
6/25/2005: Govt. Collected Airline Passenger Data  - Wired News
6/25/2005: Vietnam's Prime Minister, Gates Meet  - Wired News
6/25/2005: Military rocket crashes in Russia  - BBC
6/25/2005: Paper's 'wikitorial' trial halted  - BBC
6/25/2005: The Truth About Credit-Card Fraud - Business Week

6/25/2005: Size does matter, study suggests - MSNBC
6/25/2005: Orgasms: a real ‘turn-off’ for women - New Scientist
6/25/2005: Some Politics May Be Etched in the Genes  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Graphic: Inheriting Attitudes  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Bipolar Disorder More Prevalent And Costly Than Believed; Lithium Could Curb Suicide Rate - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/25/2005: Fractal Mathematics With Business Cards  - NY Times
6/25/2005: Strange turn for protons
 - PhysicsWeb



6/25/2005: Setting SETI's Sights: Latest Planet Discovery Suggests New Targets -
6/25/2005: Destination Mars
  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Cosmic Log: No sun? No problem!
6/25/2005: Martian life might threaten human mission
 - New Scientist
6/25/2005: Into Orbit (Maybe Beyond) on Wings of Giant Solar Sails
  - NY Times
6/25/2005: European Experiments Successfully Launched Aboard Foton Spacecraft - Science Daily
6/25/2005: Ancient Floods On Mars? Where Iani Chaos Opens Into Ares Vallis
 - Science Daily
6/25/2005: Alternate Shuttle Aces Early Test
  - Wired News
6/25/2005: Solar sail spacecraft launches
  - BBC

6/25/2005: Holographic Movies Show Promise For Medical, Military Applications - SpaceDaily
6/25/2005: Airships ahoy  - C/Net
6/25/2005: Boy hailed for air safety gadget  - BBC
6/25/2005: Nanotech As Disease Detector - Business Week


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